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hi all !! Sorry for being absent these last couple of days! im planning on having another fix out in the next couple days so keep your eyes out!! 🥰

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A/n: Saint Francis Orphanage is a boys’ orphanage in the game, but for the sake of the plot, it’s a co-ed orphanage :) I also don’t specify Camila’s age, and I think it’d be fun if she and Nate are twins!

Camila could remember it like it was yesterday. The orphanage. Samuel was kicked out due to criminal activity, leaving Nate and Camila alone, so the two stuck to each other like glue. Nate had gotten into a fight, which left the two siblings stuck in their room. Camila was curled up on the bed as Sister Catherine lectured Nate about not fighting with the other children.

“He took my book!” Nate protested.

Camila knew better than to interfere with Sister Catherine, so the girl just watched as best she could.

“It seems like you two are the only ones causing trouble.” She sighed and shook her head.

“Yeah, well, they should know better than to take our things.” Camila said, sending a look in the nun’s direction.

The girl sat up and scooted next to her brother as he gave her a soft smile.

“That is not an excuse for your brother to punch someone.” Sister Catherine replied.

“I think it is. A fifteen year old boy should be able to know not to snatch things from other people.”

“You two are going the same sad road as your brother.”

Camila tensed, and Nate gently put his hand on her shoulder. The girl visibly relaxed under his touch as her eyes traveled downward. 

“Go to bed, you two.”

Sister Catherine left the room as Nate looked at Camila.

“Thanks sis.”

“Of course.”

Their attention got captured by a blinking light on a distant roof.


The two snuck out the window and began making their way towards their brother. They snuck past Sister Catherine and Father Duffy and dropped down where a backpack and a flashlight laid on the ground.

“Sam…?” Nate called.

Camila squeaked as Sam scooped her up and spun her around. She glared at him and hit his chest when he put her down.

“Look at how beautiful you are.” Sam said with a smile, ruffling her hair.

Camila rolled her eyes as Nate walked over. Sam’s smile fell when he saw the bruise under Nate’s eye.

“What happened here?” He asked worriedly.


Sam looked over at Camila, but the girl made a zipping-her-lips motion.

“Damn twins.” Sam muttered.

Camila grinned as she went towards her brother, hugging him tightly. Sam sighed and nuzzled his face into her hair, holding the girl close to his chest. Nate joined in on the hug as Sam held his younger siblings close. He smiled down at the two of them. Their life wasn’t normal, but he wouldn't trade it for the world.

“Now, you wanna tell me what the fight was about?” Sam asked.

Camila elbowed Nate in the ribs, causing the boy to yelp and glare at her.

“Some kid took my book.” Nate started.

Sam groaned and took a step back. “And you punched him?”

“You didn’t hear the things they were saying about us! They said Mom is in hell because-”

“Hey, hey, listen to me. They say it because it gets to you. You just have to brush it off.” 

Nate frowned. “You wouldn’t.”

“Well, do as I say, not as I do.”

Camila smiled and ruffled Nate’s hair, looking at him. He brushed her away as he gave a soft smile.

“Come on, I have a surprise for you.” Sam said, grinning at the two of them.

Camila’s and Nate’s eyes lit up as Sam motioned for the two to follow him. He led the two of them out of the orphanage, and the three landed on the ground. Sam showed them a motorbike he had purchased.

“You only do this when you’re trying to make up for something.” Nate pointed out.

“You are too smart for your own good. You know that?”

Camila crossed her arms over her chest as she raised an eyebrow. “What are you doing, Sam?”

“I have a job. I’ll be gone for a year.”

“A year??” Nate exclaimed.

Sam smiled sheepishly as he looked at his two siblings. “You won’t even know I’m gone.”

“Sam, you’re leaving?” Camila asked softly, tears brimming her eyes.

Sam’s eyes widened, as he instantly went towards her, “Cam, it won’t be for long.”

A tear slipped down her face as Sam wiped her tear away quickly, and she leaned into his touch, closing her eyes.

“Please don’t cry…” Sam whispered. “…I don’t want to make you cry.”

Camila sniffled and nodded, biting her lip to keep from upsetting her brother.. 

“Come on. I have another surprise.” 

Camila opened her eyes. “What?”

“I found Mom’s stuff.”

