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wolfishwriting · 2 days ago
For mah bestie @potatochic2003 ♡ ily // anime requests are not open
cw: smut, sub!sanemi, slight femdom ig?? idk, you're the dom in this, we're gonna break sanemi, whiny boi. I wrote this while playing animal crossing, cockwarming, pussy drunk boi, established relationship. maybe i need to go touch some grass (but there's snow everywhere, so that must wait)
"H-hey, easy. Don't clamp down so tight." Sanemi hisses through his teeth.
You merely smirk up at him, gaze absolutely feline from where you sit perched atop his lap. Your hands braced against his chest, hips steadily working against his own. Every few seconds you would voluntarily clench around his girth just to watch him sputter in surprise-- it caught him off guard every time. He could pretend to be upset but you knew him too well, Sanemi was far from upset.
Actually, you quite enjoyed seeing your boyfriend worked over by the mere thought of you being the one in control in the bedroom. He may act imposing and cocky outside as a respectable Hashira but you knew how much he loved to be the sub, to be on the receiving end of your love and adoration. To relinquish the reigns, the control, and fall victim to the throes of searing hot passion.
"W-why'd you stop moving?" Sanemi gapes, lavender eyes staring up at you in disbelief. Your nails digging into his hips stop him from bucking up into you.
"You haven't been listening well today. Only good boys deserve to be properly fucked." You grin, devilish glint in your eyes. "If you want to cum tonight, you need to ask politely."
Sanemi whimpers, hands tightening around your own hips. No matter how hard he tries to fight it, his eyes grow teary-eyed, lip quivering. It had been far too long since he had been with you, not once getting off by his own two hands, and he's finally home--but you won't let him cum? That hardly seems fair.
He swallows his pride, stern eyes meeting yours. "Please." His voice is small, tears threatening to spill down his flushed cheeks. "Please, won't you let me cum? I've been such a good boy. I will be a good boy for you tonight."
You smirk and slam your hips down on his, relishing in the broken moan that crackles from his throat as you mercilessly begin to bounce on top of the wind Hashira. You had every intention of breaking that tough exterior tonight and mold him into the whiny little pup you know he is.
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grimmsbaby · 3 months ago
if we’re on the topic of breeding kinks (in reference to the grimmjow ask that was sent by an anon), I raise you, breeding kink Sanemi (a personal fave) and Mr. flamboyant himself, Tengen>:)
hii ty for asking <3 i hope this is ok, it's my first time writing for them :) I don't know if you just wanted thirsts or little drabbles but yeah sjfkbsk
cw/tw: breeding kink, degradation like once sort of - if you really squint for Sanemi, praise/pussy drunk Tengen
Tumblr media
He doesn’t recognize at first the words that leave your mouth, too caught up in how your cunt’s sucking him back in with each thrust. His eyes zero in on the pretty sheen of your juices on his cock every time he pulls out, and the squelching sounds ring in his ears every time he slams back in. You can see the way his arm muscles flex with every movement, and that one muscle that ticks in his neck as he’s getting close. It takes you saying his name a few more times before he raises his head to meet your face, finally catching those sinful words that leave your lips. “Want you to cum in me, please ‘nemi.”
Those words alone nearly have him spilling inside you as he struggles to grasp what you said. Your legs that were previously hanging loose around his hips tighten up, your ankles locking. Your eyes are shining with unshed tears from the pleasure he brings you as you repeat those three little words that made his head spin with need. “Cum inside me.’”
Sanemi leans further into you, the snap of his hips urgent and frenzied as he wraps one hand around your neck. “So fucking needy aren’t you? Fine. Gonna fuck you so full.. Fuck.” A couple more hard thrusts before he breaks, painting your walls white with thick ropes of cum. He stays deep inside you, letting up on your neck as he rests his forehead against yours, the fucked out expression on your face making his dick twitch. “This pussy’s mine, ya got that?” All you can do is nod as he pulls back, starting up a heavy rhythm again, the only thing on his mind to fill you up.
Tengen’s positively pussy drunk as he has you on his lap, kissing and sucking on your breasts as they bounce in his face. Your nails dig into his thick arms as you use them as leverage to help fuck yourself on him. No matter how hard you tried to keep going though, your thighs were burning and it was making it increasingly difficult to keep moving. You sunk all the way down on him, grinding your hips lightly while wrapping your hands around his neck to bring his attention to you. “Need help baby, please,” you puff your lips into a pout.
His bright lust filled eyes meet yours as his hands slide under your plush thighs before lifting up and letting you slide back down. A strangled moan left your throat as he continued this, easily lifting you up and down his cock, meeting each thrust with a snap of his hips. “Such a pretty pussy baby,” he coos, eyes sliding down to watch as he disappears inside you over and over. “Think it’ll be even prettier though with my cum leaking out don’t you think?” You hate when he always asks you questions like this, knowing full well that he’s fucking you far too hard for you to be able to respond properly. “You take me so well. This pussy's made for me. Gonna make sure you don’t forget it.”
You grip onto his arm with one hand while bringing the other down to rub your clit. Tengen’s thrusts get sloppier and you know he’s waiting for you to finish first. “Go on, need you to cum on my cock.” His words make you light headed as your thighs shake, orgasm washing over you. He follows you soon after, big hands holding you down on him as you feel him twitch inside you. Heavy breathing emanates from the both of you as you feel the trickle of his seed slip out and down your thighs. “Well we can’t have that can we?” he says as he swipes his thumb down to wipe up his cum, sliding it into your mouth to suck. “Looks like you lost some. Guess I have to fuck you full again until it stays huh?” Your eyes widen as he pulls his thumb from your lips with a pop, knowing that a long night is ahead of you.
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cozymoko · 4 months ago
The Pillars reaction to, "I love you."
Pairing: All Pillars x gn! Reader
Tumblr media
Tomioka Giyuu 冨岡義勇——💧
Comes as a shock and he initially assumes it's a joke. But the serious look in your eyes spoke volumes, not that he was prepared for that. How hopeful that expression looked, bright stars nearly forming in your eyes at the mere idea of him returning your affections.
Tomioka eyed you from his spot next to the tree, sheathing his nichirin blade. You stood there shifting on the balls of your feet as you awaited his response. Rosy cheeks, steady breathes escaping from your pink lips. The panic hiding beneath your features was fairly obvious. It was almost cute. Nonetheless, you deserved a proper answer.
Tomioka is rather skeptical with his response, nearly flooding your heart with a fear of rejection. "I love you too." Although his words remained in their same monotonous pitch they were serious. "Hurry back, we've been out too long." He murmurs, his shoulder brushing your own. But the small twitch of his lips didn't go unnoticed as you eagerly follow him back to the temple.
Tumblr media
Rengoku Kyojuro 煉獄杏寿郎——🔥
Cheery from the start. Smiling from ear to ear with his arms securely wrapped around you. Rengoku pulled back from you, cupping your face in his large hands as he soaks in your flustered expression. The rise of temperature should serve as more than an explanation for his emotions.
Someone to come home to after a long day, to patch up his wounds if he needs it. A kind person to encourage him at his lowest as he lifts them to their highest. Someone to gush over and dote on as the moon reaches its peak. A new form of happiness; another fire to tame. That's what love is to him.
Kyojuro would waste no time, yelling, "I love you too!" At the top of his lungs, surely the whole estate could hear him at that rate. The embarrassment is enough to make you hide away in his haori, tensing at his hearty laughter. Man, it felt good to be loved!
