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#same peter
vnights19 hours ago
//muses I鈥檝e considered bringing to the blog but haven鈥檛 for one reason or another:
Ariel from The Little Mermaid except she runs by H2O mermaid logic
Natsuki from Doki Doki Literature Club
An undisclosed 4th Afton child
Ash Ketchum鈥檚 Pikachu, specifically from Indigo League (season 1)
Nurse Joy from Pokemon Indigo League
//thank you for your time
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cowardlycandy20 hours ago
Aight new phone theme what do y鈥檃ll think
Tumblr media
Pretty simple but it鈥檚 my first time doing a theme on my phone and ofc my perfectionist ass had to edit all the icons custom so it took literally all night
All the default Apple app icons came from @diorstars edited by me and a bunch I made myself
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bisexualreginaldpeters3 days ago
see i don鈥檛 much care for the celeb possessing nick at the end of the season but i have considered that it would be interesting to see celeb use nick as a tool to divide the band from the inside out. like he makes luke appear as super jealous and defensive towards nick as possible to the point that creates a wedge between him and julie because nick is her friend and luke is getting out of hand. and then celeb makes it so willie can鈥檛 even sneak away at all so alex gets wound up锟硷考锟 on worrying and overthinking about wille鈥檚 safety that he鈥檚 too busy being anxious to notice much else. and just to add insult to injury celeb ends up isolateing reggie more 锟糱ecause all his friends are arguing with each other or stressed out and the one person he does hang out with (ray) can鈥檛 even see him so he feels alone too. basically celeb shows the boys that they can鈥檛 have it both ways. they can鈥檛 deny his offer and be happy with their loved ones and music by making sure they regret their choice through mind games and destroying the very thing they picked over him and he鈥檒l do it by any means necessary 锟(of course they would all prove him super wrong and show that they鈥檙e love is strong and greater than anything he could throw at them)
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
These three scenes have the same energy
Anxiety inducing scene filled with incredible visuals in vibrant colors, where the character is thrown around mercilessly鈩笍
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itsme-mrdeadman4 days ago
dps came out in 1989, which was roughly 7 years into the 12 that Remus spent alone.
No thoughts just him watching it and being reminded of their time at hogwarts and the funky fresh emotions that came with that
yes i am aware that it is an american movie and he had no realistic way of watching it. be quiet.
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confusedsiewmai5 days ago
Me, pre-Time Gone By: It's pretty cool that TPP has this lesbian couple. Could be cute, I guess. Maybe they'll grow on me too.
Me, post-Time Gone By: Oh my god. I would die for Buddy and Vespa. ;-;
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mostly-vo1d7 days ago
okay so, this is primarily because I just watched party guessed with a friend yesterday, and time of death shortly before but. am I the only one who thinks that Scott's supernatural weakness being Allison (as in, every single time something messed with his mind, it was always at least partially about Allison one way or another) was such a... weird choice when it came to Allison being killed?
because the only time he realizes their relationship is an illusion/being used to manipulate him, and then chose to leave it behind, is when they're in Stiles' mind, and Allison is killed off the show the very next episode.
and, you know, the actress was leaving, and they just had to kill someone, and we've been dealing with their break up for all of s3 and just rinse-and-repeating everything in s4 would be annoying, and difficult without the actress.
but it still is such an annoying choice for the writers to make him get over their relationship the episode before her death like a loose end that needed to be tied up.
#teen wolf#yes im doing 2 different tw rewatches atm sue me#but the contrast is so weird bc#the full moon/wolfsbane/Peter all made him go after Allison in s1#Lydia's wolfsbane made him see her with Jackson/the kanima#hotel cali progression I think is shower scene / phone call / maybe we should be no one again#the 'darkness' focuses on scott jealousy and his 'loss of anchor'#Am I missing one? I think I'm missing one#but that's just the spn side of it#and especially after they broke up it could have been so easy to make him move on?#especially after the first two seasons spent so much time on the cure 'to be normal again' (and therefore be able to be with Allison)#and accepting that (even now that the werewolf thing isn't an issue anymore) they're not getting back together#and having to find his own anchor as /part/ of becoming a true alpha would have been so much better#(and not make Kira and Isaac part of a non existent love square and not have her just be 'a good distraction')#but then the first supernatural mindfuck after her death is Scott killing Liam and it's just like#now that the relationship drama is over with (ie Allison is dead) have some real issues#and I know they do the same thing with Kira in s5 (Yay originality (/s) for Scott to 'focus on himself' or whatever#and go back to making it all about Allison again a season later#and I Still don't know when they knew they were going to kill Allison/since when they were writing relationships for that outcome#but as a fan of Allison but not their relationship this is all just very very frustrating
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julianakarlo-blog7 days ago
I've been a fan of AHS and especially Evan Peters since the first episode it aired. It doesn't matter what character Evan chooses to play - he's always interesting, great and sexy. Even deformed, retarded or dead. That man can pull off almost anything. I bet he could do AHS solo for one season and it would be amazing. One man's show - would the best season ever. For me that is...
