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#sanders sides au

so.,,,,,,,, demus yeah,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,, and the end of the fxxxing world on netflix yeah,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

your enboi is cookin up an au babey :)

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So, I’ve seen quite a few Sanders Sides/Hadestown AU’s, and in almost all of them, Patton is Persephone. But all the art I saw was of him with an Act 1 vibe, but never with an Act 2 vibe! So yeah, this is a very blurry pic of Pat singing Our Lady of the Underground, because my camera is broken :)

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Author: peacock, snake, squid.

They don’t have male or female as all urrons are born nb, pronouns are Personalized by feelings of euphoria towards one pronoun or dysphoria towards other pronouns.

Their diet consist mostly of fruits and berries.

They are the heart or mind of SIMP, do to them being one of its founders. They hold a Library of knowledge on each of SIMP’s members and you can be sure one of their scholars are the first to greet new members.

;Or they handle all of SIMP’s “paperwork”

Urrons are biped and reach an average height of one meter (3.3ft.). (Logan is tall boy he’s 116cm (3.10)) They have two arms joint together on each shoulder giving them four arms in total. They have a tail, which splits into tree diamond shape tips. The tips hold the Illumination and color changing probabilities of an squid, and are used to for emotional expressions. They’ll raise and spread out their tail, like a peacock, in a scaring attempt. Their head are covered in a mane of feathers in a somewhat similar fashion to human headdresses. Aside from the head feathers are there their big sensitive ears. They don’t have a nose and therefore no sense of smell, instead they taste the air like a snake. Their skin are on the darker color spectrum, common colors would be dark blue, dark green, brown and black.

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Hey! This is my introduction post for this AU! I’ll add more as needed!

Information about this AU under the cut!

(The art above is unfinished, and I will update it as I go along. I have to add the other two characters when they’re introduced, of course, and I have to add texture and patterns to some of these, too. And maybe shading. I went ahead and posted it because I wanted to work on some of the actual story instead of just the introductory art.)

(I used a base for the above art, the base is under the cut and credit to the original artist; I found it on Pinterest)

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Witches and wizards ~ Analogical

Inspired by this lovely fanart:


But I couldn’t find the artist, so please tag them if you know!

TW: None

Word count: 1875


Witches and wizards. What an absurd concept, Logan thought to himself as he watched his father work at his desk, reading and studying about the possible existence of witchcraft. He didn’t know why he was constantly so worked up about this theory. His father used to be a respected man, hard-working and with a good job and a loving family, but after his mother disappeared, witchcraft was all he ever paid attention to anymore. Well, that and Logan of course.

“Father?” Logan said, as he stood in the doorway. “Can I ask you something?”

“Of course, son,” his father answered without looking up.

“Why are you so focused on all of this?” It was then that he stopped what he was doing and looked at his son. “Witchcraft is just silly, childish nonsense, none of it is real.”

There was a long pause between them, as if his father was lost about what to say. Logan patiently waited for his father’s response, but when it came, he was just dismissed.

“Go Logan,” he said and Logan’s expression and heart fell.

“But father-”

“Logan, please just go. I can’t deal with this right now,” his father demanded exhaustedly as he walked up to the door and closed it, leaving Logan alone in the silent, hallway.

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Forgot to submit this here from my Insta!

So… superpower AU in which the kids are raised by questionable government as soldiers and stuff. Featuring angst and found family. 😑💕

Deceit lies to his superiors to cover Anxiety’s mistake.

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based off of my and my coworkers (we work at carl’s jr, names will be changed)

Janus-Vera, been married once, rocky divorce, flirting with at least 3 other men, won’t get married again. Jokes with everyone, carries a pocket knife

Roman-Gray, boss, GAY, single, that ass tho, serious, calls everyone dear, jokes occasionally

Virgil-Me, new, kinda slow still, STIMMING ALL THE TIME

Patton-Mercy, Hispanic fry cook, speaks 99% spanish, slowly learning english, work mom, super nice to everyone

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On my main (@eggslovemetoo) I made three posts about who each sanders sides character would be if they were in the main three Rusty Lake Games (I call them the main three because they have rusty lake in the title, so I’m talking about hotel, roots and paradise) and since this is my rusty lake sideblog I’m putting the masterlist here

Hotel (this has links to the other two as well)



might do a cube escape one but we’ll see

i haven’t played the white door yet so i’m not gonna do that til I’ve played it

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It’s a continuation of [THIS] post. Also there’s some art [HERE].

