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#sam wilson x teen!reader
rachaelswrites · 2 days ago
Fatws: Rewrite
One World, One People
Bucky Barnes x Daughter!reader, Sam Wilson x Teen!reader
Warnings: Violence, fighting, mentions of gunshots, mentions of a dead body
Tumblr media
Here you were again, not even hours after you landed back in New York. You and your dad were suiting up for what you hoped was the final battle between Karli and the Flag Smashers. You and him approached the entrance of the building where the GRC meeting was being held. This is Karli’s final target so she had to be close, which is exactly what your dad said to Sam over comms. The officers let you two through the roadblock and to the building’s entrance. A man followed you two before speaking, “Excuse, are you two supposed to be here?”
You two turned and you opened your mouth to respond but the man’s face pixelated and he pulled it off, revealing Sharron. You were glad that you looked over and the confused look on your dad’s face matched your own, “Relax, it’s me,” she said. 
“Sharron what are you doing here?” your dad asked. 
“Don’t worry. No one is looking for me,” she replied. She led you two over to the side and out of the way, “Hey Sam. Thought I’d get the band back together.”
“Thank you for doing this,” Sam said over the comms, “I know you risked a lot to come here.”
“I heard pardons aren’t all what they’re cracked up to be,” she said dryly. 
“Depends on the therapist,” your dad responded. 
“They’ll move on the building soon. Be ready you three,” Sam said. 
The three of you started walking, scanning around in case there were Flag Smashers hanging around. 
“Y/n, Bucky, Sharron, what’s it like on your end?” Sam asked. 
“There’s nothing. It’s quiet,” you said. 
“No one is moving towards the building,” Sharron said. 
“Karli isn’t coming, she’s forcing them out,” Sam explained, “You guys have to do something. Don’t let them out of the building.”
The three of you entered the building and walked through the metal detector. You went first, leading the group with Bucky behind you and Sharron behind him. When Sharron walked through, the detector beeped, “Oops,” she said. 
Your dad’s attention was on her for a second until he spotted one of them, “There’s one of them,” he said, “I’ll get the evac. Y/n clear the building and make sure there aren’t any others. They know what you look like so don’t get caught,” he waited until you nodded and took off down the corridor. 
You only cleared one floor before Sam checked in on you, “How’s it going over there Y/n?”
“Good so far,” you said, entering a room quietly, “Scratch that,” you said, much more quietly.
“Y/n what does that mean?” your dad said. 
“Give me one second,” you turned your comms off before fully stepping into the room, making your presence known, “Hello gentleman,” you said to the two Flag Smashers in front of you, “Wanna do this the hard or the even harder way?”
The men looked at each other before going towards you. You swerved to avoid the first man but the second was waiting and punched you in the face. You quickly recovered and kicked him in the legs, sweeping him to the floor and knocking him out. The man who you avoided came from behind you, a knife pulled out. You quickly turned with your own knife and stuck it in his thigh, making him drop his and collapse on the floor, “That was easy,” you muttered, turning your comms back on, “All good now.”
“Don’t turn those off again,” your dad said in a warning voice. He was scared that one of them took you and that’s why you went silent on them. His body relaxed a little, knowing you were as safe as you could be. He could fully focus on the target he was chasing. 
You left the room and quickened your pace, seeing as your help would probably be needed soon. You were on your way back down to the entrance and out the building when your dad’s voice spoke over the comms, “Y/n I’m going to need you down here with me,” he said, “Now.”
“Got it,” you said, “On my way dad,” you sprinted through the hallways and down the staircases and off to your dad’s location. 
You got there just in time to watch him flip over the concrete barricade and launch himself at the Flag Smasher, slamming him to the ground. 
“Well that was badass,” you spoke, hanging off to the side. 
“Not the time Y/n,” he said as he swung at the other man but he ducked in time. 
“Right,” you mumbled, moving from your spot and helping your dad. 
You two were too preoccupied with the fight that neither of you noticed Karli and her team pouring gasoline over the van and lighting it on fire, sending it in flames. Your dad lost focus and the Flag Smasher punched his leg, making him drop to the floor. Before landing another punch to your dad, you spun and kicked the man in the gut, making him fall on the ground. 
Your dad got up from the ground and ran over to the van. He tried pulling on the door but it didn’t budge, “Y/n!” he yelled, wanting you to come over and help him. You ran over to him and helped him pull on the door but even with the two of you and your combined strength, it didn’t budge, “Stand back,” he said to you, pushing you so you were at least an arm’s length away from him. He started punching at the device that was stuck to the door, covering the seams so it was even harder to get open. He loosened the device before pulling on the door, finally getting it open. 
You immediately went and helped everyone out of the van, telling people where to go and getting them out of the way. After everyone was out, Bucky took off to where the other Flag Smashers were winning in a fight against John. Even though you really didn't want to help him out, you didn’t want them to win so you joined in the fight. You ducked and rolled out of the way of the parking meter that was being passed around between them. They swung it at you and you stepped back. It felt like you were fencing with them. Except instead of a sword and safety gear, it was a metal pole and super soldiers. 
Karli kept taking steps towards you, making you step backwards. You didn’t realize how close you were to the edge of the road until your foot slipped off the edge, making you fall and hit the ground below you. 
You heard the sound of metal scraping against concrete and looked up, seeing your dad falling right above you. You rolled out of the way before he hit the ground. He spotted one of them jumping off, a heavy beam in his hand, ready to use. Bucky pulled you as close to him as he could and raised his metal arm above his head, letting it take the impact of the beam. 
Your dad grabbed the beam and used it against the man, swinging it once and knocking him out cold, “You good?” he asked you, visually checking you for injuries. 
“Yeah,” you panted out, “Can’t believe I just fell from that though,” you said, pointing to the ledge. 
“Yeah? Trying falling off a moving train,” he said, patting you on the back. 
“Not funny,” you said, hating the fact he brought that moment up. It was the beginning of everything. If he hadn’t fallen off that train, neither of you would have been taken by HYDRA in the first place. 
“Sorry,” he said, walking to you and resting his hand on your head, smoothing some hair down in the process. 
You heard a loud crash that made you and him both look up at where the sound came from, “Shit,” you mumbled, seeing the other van dangling over the ledge. 
“Y/n go,” he said, “Now.”
“Are you going to try and stop it?” you asked. You didn’t want him to handle that alone. Sure he was strong, but was he that strong?
He nodded, “Go. I don’t want you getting hurt by accident.”
You nodded reluctantly and ran off, not really knowing where you should be going. You didn’t want to go far, not knowing if your help would be needed again. You hid behind a few crates until you heard cheering and clapping. You followed the sound back to where Sam, your dad, and Walker were. 
“Nice suit cap!” you shouted, making your way over to them. 
“You, out of all people bought into that bullshit?” Karli asked Sam in disbelief. 
“I’m trying something new. You should also,” Sam responded. 
All of a sudden, the sound of an explosion filled the area and smoke appeared all around you. The smoke clouded your vision, making it impossible to see. Your dad reached his arm out to try and get a hold of you. His hand grabbed the collar of your suit, enough reassurance you were still there. 
Sam used the heat vision in his goggles to track down Karli and Batroc, “This way,” he said, taking off towards the tunnels. You followed the sound of him and John’s footsteps guiding you in the right direction. 
Once you entered the tunnels, it was much easier to see. You followed behind Sam, your dad on the right of you and Walker on your left.
“We’re underground, Sharron,” your dad said into his comms, “The tunnel on Williams heading South. 
Still using his goggles, Sam saw their steps went in different directions, “They split up here it looks like,” he said. 
Before being told, Walker went left and took off, “I got him,” Bucky said, “You two stay together.”
You nodded and Sam led the way through the tunnels again. The two of you followed the path until you reached a fabric partition that led you to another large corridor. You two didn’t make it far into this part of the tunnels before two shots rang through the air, startling you and Sam. 
“Stay here,” Sam instructed you. He ran off in the direction of the shots and disappeared from your vision. Once you knew he wasn’t going to turn around and see you, you took off, using your sense of direction and your gut to try and find your dad. You didn’t know if it was him or not but you couldn’t go the way Sam did otherwise he’d see you. You went back the way you came and back to the place where you split up. You followed that path him and Walker took the best you could until you found your dad. 
The anxiety of the possibility of those shots being ones that went through your dad was distracting you. Several times you had to stop and even your breathing, wiping any tears that had fallen down your face. You couldn’t lose him again, not after all this. 
Minutes had passed and you still didn’t find anyone. Your fear for your dad was starting to set in until you heard sirens from a distance. You picked up your pace from a jog to a sprint, stopping when you reached the light. Your eyes scanned through all the people. The cops who had a Flag Smasher each in their cuffs. You looked passed them until your eyes fell on him. 
“Dad!” you shouted, catching his and John’s attention. When he turned and you saw his face, you ran over to him and collapsed into him, hugging him tightly and burying your face in his chest. 
“Y/n? I thought you were with Sam?” he said, wrapping one of his arms around your back.
“I was but we heard gunshots. Sam told me to stay but I didn’t. I didn’t know if it was you,” you said, trying to keep your voice from breaking, “I was so scared. I thought it was you dad. I thought I lost you again.”
“You didn’t lose me Y/n. I’m right here,” he said. He moved his hand to your back, starting to rub circles. 
“I didn’t know that though. I thought you were dead,” you said, your breathing slowly getting back to normal. 
“It’s okay,” he said, “You’re okay. I’m okay. Let Sam take care of it now.”
You nodded but still clung to your dad. You were so close to losing him that you weren’t going to let go of him for a while. Bucky accepted that you weren’t going to let go of him so he walked slowly back up to the main street, with you attached to him like a koala. 
Once you reached the main road, Bucky helped you sit up on top of one of the cop cars, knowing you needed to rest after the evening’s events. He leaned up against the door of the car and talked to you, anything to get your mind off of what was happening. 
You heard the whirring from Sam’s suit before your dad and Walker did. You slapped him on the arm to get him to stop talking and pointed in Sam’s direction, carrying Karli in his arms. Bucky helped you off the car and the three of you walked over to where the rest of the crowd was standing. 
Every single word Sam spoke struck you. Every word he spoke was true. As he finished his speech, the people began to walk away and the sea of reporters left. Sam walked over to where you and your dad were standing. 
“Sorry I was texting so all I heard was black guy and stars and stripes,” you dad said jokingly, making Sam chuckle. 
“Good job Cap,” you said. 
You three continued walking until you spotted Sharron, holding gauze to her abdomen and sitting on the top of a cop car. 
“Sharron?” Sam asked her, taking a step towards her. 
“You’re blocking my light,” she said so Sam stepped away letting her have the light from the other cop cars back. 
“We gotta get you to a hospital,” he said, concern laced in his voice. 
You watched her expression and you knew it well. It was one you wore every single day. Stubbornness, “She won’t listen,” you said bluntly. 
“It’s not the worst thing to happen to me all week,” she added. 
“Told you,” you said, sending Sam a glance. 
“Cap?”a voice spoke. 
“Think he’s talking to you,” Sharron said, “I’m sorry for how things ended down there. For what it’s worth, that suit looks good on you.”
“Thanks,” Sam said. 
“Alright can we get out of here?” Bucky asked nervously, ushering Sharron away with one hand so she wouldn’t be seen, and you with the other so you wouldn’t get separated again. 
“I didn’t forget my promise Sharron,” Sam said before she was out of ear shot. 
After all the chaos, you expected to go straight to the apartment and crash but Bucky had another plan. You climbed up the staircase to your floor but your dad stopped when you reached Yori’s apartment. 
“Dad what are we doing here? I thought we were finally going home?”
“You go ahead, doll. I’ll be there in a bit. I have to do something,” he said, fishing the key to the apartment out of his pants pocket and handing it to you. 
You thought about what he had to do at Yori’s until it hit you, “Dad.”
“What?” he asked softly. 
“Let me stay with you for this,” you said. You tried to pull puppy dog eyes but your dad looked away from you and knocked on the door. 
“This is my amends Y/n, not yours. I’m going by myself,” he said. You nodded, knowing no matter what you said, he wouldn’t let you. You leaned up against the wall next to the door and slid down it, waiting for him. Bucky accepted that this was where you would be so when Yori opened the door, he stepped inside and let the door close behind him, leaving you in the hallway. 
You leaned your head against the wall in an effort to eavesdrop on the conversation. There was silence for a moment until you heard a shout and footsteps walk towards the door. It opened and you stood up, watching your dad leave the apartment and the door slam shut behind him. He had a solemn look on his face and he never looked you in the eyes. You wrapped your arms around him. 
You looked up at him as the two of you started walking down the hallway. He had tears brimming in his eyes. You couldn’t imagine what was going through his head or how he was feeling. What he just did, took a type of strength you didn’t think you had in you. It was something only your dad had and you appreciated him even more now than you did before. 
When you woke up the next morning, your dad was already up and waiting for you to get up, “What are you doing up so early?” you asked, sitting up from the couch. 
“I know we just got back but we’re going again,” he said. 
“Please not on another European action movie. I’m not sure my back can handle it,” you said as you stretched, small popping noises coming from your back, proving your point. 
“No. It should be much more fun this time.”
Once you got dressed and out the door, you two took your normal path but your dad stopped once you reached Izzy’s, the restaurant. He stopped and looked through the window, seeing Yori and the waitress he had his date with, Leah. She smiled at him softly before turning and going back to her work. Bucky watched Yori for a second, making sure the older man was okay. You peered over his shoulder to see what he was looking at. 
“He’ll be okay dad,” you said reassuringly, placing your hand on his arm, “I promise.”
Bucky looked down and smiled at you softly, nodding before stepping back from the window and continuing on. 
Your dad apparently liked to surprise you and not tell you where you were going. You only found out when you landed and were greeted with the familiar Welcome to NOLA sign again. 
On the way to Sam’s place, you had to quickly make a stop at a grocery store. Your dad wanted to stroll into the cookout without bringing anything, which you vehemently objected to. You made him stop and pick up something. Even a plate of cookies would be decent. 
You waited in the truck while he went inside. He came back out a few minutes later with a clear plastic container in his hand. He opened your door and held the cake up for you to see, “Better?” he asked, setting it in your lap. 
“Much,” you said. You picked up the container as your dad closed the door and walked to the driver’s side, climbing into his seat, “This actually looks really good.”
“It better. It cost a lot more than a cake should,” he grumbled, starting the truck. You laughed at him before turning up the radio and rolling the window down. 
You reached the docks and saw loads of people gathered around and talking. You got out of the truck and walked around it, joining your dad at his side. He took the cake for you and started towards Sam. 
You spotted Sam’s nephews heading towards you. The older one, Cass, started to pretend to fight your dad, who played along, careful to not drop the cake. The younger one, AJ, wasn’t going to let you off the hook so easily and he attempted to tackle you to the ground. You stumbled to the ground lightly, laughing and gently throwing the kid off of you. You stood up and took a fight stance playfully, which he copied, making you laugh again. 
Bucky glanced over his shoulder as he set the cake down on the picnic table in front of Sarah. He watched as you were going back and forth between both boys, either attempting to chase one or fight one. He smiled, knowing it had been over seven decades since you had interactions with anyone close to your own age. It was nice for him to see you having somewhat normal friendships now, not just with a bunch of Avengers and superheroes. 
After hanging out and talking for a while with AJ and Cass, you could tell there was something on their minds, “What’s up you two? You look like you’re planning something?”
The two brothers looked at each other before Cass spoke up, “Can your dad carry things from his arm? Like if we were to hang off of it, could he hold us?” he asked. 
“Hmm I don’t know. Why don’t we go find out?” you stood up from the ground and looked for your dad. He was at a picnic table, talking to Sarah, “Dad!” you shouted. 
“What!” he shouted back, copying your tone. 
“Question for you. Can you carry all three of us,” you motioned to you, Cass, and AJ, “With your metal arm?
Bucky looked at the boys then back to you, “What are you? Five?” he joked, already sticking his arm out for you three to try. 
“Obviously,” you said. You let the other two wrap their arms around his arm before doing the same yourself. Bucky then lifted his arm up so you were all off the ground, feet dangling. 
As the sun was starting to set over the water, and the hanging lights started to turn on, you looked around for your dad. You spotted him and Sam near the edge of the water. You didn’t want to get up from your spot, so you looked around for something you could throw at him to get his attention. Your eyes landed on an empty ketchup bottle. You picked it up and chucked it, throwing it right in the back of your dad’s head. 
He and Sam both turned around. Bucky picked up the bottle and looked for whoever threw it. He was expecting it to be one of Sam’s nephews, meaning to hit their uncle not him. He caught a glimpse of your face and knew immediately that it was you who threw it at him. He threw it back to you and you caught it, “I’m cold,” you said. 
“You’re cold? That’s why you threw a ketchup bottle at me?” he asked. 
“Uh, yeah. Why else?” you asked like it was the most obvious thing in the world. 
Bucky looked over at Sam, “Guess I gotta go. Dad duty,” he said. 
“Have fun with that,” Sam replied. 
Bucky laughed and patted Sam on the back before walking towards you. You stood up and were expecting your dad to walk to you normally. Before you knew it, he was running at you and before you could react, he was at your side and starting to tickle you. You tried to move away from him but he picked you up and threw you over his shoulder, making you shriek.
“Dad! Put me down!” you shouted, trying hard not to laugh too much. 
“Wait? You said you were cold. Heat rises so you should be nice and warm up there,” he said casually, ignoring your continued pleads to put you down. He took one more glance at Sam and the scenery behind him before turning and walking away.
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imaginestuffs · 6 days ago
ABOUT YOU? -CATWS Cast x Platonic reader
Word count:858
Warnings: none, just fluff.
Summary: the 'Winter Soldier' cast describes their youngest cast mate (the reader)
Tumblr media
"A few things that would describe (y/n), oh wow ok there are a lot." Sebastian said. 
"Anthony you go first I'm still narrowing things down." He spoke up again. The interviewer chuckled before turning their attention to Anthony. 
"Well, that girl is crazy. She is extremely funny and very witty. Really hard working when it comes to acting and her college work we're all proud of her for that." Sebastian nodded his head in agreement. 
"When she reads scripts she gets really into it. She read a part in the newest script and we all of a sudden just hear this loud gasp and turn to see her with a hand over her mouth. She is very dramatic without the purpose of being dramatic. She also loves to compliment people on anything. If she think someone looks extra happy she has a huge smile on her face and tells them they look beautiful. She's a sweet girl and we all love her." Anthony finished up his answer. 
"That's amazing I'm really excited to meet her." The interviewer spoke once again. 
"Sebastian, what do you think?" 
"Yeah like Anthony said, she's nothing less than a sweetheart. Her kindness is seemingly endless. Honestly, I don't know how she does it all the time. Even when people are unkind to her she will always be kind to them. She's the youngest cast member at just 20 years old. She doesn't seem like that, she is mature for her age. She takes things seriously when they need to be and takes criticism well. Of course she's silly and fun but when she needs to she gives her best. It's amazing really. She tends to be hard on herself, which we all can be but with her it hurts to see more than you would think. When you see her like that it just proves how strong she is. Going through that, while dealing with college, work, and just daily life she pulls through and it's amazing to know her." He finishes with a smile. The interviewer smiled brightly at them both and concluded their time together. 
Then it was time for Chirs Evans and Scarlett to answer the question. 
"So what are a few things to describe (y/n)?" 
"There are so many things to say about her wow. She's an inviting and welcoming person. When you first meet her she can be a bit shy but she isn't one of those people who will keep quiet as a mouse. She'll be soft spoken but you'd never feel unwelcome with her. You know her when she opens up more she is not as afraid to really have a one on one conversation. She actually loves them. Being able to ask someone about their day or how their life is going. She doesn't just hear what you're saying, she listens to you. She just cares so much for the people around her." Chris paused and Scarlett took a chance to speak. 
"It's true she will never not give her best to understand someone. She's so young but understands and knows a lot more than you would think." She said, 
"Yeah she always gives her best and puts everything she has into everything she does. It's not an easy thing to do a lot of the time but she does it. She sends us letters all the time. Like actually handwritten letters and sends them to us. She writes poetry and the first thing you read in every letter is a new poem she's written. It's always exciting when I find one in my mail. I love her so much." Chris finishes. 
"(Y/n) has one of the biggest hearts. She always does things for others to get a smile from them. All she wants is for people to be happy. She never forgets special occasions whether it be a birthday or even just a silly holiday she's prepared for it. On set when we first began filming she heard that Sebastian's birthday was coming up. Keep in mind we all just met her. She baked him a cake, got him a little card and a gift. She didn't know what he would like so she went to Chris to ask.
She ended up getting him a vintage comic signed by Stan Lee. She also went around set to each of us and asked for a video of each of us saying Happy birthday and stuff. She compiled it all together and played it for him. That was one of his happiest days on set. She almost cried when he thanked her for it. She loves to see people so happy and knowing she did that for them. She's just the sweetest. We all love her like she's a little sister." Scarlett ended her little speech and smiled. 
The video ended and you had tears in your eyes at their kind words. A fan had sent you that video and after a hard day you decided to watch it. You missed everyone and it really struck a chord, you made sure to send each of them a text reminding them how much you loved them.
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saidrolav · 9 days ago
Apricot doughnuts
Bakery AU!Sam Wilson x gn!reader
Summary: Sam has a huge crush on you but can't find the courage to enter your bakery.
Warnings: none! pure fluff! 🧡
A/N: Hii everyone! Here's my enter for the writing challenge of @lovelyavengers !!! Congrats on your 500 followers!! Hope you'll like what i wrote, and as always feedback is always appreciated!! 🧡
Prompts: “What am I even looking for?” - “I don’t know.”
Tumblr media
not my gif!
Sam Wilson came to your bakery for quite some time now. He could come 3 days in a row then disappear for a month, he was a surprising customer. At first, he would only order a single thing, doughnut stuffed with apricot jam. He loved them really crispy on the outside and covered with icing sugar, with the apricot not too acid but just enough so he could feel the jam melt on his tongue.
The first time he ate one at your place he thought he would melt right here and he didn't know if it was the fault of the most delicious doughnut he ever ate or the person who was serving it. They were both lovely. He ate so fast that he didn't realized that he had icing sugar everywhere in his beard and on his nose so when he tried to flirt with you, you just chuckled and offered him a napkin. He became all flustered and mouthed a small "sorry" and you said it was okay. Since that happened, he didn't try to flirt with you anymore, to your despair, he was too embarassed of the icing sugar incident and just enjoyed in silence his doughnuts.
What you didn't know was that Sam was also disappointed in himself for not talking enough to you. Every time he'll came home he was telling to Bucky every little thing you did with heart eyes and the brunette just had to sit there and listen to his bestfriend being in love. At first, Bucky didn't mind Sam being in love but as time passed, he grew really tired of his bestfriend repeating himself.
As Sam was about to leave for his favourite bakery in the morning to get his breakfast, a question disturbed his routine. "You mind if i come with you ?" He heard Bucky say. He stopped in his tracks while he was in the middle of putting on his coat, he froze. He turned his head to the brunette who was paying no attention to him, he was reading the news. Sam furrowed his brows and finished getting ready while he mumbled a quick "No, i don't mind."
That's how he ended up with Bucky on the passenger seat of his car trying to put on the radio, while driving to your bakery. Sam was nervous, he never bought someone to your bakery and certainly not Bucky. He knew the super soldier had something behind his head but he didn't know what and it was killing him.
"So what's their name ?" Bucky said suddenly and it nearly made the man behind the wheel jumps. He glanced quickly at the super soldier and he said quietly, "Y/N, don't do anything weird and don't embarass me in front of them, please." Bucky let out a laugh and smiled at his friend, "You know me." "That's why i'm telling you that."
When Sam parked on the parking of your bakery, before he could even turn the engine off Bucky was already out and he got out of the car as fast as he could so he could follow him. The super soldier entered the bakery with Sam soon following him, he thought that Buck was about to smash the door but he softly closed it.
The two of them waited patiently that the old woman in front of them ordered her slice of pie. Sam looked around and saw only a couple of person in the bakery, eating in silence just as he loved it. He realized it was his turn only when Bucky patted him on his shoulder, he turned around and caught your gaze, leaving him without air in his lungs, once again frozen. Bucky smirked when he saw his bestfriend that way and gave him another pat to help him make his way back in reality.
"What am i even looking for ?" Sam blurted out akwardly which made you and Buck chuckle. "I don't know." Bucky answered with a hint of mischief in his eyes. Sam wasn't trying to be funny though he was totally lost that he wasn't even remembering what he wanted to order. He smiled when he saw you and the super soldier laugh before he cleared his throat.
