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thinkinghardhardlythinking · 10 minutes ago
Good Girl
Summary: Sam and the Reader, his girlfriend, experiment a little with control
Pairings: Sam x F!Reader
Warnings: Smut, Kind of Dom!Sam/Rough sex vibes but not too much??
Word Count: 9820 words
A/N: OK, so let’s forget that this was originally supposed to be a drabble (FML!) I think this is the closest I’ve ever got to Dom!Sam and it was written in response to @fangirlxwritesx67‘s HHDD request 
Pleeeeeease a HHDD with Walker or Sam where she's a bigger girl and he just really handles her for the first time in her life and its hot?
It was also written for @spnmixedbingo Square Filled: Orgasm Denial
And @spnkinkbingo Square Filled: Name Calling
And @supernatural-jackles’s Tell Me a Story Bingo Square Filled: Quote D ‘I’ll take care of you’ Quote in bold in the fic
Tumblr media
You couldn’t help but stare adoringly at him as you tucked the huge towel around your wet body. Showering together was the best way to start the day ever.
“Mmmmm….I think you earned yourself a fancy breakfast, hot stuff. Cooked with thanks by your grateful girlfriend. What d’ya say? Pancakes? Eggs? Jesus...after that...a six course meal made from scratch with amuse bouche and paired wines?”
He laughed. “I’m good with granola, sweetheart, but I am pleased to know I helped get your day off to a good start.” He smiled at you through the reflection in the mirror, over the basin in front of him.
You let out a long, satisfied, sigh. “Well, that you most certainly did.” You said, making your way over to wrap your arms around him and kiss him deeply and slowly. You looked up into his ‘sunflowers against the clearest, bluest, skies’ eyes and watched the wet strands of his hair as they hung down onto his face. God, he was so sexy it was unreal. “I’ll get you some granola and juice and coffee then. Even though you deserve so, so much more…”
He smiled at you, pleased. “Getting to shower with you, like that, every morning is all the reward I need, Baby.” He kissed you again before adding. “I’m just gonna shave and I’ll be right there.”
“Yeah?” You said, leaning in to rub your nose against the slight scratch of the scruff of his jaw. “OK, but just so you know….you don’t have to. I like you clean shaven and I like you with stubble. Both. Equally. You make both look….” You did a ‘chef’s kiss’ gesture that made him laugh.
“Really?” He said, leaning into you and nuzzling his face against yours adorably. “No preference at all? I was mainly shaving because I didn’t want you getting stubble rash in delicate places.” His voice was all low and husky and you realised you were going to have to leave the bathroom soon or you’d end up needing another shower.
You ignored his stubble rash comment because the idea of his head between your legs again was only going to make it hard to form coherent sentences. Instead you just shook your head in response to his question. “No, no preference. You’re just….perfect, in all the ways, and I’m just...a big fan of you, your body and your face. Mmmm. This face. The’s so soft.” You leaned in and kissed his cheek. “I like it smooth…” You showered a light trail of gentle kisses over the side of his face and he leaned into your kiss in a way that melted your heart. “...and I like it rough.”
You’d meant it innocently enough but the minute you heard it you realised what you’d said and the possible innuendo in your words. He obviously did too as he pulled his head back slowly fixing you with a look that made your breath hitch slightly in your throat. A look that was a little taken aback but mostly daring, intrigued and sexy. So. Fucking. Sexy.
“Oh, really?” He said, the slightest upward kink playing on the corners of his smile.
You were a grown ass woman and you didn’t get shy easily. You’d also been ‘together’ for a few weeks now, finally accepting that you were both clearly way more than ‘just friends’ after Sam’s unexpected confession that he was ‘in love with you and had been for a long time’, so you weren’t sure why the way he was looking at you was making your cheeks so warm and your eyes want to look at the floor.
“I didn’t mean it like that.” You said, honestly.
“I know.” He said, softly. “Hey…” He stooped a little to force your eyes to meet his, lifting his hand to gently lift your chin, stroking your cheek with his thumb gently as he did. “...what’s going on? Why’ve you gone so shy, sweetheart? You don’t do that. Not with me.”
“What? I’m fine. I just didn’t mean it the way it came out, that’s all.”
“I know that. But seeing as you did say it, even if it was an question still stands.”
“What was the question again?” You asked, quietly, playing for time.
He smiled patiently. “Do you?” He said, his voice steady and low. “Like it rough?”
“Um…” You took a breath and looked into his eyes, “I don’t know. Not really? I don’t think so? Maybe? A bit?”
His smile widened a little as his eyebrows knitted together in clear confusion. “That was a lot of different answers for one question.”
You let out a deep breath. “I think I might….a little bit, perhaps, nothing crazy? Not whips and chains, well, I don’t think so anyway.” You laughed nervously.
He smiled at you. “So, you’ve never really...explored it before? Not enough to know what you want or what you might like?” He asked sweetly, taking care not to make you feel awkward.
You stood up tall, shaking the previous embarrassment off as you rolled your shoulders back. “Well….no, I guess not. I liked it the other night, when you held me down a little? And when you, er, slapped my ass a bit.” He smiled and then bit his lower lip as he nodded. “But yeah, I guess I don’t have tons of experience with that really...Like I said, I don’t think I want anything that’s really…’out there’ and it’s not like anyone can throw me around the bedroom so-”
“What?” He said, his brow furrowing. “What d’you mean?”
“Sam.” You said, giving him a ‘look’.
He stared into your eyes, defiantly. “Y/N.” He said, echoing your tone.
“Most men can’t exactly pick me up and swing me around.”
“Well, would you want me to? To ‘pick you up and swing you around’? To throw you around a little?” Sam asked, his eyes narrowing in curious fascination. “I’m not ‘most men’.”
That was definitely true but still, strong as he was, you were realistic about your body. It had taken a lot of time for you to divorce yourself from all that societal bullshit that tried to make women hate themselves and how they looked. Now you were good with your body, good with who you were and your curves. You were certainly good with how Sam seemed to worship them. You’d had reservations at first - he was so obviously, objectively, perfect, by all of society’s standards - but surprisingly it had only taken a few conversations to get over that. He’d been so convincing as he explained just how sexy he found you and incredibly emphatic about how hot he found your hard won confidence that you’d believed him unequivocally and had no need for self doubt or insecurity. He made you feel sexy and desired and adored.
Still, that didn’t change the sheer physics of things.
“You’re right, you are not ‘most men’, and like I said, I liked what we did the other night. A lot. Honestly, Sam….when we’re’s hot. Can’t you tell how into it I am?”
He nodded but his eyebrows were still bunched up over his adorable puppy dog pout. 
“Yeah, I mean...I can. And it is hot. Really fucking hot. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be better, doesn’t mean I don’t want to know what you like, what you’re into, all the things that would make it even...hotter for you. That’s part of it in a relationship, right? Learning what the other person is excited by? What really turns them on? Gets them off? Exploring that side of yourselves as a couple? Finding out how your bodies work together and compliment each other? Finding out all the ways you fit together, all the ways you make each other feel good?”
“Oh God!” You said, “See? say stuff like that and….it’s just so sexy. You are so sexy! Yes, let’s do that! All the exploring and being sexy together. I want to. Fuck, I really want to. Just...please can we forget about the stuff that might put you in traction, OK?”
