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suncaptorevent Day Five: Liminality (Supernatural + crossroads) 
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i have a pinterest board with 1.8k spn meme posts and it’s on private; THIS is my guilty pleasure
the guilty pleasure in question:
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girlfriends who blog together stay together
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SUPERNATURAL 1x04 | Phantom Traveler
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Sam Winchester / Remember The Name, Fort Minor + Styles of Beyond
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Sam Winchester and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Days (Disaster by Conan Gray)
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I trust Sam's knowledge of Lucifer enough to trust he has EVERY intention of starting the apocalypse again until he had to be like fuck you actually I'll possess your childhood favourite rock star instead. How do you like that.
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Sam Winchester in every episode
1x5: Bloody Mary
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Toni Bevell doses Sam with demon blood while she has him captive. Sam doesn't think he handles it very well.
Fic for @suncaptor's event.
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The Intrusion - Chapter 2
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Tumblr media
Dean Winchester x Reader
Summary: Even as you start to adjust to life with housemates, you can't quite figure out the Winchester boys. Although sooner or later, you're bound to end up in a situation where you have to.
Word count: 1,557
Warnings: language, motorcycle accident, little bit of angsty thoughts
Naturally, you didn't sleep. You kept the old hunting knife of your Dad's gripped tightly under the covers, although some part of you knew the two men weren't going to hurt you. They'd stayed at the table a while longer, talking about what to do with ‘the girl’, and although you couldn't make out exactly what they were saying, you knew you weren’t in immediate danger.
You were the first up the following morning, walking tentatively towards the kitchen. You were a little embarrassed by the mess, but given this was the first time you’d had visitors in five years, there hadn't really been much of an incentive to keep things tidy. You quickly dealt with the washing up from the day before, scrubbing a pan clean so you could chuck on the half a dozen eggs that were only a few days out of date. Surely the brothers wouldn't notice.
They didn't. In fact, when they hesitantly tiptoed into the kitchen to see what all the noise was about, they started salivating instantly.
"Wow, Y/N. Having second thoughts about kicking us out then?" Sam raised an eyebrow as he dug in, grateful for the first home-cooked meal in god knows how long.
"No," you mumbled as you offered him a small smile in response to his thanks. "The eggs just need eating."
That being said, you’d spent the whole night tossing and turning wondering about what to do with these two. They were strangers, who had just walked in here like they owned the place. Although, maybe they did? Oh, who knows, whatever. But there was something about their presence that relaxed you. You’d been alone for so long, it was nice to finally have some company. Despite his ginormous size, Sam seemed nice, and gentle, while Dean might take some warming to but was clearly all talk. The bunker was far too big for one person; maybe it wouldn't even be noticeable if they stayed for a while?
"Well, we've come to an agreement too." Dean had scoffed his eggs and hadn't even finished his mouthful when he started speaking. "You can stay, as long as you don't get in our way, and don't mess with our stuff."
"Oh, how very kind of you! Letting me stay in my own house! Amazing generosity!" You rolled my eyes, shaking your head. The audacity of these two.
"This isn't actually your house, Y/N. We saw the busted window you've tried to cover up." Sam's words were soft but still hurt.
"So you've been snooping already then? Didn't fancy waiting for the grand tour?" You turned away from them, biting your tongue to try and stop your voice from breaking. Fuck, maybe this wasn't such a good idea.
"Look, we can do this civil, or not." Dean piped up. "Either way, me and Sam are staying here. We've been given the key, only we have rightful access. If you're gonna stay, stay, but don't go off on how 'this is your place' and all that bullshit."
"Fine," You gulped. "You two can do the washing up this time." Without looking at them, you stormed off out the kitchen and down the hall, heading in the one direction you knew they wouldn't bother coming in. You’d made it pretty clear which room you’d claimed as your own, and they'd be insane to cross that boundary.