"I think i'm gonna have 5 pumpkin and cream cheese muffins with pecan streusel," he smiled sweetly at you while you were putting his muffins in an appropriate package. Bucky took a glance at Sam and a couple of seconds passed without anyone talking. The brunette rolled his eyes while he paid quickly for the muffins.
"And this guy right here will order a date with you." He smiled and Sam's head shot up quickly, feeling incredibly embarassed by how Buck just planified him a date with you. The super soldier smiled and left the two of you shocked and blushing. Sam coughed softly and looked at you with a soft smile on his lips.
"I-I mean you don't have to come if you don't want to, i don't know what crossed his mind.." He chuckled shyly while looking at his feet and he heard no answer. When he looked back at you he saw you were scribbling something on a napkin which made him rise an eyebrow. Before he could say something you were giving him the napkin with an hesitant look. He took it and read your number which made him grin wider than he ever did.
"I'll call you i promise!" You laughed like a kid at his promise. "I hope so! I'm not giving my numbers to everyone i see here." He smiled even wider if that was possible and took your hand softly so he could place a kiss on the back of it making you blush furiously.
You were about to say something but you were cut by big honk sounds, you were quick to see Bucky in Sam's car giving him huge thumbs up which made him and you laugh.
"Yeah.. I should probably go.." He smiled at you after he gave a quick death stare in Buck's direction. You packed an apricot doughnut and gave it to him with a big smirk. He took it shyly and searched quickly for his wallet but you stopped him by putting your hand on his arm.
"Don't worry it's offered by the house." You smiled widely and he joined you quickly. He mumbled a quick "thanks" because the honks were getting louder and louder and fastly joined Bucky in the car.
He had soon a sweet date with you.
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just-dreaming-marvel · 9 days ago
Unofficial Fathers Part 2
Avengers x Teen!Fem!Reader
Word Count: 5,850ish
Summary: Tony, Steve, and the whole team help you deal with the aftermath of your accident. Though it’s not as easy as anyone would like.
Notes: Read Unofficial Fathers Part 1 here. I hope this isn’t crap and that it makes sense.
Tumblr media
“Ah!” You fell to the floor, your hands breaking your fall. “Stupid braces,” you muttered.
Your accident had happened about 6 months ago. Tony and Bruce had been working together to figure out braces for you for about two of those months. Only for the braces to never work right for one reason or other.
“Are you okay, Y/N?” Steve rushed up to your side.
“I’m fine,” you huffed, turning yourself to sit on your butt as you avoided Steve’s helping hands. “I think I’m done for today.”
“Already? We were just getting started.”
“Yeah, well, these stupid braces and my brain don’t want to work together. So I’m done for today.”
Steve sighed. “One more try.”
“One more.”
“Fine.” You held your hands up. “Help me up.”
Steve smirked as he stood up and grabbed your hands. He carefully helped you up and steadied you. Tony and Bruce were observing from the deck above.
“Why aren’t they working?” Tony muttered, eyes trained on you. “Rhodey’s work. We had barely any issues with them. These—these literally won’t listen to her. Why?”
“Maybe it has something to do with her powers,” Bruce responded, studying the braces on a tablet. “Like, they won’t let her connect or something. Maybe tomorrow we hook up her brain to some monitors and watch how it interacts with the braces.”
“Yeah, maybe…”
“Hey, no. I know that tone. This is not your fault Tony. No one thinks that, especially Y/N.”
“Yeah, well, I still can’t help feel that way.”
“Try for her, please. Shuri and T’Challa should be here soon so that we can get their input as well.”
“Hopefully Shuri can see something that we can’t.”
“Damn it!” You exclaimed, falling back onto the floor and causing the men above to look your way. You punched the ground in frustration. “I’m done!”
“Y/N—“ Steve tried.
“No! I’m done! This stupid braces won’t work!” You looked at Steve with an anger he had never seen from you before. “Why the hell did you give me hope?!”
“No!” Steve tried to reach for you again and you pushed away. “Stop! I can get out of this mess myself.”
With a sigh, Steve turned to look at Tony on the observation deck. Tony had a hand over his mouth, looking sadly down at you. Just by the man’s eyes, Steve could tell that Tony was taking on this upon himself. Making eye contact with Steve, Tony quickly shook his head and walked away, heading for his lab.
“Hey, kid!” Bucky greeted, coming into the common room. “How was today’s session?” Steve quickly made eye contact with his friend and shook his head.
“Fine,” you responded, focused on your phone. You were in your wheelchair, near the large wall of windows.
“Just fine?”
“Bucky,” Steve tried to warn.
“Yeah, just fine,” you retorted, still not looking his way.
“Was it Steve?” Bucky continued. “I know that he can be a bit of an old man.”
“Hey!” Steve exclaimed. “You’re older than me!”
“Steve was fine,” you replied.
Bucky furrowed his brows, concerned at your lack of any real emotion. “Just give it time kid,” he said. “It took my arm a little while to—“
“It’s not the same. I would have been better off with no legs at all.”
“Hey!” Both men exclaimed. “Don’t you dare think like that.”
“Or what?” You finally looked at them. “You’ll ground me? Sorry, but I’m already there.” 
Feeling that you weren’t going to be left alone, you began wheeling yourself away.
“Where are you going?” Steve wondered.
“Away,” you replied.
“I’m just going to my room, Pa. Jeez. Let me live a little, I’m almost 18.”
Bucky and Steve watched was you wheeled away. Their sad eyes following you until you disappeared.
“I don’t know what to do Buck,” Steve shook his head, head falling into his hands. “She was making progress and now… now we don’t know if it’s her or the braces or something else entirely.”
“When will Shuri and T’Challa be here?” Bucky asked.
“Sometime today. I’m hoping that they can help.”
“They helped me. They’ll be able to help her. How’s, uh, how’s Tony holding up?”
“You know him, he’s just as bad as you. Lets himself feel the weight and blame for everything.”
“It wasn’t his fault.”
“I know.”
“And it wasn’t yours either, punk. Y/N would have gone in there anyway.”
“She’s just a kid, Buck. She doesn’t deserve to be going through what she’s going through.”
“I agree. And that’s why we have been, and we’re going to be, with her every step of the way.”
You found yourself outside, near the furtherest end of the track. You were staring at the trainees racing around it. Not too long ago it was you racing around it. It was starting to get to you that you were beginning to forget what that all felt like. Walking. Running faster than anyone. All of it.
“Miss,” FRIDAY interrupted your thoughts. “Mr. Stark is requesting your presence in his lab.”
“Not now, FRIDAY,” you responded. “Tell him I’m busy.”
“Really? You think getting FRIDAY to lie for you would work?” Tony’s voice came through your phone. “I need you. Shuri and T’Challa are almost here.”
“Can’t it wait until tomorrow? I’m tired.”
“Honey, I know that you’re tired, but we need to find out what’s wrong. And Shuri won’t be able to stay long.”
“I’m all yours in the morning. Let me have the rest of the day to myself, Dad.”
Tony sighed. “Fine… do you want me to warm up the theater room and some popcorn? We could have a movie night?”
“I want to be by myself.”
“Please don’t shut me out, sweetheart. I just want to help.”
“I’ll be in for dinner.”
You took your phone and quickly shut it down. After putting it in a pocket on your chair, you went back to watching the trainees run. Slow and silent tears trickled down your cheeks as you watched them make their laps, wishing you could join them.
The sun was setting and you had yet to move from your spot. The team didn’t want to push you, though they had been keeping an eye on you out there. Tony had his arms folded as he watched you from the far windows of the common room. Steve sighed as he came up beside his teammate.
“She’s still out there,” he said.
“Hasn’t moved all afternoon,” Tony added, moving towards the bar. “She’s taking steps backwards.”
Steve followed. “It’s just a bad day, Tony.”
“She’s had bad days, Steve. This…” He began pouring himself a glass. “This is different.” Tony passed Steve a drink.
“Thanks.” The soldier took a swig. “Is Shuri in the lab?"
“Yeah, she brought somethings for Y/N to try out before—or, I guess, as we run more tests.”
“It’s going to work Tony. We’re going to help her.”
“I hope, because I don’t think I can fail her more than I already have.”
You had been trying to talk yourself out of it for about an hour. But you were even too damn stubborn for even yourself. You and your wheelchair were on the track. You had pushed yourself to the edge of the wheelchair, your feet touching the ground. But you couldn’t feel it, you couldn’t feel the track. With a deep breath, you pushed yourself from the wheelchair and tried to stand. You were immediately on the ground, head jolting back to hit against the edge of your wheelchair.
“Ow,” you groaned. Your hand rubbed the back of your head. You inhaled sharply when you felt liquid. Bringing your had back around, you noticed the blood. “Shit.”
You turned yourself onto your stomach so that you could grab your wheelchair easier. Lifting up your arms, you grabbed onto your wheelchair and heaved yourself up. You knew that your fathers were not going to be happy with you when you got inside.
“May I be of some assistance, Y/N?”
You practically jumped out of your chair, hand shooting up to  press against your chest. “Vision!” You exclaimed. “You scared me.”
“My apologies. I was just walking about the ground when I noticed you out here. Would you like some help getting inside?”
Your thoughts immediately went to the injury on the back of your head. You didn’t know how Vision would react, especially because you didn’t know how bad it actually was.
“Uh… I… well—“
“I’ll take her from here, Vis,” Bucky said, jogging up. “We’re supposed to be heading to the lab together, anyway.” You quirked a brow at Bucky, confused.
“Oh, yes, of course,” Vision responded. “I will just continue on my walk then.”
“Thanks, Vis,” you said, giving him a small smile.
He nodded before disappearing. Some walk. Bucky came up to you, shaking his head.
“You’re very lucky, young lady,” he said, shaking his finger at you. “Steve and Tony are sitting at the bar or they would have been furious to see you on the ground like that. Are you okay?”
“Actually… I don’t know,” you responded.
That surprised Bucky, but in a good way. Though he couldn’t show it. “What’s up?”
“I, uh, I hit my head.” You lift up your hand, revealing the blood on your finger tips.
“What?!” He rushed around to the back of your wheelchair. Thank goodness the tracks lights were on so that he could see the cut and the blood trickling down. “Shit. We need to get you to the med-bay. You may in stitches.”
“This is just great,” you grumbled. “Now no one will ever let me out of their sight.” You buried your head in your hands as Bucky began pushing you back towards the compound. “I’m so done.”
“It’s okay to feel that way, Y/N. In fact, it’s completely normal. But Shuri and T’Challa are here and they have ideas—“
“It doesn’t matter. None of their ideas could help me.”
“You don’t know that.”
“Really?” You turned your head to look up at Bucky. “Could any of their ideas allow me to access my powers again?” Bucky sighed, not answering. You scoffed and turned your head back around. “Yeah, didn’t think so.”
“No, you know what?” You grabbed your wheels and tried to take over the steering. “I’m fine. Let me just go to bed.” It was pointless, trying to steer yourself away against a man with a metal arm. “Bucky, please.”
“No. We’re going to fix up your head and they we’re going to have a movie night, we haven’t had one in a few weeks.”
“I want to be alone.”
“Not a chance.”
“What the hell happened?!” Tony exclaimed, him and Steve coming to a sliding stop in front of you in the med-bay.
Bucky was sitting beside you, holding your hand as a nurse stitched you up. When Steve and Tony finally noticed you were off the track, they asked FRIDAY where you had gone. The AI immediately told the men where you were located, which freaked them out.
“Y/N! Are you okay?” Steve fretted, coming up to kneel in front of you and cup your cheek. “What happened?”
“It’s nothing,” you grumbled, moving away from Steve’s hand.
“It’s nothing?! Then why is there a nurse stitch up the back of your head?!” Tony exclaimed.
“Stark,” Bucky said, trying to give a kind warning tone.
“What?!” Bucky shot him a look. “Okay, okay.” Tony held his hands up and took a deep breath. “What happened?”
“I don’t want to talk about it,” you responded, eyes focused on your fidgeting hands.
“Bucky?” Steve questioned.
Bucky looked at you and then sighed. “She tried to walk on her own,” he replied.
“What?!” / “Why?!” / “Bucky!”
“I was in the compound, watching her when it happened. I didn’t get to her in time. She hit her head on the back of her chair.”
“Y/N,” Steve breathed out, “how could you—“
“Don’t finish that,” you interrupted. “You should already know the answer anyway. Am I done here?”
“Yes,” the nurse responded. “It will be tender for a little bit, but it should heal up fine.”
“Thank you,” Bucky said as the nurse walked away.
“Can I go to bed now?” You asked, still not looking at any of the men.
“No,” Tony answered. “We need to talk about this.”
“Not now, Dad, please. I’m too tired for this.”
“You know that you can’t get up on your own.”
“Thanks for the reminder, cause I needed another one.”
“You need to talk out your feelings, doll,” Steve said. “You’re not fine right now.”
“I don’t need to do anything. And I am. I’m just having a bad day, am I not allowed one of those?”
Steve sighed. “You are. We’re just worried.”
“Well stop. I’m fine. I’m going to bed and no one should dare try and stop me.”
“How are you feeling today, Y/N?” T’Challa asked as Shuri was making sure everything was ready for the tests today. Tony and Steve weren’t in there yet, which kinda surprised you. You hadn’t seen them all day.
“Fine,” you responded with a shrug.
“I heard you hit your head las—“
“I don’t want to talk about it.”
“Okay. Then how’s therapy? We’ve heard the braces are giving you trouble.”
“Yeah. Dad’s blaming it on himself, but I just don’t think I’m meant to walk again.”
Upon mention of him, Tony and Steve had paused before turning around the corner. They both felt another crack in their hearts at your defeated tone. You had been doing so good, being so positive, until just very recently. But now, it had seemed like you lost all hope.
“It’s not his fault though,” you continued. “It’s nobody’s fault.”
“Have you asked Colonel Rhodes about his braces?”
“I’ve kinda been ignoring him… I feel bad but… I get jealous every time I see him because his braces work and mine… well, mine don’t work for me.”
“I’m sure he’d understand.”
“Yeah. But then he’d talk to Dad and Pa about it and they’d get all guilty. Well, more guilty than they already feel. I see it in their eyes every time they look at me. It hurts, then makes me feel guilty for causing that.”
“You shouldn’t.”
“But I do.”
“Are you ready, Y/N?” Shuri asked, coming closer with a set of braces.
“I guess.”
“Where’s Stark and the Captain?” T’Challa wondered, looking around.
“We’re right here,” Steve replied, coming around the corner.
“Hey, kiddo,” Tony greeted. He immediately came up to you, put a gentle hand on your back, and leaned down to kiss the top of your head. “Sleep well?”
“Could have been better,” you mumbled.
Tony’s brow quirked. “Well you always tend to fall asleep to one of Cap’s briefings—“
“Hey!” Steve exclaimed, causing a small giggle to slip between your lips.
“—maybe we need to have one tonight.”
“My briefings aren’t that bad,” Steve grumbled, pouting slightly.
“Okay, Cap,” Tony patted the man’s back. “Whatever you say.”
“If you boys are done, we’re going to start now,” Shuri said, giving the men a disapproving look. “Y/N, I’m going to insert small sensors into six points of your head. I don’t want to fit you to any prosthetics until I get some readings on your brain. I want you to go about your normal routine, especially your therapy sessions with Stark’s braces.” 
“For how long?” Steve asked, coming to your free side and resting a hand on your shoulder.
“To get the best results, a month. I will be monitoring from Wakanda, making different braces and such as I get results.”
“It’s going to take that long?” You mumbled.
“As I’m sure you’ve realized in the past six months, Y/N, that this is not an easy or fast process.”
“You got that right,” you scoffed.
“You just need to be patient,” T’Challa said. “We have some of the best technology and scientific advances. We will find a way to help you.”
“When are the sensors going in?”
“As soon as you’d like,” Shuri said. “I already have everything set up. You’ll have to be put under, but for no longer than an hour.”
“Let’s just get it over with.” 
Tony and Steve shared a look. They didn’t know what to do to help you but be there for you.
“We’ll be here the whole time, sweetheart,” Tony said, placing a kiss on your head.
“Yeah,” Steve agreed, doing the same, “every second.”
The first day the sensors were in, you had a massive migraine. Shuri had said that would be normal and to take a day. Tony and Steve had to be stopped by Bucky and Natasha to let you have a few moments of peace and quiet to yourself. Other than that, your two fathers were always at your side.
The second day you woke up before everyone and headed to the gym. You took your time getting your braces on. Nervously, you bit your lip as you rolled yourself over to the bars. You knew that the sensors weren’t put in to help with your braces, but you couldn’t help but hope a little. 
Taking a deep breath, you reached up and gripped onto the bars. You used the bars to help pull you out of the wheelchair and hold yourself between them. You gripped the bar tightly as you tried to force the brace to move your leg. You got your foot to move forward barely anything. But that took a lot out of you. Readjusting your grip on the bars, you tried the other leg, with the same result.
“You aren’t suppose to be down here alone,” Sam’s voice came from the doorway.
You glanced up before focusing back down on your feet. “Yeah, well, I didn’t want an audience. Who told you I was down here?”
“FRIDAY.” Sam headed towards you.
“That little snitch.”
“Don’t get mad at the AI. I was already awake and she figured that you didn’t want Steve or Tony here.”
“It’s not that I don’t want them here,” you sighed. “It’s just… they—“
“It’s a lot of pressure from them.”
“Yeah,” you nodded. “I know they’re not trying to make me feel that way. But they are. And I don’t need anymore guilty or pitiful looks from them.”
Sam stood at the other end of the bars. He held out his hands, motioning you to come to him. “Well, I won’t do that to you, kid. Now, come or I’m going to start insulting you.”
You giggled. “Insulting me? You think that will get the braces to work with my brain?”
“It’s worth a shot.”
You nodded, focusing back on your feet. Taking another large breath, you tried to get your leg to move again. It did, only this time you couldn’t get your foot to straighten out causing you to trip over it. Sam lunged forward, catching you before you face planted.
“I got you, kid,” he said. “I got you.”
“This is so stupid, Sam,” you huffed as he stood you back up. “It isn’t fair… Rhodey’s braces work, so just Bucky’s arm. Why can’t mine?”
“I wish I knew, Y/N. I really did. But everyone’s trying. We all want you to be able to walk again.”
“I want to be able to run again.”
“Baby steps, kid. Literally.” He backed up a little, but not too far. “Come on, try again.”
You huffed, looking down again to focus on your feet. You got one foot to move a little, earning a cheer from Sam. You couldn’t help but smile a little. The next three little steps were successful as well.
“Very good, Y/N!” Sam exclaimed. “Almost to me.”
This was the best your braces had ever done, making you feel good. But, as always, that feeling couldn’t last forever. In the middle of your next step, the braces froze unwilling to move.
“What the—“ your muttering was halted when a rush of electricity shot from the braces.
“Y/N!” Sam exclaimed as you fell to the ground.
You cried out in pain as the electricity filled your whole body. Sam’s hands were hovering over you as he tried to figure out what to do without getting electrocuted himself.
“FRIDAY, get help!” Sam ordered.
“Already on it,” the AI replied. A few seconds later, Tony, Shuri, Steve, Bucky, and Bruce were rushing in.
“We’ve got to get those braces off of her,” Tony immediately said.
“I got it!” Bucky replied, using his metal hand to rip a section off of your leg.
The electricity immediately stop, allowing you to lie limp against the floor. You had your eyes closed as you breathed heavily. Steve was quick to pull you into his arms before Shuri hovered something over you.
“The sensors are still good,” Shuri confirmed. 
“Y/N,” Steve gently shook you, “talk to me, sweetheart.”
“Ow,” you grunted, still keeping your eyes closed. A few chuckled. 
“How are you feeling?”
“Like I sat in an electric chair.”
“This is all my fault,” Tony said, running a hand down my face. “I haven’t been able to figure out what’s wrong with the braces and now they go and do this.” He shook his head, turning to face away from everyone. His hand ran through his hair, tugging at it. “I can’t believe I keep failing like this.”
“Dad,” you called. You reached your arm out and opened your eyes slightly. “Please, turn around and look at me.” It took a few moments for him to give in, but eventually Tony faced you. “Can you come here?” You motioned him closer. He took your hand, letting you tug him closer. “This isn’t your fault. Nothing about the past six months have been your fault.”
“Stop it. Yes, I may fail at showing that I don’t believe that it’s your fault. But I don’t. I don’t blame you. And I never will, even for my braces not working.”
“The braces—“
“I’m serious, Dad. Stop blaming yourself.” You looked up at Steve, who was still holding you. “Same goes for you, Pa. None of this is your fault.”
Bruce, Tony, and Shuri worked through the rest of the day trying to find out what happened to your braces and to build new ones. Steve, Sam, and Bucky spent the rest of the day researching other ways to help you. They all did this while you rested in your room, the electrocution taking a lot out of you.
“I’ve got it!” Bucky exclaimed, jolting Sam and Steve from the research they were doing. 
“What is it, Barnes?” Sam wondered.
“I can’t believe we haven’t thought of it before! The answer’s been right in front of our faces the whole time.”
“What are you talking about, Buck?” Steve asked.
Bucky jumped up, rushing out of the room. “I’ve got to go into the city.”
“Where?” Steve stood up. “Where are you going?!”
“The New York Sanctum!”
Sam and Steve shared a look before hurrying after their friend.
“Wait for us!”
“We’re coming too!”
“Does she know you’re here?” Dr. Strange asked.
When the men arrived, it didn’t surprise him all much. He knew what had happened and it was only a matter of time before someone was at his door asking about it.
“No,” Steve said, shaking his head. “We wanted to know if you’d be open to it first.”
Strange sighed. “Captain, there is a reason I have not brought this up to the team sooner. Learning magic is a high cost.”
“I’m sure she’d be willing to pay it,” Bucky said. “She just wants to walk again.”
“Her learning the mystic arts does not guarantee that Y/N will walk again, nor does it guarantee that she will gain her powers back.”
“Strange, we have to try,” Sam pled. “We’ve been there the whole time, watching her struggle with this. Y/N needs hope. This can be that.”
“You can not make agreements for her that only she can make.”
You were awoken from your nap by Tony’s yelling.
“No!” He yelled. “Absolutely not! We are not sending her away to learn to be a wizard. This isn’t Harry Potter!”
“Tony, this could be her one shot at walking again,” Steve argued. “Don’t you care about that?”
“Of course I do! What do you think I’ve been working myself to the bone for?! I want her to be able to walk again. Be able to chase us around the compound and feel free again. I want that more than anyone could possibly know.”
“I know, Tony, I know. I’m sorry.” Steve paused with a sigh. “This isn’t up to us though. This needs to be her choice.”
You could practically hear the gears turning in Tony’s head from where you were. But you didn’t care. You were simply confused, what were they fighting about exactly? Where would you be going?
“Hello, Y/N,” a voice said from the other side of your room.
You jumped, your hand going to your chest. You looked over with wide eyes as Dr. Strange stepped through a glowing portal. As he came closer to you, the portal closed.
“I’m sorry for scaring you,” he continued. “I just figured we should probably talk alone before those two barge in with their opinions.”
“Talk to me about what?”
Dr. Strange went on to explain what he had to offer, with the pros and cons of it. He also explained that the cons were the reason he had not brought it to you sooner. A part of you wanted to be furious at him, but you figured that he knew the mystic arts better than you did. 
“You would have to stay with the others in training,” he continued. “As to not distract you from what you where there to learn. You do not have to become a fully trained master of the mystic arts, but you have to be trained enough to be able to keep the spells you would need going.”
“No,” Tony said, entering the room with Steve. He pointed his finger at you as he made his way to you. “You’re not going. And you,” he pointed at Strange, “need to leave.”
“Tony, this isn’t your decision to make,” Steve scolded.
“She’s not 18 yet, so it is! She’s staying here and giving Shuri’s way a try.”
“And if it doesn’t, work?”
“Then we’ll call the wizard back and ask him for his help. We haven’t used all of our options yet!"
“Dad! I may not be 18, but neither of you are my official fathers,” you retorted. 
You knew that it would hurt them both, reminding them about that. But you saw no other way. Seeing Tony’s reaction towards it, honestly made your decision for you. He was taking all this all himself, too much. He was going to kill himself finding a way to help you, and you couldn’t let that happen.
“I’m going with Strange,” you continued. “I know the consequences, and I’m going today.” You met Tony’s gaze. “I’m sorry, Dad. You’ve tried your best, but we have to give something else a try.” You grabbed one of his hands, holding it with both of yours. “Please, trust me with this.”
Tony wanted so desperately to trust you. But he couldn’t help but feel that you didn’t trust in him to help you. That enormous weight of guilt already on him, grew. Tony tore his hand out of your grip.
