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biluata · 2 minutes ago
Sam and Bucky have definitely fucked to “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye
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sherlockisactuallyagaysname · 16 minutes ago
winter falcon or we kill the disney executives
Let's go bestie <3
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previetoons · 23 minutes ago
Sam: So are we flirting right now?
Sam: That doesn’t answer my question
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mikeythegeek · 27 minutes ago
If marvel have a stroke and make sambucky kiss my gay ass brain will explode
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i-have-zero-chill · 31 minutes ago
Someone replied to one of my sambucky posts with a whole ass essay rant and I don’t really know wtf they’re on about but they seem pretty mad. Like sorry I struck a nerve but I’m not reading all that lmao
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v-a-t-s · an hour ago
we got tfatws and y’all still thinking about stucky? grow up 😒
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sambuckyftw · an hour ago
Me trying to explain the significance of Sam and Bucky fixing up the boat together to my mom
Tumblr media
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wikiangela · an hour ago
oh my god I'm actually wiritng a second part to the sambucky fic I posted yesterday (on my side blog @my-fanfics-and-stuff)
I didn't plan on it but those two just don't wanna leave me alone lmao I'm obsessed
(since I have classes, I should finish and post the second part around the weekend - but it might take longer, I have some essays to write as well haha)
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mx-amiko · an hour ago
How to explain to my teachers that I am absolutely unavailable especially during classes because I have an unhealthy obsession with a show and am no longer able to think about anything else for longer than half a minute
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andhumanslovedstories · an hour ago
Looking for a Sam/Bucky fic that hits the dynamics I really want, i.e. they say that they aren’t dating and they aren’t and they razz each other a lot, but they also regularly order takeout together and immediately begin jerking each other off furiously while trash talking and the first one to nut has to pay for the food when it arrives 
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winged-winter · an hour ago
bucky is trying his best, okay? he’s got a tv, a sad murder notebook, some dog tags, and like a none-zero chance of fucking his bff. things could be worse.
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backdraft-bimbo · 2 hours ago
hand holding should be a recurring sambucky thing 🥺
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backdraft-bimbo · 2 hours ago
Does Marvel realize they've already got the building blocks of a potential queer love story? Great chemistry, romantic tropes, cute banter, enemies–to–friends–to–'s all there, they've done the work. Anthony and Sebastian would 100% be on board. If anyone's willing to do it, it's them.
This show has already tackled more of the real world than any other Marvel movie. It would be the perfect opening to their first gay storyline. Like seriously, my bar is so low—just show Sam and Bucky holding hands onscreen and I will grovel at your feet.
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fantasyarmcandy · 2 hours ago
Bucky sleeps like he's dead. never a sound, doesn't move, barely breathes, even his arms crossed across his chest like he's in a sarcophagus. every once in a while he sleeps with his eyes half open, pupils rolled back into his head. Sam HATES it
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lesbianelhopper · 2 hours ago
i think sometimes we can all have a little military propaganda... as a treat <3
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soldierswar · 2 hours ago
Kobik - Chapter III
Bucky X Reader
Mostly angst for this chapter
Chapter 2:
Chapter summary: You're learning that the extent of Kobik's power is far more intricate than you could have ever imagined. And you quickly learn that you're going to have to get used to it a little longer than you would have expected.
“Does she eat?” you asked Bucky in hushed tones standing by the fridge while watching Kobik contently watching tv.
“I don’t know,” he sighed.
“You could just ask her.”
You felt a mild shudder travel through you. Whatever reservations that you were feeling towards her earlier amplified times 100 after waking up to her cries last night.
When you had been woken up, by the time you reached the living room you walked into an entirely different room. But not nearly in the way that you had expected. There wasn’t a giant hole in a wall, there weren’t papers flying around the room, or any broken pieces of furniture.
No. It was an entirely different room. Or rather…science lab. When you had first seen it you thought you were dreaming. This had to be some type of nightmare or trance. But when you pinched yourself multiple times, it was clear that this wasn’t in some way, shape, or form unreal.
When Bucky finally followed you into the room, that was when you spotted Kobik crying in the corner looking helpless, and scared. And yet, Bucky was surprisingly if not eerily calm. He didn’t even look surprised.
He sat down in the corner with her rubbing her back and assuring her that she was safe and that it was just a nightmare. When she finally started to feel better, he convinced her to turn everything back to normal. And before your eyes, everything shapeshifted back into place. In fact, everything looked even more organized than before.
When she went back to sleep, Bucky explained to you that one of her powers included being able to shapeshift, and even create new surroundings. Her changing the living room into the place that she had grown up around was some kind of uncontrollable trauma response brought on by some nightmare flashback. Something that you were both familiar with.
That didn’t really deter how freaked out you were about it.
“Y/N she isn’t going to murder you if you just ask what kind of food she likes.”
He really had to say the M-word.
“Hey, Kobik!” he shouted looking you dead in the eye as he waited for her to come over in an inhumanely short period of time.
“Yeah?” she responded giving a beaming smile. It was infectious enough to make him smile fondly. Keyword, him.
