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atzupdates · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[211201] ATEEZ ZERO : FEVER EPILOGUE 야간비행(Turbulence) Concept Photo '산(SAN)' ALBUM RELEASE 2021.12.10 6PM
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incorrect-ateez-quotes · 18 hours ago
Seonghwa: Why are Wooyoung and San sitting with their backs facing each other?
Yeosang: They had a fight.
Seonghwa: Then why are they holding hands?
Yeosang: San gets sad when they fight.
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yunhoflrtz · a day ago
infatuated | J.WY
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
if you read, please consider leaving feedback (comment or - preferably - ask box [anon allowed]) or reblogging with tags !! <3
18+ content - minors dni synopsis: after wooyoung admits his dirty secret, he can't help but mention you to his... friends. when they start to ask more about you, however, is when wooyoung seems to take things into his own hands. pairings: camboy!dom!wooyoung x fem!sub!reader genre: suggestive, smut wc: 4k warnings: small kink discussion, praise and degrade combo!, use of petnames (baby, darling, doll, whore), reader wears a skirt during smut, protected vaginal penetration, size kink if you squint (not super prominent), bulge kink, overstimulation, use of the color system, other: only wrote this because of this post | not proofread + dont really like how it came out oops
taglist: @wooyoungsbae @yunhomocide @vampireyeosang @lex-thesimpzzz
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"really?" you say, a shocked expression on your face as you stare at your friend from across the lunch table.
"mhm," he hums nonchalantly, as if he didn't just admit he was a camboy to your face, in the middle of your university's cafeteria of all places. "not that big of a deal, really. plus, good money," he finishes, taking a bite of his food as you just stared at him. a part of you was in awe - how could he just so openly admit that to you, with no reason other than to just inform you? that's because it wasn't his only reason for telling you. - "thank you so much for the donation," wooyoung says through his black mask, his eyes scanning over his monitor to examine the message. "what do you think about when you stream, baby?" he reads, a chuckle falling from his lips at the petname. "aw darling, you know exactly what to call me," he says, his tone light and airy as he strokes his cock slowly, the purple lights around his room illuminating his damp skin beautifully. "what do i think about, hm? you all are just so curious." wooyoung watches as the chat starts flying with words and emoticons, telling him to go faster or to spill with them who the lucky individual is. "i think about this girl who's very important to me," he says, making sure the camera catches how his hand picks up pace at his words. "i see her everyday, and she doesn't even know i do this. "she doesn't know i sit down in front of a lovely audience, letting them watch as i please myself to the thought of her. saying exactly what i wish i could to her..." he trails off, a moan catching itself in his throat as he continues to pump himself, already feeling the first hints of his release when a small chime comes through his computer; another donation. "bring her on stream and i'll donate $500," wooyoung reads. "that's tempting, but how do i know you're not just lying to get live porn, hm?" he says, his voice teasing - which causes the chat to start flying again. ding! user_48839 donated $500! "it's not a bluff, can you please bring her on?" "...i'll see what i can do. thank you for the $500." - "so besides money, you just did it to do it?" you asked, the initial shock fading and wooyoung took notice. "pretty much. and i know you were having some money problems so i wanted to help." "you want me to become a camgirl?" you ask, the shocked look returning to your face as you offer him wide eyes. "not entirely, at least - not by yourself. i was wondering if you want to join me for a stream, i'll give you all of the profits," he says, talking casually as if this was just another normal conversation between the two of you. weighing out your options, you begin to think. pros: sex with a hot guy, getting paid to have sex with a hot guy, will be able to afford an actual meal cons: awkwardness after having sex with a hot guy its a 3 to 1, yet the 1 felt like it was overpowering the three. "i'll have to think about it," you reply, leaving the conversation at that before heading back to your dorm. 𓆩♡𓆪 [10:14 pm] y/n: hey woo [10:16 pm] wooyoung: yes? [10:16 pm] y/n: is that invite still available? [10:17 pm] wooyoung: for you, it will always be available [10:17 pm] y/n: tomorrow work? it's sat so i'm free all day [10:17 pm] wooyoung: all day, hm? that sounds nice~ [10:17 pm] y/n: this is an odd state to see you in,, you dont usually talk like this [10:17 pm] wooyoung: you'll have to get used to it, darling [10:18 pm] wooyoung: especially for tomorrow ;) [10:18 pm] y/n: wink at me again and i won't do it [10:18 pm] wooyoung: sorry
