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#sandman on netflix

From September of 2015: Dream and Death of the Endless in “Delirium-Vision” (i.e., as seen through the eyes of Delirium). India ink, watercolor, and gouache on watercolor board.

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A 2010 India ink and graphite reworking of my art from Death Gallery (DC/Vertigo, 1994). I ended up doing a few of these, each with some variation in the drawing and degree of nudity. Technically, this image is an Internet-exclusive hybrid of two different versions!

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My 1993 art for Graphitti Designs’ Sandman IV T-shirt. It got quite a bit of exposure in the nineties, thanks to WCW wrestler Raven and the popular Roseanne TV sitcom.

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and more Sandman (they’re spoiling us today!) 

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“See, Mr. Gaiman, there’s a lot of subtext in what you wrote, whether you agree with me or not, in the interactions between Hob Gadling and Dream of the Endless. We can actually see a really interesting contrast between his relationship with Thessaly, an immortal thoroughly detached from humanity and Hob, who is extremely attached to humanity despite (or perhaps because of) his many lifetimes here. Dream and Thessaly were doomed to fail as a couple because, though Dream denies it, he is in some respects more human than she is, loving her more passionately and pouring more of his adoration into her than she could possibly return. Returning to the contrast mentioned earlier, Mr. Gaiman, we see Dream become more open and less cold in regard to the humans he once treated callously as the series goes on, reflected in his shifting attitude toward his friendship with Gadling, who cares for him deeply (and is perhaps the first human to do so without coming to a horrible end). In short, Mr. Gaiman, my proposition is this…” (there is a sound of papers being rustled and something being tacked to a board) (it is a large, crudely-rendered crayon drawing of Hob Gadling and Dream holding hands) (the rest of my speech is drowned out by Neil Gaiman dialling the police)

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I don’t know who would be in charge of something like this, but…  Please, please, please do NOT use The Charlotte’s Mr. Sandman, a cover of Mr. Sandman, or an instrumental of Mr. Sandman as the theme music for The Sandman Netflix series or as background music on the trailer.  I can’t tell you how many shows and movies have used that song because it was cheap and convenient.  If you use it in The Sandman people who did not read the comics will have it in their head that the show will be something predictable and trite. Please don’t do this.  I know it might be tempting.  It’s lazy.  The Sandman deserves better.    

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