“What do you usually like for breakfast?”
She paused and thought about it.
“Pizza?” Bucky questioned.
“Specific,” you muttered.
“How about cereal,” he suggested and pulled out a box of Coco Puffs.
Kobik shrugged and walked over to where the bowls were in the cabinets. When she realized that she was too short to reach them, she jumped from the floor onto the counter in one swift movement from surface to surface without even using her hands to climb up. Couldn’t she at least try to act like a normal child?
Bucky used the back of his hand to close your agape jaw. You might have thought about walking away again, but you were starving.
Bucky had suggested that you try to get used to her and that she was actually a really sweet kid. And here you were hoping that she wouldn’t be around for much longer for you to even need to get used to her.
But you decided that it was time to challenge your own stubbornness and at least try for your poor husband’s sake. At least a little bit.
You sat on the opposite side of the small table from her. You could feel Bucky’s eyes burning a hole through you somewhat afraid of what you might say or do. And you shot him a small facial expression that said,
“You have no faith in me.”
“Hey Kobik,” you started while grabbing the cereal box and pouring yourself a pile of Coco Puffs.
She seemed kind of surprised that you were talking to her. Part of you wanted to be offended…But her reaction was fair.
“Hm?” she replied with her mouth full of food.
“How old are you exactly?”
She thought about it, raising her eyes up to the ceiling. After a few seconds, she raised four fingers up.
You automatically thought about what Bucky said, and how strange her answer was. Bucky said that he had known her for at least a year and that she was that age already.
“Kobik, how long have you been that old?”
They thought about it again counting on her fingers. 2, 3, 4…And stopped, giving you the four fingers again. She had been like that for that long? Was she always going to be like this? Could she choose to get older if she wanted to? Or did she just like being the way that she was?
“Kobik’s happy the way she is right now, aren’t you kid?” Bucky added.
Kobik nodded and gave him a huge grin.
Suddenly Bucky’s phone began to ring. He looked down at his phone and stepped away into your office to answer. You knew this had to be serious.
“Do you like coloring books?” Kobik asked you, making you snap out of whatever thoughts you were having about this phone call.
“Hm?” you answered.
“Do you like coloring books?”
Her little voice was so chipper, and she was so happy asking you this question. Part of you started to feel a little bad about your aversion to her.
Again, you were still incredibly freaked out about what happened not even 8 hours ago.
“We don’t have any here, but I think we can—”
Suddenly cupped her hands slightly and delicately and hovered them over the table and made two coloring books and a huge box of crayons appear out of thin air.
…You were just going to tell her to use the iPad.
Bucky wasn’t there to make you close your mouth again.
“You make that face a lot,” she pointed out.
You closed your mouth and then tilted your head.
“And that one.”
You tried your best to make your face neutral as she reached for a crayon and began coloring while using her other hand to continue to shovel cereal into her mouth.
“Y/N?” Bucky said softly signaling you to come over to talk in private.
You followed his direction and comfortably rested your back against the wall crossing your arms.
“You won’t believe what she just did,”
“I’m sure I can…Listen,” he began.
“I just got a call from Sam. They need me to come along.”
“Where? Back to Norway?”
He shook his head.
“Evidence is pointed to them having some base in Germany. I think it’s going to be a couple of days.”
You froze. By the look on his face, you knew what he was about to say.
“I need you to watch Kobik.”
You wanted to say no. You really really wanted to say no. But you knew that you couldn’t. But you still wouldn’t let yourself shut your mouth.
“What if something happens again?” you replied in very hushed tones. You had no idea how good her hearing was.
“Like last night…” Your heart skipped a nervous beat thinking about how reality almost completely bent before your eyes.
“Y/N…I know it freaked you out—”
“Freaked me out?” you shrieked.
“Bucky,” your continued hushing your tone again.
“Freaked out is a complete understatement. Did you not see what happened?”
“But she didn’t hurt you.”
You crossed your arms.
“And what makes you think that it can’t happen? We don’t have just me to think about now.”
“Y/N,”  he said soothingly, softly resting his hands on your upper arms.
“She’s a kid. A kid who wants to feel safe. If she sees you as someone that she can feel comfortable around she’s one of the most lovable human-manifested sources of cosmic energy that you’ll ever meet.”
You snorted. This man could convince you to jump off a bridge by making you laugh and you’d still somewhat trust him.
“Okay,” you sighed and let him envelop you in his arms.
“She has never hurt anyone that doesn’t want to hurt her. You might even have a little fun. Do you trust me?”
You looked up at him, resting your chin on his chest giving him a soft smile as you nodded.
Note: Okay I can not thank everyone enough for all the love that this is getting. It makes me so happy that people are enjoying it since I'm so freaking attached to Kobik in the Thunderbolts comics. I love you guys <3
Note #2: I know, what a bitch, right?
Tags: @teenagedreams-bucky @typicalnerd98 @veroxloki @white-wolf-buckaroo @acciosiriusblack @pastel-boy-sungjae
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