“Fine, go,” he huffed. “Like you said, we aren’t your real fathers. We can’t stop you.” He turned, heading for the door.
“Dad!” You called, but he continued on. “Dad!” You looked at Steve, tears clouding your vision. “Are you going to walk away too?”
“Never,” Steve shook his head, bring you in for a large hug. “If this is what you want, I fully support you. But don’t feel like this is your only option.”
“I want to do it. I want to give it a try. But I don’t want to leave Dad like this. I don’t want him mad at me.”
Steve sighed, pulling back so that he could look at your face. “Tony’s not mad at you. He’s mad at himself. He wants to be the one to help you because he feels that he caused this.”
“But I—“
“It doesn’t matter what you say. He still believes that it’s his fault. And he may always feel that way, it just may dim. Please don’t blame yourself for any of this. He just needs time and to, maybe, step away from this problem.”
“That’s why I need to go. I can’t have you all distracted.”
“Doll, you’re not a distraction. You’re anything but. And if this is what you really want, I fully support you.”
“Thanks Pa.” You pulled him in for another hug. “Take care of everyone while I’m gone.”
“Of course.” He kissed your cheek. “I’m so proud of you.”
You pulled away and looked at Dr. Strange. “I’m ready. If you’re willing to teach me.”
“I am,” Strange responded, holding out his hand. “Let’s go.”
Training was not easy. And you never thought it was going to be. There was a lot you were required to learn before you even got to testing any spells that could help you. Even while sitting in a wheelchair, every day was exhausting. Due to worrying about how your progress would be affected, Strange didn’t allow you to contact any of the team. This was hard on not just you, but the whole team. 
Tony was grumpier than usual, to no ones surprise. And was now carrying guilt about how he left you that day. Sometimes Pepper would find him making improvements to your room at night. Muttering something like, “have to keep it up to date for when she does decide to appear through a portal”. Steve was doing his best to take care of everyone like he had promised you. Though sometimes he forgot to care of himself. Luckily, Natasha, Sam, and Bucky were there to help with that. 
And it didn’t get any easier for any of you for 10 months. That’s right, it took you 10 months before you felt like you could go home. You had chosen to learn a little magic, with promises to come back and learn more. You just needed to see your family.
It was movie night when you decided to make your return. You had checked through a small portal to make sure they were all there. And sure enough, they were. You waited until they were well into the movie before placing yourself on a chair behind them all. Your heart burst with joy and every laugh and comment that was made. Oh how you had missed them all so much.
When the movie was over, the lights came on. Tony was the first one to stand up, stretching.
“Well, that was a good one,” he said. “Only wish—“ He suddenly stopped, eyes going wide once they laid on you. “Y/N,” he whispered.
A few “what’s” and “Y/N’s” were heard as the whole team looked where Tony was. Steve quickly got up from his seat as well. You stayed sitting where you were, not ready to move yet.
“Y/N?” Steve questioned, eyes glimmering with happy tears.
“Hey, Pa,” you smiled, holding back your own tears. “Hey, Dad.”
“You’re here,” Tony whispered, like he was in shock.
“Yes, Dad. I’m here. And I have something to show you.” You pushed yourself from your seat. Bucky was quickly at your side to help you. You push his hands away. “I got this, Buck.”
He smiled at you, kissing your cheek quickly before stepping back. You took a deep breath as you took a step. You had been practicing this for only a month. So there was still a chance you could trip, but you knew someone would catch you. You could hear everyone’s breath of reliefs and shock as you took your first step. You continued on without missing a beat, heading straight to Tony. Letting tears slip down your cheeks, you made it to Tony, pulling him into a tight hug. He quickly hugged you back, even tighter.
“You’re okay,” he whispered.
“I’m okay,” you said. “I’m right here.”
He held you closer, kissing your head. “I’m so sorry. I missed you so much.”
“I missed you too, Dad.”
From beside the two of you, Steve cleared his throat. “Can I get a hug?” He asked. You giggled, releasing Tony and turning to hug Steve. He hugged you tightly, lifting you up from the ground. “It wasn’t the same without you here, doll.”
“I wasn’t the same without any of you.”
You walked around the room, making everyone (but Vision) cry as you greeted them. It was wonderful to be back with everyone again. You all stayed up talking, swapping stories from the past 10 months you were separated. You ended up falling asleep with your head in Tony’s lap and your feet in Steve’s. Not wanting to move you, they willingly fell asleep on the couch with you.
In the morning, you woke up to whispers. Looking around, you noticed that Steve and Tony weren’t on the couch with you anymore. Peeking over the couch, you noticed the whole team gathered in the kitchen.
“She’s awake!” Bucky announced. “Come here, Y/N.” He waved you towards them.
You stood up, stretching out. “Well, good morning to you all too,” you replied. You walked over, noticing the pastries that littered the counter and the decorations. “What’s all this?”
“It’s a mix of a welcome home breakfast and birthday breakfast,” Tony answered, putting arm around your shoulders once you wee close enough. 
“We also have a present for you,” Steve said, pulling a thin box out from behind his back. He held it out for you. “Open it.”
With shaky hands, you took the box and carefully untied the ribbon keeping it closed. You set the box on the counter and took off the top. Inside there was tissue paper, you moved it to reveal an official looking document. You swallowed as you picked it up. You gasped as you read it through.
“You’re… I’m… Y/N Rogers-Stark?” You giggled through the emotion that was building up in your throat.
“We know that you’re now 18 and it doesn’t matter all that much,” Steve said.
“But we wanted it to be official,” Tony continued. “Though it was harder than it looks since Steve and I aren’t married, or will we ever be.”
“You two are my… my fathers? Officially?”
“Yes,” Steve replied. “Is that okay?”
You jumped, bringing them other in for a hug. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you!” They both hugged back. “I love you both so much!”
“We love you too, sweetheart,” Tony said.
“Always,” Steve added.
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rachaelswrites · 9 days ago
Fatws: Rewrite
Bucky Barnes x Daughter!reader, Sam Wilson x Teen!reader
Warnings: Violence, fighting, mentions of dead bodies, small mentions of blood (nothing graphic) 
Tumblr media
You were snapped out of your thoughts by your dad pulling away from you and shaking you gently, “Y/n we have to get Walker. Do you want to stay here or go with us?” he asked. 
You shook your head, “I’ll go. I want out of here,” you said, already moving out of his grip. You saw Walker disappear between the buildings and you took off after him, Bucky close on your heels. 
When you, Sam and Bucky reached the warehouse that John ran to, he was already crouched in the middle of the floor, the shield sitting next to him. You grimaced at the sight of the blood covering the shield. 
Walker slowly looked up from the ground and at the three of you, “Time to go to work,” he mumbled. He stood up and walked towards you three, shield in hand. 
“Walker,” Sam said. 
“You guys should see a medic,” he said, “You don’t look so good.”
“Walker stop,” Sam said again. 
“What?” he nearly shouted, “You saw what happened. I did what I had to do. I killed him because he killed Lemar!”
“He didn’t kill Lemar,” Bucky said, “Don't go down that road John. Believe me it doesn't end well.”
“I’m not like you,” Walker spat. 
“It was the heat of the battle,” Sam said, trying to get Walker to calm down to avoid any type of outbursts from him, “If you explain what happened, they might consider your record.”
“We don’t want anyone else getting hurt,” you said, your eyes glancing back down to the bloody shield. The images of the Flag Smasher on the steps still burned in your brain. 
“John,” Sam said, “You have to give me the shield man.”
Walker looked up and his eyes scanned the three of you, his eyes full of malice, “Oh,” he said, “So that’s what this is.”
“You made a mistake,” Sam said
Walker looked right at you, then Bucky, “You don’t want to do this,” he said. 
“Yeah we do,” Bucky responded. 
You lunged towards Walker but, in response, he blocked you with the shield, sending you back a few feet. Sam and Bucky went after him while you picked yourself up while John knocked your dad to the ground. You joined his side as Sam tried to get the shield away from John. 
You went after John again, trying to kick the shield out of his hand but you slipped up and he grabbed you with his free hand, throwing you like a piece of garbage. 
While you gathered your strength back, Sam was knocked to the ground and your dad was now handling John by himself. He threw the shield into Bucky and sent him across the warehouse into a beam. You helped Sam up before hearing Walker yell, “Why are you making me do this!” and he sent your dad flying into an electrical beam. You saw the sparks from the beam itself and his metal arm, knowing it was probably now useless and it was up to you and Sam. 
Sam flew overhead to John while you ran towards him. Sam was knocked down and before John could slam the shield down, you tackled him to the ground and rolled away from him, not wanting him to get the upper hand on you. Even though you were focused on the fight at hand, your dad, lying in the corner of the room, was still in your mind. You made sure to take quick glances over to make sure he was still breathing,  Sam rolled away and got back up, joining you. 
“This isn’t you, John,” Sam said. 
“We could have been a team,” Walker said in between pants. He saw you in his peripheral vision, taking a set towards him so he launched the shield at you. You didn’t move out of the way in time so it struck you in the stomach, sending you backwards. The shield went back to Walker, whose focus was now Sam. 
You tried to get up but a sudden urge to cough sent you back to the ground. Small specks of blood landed on the floor and that was when you knew your fight was over and it was now Sam’s. You rolled over onto your back and tried to stay alert, just in case it came back to you. You were close enough to your dad that you crawled over to his side and gently shook him awake. 
His eyes slowly opened and he took in your appearance. There was blood at the corner of your mouth and bruises on your face. He sat up as his mind tried to focus on what you were saying, “He’s gonna kill him. We have to stop him.”
Bucky nodded in agreement but didn’t let you stand back up, “Stay down Y/n. You’re too hurt,” he pushed you back to the floor gently as you tried to get to your feet. You didn’t have enough time to protest before Bucky was tackling John to the ground after he tried to hit Sam with the shield again. 
After fighting Walker, your dad was back on the ground and you couldn't just sit by anymore and watch. You carefully stood up, and made your way behind Walker. You carefully wrapped your arm around his neck, not hard enough to stop his breathing but enough to let him know you weren’t messing around, “Give it up Walker,” you said harshly. 
He only laughed darkly at you before he managed to pull you off of him. You landed a few punches to his face, trying to get him off of your dad. In your fight, you grabbed a hold of the shield and pulled, Sam and Bucky joining you. Sam used his suit, which you hadn’t noticed were missing it’s wings, to his advantage before pulling the shield out of John’s grip. You ignored the awful sound that came from John’s mouth and you scrambled away from him. 
Walker stood up and walked towards you three, or more likely, the shield, “That’s mine,” he said lowly. 
“It’s over. You lost,” you said in between breaths. Even in a fight, you couldn’t help but try and get under John’s skin. It was probably your weakness but you had spent so many years in silence and you finally had a voice, you wanted to use it. You always spoke your mind, even if it got you hurt. 
Walker didn’t seem to like your comment, seeing as he cocked his arm back, “It’s mine,” he said as he tried to throw a punch at you but Bucky stepped in and blocked it with his metal hand. Bucky and you held him off until Sam flew in with the shield and slammed it into Walker, making all four of you hit the ground. 
After being slammed into the ground so many times in less than an hour, you weren’t sure if you would be able to get up without any help. Luckily for you, your dad, after picking up the shield and dropping it next to Sam, came over and helped you. You were laying on your back when you felt your dad’s hands on your side, “Can you walk?” he asked you. 
You nodded and he moved his hands under your arms and helped you to your feet. He let you wrap your arms around him and he threw one of his arms around your shoulder. You leaned most of your body weight on him, which was the only thing keeping you up as you walked out of the warehouse. 
Bucky gave you some time to rest and change before he was dragging you off to another adventure. You were able to bounce back quickly so you were ready, but Bucky had other plans. You and he were on a Wakandan jet, along with several members of the Dora Milaje. 
“When we get there, you’re staying here,” he said as he was carefully cleaning one of the wounds on your face. 
“I’m fine,” you said, “I’m going with you.”
“No,” he said as he set down the rag he was using, “You’re staying. Don’t argue with me Y/n.”
“Why can’t I go then?” you asked curiously. If you could take down John Walker, surely you could handle anything else. 
Bucky sighed before lifting your chin with his hand so you were looking right at him, “I’m going to deal with Zemo. You’ve dealt with too much so you’re staying,” he said softly. 
“If anyone should take care of Zemo it should be me,” you protested, “He tried to kill me.”
“And that’s exactly why you’re not doing it,” he said, “You’re unpredictable when it comes to him Y/n.”
“So it’s my fault? I’m not the one who holds guns up to kids’ heads, ya know,” you shot back, crossing your arms over your chest. 
“Don’t start this argument again. Zemo has messed with your mind so many times and I don't know what you’ll do around him and I don’t need him dead.”
“You’re not killing him?” you asked. 
“No,” he said back. 
“Why not? He deserves it!”
“Calm down,” he said, moving his hand from your chin to your shoulder, “He deserves to rot in jail and never leave. Death would be too kind for him.”
“Unless someone breaks him out again,” you shot back. 
“No one will break him out again. You have my word.”
“You owe me two things now,” you said. 
“Two things? What for?” he asked. 
“One, for helping John out and two, for not killing Zemo any chance I got,” you said, a smug look on your face. 
“Well I didn’t agree about that Zemo part”
“It took a lot of self control, Dad. Trust me.”
“Fine,” he grumbled, knowing you were right. 
Bucky didn’t tell you the details of what happened but all you had to know was that Zemo was secure at the Raft now. All that was left to do was take one more plane ride home and you were done. Sam had the shield and Zemo was locked up again. You and your dad could finally move on and be free of your past. 
When the plane landed, you thought it was New York but when a wave of heat and humidity hit you, you thought differently “Where are we?” you asked, “I thought we were going home.”
“New Orleans,” he said, motioning to a Welcome to NOLA sign, “I have to drop this off for Sam,” he pulled the case out from behind him. You weren’t sure how you missed him taking that onto the plane. 
“I wanna go home, Dad. I’m tired,” you whined like a child. 
“It won’t take long,” he said, grabbing your bag for you. 
“Your list of things you owe me is getting longer everyday, old man,” you teased. 
Bucky rolled his eyes as he walked away and towards the exit. 
You two showed up at the dock and looked around for Sam. You spotted him near a truck full of stuff and talking to two men. You two walked over and heard Sam asking how they would get this stuff off the truck. Your dad handed you the case and picked up the machine from the truck, easily lifting it onto his shoulder and setting it on the ground. 
“Your welcome,” you said as Sam turned to you and your dad. 
Sam looked confused as to why the two of you were here so Bucky took the case from your hands and set it on the back of the truck, “Just came to drop this off,” he said, “You sign for it and we can leave.”
Before Sam could say something in response, a nearby pipe creaked and started hissing, letting out some sort of gas or steam. 
“Sam!” Sarah yelled, trying to get him to do something. Sam ran over to the pipe and tried to tighten it. Bucky followed Sam to see if he could help while you stayed back. Boats weren’t really your thing so you thought it would be better handled by them. 
“Hi,” Bucky said to Sarah. 
“Hi,” she replied back. 
Bucky joined Sam and moved him out of the way, taking the wrench from him, “You gotta go up,” he said as he tightened the pipe and it stopped hissing. 
“Why didn’t you use the metal arm?” Sam asked. 
Bucky looked down at his arm, “Well,” he then looked back to Sam, “I don’t always think of it immediately. I’m right handed,” he replied. 
“So this is the boat?” you asked, joining both men, “It’s nice.”
“You don’t know the first thing about boats, do you?” Sam asked you. 
“I was trying to be nice,” you said. 
“Do you need any help?” Bucky asked Sam. 
Sam nodded and motioned for you to follow him. You followed but Bucky lingered near Sarah for a second, “I’m Bucky,” he said to her. 
“Sarah,” she said back. You looked over at Sam and held in your laugh when you saw his face. It was a mix between disgust, confusion, and protectiveness. 
Bucky was smiling when he joined you and Sam. You knew he was just messing around with Sam but it still made you let out a small laugh. 
Sam put you in charge of cleaning the things near the front of the ship. You had been scrubbing for so long that you were starting to get warm so you slipped off your jacket and threw it to the side, accidentally hitting your dad, “Sorry,” you said with a sheepish look on your face. 
Bucky rolled his eyes at you and tossed it aside, helping you out with your task since he finished his own. He was doing a lot better than you so you decided to let him take over and you sat on the edge of the boat. 
“Really? You aren’t going to help me?” he asked, sitting across from you. 
“You seem to be enjoying this,” you said, picking up a scraper and twirling it between your fingers making Bucky scoff, “What?” you asked, “Old habits die hard.”
“Give it here,” he said, waiting for you to toss it to him, “Let me show you how to do it better,” he took the scraper and flipped it once before stabbing the air, making you giggle. He flipped it again before tossing it back to you and watching you copy his movements, “Good,” he said. 
“Better watch your back,” you said, poking the scraper in his direction. 
“Right,” he said as he stood up and walked over to you, “Cause you’re so scary,” he pulled you up and into a side hug, “Let’s go see if Sam needs more help.”
After a long day of working on the boat, the three of you finally were able to sit back and relax. The two of them each had a beer and you were stuck with a cream soda. You didn’t see why you couldn't have a beer like them. You were technically over the age of eighty and the serum made it impossible for you to get drunk but Bucky still didn’t let you. 
After a while, Bucky glanced over at you and saw you were close to falling asleep. He had his arm around your shoulder and his hand was resting on your bicep so he patted your arm lightly to get your attention, “Well, we should probably get going now,” Bucky said as he stood up, letting you stand up on your own, “We’ve got a flight to catch tomorrow,” he clinked his bottle with Sam’s, “Probably get a hotel room for us tonight.”
“So you gonna set me up like that?” Sam asked, a smirk on his face. 
“Well I don’t want it to be awkward with your family,” Bucky responded. 
“Just stay here. Both of you,” Sam said, “The people here are the most welcoming people there are. Even to people like Oscar the Grouch over there,” Sam nodded his head over to you and Bucky looked. 
“I’m not a grouch,” you replied, “I’m an old lady. I’m allowed to be a grouch sometimes.”
“Thought you just said you weren’t?” Sam teased. 
“Whatever,” you said as you rolled your eyes playfully, sitting back down. 
“Told you,” Sam said.
Bucky laughed lightly, “I get it. I mean the people are nice,” he said. 
Sam laughed as Bucky turned to start going back towards the house, “But don’t flirt with my sister. If you do, I’ll have Carlos cut you up and feed you to the fish.”
“No,” Bucky said as he shook his head, “I would never do that.” he turned and started walking off to the house. 
“Don’t worry,” you said standing up, “I’ll keep an eye on him.”
“That goes for you too Y/n,” he said. 
“Umm your sister isn’t really my type Sam.”
“That's not what I meant. No flirting with my nephews.”
“Don’t worry about that,” you said, “Haven’t you heard that according, to our dear pal Bucky, I’m too young to even think about dating,” you joked. 
“Funny,” Sam said, “Why don’t you go with your dad then.”
“Will do,” you shot him a smile before turning on your heel and trying to catch up with your dad. 
“What did Sam want from you?” Bucky asked as you caught up with him. He opened the door to the house and let you walk in before him. 
“Told me not to flirt with his nephews. But don’t worry, I told him I wasn’t allowed to date anyway,” you said as you flopped onto the couch. 
“Glad you remembered that talk,” he said as he sat next to you. He watched as your eyebrows furrowed slightly, “What’s up?”
“Now that everything’s over I don’t know what to do,” you explained, “There’s so much stuff running through my head.”
“Like what?” Bucky asked, “Zemo stuff?”
You shook your head, “No. I’m okay with that now, knowing he’s in jail. I keep seeing the body of that Flag Smasher John killed. I’m scared that I’ll have nightmares again because of it.”
“I know I’m not the best person to help with those but how did you deal with them when I was gone?” he asked. He wanted to be able to help you through them now. He was your dad and it was his job to protect you. 
“Steve,” you said, “He always told me that talking about these things to people you trust is key. It gets it out of your head and into the open. He could always tell when I was hiding something and he made me talk to him.” You missed Steve so much. You hadn’t really talked about him since he left so tears started forming in your eyes. You tried to stop them but couldn’t. 
Bucky cupped your face in his hand and used his thumb to wipe the ones that had fallen onto your cheek, 
“Steve was right wasn’t he?” he asked, “Talking helped you?”
“Yeah. It might help you also, you know.”
“It might,” he said, “Or maybe I’m just a mess that can’t be fixed.”
“That’s what I told Steve. He said there’s always one person who can fix us. I think you’re that person for me, dad.”
Bucky’s heart melted at hearing you say those words. Even after everything that happened, and everything he had done to you as the Winter Soldier, you still trusted him with everything. Your secrets and your life, “I think you’re that person for me Y/n. You’re the thing that’s kept me going all these years. I can’t imagine you not being here with me.”
“Me neither,” you reached over and hugged him, your arms around his neck. 
He kissed the side of your head before returning your hug, wrapping his arms around you completely, “You ready to talk about it now?” he asked. 
“Do I have a choice?”
“Not really,” he let you go before turning to face you. 
You had fallen asleep a few hours into you and your dad’s conversation. You felt so much better about the whole situation and slept peacefully through the night. 
When you had fallen asleep, you and Bucky were still on the couch. Bucky didn't want to disturb your sleep, knowing you hadn't gotten much the past few days, so he carefully laid you down on the couch and managed to squeeze himself on there also. There wasn’t really any other place for him to sleep, since he was much larger than you. The original plan was for you to sleep on the armchair next to the couch. 
You were sandwiched in between Bucky and the back of the couch, creating the warmth you needed to sleep. You could never sleep if you were cold, even when you were a baby, so it’s why you spent most nights sleeping cuddled up to your dad or wrapped in a thousand blankets. 
Morning arrived and you were still out cold, not being a morning person. Bucky heard noises coming from somewhere nearby and he slowly opened his eyes, seeing Sam’s nephews playing with the shield. He smiled slightly at them, “Hey,” he said. He was using his metal arm to hold the blanket over you two so his other arm, the one that was holding you, was his only free one. He raised it and waved to the kids, careful not to wake you up. 
Bucky smiled even bigger when he watched the two boys panic and try to put the shield back in its bag. You stirred slightly, making the two bolt out of the room even faster. Bucky looked over at the shield then back to you. You had fallen back asleep so he carefully slid off the couch, making sure to keep the blanket on you. He got dressed and left the house to go and find Sam. 
You were woken up by something soft hitting your face, almost inhibiting your ability to breath, “Hey,” you shouted, pulling the rag off your face, “You almost killed me. Imagine if I didn’t wake up and I breathed that thing in. Boom! I’d be dead,” you said looking at your dad. 
“C’mon get up. Sam’s putting you to work,” he said, “Get dressed.”
You groaned and rolled off the couch, finding something to change into. 
Once you got dressed and ready, you made sure to grab the rag that had almost killed you minutes before and find Sam. He was putting you in charge of wiping off the parts of the water pump, the one thing Sarah had said wasn’t the issue. 
“If she sees us, she’s gonna yell at you,” you said, picking up a part and wiping it down. 
“No she won’t,” Sam said, “She’ll appreciate it. Just watch.”
You went back to cleaning while Sam and Bucky argued over how to fix the pump. You heard Sarah’s voice get closer and closer and knew Sam was in for it. 
“No. Nope, Uh un no,” she said as she approached the three of you, “I specifically told you the water pump was not the problem and to not touch it but here you are.”
“Hi Sarah,” your dad said, giving her a small wave. 
Sam shot him a look but turned to his sister, “In our defense, we were supposed to finish before you woke up.”
“I don’t come up to the sky and tell you how to barrel roll so you don’t come here and mess with things you don’t understand,” she said. 
“Wow,” Sam said, clearly offended. 
“Bye,” she said.
You set the rag down and stood up, “I told him it was a bad idea,” you said. 
“I’m sure,” she said to you, “Thank you, gentleman,” she said to Sam and your dad. 
They stood up and started walking, you right behind them, “Told you,” you quipped. 
“Whatever,” Sam said. 
You watched as Sam threw the shield and it bounced off the mats tied to a tree and came back to him. “Feels weird picking it up again,” he threw it again and this time, your dad caught it. 
“When Steve told me what his plan was, I don’t think we realized what it meant for a black man to be handed the shield. How could we? We owe you an apology,” Bucky said. He handed the shield back to Sam, “I’m sorry.”
“I’m sorry too,” you said. 
“Thank you. Both of you.”
“Whatever happened with Walker wasn’t your fault,” you said, “That shield is the closest thing left we have to Steve and a family. It’s important to us so when you gave it up, it felt like he was gone all over again. 