Tumblr media
Shinobu Kocho 胡蝶しのぶ——🦋
Shocked for no more than a second, already aware of her response. She's rather good at concealing her feelings or downplaying them. To hear you boldly state Shinobu can agree that your embarrassment is adorable, thus she cannot help but tease you!
Wonders what will come of your bond; how close should she hold onto you? Questioning if she'll lose you like she's lost the others, her sister. If giving in to the noisy thoughts in her head is the safest idea. Internally vowing to protect you with her life, even if you don't truly need it.
Pulls you close, stroking your hair lovingly with a wide grin on her face. "I love you too~!" She whispers, pressing a long kiss to your cheek, her grasp on you not faltering one bit. "My my your heart is beating quite loud!"
Tumblr media
Muichiro Tokito 時透 無一郎——💤
It was likely a normal evening for the two of you. Him daydreaming as you gently pulled his dark hair into whatever design your heart desired. Stares at you with a hint of curiosity as even he knew that those words were shared between family or lovers; Muichiro obviously not classifying as the first one.
Rather confused about your statement since he doesn't truly understand the concept of love. But a little description should do you some good. "How does it feel to love me, {Name}?" A genuine question it is, the only explanation he Muichiro needs to pinpoint the foreign emotions stirring in his chest.
"Hm, I love you too," He murmurs, pondering the beating inside his heart. The feeling as though his heart was hammering against his rib cage. The strong need to hold you close, to touch you. That was enough. "A lot, I love you a lot."
Tumblr media
Uzui Tengen 宇髄 天元——🔊
He's well aware of your feelings, yet he simply could not get over the sight of you saying such a thing. Lightly tinged cheeks, eyes squeezed shut, hands balled into tight fists, your chest heaving as you stood in front of him; what a sight.
The man has three wives! You must be a catch if you're willing to put up with such a thing. Excited is an understatement of his feelings towards those three words. If anything the man is itching to hear them again, but this time he won't allow you to look away!
"I love you too my dear! Now when will we wed?" His reaction may come as a shock but hopefully, you expected nothing less. After what he had witnessed he only wishes to have such a sight to himself. No man should be graced with something so adorable, no man is deserving of such; except him that is.
Tumblr media
Shinazugawa Sanemi 不死川 実弥——🌬
Only one thing crosses his mind once you say those words, "Shit." Why such colorful language you may wonder though it's because you've caught him off guard my dear. His sword lying loosely at his side, eyes staring holes into your own. As though he was searching for some sort of lie in your own words.
Considers this an indirect devotion. This is sealing your bond, your relationship. In a way, it's as if declaring, "I'm yours!" That he can now let free any foul emotion boiling in his chest. All the jealousy, no longer hiding his lovesick gazes. Simply giving into his pesky feelings, letting his guarded act fall to his feet.
Finally succumbs to his heart and murmurs, "Tch, I love you too." Resting his hand on your head, avoiding your gaze. But I'm sure the drumming of his heart will reach your ears, revealing how much he truly does. The gods know he won't allow anyone else to hear you say such a thing.
Tumblr media
Obanai Iguro 伊黒小芭内——🐍
Red to the tip of his ears. What a bold statement, one that he surely wasn't ready for. You frown at his delayed reaction, clutching his hands and declaring it once more, "I love you!" Only increasing the harsh pink engulfing his pale face.
These are things only lovers say to each other. Therefore are you now a couple? His head is flooded with all sorts of questions. As well as warm thoughts of you holding his hands, much like right now. Gently brushing your thumbs over his pale knuckles, whispering words of affiliation in his ears.
"I...I love you too..." Don't take his hesitation as a sign of not reciprocating. You move his bangs from his forehead, placing a sweet kiss on his ghostly skin. At this rate there must be steam coming out of his ears; deary must you tease him so much? "Pl...Please don't do that." Any more affection out of you and he may just pass out!
Tumblr media
Gyomei Himejima 悲鳴嶼 行冥——🗿
If you hadn't known him you would have thought you upset him. But it's simply the opposite. Tears of joy streamed down his face, a very prominent pink engulfing his cheeks. The confidence you have to confess so abruptly it's shameful, oh so shameful.
Love had never been something on his mind or something he's had time for therefore It was a surprise indeed. Gyomei is a gentle giant, kind behind his strong appearance. Confessions are very scarce for him. For that he can't help but feel as though he's finally won by having someone so lovely confess to him.
"I love you too my dear!" He essentially shouts, clasping your hands in his much bigger ones. His explosive reaction may or may not be too much for you but cut him some slack; he's happy! Nevertheless, the most he'll do is kiss the back of your hand like the gentleman he is. Not wanting to overwhelm you too much after your little confession.
Tumblr media
Mitsuri Kanroji 甘露寺蜜璃——❤
She is the love Hashira thus she's without a doubt thrilled. Practically leaping with joy at your confession, wishing no more than to hug you into an eternal embrace!
Mitsuri knew this day would come but waiting for it deemed itself quite the challenge. Hiding behind not-so-subtle compliments or gentle touches when she got the chance. As exhausting as it was, seeing you happy made it worth it. Just being near you was worth it all.
"Oh my, I love you too!" She smiles, pressing her pink lips to your temple. She tugs on your arm, ready to announce your relationship to anyone who would listen. Mitsuri has no shame but surely you knew that before getting involved with her, correct?
Tumblr media
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muzanswaifu · a month ago
Okey so idea(Kind of)Sanemi x reader but the reader is very innocent and naive and sanemi cant help bit want to fuck the so hard they completely ruin the innocence
Okay im gonna just do headcannons/bullets for this real quick but lemme know if you want a full fic!
Sanemi x Innocent!Reader
Warnings: dubcon, oral sex, squirting, loss of virginity (thats up to you though), a hint of sexual slavery, yandere?
Some background info: you are a nurse at Butterfly estate
He doesn't like that you ignore him, act like he isn't important, act like there isn't an absolute God in front of you
Your eyes don't wander, don't pry, you don't feel up his muscles for a second longer than you have to, you just do your job, fuck it's annoying, you're annoying
"Does this hurt?"
"This may sting a little bit..."
At first sanemi thought u were making fun of him with all your little apologies and checkups to make sure he wasn't in any pain
But with after seeing you converse with other patients, he quickly learned you were just like that - caring, nonjudging, unassuming
He watches as the other male patients hit on you, flirt with you while you're just trying to do your job. You feed into their futile attempts, giggling at their little jokes because you don't understand that they're trying to get in your pants like the fucking idiot you are
But he prefer you not know anyway because he deals with them for you, and it makes him hum satisfied when you seem to be more attentive to him when those men aren't bothering you anymore
But he grows tired of seeing you so naive, so pure in your ways, especially with him. You blush so furiously when you feel his hand creep up your thigh when your checking on his injuries, slyly shuffling away to make him stop. He allows it, this time, because the shy look in your eyes makes his cock twitch, but you shouldn't be disobeying him like that. Don't you know who he is? Any other woman would be presenting themselves to him already, but you don't. And it's all because you're too damn virtuous. You unbearable fucking prude bitch.
He doesn't want you acting so innocent and holy around him, you're better than that, he deserves more than that
Sanemi wants to watch the sparkle in your eye dwindle to a glint of dumb lust as he ruins you for everyone else.
It's so clear that you haven't been fucked good, if at all. He can tell by the way you walk around so uptight and sinless. If you'd just let him break you, maybe you'd loosen up a bit.
