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Commission. Digital. 2017.

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“Venom”. Digital. 2017.

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Hey Ya’ll! I just wanted to let ya’ll know that I finally gave in and made an art blog! You can follow me at @samatura-art, where I’ll be posting not only original stuff but plenty of fan art as well! My requests and commissions are open, so you can shoot me any ideas you have and I’ll be happy to talk with you and draw some of my favorites! It’s brand new, so I’d really appreciate if you checked it out and gave it a follow so we can build a community together. 

Thanks so much!

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Hey ya’ll! This is my first post, So I figured I’d make it a little self introduction!

My name is Morgan Bancroft, but I also go by Samatura, and this is my art blog. I made it in the hopes of getting back in the habit of creating and drawing, as well as having a place to share my art and cosplays with all of you. I also hope that I can get inspiration from y'all and take requests so I can continue to grow as an artist.

A little about me is I am an openly Pansexual Cis gender female, but you’re welcome to call me whatever you like. I live in Houston, Texas, and Im an Aries. I’m a College Student and have a part time job, so it can be hard for me to find time to draw or work on costumes, and my hope is that this interaction between us will get me inspired again.

I have a lot of original work and want to start posting fan work more regularly. Right now, my interests are primarily focused Overwatch, and I run the blog @sake-and-whiskey . I’m totally open to shipping requests, and I’m down with NSFW stuff.

My hopes are that by drawing more regularly I can improve, and share my work with all y'all! I can’t wait to get to know you all and start this journey together!

Thanks so much!

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