“What?!” Sam said, the volume of his voice combined with the look of outrage on his face, telling you that you’d clearly just said the wrong thing. You’d thought a joke might diffuse some of the tension but it had obviously been a misstep. “You….you don’t think I can do it, do you?”
“It’s just...It’s a fact. You cannot ‘throw me around the bedroom’. You can’t. It’s OK. If anyone could it would be you. You’re very strong, I know that. I was just stating a fact, please don’t take it the wrong way. It’s not at all a statement about you or your ‘manliness’ or whatever. You’re not lacking in any way. I’m...Sam, I know what your exes looked like. I’m not saying I’m ‘huge’ or anything but I’m just….bigger.”
“Y/N-” You heard the tone in his voice. It was his ‘you better not be talking shit about my girlfriend’ tone that usually made you smile.
“No. Sam, this isn’t a...confidence issue. It’s not about me feeling bad about myself or needing reassurance. You know I learned to love myself a long time ago, to appreciate my curves-”
“God, I know.” He said, shaking his head a little, his face breaking into an expression of awestruck appreciation. “I’ve told you before, that confidence is so fucking sexy!”
“Thank you, sweetheart.” You said, smiling at him. “Look, I’m just being...realistic, that’s all. Not down on myself. We’re together...I believe you like me. That you like my body.”
“‘Like’ your body?” The look of outrage was back. He leaned in close so he could speak low into your ear, the way he knew made your thighs instinctively rub together as you clenched inside. “Baby, if you think I just ‘like’ your body then...I’m not doing my job very well and we have far bigger problems than you underestimating me in the bedroom.”
“‘Underestimating’ you? What are you talking about? I have spent enough time with you in the bedroom...and out of it too sometimes, like, say, ten minutes or so ago in the shower, to know that you are…” You trailed off, unable to find the words. 
His face was expectant as he watched you, arching one eyebrow as he waited for you to finish your sentence. 
“Exceptional. Amazing. Talented. Hot. And Sexy….just so,” You saw him thaw a little despite his best efforts to remain indignant. “Baby, I’m just talking about logistics here. The laws of physics. Trust me, nobody here’s underestimating you, my strong, gorgeous, sexy, giant man.”
He huffed out an unexpected laugh and his face finally relaxed back into a smile and you knew you’d won him over. 
“OK, fine.” He said, reaching out and pulling you to him, firmly. Insistently. In a way that gave you a little thrill inside and drew from you an involuntarily girlie noise you weren’t sure you’d ever made before. He squeezed your ass, through the towel, in his huge, manly, hands. His grip, just the right side of ‘hard’. He stared down into your eyes, a serious but sexy tone in his voice as he spoke. “But I don’t ‘like’ your body. I fucking love your body. The curves. The soft skin. Your breasts. This ass! know how I feel about your…” He stopped, a playful smirk on his face. “You know what?...This isn’t over. You’ll see.”
You giggled in his arms. “Will I, now? That a threat?”
He looked at you, an uncharacteristically cocky smirk on his face. “That’s a promise.” He said, before he kissed you.
You left the shower room and had breakfast and largely forgot about your conversation as you went about your day. Dean was in Minnesota, visiting Donna. He’d said the reason for the trip was simply that it had been a while since he’d seen her but you suspected he’d gone because he wanted to give you and Sam some space. The leap from friends to more than that was still so new. It was amazing though, and although you missed Dean, you were glad to enjoy a little time in the bunker, just the two of you. 
You spent the day together and went into town in the afternoon, strolling down the street enjoying the novelty of holding hands and then laughing over your new fledgling ‘inside jokes’ over coffee in the diner. 
Later you cooked dinner together, sharing jobs - ‘you chop the vegetables, I’ll get started on the sauce’ -  and stealing kisses in the kitchen. 
After you’d eaten you both cuddled up on your bed to watch TV for a while though you weren’t watching so much as making out on your bed and gazing adoringly at each other.
“You are so pretty.” He said, as he stared into your eyes, stroking your hair off your face. He said it softly and quietly as he smiled and his obvious sincerity made your cheeks feel warm.
“Shush!” You said, despite your grin, a little uncomfortable taking compliments at such close range.
“What? You are.” He said, turning the TV off with the remote before turning back to 
kiss you. “Mmmm….I’m so fucking lucky. You’re just...incredible. So beautiful and smart and kind and funny and sexy….”
He leaned in and kissed your neck, his lips feeling amazing against your skin there. 
“Is that so?” You asked, rhetorically, though he moaned out a sound of confirmation through his kiss anyway.
When he pulled back he bit his lower lip as he stared at you. “Hey, you…” He trailed off for a second before starting again. “Have you ever heard of the traffic light system?”
You pulled a face, it seemed like a strange non sequitur to be suddenly discussing driving. You were trying to think of a suitable reply but apparently your confused expression gave him the answer he was seeking anyway.
“So, it’s this thing where if you’re in bed and your partner is doing something and they want to check in with you, they’ll ask you your colour and if you’re enjoying it you say ‘green’. Like on a traffic light? Green for go? But throughout the whole thing, not just when you’re asked a question but at any time, if you say ‘yellow’ it means slow down and ‘red’ means ‘stop, right now’. You can just, at any time, use those colours and it’s like a code. Like a safeword.”
“A safeword?!” You spluttered out. Admittedly this traffic light system seemed ingenious and now you came to think of it you were sure you’d heard about it somewhere before, but still...a ‘safeword’? “Sam, you asked me this morning about ‘liking it rough’ but right now it’s occurring to me that I didn’t ask you…”
“What?” He said, his brows furrowing at you again, like they had earlier that morning.
“Well….I’ve got to be pretty into it if you have safewords and stuff?” 
Your relationship was still so new that talking like this about sex still felt a little awkward. You knew you wouldn’t judge him whatever he said but if you were honest, you were a little uneasy. If he was really into flinging his partner around and all the other things you were sure he could do with petite, easily throwable, physically perfect girls like the ones he’d been with in the past, well, you were worried you wouldn’t be able to give him what he wanted.
“Um...well….I guess it depends on what you mean. I do like taking control sometimes but I also have no problem with my partner doing it either. If they want. When they want. It depends, I guess. What feels right in the moment?”
You listened, nodding, and let him continue.
“The traffic light thing is because, well, I’m a big guy and I’d never want to hurt anyone or scare them so its always been really important to me that anyone I’m with should feel safe and comfortable so yeah, I guess after a while, when it seemed like the right time I’d bring it up or mention it or whatever. I’ve just always wanted to be really clear, always wanted anyone I’m with to know, that no matter what was happening, they could take control at any time, make me slow down or stop, even if...even if I was the one ‘in control’ at the time, so to speak.”
You felt the corners of your mouth rising. It was so ‘Sam’ to be so sexy and manly in such a gentle, caring way.
“What do you mean by ‘taking control’?” You asked, feeling less awkward and more able to talk about it more openly, reassured by him already.
“Well...I suppose it would mean different things depending on who you were with.”
“That’s….very evasive of you.”
“I’m not evading. I’m leaving it open to whatever we want it to mean when we explore that. Together.”
“But what would you want it to mean? Like….when you hear the expression ‘like it rough’, it seems….a little ‘Fifty Shades’? Like tying up and restraints and pain and punishment and stuff. Is that what you want?”