“That wasn’t my intention,” Sam said. 
“I know and I wish I realized that sooner instead of getting mad at you.”
“When you gave up that shield,” Bucky said, “It was like I had nothing left. I questioned everything. You, me, Steve, and Y/n. I have his notebook but, I thought if it worked for him it would work for me.”
“I understand why you’re both upset but Steve is gone. This might surprise you but it doesn’t matter what Steve thinks, does it?” He threw the shield and this time you caught it, handing it back to Sam. It didn’t belong to you so it felt weird holding it. Sam threw it and it was back in your dad’s hand, “Stop looking to other people to tell you who you are. Let me ask you something, Bucky.”
Bucky looked up from the shield and at Sam, “What?”
“You still have nightmares?” he asked. 
You looked up at your dad and waited for his response. You knew the answer and if he lied, you would know, “All the time,” he said truthfully, “It means I remember. Means that there’s still a part of me in there somewhere which means there’s still a part of the Winter Soldier in me.”
“But you’re not him anymore,” you said as he threw the shield and Sam caught it. 
“Ready for some tough love? Both of you?” Sam asked, “If you want to escape the hell you’re in, you gotta do the work.”
“I’ve been making amends,” Bucky said. 
“That’s not amends. That was avenging,” Sam argued, “You were stopping all the people you enabled as the Winter Soldier because you thought it would bring you closure. You go and say sorry to make yourself feel better but you have to make them feel better. There’s probably one person in there who you can give closure to.”
“Probably multiple,” your dad responded. 
“Start with one then. And you,” Sam said, turning to you, “You gotta stop worrying about your dad. He can take care of himself. I know what they did to him if you did something bad but that won’t happen anymore. Let him take care of you cause I can guarantee, he misses being a dad to you. He missed out on over half your life so let him be there for you now.”
“I can’t exactly change my ways immediately though,” you said, “I’m working on it.”
“Good. Things don’t have to happen overnight and you always expect them to. It doesn’t work like that and it’s time you accept it otherwise, it’ll hurt you in the future. And you’ve got a bright future ahead of you,” he said. You opened your mouth to protest but he stopped you, “Don’t say no to that. What did I just say? Stop looking at people to tell you who and what you are. That’s your decision now. Not HYDRA’s, not the government but yours.”
“You’re better at this than my therapist,” you said, “You just summed up what he’s told me over months in less than a minute. Thank you for sparing me the pain of seeing Dr. Kingston again.”
“Anytime,” he said while laughing. 
Bucky grabbed his bag and handed you yours, throwing his own over his shoulder.
“You know Karli won’t quit right?” Sam asked. 
“When you get a lead, call us and we’ll be there,” Bucky said, throwing his arm over your shoulder and walking, Sam right besides you. 
“Not as a team though,” you said, “We’re not that good.”
“Nope,” your dad said. 
“Definitely not,” Sam answered. 
“We’re professionals though,” you said.
“Definitely,” Sam said. 
“So partners?” you asked. 
“Co-workers,” Sam corrected. 
“But we’re also a couple of people who have a mutual friend,” your dad added. 
“But he’s gone now,” you pointed out. 
“So we’re just a couple of people then,” your dad said. 
“Perfect, I can deal with that,” Sam said, “Thanks for the help you two. I appreciate it.”
“Of course,” you said. Your dad smiled at Sam before clapping him on the back. The three of you parted ways, Sam going back to the house with you and your dad headed for the airport. 
“I just had a thought,” you said while walking. 
“Uh oh, what is it?” your dad said. You smacked him in the arm as he laughed at his own joke but he let you continue on. 
“I think I’ll let you off the hook for those IOU’s.”
“Why? I was actually looking forward to seeing what you came up with,” he said. 
You shrugged, “I just figured because you helped me last night that that covered them. I really appreciate what you do for me. Not just last night but for everything you’ve done.”
“That’s just my job, doll. No need to thank me for it,” he replied. 
“Can’t you just let me do something nice for you for once?” you groaned, “Please?”
“Fine. But just so you know, I wouldn’t hesitate to do anything for you. You know that right?”
“Of course I do, dad. And I’d do the same for you,” you said, leaning up and pressing a kiss to his cheek. 
Bucky smiled and ruffled your hair softly. The two of you reached the airport and boarded your flight, sleeping the whole way back home. After the last few days of chaos surrounding John and the Flag Smashers, the last thing you needed was to join another fight immediately. Too bad Karli didn’t think the same thing. 
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tara-learns-to-write · 14 days ago
I Guess I wasn’t Worth The Effort
 for all my amazing 200 followers <3 y/n is a little bit of a bitch in this and I have no clue why hehe.
Summary: you didn’t trust Tony so he stopped trying 
You had a good life
A mum who loved you 
Friends who cared about you 
It didn’t matter that you didn't know who your dad was
You laughed as you watched your mum try to show MJ and Betty how to knead bread. “Come on put your back into it then” you called from the couch laughing even harder as Betty tried to flick some of the dough in your direction “oh shut up L/n, if you’re so good then do it yourself” MJ glared. It was a day like this you treasured. Days the girls would come over and just spend time with you and your mum, sure you loved spending time with Peter and Ned as well but there was just something bliss about this little group you loved. You were a family. “I don’t think the couch is really comfy” you smirked.
 Sure you got curious from time to time but you never pushed the subject 
It was the only time your mum ever got defensive 
When you talked about him
“Can you at least tell me what he was like! I have a right to know” you shouted, arms waving and pointing, face turning red from frustration in a way that made you look like seom exotic bird doing a mating dance. “Look I know you want to know about him but he really isn’t worth it” your mum tried to reason, she knew you’d want to know about him eventually she just wanted to leave it until the last minute. “Why don’t you let me decide that” you asked, a sense of pleading clear in your voice.
Knock knock knock, your mum’s knuckles lightly tapped the door, she didn’t even wait for an answer before popping her head through the door. You never understood why she did that; knocked to ask for permission but never waited for an answer. “Hey sweetie, look I know you want to know about your dad, it’s just he was never there for me and never tried to support me. I left before he knew I was pregnant. I did it so you wouldn’t have to grow up going through what I did” she sat on the end of the bed, the soft white covers giving her a sense of hope that maybe she could preserve your innocence or rather ignorance over what your father was like. “I understand and I’m sorry I guess I was just interested but now I’m not sure I want to know anymore” you smiled.
You always ended up talking things through though
So over time, with the drip fed information about him your mother gave you, of course you grew to resent the non existent man
The once childish wonder soon vanished 
Sure you wanted to know who he was still 
But it just didn’t feel worth it 
“So you don’t want to know him anymore?” Betty asked, still not getting it because the last time you talked about him you had your heart set on finding out who he was. “It’s not like I don’t want to know him, it’s just that if it didn’t happen I wouldn’t feel sad or let down” you explained, sipping your drink eyes focusing on the other people in the cafe rather than the stare they were both giving you. “And this my friends is why i read about people, so confusing” MJ muttered into her cup a smirk clear on her face
But then it happened 
You found out who your dad was 
And for some reason you resented him more
“Oh don’t play dumb Tony you know exactly why I didn’t tell you, you and your privileged rich fucking ass didn’t care about me and I didn’t want that to happen to them!” you could hear your mum screaming down the phone, words fueled by years of pain and bitter memories. “Mum? Who is it?” you called walking through the hallway into the room she was currently arguing in “No they’ll decide what they want to do, not you” finger hitting the end call button with so much force you would have thought it would break. “Was that my dad?” you asked the same childhood innocence your mum had wanted to protect seeping into your tone, the same voice you used to ask if your dad was coming to your party at age 5. The same voice that cried when he didn’t show up. The same wide eyes that would stare out the window waiting to see if anyone would turn up on Christmas after you asked Santa for your dad. This was either going to break that little heart of yours or make it blossom into the person you were meant to be. “You know who Tony Stark is right?”.
Of course you’d seen him on the news 
Him and his little group of heroes saving the world but destroying cities at the same time
You didn’t hate them, in fact there were people on that team that you held great respect for 
Just the ‘let’s splash the cash and party’ attitude Tony seemed to have
Anyway you agreed to meet him 
Decide if he was worth it
And what better way to do that then in the tower for dinner
“So what do you like to do kid?” Tony asked watching as you drank the glass of water Steve had poured you earlier “I don’t know normal stuff, I enjoy writing and English but apart from that I don’t know. Doing up old cars is fun'' the man's face lit up at that. At least you were giving him straws to grasp at. “Maybe we could do that together some time?” he asked, hoping to fill his words to the brim until it overflowed into his smile. “Maybe” you shrugged, turning to look at the awkward and polite smiles the rest of the team wore, clearly noticing your discomfort. “So Iced Americano, I heard you draw? That’s pretty cool” trying to diffuse the tension was probably the best way to go but a part of you just wanted to give Tony a sense of hurt he had given you by abandoning you even though it wasn’t his fault. “Uhhh yeah I do, not very good writing though” he chuckled eyes looking at Sam for help on what to say next. “So what do you like to write?” Sam asked.
It went on like that for the next few times you went over there 
You didn’t want to hate your dad it was just you were too scared to let him get close
What if he left again?
Your bond grew with the others though
Especially Steve, Sam and Bucky
“Okay now you have to pick up 4” you explained to Bucky who was still confused about how Uno works “Ohhh okay okay” he was drawing the needed cards as Steve spoke from his place on the floor “why do you hate your dad?” What a question for 2 in the afternoon. “I don’t hate him, I just don’t trust him, I grew up waiting for him and he never showed up and now I’m meant to let him into my life and act like the perfect daughter to fix cars and read silly stories to him? I don’t think so” you replied, shaking your head. The one thing you tended to forget about the tower was anyone could hear what you said. Tony could hear what you said and he did it here. That was the start of the end.
After that conversation Tony began to grow distant 
Just when you were ready to open up 
Starks never did do very well with communication 
So your already sketchy relationship got even worse
He didn’t know you trusted him 
And you didn’t know he was hurt by your comment 
So you stopped going and he stopped picking up 
“It’s fine mum I guess I just wasn’t worth trying”
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rachaelswrites · 16 days ago
Fatws: Rewrite
The Whole World is Watching
Bucky Barnes x Daughter!reader, Sam Wilson x Teen!reader
Warnings: Violence, fighting, character death, Walker being an ass (and a crazy person), mentions of blood
Tumblr media
You and Sam followed Zemo into the building and into one of the luxurious rooms. You were still not over the fact that Zemo and his family were rich. Sam must’ve noticed your amazement since he nudged your shoulder as you entered the room, “See something you like?” he teased. 
“Shut up,” you said, hitting his arm. You had to admit, the room was beautiful but it wasn’t good enough to forget what Zemo did, “When do you think dad will be back?” you asked, flopping onto the couch, “I don’t know how long I could be in a room with him anymore,” you motioned over to Zemo, pouring himself a drink. 
“Hopefully not too long,” Sam said sitting beside you, “Are you okay? I noticed things between you and Bucky were a bit tense on the jet.”
You sighed, “Yeah. I think we just had a lot of stuff going on,” you said, “I’m sure things will be fine before you know it.”
You felt Sam get up off the couch and you turned onto your side, facing the back of the couch. As soon as those words on the jet left your mouth, you wanted to take them back. You didn’t mean it and deep down, you knew Bucky knew also, but you still felt awful about it. He didn’t deserve to be snapped at like that, he was only trying to check up on you. You wished you hadn’t pushed him away like that. You really needed him right now, with all these old memories and emotions flooding through you. No one understood it except your dad, so no one else could help you through it. 
You heard the door to the room open and the familiar sound of your dad’s footsteps. You sat up from the couch, wiping a stray tear from your cheek and looked over to him. You almost felt ashamed to look at him but he glanced back over at you. His heart told him to go to you since he could tell something was wrong but his head said to stay focused. He didn’t have much time to find Karli before Zemo was going to be gone. 
“The Wakandans are here and they’re here for Zemo,” he said, walking over to the kitchen area. 
“Did they follow you?” Sam asked. 
“No,” your dad said.
“Are you sure?” Zemo asked skeptically. 
“I know when I’m being followed,” Bucky shot back. 
“It was sweet of you to defend me,” Zemo said. 
“No one’s defending you,” you muttered under your breath. You shifted so you were now facing the rest of the people in the room, “You killed Nagel.”
“Do we really have to argue over what may or may not have happened?” Zemo said.
You rolled your eyes at him and were about to respond when you saw your dad out of the corner of your eye. He was holding a phone and reading something that caught his attention. 
“You straight shot him,” you heard Sam argue. 
“Dad? What’s up?” you said, getting his, Sam, and Zemo’s attention. 
“Karli bombed a GRC warehouse. Eleven injured and three dead,” he said. 
“Damn,” you mumbled. 
“They have demands and if they’re not met, there will be more bombings,” he continued. 
“She’s getting worse,” Zemo said, “I have the will to complete this mission. Do you three?”
You moved from your spot on the couch and to the bar stool next to Sam. You felt your dad’s eyes linger on you for a second before going back to Zemo and Sam. 
“She’s a kid,” Sam said. 
“You see something in her that’s not there.”
“Like you’re a good judge of character,” you retorted, earning a slight smile from your dad but an annoyed look from Zemo. 
Choosing to ignore you, he continued, “You’re clouded by it. She’s a supremacist. The concept of the Super Soldier will always trouble people. It’s the warped aspiration that led to the Nazis, and Ultron, and the Avengers.”
“Those are our friends you’re talking about,” Sam said. 
“The Avengers, not the Nazis,” your dad added in. You smiled slightly at his joke before Sam started talking. 
“Karli is radicalized but there’s a way to stop her peacefully.”
“Desire to become a superhuman cannot be separated from the ideals of supremacists,” Zemo countered, “Anyone with that serum is on that path. She won’t stop. She won’t stop until you kill her. Or, she kills you.”
“Maybe you’re wrong Zemo,” your dad said, “The serum never corrupted Steve.”
“Touche,” Zemo said, “But there has never been another Steve Rogers, has there?”
“And there never will be one. No one can replace Steve,” you said. 
Bucky sighed, “Maybe we should give him to the Wakandans now,” he said as he walked over to the couch and sat down. You spun in your seat to look at him. 
“And lose your guide?” Zemo asked. 
“Yes,” your dad answered abruptly. 
“From my understanding,” Sam said, trying to stay on topic, “Is that Donya was a pillar of the community. When my TT passed,”
“Your TT?” your dad asked confused. 
“Yeah. My TT,” Sam said again. 
“Who’s your TT?” you asked this time, still not understanding what Sam meant. 
“Okay when my aunt passed,” Sam said, changing his wording for you and Bucky, “And the entire neighborhood came together for a ceremony. It was like a week long. Maybe the same thing is happening for Donya.”
“It’s worth a shot,” Bucky said. 
“Your TT would be proud of you,” Zemo said from his place near the counter. He was rummaging through a jar of something, “Turkish Delight,” he tossed one to Sam, and then to you.
You four arrived at the displacement camp where Donya was last seen. You walked to an open courtyard where there were a few people who looked like they were going on with their lives and children playing with each other. 
“I’m going to look upstairs,” Sam said, “Keep an eye on him,” he nodded his head in Zemo’s direction. 
Bucky nodded, “Y/n go with him,” he said. He watched as you opened your mouth to protest but he stopped you, “Go. Now.”
You felt like he was shoving you away because he was mad at you. You didn’t want him to be mad at you so you went, ignoring the looks from Sam and focusing on getting information on Donya. 
You and Sam asked around the upstairs of the buildings if anyone knew of Donya. Everyone either walked away from what they were doing or simply shook their heads. It was clear you and Sam weren’t going to gain any of their trust too easily. 
After walking for a bit, you spotted a school room with a few kids and someone who you presumed was their teacher. You pulled on Sam’s sleeve to get his attention and pointed in the room’s direction. 
“Excuse me,” Sam said walking into the room, “Do you know a woman named Donya Madoni? She was a refugee here.”
The man stood up and turned to face you two, “We aren’t refugees. We have nothing to seek refuge from. We’re internationally displaced people. And we don’t trust outsiders.”
“Clearly,” you whispered to yourself. Seeing as everyone you tried to talk to didn’t answer. 
Sam shot you a look and turned back to the man, “I understand. We’re not from here but we can help,” he said. 
“I know what happens when people say they can help. Nothing,” the man responded, “The GRC promised to send more teachers and supplies. That was six months ago.”
“What’s your name? Maybe I can make a call,” Sam tried to get him to stay but he had already ushered two of the kids out of the room and was carrying the third one out. 
“I know who you guys are but I can’t trust you.”
You and Sam both sighed at the same time. You headed for the door and Sam followed behind you. You were trying to get back to the courtyard to find your dad and Zemo again. 
You found the two of them near the same spot you had left them. Zemo was sitting around with a few kids and your dad was standing away from them, watching him. 
“It’s starting to feel like a dead end,” Sam said, standing next to Bucky. 
“What is he doing?” Bucky asked, referring to Zemo, handing out candy to a bunch kids. He gave them a handful and started walking towards the three of you. 
“Cute kids,” he said, walking past you. 
“I got nothing,” your dad said as he opened the door to the apartment, “No one is talking about Donya.”
“It’s because Karli is the only one fighting for them,” you said. You sat down on the couch and your dad sat on one side of you and Sam on the other. 
“And she’s not wrong,” Sam added. 
“What do you mean?” Bucky asked. 
“For five years, people have been welcomed to countries that used to keep them out. They had houses open and jobs open. They were happy to have people around to help rebuild. It wasn't just one community, but the world coming together,” Sam explained, “And then boom! Everything was back to the way it used to be. To them, at least Karli is doing something.”
“You think her ends justify her means?” your dad asked, “That she’s no different than him,” you pointed over to Zemo, “Or anyone else we’ve fought?”
“She’s different,” Sam argued, “She’s not motivated by the same things.”
Zemo was in the kitchen making something and once he finished, he walked over to you three, setting the tray of whatever he had on the table in front of you. 
“That girl,” Bucky said, his attention turned to Zemo, “What did she tell you?”
He looked from your dad, to you, then Sam before speaking, “That the funeral is this afternoon.
“You know the Dora is coming for you any minute right?” your dad snapped at him, “They’re probably right outside so keep talking.”
“Leaving you three to turn on me after we get Karli. Hmm. I prefer to keep my leverage.”
You sensed your dad’s mood change completely. He was angry. More angry than you’ve seen him in a very long time. The last time he was this angry was when John was announced as the new Captain America. He kept relatively calm then but, this was different. You looked over at him and he was tense. You saw his fists clenched and his shoulders were a bit hunched. You knew this wouldn’t end well. 
He stood up from his spot on the couch and walked in front of Zemo. He grabbed the cup from his hand and before you knew it, the cup was thrown against the wall. You flinched and hid your face in your shoulder, not used to this side of your dad anymore. It was a common occurrence during your HYDRA days, often being a useful training dummy for the Winter Soldier. Bucky was too occupied to notice your state of mind but Sam did. 
“You wanna see what someone can do with leverage?” Bucky asked through gritted teeth. 
Sam stood up and stepped between the other two men, “Take it easy,” he said to Bucky, “Don’t engage him. He’s just going to extort you and do that stupid head tilt thing. Let me make a call,” Sam walked away from the two of them. 
Bucky looked over at you and met your eyes with his. He saw a glint of fear in them, a type he hadn’t seen in decades. Of course he remembered the ways HYDRA made him, the Winter Soldier, hurt you. And he of course remembered the look on your face when he wouldn't stop when you clearly had reached your breaking point. His anger towards Zemo only grew, seeing as it was him that was bringing this side of him back and was starting to slowly hurt his daughter and himself. All the progress the two of you made was being ruined by him but you two had no choice. 
Zemo’s gaze followed Bucky’s and his eyes landed on you, “Want some cherry blossom tea?” he asked you. 
Bucky scoffed at him, “No but you go ahead,” he said to Zemo. Bucky looked back to you and you were already standing up and walking over to him. It was a good sign to him that you were bouncing back from that already. You followed him as he walked with you out of the room. 
“I’m sorry,” he mumbled as he placed a kiss to the top of your head.
“It’s fine,” you said quietly, “I understand.”
Zemo still had the information about the funeral so you had no choice but to go with him. Bucky gave you the option to stay back and sit this one out but you insisted on still going. You didn’t want to be treated like a kid and you certainly didn’t want Zemo to think he had any power over you. 
You groaned when you heard a familiar and unwelcome voice, “Karli is too dangerous for you to be pulling this kind of shit,” Walker said, his sidekick in tow. 
“How’d you find us now?” your dad asked. 
“You really think three Avengers can walk around in Europe without drawing attention?” Lemar asked. 
“No more keeping us in the dark,” Walker said, clearly pissed he wasn’t in on the plan, “You could tell us why you broke Zemo out of prison.”
“Well, he technically broke himself out,” you said, remembering the plan your dad had told you and Sam just days before. 
“Hey kid, I wasn’t talking to you,” Walker shot back. 
“You asked and I answered,” you snapped, “That’s what you wanted.”
“Y/n,” your dad warned softly, getting you to stop talking back. While he didn’t mind you putting John in his place, you had a habit of running your mouth until someone stopped you and he didn’t want that to be Walker ending it in a public scene. 
Your back talk seemed to piss Walker off even more, “This better be an unbelievable expl-” he took a harsh step towards you but Sam stopped him before he got even closer while Bucky pulled you behind him and out of the way. 
“Back off before it gets weird,” Sam said, sticking his arm out, “She’s a kid.”
Zemo stepped out from behind Sam and spoke, “I know where Karli is,” he went to walk forward but John stopped him. 
“Well where?” he asked. 
“All we know is a memorial. So we’re gonna get her there,” Sam said. 
“That means civilians. High risk of casualties,” Lemar said. 
“Alright good. We go in fast and surprise her,” John said as he followed Zemo, who was leading you towards the location of the funeral. 
“No. I want to talk to her alone,” Sam said. 
“I’m not losing her again,” Walker countered. 
“The person she was closest to just died so she’s vulnerable. Now is the best time to reason with her,” Sam pointed out. 
“What? No, no, wait. Wait! Stop, okay!” Walker called out to you, Zemo, and Bucky, who were way ahead of the other three. He stepped in front of you to stop everyone moving, “I think we’re way past trying to reason with her. Unless you forgot that she blew up a building with people in it.”
“If you go in there cold Sam, she could kill you,” Lemar said, trying to reason with him. 
“And if I go in hot and it goes wrong, a lot more people will die,” Sam argued back. 
“You’re going to let him do this?” Walker asked Bucky, “You’re going to let your partner go in there alone with a super soldier?”
“He’s dealt with worse,” your dad said back, “And he’s not my partner.”
“I used to counsel soldiers dealing with trauma. I know how to handle this,” Sam added, hoping Walker would just leave and let you guys handle this. 
“I know,” he replied, “And I know those soldiers so I know this is a bad idea.”
“Wait John,” Lemar said, “If he can talk her down, it might be worth it.”
John looked at all of you before scoffing and reluctantly letting Zemo and his associate lead you all to the memorial. 
Walker gave Sam ten minutes to get Karli, otherwise he was going to go in and do it his way. You had faith in Sam and prayed to god that he could do it. If Walker did it, it would most likely end badly.
With Zemo handcuffed to the pipes and the not-so-subtle mutual hate in the room, there wasn’t much to talk about. You figured this would be a good time to try and talk to your dad about what happened earlier that day and on the jet. 
You got up from your spot on the floor and walked over to him, getting his attention, “Are you okay doll?” he asked you. 
You nodded, “Yeah can I uh, talk to you for a second though? Alone?”
Bucky nodded and started walking away from the other three men. 
“If you wanna talk shit about me, do it to my face Y/n,” Walker said, “This isn’t middle school you know.”
You let out an annoyed groan and rolled your eyes before turning to him, “You know John, not everyone’s problems are your fault. People have other things to worry about than what stupid stuff you’re planning on doing,” you walked away from him and to your dad. 
“What’s going on Y/n?” he asked. 
“I just wanted to tell you that I'm okay from what happened earlier. I was more shocked than scared, I wasn’t expecting you to react like that. I haven’t seen you that mad since, forever,” you explained. 
“Well I’m glad to hear that but I still think we should talk about it. I don’t want you to have nightmares. I know you haven’t had one in a long time,” he said. He watched a sheepish smile make its way to your face, “At least that’s what I thought. Did you have one recently?” You didn’t answer so he asked again, “Y/n, did you have a nightmare again? Please tell me.”
