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#sam x bucky
issasarcasmthing · 44 minutes ago
Pair of Kings
Chapter Summary: We meet the Nick Carraway of this twisted story, as well as Song Bird (Reader)
Chapter Warnings: Mostly Angst, Some manhandling, The Kings Obsessive behavior, Lots of touching
Story Summary: I got involved with the Twin Kings of New York by chance. I needed the work, and they seemed to be hiring. I was only supposed to be apart of their security unit, but as my work spoke for me, I was moved up higher in the ranks. That's when I met Song Bird, the Kings precious little Queen.
Note - Some of the chapters are going to be titled after songs, or straight up song lyrics that I thought was fitting for the chapter. I've been doing it for Milk & Honey too, but I thought I'd give it a little note here! Also, the story is mostly 2nd POV/ 3rd POV, but I will bounce around perspectives. Okay, happy reading!
Tumblr media
Chapter One : Cradles
He sat stiffly in the plush armchair as he waited. The woman in the silver dress had led him to this back office, placed a glass of scotch in his hand, and told him, “The Kings will be with you shortly.” She smiled, her eyes were bright with obvious attraction.
Samuel looked around the dark oak office. The desk before him was large, behind it, two exquisite chairs stood, they mimicked thrones. The wood of the desk was polished, on it a small stack of papers, two picture frames with the backs facing him. A small ivory vase with a singular baby's breath, and a pair of reading glasses.
Between him and the desk was a bear's skin, to his right a hearth, ash marred its front. It must’ve been lit recently. To his left were two large windows, between them a large bookshelf filled to the brim. In his mind, he didn’t take the Kings to be much of readers, but anything could go in their case.
In front of the bookshelf was a plush couch, tossed on the back was a fluffy blanket and a few throw pillows. The office, although dark, was rather cozy. A contrast to the men he’s been working with for a month. His blue-green eyes traced over the many titles, some classics, some romance, others he’s never even heard of.
Behind him, the grand double doors opened, the deep voices of Steve and James murmur. “Ahh, Sammy,” One of them said as they rounded from behind him. Bucky went to the bar Sam failed to notice by the couch. He poured himself two fingers of whiskey into a frosted glass, then sat heavily on the couch. His metal fingers played with the material of the blanket. Steve stood before him, leaning against the desk. “Just the man we were looking for.”
Steve had a golden boy charm to him, blonde hair, blue eyes, helps your nana cross the street. Nobody would assume him to take the career path he’s taken, his best friend was virtually the same way. But his arm gave him up to harsh rumors, not that he minded them at all.
“How’s the condo?” Steve asks, drawing his attention back to him. Sam clears his throat and scratches at the tiny stubble on his jaw. “It’s fine- great! It’s a great place, I’m grateful.” He stutters over his words.
James chuckles from the couch but hides his smirk behind his glass. Sam clears his throat. “I am... curious to know, is everything alright?” He looks between his bosses. “I- um, well,”
Steve raises his hand to stop him from speaking, and Sam takes a drink from his glass of scotch. “We didn’t call you back here to handle you,” Steve smirks, amused. He clears his throat and crosses his arms over his chest. “Actually, we called you here because we like you, you’re good at what you do.”
Sam nods, still nervous, his eyes move from Steve to James and back again. “And with what happened last week,” James doesn’t finish his sentence. “We appreciate what you did.” He nods to him.
Steve nods as well, standing up and going to the same bar to pour himself a glass. “We’re promoting you.” Steve calls over his shoulder. He knocks back his drink quickly and makes a refreshing noise. He turns his attention to Sam, James hadn’t taken his eyes off of the moose of the man. “I was just doing my job-” Sam is stunned, having nearly missed what Steve said to him. “A promotion? That happens with organizations like this?”
The Kings laugh and share a look. “Ever the professional,” James chuckles. “But yes, you will be promoted to our elite unit. The Avengers.”
“I’ve never heard of them.” Sam tells them, his voice shakes so he brings his glass to his lips and sips slow. “That’s the point.” James’s eyes narrow at the man. “Easy Buck,” Steve mutters and looks at Sam. “What he’s trying to say is, you haven’t heard of them because we’re very tight-lipped about who we trust in our inner circle.”
Samuel nods his head and clears his throat. “So what am I going to be doing?” He asks them, looking between both pairs of cool blue eyes. “You’ll-”
The door opens with less force behind Sam. The way Steve and James look to the door and relax allows him to turn around as well.
There in the doorway was a woman. She was short, the doorway seemed to swallow her up. She was quite beautiful, a curvy figure with a soft middle, she had a supple chest. From where he sat he could tell she was well proportioned at her rear. Her legs were shapely, and overall he could tell her skin was gentle. What drew Sam to gawk at the girl was her face. Her lips were curved as if she were going to speak, cheeks a bit rosy, but it was her eyes that kept him still.
They were soft and dull, but bright at the same time. So expressive, yet hidden. Underneath them, however, were dark and a bit pink, like she hadn’t slept in days or even months. Or she spent most of her time crying.
“Eyes over here Winchester.” Steve tutted, and though his voice was firm, there was a playful edge. “What’s the matter baby?” James had murmured to the woman. Her steps were near-silent, and as she walked from behind Sam he could see from the corner of his eye her feet were bare. “I’m sorry,” Her voice was soft. “I didn’t know you guys had a meeting.”
