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#sanders sides fic

Faked Death

Based off of this quote by @sanders-sides-uncorrect-quotes and idea by @moments-of-selves my sanders sides blog

Summary: Virgil Sanders is dead

Warnings: suicide mentioned/implied, major character death?, death, deception


Virgil sighed and finished making sure everything was all set.

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I Want You to Know - NoblestRomanOfThemAll (AnxiouslyGoing) - Sanders Sides (Web Series) [Archive of Our Own]
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after only like four months- its complete! Janus gets cuddles!

words: 1551

chapter 1 | chapter 2 

ao3 link 

contents and warnings: hurt/comfort, happy ending, touch-starved Janus, mentions of past touch starved Virgil, they gotta talk, fluff, cuddles, platonic moceit, crying mention, the greatest showman mention, 


Patton was the first to wake up, and at first he’s blinking slowly, confused and groggy and trying to remember why Janus was curled up against his chest looking small, it ended up taking several minutes but eventually he woke up just enough to remember the thing that happened a couple hours prior, though honestly even once he was awake enough to remember he still doesn’t know what to do, he knew he wanted to help Janus but he still didn’t know what to do, or how to do it.

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Hello, Rose here! Here are the basics! This might be a long post.

I intend for this AU to be more general shenanigans than an actual plot, though I may make an outline for this to be a full fic in the future.

Basically, there 7 sins and 7 virtues:

7 sins: pride, greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony, sloth.

7 virtues: prudence, justice, temperance, charity, diligence, kindness, humility (there are actually several versions of the 7 virtues, so sorry if these are the “wrong” ones so-to-speak!)

(This post might get a little all over the place, that’s just how my brain works. I would like to take this moment to acknowledge that this AU has, despite its religious influence, no religious purpose. I am not religious, though I have been raised religiously for the first decade or so of my life, and I generally have negative connotations towards religion due to some related homophobia/sexism I’ve experienced. However, I am aware that not all religious people are like that, and I am not opposed to any religious fans making those connections and telling me about it. Submissions/asks of all kinds are welcome as long as they are kind! Thank you :) )

So, religious note aside…In this fantastical universe, the 7 sins and 7 virtues are immortal, god-like beings. These moral and immoral immortals have different demonic and angelic offspring, and these offspring walk among us, influencing mortals. They are labeled as the sin or virtue they utilize as a career. (A demon with a career in influencing lust is a lustite, etc.)


Roman (father: lustite, mother: justite) 17, he/him, bi. *only known half angel, half demon*

Virgil (father: human, mother: human) 17, he/they, bi, human

Patton (father: ?, mother: charitite) 16, he/him or she/her, pan, angel

Logan (father: greedite, mother: pridite) 16, he/they, bi, demon

Remy (father: slothite, mother: lustite) 18, he/him or ze/zem, pan, demon

Janus (father: pridite, mother: envite) 18, he/they, pan, demon

(A note on side characters: Emile may cameo upon request, I just don’t write with him much…he’s cool though! Sorry Emile :’)  I also don’t write with Thomas, even character!Thomas because I feel weird writing with a real person. I especially don’t write with Remus because he’s a particularly uncomfy character…but I suppose I could write with any of these three, it depends on the request! The same goes for OCs, just send me a request and I’ll see if I wanna do it. I’ll even venture to claim the side characters’ parents if that’s of any particular interest.)

Emile (father: charitite, mother: humilitie) 16, they/them, pan, angel

Thomas (father: kindite, mother: justite) 18, he/him, gay, angel

Remus (father: lustite, mother: gluttonite) 16, he/they, pan, demon (*Roman and Remus are half brothers in this AU!)

(Also I know most of them have he/they pronouns and are pan, neither of which require an explanation, but I’d like to say that they are angels and demons, so they don’t really have the *exhausting* gender norms that we mere mortals have!)


This was originally designed as a Prinxiety AU (I said we’re basic lol) but because this is a more general AU, I can write a variety of ships!




Any combination of Roman, Virgil, and Remy is fun

LAMP (especially + Remy and/or Janus!)

+ any other ship you’d like to request

Ships I won’t do:

I’m not fond of analogical. I don’t have any proper reasoning behind it, so I suppose I can be swayed by attention and the right prompt.

I absolutely will not be writing RemRom, or any form of incest.

NSFW content:

I don’t intend to write any sweet sweet smutty content, though I am not opposed to NSFW asks/submissions, I’ll just tag it so only the people that wanna see it will see it! (My extent is writing nsfw headcanons, but not full on fics, only because I don’t wanna be bullied, and a handful of these characters are minors, though they can be aged up.)

An additional thing of note is that the sin/virtue spawn attend private boarding schools in their realms.

Undermirth demons attend the Peccation-Bates Institution, in which they hone their skills passed down to them by their parents and learn how to utilize their magic to influence mortals.

Oboriel angels attend the Hobostian-Probus Institute in the same fashion.

