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#sanders sides

Roman: It took me a long time, but I’ve finally devised a strategy to stick it to The Dark Sides. Everyone will play a very specific role.

Patton: Oh, good. Come on, guys, let’s hear it.

Roman: Logan? A 40'years-old FBI agent on a covert mission. Virgil? You’re actually Deceit who used a time machine to warn us of an incoming apocalypse. 

Patton: Roman! None of this is true!

Roman: Oh, so we’re just supposed to face The Dark Sides and admit we’re BORING?

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Hmm analogical stuff for imperfectly perfect?


They live together in an apartment close to the library Logan works at. It’s a nice little two bedroom place and they decorated it together. Virgil helped Logan decorate his bedroom - Dark blue wallpaper, light grey carpet. There are fairy lights all around the walls and glow in the dark stars up on the ceiling. They were drunk when they painted the living room and they spent a lot of that night just giggling and stumbling around instead of actually painting.

Some nights when one of them is struggling with mental health issues, the other will put on either 1)  buzzfeed unsolved, 2) a meme compilation, or 3) a really crappy romance movie and then they’ll make a dinner and they’ll cuddle up together on their tiny couch and just have a nice night.

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(Thank you for your contribution. (Doing a thing were people send me a random number from 1 - 219 and I find the corresponding ship on my reference list and write a ficlet))

Anxceitmile - Broken

GENERAL TAGLIST: @quillfics42 @ajdraws0430 @phantomofthesanderssides @creativity-killed-thekitten @phlying-squirrel @sly-is-my-name-loving-is-my-game @because-were-fam-ily @imtryingthisout @a-creepycookie @emo-disaster @littlestr @spooky-scary-virgil @fuyel @mimsidoodles @soupgromlin @aroaceagenderfluid @birdsbookshiddeninrealbirdsskin @quirkalurk


“Oh gosh.”

Emile stared down at the ground, at the two blurry shapes that used to be his glasses, now broken. That was all he could make out, he could hardly see anything without them.

“Um…” Emile glanced around the room, narrowing his eyes and hoping that that would help clear his vision.

It did not work.

Fortunately, that was when Virgil entered the hallway, the purple hoodie making it obvious that it was him, and Emile let out a sigh of relief. He was saved.

“Oh, thank god,” Emile said. “Honey, you’re my knight in shining armour.”

He reached out, making grabby hands towards his boyfriend. Virgil walked up to him immediately, casually placing one hand on Emile’s waist, and bending down and picking up both pieces with the other.

He straightened up, looking over the two pieces and wrinkling his nose.

“Is it bad?” Emile asked, half-joking.

“Babe… it’s in two pieces. What happened?”

“I have no idea,” Emile admitted. “I left my other pair at Patton’s place. Do you think he could drop them off?”

Virgil pulled a face. “At 11pm? I think we’re gonna have to wait ‘til tomorrow.”

“Oh dear. This is gonna be difficult,” Emile joked.

But it was not a joke.

This would be difficult, and Virgil was already concerned.

“I’m going to carry you,” He decided.

Emile blinked. “Carry me?”

Virgil gave Emile a serious look, though his boyfriend couldn’t actually see it. “Babe, you always trip over everything even with your glasses. You are going to get yourself killed.”

“That’s an exaggeration.”

This time, Emile could tell when Virgil gave him a dry look.

Emile sighed. “Okay, maybe it’s not an exaggeration.”

Virgil carefully stuffed the two broken pieces into his hoodie pocket. Then, he turned to Emile, scooping him up into his arms and picking him up bridal-style. Emile squeaked, and then relaxed, wrapping his arms around Virgil’s neck.

“I’m taking you to the living room,” Virgil announced, beginning to walk down the hallway.

When they entered the room, Dee - who had been sat on the couch, reading - immediately looked up.

“Hel- what are you doing?”

“Emile broke his glasses. I’m carrying him so he doesn’t trip and die.”

“Where are your spares?” Dee asked.

Emile made a face. “I left them at Patton’s apartment on Sunday.”

“I’m gonna call him,” Virgil said, walking up to the sofa. “Can you watch Emile for me?”

Dee nodded.

“I don’t need to be watched,” Emile pouted, but he didn’t complain when Virgil carefully placed him in Dee’s lap, immediately making himself comfortable and curling up against his chest.

“Of course not,” Dee said. “But I shall do so anyway.”

