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#samwise the brave
beenovel · 5 months ago
Aragorn: *in a crowded place and can’t find Sam*
Aragorn: This calls for desperate measures.
Aragorn: *using hands as a megaphone* FRODO IS A WIMP!
Sam: *crashing through a wall* SAY THAT TO MY FACE YOU BASTARD
Aragorn: wait, Sam, I just needed to- Sam wAIT I CAN EXPLA-
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arcadialedger · 3 months ago
Hot take, but a lot of Frodo slander is rooted in mentalism, victim blaming and a general lack of empathy and understanding for those who have gone through trauma and suffer from mental illness.
Like, Samwise Gamgee should be celebrated for the hero he is, and all he did to get the ring to Mordor. Sam is my favorite character, I’m the first to recognize him as one of the main, if not the main, hero(es) of the series.
But we can uplift Sam without slandering Frodo and pretending he was useless, when he took on the greatest burden one could ask of him and willingly accepted the mental and emotional trauma he’d endure his entire life.
No more Frodo slander. We as a society have moved past the need for Frodo slander.
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What a relationship is like with the Lord of the Rings men:
Tumblr media
He’s adorable in a relationship, honestly. 
Very affectionate when it’s just you and him, or if you initiate some sort of form of affection first
He’s protective but not over protective
You wanna go out and fight too? Great, he’ll give you a sword and fight next to you
His pet names for you are “Darling” and “Love”
If you join the fellowship he’s definitely nervous about it
He’s worried the whole time about you being in danger, which to be fair you constantly were
But any time there was a battle, he was next to you, fighting side by side, ensuring you were safe
When he finally accepts his claim to Gondor, he will call you “ My Queen/King”
On nights you can’t sleep (unless your elven because from what I’ve read they don’t necessarily need sleep) he will sing to you or tell you stories of all the places he had been too or heard about.
He definitely will make you flustered when your with him on purpose.
He’ll flirt with you and you’ll just stand there with this red face and he’ll act like nothing happened. 
He is not a jealous man by any means, he trusts you with his whole being
His go to means of affection is kissing your knuckles or forehead.
I get the vibes that he adores fiercely independent people so he can sit back and watch you kick ass and be like “Look at what my baby can do” 
When he becomes king, you bet your ass you’re ruling next to him
He loves you to the ends of the earth
Tumblr media
He absolutely adores you
VERY affectionate
Will call you pet names in elvish, whispering sweet little things in your ear
his go to means of affection is hugs from behind and holding your hands
You bet your ass that if you’re a human, hobbit or any non immortal race, he will give up his immortality.
He will teach you elvish if you don’t know it
His go to pet names are “Dear” and “My love”
He is very gentle, very loving
He’s extremely protective but that mainly stems from the fact that he has SEEN SHIT MAN.
If you want to fight, he will agree to it but he definitely will not like it
He’s not a jealous man at all, in fact other men’s advances kind of go over his head.
If you can’t sleep he will tell you stories that he’s lived through
Course, some of them are so exciting it defeats the purpose of sending you to sleep
He actually likes it when you go on adventures with him
He loves having you with him 
You definitely tease him for being thousands of years old. 
you love making him laugh
And he does that all the time because he gets to see that gorgeous smile.
Tumblr media
The purest relationship. Ever.
He is very affectionate
EXTREMELY protective
He loves hearing stories of outside the shire and he loves sharing his experiences too
He loves hugs and my gods he is GREAT at giving them
He loves it when you play with his hair.
He is like Legolas in the sense that he definitely won’t be happy if you want to go into battle but he won’t stop you
He would prefer you to stay behind out of danger but again, he will not stop you if you want to go
his pet names are “Honey” and “Darling” 
He’s honestly so pure it hurts
There is a BIG difference in personality if you meet him before the events of Lord of the Rings
For one, he’s a lot more bubbly before 
When he comes back he clearly has seen some shit
Sad thing: When there’s a party he can’t hear screaming without thinking its a ring wraith so he has to leave early most times
You love him though and he DEFINITELY loves you.
Tumblr media
Has the sweetest personality
brings you flowers every other day
He is very adamant though about you staying behind on adventures, he will get frustrated if you end up going any way but he will not be able to remain upset with you
He also really doesn’t enjoy having to watch you run into battle
Danger in general, ESPECIALLY if it’s around you, terrifies him
You love hearing his stories, him telling you all about some of the crazy things he’s experienced
If you meet him before the events of Lord of the Rings, he will mainly tell you wacky adventures he got himself into with Frodo or Merry and/or Pippin
Hell, he does that even if you meet him after.
He actually refrains from telling you about life outside the Shire because it kind of gave him trauma.
His favorite forms of affection is kissing your knuckles
He will be that guy who works his ass off for you to be able to live comfortably
He loves you and will make sure you know that fact.