Neither angels nor demons are likely to follow a path that their parents didn’t set (Example: a demon with lustite and pridite parents isn’t likely to choose to be a greedite unless they particularly excel at it.)

Angels and demons often go to the mortal world to practice and/or amuse themselves.

Thank you for reading this far, it means a lot, sorry it’s so long! :’)

If you have a question, please send an ask, I can’t wait to hear your requests! Concept art and fics are coming soon! :)

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There’s no stopping a lit match (4/4)

Taglist: @plaguedoctorsnake @justanonymous @theeerealpunkin

When Patton awoke the next morning, later than usual, the effects of his plan were already in motion. There were frantic yells from downstairs, the two voices that stood out the most belonging to Roman and Virgil. With a steadying breath, a worried look is plastered onto Patton’s face as he heads downstairs. He’s met with yelling from Roman, demanding to know who the fiend is that documented all of this, and Virgil freaking out and trying to breathe while dashing about and gathering up all of the purple text papers. Upon further examination, Logan is pacing around with a stack of his own papers and even Remus seems to look nervous, quietly trying to talk to his distressed boyfriend. Speaking of the shunned couple, Virgil and Roman were giving the two intense looks that would liquify someone like Patton. There was no clearer way to convey that what’s going on between the two of them was completely off limits. Eventually this whole situation began to come to a head, various sides yelling at each other. All of the tension built up in the room and Patton was sure this was all going to boil over and explode when Virgil suddenly stops dead. A dark look crosses over his face and he stalks upstairs as all of the accumulated anger seems to follow him. The others watch with visibly confusion on their faces, but they don’t get any farther than the stairs before Virgil appears again at the top with the last needed piece to facilitate Janus’s downfall in his hands. As all eyes turn to Janus and the snake side turns whiter than a sheet with a matching blanket of snow, Patton can’t help but squee inside. Time for the fun to begin!


God, this wasn’t fun at all, this was such a bad idea! Patton can’t do anything but watch helplessly as Roman and Virgil berate a surprisingly upset looking Logan and a seething Remus. After the reveal the entire mind palace had seemed to go to H.E-double hockey sticks in a handbasket, starting with Jan’s subsequent banishment. He had been sent away in a rather familiar scene, the two screaming about him without pause for him to defend himself. Sure that was no fun, but at the end Patton’s demons started to catch up to him when he saw the look Jan was giving him. Janus knows what he did, that he was responsible. But he had no proof and even if he had the most compelling evidence in the world, there was no way Roman and Virgil would ever trust him again simply because he was undoubtedly the one who had compiled all of those secrets in the first place. To the two of them, Jan’s fate was set in stone. His room was quickly sent back down and all of his things in the common area had been hastily moved. Patton’s plan had succeeded in its entirety, but he was starting to expect that there were going to be more costs that he didn’t foresee (that hadn’t ever been his talent, had it?).

Sure enough, Patton’s fears were confirmed as he was ripped violently out of his thoughts by a shout from….was Logan crying?! Sure enough, tears were streaming down Logan’s face as his ferocious attitude shines through in its full ugly light. There’s several things he wants to scream at them as a way of releasing years worth of pent up hurt and anger; you don’t ignore a side for so long and expect him to magically bounce back. In a final display of deep rooted hurt, Logan turns sharp on his heels and goes downstairs with his poster ever tight and his eyes leaking in a fashion Patton’s never seen before, and certainly not from the rock of the light sides. There’s a scoff from Virgil and Roman nods, Logan was only a step ahead of them. Patton watches as his famILY disintegrates at his own actions, his relationships all a smoldering pile of papers in the fireplace. To his horror, Patton begins to realize: he was the one holding the match, and it’s light had already spread to everyone he had held dear.

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There’s no stopping a lit match (¾)

Taglist: @plaguedoctorsnake @justanonymous @theeerealpunkin

There’s a golden journal with little tabs peeking out the top, all of them their respective colors. H*ck, he even has a pink tab and a brown tab! He quickly flicks through the different pages and his eyes widen when he starts to read the headings of each of the pages. How does Jan know about Roman’s secret appreciation of Panic! At the Disco?! Roman said he only told Patton that, and that he would keel over if Virgil ever knew it! Speaking of Virgil, the first item in his horrible chapter is right next to the page that reveals Roman’s favorite flavor of Crofters (Logan’s Berry), and it reveals that his favorite color isn’t purple like he wants everyone to believe. It’s actually pink, when he was younger he used to use a lot of pink things, all of his bibs were even pink. Patton, once he starts to realize what these pages are, quickly turns to his section. If you thought he was pale before, you’ve seen nothing yet. He growls softly under his breath as he frantically flips through, he really knows everything! While it terrifies Patton that Janus knows all of these deep and dark secrets, this is exactly what he needs to convince the other three that Jan isn’t to be trusted, especially while Virgil is still incredibly wary of him. Patton would be lying if he said he didn’t flick back over to Logan’s section, it was oddly bigger than the others. At first he just thinks it’s because of how secretive a side Logan is already, but when he sees it he practically drops the book.

