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#sammy vs ts4

it was kinda annoying gameplay wise but the story? hilarious

basically i started a new sims save with athras and because i always intend to do things a certain way and then forget about it she started the gardener career.

things were going pretty good until i got this job event about gnomes helping in the gardens of her job and i picked that she should try to report on it. turns out she was trolled and she got fired for it lmao.

so that + her gloomy trait made her super sad so i took her to a bar to get sims drunk and hook up with a random dude but she was beibg constantly sad which made this almost impossible.

she was talking to one guy who was married (which makes flirting extra hard but i felt like doing something new) well she failed and he left. so next dude it is, they talk and i manage to get her in a flirty mood for a few moments but then the guy is about to leave!! so she asks him to hang out and they go to her house.

at this point i just want them to bone because athras is tired, hungry and needs to take a piss but first she needs to get dicked down, well it worked out and she ghosted him lmao

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