Steve’s expression softened as he reached a hand out to her. She walked to him, looking over her shoulder at Sam. His face began to heat at the softness in her eyes, a gentle sadness painted in the swirls of her E/c. She quickly looked away, and Sam looked to his cup. Timidly, he looked back up, just in time to see Steve smother her mouth with a heated kiss.
Sam looked to James, meeting his hard blue eyes. A smirk over his lips as he stared back, daring him almost. “I’m sorry.” Came the soft voice again. “I should’ve knocked.” She murmurs. Sam looked to the couple. “It’s okay birdie, what’s the matter? You haven’t slept all night, you okay?”
She nods and shivers visibly in his arms. “I was just, um, I’m sorry.” She apologized again. “Come here birdie.” James reached out to her, timidly she walked to him. Steve cleared his throat and turned his attention back to Sam.
Sam couldn’t help his curiosity and snuck a glance at James and the girl, and like Steve, his mouth smothered hers in a kiss. Steve glared down at Sam when their eyes met. “You’ll be a part of The Avengers, we’re,” He pointed between him and James. “Assigning you to be our eyes, as well as our Birdie’s guard.”
Sammy looked to Bucky and the girl sat in his lap. The King looked much more relaxed with her snuggled to him, her lips close to the skin of his neck. “We’re trusting you, seeing as you have the ability to do security, and,” Steve brought his attention. “The heart to put your life on the line to protect.”
“With all due respect sir, you are the one cutting my check. I’d like to get paid so I can pay my bills.” He tried the joke. It was silent for a moment before both Kings chuckled. “I like this guy.” James mutters. His flesh fingers rub over the woman's arm, squeezing her a little closer to his body. He kisses the top of her head and sighs in content. “You’ll report here instead of the Depo, regular time. You’ll drive her where ever she wants to go, you watch her back, protect her with your life.” Steve told him, his voice hard.
“Anything happens to her,” Bucky brought Sam’s attention to him and the woman, “And I’ll put your balls where your eyes go.” His expression was stony, but he remained relaxed. The woman, however, tensed up something bad. Sam could see her hands shake, and she kept her eyes closed. “We’re trusting you Sammy,” Steve says and sits beside the couple. He brings the trembling woman’s feet into his lap, massaging her ankle first before her foot. “Don’t fuck this up.”
James nods to the door, silently dismissing him. Sam finishes his glass and stands up. He pulls open the door. “Oh and Sam,” Steve spoke, his voice no longer semi-jovial, instead it was hard, sending chills up his back. “Keep your eyes to yourself, and don’t get too close will ya?” Sam looked at the blonde man, his eyes were trained on the woman, barely even acknowledging him. “It'd be ashamed to see you go so soon.”
The threat rang heavy in his ears. “Yes sir.” Sam mutters and leaves the office.
Bucky sighs and relaxes farther into the couch. He listens to your gentle breathing. He sets his glass down before tilting your head up. “Doll,” he murmurs and you slowly open your tired eyes. “You haven’t been sleeping lately.” He assesses.
Steve sighs too. “I know we haven’t been home much, but you still have to get some sleep. It’s not healthy for you not to sleep.” He speaks just as softly as Bucky. You shudder when his warm hands move up to your knees. “I sleep.” You tell them meekly. Steve and Bucky look at you, the weight of their stares, having to look between both oceans of blue makes your head spin. “Wanna try that again?” Stevie asks.
“I get some sleep,” You gulp and take a deep breath. “But I can’t sleep without you guys.” You murmur and hide your face in Bucky’s neck. “You missed us?” He chuckles and kisses your forehead. Steve moves closer, cupping the underside of your chin and guiding you forward to his waiting lips.
He kisses you slowly, his other hand inching the fabric of your dress up, his warm fingers teasing the skin of your thighs. Bucky shifts underneath you, a low groan rumbling in his chest. Bucky leans forward, his lips pressing to your neck. Bucky speaks against your skin. “We missed you too.”
“Missed you so much babygirl.” Steve growls into your mouth. The Kings move you around. You’re between Bucky’s legs, and Steve is between yours. Your back is pressed into Buck’s, legs spread over his lap. His hands pulled down the top of your dress. He fondles your breast and keeps your mouth busy by kissing you.
Steve pushed your dress up, marveling at your bare pussy. He presses teasing kisses up the inside of your thighs. When he reaches your slickening folds, he moans as his lips kiss them. You moan into Bucky’s mouth as Steve helps himself to your waterfall.
Sammy starts his car, his eyes starring up to the large manor. A shiver ran through his spine as he thought of Steve’s warning. Just as he began driving off his phone rang. No doubt his older brother. Sam picks up the phone and follows the twisting and winding road off of the property. “Yeah,” He spoke into the receiver.
“Did you find her? She’s with them?” Dean’s gruff voice spoke back into the receiver. “Yeah. I found her.”
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friendlydaydreamer · an hour ago
Part 2 to my «shirtless Sam post»
Imagine Torres making the most of every opportunity where he gets to take his shirt off in front of Sam
Tumblr media
Sam: casually compliments Torres on his physique.
Bucky: can’t decide if he should just continue to glare at Torres or take off his own shirt.