[6:24 pm] y/n: i thought you said your dorm would be unlocked? [6:25 pm] wooyoung: OH FUCK yeah i did [6:25 pm] wooyoung: hehe <3 [6:25 pm] y/n: yknow my couch sounds really nice right now [6:25 pm] wooyoung: NO im getting the door your vision is torn away from your phone as you hear the small click! of the lock coming undone. "hey! i'm set to start at seven so we have a bit of time," wooyoung says, moving out of the way so you can come inside. "are you hungry, thirsty or anything?" "no, i'm fine," you say. it could have been one-sided, but the atmosphere felt tense. of course, there would be a bit of sexual tension at the start - especially considering the agreement - but it felt like it was suffocating you. "is everything alright?" wooyoung asks as he notices you haven't advanced towards his couch or even dining room table, you just stood still in his doorway as you thought to yourself. "i'm okay." "i didn't mean for it to sound like to get financial support, you had to do a favor for me as well. if you don't want to do this, i'd still be glad to help you out," he says. "why did you offer me this in the first place?" wooyoung's adam's apple bobbed as he swallowed thickly, the question catching him off-guard and causing his cool-guy persona to come crashing down. he needed to be truthful. "my viewers asked what i think about when i do... yknow. and i told them it was someone who was important to me, and that she doesn't even know that i did this kind of thing," wooyoung says, his head hanging low at his admission. "a viewer said they would donate a lot of money if i brought you on, and when i called them out, they donated that sum. "i couldn't let them down, but i also knew of your situation. i figured if you agreed, it'd make my viewers happy and help you out." you took in everything he said, as well as his stance. he was looking everywhere but your eyes as he spoke and he was fiddling with his fingers. his intentions were good. "you think about me?" you ask cautiously, not wanting to make the atmosphere more tense than it already is.
wooyoung lets out a breathy chuckle, a small smile adorning his features as he looks up at you. "yeah... i'm sorry-"
"why are you apologizing?"
"i feel bad, y'know. i've felt bad, for the last, like, two years. i haven't been able to think of anything but you," he admits. "when we first became friends, we were always teased remember? back when it was strange to see a boy and a girl be friends.
"people would always say we were dating, no matter how many times we told them off. we made a promise, and i broke it."
"did they say something to you again?" wooyoung asks, running back from the playground with dirt covering his pants.
"yeah, just that you like me and stuff," you respond, looking back up from your hands that lay in your lap. "gets annoying."
"as long as you know it's not true, you shouldn't let it bother you," he says, coming to sit down next to you on the pavement. "if they say anything like that again, let me know."
"i will. wouldn't want anyone think i like someone gross like you," you say jokingly, watching as wooyoung's face turns to fake hurt expression.
"that's mean!" he says, a light laugh escaping him. "i'll never like you!"
"i broke that promise," wooyoung continues. he felt terrible; sure, the promise was made a long time ago and it was made in a joking manner, but he never forgot.
"wooyoung, it's fine," you start. "i don't mind that you think of me that way, truthfully."
you nod, a darker spark lighting within wooyoung's eyes. "before we do anything, i do want to talk to you about what'll happen," wooyoung begins, bringing one of his hands forward to grasp your own.
he leads you to his couch, sitting himself down and you follow his lead. "firstly, what are some things you're into and are okay with my viewers knowing?"
you take some time to think, deciding to say some of the tamer things. "praise, degradation, and petnames."
"what petnames?"
"oh- um, just ones like baby or doll are fine," you say quickly.
"okay. what about hard no's?" wooyoung asks, not wanting to make you uncomfortable during the stream.
"not any that i can think of..." you trail off.
"one last thing. would you be okay wearing a skirt on stream?"
you nod once again to which wooyoung walks into his room, muttering a small "one second" before disappearing down the hallway.
he comes back with a black skirt; it looks like it would end just above your mid thigh. yes, his viewers loved when he wore skirts on streams - so he assumed they would like you in one as well (totally not because he wanted to fuck you in a skirt).