He shrugged. “I don’t know. I’ve...played around with it, a little, and I didn’t hate it but...I think….” He let out a loud sigh. “I think for any of that, for me at least it always seemed like the kind of thing that you’d explore in a relationship, you know? Because I just always thought you needed...real trust and connection to play around with stuff like that. Control and dominance and submission, pain and pleasure - all of it. And sure, I’ve had some fun flirting with parts of it answer your earlier question I don’t know what I want it to mean. I think for me to really explore it I’d want to be in a relationship with a lot of trust and respect and, well, you know I haven’t had a lot of them. And of the one’s I did have, I mean...I was too young with Jess and not in the right headspace with Amelia, didn’t get to spend enough time with Eileen, what with some apocalypse or other. I guess maybe things were a little ‘rough’ with Ruby, despite that not being a relationship per see, but...I mean, that was all fucked up and she was a demon and remember the whole demon blood escapade….”
You nodded, grateful he was being so honest. “That must have been fun, though? I mean talk about rough sex. A demon and a super powerful demon blood high?” you asked, watching as self consciousness flickered across his face, he didn’t always like talking about that time.
“I guess. In a way but it was also really messed up. It wasn’t exactly ‘normal’ and it might have felt good in the moment but….I always felt weird and shitty afterwards.” He paused and cleared his throat. “Anyway, those...women aside, I wasn’t at that level of connection with anyone else, didn’t really get to be so, yeah, I guess I haven’t really had the kind of relationship that I would have wanted to explore that in…..not before you anyway…” He trailed off, his eyes drifting downwards before they lifted back to yours. He smiled softly before he carried on. “Listen, just because we’ve been talking about all of this doesn’t mean...well, it doesn’t mean anything. I just...I really like what we have and I’m excited about exploring and experimenting. But only when the time is right. When we want and how we want. There’s no...pressure or anything, OK? I just….I wanted you to feel safe, always, that’s why I brought it up. We can literally just keep kissing like this all night and it’ll be a perfect evening.”
You smiled and leaned in to kiss him and afterwards you whispered into his ear, “Well, now I know we don’t have to and there’s no pressure….I kind of want to play around a little.”
He laughed and looked into your eyes. “Yeah?”
You nodded. “The other night, I know it was just a little bit of it, with the holding down and the little spanks on my ass but...I don’t know, it was kind of nice getting a glimpse into your more dominant side and...I liked it.”
“Oh, you did, huh?” He said, with a playful, sexy smile on his inviting lips.
“Yeah. Made me think that you did, in fact, ‘like it rough’, after all.”
He huffed out the tiniest amused laugh. “I like it ‘you’.” He said, leaning in and kissing you, deeper and harder this time. After the kiss he looked at you, his eyes searching yours for a moment.
“ want me to take control?” He asked, clearly double checking.
“I think I do.” You said.
You nodded, feeling emboldened. “Yeah. Rough. Hot. Dirty. I trust you, Sam. I want to...explore that side of you, of us.”
He let out a long, deep breath, full of desire. “Dirty, huh?”
You shrugged, trying not to lose your nerve and get embarrassed, feeling the excited fluttering taking place deep in the core of you. He raised an eyebrow at you and you realised a shrug wasn’t going to cut it.
“Yes. Be dirty with me. Be hot and sexy and dirty. God, Sam, I want you so much…”
“I want you too.” He said, his voice lower and deeper and leaving you in no doubt that he meant what he said. “ last thing. You remember the colours, yes?”
“Sam, it’s a traffic light! I think I rememb-”
“Please. Just...humour me? Please, sweetheart?”
“Green means it’s good. Yellow means I want you to slow down and Red means I want you to stop.”
“Yes. And you should use the colours, OK? I need to know that you will and I need you to know that there are no questions or discussions. If you say ‘Red’...everything stops. No frustration or judgement or disappointment or anything. I think...we can only have fun and let go if we both know that, OK?”
“OK, well same for you.”
“I’ll use the system if you use the system. We’re exploring, right? We don’t know where it’s going to go? So...same rules for us both to play with. Do you know your colours, Sam?”
He smiled. “Yes, ma’am. Green for go. Yellow for slow down. Red for stop.” He let out a little laugh, his eyes full of attraction and affection. “I fucking love you.”
“I know. I love you too.”
He got off the bed and stood by the side of it. He reached out, offering you his hand which you took, slightly unsure of what was going to happen next. He helped you up and then you both were standing. 
He looked down into your eyes, those gorgeous strands falling on his face again, and leaned forward to kiss you; slow and tender. Then he pulled out of the kiss and trailed his gaze down your body, unbuttoning the large shirt you were wearing and pushing it off your shoulders.
“This is pretty.” He said, his eyes fixed on the lacy black bra you were wearing with the little pink bows on the shoulder straps.
“I had a feeling you might be seeing me in my underwear so...I thought I’d wear something you might like, just in case.”
He smiled. “Have I ever told you how much I love how resourceful you are?” He teased, his eyes not leaving your encased breasts. “And I do like it. A lot.”
“I’m glad. I don’t often get to wear lacy matching sets like this so….”
“Oh, sweetheart, we’ll definitely have to do something about that because look fucking amazing.” He said, his voice low and deep and full of appreciation for your body. “And it’s part of a set, you say?”
“Mmm hmm.”
“Well, I’m going to have to see that. Not that I don’t believe you...I just...really wanna check.”
He pushed your sleep shorts down and you stepped out of them, kicking them towards the corner of the room as you heard him let out a low moan full of desire at the sight of you. 
“Oh, Baby….” He said, not finishing the thought because he didn’t need to. It was clear he liked what he saw by the look in his eyes and the awe in his voice.
“Can I…?” You said, your hands gripping the fabric of his T Shirt. 
“You’re asking my permission already?” He said, his dimples furrowing on one side of his crooked smirk very sexily. “If you want to, sweetheart.”
You pulled his T shirt off him, him stooping a little to help, and then pushed his sweatpants and boxers down. He stepped out of them and kicked them towards the little pile of your clothes that was forming, as your eyes took in the sight of his hardening cock.
It wasn’t fully hard yet and it was still so, so perfect. You wondered if you would ever not be flooded by wonder at the sight of it. It was so beautiful. Long and thick and gorgeous. The soft skin of it. How hard it got. The satisfying heft of it. The way it strained, all flushed and perfect. There was no part of him that wasn’t perfect.
You ran your hands over him as he stood before you. The wide, thick, shoulders and taut, muscled back. The tight, hard ass. The warm, soft, smooth skin that covered him. The firm, wide chest and chiseled abs. It was actually a little beyond perfection if there could be such a thing. One of your hands ran up to his face, and he leaned into your open palm, staring at you with such palpable adoration.
“I love the way you touch me.” He said, quiet and simple.
“I love touching you.” 
He smiled but then his face settled into a look far more...sexual. “Sweetheart, that underwear is beautiful but I think it has to come off now.”
“But I put it on just for you and-”
“Take it off.” He said, not loudly or aggressively, but direct and certain and in a tone that clearly wasn’t asking. You looked at him and felt something pass in the look between you, something heated. “I want you naked.”
You reached behind you to unhook your bra and took it off, following it with the removal of your panties, your eyes not leaving his the whole time. His eyes raked up and down you as he let out a deep, heavy exhale of appreciation. 
“Thank you.” He said, before leaning forward and kissing you, his large, strong hands running over your body as he did. He walked you backwards until you were against the wall and then continued to kiss you into it, firmly, with an obvious increasing hunger.