The door had hardly slammed behind you before the tears started flowing. What the fuck was going on. This was too much, too much at once, and yet, not enough. Or was it perfect? Dammit, you didn’t know. It had just been you for so long...
No. This was your place, your family had history here, who cared that you didn’t have a fucking key? Your mother had known about this place all along, thats why you’d ended up here. If the Winchester hunters wanted to stay, so be it, but they sure as hell weren't going to boss you about at the same time. You wiped your wet cheeks, game face on, as you stomped back out down the corridor and flung yourself into the kitchen. Sam was at the sink, washing the plates, while Dean was stood by the table, arms out. They were clearly having some sort of disagreement.
"Right, heres whats gonna happen, okay?" You huffed, your voice louder than you’d expected. "You can stay. You can stay, knowing that this is my place, and I can kick you out the second I want. You can do whatever it is you do, fight your monsters or whatever, but you leave me out of it. I go about my day, you go about yours. I only ever want to see you passing by in the hall or something. As of now, this place is an apartment block, and you're just my random neighbours. You understand?"
They gawked at you, before nodding. Sam shot his brother a 'told you so' glance, and Dean looked down at his feet for a second, before shooting him back a 'shut the fuck up.' Before either could get a word out, you turned on your heel and headed back to your room.
The next few weeks passed by and you hardly saw the brothers, just as you’d hoped. They'd disappear off for days at a time, often coming back battered and bruised, but hiding away and cleaning themselves back up in the dusty old infirmary you obviously never had use for. Meanwhile, you twiddled your thumbs, working late shifts at the closest bar and trying to keep well out of their way on the odd occasion we were all home during the day. They never asked what you did; you never asked what they did.
Until about three months after their arrival. Working graveyard shifts at a bar didn't pay much, but it was enough for someone like you who needed to keep their head down and earn a bit of money for food. You’d never quite figured out how the bunker seemed to run on unlimited heat and electricity, but you were grateful for the absence of that extra cost. The one thing that you did struggle with, however, was the damn bike.
Dean had made it very clear from day one that his Impala was out of bounds. The first thing he'd done before evening claiming a bedroom was figure out how to open the door to the garage, dead certain that 'Baby needed to be guaranteed her safety'. How he afforded to fuel that thing you had no clue, especially given the milage you were sure they must have been wracking up.
For you, your Lexmoto Venom did the job nicely, getting you from A-B without costing too much or needing too much gas. She was your first ever bike, and she'd got you through a lot. Dean had laughed at her when he first saw her, and Sam had warned you of the dangers of motorbikes, but you ignored them both.
This particular night had a chill to it, giving the hint of winter on its way. The bar was warm with the odour of alcohol as usual, but the regulars rubbed their hands together as they came in from the cold. By the time your shift was up, the sky was black, littered with stars that gave a silvery glow to the damp ground. You grimaced as you pulled your helmet on and turned up the collar of your leather jacket, cursing that you hadn’t thought to bring another warmer layer.
Maybe it was naive of you to drive a little faster than usual, but you were desperate to get back in the warm, and knew the roads like the back of our hand. As usual for that time of night, they were empty, and you knew the usual areas where animals dared to cross.
What you didn't take into account was the slight dip in the hill about five miles from the bunker, where the water ran down and cumulated in a little pit. You’d forgotten there'd been a light drizzle earlier that morning, and that given the cold it wouldn't have quite dried up yet. You also didn't figure that the temperature had dropped noticeably, allowing a sheen of ice to settle across the waters surface.