“Holy-” . His exclamation is cut off when he hears someone start to ascend the stairs. Patton quickly shuts the book and sends it away to his own room so that he could properly assess it when he wasn’t in immediate danger of being discovered. He manages to sink out just as Jan’s door opens and the snakey side strides in, completely oblivious to the shitstorm that was about to befall him. In the safety of his room, Patton spends longer than he’d care to admit pouring over the different secrets festering within his friends, some of them more like brothers to him. As expected, Patton digs up some horrible notions that he would never wish to find. What may be the worst of all is Logan’s secret……..fling (Patton couldn’t dare to think of it as anything but) with Remus of all sides! The mere thought of it made Pat’s stomach churn in bad ways. At least Patton knew that all of the others would agree with him, this was just the kind of secret that would get Jan sent back where he belongs! After a bit of planning, this is not the kind of scheme you pull off on a whim after all, Patton speedwalks with a sense of purpose to the photocopier in the corner of Logan’s room. He copies every page in the book except for Jan’s secrets, Remy’s secrets, and Emile’s secrets. Now armed with the incriminating evidence he needed, all Patton had to do was wait for the perfect time to light the fire under everyone’s butts that they all needed.

4 notes

Or 5 times Virgil needed human contact and 1 time they all did.

I must confess that Roman’s nicknames in this particular fic were created by yours truly.

TW: sympathetic Remus and Janus, very brief feeling of being understimulated (outside perspective), mention of nudity and scars (doesn’t actually happen), door slam (not in a negative way)



Patton rolled his bottom lip between his teeth. He grabbed the box and examined it, the picture of three cats cuddling did not change since he last checked six seconds ago.

Groaning, he threw his head back. “Why are puzzles so haaaard?”

Roman rolled his eyes, a fond smile on his face. “You were the one who chose it!” He shifted on the carpet, crossing his legs.

“Yeah, I guess,” Patton stuck his bottom lip out as far as he could, glaring at the puzzle. Roman snickered.

“I believe in you, padre!” He exclaimed, throwing his arms up. “We shall best this beast together!”

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Chapter 6

Summary: After Roman leaves his family reunion mad at Remus, his car breaks down. The huge snow storm forces him into the forest hes always been told to stay away from. Who will he meet? And why are they being so nice? Most importantly, why are his teeth so sharp?

A/N: I’m so very sorry this chapter took so long to come out…and its so short. Uni has picked up and I’m so very far behind. I’ll try and get better at updates and making them longer lol. Anyway enjoy!

Relationship: Familial DAM, Eventual Roceit, Eventual Intrulogical

Warnings (per chapter): Roman has social anxiety, he is awkward, food and eating, vague talk of Romans family, let me know if anything else!

Catch up!:  Master list, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5

Word Count: 1822

Read on AO3!

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CW: bombs, being buried under rubble, claustrophobia, flash backs

Relationships: romantic moxiety, romantic LAMP

Chapter title is from Smother by daughter


Virgil swung down from the balcony to join his boyfriend in the museum hall.

“Lo and Prince got everyone out. Have you found any sign of the bombs yet?” Patton asked him.

“No,” Virgil sighed “I’m halfway convinced it was just a joke.”

“A joke that cost us our whole evening then.” Patton grumbled.

The comms crackled to life and Roman’s voice filtered through, sounding tired.

“You find anything?” He asked.

“Nope, we think it might just be a prank call.” Virgil replied.

“Really?” Roman exclaimed, “They think we have nothing better to do than evacuate museums? Some people have to work!”

“Are you absolutely certain?” Logan asked, ignoring Roman’s grumbling.

“What, you don’t trust my assessment?” Virgil asked.

“Of course I do, we just don’t know who we’re dealing with.” Logan apologized.

“It’s alright, I was very thorough. Me and Pat will do one more sweep of the building and then we’ll head out.”

“Kay, rendez-vous on the bank roof. We gotta go talk to the cops.” Roman said and they signed off.

Patton was checking under display cases for any sign of explosives.

“Why would you blow up a museum?” He griped. “Do they know how many priceless artifacts are here? Those heathens.”

Virgil smiled at his grumbling. They’d been meaning to visit the new exhibit in the museum for a while now. He guessed this was the universe’s way of telling them to stop putting off all their fun outings.

His eyes caught on a small discolouration wedged between a bench and the wall. It looked like a piece of chewing gum. His heart started beating faster.