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transtilinski8 days ago
鉁 Back On My Time-Travel Bullshit 鉁
Stiles watches Cora smiling at Lydia, brightly broadcasting how smitten she is despite just meeting. Lydia鈥檚 face is breath-taking, open and carefree in a way it hasn鈥檛 been in years.
Stiles looks at them and for one blissful minute he lives in a rose-tinted world where he believes in love enduring all and soulmates existing.聽
And then Peter fucking Hale slides into the booth Stiles is sitting at and boldly proclaims, 鈥淗i, I鈥檓 your future husband.鈥
For a heart-stopping second, Stiles panics at the thought of Peter also time-traveling, except he鈥檚 from some bizarre future where they鈥檙e married. But no--this is just Peter, untouched by fire, with a horrendous pick-up line.聽
Of course Lydia is blessed with consistency in her love life while Stiles is damned to be tormented by creeperwolf.
#steter#me: i would like to go to sleep#my brain: arent u tired of time is linear? dont u want to go fucking ape shit?#me: fuck youre right!#hi im your future husband ASLKJDLKJ PETER. GET IT TOGETHER#i have never once come up with a story idea. every thing ive ever come up with is simply my brain going Hey Wouldn't It Be Funny If....#and it Would be funny!!!#i dont even KNOW where this came from. i was like awww lyds & stiles time traveling and -- OH WAIT I REMEMBER. not that anyone asked for my#thought process but:#okay Lyds & Stiles time-travel and fix shit up. but then how do they bring allison together?? and i was like shit ig they like follow where#she travels and then go to the same college to causally befriend her and pull her into the pack and then i was like awww allydia what if#lydias been waiting this whole time to see if allison will still 'fit' her in terms of having chemistry bc obvs ally is going to grow up a#different person#and then my brain was like Haha WHAT IF stiles is starry eyed watching them reconnect and he's like soulmates!!!! and then peter shows up#and his interactions with peter in the past b4 the time travel was peter annoying at him (pulling at pigtails) and stiles is like REALLY#but then they fall in love <3#but then i was like wait ive been wanting to try cordia & WHOOPS i forgot about ally. yikes sorry babe#anyway time travel my dear heart!! i have missed u <3#finnickyfox#cordia#hey if anyone is reading my tags & u want an update on the spider situation i woke up this morning to a gift of a bug catcher meant for kids#i thought it was a joke gift but no it was serious#this is my life now#finn stop falling back into time travel challenge 馃檮
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yaboyspodcastpalace10 days ago
For the character asks: Jon, Peter Lukas, Annabelle Cane? (giving multiple suggestions so you can pick one in case you get the same character twice in different asks)
very kind of you to assume i get many asks :') THANKS ill do all of them u_u
[Send me a character and i'll tell you...]
(under the cut bc i love talking and this got long lmao)
First impression
he's a uptight prick with obvious favoritism for sasha and tim and i love him so! much!!!!!!
Impression now
my poor little mew mew hm................I've got a complicated relationship w/ jon bc i love him a lot, but i loved s1 him the most, and literally everything else just makes me really, brutally, sad ;_; The way he tries so desperately to cling to his humanity and how other characters just call him by the title imposed to him makes me wanna cry
...also he just cares so much ;_; i cry
Favorite moment
probably his interactions with georgie at the beginning of season 3!!! From s5 id say when he killed not!sasha, it felt vindictive 霉_煤
Idea for a story
Dhfhdh im p basic when it comes to him ngl, either jon/tim/sasha friends to lovers or jon and desolation!tim or *something*!sasha trying to stay as human as possible, together 馃様 (or just any of them living and coping together in s4 n s5)
Unpopular opinion
Im just not a fan of monster jon, at all! He's not the type of character that i enjoy seeing having a corruption arc unfortunately!! It just hurts!!! (and this Is from someone that Loves corruption arcs!!!)
Also i really hate moth jon imagery??? For not particular reason, moths are pretty, but i still hate it u_u AND THE ASSOCIATION OF GREEN W/ JON (or the beholding in general!) I CANNOT STAND IT!! i know its bc of the tma logo but guess what! Its wrong! Purple jon rights!!!
ALSO ALSO the so called pining he had for martin just.... didnt felt like that at all! i have Many feelings abt this!
Favorite relationship
either georgie in s3, or sasha!!! i love how he always praises sasha in her research in s1 and even thought he's at his driest & sharp Trying-To-Project-Professionalism-And-Skepticism she still rolls into his office, interrupts him mid statement to banter w/ him abt pronunciation n stuff and its just Normal, like that speaks volumes of how comfortable they felt around each other! they were friends gdi! the moment he realizes she died and then everytime the not!them mocks him w/ her death makes me wanna break smth q_q
im not even gonna mention tim bc even though i love their relationship It 馃憦 makes me馃憦 very 馃憦 sad 馃憦
non shippy and also staying strictly canon, i love his relationship with melanie!