He kept kissing you as his hand made its way between your legs to teasingly stroke your pussy. He let out a groan into your kiss when he felt your wet slickness against his fingertips. His touch felt good. His touch always felt good. You didn’t understand how his giant, manly hands could possess such a deft and delicate touch but they did and they made you feel so good when he touched you. Anywhere. Everywhere.
His kiss trailed down from your lips as he continued to let out his deep, low, moans against your flesh over your neck and your breasts and then, as he slowly sank to his knees, your belly and your hips, his hands still stroking your pussy as his hot, open, mouth made its way down your body.
You looked down at this gorgeous, perfect man, who you loved, down on his knees in front of you and wondered how in the world you had gotten this lucky. 
His eyes looked dark in the lamp light of your room, like deep melted pools of chocolate, as he looked up at you. His hand was still on you but he halted its movement for a second.
“Do you trust me?” He asked, as he stared up at you.
You were a little unsure but in the end you answered honestly. “Yes. I do.”
He smiled, just a little curve at the edge of his lips. “Good.” He leaned forward and pressed his lips in a sweet kiss on the front of you, just at the very top of your pussy and then ran the hand that wasn’t slowly starting to rub your pussy again up your left leg. “Lift your leg and put it on my shoulder.” He said, as he guided you with his hand to do just that. His eyes took in the sight of you, now slightly exposed, just in front of his eyes. 
“God, I love your pussy. It’s so….beautiful.” He said, leaning forward to push his head between your legs. His tongue lapping at your clit as his fingers teased and then began to push into your entrance. You moaned as you felt him push them further into you and his lips fasten around your swollen clit as he gently sucked. 
Your leg stayed on his shoulder where he’d placed it as his licks and sucks and kisses got more frenzied, one hand pushing his fingers in and out of you in a delicious steady rhythm and the other squeezing its grip into the flesh of your ass cheek as he kept you in place. You felt how the hand on your ass moved a little higher, nearer your hip, and with skill and certainty changed the angle of you so his fingers began to rub over your G spot inside of you.
You could hear yourself, your moans getting loud and mixing with the groans that he was making into your pussy, groans of satisfaction and desire, and the obscene slurping noises that he made as he lapped at you with unbridled enthusiasm. He loved going down on you. He’d told you that before and he clearly did, there was no doubt of that at all.
Even though he was on his knees in front of you, he still had to stoop a little forward to lick you and suck you, as he pushed you into the wall. You felt him pull his fingers out of you and moaned, a little whinier than you’d have liked, at the loss. He took that hand and put it under your other ass cheek and pushed you up the wall, pushing his wide shoulders between your legs and lifting your other leg up so it too rested on him, on his other shoulder.
“Sam! No, you’ll hurt-”
“Yellow.” He said, taking his lips from your pussy for a moment as he looked up at you. “Slow down with the talk like that. In fact more of it. I know my limits. Trust me.” He looked serious as he stared at you for a second and then his face relaxed into something more playful and much sexier. “Now be a good girl and let me eat your pussy before I stand up and fuck you into this wall.” 
His head eagerly returned to your open cunt, the new angle of one of your legs on each of his shoulders allowing him to push his tongue into you, his moans getting louder and wilder as he tasted you. Then he ran his tongue out and up and over your clit only to pull it down to your entrance and push it in again. He did it over and over, getting faster and faster. It felt so good you almost forgot how he was somehow managing all of your weight between his, admittedly strong, wide shoulders and your bedroom wall. You twisted your fingers through the thick, silky strands of his hair, your nails scratching gently against his scalp as you pulled gently. It all felt amazing. You wanted to arch your back in pleasure but the way he had you pushed up and into the wall meant it was hard to do so. You felt surprisingly secure as he lapped at you, swirling his tongue against your clit and licking his way into your pussy. His hands kept your ass in place and when he pulled his head back from you you didn’t falter or feel precarious at all which surprised you.
His eyes fastened on yours for a second. “You feel so good on my mouth and my fingers, baby. I need to feel you on my cock. Need to be inside you.”
In deft movement, he raised himself up and using his body to pinion you in place against the wall he lifted your legs up higher, guiding you to wrap them tight around his waist, as he pushed his hard, straining cock into you.
Normally he entered you slowly, easing each thick, hot, inch into you until he was fully seated, but this time, this time he pushed steadily in one surge. It felt urgent and desperate and hot as he filled you. It didn’t hurt but it certainly knocked the wind out of your lungs.
He kept you in place with his hands, keeping you in place against the wall as he kept up the push into you and let out a deep groan.
He bottomed out deep inside of you with your legs wrapped around his waist, pushed high up against the wall. You felt his thick hardness in you, felt yourself straining to contain the sheer fleshy heft of it as it filled you up. He leaned in to whisper into your ear, his voice low and husky, sounding like pure sex.
“Can you feel me deep, Baby? Does it feel good?” He asked.
“Yeah.” You replied breathlessly, still impaled on his heavy length against the wall.
“I can feel you. You feel fucking amazing all warm and wet and tight, so fucking tight around me…” He nibbled against your ear lobe. “I love your pussy. Love the way it feels. Love making it mine.”
You moaned out as he pulled his hips back and began to move inside of you.
“I want to claim it. Want to claim you.” He breathed out as he moved.
“Maybe I want you to.” You said, trying to focus on your words though you were distracted by his cock pushing and dragging inside of you. “Maybe I’ll let you.”
“‘Let me’, huh? God, your confidence is so fucking sexy….I’m the one buried deep inside of you. Fucking you. Fucking your pussy with my big, hard cock. So, tell me.” He growled into your ear as he moved. “Tell me it’s mine. That it belongs to me.”
“It’s yours, Sam. My belongs to you. No one can make it feel like you do.” You said, surprising yourself with how hot you found his uncharacteristic territorialism. “It’s yours….I’m yours.”
He groaned out, sounding satisfied at your reply, his hips pistoning him in and out of you at an increasing pace. “I’m the only one who gets to love you and the only one who gets to fuck you, to make your pussy feel good, isn’t that right, sweetheart?”
The drag of his full, heavy, thickness inside you felt powerful and incredible inside you.
“You like it when I take control, darlin’?” He asked.
He lifted his head to smile, sexy and confident, as he looked deeply into your eyes.
“That’s my girl.” He said, fucking himself into you, an easy confident smirk on his lips and his eyes lust blown. One hand trailed over your skin, creating ripples of pleasure out from his touch as it ran up and twisted itself up into your hair, pulling your head slightly back with his tight, but not too tight, grip. His eyes ran over your face, searching and full of molten hot desire.
“You make my cock feel so good, all wet and hot around me, soaking me with your wetness. Stroking me with your tight pussy. Your sexy, strong legs wrapped around me, pulling me even deeper into you. I love fucking you deep like this, Baby. Knowing my head is so, so deep in you.” He bit against his lower lip, relaxing his grip in your hair to instead just fiercely run his hands through it, pushing his palm ferociously and powerful against your head, his thick fingers splaying and grabbing through the strands.
He leaned in to kiss you hard, his tongue fucking into your mouth, as his pace became more punishing.
You could feel the pleasure in your rising and hurtling towards your inevitable and intense orgasm. He knew you well enough to know what it meant as he heard your moans getting higher.
“You gonna come for me, Baby?” He asked and you could only nod. He stopped moving his hips and instead pushed his way all the way deep into you again. “Not until I say so.”
