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#sander sides

Just writing down the Sides reacting to the past selves but make it angsty cause I’m like that-

Only includes the Core Sides because Janus and Remus weren’t in Season One.

Patton really wants to go back to the good old days. No Dark Sides, no drama outside of the episodes, just him and his famILY. But then he remembers that he was suppressing his emotions back then. He’s still doing it. Then he remembers the Dark Sides are happy because they got accepted! But his little group isn’t. He’s living in this hellhole where someone’s happiness results in another’s sadness, and Patton is terrified of losing his famILY to their inner demons. He made Roman sad by accepting Janus, he interrupted Logan, he thought Remus was bad, he’s not a good father- after the reaction, Patton locks himself in the Nostalgia Room. He just wants all of his kiddos to be happy, but he doesn’t deserve it. Why should he deserve love when he didn’t give his kiddos the love they deserved?

Logan’s taken back by how expressive he was back then. Finger-gunning, smiling, making puns, laughing, etc. He doesn’t know that he’s not happy with this serious façade. Logan thinks this is the best way. He wants to be taken seriously. He wants to be listened too. And they don’t want to listen to Logan. Logan was irrational and hurtful to his famILY. Logan threw paper at Roman for something as simple as mocking his intelligence. Logic wouldn’t do any of those things. But Logan would. And Logan is only causing harm to the people around him. This is for the best.

Roman’s horrified at how he treated Virgil. There was actual malice behind the nicknames, actual dislike behind the insults, actual intent to villainize Virgil. When he tried to make the cutscene explaining why he loved Crofters, he didn’t just get the wrong flashback. It showed him a time when he hurting Virgil. Mocking him. Being an overall bad person. And he never thought much of that until he was called the evil twin. And he was. He still is. Only a villain would laugh at someone’s name. Only a villain would say someone wasn’t wanted. Roman hurt people. He’s been the villain from the start. He was just to blinded by his Pride to notice.

Virgil thought he could handle it. He couldn’t. Even after years of being accepted, the nicknames still stung. But that wasn’t the issue. He called Logan the least favourite. He hadn’t apologized for that. He never said sorry for all of the insults he gave Roman, but if the Prince dared to call him a nickname, he had to say sorry. He’s said numerous things to Patton that aren’t exactly nice. But then, he got struck with a realization; he never changed. He said he didn’t want to be changed into one of Thomas’ friends, but he changed the Sides clothes in the Halloween episode without their permission. He told Logan he would prohibit his breathing if he kept talking. These people had hurt him, sure. But they learnt from their mistakes and welcomed him. He still hurt them. How many of his insults added to a Side’s misery? He didn’t want to know. Virgil was still a villain. He hadn’t changed. The only thing that changed was how the Sides saw him. Even after he got accepted, he still hurt them. Virgil really was a villain.

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Part 2 of the sides having night projection lamps! The room came out a bit more foggy than Logan’s did but it makes sense and I still think it turned out ok.

[Logan] [Virgil] [Roman] [Remus] [Patton]

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Has anyone had shipping confirmation or anything about the patreon Janus shirt? I haven’t even received my sticker either but I live in the UK and Thomas did say the upcoming weeks for the sticker, but he also said the shirts would be shipping out this week so I don’t know if anyone has had any like email or tracking or shipping for the shirts?

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honestly if Thomas just went up and said “the sides are all real, we just act out our problems for fun” i’d fuckin’ believe him

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Patton: Can I have your number?

Janus: visibly texting I don’t own a phone.

Y/N: Can I have your number?

Janus: Here’s my number, my address, my social security number, all the numbers for my credit cards, Remus’ number, my visa and the angsty diary I wrote back in high school-

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So since I forgot yesterday to draw something for Patton’s birthday, I decided to do a double picture of Sleep and Patton

Happy birthday Sleep and happy (belated) birthday Pat!

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I will be taking updates slow and stuff like that (if you have insta check it out cause I’m too lazy and too unwell to write everything down again) (yes, I know copy paste exist but that is besides my point) my mental health is going down and I really have to focus on school to please, understand where I am coming from. I will still be updating the comics and stuff like that but slowly. As to not pressure myself. Hope everyone can understand!!💕💕💕love you all!

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I have a lot of anxcite on my dash and I usually don’t ship it but damn my multushipper heart can’t take the adorableness

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i leave for like…a month…and come back and find out there’s a perryapocalypse??? what the hell and where can i join

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Slang 2: Electric Boogaloo

Virgil: *pulls up science meme* Hey Logan, look at this.

Logan: Wig. Omg I’m dead XD. That is totes lit fam, periodt. sksksksksk

Virgil: *crying* This is punishment for my sins.

Logan: You’re so extra.

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The fanders have spoken.

This was funnier in my head._.


(What there saying)

Patton: Wanna switch glasses?

Logan: sure

Logan: wait … aren’t we supposed to wear the same glasses?

Patton: the fanders have spoken.

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After my little sander sides fanfic binge now I shall look for huskerdust fanfic because I found comics and now I want a fic

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FNAF Sander sides AU???? Feel free to ask the bbys something!!

My computers not working with my tablet so I use gacha club- Their all based on one of the animatronics, but the animatronics have different names-

Soooooo we have:

Remus is based on Lolbit!!! However their called Jokes!

Then Remus’s twin, Roman as Funtime Foxy, but his name is Fantasia

Virgil as Lefty, goes by Pitch!

Patton is Bon Bon, named Bonnet!

Logan as Ballora, chose Bevalle to be his name

and finally, Janus as Puppet, nicknamed Lies

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