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Laughter is my Love Language

  • Summary:  Logan doesn’t laugh much when Virgil first meets him. Eventually Virgil learns when Logan is truly happy is when he opens up.
  • Warnings: food mention, some self deprecating humor. If there are more please let me know!
  • Ships: Logan x Virgil, Analogical
  • WC: 1, 664
  • General Taglist (ask to be added or removed): @im-an-anxious-wreck @logans-library @janus-is-an-adorable-snek-boi @ace-in-a-shopping-cart (you had asked to be tagged in this a while ago, I hope it’s still okay)

Logan doesn’t laugh much when they first meet, which is somewhat of a problem for Virgil since he often relied on laughter to fill otherwise awkward silences. The problem was that Virgil was funny in the stupid way- which he blamed entirely on his dad’s humor that fell over to the punnier side. Crack a pun, reference a meme or as a last ditch effort self deprecating humor was usually relatable enough. Logan fell for none of those and more or less was just left confused by them- or he took the self depreciation too seriously and Virgil ended up with a heartfelt lecture on how important he was. Which, as sweet as it was, wasn’t the point of poking fun at something at his own expense.

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Nyctophobia - Chapter 1 - NoblestRomanOfThemAll (AnxiouslyGoing) - Sanders Sides (Web Series) [Archive of Our Own]
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Hey @vindicatedvirgil remember this prompt you sent a while back that was supposed to be Rociet but I changed my mind? I finally finished the original!

At the Last Second

  • Summary:   Inspired by Snowing in Venice by Elizaveta. In an attempt to get as far away from their hometown as possible, Janus decides to go to college in Venice, Italy. Roman is conflicted over his feelings about it and doesn’t know what to say until the last second.
  • Warnings: asthma mention. Please let me know if there are more
  • Ships: Janus x Roman, Rociet
  • WC: 1, 985
  • General Taglist: (ask to be tagged generally or in specific writing.) @im-an-anxious-wreck @logans-library @janus-is-an-adorable-snek-boi

Maybe my song, isn’t happy enough but I

I see it take flight with the snowflakes above

My coffee gets cold, as I’m staring enthralled 

At the snow that keeps falling outside


Roman snuck another glance at Janus when they thought he wasn’t looking, seeing him still smiling slightly and nodding along to whatever song was on that Roman couldn’t concentrate on right now because they were looking at Janus. It wasn’t as if this was a new occurrence, they looked at Janus all the time. When he took half assed notes during class, pushing his soft, straight hair out from in front of his eyes with practiced impatience. When he glided along beside Roman on his skateboard while they tried desperately to keep their eyes on the sidewalk lest they flip over the handlebars of their bike. When he walked towards them with that signature crookeds smile, straight backed but casual and always ready with some biting quip they would both laugh at. And now- when he was driving to the airport for college, Roman sat beside him destined to waste away in the small town they had grown up in, alone and forgotten.

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SummaryEverything has changed so much and Patton can’t help but not know where she stands. She loves Roman and Roman’s been her best friend for years, but now Roman’s number one priority is Virgil. Which is fine, it’s fine. Patton is happy that Roman’s had the courage to come out and get a girlfriend who clearly adores her. Despite that, Patton still feels jealous anyway—sickeningly alone in her misery. And jealously is an ugly emotion, so she shoves it down deep and tries to pretend it doesn’t exist.


Patton angsts. Then she meets Janus.

Word Count: 1,603

Pairings: Pre fem!Moceit 

Warnings: Mentions of depression and jealously. 

Notes: Hello. :) Life is sucking the… life out of me so I wrote this and I feel a little better.

I hope everyone is doing well. 

Part of the fem!sides verse.

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[Image Description: a long road with decaying plants on either side, with text overlayed that reads ‘the town that never was’ in white. A white icon of a clock is placed underneath the text /end ID]

Ships: DLAMP/CALMD, Remile.

Warnings: Cheating is mentioned at some point during this fic in the past, some slight horror themes but in a comedic sort of way, kidnapping is mentioned but again this is like a comedy-horror so there’s not a lot of suspense.

Plot: In Hell, a town of roughly 1,000 people, nothing that is supposed to happen ever happens and everything that physically should happen, does. Logan, a scientist, goes there in hopes of studying the world’s most unfortunate, and miraculous, town. But no one who ever enters ever finds the will to leave again.

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four

Chapter Five: Stepping Stones 

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Fandom: Sanders sides

Ship: Kingceit

Characters: Lee!king ler!janus

A/N: So sorry this is late!! We kinda forgot about it😅 Wanted to get it done in a hurry so it may not be the best


Romulus grinned confidently at Janus. He crossed his arms behind his head. Leaning against the many pillows he had stacked up. He doesn’t remember why he agreed to this. But whatever the reasons were, he wasn’t gonna lose. Just last 4 minutes without laughing while being tickled. Easy enough. He wasn’t the most ticklish person in the world anyways. So this shouldn’t be that hard… Right?

Besides, if he wins he’ll get to tickle Janus’ worst spots for 10 minutes. If he loses well..

He doesn’t actually know what’ll happen.

Janus climbed up on the bed and straddled Romulus’ hips. “You ready?” He asked, wiggling his fingers at the King.