You looked at him frustrated and defiant and in disbelief that he was denying you like this. 
“You ready?” He asked.
“For what?”
“What you didn’t think I could do.” He said, as still buried deep inside of you he turned, one hand on your lower back, the other between your shoulders with your legs still wrapped tight around him.
You fought against your urge to tell him to be careful and watch his back as he made the few steps to the edge of the bed, pausing at the edge to give you a self satisfied grin and raise his eyebrows at you smugly. He pulled his hips back and pulled out of you before he flung you backwards onto the bed with enough care so you didn’t hurt yourself but enough rough handedness to make you feel thrown. It made you gasp. No one had ever treated you like this before. You hadn’t thought they could.
He stood at the edge of the bed staring down at you. You went to sit up but he shook his head and firmly, insistently, told you to ‘Lie down.’
The look he fixed you with seemed so intense; so obscene and dirty and richly sexual and animalistic. You weren’t sure you’d ever been looked at like that before. It made your breath hitch. He looked like he wanted to devour you.
“Colour?” He asked.
“Green.” You replied, seeing the reassured and pleased look flicker over his features, instantly overtaken by the returning look of ravenous hunger.
“Open your legs for me, baby.” He said, raking his gaze over you as you followed his instructions and letting it settle on your pussy, wet and glistening before him. “Touch yourself. Want to see your beautiful fingers as they make your pussy feel good. My pussy feel good. Don’t come though. You understand? That beautiful cunt only comes when I say it can.”
You touched yourself like he’d asked, spreading your wetness up and down your slit as his eyes watched your fingers like a hawk, his mouth parting as he watched. 
“You look so good, sweetheart.” He said, his voice full of awe and appreciation.
You started to rub your clit, stroking up and down over it and then in circles, your body arching as it started to feel that peak drawing near again.
“Stop.” He said, authoritatively, leaning over the bed to grab your wrists firmly when you didn’t comply. “You really don’t like that I won’t let you come, do you?” He said, a slight edge of amusement in his voice.
You flashed him a defiant look of frustration. 
“Don’t worry...I’ll make you come. Make you come real good and hard. Just….when I say so. If I let go of your hands will you be good and keep them off this gorgeous pussy?”
You nodded, reluctantly.
“Good girl.” He said and you let out a deep breath. Why was him calling you that so fucking hot?
He let go of your wrists and you put them down by your sides as he continued to lean forward over the bed, his left arm braced against the mattress by the side of you as his right hand gripped his still wet shaft in his hand, pumping it with his fist for a few strokes. Then he stood upright and grabbed your ankles and with a hard yank, pulled you down to the edge of the bed before him. 
He pulled your legs apart, a slight animal sneer pulling on his lips as he stared and then he let go, letting you settle them, bent and open, with your feet on the edge of the mattress. 
He looked hungrily and desirously into your eyes and he took his cock, still in his curled fist, and began to run the thick head of it up and down through your wet and desperate folds - desperate for him, desperate to come - up and down, torturously slowly. His face drew itself in tightly as he hissed, the feel of your silky heat against the tip of his cock clearly feeling good.
He rubbed his head over your clit, up and down, making you moan. You wanted to come. Needed it.
“Please, Sam. I know you’re being in control and I love it, really I do but please...I need you back inside of me and I really need you to fuck me and make me come. I need your dick. Really, I need it.”
He looked at you, his eyes hooded with his own full blown lust. “OK, baby. If you really need it and seeing as you asked so nicely. You know I love to make you feel good.”
He placed the tip of himself at your entrance, pausing to make intense and electric eye contact with you.
“Please.” You begged, not caring how desperate you sounded, just needing to feel him filling you up again.
He pushed forward with his hips, sliding his way deep into you. You watched the way his face contorted with pleasure as he watched himself entering you, pushing your lips apart around his heavy thickness.
“Oh, Baby….you look so good full of my thick cock.” He said as he began to fuck you.
He grabbed your ankles and pulled your legs up to rest against his chest and up onto his shoulders, turning his head to run an open mouthed, deliciously sloppy kiss by your ankle.
He was thrusting deep inside you, so delightful and wonderfully deep, and you felt so full. Full and claimed and his.
He thrust hard and deep and fast, watching himself fucking into you and then trailing his gaze to take in the way your breasts shook with each powerful thrust and the sight of your face as you pushed your head back and into the mattress letting out deep sinful moans. When you looked up and your eyes met his, the intensity of the look between you was so charged, so sexy, it made you clench around him.
“Good girl.” He said, after letting out a groan of pleasure at the feeling of you tightening around his thrusting cock, and him calling you that made you clench hard again. “Yeah, you like that? Like it when I call you that? Like being a good girl for me?”
The loud moan you made and the flutter deep inside of you, around his thick cock was all the answer he needed.
His large hands settled on your shins and pulled your legs apart again, his eyes settling once more to watch your pussy as he filled it over and over with his slick, heavy dick. Then he brought them together, still fucking you hard, your legs pushed together where he held them in front of him.
“Fuck, you’re so fucking tight….” He groaned through his breathless thrusts. “OK, Baby, let’s play a game. I already claimed you, already claimed your’s mine. You’re good girl….but I wanna see what else you are...what else you wanna be.”
You weren’t really sure what he meant. It was hard to focus as the orgasm he kept building then denying was rising up powerfully again.
He brought his large hand that was currently gripping your ankles together, to the side slightly, still keeping your legs together but now they were twisted to the left, your body forming an ‘L shape’ against him as he continued his rutting into you.
“My beautiful perfect wanna be a needy, gorgeous slut for me? naughty, dirty girl? My beautiful, dirty whore-”
His eyes widened as he felt you clench hard around him again. An involuntary giveaway of how hot you found it.
“Yeah?” He asked, his voice low and teasing. “You want to be a good girl and let me fuck you like a beautiful whore? Like my beautiful, dirty whore? Baby, I can tell that you good around my cock when I feel you gripping me tight like that….”
You were moaning loudly, about to fall into the swells of your orgasm when he pushed all the way deep inside of you and stilled. It was too much how he kept getting you so close and stopping. You let out a wail of frustration as he bent over to speak to you, his eyes fixed on yours and his voice quiet and controlled.
“Babygirl, it’s my pussy, right? It only gets to come when I say...I told you. Colour?”
“Green.” You said, reluctantly and a little frustratedly, despite the fact that his cock was buried deep in you, making you feel so deliciously full. You really wanted to come. Wanted him to let you. Wanted him to make you. You really didn’t want him to stop. 
He pulled out of you slowly and then let go of your ankles, his hands grabbing your thighs instead, and in one rough but fluid motion, he flipped you over, so you were bent over the bed, on your stomach.
You let out a gasp as you were flipped and then looked back over your shoulder to watch him grab his slick cock to run it gently over the cleft of your ass and down, his eyes glued to it as he ran it down and then back up.
“This fucking ass…” He said, through gritted teeth, his face and voice undeniably full of awestruck appreciation. 
You felt the head of his cock as he pushed it further down, notching himself at your entrance and then pushing in one certain, sure, surge all the way back into you again.
“Does my Babygirl want to come?”
“Yes.” You said, your back arching as he fucked into you, the pace building again.
“Does my beautiful girl want to be good for me? Want to be a good girl and let me fuck her hard and deep like a dirty, dirty whore?”
“Yes! Please, Sam...please….”
