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#sandor clegane
bighound-littlebird · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
"Even a dog gets tired of being kicked. If this Young Wolf has the wits the gods gave a toad, he'll make me a lordling and beg me to enter his service. He needs me, though he may not know it yet. Maybe I'll even kill Gregor for him, he'd like that." - Arya IX, A Storm of Swords
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elegantwoes · 11 hours ago
It's interesting how people will try to bend themselves in a pretzel trying to argue that sandor was lying or wasn't serious or that sansa is an unreliable narrator (read she's making up what happened even tho we saw it happen in real time) for real, can't they just admit the truth? i mean it's not as though we don't have people who still stan tywin despite all the shit hes canonically done. this fandom is so gross sometimes
It's really is funny because this gross fandom would never extent the same leeway to Sansa. Like her more morally grey moments were staying neutral during the trident incident, called Arya names in a fit of anger, and went to Cersei. This apparently means she's evil at her core, a bully, and caused the death of multiple people.
Sandor on the other hand is the actual person who murdered Mycah which makes him a child murderer, is the actual person who bullies Arya, and attempted to murder and rape another child (Sansa). Yet he's deemed to be a morally grey character who, deep down, is a sincere, nice guy. 
Sandor Clegane quite literally get away with murder in the eyes of the fandom. I mean look at how often Sansa is accused of causing the death of Mycah compared to Sandor - you know the actual murderer? 
Sandor Clegane who was called a villain by the writer and does the bare minimum apparently can be considered a good person who is on redemption road. Yet the preteen who did far more good than Sandor Clegane ever did in his entire damn life at the age of 13 and was called a hero by GRRM is evil and completely irredeemable. Make it make sense. 
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the-red-wulf · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
AU - Modern - In which a noise complaint at 3pm on a Friday afternoon brings two strangers together...
“Wait!” she called out, almost proud of herself. It was wonderful really that anything struck her, she’d been so busy staring at his ass in those uniform pants.
“Miss?” he turned back to her.
“You’re strong,” she felt like an idiot the moment the words left her lips.
“Uh,” his eyes narrowed in suspicion and she didn't blame them. “Yes?”
Read it HERE on AO3! 
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supernovadragoncat · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
The SanSan Writers Guild is an inclusive community for the SanSan fandom's amazingly talented writers. The discord server is a safe, SanSan-focused place to dream with, create with, encourage, and support other writers! A few server features:
Fellow writers: Writing can be scary and lonely. Come meet others, connect with fandom friends, and gush about SanSan.
Prompts: Share prompts or pick up an idea for your next fic.
Writer’s block support: Struggling with a fic? Characters not cooperating? Come chat about it or just vent because writing is hard and we’ve all been there.
Beta matching: If you’re in need of a beta or would like to beta for others, you can connect to find your match.
Writing bot: The WritingBot creates fun writing challenges, asks questions about your story, keeps track of your writing goals, and even offers inspirational quotes and reassurance.
Writing sprints: Write with friends and challenge yourself to dedicate time to writing, editing, or just dreaming about your story.
Not currently working on a fic, on hiatus, or working on your first fic? No problem! All SanSan writers and writing statuses welcome!
Join the Discord server!
Many thanks to @farovermistymountains for coming up with the server name and help and encouragement in standing it up!
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sandorcentral · 19 hours ago
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Anyways he pretty
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dorisbanana · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Fanart from “Smoke and Mirrors”  by @thequeen--in--thenorth
Recent Favorites😍💖
How can you write so well about extramarital affairs 🥺
very enjoy it !
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ladyvalour · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Valar Morghulis by Jenny Zhen
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fanficsienjoy · a day ago
Another excellent SanSan fic I just finished. It's 22 chapters but the payoff is so so worth it.
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naomiwhatsherface · 2 days ago
When you can't edit photos, you use apps that give you this result.
IS THAT YOU RORY??? 😂🤮🙄 We have already established Cassie Boroski can't edit out watermarks from images to save her life (we're not forgetting the lies about where she gets them in the first place! - read all about it on this account) - now she's defiling them with a face enhancement filter that makes him look like a drag queen. PUCKER UP YOUR FAKE LIPS RORY!
Give it a rest Cassie, you're not very good at it. But then, you're not good at anything in this fandom are you? You lie, you cheat, you steal, you stalk, you're vulgar and now you've clearly proven how much you suck at any kind of photo editing. Or should I say #photodefiling ?????? 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 #allthingswrongwithcassieboroski
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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twogunrose · 2 days ago
Chapter 20 is now available.
It is a “Good Morning” and everything seems to be going well for Sansa and Sandor, but ...
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sandorcentral · 3 days ago
Important question. How cringy is it to write an x reader fic from first person? I've only read like. One.
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fanficsienjoy · 3 days ago
This story right here added 10 years to my lifespan. SanSan shippers, do yourself a favor and read it because it's giving me everything.
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supernovadragoncat · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
☽ Moonchild ☾ ✶ ☽ Chapter 3 ☾
“Well, I think Sandor is beautiful,” Sansa said to him and her lips paid his name a tenderness he’d never known. “I’ve always thought so. The first time I laid eyes on him. I just…”
Her cheeks flamed with a genuine blush and she glanced momentarily at his mother.
“I was speechless. The scars don’t diminish how beautiful he is. I love his eyes. They’re so mysterious and deep. His smile. The shape of his nose. He’s so tall and strong.”
Sandor’s chest faintly heaved. His mouth went dry, skin burned hot, heart beat fast. None of this was believable, but she sold it with expert fabrication, as if she’d convinced herself. The foreign intimacy unnerved him with its exaggeration, all saturated colors outside the lines.
He wanted to stop the flow of lies from her lips. A hard kiss would do just fine. He’d crush his mouth against hers and steal them off her tongue.
✦ Read on AO3 ✦
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soieminou · 3 days ago
Latest chapter is up for your reading pleasure!
Well....maybe not pleasure. Baelish is rearing his head again. Ugh.
Thoughts and feedback always welcome! 💕
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