You'd be the perfect bitch for him too, new and perfect for him to mold to his liking. He'd have you screaming in ecstacy while he wrecks you over and over and over again, sobbing his name just like you should. He hopes you have some form of physical training because he won't hold back in his strength, not until you're broken and fucked and stupid
He's bidding his time, waiting for the right moment to catch you alone and helpless. Probably after you've run your last errand and are cleaning up for the night. He's the only one in this building because of his status (one you don't seem to even give a shit about) so you can scream all you'd like and no one can bother you two.
You're shy to his advances, thinking maybe he's just a flirty individual, many men are to you, but he's coming on strong and it's scaring you. He catches on, and changes his tactic accordingly, drawing you in more playfully and seductive. You eat that shit up and he could almost laugh at how naive you are.
Really? Cheap compliments are what get that stick outta your ass? Figures you have shitty taste
A few teases here, praises there, you hardly noticed the hand sliding down your hip. In fact, you lean into it, and that's when he knows he's got you.
This is when you get sheepish again, cowering away and admitting that your not very experienced. He acts shocked to save your feelings but what the hell did you expect when you don't put out? It doesn't matter though because now you're only for him
But he'd be nice with you at first, he's not a monster after all. You're prepped nice and thoroughly, licked and kissed all over your little pussy so you'd be ready to take his cock to the hilt. He wouldn't stop till you had squirted all over his tongue at least three times
Once to figure out what you liked, the second to enjoy himself, and the third to get your hole dripping for him
He'd let you work on him after too, let you mouth at his cock like a little kitten, not caring if you even knew how to suck him off properly. Just seeing the purity in your eyes when you put your pretty lips on his dick for the first time would be enough to satisfy him. He could split your cute little throat open another time
But after that, playtime's over, you've had your fun. You had to be torn apart sometime, you should be grateful it's him and not some worthless bastard who couldn't even last two seconds
God, your so hot when you cry like that, tears pooling down your cheeks and stuttering pleas spilling past your swollen lips begging him to slow down and be more gentle. Yah, fuck that.
Eventually you learn to shut up and take it, it's not like he's listening to your whining anyway. Your desperate mewls and sobbing are such a turn on for him, like predator devouring it's prey. Even when your being fucked into oblivion, you still whimper like a little brat
It hurts huh? Then why did you squirt all over his dick just now? Give him a fuckin break
You're not a filthy whore yet, he admires that, even tells you he does, he likes that little bit of defiance. But you'll cave eventually, even if it's not tonight. No, tonight you don't even last all that long, passing out only a few hours in. Sanemi's aggravated at most, but your weakness was to be expected, he would just have to wait until you wake up to ravage you again.
And it'll be fun to train you like this! For him at least. Turn you into his perfect little cocksleeve, one that spreads her legs obediently whenever she sees him and can sit pretty on his cock for hours on end while he recuperates. And even then, you're leaving with him of course. Why would he let you stay where you can't warm his cock at all times?
when you're such a stupid slut for him, your almost bearable.
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kingkyoujurou · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
『 . . . Because I want to know if you desire me . . . 』
warnings ↪ steamy times ahead
word count ↪ 1.7k
categories ↪ f/m, could also be under gn/m and m/m
relationships ↪ sanemi x reader
characters ↪ sanemi
summary ↪ a mostly stoic and blunt reader is curious as to why sanemi is always staring at her and she demands an answer
author’s note ↪ hello again i know i haven’t updated any writings in three weeks but im here now :) 
Tumblr media
He really couldn't help looking at you. Usually, it would be for too long and you would turn away from your conversation with Shinobu and Mitsuri and find him not staring at you any longer. Though, you could always tell he was eyeing you from afar due to your exceptional peripheral vision. You couldn't exactly tell the expressions he was making toward you, but you had a feeling you knew.
"Why, are you always staring at me?" You asked, breaking the silence not gazing up from your paper.
The both of you had been sharing the same space for the past few months since becoming a Tsuguko under Mitsuri and you wanted to take up shodo. Ever since you had been practicing in this room and getting lessons from Kyoujurou, Sanemi had just magically decided that he wanted to learn to.
And yes, you knew that Sanemi did not know how to write which was a valid excuse to practice how to learn, but you couldn't shake the feeling.
Sanemi had held his breath and stopped his smooth motions of gliding his brush against the paper.
"What 're talkin' about?" He sounded annoyed, but his face was staring to flare up.
"Every time we're in the same space, usually if were not sitting beside each other, you're always staring at me. I just want to know why." You shrugged as you put your brush down and looked at him.
Something that you weren't aware of was that it was nerve wracking being under your gaze when you fixated on something. It either creeped everyone out or it mesmerized them. Either way it was like you had entranced them, good or bad.
"I don't stare at you." He could feel your glare on him and it was pulling him in. It was strange how you could almost make someone want to look at you so bad, and Sanemi was not one to resist for too long.
"Look at me." And just like that Sanemi's violet hues were on your striking [e/c] ones. He couldn't tear away from your gaze and he could feel the hairs on his neck rise and the sweat form just above his brow. His teeth gritting against each other as his heart beat picked up and you only sat there quietly as you watched him fidget under your demeanor.
"Why do you care?"
"Because I want to know if you desire me."
Sanemi blinked back in shock. Not only was the heat so blantantly rising to his cheeks, but he just couldn't believe you said that to him. You were known for being upfront and forward, but this was all too much for him.
You cocked your head to the side in confusion. "Did I say something befuddling?"
"N-no...I just..."
"Are you going to tell me?"
"I..." He trailed off not able to complete his sentence. Your eyes were so intense with a mix of interest and muddled...was it fixation or yearning? He couldn't make sense of it but he found himself answering your question without an ounce of hesitation.
"I do desire you, [name]. What of it?"
He gulped dryily not able to believe he uttered those words out loud but it was like he had no choice but to. Damn you, and those striking eyes.
"Oh." Was all you could mustered up as you sat up a little straighter in surprise. You suddenly felt yourself feeling agitated...? Odd. You rarely ever felt agitated around him even when he had his tantrums and spewed out profanities and was straight up vulgar. It never bothered you up until this very moment. Now, now it was your turn to feel unsettled.
"Oh?" He questioned, trying to search your face for an answer.
"Yeah, I suddenly feel...abashed."
Sanemi felt angered bubbling in his chest. How dare you ask him if he desired you and when you are questioned you suddenly feel abashed?! It didn't feel fair for you to abruptly falter especially when you looked so cute doing it. It drove him insane.
"What do you mean you feel 'abashed'?! Abashed that the tables are somehow turned after you use your freaky sorcery on me and you can't bite more than you can chew?!"
You sat there silently as you watched Sanemi's red face contort in disconcert and confusion, and yet you still couldn't formulate words to describe how you were feeling.
"I...I do desire you as well."
And for the first time ever you felt your gaze falter against another. You had never felt so meek and clammy then you did now under the steady yet flustered gaze of his. You usually felt like you had all the power in the world when you were speaking to others. Not that you thought the world revolved around you, but you hardened yourself in the face of demons and not just flesh eating ones, the ones without fangs and claws--men. Men were the demons of humans for as long as you could remember and you never let one strike fear in your heart. It is not that Sanemi made you cower in a corner or inferior to him. No, you were feeling far from that.
"H-hey, why are you covering yourself up like that?" His voice was softer and more concerned, yet still in his usual brash tone. You felt yourself becoming impulsive with your own hunger for him and it made you feel like you needed to cover yourself. Your gaze flickered to his to see him leaned towards you with his fists balled up and his blush spreading from the tip of his nose to his ears. You peered down at his exposed scarred chest and your eyes widened taking more of his lower abdomen in. His v line peeking and the shadows of his hips waiting to be highlighted by the soft light. He followed your eyes and he felt his face burning up again and sat back as he covered himself up now.