"could you put this on for me, doll?" he says, handing you the garment and testing out the petname, trying to gauge your reaction.
when he saw how you looked up at him from your spot on the couch, he could have taken you right there if you asked him to. your eyes were full of admiration and he found them beautiful, wishing he could look at them forever.
he only broke his stare when he felt your hands take the skirt from his own, thanking him and making your way to his bathroom to change.
"masks?" you ask, not entirely sure why he was handing you the black cloth.
"our faces are cut off by the cameras but its just for safe measures," wooyoung explains. "what, sad you won't be able to kiss me?"
your face warms at his comment, not used to seeing this flirtatious side of him - at least, not this openly.
"y'know, you could kiss me at anytime before we start, baby," he says. you became hyperaware of his close proximity from his spot next to you on the couch.
you turn to look at him, his face close to yours as your eyes travel all around his face - an action that doesn't go unnoticed by the man in front of you.
"can i kiss you?" he asks, one of his hands coming up to cup your cheek as you nod. bringing your faces forward, he connects your lips for the first time and he swore he felt lighter than ever.
a feeling of pure euphoria flows through the both of you as the kiss turns more heated, his teeth coming in contact with your bottom lip before tugging at it softly, eliciting a moan from you.
"god, i can't wait to hear more of that," wooyoung pulls pack before peppering kissed on your lips, moving down to your jaw and eventually your neck.
whines escape you at the contact and one hand comes up to card through his hair. "wooyoung~" you whimper, his teeth digging into your skin the smallest bit. you could feel his lips smirk against your neck.
"now, now. we have to save some of this for the audience, don't we?" wooyoung teases, watching as a small pout forms on your features as he still holds your face in his grasp.
he stands, his hand leaving your side as he grabs your own. "let's get this started, hm?" he asks, the teasing tone never leaving as he approaches his bedroom door.
he opens it, the room dark - it looks like his computer was already running - as well as a camera setup that faced his bed.
he runs over the basics of everything: people will be watching, be overly seductive and teasing to the chat, where the chat will be displayed, etc. it all seemed simple enough.
at least, until a few minutes into the livestream, when you saw the amount of viewers he had accumulated.
14.8k viewers
"holy shit, wooyoung," you whisper just out of range for the microphone to catch. "you have that many people right now? it hasn't even been ten minutes!"
"what can i say? people just can't get enough of me."
you let out a sigh, turning to face the chat once again as you read everyones thoughts:
- is that her?
- pretty baby's already wearing a skirt for us
- yall look adorable
- i cant wait to watch him tear her apart
some of what they said shocked you, but you assumed when it came to anonymity, people felt more courageous to say what they truly felt.
"how is everyone? excited?" wooyoung says, his voice seeming to drop lower as he spoke. "guess who was kind enough to make an appearance?" he continues, bringing one of his hands close to your thigh, looking at you for permission before he places it over your skin.
you watch as the chat became faster, wordless donations of various sums of money coming through at his simple action. you take a deep breath in before grabbing his wrist, opening your legs the slightest bit to place his hand farther up on your inner thigh.
wooyoung flashes you a shocked expression, surprised with your sudden forwardness before he rubs his thumb softly over your skin. "aw, looks like our guest is excited, too."
wooyoung smirks under his mask, tilting his head to the side before asking: "would you want to feel, too?"
you nod slowly, not entirely sure what he meant before he softly takes one of his hands and places it over the bulge in his sweatpants, a shaky sigh falling from his lips
"can you feel that, baby?" he says, loud enough for the microphone to pick up as he looks at you. "can you feel how hard you make me?"
you whine at the comment, knowing that from his admission earlier, it was likely you were to blame for his hard on. "you sound so beautiful, darling. doesn't she sound beautiful?" wooyoung asks, inviting the chat to respond.
you watch as messages quickly slide on the screen, variations of 'yes' and 'so hot' being in your view. the attention was like some kind of fuel; you felt bolder with your advancements.
you flash wooyoung a playful look. "can you please touch me? i want you..."
although wooyoung knew there was a possibility you were being a bit over exaggerative for the camera, but he would be lying if he said it didn't do something to him.
he pulled one of your legs onto the bed so both of you were now facing one another, the camera catching the sides of both of your bodies.
