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[id: cropped screenshot of a pairing tag on AO3. Text reads: “1 Work in Eileen Leahy/Jessica Moore/Sam Winchester” /end]

can’t believe im actually posting this but *makes grabby hands*

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Now that I’ve been exposed as a shipper- instead of Stucky, can we get some Destiel as WandaVision fanart because that just feels a little more accurate to me

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Samifer has this vibe.

Hello there. The angel from my nightmare ❤️

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I’m not even halfway through my current rewatch of spn, but I guess my brain disease has gotten terminal because I will be starting a concurrent watch from the beginning and taking notes for meta purposes and also a coda/timestamp fic project that I’ve been dreaming about for months.

So. For research purposes: if you were to choose one episode as a canon-compliant entry for a first-time wincest and/or destiel moment, what would it be? Can be any season.

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the three genders are sam, cas or dean girls

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I know we’re all still riding high of Dean’s 42nd birthday, including loving the angst of Sam visiting his grave, but… next we’ll have Sam’s birthday, and the angst that for the first time in his entire life he will be truely alone on his birthday.

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Really curious as to how it would have worked out if Jack had been an actual baby. Like, Dean couldn’t possibly have been as much of an ass to Jack as he was in the show. HE LOVES KIDS. I can just imagine Sam being out for whatever, leaving Dean at home with baby Jack and him being so pissed that his brother left him with this kid he supposedly hates. Dean ends up having to tend to Jack as any parent would and when Sam gets back Dean is asleep with Jack laying on his chest holding him close.

I just really wish Jack would have gotten the chance to use the crib Kelly made😔

(Also, I believe Jack should have aged like Amara in season 11. Grew up really fast but still got a slight chance to be a child and be held by his dads and get piggy backs and be on Sam’s shoulders 😭)

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you know that headcanon where sam as a child thinks john is a serial killer, talking about burning bodies and teaching dean to shoot and ranting about fantastical monsters? anyway, I think that’s where his true crime obsessions started, trying to get a glimpse into those men to see if his father might be one of them.

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I know that people “have” to die on the show because if there’s no risk then the reward isn’t as good, but also I just wish that the boys could have slowly realized that they have a family.

They can stop by Bobby’s of course, but now they have the roadhouse and Rufus’s cabin and Garth’s house and Jody’s place. There’s a constant cycle of people staying in the bunker and visiting and suddenly they realize that they have a family. When shit hits the fan they’re stunned when a dozen people are willing to come to their aid, not because they have to buy because they love the boys.

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no because sam and dean having an incestuous relationship makes more narrative & characterization sense than half the plotlines in the later seasons sorry

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The kiss that started it all //chapter one//


Teen Sam Winchester x teen fem reader

//Sam Winchester masterlist//

Summery: 1997 Sam starts a new school at Truman high, he meets y/n they become close and share a first kiss. Many years later, they reconnect and their relationship starts blooming but someone has other plans

Set in 04.13 (after school special)

Thank you @firefly-graphics for the dividers

A/n:thank you anon for the request that inspired me

Y/h/l (your hair length)

y/e/c (your eye colour)

Y/h/c (your hair colour)

Chapter warnings: angst,swearing,slow burn,bad writing guaranteed



13 years old sam’s POV

I sat in the front seat of the impala, watching traffic speed by me . Dad has gone on a hunt which left me and Dean starting a new school again and living in a run down motel with nothing but expired vending machine food.

All I want is a normal life , living in a world oblivious to the sinister things that bump in the night.

Dean parked the impala, I heard the motor stop running and I looked out the window at my new school.

‘’Do we have to go?’’ I mumbled.

Dean sighed running his hands over his face. ‘’Sammy, dad only said two weeks max’’ Dean said

‘’He said that last time and it ended up being nearly a month’’ I scoffed

‘’Sammy, trust me only two weeks and we can get out here. I promise’’Dean reassured with his signature smirk.