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glowing-sand · 2 hours ago
As much as I love Sambucky, please do not disregard Sarahbucky in any way. It’s NOT a diversion from the main relationship of the show and it’s NOT because “oh well, they both needed a partner and there really isn’t anyone else.” From my understanding, Bucky doesn’t flirt with Sarah because she’s Sam’s sister, he genuinely expresses interest!! And I just love how two people who haven’t been in any relationship in a while are acting like giddy teenagers; Bucky, 106 years old, male, trying to be as charming as possible and Sarah, who literally cannot contain her smile every time he goes “Hi Sarah ♥️” as Sam shoots a “bitch don’t you dare” look - it’s adorable
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shitty-marvel-fan732 · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Don't Mess With Y/N
Part 1 of 3
A request from @wsoldieranon. Finally a little inspiration came to me! Hopefully I can actually start working on these requests! Parts 2 and 3 will be up soon 🥰
Summary: Everyone knows you don't piss off Y/N. What will happen when someone ignores the warning? Groupchat!
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margarethx · 2 hours ago
I have a question to all the fans of Bucky who say that now Sam should be his therapist just because he used to help people with trauma in the past and is clearly good at this job...
How would you feel if you suddenly saw people writing multiple stories where Bucky becomes Sam’s private Winter Soldier? I mean... it was his previous “job” and he was supposedly good at it. Maybe Sam should just use Bucky’s skills as an assassin to his advantage now that they’re close friends? Bucky likes Sam... maybe even loves him... so he should just stop being selfish and allow himself to be treated like a weapon for his partner’s benefit. Preferably for free. It just makes so much sense! Doesn’t it?
You see a problem now?
Just because a person is good at something it doesn’t mean that their friends or partners are entitled to their “services” and constant help for free. And it’s even more not good when we talk about dealing with things like years of emotional baggage and traumas.
Sam can emotionally support Bucky when he has energy for it and Bucky can use his fighting skills to help Sam when he’s the one making a decision to do so. But none of them should be forced to do unpaid labour for the other just becuase they’re partners.
Being a therapist and a brainwashed assassin are clearly two different things, but the premise stays the same. It would not be cool for Sam to use Bucky as a personal weapon. And it would not be cool for Bucky to treat Sam like he’s some 24/7 support line.
Why is that so hard to get for some of you? I really, really hope you don’t treat your friends and relatives this way...
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christycurlswrites · 2 hours ago
The next chapter of I Won't Give Up will be out tomorrow. I wanted to get it out this weekend but work has been kicking my butt. Going forward I will try to get a new chapter of posted every week.
I got a request last week. Just wanted to let you know that will be out either late tonight or early tomorrow.
My requests are still open. I will create a pinned post of what I write and who I write for. Please feel free to ask!
Thanks for sticking with me. 💚
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sherlockthingsposts · 2 hours ago
Steve: So what's your type?
Sam: Grumpy old men with metal arms that have been brainwashed
Steve: ...
Steve: Did you just describe Bucky?
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vassas-art · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
From @angelwiththeblue-box's fic Matching T-Shirts!!
This was how the scene went right?
Please reblog don't repost!!
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winged-winter · 3 hours ago
maybe bucky has a therapy session in the last episode where dr. raynor is asking him about his plans now, and if he's starting to trust people, and then bucky mentions in an offhand way sam has a thing he has to go to louisiana for. and then they just cut to bucky showing up again on the dock and sam being happy to see him. ALTERNATIVELY, sam is talking with sarah, and she mentions she wants bucky to come to whatever family gathering it is they seem to be having. and he reacts like in an annoyed way, but he invites bucky to come anyway.
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margarethx · 3 hours ago
As much as I would want Sam Wilson to finally be respected and treated seriously by every person in the MCU it’s pretty obvious that there are people who won’t like him being the new Captain. Showing that he’s still mistreated despite his role would be probably more realistic than just assuming everyone accepted him without hasitation (especially after the show revolving around his doubts about this very problem).
But if there will be scenes in future movies or shows where Sam is dismissed by people around him I want Bucky to be very, very obnoxious about his support for Sam. Every time someone assumes he’s the one in charge (like Walker did) he just asks Sam for his opinions and directions - even if he already knew the plan. Every time someone insinuates that Sam’s not doing the job right he just asks something like: “excuse me, where you personally picked by Steve Rogers to take the shield...? ...yeah, that’s what I thought”. Or he’d just casually mention Sam’s accomplishments, because Sam would never brag about them himself, but Bucky wants people to know how good he is at what he’s doing.
Basically, I want Bucky to shower Sam with additional love and support every time a person as much as looks weirdly in his direction. And I don’t mean to imply that Sam wouldn’t be able to deal with unpleasant people just by himself, because he absolutely would, but it’d be just so much easier for him to be a good Captain if someone had his back 24/7 and was very open about it.
(Also, Sam is probably way too polite to say “fuck off” to random, rude citizens, so Bucky can do that for him without consequences. One of them has public image to keep, the other not so much and they can take advantage of that. “Captain America flipped me off” would become a headline nationwide. “Captain America’s boyfriend flipped me off” is way less catchy and scandalous.)
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unclesqwee · 3 hours ago
So I did it again. Can someone help me with a title please; I have literally no idea.
I hope someone likes this. It's connected to the previous one posted. I guess a chapter? Who knows.