You nodded, “They day we got Zemo out of jail. It was just about what happened in Siberia. There was also one after the fight in the bar on Madripoor about you hurting me.”
“Is that why you snapped on the jet? And why you held a gun to Nagel’s head? Cause that’s not like you at all.”
You nodded again, “I’m sorry about that by the way. I didn’t mean anything I said and I feel really bad about it. I wasn’t thinking in Nagel’s lab. I didn’t know what I was doing and I feel awful about everything.”
“It’s okay,” he said, wrapping his arms around you tight. You reached up and wrapped your arms around his neck, burying your face in his shoulder, “Why didn’t you tell me then? I could’ve helped you doll.”
“I didn’t want you to get upset with me,” you explained, “Since it was about you hurting me. I didn’t want to bring it up cause it’s not you anymore. And I didn’t want you to worry about me.”
Bucky sighed and pulled away from you, cupping your face in his hands gently, “I want to know about all of them. I don’t care what they’re about or what memories they bring up for me. You are my number one priority. Anytime and no matter what. How many times have I told you that?”
“Too many,” you said, “But you’re my number one. I don’t want anything bad to happen to you anymore. There’s been way too much and I can’t lose you again,” you said. 
“And you won’t,” he said, placing a kiss to your forehead, “I promise, you won’t lose me again. I won’t let that happen,” he kissed your head again before pulling you into another tight hug. 
“Let’s go back before you know who does something dumb,” you said, pulling away. 
“I think you’re watching way too much Harry Potter to reference Voldemort in real life,” Bucky teased. 
“Shhh, don’t say his name or he’ll hunt you down from another country,” you teased back. 
Once you and Bucky got back to the others, John was looking a lot more agitated than before you two left, “Good talk you two?” he snarled. 
“Yeah actually it was,” you said, earning another “shut up” look from your dad. You lost track of how many of those you had received over the past few days. 
“You know Y/n, that snarky and rude teenage attitude isn’t cute. It’s obnoxious and annoying. I suggest growing out of it soon,” he shot back. 
You scoffed. Did he actually just talk to you like that?
“Hey!” Bucky snapped, “Don’t talk to her like that. You barely know her so you have no right. She’s a kid, give her a break,” he was standing at the doorway of the hallway to keep John from going too early, “Since when does Captain America snap at innocent kids,” he mumbled under his breath. 
“She’s hardly innocent,” Walker muttered, just loud enough for you to hear but not your dad. You bit your tongue and didn’t say anything, it would’ve only made it worse. Walker continued to pace back and forth, mumbling to himself, “This is a bad idea,” he finally said. 
“It hasn’t even been ten minutes. Sit tight,” your dad said camly. 
“Don’t do that. Don’t try and patronize me,” he responded angrily. 
“He knows what he’s doing.”
John walked around and looked at the clock before heading for the doorway, “I’m going in,” he said, going straight for Bucky, who stopped him with a hand to the chest. You stood up, ready to help your dad if you could, “This is all easy for you isn’t it?” he asked your dad, “All that serum in your veins, and hers too. Your partner needs backup. Do you want his blood on your hands? Your daughter’s?”
Your dad couldn’t stop Walker and Lemar from going in so before you knew it, you were barging in the memorial room, interrupting Karli and Sam. She got upset and hit Walker, which started a small fight between him and Sam and all you had to do was punch Lemar in the face and he was down long enough for you to follow your dad after Karli. 
You met back up with Sam but Karli was nowhere. You three made it to where Walker and Zemo were. Zemo was knocked out cold on the ground and the serum smashed on the ground. 
You were in another room, needing some time to yourself and away from all the men, when you heard the main door open of the apartment and your dad’s voice, “Somethings not right with Walker,” you heard him say. You got up from the very comfortable couch in this room and walked into the main room, seeing your dad in the kitchen taking his jacket off and pouring himself a drink. When he saw you, he smiled at you softly. 
“You don’t say,” Sam joked. 
“I know a crazy when I see one,” your dad said, “Because I am crazy.”
“You’re not crazy,” you said, jumping onto the counter and sitting on it, “You’re weird, but not crazy.”
“Thanks,” he said back, ruffling your hair a bit. 
“Can’t argue with that,” Sam said. 
Your attention turned to him, “You shouldn’t have given him the shield,” you said. 
“I didn’t give it to him Y/n,” Sam said. 
“Well Steve definitely didn’t,” Bucky said, taking another sip from his drink. 
The doors burst open, startling you and you heard John’s voice, “Alright that’s it. I’m ordering you to turn him over now.”
“Slow your roll,” Sam said, “Shield or no shield, the only thing you’re running in here is your mouth.”
“And you’re not even good at that,” you said. Bucky smacked you in the back of the head, not needing you to cause any more angry outbursts from Walker. 
“Watch it,” he said lowly to you, “Don’t cause more problems than there has to be,” he walked over to the other side of the counter, closer to Sam and Walker. You spun around and re-adjusted so you could watch what was happening as well. 
“I had her and you overstepped,” Sam said, “He,” Sam pointed over to Zemo, “Actually proved himself useful. We’ll need all hands on deck for what’s coming next.”
“How do you want this conversation to go, Sam?” Walker asked, ignoring what Sam had just said, “Should I put the shield down to make it fair?” he put the shield down and out of nowhere, a spear came flying into the room and flew inches from his face. 
You all watched as several of the Dora Milaje walked into the room. Like always, John tried to be the mediator in the situation but like always, he made it worse. He ended up getting himself in a fight with some of Wakanda’s fiercest warriors. 
After a few minutes of Walker and Lemar getting their asses kicked, Sam wondered if you all should help, “We should do something,” he said. 
You joined your dad in standing next to Sam, and he responded, more to John than to Sam, “Looking strong John.”
“Bucky,” Sam said, starting to join the fight. Bucky sighed before doing the same. 
You still didn’t budge from your spot until Bucky turned to you, “Y/n,” he said, “Just this once.”
“You owe me,” you said, joining the fight yourself. You didn’t like to fight, you definitely preferred espionage over violence any day. It also wasn’t your strongest point so you didn’t do well, especially not against the Dora Milaje. You were on the ground, trying to avoid getting speared and punched rather than doing the punching. 
You were all too focused on the fight to notice Zemo leave the room and escape from the apartment. You did in fact notice the way Ayo made your dad’s arm drop to the floor by pressing a button. Gaging from the look on his face, he wasn’t expecting it either. 
“Did you know it could do that?” Sam asked as he picked himself off from the floor. You made your way over as your dad picked the arm up and reattached it. 
“No,” he said as he readjusted his shoulder and arm. You couldn't help but let out a small laugh, despite the seriousness of the whole situation around you. The man who tried to kill you, the man who killed a king, and one of the most dangerous men on Earth was loose and running around freely. 
You followed behind Bucky and Sam as you were all walking in the streets. Sam was on the phone and, like earlier, you were matching your steps with the pattern of the stones on the ground. You didn’t hear much of the conversation but you knew by Sam’s voice it wasn’t a good one. 
You almost ran into them when Sam and Bucky stopped on the sidewalk to talk, “She said to come alone,” Sam said to your dad. You peered over Sam’s shoulder to see the text message on the phone in his hand. 
“I’m going with you,” Bucky replied. 
“And me,” you chimed in. 
You reached the rendezvous spot and to make sure not to spook Karli, Bucky had you wait nearby, but not in her sight. He wanted you around in case anything happened but didn’t want you in the cross-hairs. He knew you were much better at keeping a low profile (even though he was a master at it as well) and that it was your specialty. You could probably sneak in and out of the Pentagon without being seen or caught. 
You took your place on the ground floor of the plaza while Sam and Bucky were on the second floor balcony. You were hidden near one of the legs of the arches so you could still have a view of all three of them. You didn’t have any way of communicating with them so all you had to rely on were visuals. 
Things seemed to be going well until you saw your dad jump down from the balcony and Karli jumped with him, kicking him into the pillar behind him. Sam flew down after him and knocked her into another pillar. You went over to your dad and helped him up, quickly checking him over for blood or injuries. 
“I’ll send you the location. Go,” Sam said to you two before he took off. 
“C’mon,” Bucky said, gently shoving you so you would start going where you needed to be. 
You and your dad reached the location Sam had sent you and were making your way up the stairs when one of the super soldiers jumped out of nowhere and threw your dad into the wall. You were ahead of them so you turned and watched as your dad was struggling to get the guy off of him. You remembered you kept the knife from earlier in your pocket and you pulled it out, aiming for the soldier’s leg and hitting him. 
He let go of your dad, long enough that he could move away from him and kick him over the railing of the stairs. He jumped down to the ground and you followed. The man didn’t stay down for long so you walked up to him and kicked him through the brick wall. Thank God for the serum in you. It made things a bit easier. 
Bucky walked over to the now broken wall and peered at the soldier on the ground, “Stay there,” he said. 
You turned to him and smirked, “Told you that knife would come in handy.”
He rolled his eyes in response, pointing towards the staircase, “Just go already.”
You and him made your way up to where the real fight was happening. You all had your own targets to worry about and you were certainly not going to let any of them get away with nothing. 
You pulled out some moves from your old HYDRA days, ones you rarely used but they made sure you knew them like the back of your hand. You used one trick that you had seen your dad do many times. You used a table as leverage to jump on the shoulders of one of the soldiers, using your legs to make sure you weren’t going to slip. While he was busy trying to get you off of him, you slipped the knife out of your pocket and stuck it in his lower back, making him fall over in pain. You got off of him and went over to Sam. 
He was too focused on what was in front of him that he didn’t notice the soldier coming at him from behind with a knife. You ran over and kicked the soldier in the gut, making him drop to the floor. Sam turned and faced you while you caught your breath quickly, “You’re welcome,” you quipped. 
You continued your fight, receiving and giving as many injuries as you could as you watched Karli enter the room and come at John with a knife but Lemar tackled her. She got the upper hand and punched him, sending him across the room and right into a stone pillar. You heard the sound and you knew. You saw Lemar laying limp against the pillar and it felt like time had stopped. The energy in the whole room shifted. No one moved except for Walker to Lemar’s body. 
You stepped closer to your dad and almost right on top of him. You grabbed his hand instinctively as John tried to shake his friend awake but it didn’t work. You gripped his hand even harder as the Flag Smashers, including Karli, scattered, and left the room. Bucky dropped your hand and he and Sam ran after Karli. You lingered for a second, your eyes not leaving John but you followed quickly after them. 
You didn’t find her but you three made your way to the square, where there was a huge commotion going on. Even with the serum in you, your legs were shorter than both Sam and Bucky’s so you were a few seconds behind them. They were already a part of the crowd and had seen the body of the dead Flag Smasher before you showed up. 
Once you did, Bucky took a step in front of you and turned to face you, stopping you from getting any closer, “Stay back Y/n,” he said softly. 
“Dad I’m fine. I’ve seen a lot worse than this,” you said, trying to push your way through him. 
He put both his hands on your shoulders and pushed you back gently, “No,” he said again, “Listen to me. This is bad. Nothing like you’ve seen.”
“Dad seriously,” you said, finally pushing past him and seeing the body. Your stomach churned at the sight. You really wished you had listened to him. You weren’t ready for that much violence done to one body. There was blood everywhere. The body, the ground nearby, Walker, and the shield. HYDRA was known for its violence but most of its kills were done relatively quickly and without much struggle. Either a single gunshot to the head or breaking the neck, nothing like this. 
Bucky pulled you back again and held you close to him. You didn’t cry, you just stared and couldn’t look away. He moved his hand to the back of your head and gently pushed it so it was resting against his chest. He wrapped his other arm around you so it was blocking your view again. He felt you start to shake, so he placed a kiss to the top of your head, “Shh, it’s okay doll. Calm down,” he said, “It’s going to be alright. It’s going to be okay.”
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Y/n: I hate how you pack my lunch!
Bucky: Maybe you should pack you’re own lunch then, you’re y/a!
Y/n: *packs chicken nuggets and 7 oreos*
Bucky: Maybe I should pack your lunch.
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Heyy! Can I please request a fem reader x avengers, oc is a single mother with a child of 2 years old but the avengers dont know that until the reader needs to see her child in a work time, after that how the kid gets along with the avengers, the kid is more closer to nat and cuddle nat a lot<3 I don't know if is too long but thank you anyway💐
I normally just write for teen!reader but I will do this at some point because I really like the idea, thank you for your request Bestie I hope you enjoy even though this is short (I didn’t really know what to write) <3 so this is obviously a fem reader one but I hope you all still enjoys besties! this is probably really bad because I am so tired so I might re write it at some point. I don’t know I just want to sleep lol
Worlds Best Mum
You were a single mum
I should probably expand on that a little bit
2 years ago you had given birth to a beautiful little girl
 you didn’t know who the father was but that didn’t matter because as soon as you gazed into her big brown orbs you knew that it would always be you and her against the world 
What you had forgotten to account for was the fact that you were trying to save that world
Thank god for babysitters
“Hey jessie you’re free right now right? Good because work just called and it’s an emergency, I left her with the woman next door, I’ll pay you extra I promise” even with the teens reassurance that they loved looking after Amy you couldn’t help but fear that one day they wouldn't be free to look after her because as nice as Mrs Norris was she wasn’t exactly who you would want looking after your child.
 The other problem having a child was the privacy
As much as you adored the team and would of liked the experience of living in the tower with all of them 
It just wasn’t a place to bring up a toddler 
Not living in the tower often meant being late and often using the same line every time
The door to the conference room swang open as you barrelled through it muttering apologise to Stark who had only just began the meeting “Sorry I’m late the traffic was bad and I,” before you could finish the team interrupted you “couldn't find your socks”
As much as you tried to avoid the avengers meeting her just incase the word got out that a hero had a child and she would become a target 
They all had their suspicions
“Is that a dummy in your bag?” Sam had asked you after going into your bag to find the moted you made on the last mission so he could type them up in his mission report, “uhhhhh yeah it helps me relax” you replied, voice rising an octave a clear indicator of your unease and hesitation.
You held Amy’s teddy behind your back after realising that it had been in there from dropping her off to nursery “you liked stuffed animals now?” joked Clint already guessing your situation as when he first started his family he had the same trouble hiding it
“Wow Y/n you sure do look cool with a childs sock hanging out your pocket” joked Bucky, how the hell did that get in there? Oh yes Amy was going through that ‘I’m not wearing socks’ phase. God damn it
So when they all officially found out it wasn’t how they expected 
“What do you mean she’s ill? She was fine when I dropped her off! No i understand, yep, I’ll come get her know” you sighed hanging up the phone with just a bit too much aggression. You knew that you would have to bring her to the tower because Jessie would be at school and no one else could take her but you wanted the team to know before hand so it didn’t come as too much of a shock. After everyone had gathered on the massive leather couch you hoped into the room, car keys in hand and trying to get your shoes on with about as much grace as bambi on ice. “So just to let everyone know I have a daughter and she is sick so I’m going to pick her up and bring her here because there is no where else for her to go, when I come back there better not be any swearing” you lectured before jogging down the corridor to go get your girl from the school.
And surprisingly there wasn’t
Steve had gone out with Bucky to grab some stuff for her to play with 
Bruce had claimed he didn’t like children and had gone down to the lab with Tony 
And the rest had decided that they would wait till she was better to meet her
So only Nat was left when you got back 
and boy oh boy did your daughter take a liking to her 
“Aww come on sweet girl” cooed Natasha as Amy’s chubby little fingers stretched towards her and they sat down on the couch. Amy on her lap. As you went to go get some food and snacks for all three of you. When you came back holding the tray you melted at the sight, the redhead had started singing to your child as she fussed in discomfort her mood changes and crying a clear sign she was indeed ill. Seeing Nat and her so close made your heart just swell, you had already imagined her as the godmother to your child but this had solidified it. “Is my princess listening to aunty Natty?” you chuckled turning to her as you put the tray down on the chrome coffee table. “I think she likes me” Nat whispered, trying to settle her down in a cocoon of blankets and to not disturb the obviously interesting episode of paw patrol that was playing. “Well it’s only right she loves her godmother isn’t it?” you replied kissing the top of Amy’s head and fixing your attention on her as Nat sat there in shock, tears of joy weling up in her eyes.
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Forgotten Thing Part 2
Hey Besties :) This is to the anon who reminded me to do part 2 of Forgotten thing (I literally forgot, hehe), You can Read Part one Here and I hope you have or have had an amazing day <3
Summary: After your brother is saved by you and the Avengers you learn to live with each other and find out what it’s like to have siblings.
It wasn’t easy at first, living with your brother 
Not only because of the whole breaking Hydras thought process and the ex assassin 
But also because neither of you had ever had a sibling 
That’s not to say he wasn’t instantly protective
He wanted to make sure you never got hurt again
As soon as your foot touched the marble counter you heard someone clear their throat from behind you, slowly turning around with a look on your face that clearly said ‘I have just been caught doing something I definitely shouldn’t be doing’ you made eye contact with the older version of yourself who was not impressed with the fact he had caught you trying to stand on the counter. “So do you always make a habit of trying to get yourself into trouble or is it just now that you have me to watch you do it?” he said a smirk playing in his lips, arms folded in an attempt to seem like the responsible older sibling he was “nope just for you, and of course for the cookies I was trying to reach” you chirped back hoping down and crossing your arms to mirror him. “Well next time just let me know and I’ll grab them not like I can let the avengers miss out on the annoying sibling because they were an idiot and fell” he chuckled, grabbing the colourful packet you were so desperately trying to get before giving you one and walking off with the rest. “HEY! THOSE WERE MINE! AND I’M NOT AN IDIOT”.
And that’s how the nicknames started 
Honestly they started before you even knew anything about each other
You couldn’t tell anyone for the life of you what his favourite colour was but you could tell them that last Sunday you used ‘wet sock’ as a way to offend him
“So Y/n, how is it finally getting to know your brother?” Capsical asked handing you the potatoes as Tony scoffed from the other side of the table “oh come on Cap they still don’t know anything about each other and it’s been a week”. You glared at the genius as your kaden laughed along with him “I might not know much about Kaden dearest but at I do know he is an idiot who thinks it’s funny to steal my coffee in the morning if I leave it unattended” kicking him under the table as he went on to tell them about the fact that last week when you tried to insult him you fell off your chair.
One thing you enjoyed doing together was pranking the rest of the towers inhabitants 
In a way it helped Kaden realise he wouldn’t be punished for having fun 
And it just gave you a chance to be a menace 
A perfect combination of chaos
You both ran into the hallway and sped into the lounge as you heard Sam scream from inside his room, laughing so hard your stomachs hurt as you went. As you came hurtling in Bucky, Steve, Thor and Nat who were watching a movie shot you some very confused looks as you tried to hide behind them. “WHERE ARE THEY?” Sam shouted running in only minutes after you did looking widely around in an attempt to get an idea of why you went “they went that way” Bucky said pointing in the completely wrong direction and normally Sam wouldn’t have trusted the metal armed man but because Steve didn’t bother correcting him he turned around and screamed profanities at the wind as he started to jog towards where hwe now though you went. Getting out from your hiding place, faces red and hair a mess you turned to your only to land a punch on his arm “try not to get us caught next time dummy”.
For example, Kaden scratches the side of his thumb when he’s upset 
Which you hate and always say “That’s gonna scar, stop it” to
Or the fact that he knows that before bed each night you like to knock on everybody's door and say goodnight to everyone so they all feel included 
Or the fact he talks to himself a lot 
Or that you do too
He thinks you’re annoying and you think he’s weird but you wouldn’t have each other any other way
Ahhhhh the beauty of sibling love <3
The avengers have tried to stop you from causing mischief together but it never works
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good 4 you || s.r.
pairing: steve rogers x daughter!reader
a/n: this is based on the song good 4 you by olivia rodrigo. set after the falcon and the winter solider. and english isn’t my first language so i’m sorry if there are any spelling mistakes.
sour masterlist
Tumblr media
Maybe I'm too emotional
But your apathy's like a wound in salt
Maybe I'm too emotional
Or maybe you never cared at all
when steve rogers went back in time to live a life with the love of his life, peggy carter. he didn’t just left his friends and co-workers behind, no, he left his daughter y/n rogers too.
as time went by everyone slowly got used to the super soldier not being there, but not y/n. she wasn‘t alone, she still had sam, bucky, peter and wanda but it was never the same.
she still couldn’t believe that her dad, the person who is supposed to love her endlessly and shouldn’t even consider leaving her, just left. and he didn’t only left her, he left bucky, someone who he gave up the avengers for, too.
if you asked y/n two years ago if she hated her dad she would’ve looked at you with wide eyes and immediately say no. now she isn’t so sure.
y/n always believed that hate is a strong word that she only felt for hydra, and sometimes even for peter because he always ate her donuts but that was it.
but now, she felt like she hated her dad for what he did. but no matter how hard she tried she really couldn’t hate him, and that was something she really hated.
Maybe I'm too emotional
Your apathy is like a wound in salt
Maybe I'm too emotional
Or maybe you never cared at all
y/n was sitting on the couch next to peter right now. they didn’t speak, neither did they watch tv. they just sat there in silence.
after her dad had sex with her mom, he left. it was just supposed to be a one-night stand. he would’ve never expected for the woman to become pregnant with his child.
when y/n was 5 years old, her mother became sick, really sick. 6 months later, her mom died and her aunt took her in, until she had enough and told y/n that she was going to meet her dad.
and that’s how she met her father.
she never felt like she had a family apart from her dad, her aunt died when she was 7, until her dad allowed her to join the avengers. where she got trained by natasha romanoff.
for y/n natasha romanoff was the mother she never had and for natasha was y/n the daughter she never thought she could have.
after the civil war happened, where she met peter whom she became friends with quickly, her dad thought it was for the better if she stays with tony and pepper.
and then she had to go to space with tony, peter, a wizard named dr.strange and the guardians of the galaxy. then she got blipped along with peter, dr.strange, peter quill, drax and mantis.
5 years later she came back with the others and immediately had to fight against thanos’ army. she already reunited with her dad and tony and was now searching for nat.
she saw clint from afar and ran towards him while fighting these aliens. “clint!” she yelled once she got close enough. clint turned to her. “clint, where’s nat?” y/n asked him.
he didn’t answer, just looked at her tear-eyed. and in that moment, she felt like someone ripped her heart out of her chest and stomped on it. “no…” she whispered in disbelief and took a step back, tears filling her eyes.
and then tony did the snap. she wasn’t near him when it happened, and just when she thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did.
Well, good for you, you look happy and healthy
Not me, if you ever cared to ask
steve was supposed to bring back the infinity stones and then come back. and he did. but not in the way she expected him too.
on the bench in front of y/n, bucky, sam and bruce sat her father, but an older version of him. y/n knew that peggy carter was in the same place steve had to go but didn’t think any of it.
y/n felt tears welling up in her eyes. “did he-" she couldn’t end the sentence, she didn’t want to. she didn’t want for it to be true. bucky looked at her sadly. “yeah.”
she nodded and without speaking to her dad, even if this could be the last time they speak to each other, she went to cabin where pepper, morgan used to live
pepper was nice enough to let y/n, sam, steve and bucky live there. when she arrived at the cabin she saw peter sitting on the stairs. he stood up when he saw her.
he looked at his best friend who once looked so happy that it was hard to imagine her ever being sad, but all he saw were the tears in her eyes.
“my dad…he…” she trailed off not wanting to end the sentence once again and without another word peter pulled her into his arms and let her cry against his shoulder.
it’s now been one year since nat died, one year since tony died, once year since her dad choose a woman he kissed once over his own daughter.
Good for you, you're doin' great out there without me
Baby, like a damn sociopath
bucky and sam got a call from nick fury who told them to “get your asses here, right now!” considering fury didn’t call any of them for over a year, sam and bucky went to fury as fast as possible.
what they saw when they arrived nearly gave them a heart attack.
in front of them was standing, steve rogers. the young steve rogers. he smiled sheepishly at them.
“what-but…how- i mean- what the fuck?” bucky asked confused. sam looked at him. “yeah, what he said.”
“how the fuck are you here.” and then steve started explaining something about meeting and hank pym and time traveling.
to be honest sam and bucky didn’t understand any of it, they were to busy processing the fact that their best friend is back when he is supposed to be old.
after two hours fury left the room and steve turned to his best friends. “so… are you gonna bring me to daughter, or?” he asked.
sam and bucky looked at each other in disbelief. steve grinned at them. “just kidding it’s good to see you again, guys. sam, i heard you’re captain america now, i knew you’d make it.”
sam and bucky grinned. “so are you gonna take me to my daughter, or what?” their smile fell again.
“man, i don’t know how to tell you this but… i’m pretty sure she doesn’t want to see you.” sam cringed.