"yeah?" he says, you couldn't see his mouth, but you could hear the smirk on his voice as he looked at you. "you're gonna have to beg a little harder than that, baby."
"what do you want? tell me," wooyoung says, his hand lightly grazing across your inner thigh for the camera to see.
"want y-you inside me, please," you beg.
"that can mean so many things. my fingers? my tongue? you're gonna have to me more descriptive, doll."
you look up at him and notice a certain glimmer in his dark eyes, the dark room make it more prominent. he wasn't putting on an act for the camera; he was speaking genuinely, he was pretending the camera and viewers weren't there.
"want yo-ur cock," you manage out, hyperaware of his hands trailing up your thighs and under your skirt.
"so cute," he says, his hands going under your skirt to rest on the sides of your hips. "so cute you think you'll be able to take anything without prep."
you whine at his words, turning your head to look at the chat:
- so cute... so good for him
- make her beg more
- i wish i could see your faces
"can i take these off?" wooyoung whispers, looking towards you for confirmation before you nod, his fingers sliding beneath the band of your panties.
he looks at the small dark spot on the fabric where your essence soaked in, "can i show?"
you nod, watching as wooyoung gets up from the edge of the bed and shows the camera. "look, she's so needy, isn't she?"
wooyoung watches as the chat fills with degrading comments.
"she's been very good for me," he says, answering a few of the questions - "i can't wait to destroy her" "buddy, i'm the only one who can touch her like this, got it?" - before walking back to the bed, opening your legs and sitting himself inside of them, still facing you.
"you're so beautiful," wooyoung says, his eyes trailing all around your body. he lifts himself on his knees and sits himself just above your leg. "my pretty baby..."
you whine, "please."
"i'm getting there, darling. we have to prep you first, remember?" wooyoung says, bringing two of his fingers down to tap along your thigh, noticing how you squirmed slightly under his grip.
you let out a sigh once he finally touches your core, his fingers grazing your clit and you lean your head back at the sensation.
"aww, you react so quickly baby," wooyoung comments, tilting his head to the side in a mocking manner as he makes eye contact with you.
you shut your eyes tightly when you feel his fingers slide inside with ease, a small moan leaving your lips. "she's so wet, everyone," wooyoung says, "they could probably hear how wet you are, darling."
"faster, ple-please-"
you're cut off when the pace of his fingers increased, a whine falling from your lips as he leans you back so you're laying down with him hovering above.
from your position, the camera was able to perfectly capture both of your bodies - and more importantly - the quick pace his fingers were pumping inside you. "tell me when you're close, okay baby?" he asks, his eyes genuine as you get lost in both them and the feeling of his fingers.
you nod as his fingers skillfully curl inside you, causing you to arch your back as he continued to toy with you. he brought his other hand up so his thumb could toy with your clit, watching as you bring a hand over your mask, covering your mouth.
"bring your hand down. everyone wants to hear you," wooyoung demands, catching your eyes as you give him a pleading look. you keep your hand placed, knowing if you listened to the boy above you, you'd moan much louder than you wished to.
"baby? why aren't you listening all of a sudden?" he asks, his tone teasing as he leans down closer to your face. "are you embarrassed knowing you can't hold back your pretty moans?"
you whine and he brings the hand up that was on your clit to pull your hand away, interlocking his fingers with yours before pinning it to the bed. "moan as loud as you can, i want to hear you, darling."
your eyebrows furrowed as you let out a weak moan, your voice already feeling strained from wooyoung's ministrations. you felt a bubbly feeling form in your lower abdomen, it soon tightening and you realize you were close.
"c-close," you plead, moans and small whimpers flowing from your mouth soon after, causing wooyoung to smirk under his mask.
"wanna watch you cum all over my cock," wooyoung says as he lowers his sweatpants, his cock hard as precum beads at the slit. he continues moving his fingers in and out of your core slowly as he reaches for a condom from the other end of the bed.
"are you ready, doll?" he asks as he uses both hands to slide the condom on, and you're able to clearly see just how big he was.
with a bit of hesitance in your voice, you mumble a quick "yes," and he lifts your legs by the back of your thighs and rests them against your chest.
he pushes in slowly, a low groan escapes him as he continues and you watch as his eyes close in pure ecstacy above you. "you feel so - fuck - so fucking good," he says, his voice light and airy as it fills the room. "if i had less self control, i'd cum right now."