Tis 💫garbage💫
Tumblr media
The television was on in the background but her mind was on today's session. Ever since the time with Mr Bar- no, Bucky she can't wipe the conversation from her mind. It's been replaying over and over since he left. Here she was, sitting on her new uncomfortable grey couch thinking about something other than hating her job. Rather, becoming obsessed with the idea of being able to talk with him again.
"I feel like - even though I lived through those years after the war, that I was still expecting to come back into what I knew."
"Instead, I'm living in the future that I never thought I'd see. Or even had imagined."
"But, through those years as the 'Winter Soldier', were you living or just alive?" She asked.
He stopped and thought about the question proposed to him. "I - Uh. What do you mean?"
"I don't see those years being lived by you. Rather you were alive - it wasn't your own choices that lead you to the path that was taken through the years you were active."
He gulped. "But I remember them."
"You remember because that's what the brain does - that's its purpose." She paused. "You, on the other hand had been made to do those things - not by choice and it certainly isn't your purpose."
"In reality, if you think about the time you have lived, rather than being alive. You have only lived 35 years of your life - fully."
"You were captured by Hydra in 1943, broke from some of Hydra's control in 2014 and till now, 2023." She paused "Is that correct?"
He nodded. "35 is a prime age to restart. Most men that age are just getting their lives together. You could do whatever you like with the time you have left."
She can't wipe his expression from her mind. The realisation that his life hasn't even started yet. With the pardon he received, he could apply for a mortgage, build up his future life that he always wanted to live.
But with his realisation, she had one of her own. Why is she sitting behind a desk at a job she despises, waiting to be called back when she could take action in her own life? Pave the path for the direction she wants to travel in and the places she wants to visit and things she desires to do.
Why was she sitting here, while everyone was out there grasping the world in their very hands, playing the cards to their advantage.
But, she'll start tomorrow. Get a good sleep and make the big decisions another time.
His hands were in his jacket pockets as he was walking down the street. It was an overcast day and the wind had a slight chill to it. On Wednesday he always goes to this Cafe to get a black coffee with no sugar and a bagel. Following routine is what he does best, and he rather keep it in his life.
He turns the corner towards the Cafe and suddenly his phone vibrates in his jean pocket. Bucky stops and removes his phone and answers with a scowl on his face.
"What do you want?" Asked Bucky with a sour tone.
"Whoa, whoa - calm down robocop. Just wondering what your up to."
"I'm busy."
"Well, I'm sure you are. Going to the same Cafe every Wednesday at the same time to order the same grandpa thing as always-"
Bucky cut off the caller "What do you want Sam?"
"I just so happen to be in the neighbourhood - conveniently at the same Cafe."
Bucky looked up and saw Sam's teasing face smiling at him. He groaned outwardly and hung up the phone as it put it back into his pocket.
"You couldn't let me have this one thing."
"Wow. You are so dramatic. I just came to see the village senile."
Bucky clenched his jaw and side-eyed into the Cafe.
"I already ordered it. So we can talk."
He looked down at Sam, who was already sitting at a table outside of the cafe.
"About what?" He asked sternly.
"Work." Sam's mood changed into a serious tone.
Bucky pulled out a chair and rolled his eyes as he sat down. As they were talking, his order came and he began to try and enjoy his coffee.
"I know we just got back from all that mess with Walker, but there's something else we need to do." He moved in his chair. "Trust me, I would have loved a longer vacation."
"What is it about?" Asked Bucky as he put down his coffee.
"There are connections to Hydra. I know this is a subject in itself, but they are worried that it could seep into our government." Explained Sam.
Bucky nodded. "Where would we have to go? Overseas?"
"It's not much field work at the moment. It's mostly research within the government, so it's home grown issues right now."
"So, we technically aren't needed right now then..."
Sam's face scrunched and he sat forward in his chair. "They actually want us to conduct the search for now." He sighed. "I told them that too but Senator Hughes doesn't necessarily trust many of the counter terrorism agents at the moment."
"You want me to go all spy? Sit at a computer or tap phones?" He huffed.
"Listen, I don't want to do this work either. But it's what we have."
Bucky sat back and looked out towards the street. His eyes widened as he say Dr Y/L/N walking towards the Cafe. Her hair was up in a bun and she had casual clothes on - very different from her work outfit. It felt weird to see her out of a formal setting - unnatural even.
Sam spotted Bucky, which wasn't very hard to do. He had a confused expression as he saw Bucky stare towards your direction. You turned your head and saw Bucky out of the corner of your eye. You waved and smiled slightly - suddenly you were moving towards them.
Bucky waved and waited for you to meet your destination. You stood in front of the table that the two men were sitting at.
"Hello Bucky. It's nice to see you out."
"Oh yeah - nice to see you too." Replied Bucky.
Sam had a ridiculous smile plastered on his face.
"Oh, Uh. This is Sam." Said Bucky as he pointed in Sam's direction.
"Nice to meet you." You extended a hand and shook Sam's in a greeting.
"You too. How do you two know each other?" Right to the point. No sense in jumping around corners.
Bucky glared at him, and realised that you were unsure if Sam knew about the court mandated therapy.
"This is Doctor Y/L/N. I had her for a session of therapy." Explained Bucky.