"Why are you covering yourself up now?" You inquired loosening up a little.
"Maybe because you were just gawking at my body?"
"Sorry, I didn't realize how revealing your uniform was up until now and I couldn't help but let my gaze wander." You fidget with a strand of hair and leaning against your palm.
"So you're just going to shamelessly gape at my chest?"
"If it were in front of my face, why wouldn't I?"
The fact that you couldn't understand that what you did was just plain right audacious was so frustrating to him.
"So if I were completely naked you would just stare at me?"
"If you were in my line of vision, yes."
Sanemi could just facepalm at this point.
"Y-you shouldn't though!"
"Why not? Did we not just make our intentions clear?" You leaned towards him grasping at your collar still concealing your exposed skin.
Sanemi inclined back reflexively. "Yeah, but..."
"Kiss me, Sanemi."
Your eyes were mesmerizing as they were seductive and Sanemi had no room to decline you any longer. He only sat there as you rested your hand on the space beside him and pressed your lips gently against his and he could only melt into you. Giving into desire and slowly letting all the tension from his body escape. Your lips were soft and plush against his slightly chapped ones, but you didn't seem to mind.
"S-should I come back later?"
You both gasped and whipped your heads to see Kyoujurou looking the other way with a healthy blush tinting his cheeks. He hadn't meant to barge in on your little moment but you did ask him to tutor you in shodo.
"Yes." You deadpanned.
"[n-name]!" Sanemi gave you an astounded look.
You didn't have to tell Kyoujurou twice because he was already out the door the moment he heard you enunication "Y".
"I want to get back to this." You replied looking at his moistened lips.
"We should take it slow." He gulped, watching as you hungrily gazed at him.
"Is this too much?"
"N-no, I just would rather give you the respect as the woman I'm courting." He murmured averting his gaze.
"Courting?" Your heart sprung to life at the mentioning of that term.
"Yes, so like actually taking you on multiple dates first before going any further just to make sure we're right together."
"I know, but I thought that this meant that we were going to elope."
"Elope?!" Sanemi looked like he was going to collapse and it made you giggle with glee.
"I was joking." You said between mirth. You watched as his once taut muscles relaxed. "Is the idea of marrying me that distressing?"
He let out an exasperated sigh. You were really running him dry and although he appreciated how open and monogamous you were towards him, he did not appreciate how much stress you were putting on him. He was only one man after all.
"That's not what I said. I would just like to know you better than just another Hashira. I would like to know you as someone who is going to be beside me for the rest of my life." He muttered, rubbing the back of his neck.
"Fair." You sat back and took your hands in his. His eyes widened at yet another bold move you've made tonight. "Well, I accept this courtship."
"Alright, just don't get all mushy on me." He grumbled. You grinned and pressed a quick kiss to his cheek which in turn made him flare up again.
"Deal." The grin never leaving his face as you watched Sanemi scramble to get up already frustrated with your antics.
"I'm gonna go get Renguko." He mumbled as he walked toward the door fighting the dirty thoughts rushing through his mind. As he opened the door, he was met with the whole Hashira crew tumbling onto the ground (save for Muichiro and Obanai who couldn't give less than a damn because they were merely dragged by their counterparts to watch a new love story unfold.)
"You sure weren't gonna go get something else?" Tengen smirked from down below and the others followed by giggles and blushing.
Sanemi turned around covering himself with his hands completely red as you giggled from your spot. "I'm going to kill you guys."
He was so cute when he was mad.
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cxnicaldreamer · 3 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“c’mon, baby, can’t take a little teasing?” eyes boring into yours as they nibble their way down to the apex of your thighs, fingers toying with your underwear before completely ripping them off, teeth digging into plush flesh, hungrily dragging their tongue across your heat as if it’s the last time they ever will, palms kneading into your hips to keep you in place, growls reverberating in their chests, sloppy kisses to your inner thighs whenever you get close to cumming, edging you until tears are streaming down your face so you know how much they missed you. “you’re gonna be a mess when i’m done with you.”
— kyojuro rengoku, tengen uzui, sanemi shinazugawa, shinobu kocho
“look at me, sweetheart, please? lemme see your pretty face?” begs as they bury their face between your legs, gentle fingers tracing your hips, soft lips kissing all of the little spots that elicit the sweetest noises out of you, desperate hips rutting into the mattress as they try to drink all of your juices in, taking their time to make sure you’re worshipped properly, whipsered sweet nothings against hot skin as they bring you closer and close to the edge of paradise, overstimulating you to the point of near insanity so you know how loved you are. “god, you’re gorgeous like this, baby. you know that, right?”
— giyuu tomioka, obanai iguro, mitsuri kanroji, gyomei himejima
Tumblr media
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renaissansse · 3 months ago
Sanemi rutting in his sleep against you, thighs spread and cock clothed, barely controlling the movement of his hips buckling against your ass, and his hands fisting the shirt of your pyjama around your waist, not letting go for a moment, until he wakes up in a sweat, pre-cum staining his boxers and leaves a featherlight kiss on your shoulder, not bothering to change any position, but sneaking his warm hands beneath your shirt and up your breast, just holding it peacefully until he sleep claims him once again.
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ladywaifuuwrites · 9 months ago
Male pillars dealing with the silent treatment
Request: Hi!! Can i request HCs of the male pillars dealing with the silent treatment after they messed up during an argument with their s/o?
A/n: Hiiiii sorry if this took so long. *sighs* I don’t why Tengen’s part made that turn, idk it just popped into my head. 
warnings: implied sex on Tengen’s part just one sentence tbh akdlhdsalhdsjkhfahla
wdyhm will be continued!
Giyuu Tomioka
this man is naturally silent and you’re giving him the silent treatment? 
he will just sigh at you, thinking that it’s normal after an argument and you need time
you want him to show you affection and do the things the boyfriend does when their s/o is mad
Giyuu is clueless asf 
so your situation doesn’t get better, it only gets worse when you think that “Oh hE doEsN’t cArE ABoUt mE” 
will ask other people for help because his relationship is falling apart
then they slap him with the truth and he goes “😮” 
will shower you with the things you want and apologize with his down puppy look
of course he’s cute so you forgive him 
problem solved✔️ now he knows what to do when you give him the silent treatment 
Muichiro Tokito
man is clueless too, does he even know you’re upset after fighting? 
he will be doing his usual lovey dovey things with you but you don’t reciprocate his actions, so he goes ‘????”
A lightbulb clicks beside him and now he knows why you’re acting this way 
becomes secretive to you that upsets you even further
you’re just surprised when he shows you a grand romantic gesture that’s extremely not himself
all negative emotions you harbor towards him is gone at a blink of an eye
mui made all this for you with his time and effort <333
when you first started dating you know he isn’t a fan of grand gestures
but now here he is.
some things do change, especially if its for you💖
Kyojuro Rengoku
wow best boyfriend ever
he knew he messed up the moment you walked out on him
you keep on giving him the silent treatment
and he doesn’t like that one bit
so he does everything he could just to get your affection back 
name it: casual little dates. flowers, things that make you happy, jokes that make you laugh, then you frown because remember? you’re supposed to be upset.
he sees right through you and suddenly tackles you to speak to him 
“Come on baby, don’t do this to me. Speak hmm?” “Kyojuro get off me!!” 