“Of course I’m ready. I’m ready to win.”

Janus cooed at him. “You’re not gonna win, love. I believe I’ll be able to break you.”

“In your dreams, snek. I can’t wait until this is over so I can tickle you to tears!”

Janus booped Romulus’ nose. “You’re not going to this time~” He then moved his fingers down to flutter against his neck.

The King yipped, clamping his mouth shut and scrunching up his shoulders.

Oh no

“What’s wrong, King of giggles? Did you realize this’ll be harder than you thought?”

“N-nope! This is too easy!” He did his best to not push Janus away. If he did he’ll automatically lose.

Janus smirked at the obvious lie. “You’re always so over confident, but when I send a few wiggling fingers your way. You fall!”

Romulus fought to keep his blush down. He knew Janus was right. Never in a million years will he admit it though. “Don’t be ridiculous!”

“Me? ridiculous? Never! I’m the most serious person in the world.” Janus teased nonchalantly. He tapped along Romulus’ ribs like he was using a keyboard. “Now let me finish my important work~”

Romulus had a hard time not laughing at that. Janus was such a loveable dork sometimes, and the tapping on his ribs was making the urge to laugh worse. He didn’t want to go down that easily though. So he remained stubborn.

After another minute, Janus stopped, but kept his fingers wiggling above his ribs.

The King looked at Janus in confusion. Did he give up? Or was he trying the phantom tickle trick?

“Nice try. But you’re gonna have to do better than that to make me laAAAUGH!”

The King let a surprise shriek when he felt Janus’ extra hands tickling all his worst spots. Try as he might, he couldn’t stop the loud belly laughter that followed.

Romulus had lost

Janus grinned in victory when he heard the king’s adorable laughter. “See. Told you I’d win!”

“Now it’s time for my reward~”

“YOHOHOU CHEATED!!” Romulus cried through his laughter.

Janus only gave him an innocent look. “No I didn’t.” He shook his head with fake sympathy. “You only had 45 seconds left. Such a pity. For you~”

Romulus didn’t like the sound of that.

Janus paused his tickling for a second and snapped. The King’s hands were now stuck behind his head, and his feet to the bed. All he could do was look at Janus with nervous excitement.

Janus loomed over him ominously.

“Now it’s time for my reward~”

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Interest check!

Any interest in a series of one-shots based on an au where Patton is Roman and Remus’ oblivious father, Roman and Remus are head-over-heels for one another, and Janus is a supportive step-father?

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AO3 | First | Previous | Next | Masterpost

Description: A Beauty and the Beast style Vampire AU. Vampire!Virgil has picked up  Logan off the street and is holding him captive under the threat of killing his friends if he tries to escape.  

Word Count: 6041

Chapter Warnings: Unsympathetic!Virgil, Angst, Captivity, Threats, Mentions of Police, Implications of abuse, Threats of violence, Anxiety, Hypervigilance, Crying, Doctors/Medical Examination with questionable consent, Food, Mentions of prescription drug abuse, Malnourishment, Unhealthy relationship with food, Yelling, Anger, Ethical Dilemmas, Swearing, Mentions of Drugging/Mind altering effects, Mentions of blood/drawing blood (Let me know if I missed anything!)

    Virgil snarled as he turned the corner of the empty hallway. Two paper bags hung from his hand as he turned on his heel, cutting the corner short as he stalked his path through the warehouse. His anxiety ached in his chest as the door in front of him flew open against the wall.

    He didn’t miss the way the man across the room flinched at the sound of the door slamming into the wall. Though to his credit, he didn’t try to scurry out of Virgil’s way as he approached. He simply remained stock still, submissively staring at the ground as Virgil leered down at him.

    “Look at me.”

    The guy’s shoulders tensed, but he tipped his head up to meet Virgil’s gaze without hesitation. Virgil didn’t miss the glimmer of anger that flickered in the man’s dark eyes as he lifted his head, but any inclination of rebellion immediately went up in smoke as Virgil bared his teeth down at him.

    “I’m going to make this quick.” Virgil hissed as he slid forward, hands curling around the man’s collar as he growled down at him. “but whether or not this painful is entirely up to you. Got it?”

    Logan flinched at the sound of his growl, nodding a stiff affirmation as Virgil released his collar.

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Here begins a four part story that’s gonna serve as the season 2 finale of the main storyline in this blog. And it’s coming out two days before this blog’s second anniversary. So much has happened since that February 23, 2019 when I published the first episode, I can’t even believe it. I hope you enjoy this first part of the story which, even if it’s the beginning, will already be full of thrill and emotions. Until next time.

SYNOPSIS: Thomas knows that the way to rescue Dillon from the Paladin is to join forces with Nico and face him together as a couple, but he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do exactly, so he decides to go to the Core to ask for assistance… but the visit  it’s not gonna come out as anyone expects

WARNINGS: Lots of romance between Thomas and Nico. Also romantic logicality and Remus with some of his suggestions. Features a scene of intense angst.