“what do you mean she doesn’t want to see me? she’s my daughter.” he asked. bucky looked at him angry. “yeah and you were supposed to be her father and where were you? not here.”
steve sighed and looked to ground. “i know but please, let me see her.” he pleaded.
sam and Bucky looked unsure at each other before they nodded.
I've lost my mind
I've spent the night cryin' on the floor in my bathroom
sam’s car stopped in front of the cabin, in wich y/n and peter were watching tv right now.
bucky nodded at his two friends. “okay you two wait here, i’ll go and get her.”
bucky walked in the cabin where he saw peter and y/n laying on the couch, they were watching brooklyn nine-nine.
“hey kiddos, i’m back!” he greeted them. the two teenagers mumbled a small “hello” towards him.
“hey, y/n, can you come outside? sam needs your help.” peter and y/n looked at him before the latter got up and walked outside.
peter looked at bucky who was watching y/n leave with worried eyes. “bucky, who is outside?” bucky looked at him worriedly.
“hey, sam! bucky said you need my-“ y/n’s breath got stuck in her throat at the sight of the person she wanted to forget.
her dad smiled at her. “hey kiddo!” he said and opened his arms so she could hug him.
her shocked expression turned into an angry one. “hey kiddo?! hey kiddo?! is that all you got to say?”
“y/n, kid, i’m so-“ she cut him off.
“sorry?! yeah me too. sorry for ever trusting you. why did you leave? and why didn’t you say anything? you’re my dad you’re not supposed to do that. i needed you.” she didn’t even realize that she was crying until a big tear rolled down her face.
“kid, you have to understand. i was in a bad place i just lost tony and nat-“ y/n looked at him in disbelief.
“i lost nat and tony too! i was gone for 5 years and then came back and they weren’t there anymore, for you it has been 5 years, for me it felt like 5 minutes. 5 minutes in wich i’ve lost my mother figure. and then the person who took care of me when you couldn’t! i needed you, you were supposed to be there for me and you left!” she yelled.
“i know,” he started crying too. “i know but I’m here now.”
y/n wiped the tears off of her face and looked at him angry. “i don’t need you anymore. i made it through the last year without you. so do me a favor and leave.”
and with that being said she walked back into the cabin.
Just over the fact that I really don't get it
But I guess good for you
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Mum Friend
Hey Besties <3 this is the last post of the day :) Hope you enjoyed them all and feel free to have an amazing day or treat yourself because you deserve it. enjoy :)
Summary: Caring in the little ways
You would 110% be described as the mum friend of the team 
You made sure Tony and Bruce ate
“Tony! Bruce! I made you both some pasta” you called pushing the door to the lab open with your back “no thanks kid we’re too busy to eat right now” Tony muttered waving his hand dismissively not even bothering to look up from his work bench as Bruce nodded in agreement. “Jarvis activate ‘Make time’ please and thank you” you said to the AI as the men made noises of protest but still sat done and waited for you to give them the food.
You kept Nat company as she spent hours in the training room
You watched as Nat pummelled the punch bag, grunting at the impact “Nat take a break and grab some water you look like you're a walking corpse” you spoke from the bench worry evident in the scrunch of your eyebrows knowing she tends to overwork herself when she is stressed “I’m fine Y/n just 10 more minutes and I’ll be done”, one thing Nat always tired to do when she was stressed was brush of your concern by lying straight to your face “you said that an hour ago, come on let’s go watch a movie yeah?” you said walking out the room knowing she’d follow after you.
You looked after Thor when he was upset
You put the Pop-Tarts in the toaster as the man sat on the couch with a numb sort of look on his face, the kind of look you wear when you have lost all hope. You wouldn’t have one of the strongest and kindest men you knew give up. “Hey you know when I first met you I knew we would be good friends and I’m just realising that I never said thank you for everything you did for me, well continue to do for me so thank you” you said plopping into the empty space next to him, you knew he wouldn’t answer and that was fine as long as he knew he was cared for and had a positive impact on someone's life.
You made sure Loki was okay even though he claimed he didn’t need help from a child
You had always sat with Loki when he was reading in the library Stark had invested in (something you made sure happened for Loki’s sake) and it was something he found annoying (-ly enjoyable). “Why do you always have to sit with me when I’m reading? You do realise i can take care of myself” he muttered eyes glued to the page “oh I’m not doubting that I just think it’s nice for everyone to have someone and I want to be your friend. Anyway you’re the one who keeps reading out loud to me” you replied happily as he turned the next page and with that he carried on reading.
You helped Sam make food for family BBQ’s (you were always invited as well)
You counted the number of bread rolls Sam had packed making sure there was enough for everyone to have at least 2 “Sam did you eat 2 of these?” you asked moving to pack a toy for the youngest kiddies coming as you knew you would be on babysitting duty as the closest in age “what noooooooo” the man denied unconvincingly “good thing I told Sarah to get some spares, she says to tell you to not make me do everything for you because you’re not paying me it technically counts as child labour” you quipped
You helped Steve remind Bucky why he continues to help him
“Steve was telling me that last week you asked if maybe Tony would let you get a cat” you said holding a box behind your back as Steve and Bucky gave you a quizzical look “sooooo I asked if I could get a cat and we all know how bad he is at saying no to me and basically what I’m trying to say is I got you a cat, meet Alpine” you slowly handed the box to Bucky as he opened it with teary eyes “Thank you so much doll” the man spoke as he held the kitten with so much care. You didn’t just do this to make him happy, you knew that if Steve knew Bucky had something to comfort him when he couldn’t do it himself then he would also be happy. “Ahh it’s nothing, just make sure I get your legendary pancakes tomorrow morning and we’ll be fine” you called over your shoulder as you walked down the hall back to your room.
You helped Wanda and Vision cook for everyone
“Okay and then we add this?” Vision questioned as the both of you held spoonfuls of spice, heads tilted to the sized and eyebrows scrunched. You looked exactly the same and the witch made a mental note to get Jarvis to rewind the security cameras and get a picture of that. “Y/n yes, Vision darling no” she giggled at the man’s face as you fist bumped the air and whispered “suck it metal man”. It was times like this she was glad to have a kid who cared enough to play some sort of family with the two of them.
So yes you were the youngest of the team
But you were also the most caring and the one who took their time with people even though you had better things to do 
You would 110% be described as the mum friend
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Getting Our Groove On
SECOND STORY OUT OF 4 LET’S GOOOOOO. I was Listening to a playlist called french songs that bang when writing this lol I don’t know why I thought at was necessary to add but oh well, have fun reading <3 This is honestly so short I am so sorry.
Summary: Dance Party In the kitchen at 3 am? Yes please.
You were often awake late a night 
It lead to a lot of interesting encounters with the rest of the team but you enjoyed all of them
“Hey bird man” you whispered as you slowly made your way into the kitchen, your feet dragging behind you making you look like a zombie. “Evening sleepyhead, can’t sleep?” he replied looking back at you from his place at the window where he had been staring at the night owls of the city drive past in their cars or walk down the street, it was funny how small they looked from this high up. “What gave it away,” you joked “another nightmare?” you questioned as you made your way to the fridge grabbing a glass as you went, “how could you tell” he repeated back to you. There was an unspoken rule that unless he openly expressed the want to talk about the thoughts that caused havoc to his sleep schedule then you wouldn’t ask instead distract him in whatever way you could think of. “Do you think that raccoons get self conscious?” you spoke, sipping the milk you had got yourself, handing him a glass as well. “Thanks and I can’t say I have thought about it before” he said, sending a questioning look your way, trying to figure out where you were going to take this “but like if one had a longer tail do you think the popular raccoons talk shit about it?”
You watched silently from the couch as Wanda glided around the kitchen, gathering the ingredients needed to make hot chocolate, humming as she went. The wiggly woo woman tended to hum when she was sad and like Sam she had a different way of communicating what she needed. It had taken you a while but you had figured out what it was: when she made brownies she was angry, when it was cookies she was missing someone and when it was hot chocolate she was sad and needed a hug. So as she handed you the marshmallow topped mug and sat down on the empty space next to you, you snuggled into her side, looked up at her and smiled “you are so loved and cared for, you know that right?”
Everyone had different needs so late at night (or early in the morning depending on what way you wanted to look at it)
Everyone was up for different reasons, most being nightmares or the fear of drifting off so far into the clutches of sleep that they would never wake up or the rare occasion they just couldn’t sleep
As the towers resident insomniac you made sure to care for and tend to them when they were up in any way you could
It was rare that everyone was up at the same time however when someone decides to play music a bit too loud that tends change
You jumped around the kitchen, arms flailing about in an attempt to dance and let your worries go. You had always loved the way music could make you feel but never dared to play it so loud at so late in case you woke up the others. Tonight though all worry of disturbing people went out the window as your legs moved on their own to the music and laughter slipped past your lips as you tripped yourself up and fell onto the floor. To anyone else you would seem drunk but to Steve, Nat, Loki and Bucky who had all woken up due to the racket you were making you just seemed carefree and happy. “Come on Doll you can do better than that” Bucky chuckled tiredly as you jumped at the sudden interruption to your late night rave, “oh my gosh I am so sorry I didn’t wake you up did I?” you spoke quickly, hands waving in an attempt to express your concern and surprise. “You did but now we’re up let’s teach you how to dance” Steve joked as you turned red at the thought of them watching you jump around, walking towards you as Nat changed the playlist to party songs, the Macarena turning on straight away. “Oh god here we go is everyone ready?” you giggled as you all got into a line (even if Loki was adamant that he didn’t know this song or it’s dance). As you got lost in a sea of laughter and music you had failed to realise that the rest of the team had gathered at the shore line of your party, waiting and watching in amusement (Tony was 100% not at all filming this). You spun the music getting ready to start again as you saw the remaining few of your teammates beckoning for them to the party, who were they to refuse?
So as the songs changed from YMCA to 500 miles and Mr Bright side you learnt more and more about your teammates
Like how Loki knows all of the cringe party songs
Nat has an angelic voice
Vision and Bruce can dance?
Even 100 year old super soldiers know the lyrics to Hey there Delilah 
And Thor cannot for the life of him dance but enjoys it anyway
That's why no matter how many expensive holidays you go on or how many late night trips to the shops you go on 
Dancing with the avengers at 3 am will always be your favourite thing to do
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tara-learns-to-write · 23 days ago
Beach Day
Hey Besties <3, I plan on getting 3 more posts like this out today as I know I haven't been the most active this week, then tomorrow there will be 2 more out so it means I have posted 7 written works this week. So keep your onions peeled. (the amazing writer @sapphireplums gave me so much inspiration to write with their kind words so you should give her a follow).
Summary: The avengers get their toes in the sand and their swimsuits on.
You had all been working for what felt like 200 years 
With missions and paperwork none of you had seen each other properly 
So an hour of brainstorming you came up with the genius idea of a beach day 
You decided to put the idea to Fury so he could clear everyone's schedule 
However it took a lot more convincing than you had expected
You shivered under the mans watchful gaze, you never really understood documentary presenters when they talked about the look of fear in some poor mouse's eyes as it was scooped up into the talons of some large bird, that was until you met Fury, you were sure you had the same look in your eyes right now. You shifted in your seat as he began to talk again, “So you want me to let the world's protectors go off duty for a whole day just so you can go running across some sand and take a swim in salty water? Even though if you wanted to get sand in your hair I would happily get you a bag of it?” he asked a hint of amusement in his voice, pausing his pacing to quirk his eyebrow at you. When he worded it like that it sounded stupid but you knew you all needed a break and you weren’t about to give up “I wouldn’t phrase it like that but yes sir that is in a way what I am asking, look we haven’t been together as a group since the last big team mission a month ago and I can’t remember the last time we spent a day together. Please?” If you can’t get someone to agree by simply asking them then tug at their heartstrings and beg. Those had been the wise words of your grandma Jo and it seems that they had been true “Fine you get 1 day then it’s all back to normal”
After convincing the terrifying director you had taken the idea to Tony as he was going to be the one paying for it 
It’s not like he doesn’t have enough money to give some to his friends (and even more to charity but that was an idea for another day)
Of course the man more than happy to splash some cash to see everyone have fun together (and in a swimsuit)
The morning of the trip had been stressful and chaotic to say the least
“DOES EVERYONE HAVE SUN CREAM?” the captain's voice boomed over the noise of zippers shutting, the music from the beach day playlist Tony had made and the excited chattering of the team. “Yes Captain safety first I have enough bottles in the car to last at least 20 years because unlike Y/n I actually know how to take care of myself” the genius quipped laughing at the offended noise that fell from your mouth, “at least I’m not going grey old man” you muttered wandering around trying to find the bucket and spade you had brought down stairs. “Hey as anyone who has seen my Bucket and Spade I can’t seem to find it” you called out rummaging through the colossal pile of bags “No, are you sure you brought it down doll?” Bucky spoke, looking round in confusion not remembering seeing you bring it down. If you weren’t so caught up in looking for your sandcastle building tools you would have laughed at the ‘lost tourist’ look on his face. “Yes I’m sure,” shoving bags with more aggression eager to find it “is everyone sure they haven’t taken it” you stopped to look at the group, cheeks tinted pink from the force at which you were moving bags. “Yes , we’re sure now get downstairs and in the car I’ll get you one when we get there” rushed Natasha, her red hair a nice contrast to the dark denim shorts she had on, “if we get there” whispered Sam making Thor laugh as he attempted to pick up 3 bags at once.
Anyone would have thought you were going on a 5 day holiday with the amount you had all tried to shove in the back of the mini-van you all chipped in for one year at Christmas for this exact reason
The seniors of the group ( Iced Americano and The metal armed man with no plan) were confused on why you needed to take this much but you and Wanda were insistent that you had packed the essentials 
(Okay maybe the hats, 5 bottles of sun cream and armbands and floats for the poor swimmers of the pack had been slightly unconventional for a day at the beach but it’s better safe than sorry right?)
The drive was also very chaotic
You hadn’t realised how uncomfortable the seats had been until you were forced to spend 2 hours stuck next to Loki in them. “I know this is the 10th time I have asked this but are we there yet?” the God was starting to seem more like a 5 year old than a stabbing machine and he wasn’t the only one ,“Can you please move your leg over a bit it’s on my side” Sam whined as he shoved Bucky’s shoulder “No for the last time I can’t so deal with it bird brain” the pair hadn’t stopped bickering since they stepped foot inside the vehicle. “Tony can you turn up the music and drown the noise of these kids out please” you sighed, pinching the bridge of your nose trying to soothe the oncoming headache (not that making the music even louder was going to help) “I thought you’d never ask kid” he replied lunging for the twisty thing no one actually knew the name of, that turned up the music (Bruce probably knew but no one had the energy to ask).
When you got there however the 2 hour drive felt like the needed sacrifice as your toes hit the sand. 
As much as you loved being able to fight alongside your family there was nothing better than watching them relax, faces slowly morphing into ones of pure bliss. 
“You alright there y/n? You looked like you were away with the fairies then” Steve chuckled, unfolding the deck chair he had brought and placing it next to yours. “Yeah I’m good I was just thinking about how lucky we are to have each other” the man smiled at you as your eyes glinted in the sunshine. “LAST ONE TO THE WATER SMELLS OF FISH” Peter screamed bolting towards the water, that bastard you thought jumping up and running after him “PETER YOU DICK I’M GONNA GET YOU!!!” you laughed. Once you got in the water you squeaked at how cold it was doing the ‘ohh ohh oh sihufbbe’ noise that came with the shock of cold water spinning around to splash water in bug boys face. Oh shit. That wasn’t Peter, you had forgotten that Bruce had gotten into the water straight after Tony and had been swimming beside you. The whole group froze half expecting the man to turn green however what you were met with wasn’t a green mean smashing machine and was in fact a laughing doctor and a splash of water to the face. After that a water fight started, screams of surprise and joy a comforting change to the screams of fear you usually heard in your line of work. You snuck off back to shore and looked at your found family from the warmth of your towel realising how lucky you were to be in a place of love and support, free of judgement. Because at the end of the day yes Loki would complain about the sand in his hair, Thor would be asking for a stop at the shops to add to his Pop tart stock pile, Nat would be silently filming Sam and Bucky bicker like an old married couple, Tony would make flirty remarks to Pepper about letting him rub sun cream on her back again some time, Peter and you would be talking shit to each other as he beat you at yet another game of Mario kart as Wanda and vision made sure to make an extra bowl of whatever they had made to take Bruce who had already made his way down to the lab but you were a family and there was no place you’d rather be.
You would say this was the best idea you ever had but the video of you painting Cap’s shield bright pink would beg to differ
It was a successful trip and you would 100% be posting the picture of Bucky and Peter looking depressed at the fact their ice-creams had fallen on the floor after a light game of ‘I’m gonna push you over’
Ahhhh the bliss of a beach day with the gang
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rachaelswrites · 23 days ago
Fatws: Rewrite
Power Broker
Bucky Barnes x Daughter!reader, Sam Wilson x Teen!reader
Warnings: Violence, mentions of guns, minor character death
Tumblr media
You reached the prison in Germany where Zemo was being held. You weren’t a fan of this idea but you knew it was the only way to stop the Flag Smashers. You didn’t have the best history with Zemo. Not just because of what he did to your dad by framing him, but also what he did to you. 
As the three of you walked down the prison corridor, you were growing more and more anxious with each step. Zemo was one of your fears and you really didn’t want to have to face him again. Dr. Kingston had mentioned that you would have to get over your fears eventually (not starting with the biggest though) so you sucked it up and went along.
“He’s just through there,” the guard said as he led you to a door at the end of the hall. 
“Alright give us a second,” your dad said. He stopped and turned to you and Sam, “I'm going in alone.”
“Why?” both you and Sam asked at the same time. 
“Cause you’re an avenger and you’re a kid,” he explained to you two. 
“Well I was a kid when Zemo held a gun against my head and threatened to kill me. I think I can handle him being in a cell,” you shot back. 
“No,” Bucky said, a little harsher this time, “You’re not going. Don’t argue with me Y/n.”
Deciding it would be better to stop talking, you did as he said. You kept the small pout on your face while him and Sam kept talking. 
“It’s not like you two went frolicking in the sun last time,” Sam said. 
“He’s obsessed with HYDRA. We have history together,” Bucky said. He was expecting another remark from you but you still kept quiet, “Trust me. I got it,” he directed that more towards you than Sam. He knew exactly what happened between you and Zemo and knew that you were told what happened with him and Zemo. He had a feeling you would be worried about him so he gave you a small reassurance. Whether you believed him or not was something he couldn’t control. 
You watched as he went through the door, leaving you and Sam in the hallway. You didn’t know how long it would be so you sat down on the floor against the wall. You were feeling a bit tired, so you rested your head against the wall and closed your eyes. 
You weren’t sure what time you were in. Last time you woke up, it had only been a few years but the time before that, it had been close to a decade. As the doors to the chamber opened slowly, you took in your surroundings. There were a lot less people than there normally were when you were taken out of cryo. In fact, there was only one person around. The room was eerily silent and the man in front of you was someone you didn’t recognize. 
“Hello Y/n,” the voice spoke. You thought it was weird that he was speaking English to you. Everyone from HYDRA talked to you in another language. You didn’t know which one but it wasn’t English. 
 “What’s my mission?” that was the only thing you were used for and you could only ask about missions, otherwise, you, or your dad, would get hurt. You weren’t sure where he was since he was normally awake the same times you were. He didn’t remember you but you remembered him. 
“It’s not like a regular mission. I need you to come with me,” the man said. He had an accent from a country you didn’t recognize. You had been to lots of places as a HYDRA spy and heard lots of things but this wasn’t familiar. You nodded and the man led you to where he wanted you to go. 
A sudden noise startled you and you were distracted from your thoughts. You looked around to see if the threat was nearby, your mind still in that old head space.
“You okay?” Sam asked. He was sitting on the floor across from you in the same position, “You’ve been quiet for a long time.”
“I’m fine,” you answered while shifting positions to get more comfortable, “Just tired from all this traveling. Haven't done it in a while.”
Sam nodded and let you be. 
On all the missions you had been on, there was only one that you had gotten caught. It was one of your first ones and HYDRA made sure you would never make that mistake again. You had made too much noise and caught the attention of a guard at a weapons facility. You were taken captive so they had to send someone in for you. You were too important of an asset to lose. They lost their soldier and you were punished for it. You never made that mistake again. It’s how you earned the name Silent Ghost. 
Now, this man held you captive with a gun to your head and his arm wrapped around your neck. You weren’t able to fight back since he was a grown man and you were merely eight years old and he was about double your size. The man wasn’t doing anything. It was almost as if he was waiting for something to happen. If he wanted to kill you, you wanted it to be over now. 
You heard voices coming from one of the other rooms in the facility. You were about to call out, hoping anyone else would be better than this man but he covered your mouth with his free hand. You bit his hand to make him let go which he did, but then he slapped you, “Don’t you want to see your father again? If you hurt me, I’ll make sure that won’t happen,” he hissed at you. 
Your eyes went wide at hearing the mention of your dad, “What happened to him?” you asked. You didn’t care that you spoke about something not related to a mission. Your dad was more important to you than getting hurt. 
“You’ll see,” he whispered. Just then, a light turned on overhead and you spotted your dad. He was with Steve as well, along with another man in an iron suit, “Hello James. Isn't it nice to see your precious little Y/n after all these years?”
Bucky’s eyes snapped to yours at the mention of your name. You were surprised that he even acknowledged you. Before, if your name was brought up, he would stare blankly and have no recollection of you. But now, it was like you had your old dad back. The one before the war and HYDRA. It wasn’t exactly the same but it was close enough for you. 
“Daddy?” you said quietly. You felt the man’s grip on you tighten slowly. It started to get harder and harder to breathe and you started struggling. 
“Let her go Zemo. Your problem doesn’t involve her,” Steve said. His eyes glanced at you and so did the other man’s. 
“Why should I? You should feel my pain,” he said as he pulled the gun closer to your head. The end of the barrel was now right up against your head. You squirmed again, but he held you even tighter, making you cough, “I lost my child and I know how close you are to her Captain America. Maybe you should feel my pain also.”
You were shaken awake by Sam, who had a concerned look on his face, “Y/n! Wake up!”
You jolted up and as an old habit, you nearly hit him in the face. He backed up as you sat up straight, giving you the space you needed. Your lungs felt empty and your chest felt tight, just like it did in that moment before. You started coughing harshly and Sam asked a guard to get you some water. 
He waited until you finished coughing before handing the cup to you, “You had a nightmare?” he asked you. 
You glared at him over the top of the cup, “It’s none of your business,” you snapped. You hadn’t had one in almost a year and you weren’t a fan of the process you had to go through to get over them. It always took forever and once one happened, more would normally follow. 
“You wanna talk about it. I know it always helps me,” Sam said. 
“Do I look like I want to talk about it?” you asked harshly, “How much longer do you think he’s gonna be?”
Right on cue, your dad walked out of the other corridor and you stood up quickly, wanting to leave this place as soon as possible. 
Bucky had led you and Sam down to a lower level of the prison. He handed both you and Sam a flashlight so you could see your way through the room. 
“We should break Zemo out,” your dad said as you got a little farther into the room. You opened your mouth to protest but Sam did it for you. 
“What do you mean break him out? And where are we?”
“We have no leads besides him,” Bucky explained. 
“What we have is one of the most dangerous people behind bars,” Sam argued back. 
“And we have eight super soldiers running around Europe,” Bucky countered
“Look, he’s going to mess our heads. Especially yours and Y/n’s,” Sam looked over at you, his way of asking for your help. 
“I agree with Sam. We shouldn’t let him out dad. Remember what he did?” you said. Before your small nightmare earlier that day, you were okay with that idea but now, you wanted no part of it. Bucky glanced over at you. He wanted to listen to you but he knew this was going to be the only way. 
He walked over to the power panel and turned on the lights, “I know,” he said, walking back to you and Sam, “Super soldiers go against everything he believes in. He’ll be on our side. He may be crazy but he lives by a code,” he walked away from you two. 
“And I’ve been on the wrong side of that code. So have you and her,” Sam said, “He blew up the UN and killed King T’Chaka and framed you for it. Did you forget? You think the Wakandans forgot? That was a rhetorical question because they didn’t.” Sam was waiting for a response from Bucky but he didn’t say anything. Sam spoke again, “I know why this matters to you but it’s driving you off the deep end.” 
“We don’t know how they’re getting it Sam. We don’t know how many of them are,” Bucky said. Sam groaned in frustration and turned away and you stood there just looking at your dad. You weren’t sure if your input would help anyone right now, “Okay. Let me walk you two through a hypothetical then.”
