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gestaltaggregation · a day ago
Tumblr media
December 29th, 2020
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flamingredanon · a day ago
Henry suddenly woke up in bed next to his loves snoring peacefully beside him. Henry realized all that stuff about an all-powerful triangle taking over the world was just a nightmare and went back to sleep. The next day was normal, except Right and Reg seemed a lot more 'compliant', doing everything Henry asked, even sarcastic requests that they would normally understand as being sarcastic. Henry shrugged it off as them messing with him. Henry felt really tired, but he assumed it was because he woke up in the middle of the night from a nightmare. The rest of the day was the literal best, everything went right for the clan, everything Henry wanted to accomplish did so perfectly.
All that changed when another Right and Reg appeared, telling him that he needed to escape with them. Escape what? He wasn't in prison. Henry refused and sent them to the brig, calling them impostors.
Right and Reg felt hopeless. They found the giant blue ball with a diamond and chains on it and knew instantly that that was where Bill took Henry. They found the key after fighting several monsters. Now Henry didn't want to leave. They needed to convince him this wasn't the real world and fast. But how to get out of this cell?
Right used his strength to break out of his restraints, doing the same for Reginald. The two needed to get back to Henry and somehow snap him out of the illusion he was under.
The two ran through the various hallways of the Toppat Space Station, but the world seemed to almost twist and turn, eventually separating Reginald and Right.
The two kept running, but eventually found themselves facing their own desires.
Reginald found himself walking through a gold covered hallway, seeing various portraits of himself on the walls. And soon Reginald was in a huge throne room, with several Toppats bowing down and calling him boss and chief.
Reginald was leader again... he was the leader of the Toppats again. A giggle left Reginald as he sat down on his throne, how marvelous was the feeling. If only Right and Henry were here...
Reginald shot up from the chair, the vibrant gold slowly melting away at the walls. Reginald couldn't possibly lead without his dear Righty and Henry.
The faceless Toppats that once bowed to Reginald now were trying to kill him, the portraits on the wall flying at Reginald at high speeds and the once bright hallway was now gray and dark.
Reginald kept running though, and eventually found his way back to the regular hallways of the space station, well atleast the ones in Henry's head.
Reginald needed to find Right so they could save Henry.
Right found himself slowing down some, trying to see if he could make heads or tails of this place. That was when Right noticed his right arm wasn't cybernetic anymore. Right touched his face and felt it was human. Right wasn't a cyborg anymore.
Right felt no pain in his joints, even wiggling his toes. Right found himself slightly giddy, especially with Henry and Reginald appearing and grabbing his hands, taking him out to a nice day at the beach.
Right missed the warm feel of sand on his feet, the ocean's waves hitting his legs, and even splashing water on his face, oh how he missed being human.
And it helped that Reginald and Henry were looking good in their beach wear as well.
Despite everything, the feeling of no longer having metal wrapped around felt... off to Right. It didn't feel right at all.
Because it wasn't right.
Right smack his face and found his metal limbs back, remembering that he was looking for Henry and was separated from Reginald.
The Reginald at beach tried to tell Right that it was ok, that he and Henry were here and Right could just relax and have his worries washed away.
But Right knew better, zapping an eye laser at the fakes and turning them to dust.
The once bright beach turned dark and the blue ocean turned red, with Right flying as fast as he could out of there.
Eventually Right found the hallways again and as he turned a corner, he hit Reginald straight in the face, the two falling backwards. Right gave an embarrassed chuckle but was honestly glad to be back with Reginald.
The two saw the hallway ahead be familiar, meaning Henry was nearby. After thinking out loud and exchanging their experiences with their inner desires, they figured out a plan to save Henry from this nightmare.
Reginald and Right opened the doors at the end of the hallway, with Henry sitting at his desk at their office and the illusion Reginald and Right were next to Henry, protecting him.
Right smiled at one little detail, since this was a creation of Henry's own desires, one of those very desires of his was for Right to be completely human. Right lunged at his fake while Reginald ran after his, with Henry standing up and asking for the fighting to stop, finding himself needing to use the desk to steady himself.
Right was able to easily take care of his fake, with Reginald needing to get more hands on with his. After a fury of fists, Reginald grabbed his fake by the head and with one quick motion, finished them.
Henry found himself clutching his head, this nightmare couldn't be real, his beloveds can't be gone by these imposters, this had to be some cruel joke alongside the pounding headache Henry had.
And then Henry felt himself being hugged, looking up to see Reginald and Right holding him close, with Henry then remembering everything, trying to face off with that triangle guy named Bill Cipher, Bill hitting him with some beam and then darkness.
Henry hugged Right and Reginald back the best he could, feeling himself so, so very tired.
The Space Station started shaking, everything turning dark and red with bright cracks forming above. Right grabbed Henry in his arms and Reginald piggybacked on Right's back, with Right flying as fast as he could.
Right wanted to be free from this nightmare, Reginald wanted to be free from this nightmare, and Henry closed his eyes tight, wanting to be free from this cruel prison.
A flash of red destroyed Henry's bubble, with Right not stopping to listen to Bill ramble on.
Right knew they needed to get into hiding, it being too dangerous to teleport back to the Toppat Space Station. Henry suggested they go to his dads, feeling that Bill's Weirdmageddon hadn't reached very far yet.
Reginald agreed, noting that Terrence has his own breed of chaos energy unlike Henry and Right's, and Wilford and Randy could provide some kind of help as well.
Because with Henry so weak right now, they need all the help they can get.
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systemstims · 12 hours ago
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Greyscale Chara stimboard for anon!
🖤 🤍 🖤 | 🤍 🖤 🤍 | 🖤 🤍 🖤
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queen-breha-organa · 4 months ago
Can’t wait for the Star Wars prequel “Sand” where we find out Anakin hates sand because his mom was killed by sand peop- wait a minute
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xsadpasta · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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nerviovago · a month ago
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itscolossal · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A Colorful Macro Photo of Beach Sand Reveals Infinitesimal Fragments of Coral, Quartz, Shells, and Plastic
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sixpenceee · a month ago
Not safe to cross the road here | Source
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jaubaius · 15 days ago
The way the sand rolls on this sand dune in the Sahara
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