Calls you “my dear” or “Darling” 
Tumblr media
He’s a goofball.
Expect the unexpected. 
He will definitely do really crazy things to make you laugh
little bit of a prankster
By a little bit I mean: He’s a chaotic little shit
He loves you so much though and knows where to draw a line
He LOVES it when you want to go off and do shit
You wanna fight? Great, he’s charging with you
Wanna randomly dance in the woods? He’s dancing with you
He loves spending time with you 
He is SO loyal, always by your side
Watch someone try to separate you, he will kick their ass
He loves dancing with you
His favorite form of affection is holding your hand
Something about it is just so nice
He loves you so much, honestly he could spend HOURS gushing about you
Pippin and Frodo are always over for dinner, along with Sam
They love being around you two, watching their friend be so happy 
He calls you “Love” and “Dear”
He loves cooking for you, mY GODS HE LOVES IT
Tumblr media
Like Merry, massive goofball
little more of a crackhead though
He is less of a prankster, more of a cracking jokes kind of guy
He’s totally a goofball and will do all sorts of  things to make you laugh
you genuinely love him and he adores you to pieces
if you meet him after the events of Lord of the Rings, he’s definitely more serious but not by too much
He’ll have a few moments where he’ll space out and you’ll have to tap him to get his attention
He clearly suffered so much trauma while on that trip
He definitely becomes more serious after everything
Yeah, he’ll crack a joke here and there but he’s definitely changed
He doesn’t mind if you want to go off and fight, but you bet your ass he will charge with you like Merry
He loves watching you be a badass
You love hearing the hysterical adventures that he’s gone on with Merry
He loves watching you sing and dance
he will sing to you on nights that you can’t sleep
His voice is hella soothing
He loves playing with your hair
He actually has a talent for making flower crowns
Tumblr media
He absolutely adores you
piggyback rides while on adventures are definitely a thing
he loves making you laugh in slightly tense situations
Giant Spider pops out? His ass looks at it and then you “Why can’t we ever encounter giant butterflies?” and then charge like he said something inspirational that motivated him into battle
He doesn’t mind if you want to fight, he’ll just guard you the entire time
He’s fiercely protective over you
He loves being affectionate
Very attentive
His cloak will be wrapped around you
He’ll carry you
He’ll take care of you
He loves you so much
He is kind of jealous. 
It’s not that he doesn’t trust you, he doesn’t trust other people. 
He loves calling you “Princess/Prince” or “Sweetheart”
You love hearing about his life in Gondor
When he dies... oh gods
It breaks you
If you went with the Fellowship you were inconsolable 
His family gives you the horn of Gondor because they all are aware of him loving you
You two sadly have a bit of a tragic love story
Tumblr media
Affectionate as fuck
Loves hugs, always has his hand on you in some sweet way
He loves you so much
He was always kind of the overlooked son so when he presented you as “Hey this is the woman/man I love” no one except Boromir notices
Boromir always looked as you as a sister/brother after that, loving the way his brother looked at you with so much adoration
He does not mind you wanting adventure one bit, so long as he’s charging next to you
He does not give a shit about a claim to the throne either
royal life does not suit this man as much as the adventure’s life does
He loves you so much
He is sort of reckless in battle and that worries you
it gets worse after Boromir dies
When you thought he died you were hysterical
Then Pippin made the observation that he was still alive
His father wasn’t hearing either of you
Then he turned out to be alive and you were so happy
Scolded the crap out of him for worrying you
You two love each other till the end
Tumblr media
loves a woman/man who can hold their liquor
Oh he’s a complete crackhead
loves telling you stories of dwarven life
you love his wild stories
You keep his mind open
If your an elf he will refuse to be in love with you for a while
Oh you definitely have a kill count thing going on with him
He gets flustered when he sees you being a badass
He ain’t stopping you from doing SHIT
Wanna run into battle? Great, he’s supplying the swords and charging too
Wanna join the fellowship? He’ll complain about having to save another woman’s/man’s ass 
And then later get saved by you
He definitely enjoys watching you in battle
He loves hearing stories of your homeland
sure maybe your life isn’t as exciting but he loves hearing about your life
He’s not big on affection but if he’s excited, hugs. 
He also isn’t big on nicknames but he typically calls you “Lass”
He loves hearing you laugh
He says it’s like music
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Sam: Consider this: Being fat and chubby is okay and good.
Legolas: Sources?
Sam: Me looking at myself and going "nice".
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astrolauu · a year ago
Tumblr media
"Samwise the Brave. I want to hear more about Sam... Frodo wouldn't have got far without Sam."
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beenovel · 2 months ago
Merry: No
Merry: … what did I say about batting your eyelashes at me?
Frodo: *sadly* That it only works on Sam.
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