I rolled my eyes ‘’ liar’’ I mumbled under my breath making my way out the impala, I could hear Dean calling my name.

I’m sick of this shit.When I grow up I swear I will get out of this life, living the cookie cutter cliche with a wife, kids, a job that earns money instead of credit card fraud, home cook meals and definitely no more motels.


Lunch time finally rolled and I just needed a quiet place to soothe my raging headache.I hate it here.

I found a place outside behind the school, I sat down and put my lunch tray on the grass. I rested my head against the concrete wall of the school building.

“I wouldn’t eat that”

I looked up to see one of most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, she had y/h/l y/h/c hair which framed her face perfectly, piercing y/e/c eyes. She was wearing a black-turtleneck with a gold butterfly necklace and a pair of high-waisted denim jeans.

“I’m sorry?” I choked out

She sat down next to me pulling out a sandwich from her bag.

“The food your eating is at least two days old and that’s being generous” she murmured taking a bite out of her sandwich

I looked down at the sloppy food that was slapped down on the tray, this food is probably the best thing I have eaten in days.

“What’s your name?” She asked her head resting back on the concrete wall staring back at me

“Sam Winchester” I replied

“Winchester?” She asked

“Uh huh” I replied

“Is your brother Dean Winchester?” She questioned

“Yes, why?” I sighed

“Your brother got in a fight with Elijah Hall because he was flirting with his girlfriend” she said

Typical,not even on our first day at a new school he has already ended up in a fight because of some girl.

“Y/n” she said, smiling back at me.


I was lying stomach down on the cheap motel mattress watching reruns of Scooby doo, Dean came back in the room, he went down to reception to use the phone to call dad.


I looked over at Dean, his face filled with nothing but guilt.

“I talked to dad”

I didn’t like where this was going

“He said the hunt will take little longer than he anticipated” dean murmured refusing to look at me in the eyes

“How long?” I asked clenching my jaw

“I don’t know, a couple more weeks”

I saw nothing but red, I hopped off the bed “he said it will only take two weeks!” I yelled

“Sammy, you know hunting can be unpredictable” dean said firmly

I had enough of this, I stormed past Dean running out the door.

Dean chased after me standing in the door frame yelling at me to come back. I felt overwhelmed tears falling down my face. I just want someone to save me and get me out of this life.

I don’t know how far I ran and I ended up at a 50s themed diner, I was sitting down on the plush red booth seat waiting to get kicked out since I haven’t ordered anything.

I was looking at the old wooden table, it had a sticky ring from the last person’s drink. I heard footsteps coming towards me, here we go I thought.

Instead of being kicked out the person put down a strawberry milkshake on the table. I looked up to see y/n

“Hiya Sam” she smiled sliding herself into the booth sitting across from me

“What are you doing here?” I gulped

Y/n let out a laugh, my eyes furrowed in confusion.

“Don’t worry I’m not a stalker or nothing, my Mum works here” she chuckled

“Oh okay” I smiled looking into my lap fiddling with my fingers

“Hope you like strawberry” she said pushing the drink towards me encouraging me to drink it

“Why are you being so nice to me?” I asked.

“You just look lonely” she said softly, Y/n looked at me and it was like her piercing y/e/c eyes were staring straight into my soul.

“I’m not lonely, I have my brother” I smiled reassuring her

“You know Sam” clearing her throat

“There’s a big difference between alone and lonely. You could be around a group of people and still be lonely”


Sam Winchester taglist


The kiss that started it all taglist


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Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki Answer Season 14 Q&A

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[I just needed to write something for Dean’s birthday. It’s been months since my last story and the first Destiel since forever. Be kind.]

“Happy birthday, Dad.”

Dean wakes up with a weight on his bed that morning.

He opens his eyes slowly, trying to figure out who the hell barged in his room so early in the morning when Jack’s words sinked on his skull.


“It’s your birthday today!”

