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#sanders sides virgil

A drawing I did a while ago when I was figuring out the ipad

Prompt given by my little brother

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Virgil: I filled your bath with coffee!

Patton: Here’s a Starbucks cup costume, Rem

Emile: *squirts coffee from a water gun into Remy’s mouth* happy birthday love

Remy: I love all of you so much, but especially Em *pulls him into a coffee flavored kiss*

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Remus: I wanna be a reverse Tooth Fairy where I rob people and scatter human teeth over their bed.

Virgil: A dentist.

Logan: I don’t know what your dentist is doing to you, but I think you should go to the police.

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Remus: I couldn’t find my headphones and it’s late at night. Solution? Find a stethoscope and put it up to the speaker on the computer with low volume.

Virgil: If I lost my headphones, what makes you think I’ll find a stethoscope lying around?

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Happy Birthday Patton!

Logan: what type of cake do you want Pat?

Patton: Rainbow confetti surprise!!!!!!!!

Virgil: *appears on the top of the fridge* death and despair flavored

Remus: *jumps on the table* HuMaN fLeSh

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Virgil: I had a dream where I was getting sorted at Hogwarts, but me and the Sorting Hat got into an argument so he made up an new house called GrubbleBank so I would be forced to sit alone for the rest of my life.

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Janus: Am I the only one who doesn’t sing in the shower?

Virgil: No, I usually only think about singing in the shower, but I never do it.

Logan: I only sing in the shower when I don’t think about micro-managing every aspect of our lives.

Patton: I usually play tic tac toe with myself in the shower, while singing. I usually win.

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Janus: It’s 3 fucking am, this is the fifth time this week. It’s Wednesday. I will pack up your things & send you to the Light Sides if you keep waking me up, you horrors.

(he wouldn’t. He loves his kids)

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Janus: Remus decided it would be a good idea to microwave some bacon, and after THIRTY SECONDS, the plate exploded.

Virgil: Is the bacon okay?!?!

Janus: Yeah, the bacon’s okay.

Virgil: Good, I was worried for a sec.

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Have a Virgil while I work on getting out of my art block lmao

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Remus: Where did you learn to fight like that?

Virgil: The light sides.

Janus: They taught you how to fight?

Virgil: Not really. Logan plays first table on the chess team, Patton starts crying every time he hears a sad song and Roman can really rock a cocktail dress and six inch heels.

Virgil: I’m not letting anyone give them shit for any of that. So I learned to beat up people bigger than me.

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analogical au ✨


where virgil gets offed and then turned into a lil cat spirit to help his beloved prince rule the kingdom and survive out there in the cruel world

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I tried talking to it though it was always confused by my question. THIS IS SCARY WHY ARE THERE MORE DOLLS!!!!!!! He was leading me to a room from what I could understand but he doesn’t seem to know where exactly the room is. He kept scratching at walls and drawing doors where ever we went and even writing “x’s” too.

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Amazing what a hundred years and some therapy will do for a guardian huh? (also an artist glow up ngl)

We’re still on hiatus, I just wanted to give Virge a new outfit for later on the timeline sooooo,,,, have a guardian of the lost! (taglist under the cut)

-Mod apple

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Patton, peeling a banana
May I take your jacket sir?
... Do you think other people can’t hear you?
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