He lets you breathe and you compose yourself with your eyebrows etched together
will pepper you kisses afterwards to make you talk
and you talk it out like the mature couple you are
Tengen Uzui
he’s sad to see you treat him like this :((
but he knows he’s the reason because he’s the one who messed up. man knows his faults 
so he will shower you with affection to make up for the one lost between you two
you’re still annoyed at him tho…..
Tengen tries hard to be the ‘perfect boyfriend’ you said you wanted when you two were still not dating. But being that kind of guy is hard, he’s going to come up to you saying: 
“(Y/n) I’m sorry for the things I’ve said….”
And if you forgive him after that heartfelt apology he made, then everything’s alright.
But if you don’t forgive him……
Then bitch you’re up for some make up sex 
In the end he’s the kind of guy to do anything just to make you look at him again. Tengen cannot live without you.
Sanemi Shinazugawa
pure softie on the inside, don’t get fooled by his looks
when you don’t talk to him with that grumpy face of yours, he also leaves you be for you to cool down. He’s just like Giyuu but more knowledgeable on relationships. 
the silent treatment extends and now he knows whats up.
will come knocking at your door with food and a smile that’s only reserved for you 
i feel like he’s on the lets-talk-this-out side too, so halfway through when you’re leaning onto him again, he will ask you to rant and speak whatever’s bugging your mind
and he will take everything you say into account to improve himself and fix his wrongs.
“Okay I understand, I’m sorry baby.” Sanemi whispers sweet apologies while he kisses your head, and you snuggling in to his warmth.
Expect lots of spoiling and showering of love days after. You giving him the silent treatment has been hell for him even though its just a few days.
Obanai Iguro
he will probably furrow his brows coz “why the fuck is she acting like that?”
another clueless boyfriend moment *sighs* he doesn’t know he messed up. so he will ask you about it, with his hands soothing your arms to coax you into telling him.
unfortunately you don’t budge and just went to sleep, leaving the man to wonder for hours
then it hits him
next day and you wake up to find him, bringing a tray of breakfast to your bed. he kisses your forehead, mumbling apologies about how he was insensitive to your feelings. 
you forgive him of course, seeing how genuine everything he does and say
he learned from this and will make it a mission to not let arguments escalate to the point of you giving him the silent treatment.
he was inwardly panicking that you will break up with him when he received the silent treatment lol.
Gyomei Himejima 
if you try to fight with this man i- you just can’t.
Gyomei is just too pure to hurt with the silent treatment😭 
and if you do decide to be hard-hearted and cold...
he will approach you with a confused look on his face that makes your heart wrench in pain 
“(Y/n)...what did i do wrong? please talk to me.” 
it would probably end with you apologizing and crying for being so petty and mean.
he would apologize for his wrongs too, because he doesn’t want to be met with your harsh coldness. 
he’s one of the most mature guys in kny. he will not let you sleep upset with him. 
again im so sorry for the super late post
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knylinphd · 26 days ago
Would it be OK to request hcs of Sanemi, Inosuke, Giyuu, and Shinobu :> the whole theme is that it's winter and the reader decides to do all kinds of things to warm them up after they came back from the snow outside. Bring them warm baths, food, blankets, lend them their clothes, cuddle o///O and all that cute stuff. Maybe they even get sick and the reader has to take care of them till they get better ^////^
Taking care of them when they’re sick | Headcanons
gender neutral
-> As they stayed outside in the snow for too long, they need their S/O to take care of them now that they’re sick.
-> Giyuu Tomioka, Inosuke Hashibira, Shinobu Kocho, Sanemi Shinazugawa.
Giyuu Tomioka
Tumblr media
You were very excited when you saw Giyuu walking back to your cottage. He had been wandering in the snow for so long, due to a mission, you were almost worried he died.
He didn’t seem to have been hurt during the mission, however you felt like he was pale. « Hurry up, get in ! You probably caught a cold ! » you said. He tried to tell you he was okay before even walking in, but you shushed him.
He couldn’t deny that when he was finally inside, it was the first time in days that he felt warmth. You immediately noticed how he shivered when he took off his wet shoes and haori, so you quickly ran a hot bath for him.
He kept telling you that he was okay, that he didn’t have anything. But you didn’t care. As soon as the bath was ready, you pushed him in and went to the kitchen to prepare a very warm meal.
When you went back to the bathroom, you could tell that he indeed was sick, but still, was enjoying the hot water. « Thank you, Y/N. You didn’t have to. » You rolled your eyes ; of course you had to !
« You’re my husband. Obviously I’m going to help you. I’d rather have you sick than dead, though. » He smiled a bit at your sentence, and offered you to get in the bath, if dinner was ready. « Sure, but not for too long, the food’s gonna get cold. »
Obviously, Giyuu didn’t care. He didn’t kiss you as he didn’t want you to get sick as well ; implicitly admitting that he did feel bad. Yet, he pulled you against his chest, holding you from behind, enjoying a bit of your warmth as well.
Inosuke Hashibira
Tumblr media
« I can’t believe you went naked like that on your mission ! Can’t you see all the snow ?! » you groaned. « UH ?! I’ve been wearing those clothes for winter during all these years ! What’s your problem ?! »
You pulled him inside and removed his mask to feel his temperature. Obviously, his forehead was burning. You could also tell that he wanted to sneeze but prevented himself from doing so to prove you wrong, as he made weird faces.
And then, you told him the bad news. « Inosuke my dear, you’re going to take a bath. » Of course, he immediately groaned. But one thing that worked with Inosuke was rewards. « I won’t be able to cuddle with you if you don’t take a bath. »
He rolled his eyes and acted annoyed, but you knew he liked those cuddles. Thus, he indeed went to take a bath. During this time, you prepared very hot food and some medicine for him.
He ate all of your dinner and didn’t even notice the medicine inside the food ! He really acts like a kid sometimes, but especially so when he’s sick. As he yawned almost immediately, you accompanied him to your bed to give him his reward.
As he was laying on your chest, you played with his hair ; it was one of his favorite things ever. « I’m shocked you didn’t give me medicine. » he said. He raised his head when he heard you snort.
« I’ve hidden it in your food. You ate it all. Didn’t even notice it ! » you explained, giggling. « UH ?! I can’t believe you tricked me like that ! » He seemed to be angry for real, but only a little kiss on his forehead made him forget about it all and lay his head against you again.
Shinobu Kocho
Tumblr media
« (Y/N) ! I’m back ! » When Shinobu saw you running outside the moment she said it, she felt bad. « Oh, I’m sorry. You were worried. » You frowned a bit. « Of course I was ! But now I’m worried that you’re sick. » you replied, taking her hand to get her inside.
You immediately checked her temperature and decided to run her a bath. « Take off those wet and cold clothes, and go in the bathroom. » She was amused by your demeanor, but she knew that she couldn’t try to argue with you at that moment.
When she went in her bath, you prepared her medicine. « Remember last time I was sick ? » you asked, making her arched an eyebrow. You started to imitate her voice. « Oh, (Y/N), you have to take your medicine ! »
She just relaxed in her bath. She knew you seemed angry, but that was your reaction whenever you were worried. She knew you weren’t mad at her for real. « How are you going to feel better if you don’t take it, uh ? Don’t make me force feed you ! » You kept going.
« You impersonate me very well, (Y/N) ! Did you train ? » You looked at her and actually giggled. You started to realize that there was nothing to be worried about ; a little cold was easy to get rid of. And Shinobu was the type of person to easily take her medicine.
After taking care of her medicine, you prepared her one of her favorite meals ; you had bought the ingredients some days prior, waiting for her arrival. As soon as she smelled it, she rushed to get out of the bathroom, only dressed in her robe.
