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Listen I love sympathetic Janus and sympathetic Remus, I think neither of them are inherintely evil in canon and I don’t think (all) the things they represent are inherintely evil or bad either. I love fics that explore that, I love Remus just being the resident trash racoon man without being evil as such.

All that said, they make absolutely delightful villians, there is SO MUCH to play with there and I am absolutely still reading still reading all the fanfics that came out right after Can Lying be good in which Deceit was a diabolical mastermind and I am absolutely reading your fantasy AU in which Remus is Roman’s evil brother because it’s just so fun!

Point is…. there’s never only one correct way to interpret a character. If either sympathetic or unsympathetic Janus or Remus upset you, absolutely block the tags and try to avoid them. But they can be incredibly fun and interesting characters either way and I’m just gonna enjoy that about them.

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When the camera is no longer rolling it’s more likely to see Logan in Remus’ clothes, than Remus in Remus'clothes. Logan has at one point stolen every article of Remus’ closet, and worn it. Just to wash it and eventually return it, before starting the whole cycle over again. Remus doesn’t mind to be honest, Logan looks cute in his clothes, and he’d soon stake his own heart than tell Logan to stop.

Remus’ prime napping spot is one hundred percent Logan’s thighs. They’re fuckin warm, soft, and perfectly squishy so therefore, they are his pillow and he will let out a demon growl at anyone who tries to take his napping spot from him. Roman learned that the hard way unfortunately, when Remus made a sound like something from Tartarus’ asshole.

When Remus is in an unfortunate art block, Logan will often help by just word vomiting random things. Facts, words, or scenarios. He has it all until he says something that manages to inspire Remus to create something if he really wants to create. And if that doesn’t work, Remus gets his napping spot and a bunch of movies to take his mind off of it.

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Reverse AU

Remus & Roman



-Role: Creativity (Also Intrusive Thoughts but much less at this point)

-Eye Color: Green (Can change itself to red or mix with red If the relationship with his brother is stable)

-Age of Existance (As Remus) 23

-Age of Existence as The King before the split: 12

-Age of Existance as The King now: 28

Personality: Determined, Brave, Energetic

Benefits: Imaginative, Funny, Spontaneous

Flaws: Impulsive, Disturbing, Compromisive

-Animal Counterpart (Overwhelm Form): Kraken

-Power: Can muffle other people’s voices, can create anything, can help others be more creative/imaginative + can outscream everyone but he rarely does that.

-Flower: Peony/Leaves

-“The Duke”

[Other Information]

-A Light Side

-Best friends with Virgil and Janus

-Twin Brother and other half of Roman

-His relationship with his twin brother is very complicated

-Tried to get along with the dark sides but almost died (accidenty)

-This boy has a morningstar!

-Has a tiny crush on Virgil but would rather die than admit so. (The other way around is different though)

-Thinks that the Dark Sides should be viewed better than they actually are despite their personalities.

-Really tried to get along with his brother but the other would either criticize him or laugh at his silver streak (which is a touchy subject for another time though…)

So now he pretends he dislikes him.

-Janus is still “The mom friend” to him.

-When angry burns his energy smashing random created things, unlike Janus who gets overly emotional or Virgil who basically plots to destroy the anger source or listen to music in silence to calm himself down.

-Thomas finds him and his humor funny and interesting.

-Is on very good terms with his host.

-Is described as “The Duke” since he’s just a half of the King.

-Gets very melancholic and nostalgic thinking about the times when he and his brother were on good terms or when they were The King.

-Really Depressed and Insecure af.



Role: Creativity/Pride

Eye color: Red (Can change itself to green or mix with green If the relationship with his brother is stable)

-Age of Existance (As Roman) 23

-Age of Existence as The King before the split: 12

-Age of Existance as The King now: 28

Personality: Flirty, Determined, Brave

Benefits: Imaginative, Nimble, Loyal

Flaws: Egoistic, Sly, Impulsive.

-Animal Counterpart: Hooded Pitohui (Deadly Poisonous Bird)

-Power: Can make people “fall in love” with him (It’s basically a hypnotic spell to give in to his orders as he showers the victim with compliments) [Mostly does that to Janus but he actually means it], can create anything, can ^control people, can steal someone’s ego (He does that by kissing the victim on the lips [Roman you dramatic bitch] not only does he drain the victim, there is a high chance that the victim may die do to his lips themselves being as poisonous as the rest of his body. The ego is collected in forms of crystal balls, the more bigger the ego is, the bigger the crystal ball)

-Flower: Rose

-“The Prince”

[Other Information]

-A Dark Side.

-On very bad terms with Logan.

-On neutral terms with Patton.

-Hates his brother, mostly because he doesn’t understand that the other still loves him.

-Is jealous of his brother being in the spot light (since he’s the ego)

-He doesn’t yet realize that his doings are wrong.

-Despised much by Virgil.

-His mask is supposed to represent his Hooded Pitohui’s black beak

-This one has a samurai sword

-He usually means better than he does but it never works out the soft way unfortunetly.

-Way over hills for Janus. Will do anything for the Light Side and will also do anything to get him to fall in love with him.

-Regrets his actions and doings but thinks there’s no backing out or fixing stuff anyway, since its already too late.

-Makes fun of his brother on purpose (although he does regret the things he says)

-Doesn’t actually want to kill Janus by poisoning, but he really wants to kiss him though and its frustrating, sometimes he can lose himself by just looking at him and doesn’t realize if what he does is right or wrong.

-He claims he doesn’t care about anyone except himself and Janus now, but those are actually lies.

-Raised as a dark side and doesn’t understand the sense of the morals of the light sides.

-Really wishes he could go back in time and handle things that he actually did.

-Sometimes gets very melancholic and nostalgic thinking about his past as The King or while still being with his brother.


-Is described as “The Prince” since he’s only half of “The King”

| Janus _____ |









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