“That’s a good girl...beg me...just like that...convince me that you need it….” He was fucking you hard now, his pace punishing and unrelenting.
“Please, Sam...please...I’m begging you….I need it….I need you to make me come...need you to make me come around your hard, thick cock...please…”
You begged, the word ‘please’ rolling out on your desperate breaths repeatedly. One hand was gripping tight on your hip, his large fingers pushing into your skin, the other grabbed your shoulder, keeping you in place as your back arched for him. Then he released your hip, pulling his hand back before bringing it down in a slap on your ass. It was hard but not too hard. You felt it and thought it might leave a mark but it wasn’t painful.
He slapped your ass again. “Mmmm….my handprint on your ass...because you’re mine...taking me so well, so good….take it, baby, take it all. It’s all for you. Because you’re such a good beautiful and perfect. Touch yourself for me, sweetheart...that’s right, rub your pussy, come hard on my cock...really hard, OK?”
He slapped your ass again, this time the other cheek, and then as you rubbed your clit he pushed himself down on top of you, still thrusting deep as he let his weight push you down into the mattress.
He whispered in your ear as you started to come. “That’s it, beautiful, come hard for me, come on my cock so I can feel begged for my cock to make you come so come for me, like a dirty, fucking beautiful, dirty whore….”
You came hard, in wave after wave of gorgeous, powerful release as he whispered again and again in your ear that you were his ‘good girl’ and told you how good you felt on his cock.
You stopped touching yourself, feeling lost in the intensity that had ripped its way through you. You felt him push you further on to the bed with the power of his body and his thrusts. You weren’t bent over the bed anymore but lying face down as he fucked you into the mattress. You were moaning out, crying out, the noises coming from you sounding feral and inhuman.
He didn’t stop fucking you, though he did slow down, kissing hard into your shoulder and sucking against your skin. As you started to come down you heard him whisper into your ear. 
“You are so fucking beautiful. Even more so when you are coming on my cock.”
He rolled over, taking you with him, gripping you and positioning you, with him still buried deep inside of you, so you were on him in a ‘reverse cowgirl’ position.
His grip relaxed as you started to move up and down on top of him, hearing the moans that he was making edge into louder, more desperate groans.
“Turn around,” He said. “I want to see your face.”
You pushed up and off him, turning to face him before settling over him again. Your eyes linked with his as you dragged his hard cock through the folds of your pussy, closing them for a second when you felt his head against your still sensitive clit. Once you opened your eyes again, you did not take them from his as you positioned him at your drenched entrance and slowly lowered yourself onto him.
His mouth fell open as he let out another groan, one that sounded urgent and needy, not quite so in control as before. You began to move on top of him but then he reached for you and pulled you down towards him. He kissed you, deep and frenzied, and then his hands gripped your hips tight.
“Stay still.” He said, the tension in his grip showing you he meant it. He was fully seated deep within you, still filling you up with his huge hardness. He leaned his head forward and desperately kissed and licked against your breasts, biting and sucking too. He buried his head in them for a moment, moaning out into your cleavage in pleasure. 
“God, I love your body.” He said, when he pulled back and lay against the mattress. He began to fuck up into you, his hips rising and falling almost brutally - almost - yet his hands kept you still so you couldn’t meet his thrusts.
He moved one hand and snaked it down your body, stroking against your clit with a gentle, expert touch. It felt so good that soon it became almost impossible to stay still as he’d asked. Apparently your inability to not move was a sign, all the invitation he needed to roll you under him, and began to fuck you hard again.
He grabbed your wrists and pushed them firmly into the mattress over your head.
God, it felt good when he did that. You moaned out his name and he groaned in response.
“Fucking love it when you say my name like that.”
“Fucking love it when you make me.” You replied.
He kissed you, on your lips, hard, fucking his tongue into your mouth and then showered kisses over your face before lifting his head. He stared down into your eyes.
“You gonna be a good girl and come for me again?” He asked, thrusting deep and hard. 
You nodded as you stared back up at him. “I want to but I don’t know if I ca-”
“Lift your legs and wrap them around me, lift them so when I feels good. Really good.”
You did as he asked and then he let go of one wrist.
“Keep your hand there.” He said, his voice full of authority and control.
He grabbed your hip and guided it to move just a fraction higher and then...then you felt the way his punishing pace moved the head of his cock over and over your g spot as he fucked you. A high, broken wail escaped your body and his hand returned to hold you down.
“I’m close, Baby. Do you want me to come on you or in you?”
“In me, Sam. I want you to come inside of me.”
He let out a loud groan of satisfaction at your answer. “Yeah, you want me to fill you up with my come? Is that what my Babygirl wants?”
“Yes. Please.” You practically begged.
“OK, but you have to do something for me too.” He said, his words coming out uneven on his ragged breaths of exertion. “I’m gonna hold you down and fuck you hard...I’m gonna fill you all up with my come...Gonna come deep, deep inside of you...but you’ve got to be a good girl and come again for me. Be a good girl and come like the dirtiest, filthiest whore for me, OK? Loud and hard. I want to feel you clenching and gripping my cock, jerking me off with your squeezing, flexing pussy. I want to hear you screaming...all the dirty, naughty things you don’t think you should ever say because those aren’t the kind of things nice girls say? That’s what I want you to do for me. Be my good girl and let me fuck you like my dirty, dirty whore, OK?”
You nodded emphatically. “Yes.” You said, aware that you didn’t really have a choice. You were about to come again anyway, he was making you with how good he was fucking you, how deep and hard and perfect.
You screamed, at first his name but then an unintelligible stream of noises and words that you weren’t even consciously making, things you knew would make you blush if you stopped and thought about what you were saying. 
He fucked you hard as your orgasm tore through you, somehow even more powerfully than the first. You were so lost in it - the wash and flood of tightness and heat and pleasure so huge you didn’t know if you could stand it - that the only things that broke through the intensity of feeling were the frenzied thrusting of his body and the deafening tumult of his groaning, grunts before he surged and stilled, roaring out your name as he came deep inside of you.
You felt his body stretch itself against you as his orgasm tore through him but all else was lost in the euphoric delirium you were in.
Eventually, your consciousness started slowly to refocus itself. He was lying over you, his head pushed tight into the curve where your neck met your shoulder, taking care not to let his full weight fall on you, his chest heaving and his body and hair damp with sweat.
You ran your hands over the tight, broad, muscles of his back feeling how his body shook and quivered under your touch.
“Aftershocks.” He whispered in explanation, though you’d kind of guessed.
He turned his head to lay a trail of kisses up your neck and towards your mouth, settling into a long, slow kiss on your lips.
“Are you OK?” He asked, his breathless voice sweet and rich with concern, as he looked into your eyes.
“Yeah. Are you?”
He let out a low laugh. “I’m good, Baby….that was….wild. Great and hot and...wild.”
You laughed too, at his appraisal. “Yeah, it kind of was.”
“So, did it…’rough’?” He asked, a little tentatively.
You stared deeply into his eyes so he’d know you meant your answer. “I did.”
“Told you I could throw you around.” He said, a teasing smile on his beautiful lips.
You nodded slowly as you smiled. “You did.”
He raised his eyebrows at you, looking pleased and self satisfied.
“I love you, you know…” He said, nuzzling sweetly into the side of your face.
“I love you, too.” You said, as you moved your head to kiss him again. God, you really, really did.