« You should put more warm clothes on ! » you said, setting on the table. « Probably, but I smelled the food. And I’m going to eat it right now, it’s going to be burning in my stomach, it’ll warm me up ! » she replied, all excited. You giggled, happy that she was back.
Sanemi Shinazugawa
Tumblr media
You weren’t often mad, even though to be someone to seduce Sanemi, you have to be hot-headed. But right now, you were, and he had noticed it ; he probably shouldn’t have wandered for so long in the snow without a shirt under his haori.
« And you got new scars I guess ? They won’t heal well and are gonna hurt even more ! » You scolded him, running him a bath. He was very excited to get in, already taking off this cold and wet clothes ; he could see the steam from where he was.
For once, he decided not to talk back. He had worried you ; he had been gone for more than a week in the snow without any news ! He only kissed your forehead before getting in the water. « You shouldn’t worry that much. »
He offered you to get in the bath with him, but you agreed only if he took his medicine. Indeed, you had to bargain with him, and he especially didn’t like the taste of medicine. « Do I really have to take it now ? » he asked.
« You have to take it before eating. And I’ll cook ohagi, alright ? » you asked, seeming to have calmed down a bit. He nodded, and even though he made an ugly face while tasting the medicine, he didn’t complain more. Thus, you got in the bath with him.
« You can’t go back on a mission now, y’know. You’ve probably caught a cold. » He blinked a few times. « Why did you give me medicine if you weren’t sure ? » he asked, frowning. « It’s better to prevent it. If tomorrow you have nothing, then you won’t take more medicine. »
As you traced one of his new scar, Sanemi felt bad. You had probably worried so much, and many times he didn’t seem grateful about it. « Thank you for taking care of me. » You turned, your eyes a bit wide at his sentence. « Of course ! We have to take care of each other, Nemi ! » And he smiled.
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missorcas · 6 days ago
Demon Slayer NSFW headcanons - part II
♡  Tengen Uzui
God of festivals? Maybe. Deity between the sheets? For sure. Tengen doesn’t let anyone leave his bed without having given them at least two orgasms
Despite the obvious worship kink, in bed he actually focuses more on the other person, treating them like royalty and making them feel extra confident
Not really into degradation or quickies - Tengen loves spoiling himself and his partner, so he’s more the kind of person that will start the night with wine and a nice dinner, maybe a bubble bath... anything sumptuous, and then get into business
He still loves being begged - being called daddy gets him lust drunk, but truth be told it’s the physical cues that he finds most flattering. Verbal praise is nice to hear, but it’s his partner’s facial expressions and moans that really make his head spin
Has a navel piercing; the jewellery matches the diamonds dangling from his headband
Has definitely thought about getting his dick pierced too, but rejected the idea immediately after learning that he should have practiced abstinence for minimum two months
Massive length and girth, to the point of being intimidating. Cleanly trimmed
Infinite stamina thanks to his Hashira training - loves tantric sex when he has the time
When he’s out of his Sound Pillar uniform he looks even prettier, but he just feels stronger and more confident when he’s dolled up with makeup, nail polish, and hair all done
Willing to try everything at least once, definitely a switch if the situation calls for it
Loves being tied up! Rope marks remind him of what you’ve done to him the night before and arouse him at the most inappropriate times. Does not hide them – in fact he loves receiving awkward looks and questions, even more telling the whole story and seeing the horrified expression plastered on the face of the person who dared to ask
Unsurprisingly, he’s very vocal in bed. His moans have been object of complaint from his neighbors, other Hashiras, literally anyone who wasn’t involved in sexual activity with him but had the ill luck of being in a 100 metres radius while he was enjoying himself
This man literally studies the kamasutra in his spare time. Butter churner? Piece of cake. Mating press? A cinch. Upside down sex? Hell yeah.
PET NAMES! Kitten is probably his favourite, but he’ll also go with Dollface, Angel, and many more ;)
3 wives, many girlfriends, countless lovers. Tengen’s marriage is very open – who is he to deny his wives some harmless fun while he’s away for months during missions?
Boob guy, as you might have guessed. One of the perks of his polyamorous relationship is that more often than not he gets to wake up with at least one pair of tits smashed in his face, and definitely doesn’t mind having more than three pairs within hand reach
Will spank enthusiastically prior consent except with Aoi apparently, loves the thought of his partners going around with his handprints on their asscheeks hidden underneath their clothes like a signature
LOVES receiving oral, especially by more than one people at once.
♡ Giyuu Tomioka
Boy looks cold and aloof from the outside, but underneath the thick façade he’s just incredibly fragile
He acts rather avoidant, and seems absolutely incapable of showing affection or any emotion
Did not get the slightest hint of you taking an interest in him in the beginning - literally just saw you as a valuable ally with whom he’d really enjoy training, but nothing else
Unsurprisingly, you initiated your first kiss – he was obviously in shock at first, but quickly relaxed and grabbed your waist gently to pull you closer
PDA? No way in hell. It took him a while to warm up to physical forms of affection, but after the first time you slid into his bed at night, cuddling came pretty natural to him as long as no one is around
Your first nights in the same futon were spent just kissing and falling asleep one next to the other, with you clinging to his back like a baby monkey – it was cute at first, but after a while you realized your body craved more
When you agreed on having sex for the first time, his breath was shaking, but as soon as your fingers brushed his erection from over his clothes he literally melted in your hands
You could feel him silently begging for you to touch him more deeply, skin to skin, and even muttered a soft “please” in your ear in the hope your hand would actually plunge in his underwear and grab him
His hips bucked against you, his hardness grinding against your palm, and you just knew what to do
His eyes literally roll to the back of his head when he penetrates you - he usually lets out a few groans and buries his face in your neck, only to pound you mercilessly until he’s out of breath
He’s not super vocal, but will show his appreciation by emitting muffled grunts, biting your neck and just huffing against your skin, clearly holding himself back from moaning loudly
Very protective – the boy has had his fair share of trauma, will never allow anything to happen to you. He doesn’t sleep well when you’re far away from him, he can only relax when he’s feeling you snuggled up against him.
♡  Sanemi Shinazugawa
Unsurprisingly, Sanemi is a sadistic fuck, although he’d never hurt their partner without consent
Really easy to rile up, he’s basically a brat tamer with a very bad temper
Sex is, like fighting, just another way to get some relief from anger. He’ll chill out for a whopping 0.3 seconds after being finished
Very much into edging, will take you painfully close and then just deny your orgasm a few times until you’re basically begging him with tears in your eyes. Can’t stand being teased in return
Needless to say, most of the time you piss him off on purpose so he will fuck you senseless :) he knows you’re doing it on purpose, and equally enjoys it
Has a thing for choking, very much into breath play
Too focused on chasing his own release sometimes, but will go multiple rounds without batting an eye until you’re satisfied
Swearwords, curses, degradation – you name it, he’s into it, sometimes even too much
Adores the sight of you kneeling in front of him, begging to let you suck him off
Definitely an ass guy - loves fucking you from behind while he’s standing and you’re bent in front of him so he can have a good view of your ass bouncing against his pelvis. Will grab and spank to his pleasure
The fucking showoff will get instantly naked the moment he sniffs the most remote possibility of intercourse. Used to tear off your clothes with zero fucks given for your garments as well, but after an accident involving very expensive lingerie that resulted in his left shoulder being almost dislocated he’s a little more careful
Loves fucking in front of a mirror, finds his own muscular reflection very entertaining
Likes the thrill of sex in public spaces, but to be fair getting caught wouldn’t even bother him. Doesn’t mind an audience
Wearing a skirt with nothing underneath really does numbers on him, and when you make him aware you’re just basically just plainly asking for it
He’ll let you mark him with scratches and bites, doesn’t mind adding more scars to the collection. As for your body, he will leave visible marks on you with 0% remorse.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Second part of my Demon Slayer headcanons – reposted because I was dumb enough to use the wrong tags that resulted in my post being shadowbanned. Enjoy – and remember that my requests are open! ♡
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cielinde · 12 days ago
the best damn thing
Tumblr media
sanemi x fem reader smut (pic creds to @/hakogardenmiko on twt)
Tumblr media
@tohru-idek asked :: I'm so sorry to bother u 😔but I can't find any good Sanemi smut, besides Regrettable so pls can I request a friends with benefits between sanemi xx reader 🥺I'm sorry if its a lot to ask, don't stress and keep well luv u bye babes 💋
Tumblr media
word count: 4.7k tags/warnings: smut obv, friends w/ benefits dynamic, rough sex, breathplay, creampie, overstimulation, begging, dom! nemi, etc. notes: YES LITERALLY REGRETTABLE IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE MY FAV SANEMI SMUT!! AND TYSM FOR THE REQUEST <33 (MINORS DNI, MORE UNDER CUT!)