  1. Before they started the podcast they already had a lot of very long discussions about science and conspiracy theories when they were able to “waste” an entire evening on exchanging opinions about The Bermuda Triangle or the existence of yeti back and forth.
  2. Most of these discussions started because of Virgil or Janus who always liked to provoke Logan with absurdly fake stories. It was mostly for fun, but honestly both of them just liked to hear him talk about things he was passionate or angry about.
  3. They also always joked about Janus having the “radio voice” and telling him that he should be a presenter, but he never wanted to be a recognizable public figure. When they started the podcast Janus strongly insisted on staying anonymous and not showing their faces, even if someone pushed them to do the reveal.
  4. Logan and Virgil obviously agreed. None of them was particularly concerned about being recognized by strangers and popular – Virgil was nervous about people talking to him on the street and Logan just didn’t care.
  5. Even if Logan and Virgil immediately agreed to stay “faceless” it was a little heartbreaking at the same time, because they knew that Janus just didn’t like other people seeing how he looked. But they also knew better than to comment about that implied meaning and decided to let him be.
  6. When they finally sat down to record anything their conversations started to be a little bit awkward and almost forced, so it took some time to adjust and start to feel confident in front of the microphone. Surprisingly, Logan was the slowest to adjust to this new situation, because he often felt overly conscious about how long and complicated his tangents tended to be. It was a little surprising to see him so not confident.
  7. He also felt a little singled out, because both Virgil and Janus tended to lean more into conspiratory thinking – even if they often did that for a joke. In many of the first episodes he was the only voice of reason and logic in the room, so it felt like two against one all the time.
  8. Fortunately, after a few failed episodes they’ve managed to find a balance in their discussions. Virgil was usually tasked with explaining the topic at the beginning, Janus with asking additional questions and playing the role of a suspicious audience member, and Logan with providing counterarguments disproving a given theory with facts backed by science. After that process they were able to smoothly more into their natural discussions that resembled all the evenings spent together with snacks and a documentary playing in the background.
  9. Janus and Virgil quickly started to have a secret contest and counted points every time they’ve managed to pull Logan to their side of the argument, even if it was just a reluctant: “okay, that sort of makes sense… in theory; but there’s no evidence to support this in any way”. Still a win.
  10. Janus usually got more points, because he’s more persuasive, but none of them were able to actually make Logan 100% believe in their conspiracy theories. Virgil was the closest to making Logan admit he was fully convinced, but the discussion shifted to a different topic and they knew that if they asked about it in a transparent way, Logan would never openly stand against science.
  11. Despite their bickering and often pretty heated arguments it’s very clear to most of the listeners that these three are very fond of each other. Every time they let themselves discuss something more personal it ends up with a lot of speculation about their relationship among the fans.
  12. Logan, Janus, and Virgil saw the comments about all of them potentially dating, but each host read these speculations separately and they pretended to know nothing about it. They never brought this up, even when the discussions about their relationship started to take up a significant percentage of the comment section.
  13. Once they started dating, they all sat down and recorded a three hour long bonus episode of their podcast about the “Are we together” conspiracy. A big part of it was explainign the story of their friendship, how they’ve met, and what they love about each other… but the first half was mostly focused on criticising the audience for asking too personal questions and being overly invested in the lives of people whose full backgrounds they didn’t even know.
  14. They never said that out loud to not encourage such behaviour, but some of the comments were actually a necessary push for them to do something about their relationship. It realy took a lot of restraint to not reply to every nice comment about their co-hosts with: “same! I love him as well… he has such a nice voice” or “you’d like him even more if you knew how pretty he is!”.

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So Roman and Remus are twins who have been put up for adoption and Patton comes in looking to adopt another kiddo (he already has adopted Logan) and sees the twins and talks to them for a bit, but finds Remus’ chaoticness (is that a word?) “too much to handle” and only adopts Roman.

Remus is eventually adopted by Janus and gets annoyed whenever he thinks Virgil is trying to replace Roman (I just like Vee being and older brother to Rem)

And then one day they’re out in public and they see Roman with Patton and Logan and Remus and Roman go to hug and Patton just has to forcefully get Roman out of there and Remus just breaks down right there as his brother is pulled away from him for a second time.

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