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Logan: Roman, give me the kazoo.

Roman: Aw, why?

Logan: It’s two in the morning, and you’ve been playing “Mary Had a Little Lamb” on it for five hours straight. Come on, give it.

Roman: *hands over the kazoo*

Logan: Thank you. *leaves*


Roman: *pulls out another kazoo*

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Janus: Hey Roman, did you ever notice that there’s a ‘U’ in 'stupid’?

Roman: Well, there’s also an 'I’ in it too

Roman: …

Roman: Wait.

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Patton: How does it feel knowing that people think you’re smart?

Logan: It’s pretty fun sometimes. People just assume that everything I say is correct.

Patton: How do you mean?

Logan: Hey Roman! Did you know that I’m 5'11 but 6'5 in dog years.

Roman: Woah… I wonder how tall I am in dog years…

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based off of my and my coworkers (we work at carl’s jr, names will be changed)

Janus-Vera, been married once, rocky divorce, flirting with at least 3 other men, won’t get married again. Jokes with everyone, carries a pocket knife

Roman-Gray, boss, GAY, single, that ass tho, serious, calls everyone dear, jokes occasionally

Virgil-Me, new, kinda slow still, STIMMING ALL THE TIME

Patton-Mercy, Hispanic fry cook, speaks 99% spanish, slowly learning english, work mom, super nice to everyone

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I was pinch hitter for @indigoatari in the @sanderssidesgiftxchange! I hope you like my punk!Roman.

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Hi! I’m okay, thanks for asking :D

Ooooh, that’s a very, VERY interesting ask! I love your predictions and they’re very similar to mine, so thanks again for asking, I will gladly share them!

Before starting: as I said, Orange should be a big deal, at least as big as Janus and Remus. So his name should be a very important, powerful name as well. Janus is the name of a God, Remus is the name of a very important mythological figure. No less is expected from Orange.


1) Marcus: I can understand why it’s so appreciated by the fandom. It’s the perfect name for Wrath, considering that Marcus comes from the god of war - and oh boy, wouldn’t that be a perfect name?

But also, I don’t find it as cool as Remus or Janus. So I would like to propose Ares. Still comes from the god of war (it’s the greek name of the god of war) and it’s a lot cooler (at least for me).

Also, it would help replicate the pattern we saw with the Core Sides. While the Core Sides have names that ends with -an or -on, the Dark Sides would have names that ends with -us or -es


2) Fergus: the origin fits really well. But Fergus is also a scottish/gaelic name. And the Sides have names strongly associated with latin/greek mythology, so I don’t think Thomas will go completely into an opposite direction.

So I raise with Furius. It comes from latin and it means - you guessed it - “furious”. It was also the name of one of the most ancient and powerful high-class family in Rome (gens Furia), whose members held the highest offices of the state during Rome’s republic.

Also, while searching some information about them, I found this guy: Marcus Furius Camillus, Roman soldier and statesman. And, according to historicians, he was five times dictator, and honoured with the title of Second Founder of Rome.

That would be a pretty interesting name - and definitely a powerful one.

But Furius also connects to Furies (also known as Erinyes) the female deities of vengeance in Greek/Latin mythology. So it’s ot just a name related to history, but also to myth. A nice way to connect the more mythical/religious names (like Remus and Janus) to the historical one (Virgil).


3) Zacharias: another interesting name and I like the connection with kairos. But this is another name of Hebrew origin, so I’m not sure it would fit as well.

But Brutus… damn, that’s a good name. Brutus is extremely important in Rome’s history, everyone knows what he did, “Et tu, Brute?” is one of the most iconic sentences ever - even if that’s the shakespearian sentence. The historical one is “Tu quoque, Brute, fili mi!” (that means “Even you, Brutus, my son!”) and I think it’s way more poetic.

Also, according to some latin historicians, after killing Ceasar, Brutus said “Sic semper tyrannis!” (“Thus always to tyrants!”, aka “That’s what it always should happen to tyrants”). And I think that’s very dope.

And, last but not least, Brutus follows the -us trend of the Dark Side’s names and I approve it.


In conclusion, my personal predictions are Furius, Ares and Brutus. But I’m open to hear more names, so I can expand my prediction list.

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And then I told him, HA WITNESS, I’ve never been with ness

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Roman “mistaking” Logan for Patton. that’s not any throwback within the show. it is, however, a throwback for me to the last episode when I mistook Patton (who was really Deceit) for Logan

@its-all-ineffable @logan-got-yoinked @ayyyden-main

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me combining my favorite book from when I was a kid with my favorite prince to fill the void while I wait for his skirt reveal?

more likely than you might think


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little logicality doodle before i pass out B)

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I went a slightly different way with this Litograph, it not Sanders Sides but it’s one of Thomas’ songs! I love the song ‘On the Boarderline’, I can picture all the sides being integrated in it as well 😊

I know the videos are shown on a TV with a camcorder vibe, but there’s something about a video projector that gives the same effect of watching the past and seeing how much you’ve changed, as well as looking to the future 😊


If I were to make a tag list of Sanders Sides episodes or songs /Thomas’ songs Litographs, would anyone want to be added? 😊

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Dukeceit Failed Soulmate AU Part 5

Notes: look at that, I don’t think there’s any warnings! Maybe fighting?


Over the next few weeks, Janus and Remus has discussed it a bit more. They went ahead and wrote out Remus’s resume, so he’d be able to start applying to a few jobs when they came back. There was something about knowing Remus was coming back that calmed Janus’s nerves a bit. He’d never force Remus, but honestly? He couldn’t remember what life was like without him.