Favorite headcanon
sometimes i think abt that one hc that hes really good with arcade games bc he lived near the coast and i smile bc thats cute :) also hes a trans man 馃挋馃挆馃馃挆馃挋
First impression
Mystery evil captain man!!! Fog?? I LOVE him :)
Impression now
I STILL LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! Hes an asshole and has a lovely voice and smile and hes not, hes not Dumb but also he's far from the whooooa evil lonely influence he think he is (played like a cheap fiddle). He also makes me sad in ways i cannot and wont describe, and its a shame that he died cuz he was the best part of season 4 馃様 rip you beautiful bastard man i still miss you </3
Favorite moment
"It has blood on it" "thats Leitner's too :D". Also when martin was angry abt idk, breekon? Jon going into the coffin? Cant remember, but peter was like I said id protect the institute, that guys not my problem 炉\_(銉)_/炉
Idea for a story
dfgdfg i have..... a petermart story that dealt with the different flavor of loneliness they both had, half smut half genuine meta of both of them and theorization on the branching of an Entity & how their powers manifested in other people...
basically, peter thinks hes hot shit when it comes to loneliness but gets overwhelmed when martin accidentally projects his feelings abt *fic's plot stuff* on him, its fun stuff!
Unpopular opinion
people either paint him like an absolute devil or an incompetent idiot and hes neither of them! hes an asshole who loves being an asshole but far from the worst monster in the show and he tried to do a clever scheme TWICE on his life and 1. while it was established that any of the rituals wouldnt work singularly the Silence was still a pretty clever attempt if it weren't for gertrude! and 2. well... he tried to manipulate someone petty and formerly supposed to be a web avatar, again not his fault, cant call him stupid for trying dfgdfg
i Do think hes kinda pathetic in some sense considering his backstory, but more out of personal pity than anything else
Favorite relationship
Canonically speaking him and martin! The pull and push of them was The best thing about season 4! Peter being a quite dangerous avatar and martin, beautiful and scared and kinda feisty, confronting him every chance he gets, peter doing his best to manipulate him and martin letting him believe hes succeeding (even thought, he is, partly). They're fascinating characters to have side by side
Favorite headcanon
Partly canonically speaking him and mikaele salesa :) they do bets together! They're lonely sea men! What else could you possibly want?
Also non shippy i like thinking abt peter's and simon's relationship but thats entirely non canon 鈾
Diversity wins! The heir of the lonely is a gay man!
Also I think as every rich household(?) the lukases had many paintings and peter as a kid saw the ones w/ sailing ships and imagined sailing far far away from his family. That and seaman aesthetic fucks, which is why he always has the same vibe going on as an adult. He does Not know half of the things he'd need to know to have a ship though but hey he's rich and thats all he needs
First impression
thats a horrible psychological experiment they're making there D:
Impression now
THATS STILL A HORRIBLE EXPERIMENT AND ANNABELLE DESERVED SO MUCH BETTER............. idk! she makes me sad in the same way jon (and to a degree, peter) does! to be a living puppet for the thing that traumatized you as a kid and that later kinda killed you / is the only thing keeping you alive, to be devoted to it scrambling to believe in a higher reason for all of it to happen bc to believe otherwise is............. anyway. i love her, and i feel so so sorry for her
Favorite moment
her "maybe ive never been to the beach" at the end of ehr statement (that i fully believe its bullshit but, yknow, i love that she adds that), most of her convos with martin, her "i told you this might happen" "you did, you did" with mikaele
Idea for a story
i think a lot about her having conversations w/ either mikaele (platonically) or sasha (shippy) and their different points of views and treat with her making her doubt the web a bit
Unpopular opinion
listen, listen, i know it sounds like im woobifying her i Know it but reading the scraps of her story how can i Not feel sorry for her? when the story framed her very similar to jon? the supernatural childhood encounter that gave them arachnophobia and the subsequential joining with an Entity against her will? the fact that both the story and the fans treat her like a spider woman always sat very very bad to me, and the fact that the story itself always framed her like a villain (considering All The Other Characters that get the benefit of the doubt) was extremely disappointing
Favorite relationship
her and mikaele!!!!!!! wish we could have seen more scenes of just the two of them!!!!!! *singing* he is her daaaaaad, hes her dad! boogie boogie boogie! (ok no but like... their offscreen friendship is my favorite thing of season 5 ;_;)
Favorite headcanon
Sigh i dont know...i still think she's scared of spiders which make her current existence harder but thats a sadcanon :/ umm...... i love the idea of mikaele and her cooking together from time to time! Mikaele showing her some plates he used to eat as a kid as he talks stories about his life :) and she listens and sometimes tells a story of her own! its been so long since he had a quasy normal conversation! its weird yet nice!
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mostly-vo1d10 days ago
Derek: You're gonna be good at this.
Scott: Are you kidding? I am totally unprepared. Remember how you said you could teach me a few things? I think, right now I could use a full-on training manual.
at least one of them has a realistic grasp on the situation?
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