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Requested by @/Green_Weirdo101 on Wattpad!
They asked for a part 2 to Not Sweet Enough/This Ask and honestly, this was so much fun to write!!! Hope you enjoy!!

Pairing: Dukeceit

Warnings: None!



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Requested by @remusownsmyuwus from this prompt list!

Pairing: Intrulogical

Warnings: None really, lmk if there’s any I should add!



Logan advocated for a proper and healthy routine for all the other sides and Thomas. When they should be getting up, what things they should eat, how much they should work, and when they should go to bed. He was great at keeping the others all on track and healthy and making sure they practiced self-care.


He was absolute shit when it came to caring for himself.

Logan’s head throbbed and he groaned softly, rubbing at his temples, trying to massage the pain away. He had already taken Tylenol and ibuprofen, hoping it would soothe his headache and he could just continue working. But it wasn’t.

And Logan wanted to finish this script. Once it was done being edited, he could move onto another personal project and finally be all caught up on his work.

Just when Logan had returned to typing, arms wrapped around him from behind and held Logan tightly, initially startling the side and sending a wave of dizziness through him.

“Remus!” Logan huffed, and everything hurt to look at for a moment.

He heard Remus laugh softly and press a wet kiss to the back of Logan’s neck. “Sorry, sorry. I couldn’t resist.” Remus hummed, arms still loosely around Logan. “You doing alright, Moonbeam? You don’t look too hot. And I always think you’re hot.”

“I’m fine, Cephy. Just a bit tired.” Logan forced a smile. “I’ll be fine.”

Remus raised a brow, unimpressed.

“I’m serious, I just have-”

“Logan, when was the last time you got out of this chair and relaxed today?”

“Well, I haven’t today, but-”

“And what have you eaten today? Drank?”

“Breakfast that Patton made and a glass of water-”

“And what have you been doing all day?”

Logan sighed. “Working. Okay, I get it. It doesn’t sound great.” Logan forced Remus’s hands away so he could turn in his chair to face Remus. Logan really didn’t know how exhausted he looked. “I just really needed to catch up on all this work, Thomas needs to stay on schedule!”

“Lolo, I love you and love your ability to stay this motivated but I swear to god, if you don’t start taking better care of yourself, I’m gonna strangle you with soft blankets, drown you in warm chamomile tea, and subject you to an unending supply of your favorite cartoons that we’ll watch together cuddling in bed, you absolute bastard.”

Remus cradled Logan’s cheek, watching as Logan’s resolve broke away. Logan leaned into Remus’s touch, letting out a soft sigh before nodding. Remus smiled gently, pulling Logan in for a tender kiss. He knew how Logan felt. And he knew Logan needed the help he so often gave the others, Remus included.

“So, my void, what do you wanna watch?”



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Hey, you still taking requests/prompts? If so, maybe "You came all the way here for ME?" With anaroceit?

Mostly this is a slight hurt/comfort story, hope you enjoy!

Warnings: Injury mentions, hospitalization mentions, Brief Remus angst, Slight Creativitwin angst, lmk if I need to add others!



Roman fumbled for his phone, his hands shaking. He couldn’t do this alone. He needed someone. Particularly, two someones, preferably wrapping their arms around him and holding him tightly.

Remus had gotten injured somehow and was still in the hospital and Roman was riddled with worry over his brother. Sure, they never got along much, but when they did it was amazing and Roman still cared about him and it hurt knowing Remus was in pain and Roman couldn’t do anything about it.

Roman was also anxious over if Remus would actually be okay, and he was sending his texts into the group chat before he even realized what he was doing.

The tears burned in his eyes and Roman hugged his phone close, feeling it vibrate against his chest as his friends and boyfriends texted back. But he couldn’t bring himself to actually look down at the notifications, taking in deep and uneven breaths.

The notifications eventually stopped coming, and Roman placed his phone back onto his nightstand, upside down, and he rolled himself up in his blankets. The tears of his worries still trailed down his cheeks, but with the exhaustion eating at Roman’s mind… He wasn’t awake for long after getting settled in.

He was woken up again however by a loud knocking on his front door, and muffled voices talking far too loud for this time in the morning. Roman groaned, rubbing at his still irritated eyes as the knocking continued.

Huffing, Roman unraveled himself from his blankets and trudged to the door, glancing through the blinds to see what foul creature dared to disturb him so early when he felt so low.