Tumblr media
sanemi and you were just friends.
whatever that meant.
entering the corps around the same time he did, you had a soft spot for him. after all, the two of you bonded over your similar past and the unifying goal of bringing the existence of demons to an end.
now, how did befriending the wind hashira even go about? for you, it was easy. he was like any other young aspiring slayer. determined, strong, but afraid. that wasn’t to say he was a coward, on many occasions he had protected and even helped you improve on your swordsmanship.
suffice to say, your relationship with him was strictly friendly. added with the unavoidable banter once in a while.
“are you even fucking listening? the fuck are you thinking about now?” sanemi flicked your forehead harshly. you saw it coming, there was no need to flinch.
“well, ‘nemi, there’s only one thing on a girl’s mind these days,” you mumbled.
“and what’s that? dick?” he chuckled.
“homicide,” you rolled your eyes. well, he wasn’t wrong. with both of you being adults and well past your hormonal teenage years, of course your mind was bound to conjure such dirty thoughts.
he smirked. “homicide my nuts.”
“fuck off!” you laughed softly, elbowing him in the ribs.
“as you wish, y/n. feel free to spend the remainder of lunch horny by yourself,” he shrugged smugly.
you clenched your haori, glaring at him lightly. he knew what you wanted, and you knew he wanted it, too.
“not falling for it,” you hummed, shrugging and turning your focus to the thin shoji doors instead.
“c’mon, y/n,” he chuckled, resting his hand on the small of your back. you straightened your posture, slight gooseflesh prickling your skin. “how long has it been since we fucked? what, like two weeks? a month?” he leaned closer to you, hand ascending to lightly wrap around your neck, and you sucked in a breath.
“the meeting’s going to start soon, dumbass,” you huffed, and when he took no hesitation in crashing his lips onto yours, you immediately pulled him closer, his tongue going straight into dominating yours.
his kisses were always rough, always needy and demanding, and you liked it that way. he helped you shrug off your haori and uniform top, uncaring if he sent a few buttons flying. pulling back from the kiss, sanemi smirked at your blushing face and naked top, chest already heaving as your nipples hardened under his gaze.
“yeah, i don’t give a fuck about that meeting,” he scoffed, attacking your neck with harsh kisses as he tore at the rest of your uniform while pressing his body weight onto you, holding you down.
“fuck, you dipshit, someone’s going to arrive soon!” you hissed, biting your lower lip as he stripped you of your last article of clothing, leaving you completely bare with the risk of any one of the other hashiras walking in on the suggestive position.
“if anyone comes i’ll just knock the shit out of them,” he growled, hurriedly unbuckling his belt and sliding his boxers down to reveal his thick length, already hard and its tip seeping with precum. his rough hands held your hips in place as his manhood pressed against your wet cunt, and you shuddered from the feeling.
“oh, so i’m naked but you aren’t?” you teasingly jabbed, using your foot to tug at the waistband of his pants with the intent of pulling it down.
sanemi grabbed your ankle, the head of his cock pushing through your wet folds without warning as you squirmed in his grasp, throwing your head back at the sudden intrusion.
“whores don’t get to be choosers,” he chuckled, grabbing your jaw roughly, fingers on either side of your face as he forced your mouth open, smirking as he spat into your mouth, his spit obscenely landing onto your tongue before he slapped you, pulling the tip of his cock to tease you and rub it against your clit, smearing your already-wet cunt with his essence.
“but i do want to hear you beg, y/n,” he chuckled, and flipped you onto your stomach with ease, holding your hips up in the air, the exposing position of your drenched cunt making you pathetically clench down on nothingness as you whined softly, trying to inch your core closer to his face.
“where do you want to be touched, hm?” he moved a finger to stroke at your clit, and you gasped, thighs shaking as you tried to keep your voice at bay.
“just fuck me already,” you breathed, and moaned as you felt a harsh slap on your ass. you heard him shifting his position behind you, but as you were about to turn around, you felt an almost painful pressure on your skull as he pressed your face against the floor, the side of your cheek achingly crushed under his vice-like grip, making it harder for you to move.
sanemi clicked his tongue. “you’re like a bitch in heat, y/n. you want to get fucked so bad? fucked until your little brain goes dumb?” he pressed his cock against your thigh, and you trembled lightly at his words, trying to grind on him as best you could, wanting and needing to feel his cock filling you up already.
“does my cock make you this fucking dumb that you can’t even answer?” he scoffed, removing his hand from your head and instead placing it on the floor next to your head.
“fine then, y/n. have it your fucking way. i’ll fuck you ‘til you can’t even motherfucking walk. but you like that, don’t you? you like being used like the little toy you are,” he started to push his cock into you, and you closed your eyes tightly, beads of sweat forming on your brows with every inch of him you took. at least he was being gentle…for now.
“still no answer? i guess i’ll have to fuck it out of you,” he hummed, and your eyes snapped open in shock, trying to rack your brain to work out coherent words.
too fucking late. he snapped his hips forward, his one hand holding your waist forming a bruise on your skin as he started to thrust into you immediately with reckless abandon, your walls squeezing his cock so tightly as you arched your back, nipples brushing against the weaving of the tatami floor below.
“y-yes!” you gasped, “i love being your toy!” you groaned as his hand left your hips and shoved his fingers inside your mouth, long digits pushing at the back of your throat as you forced yourself to lift your upper body and support your weight onto your hands, all the while trying not to gag on his fingers as you threw your head back against his chest, his cock pumping in and out of you with rapid thrusts as you wrapped your lips around his fingers and sucked greedily on them, your mind hazy with every thrust against your cervix.
“i know you do,” he chuckled, taking his fingers out and smearing your spit against your ass before his hand moved to pinch and tug at your nipples. “wanna cum, y/n? cream on my cock like the good bitch you are,” he nibbled at your earlobe, and you whimpered as his rough thrusts became more uncontrolled and dizzying, your breath shallowing as he pushed you closer and closer to your edge, your insides burning with the need to release.
“i wanna cum,” you moaned, grinding yourself with your last bit of strength as he continued to piston into you, his cock spearing you over and over again as his breathy moans and grunts filling your ears as his fingers found your clit, roughly flicking it.
“then say my name, pretty girl,” he grunted, and you mewled, your body twitching in pleasure as his cock kept aiming and hitting for the sweetest spot in your cervix, threatening to break you.