She nodded and Sam looked up and smiled. "Ah, I see! It's nice to meet someone trying to understand that cyber brain of his."
"That's my job." Exclaimed Y/N. "Well, I'll let you boys be, just getting a coffee." You smiled at Bucky. "It was lovely to see you again."
They both watched as you entered the Cafe. Sam smirked at Bucky "So, a doctor huh?"
Buck scowled and ignored his totally atrocious statement as he tried to stop himself from slipping a smile.
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bisexual-apocalypse · 4 hours ago
Sam and Bucky: Healing pt 3
I'm finishing this up with Bucky.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This right here. That's ptsd. The first sound of metal clanging and he wakes up startled. Because that sound has never meant anything good. But then he realizes what's going on and he smiles. This man was the world's deadliest assassin for decades and it doesn't matter to these kids, who just see him as some guy on their sofa. That little sigh of relief because he's safe and not on the battleground. Among people who aren't afraid of him, or his past. Because that's his fear, hurting the people he loves.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
THE APOLOGY. He acknowledged his privilege and apologized for it. Which is not the way I thought they'd do it at all. As a poc, I'm so used to seeing half assed apologies for racism or some noble gesture that is supposed to make up for it. So to see him identify his privilege, and hold himself accountable for his mistake, instead of blaming his own problems felt pretty genuine.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
They finally admit the fact that bucky was projecting on to the shield. He finally admits that he was mad at Sam for giving up the shield because, somewhere, he felt like he was being abandoned by that decision. And when Sam tells him, "Steve is gone" he doesn't look angry or defeated. For the first time, he actually looks like he's accepting it.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"This might be a surprise, but it doesn't matter what Steve thinks" it is though. He looks so surprised when Sam says that so easily. Because it's what he's been trying to tell himself and failing to. Steve's been his best friend forever, the attachment is natural. But Steve is gone and Bucky is trying to move on with his life while still trying to be the person Steve thought he was. He's carrying a burden he needs to let go of.
"You gotta stop looking to other people to tell you who you are" Bucky needed to hear that. Because it's all he's ever been. He's only ever been the person others needed him to be. He looks down at the shield like he's trying to figure out what he'd be if he let go of the attachment. And he's willing to find out because somewhere along the way, he's grown to trust Sam. And he knows Sam's not going to coddle him and validate him because that validation needs to come from within. And he needs to figure it out. Sam has managed to kickstart the process.
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georgiastars13 · 4 hours ago
I’m bitter and I won’t stop whining
Tumblr media
On Bucky’s one-hundred-and-seventh birthday, y/n, Sam, and Bucky were gathered around Bucky’s dining room table and a small cake with 1, 6, and 7 numbered candles was set on the table in front of Bucky. 
Y/n dimmed the lights and took her spot next to her boyfriend. 
“Happy birthday to you,” Sam and y/n started to sing. 
As they finished the song, Bucky smiled at his girlfriend and Sam. Bucky didn’t intend to even celebrate his birthday with anyone; he didn’t even have plans to celebrate by himself in the first place. But as soon as he met y/n and she had gotten hold of the fact that his birthday was coming up, she knew she wanted to put together something special for him. And since Sam was the only person she knew Bucky even talked to, she wanted to have some kind of get-together. 
Kissing Bucky on the cheek, y/n got up to grab a knife to cut the cake. She cut off a large slice each for the boys and a medium-sized piece for herself.
“So, Bucky, what’s your next move with finding Zemo? Any leads?” Sam asked, his mouth full with chocolate cake.
“Hey, uh-uh. No work talk,” y/n scolded, pointing her fork at Sam. “It’s a birthday party.”
“Fine,” Sam sighed. “How are things going with helping your sister move in?” he asked, directing the question at y/n.
“Not bad, it’s taking a lot longer than we thought it would, though,” y/n answered. 
“She’s got a lot of stuff,” Bucky grumbled. “We’ve had to go over there four days in a row.”
Sam chuckled, “You’re a super soldier. Can’t you use your super strength and just throw everything in the moving truck?”
Y/n answered for him, playfully rolling her eyes. “You know Bucky. ‘Ooh, I’m bitter and I won’t stop whining’.”
“Ok, one, that was a terrible impression of me, and two, I’m not whining. I’m just saying she has a lot of stuff to move,” Bucky stated, defending himself. 
“Yeah, she does have three kids,” y/n agreed. “It’s a shit ton of toys.”
“Sounds like my nephews,” Sam smiled. 
Soon, the cake was all gone, and Sam announced that he had some work to do. The couple saw their friend out and then started to clean up from their small party.
“Ok, so I know I gave you the majority of your gifts when Sam was here, but I saved a special one for you,” y/n smiled as they sat down on the couch, planning to watch a movie. 
“Doll, you didn’t have to do that,” Bucky said, flashing her a sincere smile. “This has already been the best birthday I’ve had in a long time.”
Y/n blushed and returned his smile. “It’s nothing, really.”
Bucky tore apart the carefully wrapped paper and found a framed picture of him and y/n inside. It was a picture of the two of them, a selfie that y/n had taken on their first date. She was smiling at the camera, but Bucky’s head was turned, smiling at her instead. It was their favorite picture.
“This is beautiful,” Bucky said, placing his fingers on the side of y/n’s face, turning her head to kiss her. “Thank you.”