The bike skidded from under you out of nowhere, sending you flying forward. You managed to throw your arms up, blocking your body, but you still slid across the tarmac a good few metres. You heard the bike bounce as it flipped, heading down the ridge to crumble to pieces. You lay there for a few seconds, trying to catch your breath in shock. Slowly and tediously, you sat up, pulling the twisted helmet off and giving yourself a quick once over. Nothing broken, thank god. Your left wrist felt a little tender, but you were pretty sure it was just bruised or at worst twisted from where you’d landed on it. The biggest problem was your beloved jacket, now shredded along the road and hanging off your body like a trash sack. Miserably, you pulled yourself up, taking one glance over at the wreckage of the bike and accepting she was a goner. As the first drops of rain started to fall, you started the painful walk back to the bunker.
| Chapter 3 |
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Hunted Pt. 4
pt. 1 pt. 2 pt. 3
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Fem!Vampire!reader
Summary: How will Dean react to finding you in his flannel when he returns from a hunting trip?
Warnings: None
A/n: Oh my god, this is the last part :,(. This is my first ever series and I’m kinda sad to see it come to an end. I’ve put so much work into this series and I hope you’ve enjoyed!
Thank you so much to everyone for the support the support and a special thank you to @something-noir who unknowingly convinced me to make this<333
Tags: @something-noir @fairy-alix
Tumblr media
It’s been a week since Dean woke you up from your nightmare and ever since than the two of you have gotten along rather nicely.
During the day time you rarely see Dean, so the night time has become your favorite hours of the day. Around 9:00 pm he comes stumbling into the room ranting to you about some case he can’t figure out.
You were usually cuddled up in the covers of his bed listening intently to whatever he has to say.
The way Dean spoke sent butterflies to your stomach, his voice was low and hoarse yet calming. You could fall asleep to it and to be completely honest you have.
Dean slept on the ground but every morning you’d wake up with him sleeping by your side, his arm usually draped across your waist. The two of you never discussed it but that didn’t stop you from falling more in love with him.
When you woke up today, Dean was already in the kitchen. Sam was cooking while Dean was sitting at the table reading his dad’s diary.
“Good morning!”, you said with a yawn.
“Morning Y/n, take a seat breakfast is almost ready.”, Sam replied.
You sat across from Dean who didn’t look up from the diary but acknowledged your presence with a smirk.
Sam was still under the impression that Dean despised you, I mean you don’t blame him because he rarely saw the two of you in the same room.
You were patient at first but slowly drove into boredom. Your leg started to bounce and you bit at your nails. Dean reached under the table and placed his hand on your knee to make you stop bouncing. He could tell you were flustered by the action so he continued to caress your knee with his thumb. His hands were rough yet warm and gentle, their touch made your skin tingle.
Dean stared straight into your eyes not allowing you to break eye contact, the tension was broken though by three plates of food being set on the table.
“Th-thanks Sam..”, you stuttered out and Dean retracted his hand. You could feel the lingering touch and you wished for more.
“I found a case just a couple miles away.”, Dean spoke with a mouthful of food.
“That’s great! What is it?”, Sam said as he grabbed pepper to sprinkle on his eggs.
“Three kids were found dead at some old factory, I’m sensing it’s a simple salt and burn.”.
“Could I go?”, you chimed in.
“Absolutely not.”, Dean glared at you.
“Dean, I could help..”, you trailed off.
“No Y/n, it’s dangerous and I don’t want you to get hurt.”, Sam looked surprised by what his brother just said. Why would he want to to protect someone he hated?
“Fine..”, you gave up and the three of you finished breakfast in silence.
After breakfast you helped Dean pack, “You could really use a monster like me on a hunt.”.
Dean looked up and pointed his finger sternly at you, “What did we talk about?”.
You sighed, “I’m not allowed to call myself a monster.”.
“That’s right and forget about the case, I don’t want to risk you getting attacked. I want you here where I know you won’t get hurt.”, Dean continued to pack.
You got all warm and fuzzy inside, Dean Winchester cares about you and wants you safe.
“Sam and I will probably be back within a day or two if we’re lucky.”.
“I’ll miss you..”, you whispered under your breath not realizing he heard.
“I’ll uh miss you too but um you have my number so if you need anything call me.”, Dean zipped up the bag and you nodded your head.
“Please be safe De.”, you said.