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You’re Such a Heavenly View

Ship: Logince (Logan x Roman)

Word Count: ~1440

Trigger Warnings: None that I can think of!

Synopsis: Logan loves the night sky, and Roman loves to see his fiancé happy. A stargazing date ensues.

Author’s Note: Woo, my first fic! This is just a quick lil oneshot, but I have a ton of other wips too! I hope you enjoy! Reblogs are appreciated if possible! :)


“There are no stars in the city.”

Roman glanced up from his laptop. Logan was standing by the open window, elbows resting on the windowsill. A cacophony of sounds drifted in from the streets below, taxi drivers laying on their horns and trains screeching to a halt, faint saxophone music from a street musician somewhere far below and the drip-drip-drip of rainwater on their fire escape.

Logan wasn’t looking at him—his gaze was focused on the sky, a wistful expression on his face.

“What?” Roman asked, setting his laptop aside on the couch.

“Hm?” Logan looked over at him, perplexed—before realizing that he must have said the first bit out loud. “Oh,” he said, cheeks pinking, before belatedly angling his face towards the night sky again. “Just. There are no stars in the city. Well—there are, of course, they just aren’t visible due to the amount of light pollution.”

Roman considered this for a moment, then came up behind him, wrapping his arms around his waist and hooking his chin over his shoulder. In the back of his mind, he marveled at the ease of it all—that he could hold Logan, and instead of pulling away, he would instinctively lean into him, as naturally as though Roman’s arms were a warm bed at the end of a long day. It didn’t matter that they had been together for six years, and had been engaged for eight months—Roman doubted that the novelty would ever wear off.

But that wasn’t the matter at hand—and, for a moment, they stood in comfortable silence, staring out at the streets of San Francisco below them. The evening was warm, and the gentle breeze that lifted Roman’s hair smelled of spring rain and dumplings, as there was a Chinese restaurant right next to their apartment building. Roman felt as though he could stay like that forever—holding his fiancé, watching the ever-changing cityscape, and listening to the sounds of all of the lives taking place around them. But Roman could see the longing in Logan’s face, as subtle as it was; Logan had always loved the night sky, had studied and charted it with a sparkling passion. He adored their life in the city, of course—they were both akin to people-watching, and he found comfort in being just another face in a crowd, but Roman knew that a small part of Logan yearned for the sky and its wonders.

So Roman quickly kissed his jawline, let go of Logan, and said, “Then let’s go see some stars.”

Logan looked at him quizzically. “We live in the middle of a city, Roman. It’s highly improbable that there are any good places for stargazing nearby.”

Roman shrugged, already by the door, pulling on a knit cardigan. “Are you coming or not?”

Logan hovered by the window, mouth slightly ajar and brows knit together. Roman knew that his fiancé wasn’t one for spontaneity, but Roman himself was, and Logan never seemed to mind. Especially not when the spontaneous plan in question involved a stargazing date.

And so, after a moment, Logan joined him by the door, shrugging on his own light jacket—after all, April nights are fickle, weather-wise—and muttering something about how there were still dishes waiting to be washed, piled high in the sink.

He stopped his fussing when Roman looped their fingers together, though, lapsing into silence and staring down at their joined hands. If somebody didn’t know Logan, they would likely misinterpret his expression as apathy, indifference—but Roman did know Logan, and was intimately familiar with his facial patterns. He recognized the way that the seemingly ever-present crease between his brows faded, the way it does when he finds something particularly captivating, and he noticed the way his lips parted ever so slightly—as if the thing that has captured his attention has bewitched him so thoroughly he forgot to close his mouth.

No, Roman knew that face, and recognized it for what it was—wonder. Familiarity. Fondness.

It was enough to make Roman surge up and press a brief kiss to his lips, pulling back before Logan even had time to register it, then squeezing his hand and leading him out the door.

Admittedly, it had taken longer than Roman had anticipated to find a place suitable for stargazing. Despite Logan’s warning, he had assumed that there would be someplace close by that would do the trick, but every place he found he deemed completely unacceptable for a date.

Curse Roman and his romantic sensibilities.

They had been driving for over an hour now—the stars were certainly visible at this point, but Roman had insisted on not stopping until he had found the perfect location.

Logan had dozed off in the passenger’s seat, snoring lightly. The only sounds in the car for a while were the soft crooning of Frank Sinatra singing “Fly Me to the Moon” on the radio (since Logan was asleep, Roman had no qualms about putting it on), and Logan’s snores.

He heard Logan shift a bit when the car finally slowed to a stop.

“Lo,” he said, gently nudging him. His fiancé stirred again, opening his eyes and looking at Roman blearily, as if his brain was slowly turning back on. Roman smiled softly and pressed a kiss to his forehead. “Hey there, Lo,” he continued, softly rubbing his shoulder. “We’re here.”

