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Year of the Witch: Connecting with Nature’s Seasons through Intuitive Magick

When we think of the wheel of the year, the Wiccan wheel with its celebrations of the Yule, Beltane, Mabon, and Samhain come to mind. But what about a wheel of the year for the rest of us pagans and witches? As a witch living in sunny South Florida, longtime hereditary witch Temperance Alden has often felt at odds gearing up to celebrate Yule, for example, when it is 76 degrees and sunny outside.

Year of the Witch

will help readers create their own intuitive practices in harmony with the climate, culture, and local spirits where they live. It’s of interest to witches coming off the Wiccan path and looking for a more personal approach to celebrating the rhythms of nature. Year of the Witch covers all aspects of this new, seasonal practice:

  • The origins of the neo-pagan wheel of the year and why it is still so relevant today
  • Culture, historical facts, and traditions associated with the major ceremonies
  • Basic principles of land-based magick
  • How to intuitively connect to the nature below your feet and the local gods
  • Being a custodian to the land and its impact on our spiritual practice

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hi, looking for witchy friends!

i’m an eclectic pagan, as well as a witch. it’s been more than 6 months since i’ve started practising witchcraft, and i’m really interested in divination, cristals, demonology, black magick, draconic magick, the fae, herbs, angels, and anything similar.

i’m a minor, however, i’m older than 15, so i don’t think i’d be comfortable with anyone older than 20.

i am a right-hand witch at the moment but i’ll start working with demons as soon as i get more experienced. i work with Lady Artemis and Lord Apollo, as well as my spirit guides. so yeah! it doesn’t matter if you work with different deities, i wrote that just for information ^^

i also refuse to be friends with you if you think boys can’t be witches, support trump, are homophobic/transphobic, ableist, racist, just a bad human being 🥰

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Annie Finch, from “Samhain”
She leaves this trail
through a shudder of the veil,
and leaves, like amber where she stays,
a gift for her perpetual gaze.
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How about that background glow up? Still working hard ♡ I promise. #animation #cartoon #show #mrdevilandhislittlejimmy #darkhumor #halloween #satan #art #vintagehalloween #original #satire #devil #spooky #satan #pumpkins #october31 #decor #samhain

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Nov 24, 2020

Samhain wasn’t looking good when I got him. He was bone dry and covered in scale. I cut everything back and left him outside hoping he would come back. Looks like he did! I’m happily surprised.

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🎃Samhain 31st October 

Samhain,commonly pronounced “Sow-enn” (sow-rhyming with cow) means “summer end” it is the pagan new year. Samhain falls halfway between the Autumn equinox and the Winter solstice on 31st October.

Names: Samhain / All Hallows’ Eve / Hallowe’en / All Souls Night

What we celebrate: This is the Pagan new year and night of the dead, when the spiritual world has its thinnest veil. Samhain is the third of the three harvest festival sabbats and the last festival of the Holly King. This sabbat honors the year’s last harvest— anything harvested after Samhain belongs to the fay and is not to be eaten by humans. We honor our ancestors with offerings and dumb suppers. We invite them to feast with us.

Magical Workings: Spiritual awakening, communion with the dead, psychic abilities, success and bounty, divination, ancestral work.

Decorations: Jack o’ lanterns, witches, werewolves, moons, gourds, costumes, brooms, pumpkins, candy, squash, bails of hay, dried leaves, bats, lanterns, cobwebs, apples, corn husks, and candles.

Gods/Goddesses: Hades, Hel, Demeter, Hecate, Lilith, Baba Yaga, The Morrigan, Maeve, Kali, and Crone Goddesses.

Colors: Orange, Brown, Gold, & Scarlet.

Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, Flowers, Herbs: Apple, Marigold, Cypress, Ferns, Pumpkin, Heather, Nuts, Hazel, & Sage.

Crystals, Gemstones, Stones: Jet, Obsidian, Onyx, Carnelian, & Bloodstone.


2 parts Sandalwood

1 part Orange Peel

1 part Mace

1 pinch Cinnamon 


4 drops Pine Oil

2 drops Frankincense oil

2 drops Patchouli oil

2 drops Lavender oil

Mix in a bottle. Anoint on altar and candles.

Oil: #2

3 drops each :




Apple oil

2 drops Patchouli oil.

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(This is my first attempt at making a variant human for 5e, I wanted something that i felt had more of a Celtic feel, what do you think?)

: Humanoid
Age; Maturity: 15 years, Maximum: Shy of one century.
Size: Medium
Average Height: Between 5 feet and 6 ½  feet tall.
Average Weight: 110 to 220 lbs
Suggested Alignment: Any

Ability Modifiers: +1 to any two of the Following, Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom or Charisma

Speed: 30ft (6 Squares)

Rebel Song [Cultural]: You come from a storied human culture often said to be most at home, drinking, fighting and singing, uoften all at once.  Having been raised in such an atmosphere, you are proficient in one Martial Weapon of your choice and One Musical Instrument of your choice.

The Rocky Road [Ancestral]: Your people have always had themselves to rely on in the hardest of times, as such some things just come natural to you.  You Have proficiency in one Skill of your choice and you have proficiency with one Set of Tools of your choice.

Weary [Cultural]: Your people tend to live on the threshold of the known world, and the realm of some other worldly creatures.  Your people have an odd blend of Respect and Mistrust of these beings, your songs, your poems even your history tend to be written in the language of said people.  
You may add one Exotic language to your list of languages known (Abyssal, Celestial, Draconic, Deep Speech, Infernal, Primordial, Sylvan, Undercommon, etc)

Languages: Common, and the language of their home nation if not already listed.

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do you celebrate the sabbats on the same days as the north (yule in december) or do you celebrate by the solstice dates (yule in june) ??

personally i celebrate with the northern hemisphere just because it’s easier with decorations and non pagan family but i like both and would like to do a bit of both

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