“What did you do?” you asked, your eyebrows raised. 
“I didn’t do anything,” your dad said, shaking his head. You and Sam let him explain his “hypothetical” plan to break Zemo out of prison. You did have to say, it was a pretty good plan but there was no way you would ever help break that man out of jail. 
After he finished explaining, you heard a door open and all three of you looked in the direction of the sound. You watched as the shadow of a man got closer and closer until he appeared through the plastic curtains. There wasn’t a lot of light but you could still make out his face. 
You lunged towards Zemo, which Bucky saw and he stopped you by wrapping his arm around your waist and pulling you into him, “Hey, hey listen,” he said to you. 
“No let me go,” you tried to wiggle out of his grip but he held onto you tighter, “Dad let me go.”
“What are you doing here?” Sam yelled at Zemo. 
“Look I didn’t want to tell either of you because I knew you wouldn’t let this happen,” Bucky explained. 
“Gee, I wonder why?” you asked as you reached for the small knife you always kept with you. Bucky felt you moving your arm so he looked to see what you were doing. He spotted you with the knife and used his free hand to take it but you wouldn’t let go. 
“Y/n, drop it. Give it to me,” he said sternly. You shook your head and didn’t budge. He moved his head down so it was closer to your ear, “Now,” he said in a low voice. You loosened your grip on the handle and he quickly pulled it away from you, “When’d you start carrying this thing around?” he muttered to himself rhetorically. 
“Few years ago,” you mumbled. Bucky loosened his grip on you and rested his hand on your shoulder, in case you tried to go after Zemo again he wanted to make sure he could get to you first. 
“What did you do?” Sam exclaimed at Bucky, “You’re going back to prison,” he practically yelled at Zemo. 
“If I may,” Zemo started but you all cut him off. 
“No!” you all said. He nodded his head in understanding and let you continue arguing amongst yourselves. 
“When Steve refused to sign the Accords, you backed him up to back me up and you broke the law. I’m asking you to do it again,” Bucky said to Sam. 
“I really think I’m invaluable,” Zemo started again but you cut him off. 
“Shut up,” you growled at him. 
“If we do this, you,” Sam pointed over at Zemo, “Don’t make a move without our permission.”
“Fair,” Zemo said. 
You still weren’t on board with this situation but you didn’t have much of a choice. You didn’t want to be anywhere near this man, let alone needing his help to find the people making the serum. You convinced Bucky to give you back the knife, but he told you he didn’t want to see it again, unless it was absolutely necessary. You shoved it back into its place and followed as Zemo led you all to another place. 
“So our first step is grand-theft auto?” Sam asked. 
“These are all mine,” Zemo said as he opened up the back of one of the cars, “Collected by family over the generations.”
You weren’t too interested in his backstory so you roamed around the garage, looking at all the cars. You didn’t like cars but it was better than listening to him. Bucky came up behind you and tapped you on the shoulder, telling you that it was already time to leave. You followed the three men out of the garage and to wherever you were going next. 
It was a private airport and a private jet. You four walked onto the airstrip and towards the plane, “So you’ve been rich this whole time?” you asked in disbelief, “Wow,” you whispered to yourself. In all your years, you had never seen luxury stuff like this. The planes you were used to in the forties didn’t look like this and the HYDRA jets weren’t the best. Bucky laughed softly at you, seeing your face in awe of the newer technology. There wasn’t much about modern tech that surprised you anymore, seeing as you’ve been around five years longer than him and he was the one in awe most times. 
“I’m a Baron, Y/n. My family was royalty until your friends destroyed my country,” he explained. He started speaking to the attendant and greeted him before you all got on the plane. 
You were still weary of Zemo so you took the seat right across from him while Bucky sat in the seat across the aisle from you and Sam sat across from him. You kept your eyes on Zemo, keeping your hand above the knife stashed in your pants, for most of the flight, ignoring whatever conversation he was having with the other two men. 
You only snapped out of your staring when Bucky got up from his seat abruptly and grabbed Zemo by the neck, “You touch that again I’ll kill you,” Bucky hissed. He grabbed the small notebook, which you immediately recognized, and went back to his seat. You once again went back to your staring. 
“Everyone likes Marvin Gaye,” you heard Sam say a few seconds later. 
“I like Marvin Gaye,” Bucky responded. 
“Y/n?” Sam turned to you, “Do you like Marvin Gaye?”
“Never heard of it,” you hummed, still staring at Zemo. 
“Oh my god,” Sam muttered, “Seriously?” 
“Not really my type,” you shrugged. 
When you heard Zemo mention Madripoor, you looked over at your dad. You had several missions there during your time at HYDRA. Some were with him, some were without him. You knew that place almost as well as you knew your old home. 
“What’s up with Madripoor?” Sam asked. 
“It’s an island in the Indonesian archipelago,” you said, finally chiming into the conversation, “In the eighteen hundreds it was used as a pirate sanctuary.”
“It’s kept it’s lawless ways but we can’t exactly walk in as ourselves,” Zemo added. He looked directly at your dad before speaking again, “James, Y/n, you will have to become someone who you claim is gone.” 
With those words, you knew exactly what he meant. You hated the thought of your dad having to go back to being the Winter Soldier, even if it was just pretending. But you also knew what that meant for you. You’d have to be your old self as well. 
Once you landed on Madripoor, you had to start getting back into character. You got dressed in your suit and searched around for the mask that you used to wear with it. It was similar to the one your dad wore, covering the bottom half of your face. It was the final part for getting yourself back. You hadn’t worn it in ages and just putting it on, made goosebumps appear down your arms. Your mind wandered to that last mission you went on, only ten years ago and shivered, pushing those thoughts aside. 
You spent the entirety of the walk on the bridge to take the time to get into the head space you needed. It was going to be difficult for you because you never got to speak unless it was mission related and even then, it was rare. 
Your dad was also being quiet, him being in the same boat as you. You were walking alongside him, so you looked up at him and he looked down at you. He gave you a quick reassuring smile before looking straight ahead again. A car was pulling up to you and Zemo spoke, “No matter what happens, we have to stay in character. Our lives depend on it. There is no margin for error.”
“Great,” you mumbled. The car stopped in front of you and Bucky opened the back door for you to get in. He got in right after you and then Sam. Zemo took the front seat before the car drove you right to the edge of the town. You would have to make your way through the city to the club you had to be at. 
Some places looked familiar but most of them were new to you, since years had passed since you'd been here. You kept your head down, like you had been trained to do, and looked at your dad’s feet so you knew where to go. The streets were crowded and filled with all different types of people. Some were carrying weapons and some were the ones selling. Everyone around was acting on edge, they seemed to be always looking over their shoulders. 
You reached the club and as soon as you and your dad set foot in the building, you could hear people muttering either “Winter Soldier” or “Silent Ghost.” You hated the attention you were getting, it was making it even harder to not break character and stay focused. You reached the bar counter and a man greeted you. You kept your head low and let Zemo do all the talking. 
A man approached Zemo and he seemed angry, “I heard you weren’t welcome here,” he said. 
Zemo hummed, “I have no business with the Power Broker,” he responded, “But if he insists, he can come and talk to me,” Zemo nodded over to you and Bucky. 
“New haircut?” the man asked your dad, “And you got older didn’t you?” he said to you. 
“Or bring Selby over for a talk,” Zemo finished. The man walked away from you and Zemo turned back to the bar. 
“The Power Broker. Really?” your dad asked. 
“Every kingdom needs it’s king,” Zemo replied, “Let’s hope we stay under his radar.”
“Do you know him?” Sam asked. 
“Only by reputation,” he responded. Zemo explained just how important and dangerous the Power Broker is. The more and more he talked, the more you wondered how you got into this position. Pretending to be a HYDRA spy in one of the most dangerous places in the world. 
Another man walked up to Zemo, making him turn to your dad. He started speaking in Russian, the all too familiar words that meant your dad would have to step into his role. He glanced at you before following Zemo’s order. As soon as the man grabbed Zemo, Bucky grabbed onto the man’s arm and pulled him away. You stayed at your spot by the bar and watched. If Zemo wanted you to help, he would tell you, so you stayed put. 
You watched as your dad fought several different men, drawing a crowd in the process. With each move, your heart felt heavier and heavier. You couldn’t even imagine what was going on in your dad’s head. It felt like all his progress was just tossed aside and forgotten about. What made it even worse, was the comment from Zemo, “Didn’t take much for him to fall back into his old ways.” If you didn’t have to remain quiet and still, you swore you could’ve killed Zemo right then and there for just that comment. It was his fault this was even happening. 
Your dad only stopped when multiple people in the room started cocking their guns. Sam put his hand on Bucky’s arm, telling him to stop but Zemo had to remind him to stay in character. Zemo gave Bucky another command to stop and he did. 
You let out a breath that you didn’t know you had been holding in. As much as you liked to say you had your HYDRA memories under control, you couldn’t help but think back to one of the worst ones. 
You were scared. Scared for your life and everyone around you made sure you knew it. You had messed up big time on this last mission. Your one rule was to not get caught but that’s exactly what you did and because of that, HYDRA had to send soldiers in to rescue you. You were too important to lose and they needed you back. 
Only three of the seven soldiers made it back to Siberia and you were blamed for it. As soon as you got back, they wasted no time in beating you and yelling at you. Deciding that you had enough for the day, they sent you into a cell for the night. You were bloodied and bruised and you could hardly do anything but lay on the rock-hard bed and cry. Even that hurt. 
The next day, you were taken to a new room that you had never seen before. There was a mat put in the middle of it with chairs around the edges. An officer had grabbed you from your cell and dragged you by the arm all the way here, throwing you into the center. You picked yourself up just in time to see your dad, except he didn’t look like your dad anymore. 
He had a metal arm and when you called out for him, there wasn’t even a glimpse of recognition. He walked onto the mat and looked down at you. It was like looking at a blank canvas that had the same face as your dad. 
“наказать ее*,” the officer spoke. Those words sent even more fear into your eyes. This man, who looked like your dad but wasn’t, grabbed you by the hair and lifted you off your feet. You remember the metal arm making contact with you but nothing else. 
You were snapped out of your thoughts when you felt Bucky’s metal arm touch your shoulder, making you jump. He carefully pushed you forward so you were following Zemo to where Selby was waiting. 
You walked up to a lounge above the club. Selby was waiting on the couch for you all to arrive, “You should know Baron, that people don’t just walk into my bar and make demands,” she said. 
“Not a demand. An offer,” Zemo responded as he sat on the seat in front of her. 
“A lot has changed since you’ve been here last,” she said as she eyed you and your dad, clearly recognizing you, “I thought you were rotting in jail. How did you escape?” she asked Zemo. 
“People like us always find ways,” he said, “I’m sure you already know what I’m here for.”
“You’re taller than I heard,” Selby said, pointing to Sam, “Smiling Tiger.” He just nodded in acknowledgment but she purred at him, “What’s the offer?” she asked Zemo. 
“Tell us what you know about the super soldier serum and I give you him,” he said as he stood up, walking over to Bucky. He stepped around you and to Bucky’s other side, “Along with the code words to control him,” he placed his hands on your dad’s shoulders. Selby just smiled, enjoying the thought of using the Winter Soldier to her advantage. Zemo moved his hand up to your dad’s face, lightly stroking his jaw and chin, “He’ll do anything you ask him to do.”
“What about the little one?” she asked, motioning her hand to you. Zemo looked over to you and you shot him a subtle glance that told him not to touch you unless he wanted to lose that hand. 
“Sure. She’s much easier to control. A threat here or there does the trick,” he explained.
“That’s the Zemo I remember. I’m glad I didn't kill you immediately,” she said, “You were right to come to me. The super soldier serum is here on Madripoor. Dr. Wilfred Nagel is the man you want to thank or condemn. Whatever side you’re on. The Power Broker was working on the serum but things didn’t go as planned,” she explained. 
“Is Nagel still here?” Zemo asked. 
Selby chuckled and stood up from her spot, “The breadcrumbs you can have for free but the bakery will cost you Baron. Before you get all cute, don’t think you can find Nagel without me.”
Before Zemo had the chance to respond, Sam’s phone rang. You knew it would only go south from here. Selby made Sam answer it on speaker and as the conversation went on, she got more and more suspicious. You mentally prepared yourself for a fight and you could sense Bucky was doing the same. 
Sarah said Sam’s name and you instinctively reached for the knife you still had tucked away. 
“Sam? Who’s Sam? Kill them,” Selby instructed. You pulled the knife out all the way but before anyone else could move, a bullet went through the window and struck Selby. One of her henchmen went after each of you so you all fought back. You elbowed one guy in the nose. Hard enough to knock him unconscious and to the ground. You pulled the gun off of him and pulled your mask down to your chin, and joined the others at the entrance of the lounge. 
“They’ll pin this on us,” Sam said. 
“We have a real problem now, so leave your weapons and follow my lead,” Zemo said. You looked at him like he was crazy. There was no way you weren’t going unarmed but Bucky, reading your mind, pulled the gun out of your hand and threw it on the ground. He grabbed your hand and pulled you to follow him. 
You made it outside but there were phones starting to ring. Which wasn’t a good sign. You were all speed walking, trying to get out before anyone could get their hands on you. 
“This is great,” you heard your dad mutter under his breath. 
All of a sudden, gunshots rang through the air and bullets hit the ground, right by your feet. You all took off in the same direction except for Zemo. You looked behind you to see where he went but it slowed you down, making Bucky grab your hand again and pull you closer to him. It was hard to keep up with him but Sam was struggling just as much as you were. 
“I can’t run in these heels!” you heard him shout over the loud noise of bullets hitting the surrounding buildings. 
All three of you hit the end of an alley, several people on motorcycles following you. When you thought they were about to shoot, Zemo appeared, killing one of them. The others were killed by someone else. 
“Seems to have a guardian angel,” Zemo said. 
“Well this is perfect,” a woman spoke, coming out of the smoke, gun pointed and hood up. She removed the hood to show her face. You didn’t recognize her but the three men did, “Drop it Zemo.”
“Sharon?” your dad started to approach her. You looked from her to him, still not knowing their connection. 
“I lost everything because of you,” she said, still directing her words to Zemo. 
“Sharon, wait,” Sam said, joining Bucky, “Someone recreated the super soldier serum and Zemo had a lead.”
“That explains why you’re here,” she said, still not lowering her gun, “And why Selby is dead.”
“What are you doing here?” Sam asked. 
“I stole Steve’s shield, remember? I also took the wings for your ass,” she said pointing to Sam, “To save his ass,” she pointed to Bucky, “And her ass,” she pointed to you, “from his ass,” she pointed to Zemo, “Unlike you guys, I didn’t have the Avengers to back me up so I’m off the grid. Here in Madripoor. 
“Hey, I was on the run too,” Sam said, “And so was the kid.”
“Is, was. Big difference,” she replied, “I don’t speak to my family anymore. I can’t. My dad doesn’t know where I am.”
“Listen we need your help,” your dad said. She laughed dryly at his request, “Please?” he asked. 
“This isn’t over,” she said, “I have a place in Hightown where you’ll be safe.” 
You reached Sharon’s place in Hightown and she walked you through the gallery of art she had. You followed her while taking glances at all the art she had on display. 
“Come on. You guys need to change. I’m hosting clients in an hour,” she said, showing you to another room. 
 Sharon didn’t have many clothes that would fit someone your size but you made do with what there was. It was something similar to her own outfit, definitely not your style but you didn’t complain. 
You sat on the far end of the couch while everyone else was finding their own things to change into. Bucky spotted you sitting down and sat next to you on the couch. He left a little bit of space between you, in case that’s what you wanted. After a few minutes of silence, Bucky spoke, only loud enough for you to hear, “Are you okay?” he asked softly. 
“Are you?” you turned and asked, “Cause I’m not the one who had to go all Winter Soldier back there.”
“But I know what they made me do to you sometimes. They made me hurt you when you did something wrong,” he said. 
“It was a long time ago and it wasn’t you who did it. It was him,” you said, trying to brush him off. It did bug you but it wasn’t enough for him to try and make a big deal of it. 
“Exactly my point doll,” he said, bringing a hand to rest on your arm, “I just want to make sure that what happened back there didn’t bring back anything. You sure you’re okay?”
“I’m fine dad,” you said. 
“And if you weren’t, would you tell me?”
“Y/n,” he said seriously, “I want to know.”
“Yes I will. But I’m fine. I already told you.”
“Okay,” Bucky said, taking his hand off of you. He left you in peace, joining the conversation with the others.
After a few more minutes of talking, Bucky stood up and pulled you up with him, “Let’s go try and blend in.”
You and him walked into the party room and were met with a huge crowd of people talking and dancing. You weren’t into the music and there were only alcohol drinks being served. You thought about taking one, since you technically couldn’t get drunk because of the serum in you, but decided against it. 
You weren’t sure how Sharon expected you to blend in with this crowd. They were all adults, at least all over the age of twenty and you, you were the ripe of fifteen. You stood at least six inches shorter than everyone here so you didn’t even bother to try and maneuver your way through the crowd without Bucky’s help. Just trying to reach the bar counter you almost got stepped on and knocked into five times. 
After a while of partying, Sharon came up to you, “Hey guys. I found him.”
“Here we go,” Sam said following her. 
Sharon took you to a dock full of shipping containers and you followed her through the maze of containers until reaching the right one, “He’s in there,” she said, “Better hurry. We’re running on borrowed time,” she handed you all a set of comms and you put them in your ears before she left to go keep watch. 
Sam opened the door to the container and looked inside. Your dad peered over his shoulder and you looked around him. 
“Are you sure this is the right one Sharon? It’s completely empty,” Sam said to her over comms. 
“It has to be,” she answered. 
You all stepped inside and Zemo turned on his flashlight. He looked around at the walls with Sam while you and Bucky stayed by the door. Zemo ran his hand along the back wall and stopped when he felt something. He pushed against it, making it open and leading to a staircase. You, Sam, and Bucky all pulled out your guns before following Zemo up the stairs. 
There was music playing as you entered the small lab. The three of you with guns cleared the lab before taking places throughout the room. You had your gun trained on the person at the desk, who you assumed was Nagel. You all closed in on him before Sam walked over to the record player, turning it off. 
The man stood upright, surprised that his music suddenly turned off and he turned to face you four. 
“Dr. Nagel?” Sam spoke. 
“Who are you? What do you want?” Nagel asked back. 
“We know you created the super soldier serum,” you said from your spot. 
His eyes snapped to you before going back to Sam, “Get out of my lab,” he said harshly. He walked away from you and Sam and straight to where Zemo and your dad were. 
Sam grabbed Nagel’s arm, “You know who he is right? And her?” he asked, motioning to you and your dad, “And that’s Baron Zemo. You know him too?” Sam led him over to Bucky and threw him against the wall, “You seem like a smart guy so you better start talking now.”
“How about a counter proposal?” he suggested, “Make me a better offer and I’ll talk.”
“Guys, we have company,” Sharon said over the comms. 
Bucky grabbed Nagel by the arm and dragged him over to a chair. Before your dad could, you held up the gun you had to Nagel’s head. Bucky shot you a look but you ignored it. Your finger hovered over the trigger which made the doctor nervous along with Sam and Bucky. 
“Every bounty hunter is here. We have to go,” she said again. 
When the doctor didn’t speak again, you pulled the trigger but moved the barrel away from his head, nearly missing his ear. You watched Sam flinch out of the corner of your eye and your dad take a step towards you. You weren’t sure what got into you but you now had to keep the image up and Bucky knew that also. You trained the gun to Nagel’s head again. 
“Okay okay!” Nagel exclaimed, “I was brought into the Winter Soldier program to pick up their work after the failed test subjects in Siberia. When HYDRA fell, I was recruited by the CIA. They had blood samples from an American test subject with semi-stable traces of the serum. After a while, I was able to isolate the compounds in his blood to re-create the serum,” he explained, “I was a god. I did what no other scientists could do since Erskine. Mine was going to be different. It was going to be covert. No jacked mussels. No clunky machines.”
“How come we haven't heard about this?” Sam asked. 
The doctor spoke again, “Before I was able to complete it, I disappeared for five years and the program was abandoned so I came here. The Power Broker was more than happy to fund the re-creation of the serum.”
“How many vials did you make?” Sam asked. 
“Twenty,” he said, “Karli Morgenthau stole them from me. I can only imagine what the Power Broker has in store for her.”
“Where’s Karli now?” Sam asked again. 
“I don’t know. But she called me a few days ago and asked if I could help someone named Donya Madani. She has tuberculosis. Typical overpopulation,” Nagel said, “Typical in displacement camps.”
“What happened to her?” Sam asked. 
The doctor shrugged, “Not my pig, not my farm.” 
“Is there any serum in the lab?” Bucky asked. Nagel didn’t answer so you pressed the gun even closer to his head, as close as you could get. 
“Answer the question,” you finally snapped. 
Nagel looked to you, then Bucky before responding, “No.”
“Now what?” Bucky asked Sam. He looked over at you, nodding his head to tell you you could lower the gun, which you did. 
“Guys we’re seriously out of time here,” Sharon said, coming into the lab. You stepped away from the doctor and over to your dad. Before anyone could make a move for the door, Zemo pulled out a gun and shot the doctor. Sam pinned him against the nearest wall and Sharon moved the gun away from him, “What did you do?”
There wasn’t enough time to process the dead body on the floor, before the container shook and you went flying. You hit the ground hard, but you didn’t get knocked out or feel any serious injuries, at the moment. 
Bucky was the first one up off the floor and you had fallen next to him. He put his hands under your arms and helped you up on your feet, making sure you were okay before going to help Sharon and Sam. 
“Anyone see Zemo?” Sam asked. You looked around frantically, not wanting to lose him, seeing as he just betrayed you and you had barely any trust in him to begin with. 
“I told you it was a bad idea,” you grumbled out. 
Bucky hit you softly in the back of the head, “Not the time,” he grabbed your hand and followed Sam and Sharon out of the lab before the whole thing blew up. 
You were hiding behind debris from the lab, waiting to see where the bounty hunters were at. 
“Wait for my signal!” you heard your dad yell. The hunters started shooting at you so Sam shot back and took cover somewhere else. You heard your dad mutter a “damn it” under his breath before just going with it, and shooting towards the hunters. He moved to the newly formed barricade, you and Sharon following close behind him. 
You took a few shots and hit a hunter before ducking back under cover with the rest. You peeked your head up again and took more shots except there was no one around. You were now officially in a shootout with people hunting a bounty for your head. 
“You like living here?” Sam yelled over the gunfire. 
“It’s not terrible,” Sharron responded. 
Your dad started shooting at the hunters until his ammo ran out and he groaned, getting up and moving spots, “I thought we were going left?” he yelled from his new spot. 
“You went the wrong way!” Sam yelled. 
“I was clearing the way!”
“I came out first. You’re supposed to follow me!”
“And where are we now!”
Your dad and Sam’s bickering, mixed with the stress of the shootout, and the loud noise of bullets ricocheting off of metal, was starting to get to you. It was distracting and you couldn’t focus, “Not the time boys!” you yelled, but it was lost in all the noise. 
“I’m out,” you heard Sharon say as she ducked farther into the barricade.
“Me too,” you said as you took one last shot, following her actions. 
“This is a barricade!” your dad yelled again. 
“It’s in every action movie!” Sam countered. 
Before you or Sharon could get them to stop, the pipeline in front of you burst open and into flames. Bucky pulled you behind him and used his body to shield you from anything that could either hit or burn you. You all watched as Zemo popped out of nowhere and used the explosion as a distraction to get rid of the hunters. He shot the remaining two before looking at you four. 
“Go,” Bucky said, pushing Sharon out of the barricade and waiting for Sam. He pushed you after Sam, then followed behind you. In all the chaos, he didn’t want to risk losing sight of you. You all ran through the maze of containers until more bullets grazed by you. Sharon reached an unlocked container and pulled it open, stepping inside. Sam went in after her and he pulled you in with him. Bucky pulled one of the metal rods off the container and used it as his weapon to fight the hunters. Once they were taken care of, Sam pulled Bucky in as well. 
Bucky knocked open the back wall of the container just in time for Zemo to pull up in a car. 
“You’re going back to jail,” you spat. 
“Do you want to find Karli or not?” he asked. 
“He’s right,” your dad said, opening the backseat door, “And there’s three of us and at least twenty of them,” he softly shoved you into the car as he could sense your reluctance, “Come on,” he got into the front seat of the car himself. Sam got in the seat next to you. 
“If you pull that shit again,” Sam said. 
“Don’t plan on it,” Zemo interrupted. 