Soon enough things were all set up and ready to go. Janus’s boss had given him the okay (which Janus was half-hoping for a ‘no’ about), and the two had packed for the most part, the day of their trip marked on the calendar that hung by the door, quickly approaching.

And by now, they found themselves loading up the trunk of the car. They had since gone on a bit of a shopping spree for Remus, getting him some new clothes so he wouldn’t have to keep wearing Janus’s. Or well, that was the goal. But currently, Remus was still wearing one of Janus’s many stolen sweatshirts, worn out from Remus wearing it to bed all too often for the cheap material. Remus fidgeted with the strings as he rested in them passengers seat, staring down at them and out of focus. Janus lightly nudged the other with his elbow, flashing a reassuring smile at him before looking back in front of him, letting his wrists rest loosely over the steering wheel. “Something on your mind?” he asked. “You know we don’t have to go right? My boss will be happy to have me back in,” he joked softly.

“No, no, it’s not that,” Remus remarked, looking at the other sharply and shaking his head. “I just… don’t know if I’m going to regret going back,” he sighed, letting his fingers let go of the hoodie strings and dropping his head against the window lightly.

Janus hummed some, nodding along. “Well, what’s back there to regret?” he asked before putting the car in reverse, backing out of the driveway. If Remus was sure he wanted to go, even with the doubts, Janus had figured out by now that no doubts ever stopped Remus from doing something. Maybe that’s part of the reason Remus had been able to run away so easily. He just… never looked back.

Remus shrugged some in response. “Everything. It’s a small town. Everyone knows everyone. Besides, I haven’t responded to a single one of my brother’s calls, or Logan’s for that matter. Word’s gonna travel fast and it’ll just… be the same thing all over again.”

Janus blinked a few times before shifting the car back into drive, pulling out onto the main road. “Call your brother now. I didn’t know you hadn’t tal—“

“No,” Remus interjected sharply. “No, because if I do, I’m not going to want to go back, and I have some loose ends I have to tie up.”

Janus hesitated slightly, only slightly visibly discomforted at the next thought, a grimace on his face as he turned his head away from the street for a split second. “Is this about Logan?”

The silence already gave Janus the answer.

“I’m sure he’d take you back, Remus,” Janus said gently, focusing on keeping his grip on the steering wheel loose, and his shoulders back, letting out a sigh of a breath as he turned on the highway.

“It’s not that. I know he would. But I don’t want him back. I don’t think I do at least, but I just left him, y’know? He didn’t deserve that shit. And what? Now he’s going to live his whole life without someone? How fair is that?” Remus slumped more in his seat, a soft huff out of his nose fogging up the glass of the window Remus’s cheek was smushed against.

“Don’t forget, you aren’t living with one either—“

Remus sat up fully and started to argue. “Yeah, Janus, but I made that choice! Logan didn’t get a choice. He just has to live with my dec—“

“Yeah, cause Logan would’ve been any happier knowing you weren’t?” Janus countered. “You haven’t told me everything, but he doesn’t seem the type to be just fine with that.” There was a soft thunk, no doubt Remus dropping his head back against glass, then came Remus’s quiet argument. “If he really loved you, he wouldn’t want to keep you in a relationship you didn’t want.”

“I didn’t have to tell him I didn’t love him.”

“Yes you did.”

“He didn’t have to know… he could’ve been happy not knowing.”

“Blissfully unaware? Do you think he wouldn’t’ve caught on?” Janus sighed softly. “You did the right thing. And maybe, just maybe he was feeling the same way. You might not second guess when someone’s not right for you, but do you think Logan’s the same?”

Remus huffed softly. “Fine. You’re right. Is that what you want to hear?”

“Sure,” Janus remarked, no clear care in the short response. He knew better than to play along in Remus’s pity party and self-sulking. He didn’t care as much about being right as much as he did that Remus knew that he shouldn’t have forced himself into a relationship he didn’t want to be in.

It had been a long few hours since they had started driving, and it’d still be a few more in the morning. Janus had made the suggestion they turn in early. They could get up early and that way they wouldn’t have to deal with the ‘there’s only rooms with a one bed available’ ordeal. Not that either would actually care, seeing as it’d already been something they had dealt with in Janus’s one-bedroom house (after Remus arguing that he wasn’t taking Janus’s bed, and Janus merely answering that he hadn’t said anything about sleeping on the couch), but there wasn’t a reason for it if they could avoid it.

They had settled into the hotel room, only bringing up clothes for the night and morning after. After the two had changed into pajamas, they had decided on some random movie (by they, it really meant Remus) to put on. They had both sat on the bed that was closest to the tv, chatting some as it played. Janus had drifted off to sleep before Remus, so Remus opted for taking the other bed after pulling the blankets over Janus.

Tomorrow they’d be back in Remus’s hometown. Remus didn’t let the thought keep him from sleeping. That was a worry for tomorrow. He’d deal with it all tomorrow.

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School for Logan was more of a place of sanctuary than dread. Well, cutting out all the bullying and idiot teachers, then it was. He always got there early, not long after the gates opened to let students hang around on the grounds. He wore smart black dress pants and a dark blue polo shirt. He dropped the tie after nearly being strangled once too many times (on purpose and by accident). Now, he waits as he does every morning, with a clear line of sight to the school gates and his nose in a book, for his friend should they show up.

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A gift for @anxious-enby-fan

Hey there! I’m your backup santa for this little gift exchange, so I tried to get your gift out to you as quickly as possible! You didn’t really have any preferences for anything specific, so I figured a group pic of all the sides was a safe bet

I hope you like the final result! This was really fun to do!


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