Camila woke up curled up between her two brothers. She nuzzled against Sam as he subconsciously pulled her closer to his body. She turned to look at Nate, who was pressed up against her. She carefully wiggled out of her brothers’ arms as she went to check her phone. She gulped a bit when she saw all of the frantic texts from her husband.

‘Are you okay??’ - 5:30pm

‘You’re worrying me. What happened??” - 6:10pm

‘Babe??’ - 7:15pm

‘Christ, if you’re dead, I’ll never forgive myself’ -3:10am

There were a bunch of missed calls and more missed texts, so Camila figured she would call her husband. She grabbed her phone and went outside of the hotel room. He picked up almost immediately. The phone barely got to ring.

“Cami!! Thank God. I thought something happened.” Camila’s heart twisted at how tired he sounded. Did he even sleep? Probably not.

“I’m fine Rafe. One of Nadine’s goons nearly shot my leg off, but I’m okay.”

“Which one? I’ll kill him.”

“Babe. There were a bunch shooting at me. I can’t tell you which one did it.”

Rafe breathed a sigh of relief as he ran his fingers through his hair. He thought he’d lost his wife forever.

“I’m with my brothers currently. I’ll try and find a way back to you.”

Camila leaned against the wall as she closed her eyes. 

“Nadine and her men are pissed. They think you’ve double crossed us.”

The female sighed as she weighed her options. Stay with her brothers and be against an entire army. Or go back with her husband and fight against her brothers.

“Okay, well, I’ll find a way to get to you.”

“Okay. I love you so much.”

“I love you too, Rafael.”

“Keep me updated okay?”

“I will. Now get some sleep, my love. You sound exhausted.”

“I barely slept. I was so worried. When you went over the cliff, Nadine had to hold me back so I wouldn’t go after you.”

Camila frowned. “Of course she would.”

Rafe let out a low chuckle that was soon followed by a yawn.

“Go to sleep, Rafe. I’ll be with you soon.”

The two hung up as Sam spoke up.

“You really love him, don’t you?” 

Camila smiled softly and looked towards her brother. “I do.”

Sam smiled and nudged her playfully. “So am I having any nieces and nephews any time soon?”

“Only in your wildest dreams, Samuel.”

Sam turned back towards Nate, who was busy plotting their course, before turning back to Camila.

“We can’t tell him what really happened, you know.”

Camila’s eyes narrowed. “What did you tell him?”

Sam was about to explain when Sully called the two into the hotel room. Camila walked into the hotel room as Nate was pointing to a map.

“Where we heading boys?” Cami asked with a smirk.

Nate turned to look at her. “Madagascar.”

The four of them had made it to Madagascar, and Camila was sitting in the back of the jeep with Sam. She tilted her face into the wind as a soft smile grew on her face.

“How much you want to bet Shoreline is already here?” Nate hummed.

“Knowing Nadine and Rafe, I have high hopes.”

Sam looked over at his sister before turning towards Nate. “Right now, all we have to worry about is finding the correct tower.”

Camila nodded in agreement as she looked around. Nate continued driving until they reached a small abandoned settlement. 

“Shoreline.” Camila whispered.

The four got out of the jeep as they began creeping through the grass towards the Shoreline soldiers. 

“Why do you think Adler’s wife went with the Drake brothers?” A Shoreline soldier asked.

“Who knows? With his attitude and temper, I’d run from him too.”

Camila clenched her jaw as she held her silenced pistol close to her body. Sure, Rafe wasn’t the nicest to everyone, but that gave them no right to talk about him behind his back. She slowly snuck up on a guard as Nate followed close behind. She leapt onto the guard’s back and used her bodyweight to pull him down, choking him until he was unconscious. Nate took out the other guard and hid the body in the long grass.

“They’re more coordinated than I remember.” Sam hummed.

“Yeah, well, they’ve had years to learn the other’s fighting style.” Sully replied.

The four took out all of the Shoreline soldiers as Camila stood up, stretching. Sam and Sully joined the two as Camila looked around for the tower. She climbed up to it and craned her neck to look up at it. Sam and Sully were looking at the view of King’s Bay in the distance. 

Nate walked over to her and looked at her. “You thinking what I’m thinking?” 

Camila smirked and nodded before beginning to climb the tower. Sam turned to talk to them when he saw the two climbing. 

