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Throne of glass


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Throne of Glass characters in Hogwarts Houses:


  • Aelin Galathynius
  • Sam Cortland
  • Fenrys Moonbeam
  • Gavriel
  • Nesryn Faliq
  • Chaol Westfall


  • Celaena Sardothien
  • Rowan Whitethorn
  • Manon Blackbeak
  • Lorcan Salvaterre
  • Rolfe
  • Arobynn Hamel


  • Dorian Havilliard
  • Elide Lochan
  • Kaltain Rompier
  • Nehemia Ytger


  • Aedion Ashryver
  • Asterin Blackbeak
  • Lysandra
  • Sartaq
  • Yrene Towers

Please keep in mind these are all my opinion but feel free to disagree!

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gifted a music sheet of the play she had seen once and loved to celaena — the love of his life — and she learned how to play it, only to never show it to anyone once sam died because it was the last piece of she had that belonged to him.

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Celaena Sardothien: *plays the piano in Throne of Glass*


Me: *remembers the time Sam stole sheet music for her*

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Okay, so, I read Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight several years ago and LOVED them.

Then I really struggled through book three and didn’t ever pick up book four.

Not going to lie, I was a massive chaolaena shipper so THAT hurt! (Still bitter about it actually) And I just kinda got frustrated with Celaena about halfway through Heir of Fire

BUT, I have decided to give the series another go because I keep hearing how great it is and I love everything else SJM, so, second chance for Throne of Glass.

Anyway, I thought I’d read Assassin’s Blade this time as I didn’t have it the first time…

And NOW I’m SAD and full of regret!!!

Like, it was about 5 years ago and I couldn’t remember Sam being in Throne of Glass and SJM freaking made me love him and then did THAT!!!


Sam!!! OMG!!!

Arobynn better get what’s coming to him in the main series, I swear!!!

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I genuinely think that the reason people love Sam so much in ToG is because he’s really barely there… His personality comes in glimpses, and pretty much entirely through Celaena’s eyes — which leaves a lot of space for us, the reader, to draw our own conclusions and project our own images.

And I think it’s done deliberately. I remember being a young teen — a young trapped teen. I remember how much I wanted everything that Celaena wants in this moments… away. Sweetness, innocence, AWAY. This is what she projects and dreams.

It’s not who she was meant to be. And it, really, truly, wasn’t even what she needed. And maybe that’s MY own projections of MY path… but that’s why I always have seen Sam as temporary, a stepping stone.

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i will never forgive sjm for killing sam cortland

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<div> —  A Lâmina da Assassina: Histórias de Trono de Vidro -  Sarah J. Maas<br> </div><span>Celaena não estava apenas faminta, mas também com calor e cansada. E com sede. O que, somado ao temperamento, costumava resultar em uma combinação letal.</span>
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I was sitting in a room, filled with many elderly people I didn’t recognize, and a few young adults as well. I seemed to be the youngest, only 17. We had all been called here. I had only been called here two other times, when someone who was special to me died. Westly. Lysandra. I hadn’t had many friends over the years, all of them were up here now. All exept one. Celeana. I vaguely wondered what had happened all these years, what she had done with her life. I’d didn’t know. Just like I didn’t know how she had lived so long, it didn’t matter. I was exited to see her. I only recognized Lysandra, and so I went over to ask when they had become close.

“Lys? How come your here? I thought you hated Celeana?”

“I probably shouldn’t tell you. I’ll let her explain when she gets here.”

I was going back to my seat, passing the door, confused as ever, when she stepped into the light, wearing a silver cloak.

Time stopped. I looked over to her, slowly, eyes wide, and she burst out crying.

“Sam! It’s my fault! I’m s-so so-rryyy!”

“It’s not your fault, Celeana,” at the name, she sobbed harder. Everyone around seemed to be staying back, so kept talking, “it’s not your fault! Someone betrayed me! It had nothing to do with you! Its-“

“It’s my fault! It was Arobynn, h-he betrayed us because he d-didn’t like sharing his b-b-belongings!”

A bland haired male, clad in a golden cloak, strolled over and started rubbing her back slowly, whispering in her ear. I didn’t know what he ways saying, but for a few moments she wailed even harder, but then she regained her composure, wiped off her cheeks, and stood up.