"please fuck me..."
"yeah?" he says tauntingly, his breathing labored as he bottoms out finally. he ruts his hips into yours, a whine falling from your lips with every motion; it felt like his tip was kissing your cervix with every thrust.
he pulls out slowly, his cock dragging against your walls as you both moan at the sensation. "god, do you see that?" wooyoung asks, his voice breaking slightly as he continues to thrust, watching as a bulge forms in your stomach each time he thrusts in.
the knot in your abdomen grows tighter as wooyoung eyes catch your own, the minimal light in the room making you lost in them. "you're doing so well for me, such a good little slut, aren't you?"
you close your eyes after the comment, not missing the way wooyoung turns to the computer screen to read out some messages.
"how does her pussy feel?" he reads before turning to look at you again, your form was shaking under him, hands clinging to his forearms with your thighs against your chest. "it feels like it was made for me, waiting so patiently to be filled by me."
"close, please-"
"you sound so adorable when you beg, baby," wooyoung says, his pace quickening and - in a matter of seconds - you feel your orgasm wash over you as your nails dig into his skin.
wooyoung lets out a loud groan as you clench around him, his pace quickening as he's now determined to make you cum again. "t-too much, please, slower," you plead.
wooyoung looks down, his eyes now serious as he speaks. "color?" it takes you a bit of time to process what exactly he meant by the question, soon coming to the realization.
"that's my girl," he says quickly before his hips return to their previous pace. you whine loudly, the burning sensation from the overstimulation causing another knot to form in the pit of your stomach.
- she sounds so beautiful, when's my turn?
- god, imagine if we could see their faces
- she's taking him so fucking well
wooyoung brings his thumb down to your stomach, pushing down on the bulge as his thumb rubs small and quick circles on your clit. your body jolts forward, your back arching into him; he loved how responsive you were.
"cum with me, okay, darling?" wooyoung says softly, his tone the complete opposite of the pace his hips were going. there were sure to be bruises on the bottoms of your thighs as well as finger-print shaped ones on your waist.
a staggered moan leaves both of your mouths as he feels your walls tighten around him again, his seed filling the condom as his breathing becomes more inconsistent.
he turns his head to the side, making sure both of your faces were off-screen before he pulls his mask down along with yours, bringing you into a soft and hungry kiss.
his teeth nip lightly at your lips as he pulls out of you, pulling away from your lips and lifting both of your masks back up, but not before flashing you a small smile.
"have her on again?" wooyoung reads as he takes off the condom, tying it off and tossing it in his trashcan. he flashes you a look through his sweaty bangs when you nod. "i think we can do that."
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dairyminki · a day ago
Ticklish Toughie | c.s
Tumblr media
↬ pairing: choi san x fem!reader
↬ summary: you wake up one night due to a constant loud banging at your door, and you open it just to see an unexpected guest waiting for you to treat him.
↬ genre: mafia au, doctor/patient au , fluff if you squint
↬ warning/s: blood and injury
↬ wc: 1k+
↬ note: reader is called 'Aurora', simply a moniker and not her real name
At the sound of constant loud banging, you woke up with a jolt, your head and eyelids heavy.
Who in their right minds would come looking for your service in the middle of the night? Just when you're sleeping in peace?
Oh , right.
These types of moments of inconvenience and abrupt disruptions should be pretty normal to you - especially when you're the doctor for one of the country's most fearsome and notorious mafia gang, ATEEZ.
As you hear the knocking gradually becoming forceful and harder, you rush to get your white coat and run for the door. The other person is not saying anything as soon as you open the clinic's door, only hissing is heard from his mouth as he drags in with him a damaged hitman.
ATEEZ's resident hitman, Choi San, whose shirt was drenched in blood.
Just how on earth did this happen? How come the infallible hitman acquired a gash, when throughout his whole career, he has never had one?
"Do I just put him here?" Yunho asks, almost breathlessly. You figured that he must've dragged San with him through the stairs because the elevator was out of order.
"Yes, please." You squeak as you run to the sink to wash your hands. Then you instruct Yunho to get you a cloth and a basin of clean water so you could rinse San's wound.
When you came back to the medical bed, San was seated upright, groaning, his face contorted with pain.