When they broke apart, y/n said, “I noticed you didn’t really have any decorations or pictures or anything, so I thought you could use a picture of us somewhere.”
“I absolutely love it,” Bucky assured her, getting up to place it on the fireplace mantle. “And I absolutely love you.”
“I love you too, Buck,” y/n said, giving him another kiss. “Happy birthday.”
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swan-of-sunrise · 4 hours ago
Spellbinding (Chapter Twelve-Part Two)
Tumblr media
Summary: Loki, (Y/N) and Thor return home after their eventful vacation on Asgard.
Pairing: Loki X Reader
Word Count: 2.8k
Warnings/Disclaimers: None
A/N: A little bit of fluff after all that angst! I hope that you enjoy!
Chapter Twelve (Part II) October 23rd, 2015 Asgard (Previous Chapter)
“Are you certain you both cannot stay longer?”
Loki smiled as he pulled away from his mother’s embrace. “I’m sorry, Mother, but the Avengers are probably in utter shambles by now, considering their only two voices of reason have been away for three weeks; honestly, it’s a wonder they remained together for so long before we joined!”
Rolling her eyes at him, (Y/N) stepped forward and gave Frigga a hug. “What your son so humbly means is that we need to get back to helping people.”
“It seems that he could learn a thing or two about humility from you, my dear.” Frigga smiled brightly, stepping back from the embrace and holding (Y/N)’s hands in hers. “It was such an honor meeting the woman who holds my son’s heart, and I’m pleased that you enjoyed your stay here on Asgard.”
(Y/N)’s smile tightened and Loki instantly knew why as an unpleasant memory came to mind…
“They were nothing more than genocidal maniacs and they plagued my realm with their evil until the day they died!”
King Tarian sighed deeply. “Twenty-six years ago, my father ruled Alfheim. He was beloved and respected, but there were some who wanted to overthrow him. Your mother was my father’s top advisor, and she used her position to gain closer access to him, poisoning him and using her advisory position to take the throne. Layeia and her forbidden Midgardian lover reigned with an iron fist, executing any who opposed their rule, and gained a small following who worshiped her evil magic. I went into hiding and gathered a small army of Alfheimians who were loyal to my father before attempting to take them on. After a lengthy battle, it was clear that my forces were winning, so in a desperate attempt to regain the throne, Layeia attempted to use her magic against all of us but she overexerted herself…she and her lover died in the explosion, leaving the burden of the throne of Alfheim to me. It’s best to forget about your biological parents, Lady (Y/N)…it will only cause more heartache and suffering…”
Since learning the truth about her parents from King Tarian the week prior, (Y/N) had politely but adamantly refused to discuss it with anyone and to most people, it looked as if she’d moved past it all, but Loki could see in her eyes that she was still hurting. Admittedly, she’s handling the truth of her parents far calmer than I did, he thought, inwardly wincing as memories of his attempted attack on Jotunheim flashed in his mind.
“We’ll be sure to visit again soon, Mother, I promise.” Loki’s serious expression faded as he playfully smirked. “And you really should stop asking Heimdell to spy on Thor and me, you know. You worry far too much.”
Frigga looked up at him with an innocent smile, her blue eyes sparkling with warmth. “Well, then, my sons had better personally check-in with me on a regular basis so I won’t have to resort to such extreme measures, now, won’t they?”
“What extreme measures?”
They turned to see Thor and Sif enter the Observatory, followed closely by the Warriors Three and Heimdell; Thor’s arm was wrapped around Sif’s shoulder, and he was leaning heavily against her as they walked. Although the eldest Asgardian prince had rested and recovered from his poisoning for the past week, he wasn’t completely healed but he stubbornly insisted that he was healthy enough to return to Midgard. Obstinate as a goat, Loki thought with an inward eye-roll.
“Thor, are you sure that you’re well enough to travel?” Frigga hurried to his side and helped Sif guide him towards Loki and (Y/N). “The healers said that the poison heavily damaged your internal organs, are you-?”
“Of course, Mother, I feel as good as new!” Thor reassured her, but Loki could detect a hint of strain in his voice. “I could fight the World Serpent itself if I wished! I’m positive that the knowledge of my would-be assassin’s demise has helped significantly in my recovery…”
The day before, Fandral and Hogun had finally tracked down the lair of the mysterious poisoner only to find the man dead inside; it was deduced that the assassin drank his own poison to avoid any consequences for his actions and with that, Odin concluded the investigation into the incident. While Loki was glad that the assassin was deceased, something about it all didn’t feel quite right and he couldn’t help but wonder if there was something else they’d missed. Thor’s not wrong, though, Loki begrudgingly thought, he’s definitely in better spirits now than he was before.
Fandral and Sif exchanged eye-rolls and Volstagg replied, “Yes, you’re feeling very strong, now don’t forget to bring some Midgardian treats back with you when you return. Perhaps some of those Pop Tarts you spoke of?”
“Is that all you ever think about? Your prince and friend was nearly assassinated and is still wounded yet all you can talk about is a Midgardian treat!”
Volstagg and Fandral began arguing as Hogun watched with a weary expression on his face, and Frigga spoke in quiet tones to Thor; Sif ducked out from under Thor’s massive arm and approached Loki and (Y/N) with a small smile. “Well, your visit was certainly a lively one. It was an honor meeting you, (Y/N), and I hope to see you again in the future.”