“Remember when I asked what your greatest secret was?” I nodded, “and I told you mine was that I was always afraid? That wasn’t the secret. The secret was why I was afraid. I was afraid because I was supposed to be dead, and if people ever found out that I wasn’t, I would be bound in another set of chains.”

“Ce-Celeana? How old are you? It feels like it’s been hundreds of years? How did you like that long?”

She looked at me meebley. Opened her mouth to reveal longs, sharp canines.

“957,” Was all she said.

“Was that the big secret?” I asked quietly. I wasn’t disgusted, no. Just surprised. She was fae.

“No. The secret was this.” She tree back the head of her cape and I saw-saw…

“A crown.” I whispered, in awe,
“Celeana, what was your name? Before Arobynn found you?” She was a queen. A queen.

“Aelin Ashyrver Galathinus. Now Aelin Ashyver Whitethorn-Galathinius.” She looked at the man beside her, and smiled slightly.

Aelin. Aelin. She was the princess that had been drowned. And where did Arobynn find her? On the riverbank, half drowned. She was from Terrasen. The bits and pieces she had left me all fit together. She was a queen. A fae queen. Most likely with magic. And she was married. “O-oh.”

“You’re going to need a moment. Go sit down for a bit. There’s lots of other people here who want to meet you.” A dismissal. I understood, though. Her husband was there, and I was taking time from their reunion. I backed away, to Lysandra.

“A queen?” I said to her, “you knew?”

Lys nodded. “I helped her in the war.”

“I’ll just sit down. Tell me when I can hear the whole story.”

“Okay. Just-for now- she loved you. She spent years fighting your death. Don’t think she moved on quickly. She moved on out of necessity.”

I nodded, and looked back over to her. She way hugging the male, face burning in his chest, and shaking from quiet sobs. The room wasn’t very big, so I could hear their conversation.

“How’s Nehemia? She was still so young. Lyria would be sad, but she’d step up into the throne pretty quick. And Sam… he probably took it the hardest.”

I was confused for a moment, before I realized, kids. They had kids, and she had named one of them after me. As Ce-Aelin walked around the room, talking to people, I realized that, though Celeana had brought only fear, Aelin had brought love, and joy. She stopped in front of two people that looked like her parents, and said quietly, “I learned to control it, mom. I can control it now. Look.”

Millions of tiny lights filled the room, all different colours, little burning flames, and I understood that was Aelin’s power: Wildfire. She continued around the room, hugging and crying, until she got back to me.

“Mom, dad, Nehemia, everyone, come here.” Everyone gathered around, and she began. “Once upon a time, in a land long since burned to ash, lived a princess who loved her kingdom very much…” It was a long story, and sometimes she brought in other people to tell it while she cried softly, resting her head in the male-Rowan’s- chest. When it was over, her mom softly said “fireheart,” while rubbing her back and Rowan’s eyes widened. Her looked down at Aelin, and she nodded slightly. They seemed to be having a silent conversation, and when they were done, his eyes were lined with sliver. Aelin stood up, grabbing Rowan’s arm in one hand and mine in the other. I grabbed Lys’s, who grabbed Aedions, who grabbed his fathers, and so it went. When we were done, everyone was standing and holding someone’s hand.

Leading the way, Aelin stepped forward, and into the night.

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“It was a lovely grave—simple, clean—and on the stone was written:

Sam Cortland

Beloved—not just by her, but by many.

Sam. Her Sam.”

i’m not okay [smiling through the pain]

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i will forever be in tears about the death of Sam Cortland. He was one of my favourite characters and he just had such an amazing soul. He loved celaena so much and i just always pictured them growing old together. When aelin visits his grave and says “you would’ve made a great king” absolutely broke me and i’m definitely NOT ok.

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Very popular opinion: Sam Cortland did not deserve that 😭😭

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smth that makes me really really sad is that Sam died at the age 18 without knowing that Celaena loved him.

crying every time i remember about it

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Not me falling in love with Sam Cortland knowing damn well he’s going to die and then reading his death and my soul getting crushed

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