You approach him carefully.
"San, I'll take off your shirt now, okay?"
The said male looks up at you with a slight frown and merely nods his head.
By the time you touch the hem of his shirt, attempting to pull it up to completely get rid of the fabric, San stops you.
"W...wait.." He lets out in a hushed voice. Worry was now evident in your face.
Is his wound that deep? Is it too painful for him?
"San, does it hurt that much? I promise this will be quick." You say, not letting go of your hold on the bloodied clothing.
"It's not that!" He pipes, looking away as his cheeks flushed pink. It was almost like he was embarrassed of something.
When you are about to ask him another question, a hand taps you on your shoulder. Turning your head, you see Yunho, who has already brought with him the things you previously requested from him.
" Aurora , you see...San here, is very...ticklish." Yunho supplies, making you slowly nod your head in understanding.
Oh, so that's why…
"Not very, just a bit!" San tries to defend himself, pouting like a child and flailing his arms. He must've forgotten that he's injured, because by the time he does realize, he lets out a prolonged groan.
"Just stay still for me, okay? I'll have your shirt gone in a blink of an eye." You told him, only for him to blush more furiously at your words. Yunho snickers at the side, knowing fully what thought crossed the hitman's mind.
After what seemed like eternity, despite San's constant giggling and wriggling, you had carefully and successfully got rid of his shirt and the makeshift gauze that Yunho must've made earlier to stop the bleeding. Your hands immediately start to work as you rinse the wound on his abdomen.
San surprisingly kept quiet the whole time then, even after you've applied antibiotics. It is by the time that you're already covering his wound when he speaks up.
"Thank you…" He speaks softly, like you're the only person he had intended to hear the words he said. No one else.
You and San aren't exactly that close, even when you've been five months into working for the group and living under the same enormous roof. You hardly cross paths with him as his job usually requires him to be outside.
But it was enough for you to hear stories about him; how on field, he's cold , ruthless and blood-thirsty .
Not to mention, this is your first time patching him up. Because as you've mentioned before; Choi San has never, ever, gotten a single damage to his body. Not until tonight.
The male in front of you was so different from how his co-members would describe him. For all you see in front of you is a soft-spoken, child-like and ticklish guy. If you didn't know him, you'd never think of him as someone who does killing sprees like a mere hobby.
"No problem, just doing my job." You smile gently at him before finishing him up. "There, all done!" You say, standing up from the chair.
Yunho, who heard this, stands up and stretches his body after taking a light nap. He too, expresses his gratitude to you after he sees his friend, now in a fine state. Any specks of blood now gone, as he helps San up from the bed.
You thought they were going to leave already, but then you hear hurried footsteps approach you as you wash your hands.
You felt a light tap on your shoulder.
" Aurora ...can you not tell anyone about my secret?" San says, his hands fidgeting as he had his head hung low.
"What secret?" You asked, confused.
Then Yunho shouts from the doorway, making San go back to his blushing state.
"That he has a crush on you!"
"N-Not that secret!" San whines in an instant, eyes glaring at his taller friend. Then he turns his attention back at you, cheeks still flushed.
Choi San looked so flustered.
"My secret...that I'm t-ticklish."
"Oh...right. Of course." You reply, eventually shaking your head as you try to shake off Yunho's words from before.
"Thank you again, Aurora ." San tells you, his shy demeanor now gone as he smiled at you widely, his dimples becoming visible.
The next thing he did completely caught you off guard.
He kisses you, on your cheeks. And now, it was your turn to blush.
"Bye, my pretty doctor ." San says, lips now forming into a full smirk as he sees your flushed state.
"M-Make sure to come back here so I can change the dressing…" You stutter, not daring to look him in the eye.
"Oh, you bet I will." San replies, almost eagerly.
The male and his actions confused you so much that even when he and Yunho had left the room, you were left standing there, speechless.
Speechless at what you discovered is Choi San's duality.
Little did you know that you'll be seeing more of him and said duality in the long run.