“I can’t leave them alone for a minute.” He grumbled.

“How do you think I felt?” Sully asked.

The twins climbed up the tower and looked around. Camila and Nate found their destination at the same time. 

“Found where we have to go.” Nate smirked.

The four got into the jeep and began driving. Some of the hills were too muddy, so they had to use the winch that came with the car.

“See Sully! I told you the winch would come in handy!” Nate grinned.

“The rock looks unsteady.” Camila whispered.

Nate began to drive up the hill as the rock began to wobble, causing Camila’s eyes to widen.

“Nate! The rock!!”

It was too late. The rock rolled down the hill, sending the jeep sliding to the right and swinging over the edge of the cliff. Camila lost her balance and fell out the back of the jeep as Sam whipped around and grabbed her arm.


Camila gritted her teeth as she climbed back into the jeep, pressing against Samuel. Samuel began muttering the Hail Mary as Nate drove up the side of the cliff. The seconds felt like hours before the car was back on solid ground. Camila was curled up tightly next to Sam, tears falling down her face as she released a breath she was holding. She quickly wiped her tears so neither of her brothers would get worried about her.

“See? No big deal.” Nate said.

“No sweat.” Camila exhaled.

Nate turned to look back at his siblings before turning back to the road and driving to the tower. Camila nuzzled against Sam as he wrapped an arm around her, resting his head on top of hers. She closed her eyes, relaxing against her brother as Sully looked over at them.

“I thought siblings didn’t act like this.” He said with a teasing tone.

“Guess we’re different.” Sam hummed.

Camila had fallen asleep when the four had reached Avery’s tower. Sam gently nudged her, causing her to jolt awake and look up at her brother. 

“Sorry Little Sister. We’re here.” 

Camila rubbed her eyes as she sat up. The two followed after Nate and Sully. They managed to get to the draw bridge, but Shoreline showed up. Before Camila could fight back, a Shoreline solider held a gun to her head as Nate’s eyes widened. 

“Listen, let’s talk about this.” Nate said.

Camila swallowed. She was used to being held at gunpoint, but the metal pressing into her head always made her tense up. She noticed Sam moving through the tall grass as the soldier clicked the bullet into place.

“Adler wants his wife back. He’s making everyone miserable.” The soldier hissed.

“In his defense, he’s a really nice guy.” Camila remarked sassily.

Nate took a small step forward as the soldier pressed the gun deeper into her temple.

“If you kill me, Rafe will kill you.” Camila swallowed a bit.

“And why’s that?” 

“Because I’m pregnant.”


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Originally posted by zhansww

chapter 1: desperado

chapter 2: we’ve only just begun

pairing: none

genre: fix-it fic (sorta), found family, sibling bonding

warnings: alcohol

words: 2,358


It’s 2017 and Sam’s another year older. He did everything he thought he missed out on in the fifteen years he was imprisoned, yet somehow he still felt so empty, so lonely. He doesn’t know it yet, but he’s found the family he’s been looking for all along. The real treasure was the friends we made along the way.


please enjoy!! <3

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As much as I love Uncharted 4, someone should rewrite the “Nate and Sam reunion” scene, because it was awkward as hell.

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a/n: Hi! This is my first attempt to write any sort of fan fiction, and its going to be about our beloved Samuel Drake. Lemme know if y’all want to see a 2nd part!!

Warnings: MAJOR FLUFF.

pairing: sam drake x fem!reader

Well. Today is the day. Today you are going to marry the man who makes you the happiest that you have been: Samuel Drake.

While you were getting ready with your bridesmaids, Sam was in with his groomsmen getting ready for the ceremony as well. You were thinking about all your great memories together, from your adventures to just lazy days at home. You could not have asked for a better man. You are so excited to finally marry him.

Sam on the other had, while, of course, excited to marry the woman that he loves the most, and the one that makes him the happiest he’s ever been, he’s extremely nervous. Nate, his brother and best man notices this, and walks over to sam.

“Sam. What’s on your mind? It’s your big day and you look like you’ve just seen a ghost..” Nate says, chuckling slightly.

“Ah… it’s nothing little brother,” Sam says, faking a smile.

“C’mon Sam, I can tell when you’re lying. What’s up with you?”