He moved and pulled himself out of you and you made a small pained noise.
“What?” He asked, concerned. “You OK?”
“Yeah, just...a bit sore...and messy…” You laughed.
He sat back on his heels between your legs and looked down between your legs. “Yeah.” He said, in agreement, a fascinated and appreciative expression on his face. “I’m sorry about that.”
“No, you’re not!” You said, laughing.
He shook his head and bit his lower lip. “No, I’m really not.” He laughed. “Well, not about the mess anyway. I am sorry about the soreness.”
He looked at you and ran his hand tenderly up the outside of your leg in a gentle, loving stroke.
“Listen, why don’t I go get you like a towel or something and maybe some water? Um, then I can grab us a snack from the kitchen and when you’re up to it we can have a shower...just a shower!” He said, his voice rising emphatically to show you he knew you would be too sore for round two straight away. “Then we can watch something or just cuddle up and fall asleep? Whatever you want. How does that sound?”
“Sounds good.” You said, smiling at him.
“Good.” He said, pleased. “I’ll take care of you.”
“You will, huh?” You said, more playfully than anything else.
He looked you straight in the eyes, his sweet, sincere, smile melting your heart as his dimples furrowed. “Of course,” He said. “Always.”
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So, I said, now that we have our dead, what are we going to do with them? We are all going forward. None of us are going back.
‘Straw House, Straw Dog’ and ‘Snow and Dirty Rain’ by Richard Siken
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Jack introducing Cas, Sam and Dean to other people: this is my father, this is my my dad, and this is my father's husband so he also is my dad
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Something Rare part 2
A/n: takes place during the second half of 12x23. Follows Something Rare part 1. Part of the Something series.
Cas and Crowley come up with a plan to stop Lucifer, but Dean has a bad feeling about it that he can’t seem to shake.
Something in the air makes Dean’s stomach flip as they step out the back door of the house.
“Right, so listen if we uh-” Sam stops mid-sentence as he reaches the bottom of the stairs ahead of the group, “Cas, what is that?”
“It’s a tear in space and time...” Cas replies hesitantly.
“Uh and that means?” Dean asks gruffly from behind him.
“It’s a doorway to another world...” Cas adds with a glance over his shoulder.
“Another- what like Narnia?” the elder Winchester exclaims, following as Cas trudges ahead of the brothers.
“No, no... through there is Earth, but-but different,” the Angel glances again in Dean’s direction, “It’s-it’s an alternate reality.”
“So it’s a Bizarro world?” Sam pipes up, “or-or like the place we got zapped to where we were, uh, uh, actors on a tv show...”
“Oh yeah, the Supernatural wasn’t real...” Dean recalls.
“Yeah,” Sam agrees.
“And you were Polish...”
Dean looks back to Cas who is just staring in squinty confusion, and he can’t help but smile slightly to himself.
“Wait, Cas,” Sam wonders aloud, “How did this get here?”
“Well, the child being born, his power, it seems to be puncturing the fabric of our universe,” Cas explains matter-of-factly.
“Awesome,” Dean responds sarcastically.
“Yeah,” Sam cautiously asks, “And what exactly is on the other side?”
“You don’t want to know,” the Angel responds ominously.
“Probably,” Dean answers without missing a beat, “But we need to.”
Cas and Dean exchange a look and Dean taps Sam’s arm giving him the go ahead before the three men step through.
It’s a whirlwind of barely breathable air, bad news, and a very familiar face.
They never existed. This world had actually ended.
The other Bobby filled them in on their questions as Mary helps Kelly back in their world.
“Wait Angel-killing bullets?” Dean can’t help but question as his brain catches up to everything that’s happening, “Awesome.”
Dean’s smile drops as he turns to see Cas glaring at him, and he offers the Angel a small shrug as an apology.
“For our enemies,” Dean tries to amend, turning fully toward the celestial beside him, “The angels we don’t like!”
Cas rolls his eyes before straightening, “We should get back...”
“You mean back to the world we were around to save?” the weight of the information seems to settle over his hunter as they approach the rift.
“Are you alright,” Cas asks as they get to the other side, grabbing the other man’s hand and holding him back as Sam pretends not to notice.
“No, Cas... pretty far from alright...” Dean’s words way heavy on the Angel standing in front of him as his eyes shine with sympathy and affection, which encourages the hunter enough to go on, “I mean, we’ve got Lucifer on this side- We’ve got Mad Max world on that side- I mean yeah, we’ve been down before, but this? I-I mean, I don’t even know where to start-” Dean turns as if to walk away from his problems and runs straight into another, “Oh, come on!”
“Hello, boys,” Crowley muses, “Again.”
“Wait a second...” Sam asks, “How the hell did you-”
“I improvised!” is Crowley’s simple explanation as he holds his wounded hand up for clarification, “Lucky I did. Turns out I’m the answer to all your problems.”
“I’m going to check on Kelly,” Cas speaks up, laying a hand tenderly on Dean’s shoulder.
The two exchange a nod before Cas walks away, and when Dean’s eyes fall back onto Crowley, the demon king is smirking at him.
“What?” the hunter hardens.
“Oh nothing much... just a little something in the air...” Crowley replies with just enough snark to get under Dean’s skin.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Dean bites out.
“Just sensing a little something between you and feathers there...” Crowley grins, “You two finally decide to go steady?”
“Didn’t you have a point to being here or are we going to gossip all day?” Dean doesn’t mean for his voice to rise that much, but he presses on, “Aren’t there more important things going on right now?”
At least it seems to get Crowley off his back and on track again.
Cas comforts Kelly while Crowley explains his plan and the three of them reconvene in the living room.
“I have faith in us,” Dean had told Sam only minutes before Cas descends the stairs and he means it. Yet something is still unsettling him.
The trio are about to walk out through the front door of the house together when that feeling of dread becomes too much for the elder Winchester.
That can’t be a good sign, but Dean can’t focus on that right now. He shakes his head, but his body betrays him, and he grabs at Cas without even realizing.
“Wait,” his voice speaks on its own accord.
Cas stops and turns, throwing Sam a questioning look.
“I’ll go fill Mom in,” Sam says and disappears into another room.
“Dean...” the Angel begins, but the look in Dean’s eyes stops him.
“I have a bad feeling about this- about all of this,” his hands grip around fistfuls of trench coat and his eyes glisten honestly, “Cas, what if this is the one that does us in? What if-”
“We don’t talk about what if...” Cas offers stoically, but with understanding in his eyes, “Our lives are filled with potentially final moments... But we always find a way,” the Angel places a tentative hand on the hunter’s neck, his thumb brushing his stubbled cheek, “Good things do happen, Dean.”
“Not in my experience,” Dean can’t help but laugh, allowing a tear to sneak out and settle on Cas’ thumb.
“I would like to change that,” Cas says it almost as a whisper, and Dean’s breath catches for a moment.
“I would like that too.”
They share a moment before Dean straightens and clears his throat.
“Sammy,” he calls over his shoulder, “Let’s do this.”
And with that, the three are walking through the door, seemingly at just the right- or wrong- time as Lucifer approaches them when they descend the stairs.
“Well... this is a fun surprise,” the devil comments as he nears.
Cas’ Angel blade drops into his hand, at the ready, and he steps forward slightly ahead of the brothers in a protective way.
“I gotta hand it to you guys, you never give up,” Lucifer continues, “Even when you should. Even when it would be so stupid not to.”