Tumblr media
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escapewriter · a day ago
part 2 - off limits
san x reader
genre : fluff, humor, slight angst, smau, slowburnish?, slice of life au, college au, coffee shop au, soft pining, best friends to lovers
warnings : swearing
prev : next
⤷ you never knew that your best friend was a great dancer until you went to one of his showcases. but it seems like you don’t know a lot of things when it comes to choi san.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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97choi · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SAN, MINGI, WOOYOUNG, JONGHO 야간비행(Turbulence) Concept Photo
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yunhoflrtz · a day ago
people have to understand that when i say "ily" that doesnt mean "i love you" that means "i love yunho"
not everything is about you, everything is about yunho
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dairyminki · 2 days ago
Sleepy Sannie | c.s
Tumblr media
↬ pairing: choi san x reader
↬ summary:  while you're busy typing on your laptop, San tries all means to bring your attention unto him.
↬ genre: fluff, established relationship
↬ warning: none
↬ wc: 747
"That's hot."
You hear your boyfriend say, but you paid him no heed and continued to type away on your laptop.
Not even a minute has passed yet, you hear his voice again.
"Now, that's definitely cute." San comments, when he sees the light pout dancing on your lips.
The male chuckles when you turn to him with a scowl.
"Still cute, darling." He says, eyes twinkling as he looks at you. But you didn't care at how he admired you through his gazes, because he was distracting you. Especially, that mouth of his.
"San, I swear, if I won't be able to finish this presentation, I'll make sure you'll be the one who'll face my boss's wrath instead. And oh, I'm not joking baby." You told him seriously, when you spot the hint of mischief on the corner of the smile he wore. It's like he's telling it directly to your face that your words will soon fall on deaf ears.
And that's exactly what happened.
Because all throughout that time after, your boyfriend did everything he can do in his power to either distract you or bring your attention to him.
He would poke your cheek, tap you on your shoulder, tap the back of your laptop in a rhythm he only knew and even steal kisses.
He also went to the extent to grab one of his owned plushies from his room and make the plushie dance on your head all the while he giggled.
Cute. But you've had enough.
Rolling your eyes, you exit the app you've been using to create your presentation, then, closed your laptop with a thud. After that, you stood up to put the device on the coffee table and finally, face your annoying boyfriend back on the couch.
Contrary to the wide cheeky grin he sported, your face was dark, with eyes sending him daggers as you gave him a death glare.
"What. Do. You. Want. San?"
Happy that he finally got to stop you from typing and that you could entertain him now, San giggles.
Clearly, the darkness in your tone didn't have an effect on him.
The male was about to answer, when suddenly he breaks into a yawn.
Your face immediately softens, finally noticing how sleepy he looks. When you turned to the clock on the wall, it read, 10 PM.
Meaning, San stayed up this late for you. Even if you didn't ask him. But surely, you feel guilty not even giving him just an ounce of your attention.
"San, I think you should go to be-"
"No." He pouts, shaking his head. "I'll stay with you until you finish. I'm not leaving you alone here."
"But you're sleepy, baby." You said softly, moving closer to him to brush away the purple locks that messily hung on his forehead.
"I know. That's why I've been trying to get your attention."
San leans closer and rests his forehead on yours, his eyes closing as he lets out a sigh. Then, you felt him tap your legs.
"Your lap. I wanna lay on your lap." He mutters. You're betting that any second now, sleep will soon find him and welcome him to dreamland.
"Okay, Sannie." You say, then you moved backwards to give him enough space to lay down on you. However, San didn't move an inch, making you look at him, confused.
When he saw your expression, he squeaks.
"For real? You'll let me? H-How about your presentation?"
"Should I just go back to typing, then?"
"Absolutely not!" He says and takes ownership on your lap as he laid his head on top of the soft skin, making himself comfortable.
His hair tickled you, making you giggle. When San heard that, he looks up at you, smiling. His dimples showing to the fullest and his eyes forming into crescents which you adored so much.
Oh, how you love moments like this with him.
And so, you booped his nose. "You're too adorable, Sannie." You say.
"I could say the same to you." He mumbles back.
Soon enough, after a few conversations,  your boyfriend's face showed sleepiness. You, either gently brushing his hair with your fingers or your hands massaging his scalp.
San eventually failed to fight off the welcoming arms of sleep.
Hearing his light snores, you smile to yourself.
He looked so peaceful, just like this.
Unable to resist, you lean in and placed a soft peck on his forehead.
Sleep tight, Sannie.
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