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Final Week of Halloween Costumes 🎃🍬✨


And the costume for the actual event…


Ta-da! ✨⭐️💫

As with every other week, I’m very pleased with how these turned out. I think the sets at Harv’s Island look especially good. You may have noticed that for all the previous weeks, I just used in game clothing items. That’s because I was saving all my custom designs for this week!

First, I did Link from Breath of the Wild. He looks a little bit more like a Linkle, female version, but I like it. Yes, I did use a custom design so I could pose next to a Korok for this picture. This is also a tank top design that I made when I first started playing in March.

Second, I used my own custom design hoodie to dress up as Virgil Sanders. I tried to use my villagers as the other Sides, but I’m not sure how successful I was.

Then, I dressed up as Marinette from Miraculous Ladybug. Mac is my only dog villager, so of course I had to dress him up as Chat Noir.

Next, I used every plant and bug item I could find to make a massive set for Giorno Giovana. Unfortunately, I could not find my frog model.

For days five and six, I dress up as Barbie characters. First, Genevieve from The 12 Dancing Princesses, and then Erika from Princess and the Pauper. I did not make these custom designs, but these are two of my favorute Barbie movies, so I grabbed these as soon as I saw them.

I did end up doing a couple bonus costumes. Label showed up, so I took the opportunity to dress as a “chic vampire.” And then I realized I miscounted my custom design costumes, so I just threw in an extra one of a monarch butterfly.

And finally! The costume for the actual Halloween Event is Winnie the Pooh! I dressed up my villagers as the other characters, but it’s kinda hard to see. Freckles is Piglet, Cyrano is Eeyore, and Zucker is Tigger.

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Okay, I finally sat myself down and forced myself to transfer this little fic onto tumblr! In case you don’t know, I usually hand-write everything before editing it online. I’m actually not sure why, it definitely makes the process longer.

Anyway, this is @coconut-cluster ‘s uni au again! Not exactly adhering to any canonical timeline she’s set up, just kind me picking up a mishmash of my favourite things she’s said happened from the asks people send her. I split this up into two different parts, mostly because the first bit is in Janus’ POV and then it picks up in Logan’s for the second part. It’s just under 1000 words, I think. I hope you enjoy!


Janus firmly believed that the best place to ever exist was the university library at night. There was just something so aesthetically pleasing about it, the moon filtering in at a perfect angle to light Oliviera’s bowed head and his furious scratching across notecards. Janus eyed his slanting (yet somehow elegant) writing, the soft way he grips his ink pen. Being here, at night, with his rival across from him, made Janus feel like he and Oliviera were the only people around for miles. Janus’ eyes fell onto Oliviera’s lips. He seemed to be chewing on them so hard that Janus assumed it would hurt by now. 

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Oh my gosh guyssss 🥺🥺🥺


100 followers! (And on Halloween that’s pretty rad lsdfjls)

To celebrate,,, I’m gonna be taking writing requests for fluffy one-shots! I’ll do any ship (platonic or romantic), and you can feel free to give a lil scenerio if you want (like cuddling or first dates) but it’s definitely not required. 

Anon is on :)

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Quiet Moment - Dukeceit

Tw: being “poisoned”, bones, skulls and eyes.

This is one of the most treasured moments in Janus’ heart.

He sat in his armchair, slowly reading every word, every letter, every punctuation mark in the new book he just bought. It still smelled like freshly printed ink.

Remus laid in front of him on a trashy chaise sofa, feet on the pillows. He, too, was reading a book, harshly ripping the comforting silence by aggressively flipping the pages, skipping them or ripping them out. Otherwise, it was a peaceful atmosphere.

Janus slipped a bookmark, a random piece of paper he found lying around, between the pages he stopped on.

Gloved fingers hooking over the cup’s handle, lifting it to his pale lips, taking a long sip. Janus let out a breath he was holding and looked at the bottom of the cup.

- You were poisoned -

The letters were graved and filled with black ink in a flowing looping pattern.

A smile creeped up his lips as he finally raised his eyes up, meeting with Remus’ unholy grin - “What did you get?” - Despite his look, Remus’ voice was soothing enough.

“Oh no, I wasss poisssoned” - Janus filled up his cup again, almost to the brim, the tea looking just as red as in the last one. Dark pieces of leaves were dancing around the spoon, the sugar dissolving in the hot beverage.

“Do you like this new set I bought?” - Remus giggled, - “I really liked the skull, bone and eyes patterns, especially the itty bitty spoons, shaped just like a bone.”

“Yesss, I love it, dear.”

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It’s just a silly little ad for a couple figurines, but I keep rewatching it because I’ve just missed Patton so much. So I’m milking every last bit of serotonin I get from the ad until the well runs dry and I have to find a new way to quench my thirst for Patton content.

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