Logan blinked at him, once, twice, his sleepy brain clearly trying to remember where it was that they were headed. And all of a sudden, it was as though somebody had flicked the lights on inside Logan’s head, and he leaned forward to peer up through the windshield.

“Where are we?” He asked without looking at Roman, too focused on the sky above. Roman laced their fingers together and kissed the back of Logan’s hand.

“Let’s go and see.” And with that, he released Logan’s hand and opened the car door.

Roman had parked the car on the side of a mountain; the world looked wide open from all the way up here, as if somebody had taken the lid off. The air smelled fresh from spring rain, all the world recently washed clean. Lush mountains rose up all around them, brilliant greens and blues even in the dark.

And there were stars, so many stars.

Logan gaped, head tipped back to marvel at it all. Roman beamed, spreading his arms wide, gesturing to all of it. “Well?”

And Logan looked at him, mouth ajar, eyes wide, and for a moment, the only sounds around them were the faint chittering of insects, distant birdsong, and the rustling of trees.

And then Logan surged forward and kissed him, cupping either side of his face. Roman startled for just a moment, but then he melted into it, one hand gently resting at the nape of Logan’s neck, the other on his cheek. Roman adored it when Logan was like this; usually a stoic pillar, cold and aloof to the rest of the world, but for Roman, just for Roman, he opened up, all light and warmth and love.

And Roman didn’t think he’d ever be able to get over that.

Logan pulled away, wide grey eyes staring at him in wonder. “It’s…wonderful,” he said, eyes drifting to the tree-covered mountaintops, up to the wide open sky filled with stars, and back to Roman. Logan’s face was filled with pure adoration, and Roman’s heart did a flip in his chest because that look was directed at him. “Thank you, Roman.”

Roman laced their fingers together, rubbing gentle circles on the back of his hand with his thumb. “Of course, Starlight.”

And Logan smiled, and Roman’s heart soared, because he did that, he made Logan Winters smile, and oh god, he was so gone for this man.

A moment later, Roman retreated to the car, opening the back door and pulling out a blanket and some pillows.

And minutes later, they were on the roof of the car, curled up against each other, a blanket below them and a sky full of stars above them, and Logan softly pointed out every constellation in the sky.

Logan marveled at the stars, and Roman marveled at Logan.

And they ate the pizza that Roman had picked up on the way, half olives for Logan, half pepperoni for Roman, and Logan laughed at a joke that Roman had made, and Roman asked him questions about space, and the stars twinkled down at them from high, high above.

And at the end, they put their blankets and pillows back into the backseat and piled back into the car, and Logan leaned over the stick shift and kissed Roman again, and Roman smiled, and they began their drive back home.

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Saudade: (n.) a nostalgic or melancholic longing for something that has passed, or perhaps never even existed


Something is off in the mindscape. Virgil doesn’t know what it is yet, but something is just… off. He can’t help but feel like he’s missing something. Maybe it’s just his own anxiousness getting to him, but he’ll be damned if he lets it go.

Warnings: very brief mentions of blood/gore

Chapter 1/?

It was cold in the imagination. Snow covered the ground of a pine forest, painting everything in a bright white. The branches were all weighed by the snow so that they were drooping towards the ground. It was mostly silent, save for the distant chirping of birds and the rhythmic crunching of snow under boots. The air was cold enough to be biting, but the sunlight making its weight through the trees was warm enough to not feel uncomfortable as Virgil made his way back to the castle.  

He had donned a pair of black snow boots and a thick black and purple cloak was substituting for his usual jacket. He originally planned on just going out in his usual attire, but didn’t upon Janus’s request. As his feet sunk into the snow covered ground, he silently thanked the lying trait for not letting him go out without proper winter apparel. 

Recently, he has been taking walks out in the forest surrounding the imaginations castel more often. It was relaxing and he welcomed the silence. 

As much as he loved the others, sometimes they could be too much, Remus especially. Normally, he would just hole himself up in his room, which was placed high enough in one of the castles towers to give him a great view, but recently he just wanted to go out into the forest instead of just looking at it. 

Janus had raised an eyebrow at that. Virgil wasn’t exactly the most curious side, and the forest wasn’t exactly welcoming. Along with it being biting cold out, the forest matched the castle’s eerie look. It seemed to come straight out of a cartoon, with gnarled trees, shadows of unknown creatures moving about, and very little light. From what he remembered last time he let Remus convince him to go in there, he could have sworn the branches had actually moved on their own to grab at him. Honestly, it reminded him of the forest Snow White had run through during her movie, which he wasn’t surprised about considering this was Disney-loving Thomas’s head. 

As much as he loved the creepy style, he would normally much rather stay in the castle where he at least had some idea of what to expect (which wasn’t much considering Remus practically lived here). 