“It was great meeting you, too!” (Y/N) clasped the warrior’s hand in hers and they shared a bright smile. “And thank you for all those tips on sword-fighting, I’ll be sure to put them to good use; I haven’t beaten my sword instructor in a while, so they could finally turn the tide in my favor…”
Loki grunted in mild annoyance but wrapped his arm around his girlfriend’s shoulders all the same. “It was only one time, darling, and it was only because Barnes and Wilson distracted me with their incessant arguing.” Sif gave him a skeptical look and his lips curled into a mischievous smirk. “I hope that you’ll make a decision soon about your, ah, complicated feelings for a certain Asgardian. I suggest avoiding any subtle approaches, though, he’s never been very good at reading into them.”
Sif’s cheeks reddened and she crossed her toned arms over her chest. “Watch it, Trickster, I was just beginning to tolerate you again.”
“The Bifrost awaits,” Heimdell’s voice boomed throughout the Observatory. Giving (Y/N) a small smile, Loki intertwined his fingers with hers and led her to the swirling entrance of the Bifrost where Thor was already standing. “Will the Allfather be joining us?” Loki clenched his jaw as Frigga shook her head. “Very well, then. I bid you farewell, Odinsons, Lady (Y/N).” Frigga, Sif and the Warrior’s Three all waved goodbye, and Loki gave his mother a warm smile. Don’t forget to sweep your princess off her feet, my little Einherjar, Frigga’s voice whispered in his head as she blew them both a kiss.
With a twist of the Bifrost sword, the churning colors of the bridge surrounded them and (Y/N) clutched tightly to his armor as they were launched through the cosmos. In the blink of an eye, they were standing on the helipad of the Avengers Tower. Seeing the familiar New York City skyline for the first time in three weeks, Loki was struck with the realization that he’d actually missed the city he’d disliked for so long.
“We’re home.” (Y/N) looked out at the skyscrapers before glancing up at him with a smile. “I suppose we’d better head in and see what sort of mischief they’ve gotten themselves into.”
Loki pressed a kiss to her forehead and grinned. “I suppose we must.”
To say that Loki was surprised by the warm welcome he received from his teammates would be an understatement; he never imagined that the others would actually miss his presence, so he struggled to keep his face impassive as Steve patted his back and Tony gave him a fist-bump.
After greeting them on the helipad, the two men led them inside to the common room and insisted on hearing about their trip. (Y/N) described Asgard and the different things they did over the three weeks, with Loki and Thor occasionally chiming in but neither of them mentioned what had transpired on the night of the ball and the morning after; before returning to Midgard, the three of them had agreed not to tell the others about Thor’s attempted assassination and the details about (Y/N)’s birth parents, not wishing to upset or worry their friends.
“Well, I’m glad that you guys had a good time, you both definitely deserved a little break.” Steve glanced over at (Y/N) with a teasing smile. “Je t'ai dit qu'elle t'aimerait…”
(Y/N) rolled her eyes at the super soldier. “Vous mourez d'envie de dire ça, n'est-ce pas?”
“I don’t know about you, Lokes, but I hate that these two know French.” Tony sighed dramatically. “And I know that they gossip about us behind our backs, just like Romanoff and Barnes do in Russian. That’s not a very nice thing to do us, you know.”
With a growing smirk, Loki replied, “Now would seem to be an inappropriate time to mention that Allspeak allows me to understand every language in the galaxy.” (Y/N) and Steve both laughed as the billionaire grumbled under his breath. “But you’re correct, Steve, Mother absolutely adores (Y/N).”
“Of course Her Royal Highness was gonna like you, (Y/L/N)! What’s not to like? You’re smart, kind, good looking and a bad-ass magician.” Tony quipped before tossing another piece of fruit in his mouth and moaning in satisfaction. “And you also give the best gifts! Seriously, you can’t just stroll into Whole Foods and pick up this tasty alien-fruit stuff-”
“I bring back gifts.” Thor leaned forward in his seat, a hurt expression on his face. “Stark, have you not enjoyed the salted bilgesnipe jerky I’ve brought back for you?”
Before Tony could reply, the elevator doors opened and a tall, red-haired woman dressed in a stylish white pantsuit stepped out. “Oh, I’m not interrupting anything, am I…?”
“Nope, perfect timing as usual, Miss Potts!” With a relieved grin, Tony jumped up and hurried over to the woman as Thor began complaining about his underappreciated gifts to Steve. “Hey, Rock of Ages and Samantha Stephens! Come over here and meet someone!” Giving each other a look of exasperation at their nicknames, Loki and (Y/N) stood and walked over to the pair. “Pepper, this is former-war-criminal-turned-superhero Loki Odinson and (Y/N) (Y/L/N), his shockingly magical brainiac of a girlfriend and our newest Avenger. Guys, this is Pepper Potts, the CEO of Stark Industries and my long-time better half.”
“It’s a pleasure, Lady Pepper, Stark’s descriptions of you haven’t nearly done you justice.” Loki remarked with a friendly smile.
Pepper blinked in surprise and she returned his smile. “Thanks, that’s very kind of you.” She turned her attention to (Y/N). “And it’s wonderful to finally meet you, (Y/N).”