He seems more excited than himself and then, that little word just craved on his chest making him all awake in a second.


Jack’s smile fades a little before nodding.

“You are. A dad, to me. I didn’t ask if I could call you that but I thought-”

“No, you–” Dean swallows “You can. It’s okay.”

Jack is all smiley again when he hugs him tightly. Dean can’t do anything against the tears willing to stream on his face but he tries anyway.

He’s God now, but he’s also the little kid all of them - them three - raised to be the beautiful person he is now.

Dean can’t be more proud of who he is.

“Come on, hurry up. Dad and Eileen prepared your breakfast, they are waiting for us.”

Dean smiles. It’s not perfect, but it’s family.

He can be happy with that alone.


“I wanted to give you a gift but I didn’t know what to choose,” Jack says with a shy smile, after taking a step back “so I picked something I know for sure you’ll be happy with.”

Dean is confused, curious even, waiting in the middle of the kitchen with a cup of coffee on his hands and his nightgown and sandwich pants.

Sam and Eileen already gifted him with some new books, sweaters and a lot of things for his Baby and now they somewhere in the Bunker.

Dean didn’t bothered to ask, too early in the morning for his brain to be full active even if he feels a bit strange.

He also feels a bit like a stupid kid right now - he ever was? - but he’s excited about his gift and, for once, about his birthday, but when Jack just stood aside of the kitchen door, Dean drops the cup on the floor and everything in his mind - the guilty feeling about being happy that always follow it, for a start- just shut up immediately.

There’s just silent and Cas’ blue blue eyes following every little expression of his face


Cas swallows and breaths, fear in his gaze and a bit of trembling on his hands.

There’s nothing about the warrior Dean met the first time in that shed so many years ago. Standing in front of him it’s just Cas. His Cas.

“Hello, Dean.”

Dean looks at his son, trying to figure out if it’s just imagining things now or if Cas is really standing - alive and well - in front of him.

“I bought him back early this morning. That’s why I woke you up.”

Cas is still watching him when Dean starts to move.

Dean doesn’t say a word - he tries, but he can’t -, just walks and when he’s closer enough, his arms are more faster than his brain.

He hugs Cas with all his strength, all his mind, all the heart he didn’t put the last time he hugged him without knowing it was the last time.

“You are back…”

Dean’s words are so weak he can barely hears himself saying them but Cas’ arms clings against his waist and his eyelashes just touch his neck.

He’s warm. Cas is alive.

“I’m back.” for you.

Cas doesn’t say it but Dean can hear it clearly anyway.

And that’s why Dean just leans and kiss him.

I love you too. I loved you all this time.

Dean says them again and again and again, and when he pulls back he says it again out loud.


“I love you so much. I missed you so much. I’m sorry I didn’t say it sooner, years back. But I love you, I love you, I love you. I want you, if you still want me. Because I want you so much. Always did, Cas. Fuck, you are really back.”

Cas smiles. He’s stunned, Dean can see it, but when he’s about to say something else, Cas just kiss him again, with all the force of the grace hanging on his neck.

They have time to talk about it later.

They have all the time in the world, really.

“Happy birthday, Dean.”

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In 1x15, “The Benders” … just how long was Dean in the men’s room? Because he went in to “take a leak” and told Sam he’d meet him at the car. But when Dean finally comes out, Sam is gone. So, Dean starts asking around if anyone’s seen his brother, but he asks one couple in particular: “Have you been outside, maybe in the last hour or so?”

The last HOUR? Jesus, Dean … you were in that men’s room for an HOUR???? What on earth could you have been doing in the men’s room for a whole HOUR, pretty boy?

Cuz either you need to check your prostate, or stop taking so long at the glory hole. No wonder Sam was taken. He could’ve grown old, got a bad wig, had a blurry wife and died in the time it took you to suck a dick.

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stop saying dean has commitment issues when sam is literally right there

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