Nevertheless, Virgil wanted to go explore in those woods. He reasoned he was just anxious from being idle for too long. He had been feeling like he was forgetting something and couldn’t remember what. So, why do nothing when there’s probably something you’re forgetting to do, right? Janus had just given him a suspicious look about it and told him not to wander too far. 

And at first, he didn’t. He hadn’t even spent very long in the woods that first time. Whether it was his own nervous mind imagining things that weren’t there, or just Remus’s effects on this part of the imagination, he could have sworn the things hiding in those woods were out to get him. Every time a tree branch snagged at his hoodie or a pair of eyes flashed at him through the darkness, his heart rate skyrocketed until his hands started shaking with nervous energy and he found himself retreating back to the confines of the castle. 

But then that itch returned, the one that made him want to leave the castle behind and go out into the woods. Maybe it was a need to get away from the gloom of the place and the people inside, or maybe it was a want to just see something new. Either way, he kept going out into the woods. 

As the days went by, he stayed out for longer, and went in deeper. He found that the further he went in, the more peaceful it got. The twisting, gnarled trees became snow covered pines. The figures moving in the dark became birds, chipmunks, and the occasional fawn. The shadows and darkness were washed out by sunlight and the whiteness of the snow. It was lighter, and quiet, and peaceful. He felt like the farther into the woods he went, the further from the castle, the more easily he could breath. 

Sometimes he felt guilty about it. He saw the way Janus’s brows bunched together and a frown pulled the corners of his mouth down whenever he went to leave. He saw how Livius, Thomas’s envious side, would become frustrated and silently send Janus these looks that Janus would just shake his head at. Even Remus had complained about him not being able to play as many games as before (not that Virgil minded considering what Remus considers games). He doesn’t blame them for being upset. If one of them was going out constantly, he’d think he was being avoided too. 

He had made it to the castle’s gates to see a frowning Livius. He wore a white lace shirt with sleeves that were loose around his arms. Over it was a black trench coat with a collar that reached his neck. It was accented in an orange trimming, color matching the various pieces of jewelry the side seemed to always wear. 

Just like the rest of the sides, when in the imagination he didn’t have Thomas’s face. Except with him, he took that concept to the extreme. He didn’t even look entirely human. Similar to Janus, his pupils were slitted and snake like, and he bore black eyeliner that sharpened his eyes. Crowning his head were two deep orange horns. Beneath them were small, bat-like wings where his ears should have been. He had a dragon’s tail a similar shade to his horns, with lighter scales scattered about. He stood taller than Virgil, probably being the tallest of them all.

“Off adventuring without me again?” The side in question asked. 

“I mean, it wasn’t really much of an adventure,” he shrugged, walking past Livius and through the castle gates. The other fell in step with him and threw an arm around his shoulders. 

“I just needed a break,” he continued, “you know how I get. I needed some place quiet.”

“Really? Cause it almost feels like you’ve been avoiding us. What, do you not like me?” the other asked with a frown.

“What? No, no I just-”

“I’m just messing with you Vee. I know you like me. I mean, I let you live in my literal castle with me,” he chuckled out, “you’d be a bit of a dick not to like me at least a bit.” 

Virgil didn’t mention the fact that Remus was the one who summoned the castle for the dragonic side and probably wouldn’t mind summoning one for Virgil if he asked. He also didn’t mention the fact that Livius, along with Janus, had been insistent on him staying there in the first place. 

“As if it isn’t already huge enough,” he scoffed, “I don’t even know how many rooms it has to fit all that treasure you hoard like the cliche you are. Compensating for something, Liv?” He looked up at the other side with a smirk. 

Clawed hands gave his shoulder a brief squeeze and the side let out an amused laugh. “Well, excuse me! Someone has been around Remus for too long. Besides, you wish you were as rich as me.” He puffed out his chest proudly. 

“Oh, yeah. Because, I, Anxiety, am jealous, and not the literal embodiment of Envy himself. Sure thing.” 

“Mhm. Exactly,” Livius responded with a sniff. 

By then they had already made their way up the stairs on the terrace and through the front doors of the castle. It was very big and open, with stone pillars lining the grand hall in twos. The walls were made from a combination of dark stone and marble. Colorful light filtered through tall, stained glass windows. It must have been inspired by medieval times because it was lit with torches lining the walls and candle chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. The floor was a smooth marble, with a deep red carpet trailing from the entrance to the grand staircase at the other end of the room. 

It was surprisingly well-kept considering Remus was the one that designed it, save for the cobwebs hidden in corners of rooms. He guessed he could credit that to Livius’s care for it. You can’t show off your riches when everything is covered in blood, goop, and whatever else would come from Remus’s summons. 

Before they could head off to his own room Livius called to him, “One more thing Virge. I have an idea I think the rest of you will like. I’ll present it at dinner so make sure you actually remember to come down to eat with the rest of us tonight!”

“Got it,” he gave him a two finger salute before turning and making his way up to his room.

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