Sam sighs and finally says, shakily, “I love her so much man. I know how perfect she wants this day to be and I feel like i’m going to mess something up and I just feel like-“ without taking a breath. Nate cuts him off, surprised that he’s being like this, because he usually only puts out that he is a confident man, “Whoa whoa whoa big brother… where is all this coming from? You love her, she sure as hell seems to love you, I really don’t think that anything is going to change that. Believe me when I say I was feeling this way when me and E got married, and it was the most perfect day, marrying the love of my life, and I can guarantee that today will be just that for the both of you,” Nate says, smiling slightly and patting Sam on the shoulder. Sam takes a big breath and thanks Nate for that pep talk, because he needed it, and like the flick of a switch, he was back to his cocky, confident self.

You were in your room, getting your hair and makeup done, and you were talking to your maid of honor, Elena. “Oh Elena, I’m so excited. I love him so much and I can’t wait for his reaction,” you say, basically squealing. Elena looks at you and smiles wide, “you two are too cute, I can’t wait for you guys!!” You spend the rest of your remaining time getting ready and talking, it soon becomes 11:45A.M., when you need to go to get ready to walk down the isle.

Sam has arrived at the altar and now the congregation is just waiting for, you, the bride’s arrival. Soon, Your Song by Elton John comes on, signaling that you are going to walk down the isle. Baby Cassie Drake, Elena and Nate’s daughter, is the flower girl, and she runs down the isle throwing the rose petals sporadically around the isle. Then comes you, the bride, accompanied by your father. Sam is absolutely speechless. You are so breathtaking in your wedding dress, he couldn’t help but stare at you with those hazel puppy dog eyes. You on the other hand, start crying because of you happy you are, being careful to not smear your make up.

You finally get to the altar after what seemed to be ages, and your father hands you off to your groom. Sam looks at you smiling widely, whispering, “You are so breathtakingly beautiful baby girl,” sounding a bit choked up. You gave him a warm smile and squeezed his hands, as you were too afraid to speak in the fear that you would just start sobbing if you opened your mouth. You both then turned to the pastor and the ceremony continues.

Then comes the time for vows.

You both have written your own vows, to make this special day more special.

Sam goes first. “(Y/N). My goodness. Where do I even begin. Well, before I met you, I thought i didn’t ever want to settle down or get married or anything past all that stuff. But the. I met you, and my whole world changed. You changed my view on life in such a good way, and you helped me love a way that I didn’t know I could love. For you, I will always be there. Sickness, health, bad, good, anything. I will always be there for you, I love you. With this ring, I lock in these vows, and I shall never break them.” He slides your ring on that special finger. You are crying even harder now. How are you going to get through your vows?

You’re next. “Oh boy. Where … do i even start. Samuel Drake, when I first laid my eyes on you, I knew I needed you in my life, and boy did i get it. You have brought me so much joy in the time that we have had together and i can not wait to see what our future together holds. I love you so much… You make me a better person. I never knew I could love someone as much as I love you. With this ring, and my words, I vow to you to always be there. I will always care for you and when/if the day comes our children. Sickness, health, sad, mad, good, bad, wealthy, poor. I will be there. I love you.” You then shakily slide the ring on his finger.

You grab each other’s hands, and look at the pastor. He says “well then, that about settles it then! I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Drake, husband and wife. You may now kiss your bride!” Sam wastes no time kissing you with all of the passion that he felt in that moment, and you did not hesitate to kiss back. A roar or cheers and applause sounds your ears.

You guys go through the rest of the night, your first dance being to Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley.

Once the reception is over, you guys are taken to your hotel by a limo, with the typical “just married” written in the back window. You arrive in your hotel room, rose petals spread all over, a congrats card on the desk, and a bucket of ice with champagne bottles and cups. You drink, and spend the night celebrating finally being married.

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Originally posted by richetoizer

chapter 1: desperado

pairing: none

genre: fix-it fic (sorta), found family, sibling bonding

warnings: drug use (marijuana), death mention

words: 3,316


Seventeen year old Samuel Morgan is trying to make things work after getting kicked out of the orphanage. He’s haunted by his past and he’s anxious about the future and he wishes he could just be a normal teenager. Somewhat a prequel to the flashback scenes.


Something different. I hope you all like it!

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Samuel. Are you ready to seek your fortune?

50 notes