“De? I like it.”, he chuckled, “Don’t worry I’m a pro.”.
You helped Sam and Dean load up the impala and waved goodbye as they drove away.
Your crush on Dean growing with each breath you took, but there was one thing setting you back. Could he even like you? I mean of course your friendship with him was flirty at times but did he really view you that way? Would he actually want to date a…vampire?
The following few days your head was filled with daydreams and dread. You couldn’t stand rejection, this was the first time you’ve felt close to someone since you turned. Losing Dean over your feelings for him would kill you. Would he be disgusted that you even like him that way?
The hunt took longer than expected, you called Dean every night for updates and he’d gladly fill you in. You weren’t actually interested in the case, you just missed his voice. You didn’t just miss his voice though, you missed his scent, his touch, his face. The thing you did next was probably the most desperate thing a person would do in your situation.
One night you eyed his flannel on the back of a chair and impulsively took it. It smelled just like him, if you closed you eyes you could imagine he was just right there.
You wore the flannel around the house, wrapping it close to your body. You promised to return it before Dean came home. The thought of him finding out you stole his shirt to wear made your cheeks go pink with embarrassment.
It was now dusk and you were bored out of your mind, so you looked through Dean’s room and found his cassette player. You gently grabbed the head phones and hit play, of course it was classic rock.
Your heart matched the beat of the song and you laid down on the bed soaking in the music. You were so entranced in the moment that you didn’t hear Sam and Dean entering the bunker.
You curled up into a ball and closed your eyes imagining what it would be like to have a normal life with Dean. Perhaps you would buy a real house, get a dog or perhaps even kids. The perfect apple pie life.
Suddenly your daydream was interrupted when you felt someone take the headphones off your head. When you opened your eyes Dean was in front of you with a smug look on his face.
“Looks like someone missed me..”, he spoke and than noticed what you were wearing, “Hey..is that my flannel?”.
You didn’t go pink, you went bright red, “Um yeah I’m so sorry..”, you stood up and started to take it off but Dean stopped you.
“It’s okay, you look cute.”, Dean brushed a strand of hair out of your face and looked down at you.
“Dean?”, you said softly, “Would it be possible for you to like something like me?”.
Dean stepped closer, “What do you mean?”.
“I want to tell you something but I’m afraid you’d be disgusted because of what I am.”, you said and felt tears prick your eyes.
Dean quickly cups your face, “What you are? Y/n you should never feel ashamed of what you are. I’m sorry the world can’t see how kind and thoughtful you are…”, he hesitates. “But I do.”.
“I love you Dean.”, you said before you could stop yourself. Dean smiled and slowly leaned in half way not wanting to make a wrong move. You quickly closed the gap and melted into his lips. Dean stepped forward and you fell on top of the bed with him on top of you.
You grabbed the back of his head to push him closer into you and he smiled against your lips. By the time you both pulled away you were out of breath.
“I love you too.”, Dean placed one more kiss on your lips and got up.
“So…”, you trailed off, “Does that make me your..”.
“I’d hope so.”, Dean grabbed your hand and pulled you off the bed, “What you are Y/n, is mine.”.
It was the next morning and you decided to make breakfast for once. Sam was at the table on his laptop reading something about demons.
Dean walked into the room and kissed the top of your head, “Hello to you too.”, you giggled.
Sam sat the bewildered by what he just witnessed, “Um? What’s going on?”.
Dean sat across from him, “What? A man can’t kiss his girl?”.
Sam puts his face in his hands, “I’m going to need a drink.”.
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suncaptorevent Day Four: Vessels 
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Hey real talk
Why did the Gorgon in 14x14 who only went after homosexuals only go after Dean and Cas, not Jack and Sam
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“This miracle occurs in both males and females, but more often occurs in females.”
Blood, Gender, and Power, Introduction to Stigmata x Supernatural x Labyrinth for Day 5 of the @suncaptor milestone event: Liminality and Applications of Otherness
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