“Same to you, but Tony’s never mentioned having a girlfriend before…”
The CEO nodded, her eyes flicking between Tony and (Y/N). “Well, Tony and I were on a break for a few months, and running Stark Industries from our headquarters in Los Angeles keeps me fairly busy. I’m a huge fan of yours, though; it’s about time they recruited another woman to the team! I’ll bet Natasha’s thrilled to not be the only one here.” (Y/N) couldn’t keep herself from giggling alongside the older woman.
“Hey, I take offense to that!” Tony placed a hand on his chest and gave Pepper an exaggerated look of outrage. “All the guys in the tower are a delight to be around; Loki, dude, back me up.”
Just then, a cackling Sam sprinted past them and down the hall to the stairwell, closely pursued by a murderous-looking Bucky, who’s hair was rumpled from sleep and was sporting a Sharpie-written message on his metal arm that read ‘RoboCop Fan Club President.” Loki watched them go before turning back to the others with a raised brow. “I’m afraid I’ll have to agree with Miss Potts on this one, Stark.”
Late that night, Loki was awoken from his deep slumber by the buzzing of his cell phone from its place on his bedside dresser. Oh, for Norns sake, he grumpily thought to himself, groaning and rubbing the sleep out of his eyes before reaching for the phone and unlocking it; the brightness of the screen made it difficult to see but after his eyes adjusted to the light, he saw the text message (Y/N) had just sent him.
My Lady (Y/N): Are you awake?
Without another thought, Loki tossed the covers off himself and stood before teleporting to the hallway outside of (Y/N)’s suite. He knocked softly on the door and flashed her a sleepy smile once it opened. “Is everything all right, darling?”
“Here,” (Y/N) stepped aside and allowed him to enter before closing the door behind them. “I’m so sorry for waking you up, Loki, everything’s fine. I was just being silly, you can go back to bed…”
Loki’s brow furrowed as he took in her appearance, from her forced smile and tired eyes to her overly-rumpled hair and fidgeting hands. “What’s wrong? You can tell me, (Y/N), I’ll listen.”
His eyes glanced over to the sofa and he spotted the large, leather-bound book King Tarian had gifted her before his departure sitting on the cushions; according to the king, it chronicled the history of Alfheim and explained in detail the crimes (Y/N)’s parents had committed during their short reign. Seeing it on the sofa, Loki deduced that she’d finally attempted to read it and he pursed his lips to keep himself from remarking on it. It secretly bothered him that the King of Alfheim implored her to forget her parents while simultaneously giving her a book detailing every heinous thing the pair did; something about the Light Elf felt…off to Loki, but he kept his feelings to himself so as not to upset (Y/N) further.
Wrapping her arms around her torso, (Y/N)’s eyes drifted to look out the window at the city’s lit skyline. “I tried reading that book before going to bed and I…I had a nightmare about my parents. I watched as two people destroyed buildings and homes with red-colored magic and I tried to stop them, but they wouldn’t listen. There were so many screams and when I looked down at my hands, my own magic had…anyways, that’s when I finally woke up.” She walked to the window and stood, her back facing him as her voice quivered. “They were evil. Pure evil. What if…what if my magic turns me into what my mother was? Loki, what if I become…?”
Loki padded over to where she stood and leaned down, wrapping his arms tightly around her middle and resting his chin on her shoulder. “It’s true that you inherited your magic from your mother, (Y/N) but you are nothing like her. Your kindness and bravery and strength, traits of yours that I deeply admire, come from your Aunt Evelyn, not your mother. Your magic will never become corrupted like hers was, my darling. I promise.”
“Thank you, sweetheart.” (Y/N)’s arms came to rest on top of his and Loki pulled her closer as they looked out at the city skyline; they stood there in silence for a long time before (Y/N) spoke again. “I feel guilty for waking you up at one in the morning…”
“You shouldn’t; I’ll always be here for you, no matter what ungodly hour you may need me.” Loki grumbled playfully and (Y/N) let out a laugh, which slowly morphed into a tired yawn. “Are you ready to go back to sleep?”
She nodded and turned around, a strange glint in her vulnerable (Y/E/C) eyes. “Um…you know, Loki, you can stay here with me for the night…o-only if you want to, of course…”
“…I’ll stay.” Loki followed her into her bedroom and crawled into the bed beside her. In the back of his mind, he understood that they’d taken a small step forward in their relationship by finally sharing a bed but he pushed the thought aside as they settled under the covers. He tentatively reached his arm out and moved to wrap it around her shoulders. “Is this all right?”
“Mm-hmm,” (Y/N) hummed and to his surprise, she turned and cuddled up to his side, one hand curling against her chest and the other coming to rest around his torso. “I love you, Loki.”
He smiled as she rested her head against his bare shoulder. “I love you too. Sleep well, my love.” Moments later, he could make out her soft snores and after pressing a kiss to the crown of her head, he too felt himself drift off.
French Translations: Je t'ai dit qu'elle t'aimerait-I told you that she'd love you Vous mourriez d'envie de dire ça, n'est-ce pas?-You were dying to say that, weren't you?
A/N: Next chapter will have some more fluff, I promise! Thank you all so much for reading and commenting! I’ve created a Spotify playlist inspired by this series, and I’ll be updating it every time I upload a new chapter. Enjoy!
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