His heart skipped a beat however when he saw Virgil and Ethan standing there, soaked to the bones from the rain still steadily pouring outside. When had it started raining anyway, Roman wondered as he quickly fumbled to unlock his door.

“What in the world are you two-”

“We came to make sure you were okay,” Ethan stated as Virgil grabbed Roman, pulling him into a tight embrace. Roman couldn’t care less that he was also becoming soaked as Virgil pressed closer. Ethan began to thread his fingers through Roman’s hair. “We know how hard this has been for you.”

“Yeah. And we figured maybe if you had a person or two to cuddle with and vent might help.” Virgil mumbled into Roman’s neck.

Roman’s arms instinctively wrapped around Virgil, holding the shorter man closer as he looked between Virgil and Ethan in utter shock. It was only now processing how long it would take for them to have gotten here, as neither drove and they both lived far away from Roman…

“You guys came all the way here… For ME?” Roman whispered, and Ethan furrowed his brow. Roman could feel Virgil frown slightly before he pulled away to look at Roman. Virgil reached up to cradle Roman’s cheek, his fingers prickling with the cold from outside and keeping Roman grounded.

“Why wouldn’t we?” Ethan asked, finally looping an arm around Roman. “You’re our boyfriend, Ro. And you needed comfort. It’s the least we could have done.”

Virgil nodded, and Roman felt his knees buckle and he was lucky Ethan and Virgil had been holding him, catching Roman before he hit the floor. Virgil muttered something under his breath.

“You alright?” Virgil asked gently. Roman took a deep breath, hesitated, and looked down as he shook his head.

“Not really.”

“How about this, then. We all get changed into something new and warm and soft. And we make a pillow fort. And binge-watch Disney. Or we can talk about what happened with Remus if you want.”

Roman shook his head, burrowing it into Ethan’s chest when Ethan had moved closer. “Disney marathon, please…”

Virgil smiled as he kissed Roman’s temple, before heading to Roman’s room undoubtedly to steal some of Roman’s softest pajamas. Ethan still held Roman close though, and Roman found himself getting lost in the sound of Ethan’s steady heart.

“Just so you know, my Prince,” Ethan mumbled, and Roman looked up slightly. Ethan smiled gently. “We’d do anything for you. In a heartbeat. Just remember that we’re one call away.”

“I will.” Roman rested his head again on Ethan’s chest.

“I will,” Roman mumbled as his eyes closed.



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Ohhhh disaster trio?? tell me more , this AU is so interesting and it keeps getting better

fuck yeah ok so

The Disaster Trio regularly got put into detention because they were Terrible Little Gremlins that liked to cause Chaos. here are a few things that they did during high school:

  • Remus would regularly get put into detention/get in trouble for smoking in the school bathrooms.
  • Virgil once got bored during English class, waited for the teacher to get distracted, and used Remus’ lighter to set off the sprinkler system in the classroom. Remus laughed so hard he fell out of his chair and Dee had enough brain cells to stay out of this. Both Remus and Virgil got detention for this.
  • Dee got in trouble for starting an argument with one of his teachers about society and the government. Remus then started bringing up conspiracy theories which launched a whole new conversation and the teacher couldn’t get them to shut up.
  • Remus wasn’t allowed near classroom whiteboards if he was holding a pen/was able to get his hands on a pen because the uncontrollable urge to draw dicks would overtake him.
  • Remus and Virgil would bring in snacks and would try to throw them into each others mouthes during class. This would’ve been fine if not for the fact they were seated at opposite ends of the classroom.
  • The trio used to sometimes skip classes and Dee would pick the locks of locked classrooms/cupboards and they’d just hang out in there until the class was over or they got bored. They’d use this time to rant about whatever was bothering them (It was usually Remus venting about his brother and parents), talk about conspiracy theories, or read stuff to each other (Remus read his horror writing, Virgil read song lyrics he’d come up with and Dee kinda had an interest in poetry).
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Virgil: *straightening his hair*

Roman: Are you really that emo that you need to straighten your hair over your eyes?

Virgil, pulling the hair he hasn’t straightened yet out of the hair tie: My hair is almost a fucking afro otherwise!

Roman: Oh. Oh it’s cute!

Virgil, pausing because nobody’s ever told him his hair looks good curly: Th-Thanks.

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