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Does anyone have the gif of dewott walking from sun and moon? I have one for oshawott and samurott and need to complete the set.

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Locke here came about at an interesting time. Sometime last year, there was a samurott craze that came out of nowhere. So idecided to hop on that craze and make an OC.

I do want to draw her again sometime soon, but im still expanding my pantheon of pokemon characters. Speaking of, if you like my art here, amd want to check out my nsfw stuff, hop over to my twitter! Some exclusive art is over there and some characters that havent even been shown off here yet, like Spine!

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Friends on the Streets.

Today is the 6th anniversary of my Pokémon comic, YTWC’s Black! Just a quick painting to celebrate the occasion.

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zwottronin phone doodle

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He’s so fucking prebby,,,,,,,,


His facial hair is so amazing,,,,, ,

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My secret Santa for Dwelios of her character Kai on a family vacation in Undella. :D I had so much fun working on this one. <3

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I got bored and decided to fiddle around with sprites again

So this time I decided to make me! Or, a version of me if I lived in the world of Pokemon. This is more or less some of my current favs, including the first shiny I ever hatched, an Eevee that evolved into a shiny Umbreon! Included is also my first Pokemon Typhlosion, my favorite water type, Samurott, favorite Mega, Gengar, favorite Gmax and pokemon in general, Corviknight, and my favorite electric type, Electivire.

It was ridiculously hard narrowing it down to just 6. Garchomp, Hydreigon, Charizard X, Dragonite, Sylveon, Decidueye, Alolan Raichu, Sylveon, my shiny mega Gardevoir, Mega Lucario, Zoroark, Dusk Lycanroc, Mudsdale, Haxorus, there’s so many more I haven’t listed. We’ll just say they’re in a PC box.

As for my role in the Pokemon world? I think I would travel around doing research and maybe keep a travel blog. I would think I could become champion if the trainers in that world are as bad at team composition as they are in the games or anime, at the least I’d be able to win in Kalos given how easy it is. I would probably be able to keep decent track of my pokemon’s needs, given I come from a background of farming and I currently take care of 6 dogs.

Of course, given my bad luck and how accident prone I am, I probably would lose my title very easily if I came across some freak that actually competitively trains, or god forbid, the PROTAGONIST that got their starter like a week ago. I probably get blasted by the Tapus or birds, maybe I accidentally get lost at sea or in that cave in the Sevii Islands, somehow I wind up in the Reverse World or whisked away by a fairy or ghost type. Then I’d go visit my family and let the nieces and nephews pet the Ultra Beasts I’ve caught.

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[pokemon au] I got nostalgic for ferriswheelshipping 

(also plays into my hc of hilbert and hilda being siblings)

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“It’s a bit challenging to have our usual cheer, all things considered with what happened to us. But, I’m determined to think of small activities that we can manage. Even if it just amounts to singing and caroling, anything to help show the people that we’re still here and still standing.” 


“That’s the spirit, sire! We normally have winter time festivals, but this year, we’ll probably do less. Even still, just a bit is good enough, and we’ll honor those with us and those not.” 


“Yeah, and I’m going to help out by gathering gifts to deliver to everyone! And this time around, no one is stealing my job for that!” 


“Um. Ok, I’ll just…go put the fluffy red coats away…” 


“But they’re so nice and warm! Can’t we just wear them at least?” 


“They do look pretty cute on you guys. I’m going to go put up mistletoe, because some winter time kisses are always appreciated.” 


“Ah! I have to get everyone to help prepare a small winter ball! It won’t be as grand this year, but something nice where we can sing and dance will be lovely. I especially want to treat my returning soldiers to a nice and peaceful time!” 


“Balls are always fun! Besides that, we’re likely doing stuff similar to what we’ve done during prior years. Some changes here and there, but relatively our usual fun activities and plans. It should be enjoyable in spite of hard times we’ve dealt with, so I’m looking forward to it!”

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“I. I’m okay. I’m okay Rover.”

The trainer reaches over the side of their bed and gently rubs the chin of the warrior otter Pokémon before looking over to the bedside table.

“Oh… 2pm. I slept. Too long.”
“Yeah. I’ll get up. Okay.”


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ask blog set after the events of Pokémon Black 2.

modded by @pixel-styx

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Pokécember Day 19: Starter!

I think I already drew some of my most favorite starters on previous days, but… I haven’t drawn Samurott! Get a load of this otter samurai. I was blown away when I first saw that the gauntlets have swords in them! Such a cool design.

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I definitely think having a royalty/warrior motif with your clothes would be cool, it’s always interesting when Trainers have a sort of “theme!” Those swords sound really interesting too!

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“Training is always the priority! 

…Um. Well. General Rhydon baked me a cake. Although he made one for King Nidoking too, but they told me it was from both of them. 

Lilligant made a few flower bracelets, since her flower crown didn’t work out. Greninja and Chesnaught just got back, so they just trained for a little bit and offered to take me out later. 

And…Typhlosion got an assortment of candy, including some imported konpeitō, since he overheard me talking about craving sweets lately. And that was rather…well, sweet. Um. Don’t tell him any of that.”

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