“Look, whatever you’re planning on doing- Chuck... God will stop you,” Sam speaks up, keeping his voice relatively steady, but he is visibly shaking, “Just like he did last time.”
“You’re right, what should I do?” Lucifer replies mockingly, “Oh, God! Don’t strike me dead!” he laughs, unperturbed, “Come on, Sam... You sound like a virgin in Jesus camp... ‘We can’t! God is watching!’”
Cas looks to Dean who is doing everything he can not to lunge at the man standing before them.
“No,” the devil goes on, “Chuck walked. He’s gone.”
“So you’re just gonna smash his toys?” Dean speaks up.
“Exactly,” Lucifer responds with a shrug, “Cause every time I look at this sad trash fire of a world, you know what I keep thinking?”
When no one inquires, Lucifer shrugs and continues nonetheless.
“I could do so much better.”
“So apocalypse take two. That’s your plan?” Dean asks in disgust.
“When in doubt, go with the classics, that’s what I always say,” Lucifer grins maniacally before clapping his hands together, “Well boys, enough with the foreplay... Let’s do this.”
“See you on the other side, boys,” Dean remarks with more vibrato than he actually feels.
Cas takes one more glance at the hunter before lunging forward and immidiately being tossed aside. Dean jerks unintentionally and has a harder time running away from him than he thought, but he promised to stick to the plan. They all did.
Please let the Angel bullets work.
Things are going to plan; Lucifer followed them into the rift, Dean is distracting him, and Sam and Crowley are doing the mojo. But-
The bullets don’t work. Come on, Crowley.
After taking a beating, Sam joins Dean’s side, pulling him back to his feet to watch the exchange between the current and previous kings of hell.
Dean thought he knew the plan. That is until Crowley turns to them, and with one last ‘Goodbye boys,’ stabs the Angel blade into his gut. Everything becomes a blur either from the weight of what just happened or the injuries he’s sustained but the next thing Dean knows, Cas is sweeping past him with his weapon drawn.
“Cas?” Dean calls frantically and goes to reach for him but his arms are held back by Sam.
He throws his brother a look of betrayal before his eyes desperately cling to the retreating form of his Angel.
“Cas!” He continues to scream as he’s dragged through the rift.
He can’t breathe. What is happening?
And then a sigh of relief finally brings air to his lungs as the Angel breaks through the rift and their eyes meet. A smile begins to break on Cas’ face before a horrible noise fills the hunter’s ears. His eyes fall to the blade now sticking out of the Angel’s chest and a bright light fills the space between them.
“No!” Dean’s voice wretches as Castiel falls limply to the ground with a sickening thud, revealing Lucifer standing behind him.
Dean can’t think. He can’t move. His eyes drift down to the lifeless form near his feet.
“Cas?” he chokes out.
“That was fun,” Lucifer grins and Dean’s eyes slowly and furiously trek up from the ground until they are digging into the fallen Angel’s own, “Seriously guys, points for trying, super impressed, but uh... playtime’s over.”
Dean takes a step forward, ready to rip the man apart or die trying, but his mother’s hand on his arm stops him.
“Get away from them,” she warns as she steps between her sons.
“Mary, right? Yeah, I’ve heard about you-” Lucifer perks up, “You, uh, are certainly living up to the hype.”
The Archangel does a playful growl, drawing a disgusted look from their mother’s face.
“Look seriously, I just wanted to say thank you for everything,” he goes on, “I owe ya, kid.”
Gripping the brass knuckles tightly behind her back, Mary lurches forward.
“Mom, Mom, Mom,” Sam grabs at her, earning him an affectionate look from the woman next to him.
“I love you,” she responds earnestly, looking between the two hunters before swinging at the offending Angel.
She makes contact and the boys flinch at the sound of it.
“Cute,” Lucifer says as he licks blood from his lip, “Is that all you got, Mama?”
A flurry of attacks happen before anyone can react, and Mary actually knocks the celestial off balance. Dean feels a surge of pride, but it is quickly replaced by panic as Lucifer falls, grabbing and pulling her with him into the rift.
“Mom! Mom, no!” he cries out, but the rift has already closed, taking the breath from Dean’s lungs as it does.
It’s too late. His mother is gone. Cas is gone.
Dean feels his legs giving out beneath him.
“No...” he lets himself sink until he feels earth beneath his knees.
When he finally looks over, Sam is gone too, and he is left with the lifeless form of Cas.
His eyes drift to the sky helplessly, and he cries. He’s not sure for how long.
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buffyann23 · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Supernatural S13E18 “Bring ‘Em Back Alive”
“I always hated that dumbass suit.”
*Please keep your comments and opinions in your own tags. Thank you.*
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adiarose · an hour ago
Supernatural Headcanon #10
Sam and Cas hugging is more common than one may think. Cas is just as much Sam’s best friend as he is Dean’s, they met soon after and their bond grew. Sure their initial meeting of Cas calling the younger Winchester a abomination. But Cas was the angel that brought back his brother. Raised him from hell, something that Sam couldn’t do. And as important as Dean and Castiel’s relationship, Sam and Cas’s is as well. Just in a different way.
They became friends eventually. Growing to adore one another in the truest most brotherly way. And so they would hug occasionally. Or pat one another's arms. Just to let them know that the other was there, because that was their thing. They were brothers, and they were there.
The thing that a good majority of people seem to not realize is that the members of team free will have enough love to share with each other, even if they are in different ways.
Sam loves Cas like a brother. A friend who grew into that position through time. Cas loved Sam like a brother. There was a understanding between them that they would be there for one another if they needed it. And that was that.
Dean loved Cas as a lover. Someone who helped hold him up when he needed it, someone who held him when he needed to meet the ground. A remarkable person he couldn’t have even fathomed to exist. Cas loved Dean as a lover. A amazing human composed of faults and insecurities as well as beauty and the most amazing kind traits. A sense of loyalty that Cas loved applied to him. They would be there for one another always. And that was that.
Sam loved Dean like a brother. The one who raised him and fed him. The one who forgave him for the slights he made throughout his life, even if sometimes that took a little time. Dean loved Sam like a brother... and a little like a son. The kid who he raised and fed. Watched over when John was AWOL, a common occurrence of course. His little brother who Dean knew he couldn’t live without.  Sam was his everything. He loved him for as long as he could remember, even if sometimes he broke his heart, Dean knew he had done the same to him. But they were brothers, they loved each other, and that was that.
They loved one another in different ways. So they couldn’t be accurately compared, one couldn’t be greater, and one couldn’t be lesser. Team Free Will is a family, and though they have different relationships within that ideology, even though they loved each other in different ways, they loved each other. And that was that.
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My God... Dean really took up the “you construct intricate rituals to touch skin of other men” to another level when he volunteered to flirt with a man to walk Charlie thru it
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xdaemonx · 2 hours ago
Supernatural Masterlist
Here you can find all the fanfiction I write for Supernatural.
Tumblr media
Masterlist of Masterlists
Tumblr media
Dean Winchester Masterlist
Sam Winchester Masterlist
Castiel Masterlist
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midnightsilver · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Kaleidoscope eyes
Sam Winchester - ballpoint pen
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collinmieczbz · 2 hours ago
I just noticed that “Sammy” spells “my Sam” and if that isn´t the most dean winchester thing ever then I don´t know what is.
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jessicawinchester · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
s4 dean & sam respectively
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