“Well that was one hell of a reunion,” Sharon said as she closed the door behind Sam. 
“Come back to the States with us,” Sam said. 
“I can’t. Just get me that pardon you promised,” she walked away from the car, leaving the four of you alone. 
“Thanks for everything,” Sam called to her and he slid onto the seat. He tried to move around to get comfortable but it didn’t work and he knew why, “You aren’t going to move your seat up are you?”
“No,” your dad said flatly.
Back on the plane, you took the seat across from your dad who was wiping his hand off. He watched as you sat down and without looking up from his task, he started talking to you, “What happened back there?” he asked. 
“What happened where?”
“In the lab Y/n. Don’t play stupid with me now,” he said. 
“I don’t know,” you said while shrugging. 
“You had me worried. I didn’t know what you were planning.”
“I wasn’t going to hurt him you know. I just needed to scare him,” you explained. 
“That’s not your job. You don’t hold a gun up to someone’s head and fire a bullet inches from them. That’s not what you do,” he said. His tone was a bit softer than before, but still stern, needing to get his point to you. 
“Right. That’s what you do,” you quipped. 
“Hey,” he said in a loud voice, getting Sam’s attention, who was on the phone, “What’s going on with you? You don’t act out unless something’s bugging you.”
“I wouldn’t exactly call this acting out, Dad,” you replied, “I’m just using my training,” you stood up from your spot and walked to the bathroom at the back of the plane, letting the door slam shut. 
You knew your dad was right. There was something bugging you. It was the fact that he was so fine with letting Zemo hang around after pulling something like that, after what he did in Siberia. It’s the fact that because of everything, you’ve had more nightmares in the past two days than you have in the past year but your dad wouldn’t know that. He spent the last five years snapped away because of some other bad guy. The whole reason for everything in your life is because of bad guys. 
Bucky wouldn’t know that you’re acting out because of nightmares. He only knows this because it’s one of the only constants about you. When you were younger, you’d do the same. If someone said something to you at school, you’d act out at home. If you came to school mad at your dad for some silly reason, you’d act out at school. 
A knock on the bathroom door pulled you out of your thoughts, “What?” you yelled from your side of the door. 
“Just wanted to let you know what the plan was,” Sam said through the door. You weren’t expecting him. You thought it was your dad coming to check on you. 
“Okay,” you said, a little calmer than before. You wiped the tears out of your eyes before they could hit your cheeks. 
You arrived in Riga a few hours later. Zemo had been dragging you all across Europe and you were starting to get tired of it. Bucky walked behind you to watch you. After your little outburst on the plane, he was worried for you. He had a hunch he knew exactly what was bothering you but he didn’t push you, even if he wanted to. You had to come to him, at least, that’s what Dr. Raynor told him he had to do. 
You ignored Zemo’s small rant and focused more on the sidewalk beneath you. You matched your steps to the pattern of the stones, turning them either horizontally or vertically to match. Your steps were choppy and Bucky almost ran into you a few times so he moved to your side, still able to keep an eye on you but not get in your way. 
Once you arrived at the building, your dad stopped a few feet from the group, “I’m gonna take a walk,” he said. 
“Do you want me to come with you?” you asked. You were wondering if this was going to be his way of getting you two from the others to talk, but he shook his head. 
“You good?” Sam asked. 
“Yeah,” he responded, “I’ll see you guys in a minute,” he turned away and started walking. 
“You know what’s up with him?” Sam asked you.
“No,” you said, “But I hope he wasn’t lying.”
*punish her
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saidrolav · 24 days ago
Highschool!Sam Wilson x gn!reader
Summary: You think you're done with relationships since your last ex but you fall harder than ever for a guy in your math class.
Warnings: none! pure fluff! 🧡
a/n: Hiii! Just felt like writing some Highschool AU for no reason, this has been inspired by the song stupid with love from the musical Mean Girls, hope you'll like it!
Tumblr media
not my gif!
You were near your locker when Wanda talked to you for the first time of your day. Wanda was the first one that had introduced herself to you, she was the first friend you had made at your school and you were happy she did, she was the most wonderful bestfriend anyone could ask for. She was here for you at any time, the two of you were spending nights listening to music, dancing like crazy and watching movies together, she was the nicest. Not too long ago, she had decided that her mission was to find you a lover. Since you knew her, you have never been in a relationship because of your last ex that hurted you. Wanda loved talking about boys and girls at your school even if you, not so much, you weren't really attracted to anybody. This morning at 8am, at the start of the day, when you were already tired, she obviously had to talk to you about her mission of finding you a partner.
"Wanda!" You had cutted her in the middle of the list of people she found attractive and she looked at you with wide eyes. You checked quickly around you and found some of the students looks on you, you almost just shouted on the corridor and you lowered your voice quickly. "As i said, i'm over it. I used to crush easily in the past, but i'm done with that." She nodded furiously as you talked, drinking every word you were saying. "No more falling for people at the drop of a hat, i'm focusing on school and my future." She rolled her eyes while sighing. You putted your backpack on your shoulder and closed your locker while smiling at her disappointed face.
As you were about yo go for your first class, you heard a couple of whispers in the corridor. Wanda looked around, she seemed to have heard those too because she was investigating the crowd with her eyes to see what was happening, she loved gossiping. Even if you two were searching what was arriving, you both knew what was coming, or rather, who were coming.
It took no time before Sam Wilson, Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes were walking through the corridor, meeting you and Wanda's gazes, sending chills down your spine. The three guys were pretty popular at your school, each one for a different reason. Steve was popular for being pretty good in sports and good looking, tall, blonde, blue eyes, girls and boys were falling for him all around the school. He was a huge victim of gossips, there was always at least once a week a new gossip about him dating someone but the truth is, Steve was super sweet, caring and gentle with everyone but not a lot into dating.
Sam was just as known by everyone, he was also good in sports and extremely funny, the man always had to crack a joke when he could, making people laugh would bright up his day. He was less victim of gossip because he was talking to the whole school and was making sure everyone was feeling at ease around him.
Bucky was the less popular of the three of them, mostly because he was the most introverted of the three. He was really shy but harsh when he talked and he truly wasn't afraid of telling what he tought. The brunette was a truly different person when you were seeing him at lunch with Sam and Steve, letting out laughs from the heart. You only shared one class with James and he was always at the back of the class, drawing sketches furiously in his copybooks in silence.
The three of them passed by you and Wanda. Sam gave you a huge smile and a wave without stopping his tracks. You could only hear his voice echoing in your ears: "Sup, Wanda, Y/N,". Your blood was rushing to your cheeks, these blushing furiously. This man had so much confidence, it was intimidating. Your hands held tighter the strap of your backpack as you watched him walk away, biting your lower lip. You didn't even saw Steve giving you a polite smile and Buck giving a quick glance on your direction, they didn't stopped and followed Sam quickly as your mind was still racing of this insignificant gesture.
"So turned out, you were lying. You still fall for people with a drop of a hat." Your head snapped in Wanda's direction. She was already looking at you with a knowing look, a smirk and wiggling eyebrows. You chuckled before rolling your eyes and going to your first class of the day without waiting for her. "You won't get away with that so easily Y/N ! It's my mission!" You laughed once again and went in your science class.
Your day passed slowly and it made you even more tired as the hours were advancing. You slowly made your way to your last class, exhausted as ever. As you were about to enter the classroom you stood in the doorway, all of your tiredness going away as you saw Sam Wilson sitting at your desk. You stood there for a couple of milliseconds that felt like hours while staring at him, then you realized you might look like a creep so you went to sit just behind him without saying anything. He didn't realized you were staring at him, to your biggest satisfaction.
You knew Sam was in your class, it wasn't the surprise. The surprise was that he sat somewhere else than his usual seat, and at your own usual place. Actually, you never saw him much in your math class, mostly because he was always in the back. You only knew he had good grades because teachers would always congratulate him, but he always seemed like he wasn't listening in class. He was a nice and funny guy who could talk with anyone easily but in class he wasn't that much of a trouble maker. What were you thinking about ? He probably didn't even noticed he sitted at your desk.
You were wrong. Sam knew exactly where you sitted because he already saw you a couple of times in this class or at lunch and he thought you were mesmerizing, because, he was, in fact, mesmerized by you. Your laugh, your smile, the way your were talking. At first, he thought you didn't wanted of a guy like him. Loud, noisy, attracting everyone's attention, but when Steve told him this morning the way you were looking at him, boy, his heart beat faster, a huge smile took over his features and he felt like the happiest man on Earth. You were looking at him, the way he did. As soon as he heard what the blonde said to him, he thought about you all day and for him, the day passed really quickly. He was going to ask you out on a date at the end of this class, and he would do everything he could, starting as you walked by the door.
You putted on your desk your pencil case and everything you needed for your math class, he did the same. You were watching his every moves closely, a bit lost in your toughts. The class started and you tried to focus, you really did, but with such a beautiful man in front of you, you soon met your toughts again. That's why you were so surprised when he made eye contact with you.
"Do you have an eraser ?" He smiled angelically and you knew you were screwed.
"I would love to.." You answered mindlessly as you were putting, in his hand, your own eraser. He chuckled at your answer, that's when you realized how dumb sounded your response. As your hands touched you felt an electric shock running through your veins and your cheeks became crimson at the contact. He used your eraser briefly before putting it back on your table with a quick "thanks".
You didn't even liked your math class that much, but who were you to complain when such an astonishing man was sitting in front of you, math class was becoming slowly your favourite. Thanks maths for giving you the right to put your eyes on Sam Wilson.
You were studying the back of his head curiously, watching his dark hair, his skin, what he was wearing closely, you wouldn't miss a sight of him, you were so close his cologne was tickling your nose and, it smelt amazing.
You were listening as his soothing voice was talking with confidence answering the questions of the teacher, filling the room that was usually in the silence. The man was really smart, and it only made your heart swell even more. He looked like he was straight out of a romance TV show and you just couldn't keep your eyes off of him. Your eyes went lower and you saw his hands playing easily with his pen, his arms showing that work out had been done and before you could continue to observe him, the bell rang and he was leaving in seconds making you sigh as you packed up your things. You've been studying him instead of your maths the whole hour and now you were completely lost in the lesson. You putted your backpack on your shoulders and exited the classroom and your whole body stopped in the middle of the corridor because he didn't left.
He was here. Waiting for someone. When his eyes found yours a giant smile took over his lips and you bit yours. He was walking over someone else behind you right ? Not you right now, he was coming no time to think!
He took a big breath before talking, "Please don't interrupt me because i've been searching what i'm about to say the whole class," you both chuckled before he continued, "So, Hi? Okay so," he cleared his throat, "I think you're very cool and i wanted to know if we could go on a date sometime, maybe grab something to eat or watch a movie togerher, no pressure don't feel obligated to say yes, just... tell me what you think you know." He let out a shaky laugh as he fidgeted akwardly with his fingers before looking back at you. Damn, Sam Wilson was asking you on a date, that was a big deal because he was nervous and never he was, but how could you say no ? You've been admiring him from afar for way too long and he just admitted he was also doing so.
"Yeah, i'd love to go on a date with you sometime Sam." You smiled sweetly at him and you searched fastly in your backpack before taking out your marker. He was super excited and had a giant smile on his face, his heart was beating so fast he thought he might get out of his cage. "I don't have a paper it's okay if i write on the back of your hand ?" You cocked an eyebrow at him and he nodded eagerly. You wrote your number on the back of his hand as you said and as soon as your skin touched again, that electric wave going trough your body came back faster than ever, your smile growing even bigger. You definitly thought it was love at first sight, and that it was what soulmates were experiencing.
You looked at him when you finished writing, he looked more happy than ever and it made your cheeks blush. You putted your marker back in your bag and a couple of seconds passed just where Sam and you were staring at each other with a huge smile. Then he finally talked.
"I should probably go.. I'll tell you when we'll plan our date ?" He looked at you as you nodded in silence, you approached him and gave him a kiss on the cheek before doing a quick wave of the hand "See ya, Wilson." and disappearing in the corridor. Otherwise Sam stood there a couple of minutes caressing with his cheek where you kissed him with the tip of his fingers. He came back to him, realizing what happened and he jumped in the air like a kid, even doing a little dance of joy, running towards Steve and Bucky, ready to tell them everything.
You however you joined Wanda that gave you a knowing look. "I know, i said i'm over it but-" She cutted you with an excited squeak and took you in her arms. "I'm so happy for you! You don't even need me to find a boyfriend!" You laughed and she did so too.
You couldn't wait for your date, and you couldn't wait for your next math class.
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tara-learns-to-write · 24 days ago
Hey, I love all your works! If you haven’t done something similar already, could I request where R is sick + acting really clingy and the Avengers help take care of her? Emphasis on motherly Natasha x R and cuddles, because we always need more Mama Nat 🥰
Hey Bestie :) I totally agree you can never have enough Mama Nat, thank you so much for this it was really fun to write, I hope it lived up to your expectations even though it was so short. Have an amazing day <3
I am not sick
You weren’t sick
Nope not at all
The cough and the constant sneezing was normal
That is what you told yourself every time you managed to catch something
Of course, you were wrong every time
and of course, the team saw through it every time
“If you don’t admit that you are sick then I’m going to have to tell Nat that you aren’t looking after yourself” Tony sighed, disliking the situation even more than you were at this point. You see Tony had been asked to check up on you and make sure you were being sensible because your favorite avenger Nat was away on a mission. “I,” sneeze “am,” sneeze “not,” sneeze “sick!”
You definitely were. Somehow in 2 days, your state had gone from sitting on your bedroom floor contemplating life with a high temperature and a sore back to you wanting nothing more than to be glued to the genius’s side for the rest of your life. “You get clingy when you’re sick and I don’t think you have left my side in the last 2 days” the man grumbled, trying to get to the workbench across the room to grab the screwdriver he needed to tweak the project he was working on, “rude” you muttered back waiting for the man to return form his lonely trip to soak up more of his body heat.
You felt the vibrations of Sam's laugh echo through your chest and pound at the door of your head, a reminder to take paracetamol when you had the energy to get up again. “Sam no laugh make my head hurt” you spoke into the man's side, his grip on you tightening as he whispered an apology and went back to quietly arguing with Bucky about why he needed to get a magnet of Sams's face for his arm.
Everyone had been counting the days until Nat would be back home
For 2 reasons: 1. They knew they would get a telling off for letting you get sick and 2. It meant they could have some time without you hanging off their arm
Don’t get me wrong cuddly y/n was great but after a day or 2 it got a bit frustrating
You missed her too
She was like another to you and all you wanted to do was curl up in her arms as she stroked your hair and read you a story
Thank God you were asleep when she came home so you missed her telling them all off
“Where’s Y/n?” Nat asked when you weren’t there to greet her at the jet like you normally were, walking towards her Steve replied “they got sick, so they’re just sleeping it off right now”. Nats eyebrows shot so far up that Steve was surprised they didn’t fly off her face “THEY WHAT?”. As she ran inside she decided that giving them a lecture would be easiest without a tried and sick teenager by her side. “Who let them get sick?” She asked, face set in a glare as she addressed the group who minutes previously had been watching an episode of friends. “I made sure they went out with a coat every time they left the house” Tony was quick to defend himself hands up in surrender, “well I made sure to cook hot and filling meals every day” Bruce chimed in voice rising an octave as if Tony and just pushed the blame onto him. As the group went through their reasons of innocence it was clear to Natasha that no one was going to fess up so instead of worrying about who did it she focused her attention on you.
Meanwhile, you had woken up
It’s not like the heroes knew how to be quite
You knew that with all the noise it meant Nat had come home
And so you closed your eyes, a soft sleepy smile playing on your face and waited.
The door creaked open as the assassin tiptoed into your room, the bed dipping under her weight “Hey my little Firecracker” she whispered slowly wrapping her arms around. Grinning lazily back at her “Hey mum” you replied snuggling further into her arms and drifting back into the quiet comfort of sleep leaving the woman to keep her happiness at bay. At least until you were better.
You spent the rest of your days recovering in her arms
Talking about whatever your fever field head could come up with like:
“If I went to the doctors and they cut off my thumb would they let me keep it”
“Can you imagine having an argument with Thor over pop tarts, oh wait I did, do you remember that silly cat?”
“I like moss balls, they look so happy”
She might not be your biological mother but that doesn’t mean she won't hold you just as tight when you need her
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rachaelswrites · 25 days ago
New Captain: Part 3
Steve Rogers x Daughter!reader, Sam Wilson x Teen!reader, Bucky Barnes x Teen!reader
Previous Part
Tumblr media
By the end of the day the three of you made your way back to where the shield was in D.C. Since it was too late to do anything right now, Sam got the three of you a hotel room so you could be on Capitol Hill bright and early tomorrow to get the shield. You wanted to go tonight but Sam convinced you to wait. He knew the only way to rightfully get it back was if you three followed as many rules and procedures as you could but your mind was elsewhere. 
Once you were sure both men were asleep, you slipped off of the pull-out couch you were “sleeping” on and searched for your bag. You quickly changed into more suitable clothes and anything else you thought would be helpful. You thought your movements would go unnoticed but Bucky had heard you shuffling. He slowly sat up and watched you. When he saw you slip a small pistol into your holster his eyes went wide and he got your attention, without waking up Sam, “Y/n!” he hissed, quietly getting out of his bed, “What the hell are you doing with that?” he asked, walking over to you. 
“I’m getting the shield. What else could I be doing?” you said back. 
He sighed and put his hands on his hips, “Are you really attempting to steal it right now? I thought we all agreed to do it Sam’s way?”
“I want it now, Bucky. I can’t wait,” you said again, grabbing an extra knife. 
“Look Y/n, I know what the shield means to you. It means a lot to me also,” he crouched down so he was level with you, “But you’re not doing it this way and especially not by yourself. What happens if you get caught? You’ll be in serious trouble,” he explained. 
You sighed and looked up at him, “Then you come with me. I won’t be alone and if we get in trouble, both of us do instead of one.”
“Bucky I’m serious,” you said, cutting him off, “I’m not going to not do this. You either let me do it myself or come with me,” you stood up and grabbed the hotel keycard so you could get back in once you had the shield, “You’re not going to stop me.”
Bucky sighed again and rubbed his forehead with his hand, “You really are your father’s daughter. You know that right?”
You smiled, knowing Bucky was going to go along with you, “I know. I learned from the best.”
“You two are too stubborn for your own good,” he said with a small smile, ruffling your hair. He quickly looked over to Sam, who was still asleep and then back to you, “I’ll meet you in the lobby in five minutes.”
Once you and Bucky met up in the lobby, you two made your way to the facility where the shield was being kept. It wasn’t in the museum anymore, since it was now Walker’s. It was kept in this facility so it would be easier for John to come and go with it as needed and there was more security here than at the museum. Getting past them was going to be the hardest thing about this mission. 
You didn’t like pulling the Captain America’s daughter card but for this particular thing, you thought why not try it. You walked up to the guards and got their attention. Bucky stayed a few feet away from you, letting you do your thing. If he needed to intervene he would, but for now he stayed out of the way. He wasn’t even supposed to be around you without anyone else so he was still nervous about being here. He wasn’t expecting this to go the way you wanted but he couldn’t stop you. Stubbornness was running through your blood. 
When you reached the guards, you smiled sweetly at them, “Hi. I know it’s really late and I’m technically not supposed to be here but I was hoping you could let me in and see the shield?”
The two guards looked at each other before one looked back to you, “Sorry miss. We can’t let anyone in with the shield,” he said. He didn’t seem very sympathetic. 
“Not even for me?” you asked. 
“And who are you?” the other guard asked, clearly annoyed you were bugging them so late at night. 
“I’m Y/n Rogers. I’m Steve Rogers’ daughter. You know, Captain America,” you said. You were trying to keep calm but it wasn’t easy, like you thought it would be. 
“Steve Rogers isn’t Cap anymore kid so that won’t work on us,” the first guard said. 
You groaned in annoyance, “Look, John Walker will never be nearly as good of Captain America as my dad was so just let me see the shield. Please. Just one look,” you begged desperately. 
“Sorry kid. No can do,” the second guard said, “We can’t let you in. It’s not up to us but maybe Captain America will let you. I’m sure he’d love to get to know you.”
You scoffed, “You’re literally in charge of it right now so it is up to you. Just let me in and see it!”
The sudden loudness in your voice made Bucky take a step closer to you. From what he’s heard from Sam, you were easily set off and at any moment now you could snap. He wanted to avoid that at any costs. 
“If you don’t leave now, we’ll have to call the cops. We don’t want to do that,” the first guard said. 
“Do it then. I’m not leaving until I see that shield,” you snapped. You plopped down on the steps and rested your head in your hands, waiting. Bucky walked over to you and sat next to you. 
“Y/n let’s go,” he said. 
You shook your head, “No.”
“Fine,” the second guard said. He walked over to you and tried to grab your arm and pull you up but you spun around quickly and knocked him to the ground, making the other guard go after you. The guard on the ground had already called the cops on the two of you so they were on their way. 
The other guard grabbed you and pinned you to the ground. Immediately jumping into protective mode, Bucky pulled the guard off of you and threw him to the ground, helping you off the ground. Once you were off the ground, you lunged forward, towards whatever guard you could, reaching for the gun you had holstered. Bucky swiftly grabbed you by the collar of your shirt and pulled you back, taking the gun from you and throwing it to the side. You were thrashing around in his hold, screaming for him to let you go and you were trying to wiggle out of his grip so he changed it. He wrapped one of his arms around your waist and the other around your shoulders so you couldn’t move your arms. 
“Y/n stop it!” he yelled over your screams. 
“Damn it Bucky let me go!” you screamed even louder, tears streaming down your face. 
Bucky was alarmed at how quickly you were upset and how violent you had become. He could practically feel the anger seeping out of you just from holding you. He knew the cops were on their way. He could hear the sirens coming so he tried to calm you down as much as he could before they got here. He shushed you quietly, trying to talk you down. 
Your yells and scream slowly turned into sobs so Bucky turned you around so your face was buried in his chest. As soon as the cops arrived, they immediately separated the two of you, putting you in separate cars. 
Sam had woken up to his phone buzzing and tons of missed calls. He also noticed the two of you were gone and it didn’t look like your beds were slept in. He also took notice of your half open bag with clothes and other things strewn around it. 
After checking the messages and seeing the numbers that had called him, he had a hunch he knew what had gone down. 
You spent most of the night in the holding cell seething with anger and pacing around your cell. You knew your reaction was way over the top but the way those two guards talked to you, you couldn’t help it. They acted as if your dad wasn’t important anymore and it was all about John. Your dad fought to save the world more times than you could count and it was swept under the rug like it didn’t matter. And it was all Walker’s fault. 
If he didn’t show up, the shield would be in a museum. You wished it was with Sam but as long as Walker didn’t have it, you didn’t care where it was. It was your dad’s legacy and you had to fight to protect it now. Since no one else wanted to, it was now your job. 
A guard walked over and unlocked your cell, “It’s your lucky day.”
You walked out of the cell and he led you down the corridor to the main waiting area. You spotted Sam talking to Dr. Raynor. You recognized her as Bucky’s therapist. She had sat you down and talked to you about Bucky before he was deemed unfit to care for you. She was one of the only people who thought it would be a good idea, seeing as she was the only one who actually asked for your opinion on the matter. 
When Sam saw you enter the room his eyes shifted over to you, “Y/n! Thank God you’re okay,” he walked over to you and pulled you into a hug. He wasn’t told what had happened, just that there was a fight and some serious injuries. He didn’t know what he would do with himself if you had gotten hurt. 
“Yeah I’m fine,” you grumbled, shoving yourself out of his grip. 
“You know what you did was stupid right?” he asked, “It could’ve gone a lot worse.”
“I know I know,” you snapped. 
Dr. Raynor had walked over to you and stuck her hand out, “I’m sure you remember me Y/n.”
“I do,” you said, shaking her hand, “Where’s Bucky?” you asked. 
Sam and Dr. Raynor looked at each other before she spoke up, “Me and him have to have a session so he’s waiting for me. I needed to tell you something first,” she explained. 
“What?” you asked. 
Sam spoke up before she could answer, “Because of what happened, you have to have mandated sessions as well.”
You scoffed, “Yeah right. I’m not going. I’m not crazy.”
“You don’t have a choice,” Raynor said, “They’re taking you back now and you’ll meet your guy then,” she said. 
You crossed your arms over your chest and scoffed again, “I’d rather be on the moon.”
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Avengers tweets as things me and my friends have said
This is genuinely stuff me and my friends have said. (The ginger one was me to a ginger teacher, and I screamed it across the hallway). There was so many to pick from but these were the best :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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