“‘n-nemi! sanemi! i wanna cum! wanna cum on your cock! i love your cock!” his name fell from your lips like a prayer, his thrusts speeding up faster and faster while you you try to match his rhythm.
“you’re my cockslut, aren’t you?” he grabbed your neck and pulled you to your knees, angling you to face him, cock hardening inside you as he took a good look at your fucked-out face. drool dripped past your lips as well as tears of pleasure, and you whined as he kissed you harshly, your hands holding onto his arm as you struggled to keep yourself stable on nothing but your trembling knees.
“yes, i am!” you closed your eyes, panting in bliss as the hand on your clit applied more pressure, twisting and playing at your nub with expertise.
“be a good slut and cum, y/n,” he purred deliciously, and your back arched further against him as he leaned in to bite onto your neck, your climax yanking your consciousness away as you finally came on his cock, choking on a scream as your vision went white with ecstasy, his name continuing to fall out from you like a mantra.
not a moment later, his balls tightened as he swore under his breath and swiftly pulled out of your cunt, hot seed assaulting your back and ass as he painted your skin with his seed, the feeling of his essence on you making your stomach pool with arousal yet again as he gently let go of you, a whimper escaping you when you pressed your thighs together, mixed juices running down your legs and staining the tatami.
“fuck, you look so hot with my cum all over you,” sanemi smirked, and you clicked your tongue as you reached for a cloth to clean yourself and the floor, silently offering condolences to whoever would use the room next.
“let’s go, we’re probably late,” you said, eyeing him as he dressed himself. “not even going to bother helping me clean the mess?” you looked at him incredulously. “what a gentleman,” you snorted.
“clean it with your tongue instead,” he chuckled, kicking your discarded uniform away.
you widened your eyes at him. “s-sanemi, people are going to start looking for us!”
“so?” he raised a brow. “clean up the mess, slut.”
“w-what?” you stuttered, holding the cloth to your chest. you knew the room was clean, so dirt wasn’t much of a concern, but you hadn’t even dressed and the risk of someone entering was too much! not to mention that licking up his seed could make you aroused for the second time of the day!
“does my cock make you this dumb?” he laughed, kneeling down at your level. “let me repeat it in a way that stupid sluts like you can understand: use your dumb mouth to lick up every drop of my cum. got that?” he ruffled your head, a smug smirk on his face, and you pouted, face heating up once again. you did want to do it…
“f-fine,” you huffed, averting your eyes away from his purple ones and getting on your knees, your bare skin shivering in the room’s temperature as your tongue lapped up his spilled seed, the salty taste of it making you clench your thighs together as you shamelessly dragged your tongue across the floor’s weaving with hesitation forgotten as you finished his order, the floor completely clean.
“you did good,” sanemi kissed your forehead gently, handing you your uniform. “get dressed now, y/n, but i might as well ditch you first and blame you for the both of us being late,” he snickered.
“you wouldn’t!” you glared, hurriedly buttoning up your uniform top. “if you do that, i’ll eat all your ohagi!”
“then i’ll just have to punish you, hm?” he squeezed your thigh lightly, and you blushed, playfully swatting his hand away. you didn’t need any more arousal pooling between your thighs!
you fastened your sword into your belt once fully dressed, and turned to wink at him. “jokes on you, ‘nemi, cause i’m into that.”
sanemi and you were just friends.
and it wasn’t often that the both of you crossed the line of…being friends.
in fact, with the increasing number of missions and the better the progress was in defeating none other than kibutsuji muzan himself, the two of you had been seeing each other less and less. with each of you mostly communicating through crows, it had been a good three months since you’d last been with him intimately.
so when the both of you happened to be coincidentally injured from your respective missions and had to be sent to the butterfly mansion for recovery, you would finally see him again! but it left you wondering…how exactly would you get his attention in a way that would make him want to just push you against the wall and fuck you senseless?
and friends often played tricks on each other, didn’t they?
which was exactly why because he had told everyone that you had made a mess of the dining hall all those months ago, you supposed it would only be fair if you fulfilled your promise, too.
and that was to steal his ohagi.
now, think of a wolf. a very, very angry wolf. now multiply that by a hundred. now, there’s a hundred angry wolves chasing you, all of them right by your tail. but instead of it being a pack of wolves, it’s none other than sanemi instead.
of course you couldn’t out-run him, and you never intended to in the first place. once you reached the dead end of your private room in the mansion, it was all going according to plan.
the door shut violently behind you, and before you could chalk up a snarky remark, sanemi’s hands were instantly on you, roughly pushing you against the wall as he rucked up the skirt of your nightwear and mercilessly pinching on your nipples, forcing a moan out of you.
“think i’m stupid, y/n?” he growled, eyes staring down at you dangerously as he ripped off your clothing with no care in the world, the pieces of fabric falling off your body in torn rags, sanemi forcing your legs open as your knees were already losing their strength, the immediate onslaught of pleasure from his groping and fervent kisses making you all the more excited.
“i know exactly what the fuck you want,” he smirked, and sunk his teeth into your neck. “fuck, y/n,” he cursed, “you want this bad, don’t you? been three months since i’ve put you in your place like the whore you are? i fucking hate seeing your skin without any hickeys from me.”
“please, ‘nemi,” you whined, fumbling with his hakama pants as you palmed him through his boxers, already eager and wet for him.
“y’know, i’d really love to fuck you right now. shove my cock straight into your pussy and use you like a doll,” he grabbed your wrist tightly, “but you’d like that, right? you love being used like a cheap whore. and because you decided to be a fucking brat, i’ll play a little game with you first,” he smirked, lowering himself until he was right in front of your aching cunt.
“bad girls don’t get to be held, don’t you think? so, i’ll eat you out in this damn position. if you fall or hold yourself up on me then you don’t get to cum,” he rubbed your wet slit with two of his fingers, and your knees instantly buckled, eyes wide as you grasped onto the wall, not actually holding onto anything, but praying you wouldn’t topple forwards on him.
“‘n-nemi, please,” you whined. “just fuck me already, please! i’ll do anything, i’ll beg as loud as you want! i want you in me, please!” you cried out as he used his hands to spread your cunt, the tip of his tongue flicking along your hole.
“you’ll do anything?” he chuckled at you. “then be a good fucking girl and keep standing. let’s see if you really deserve to cum.”
“n-no, please! i can’t!” you bit your lip, eyes screwed shut as he attached his mouth to your clit, making you involuntarily jerk as your chest heaved, muscles going slack with the waves of pleasure that came from pushing his tongue inside your soaking heat.
thankfully, he wasn’t dragging it out for as long as possible. both of you were undeniably starved for each other, and with every stroke of his tongue against your dripping cunt, you were aware of the burning need inside you that kindled, your whole body shaking as you continued to struggle to stand as sanemi lapped up your slick like a man starved.
bucking your hips shamelessly against his face, you chased after your long-wished release, and when you came against his face, your hands finally able to grasp his silky white hair as you rode out your orgasm, all the tension and ache in your muscles finally fizzled out, now replaced by the buzzing of your blood and the oversensitivity of your cunt as your walls clenched around his hot tongue, heart pounding while you felt him chuckle against your leaking thighs.
“see, that’s a good girl,” he wiped the remainder of your essence left on his chin with the back of his hand before licking it all up.
you glared lightly at him, “you’re mean.” slumping down onto the floor with your energy spent, he only smiled at your words.
“but you like it,” he smugly said, and you rolled your eyes, refraining yourself from staring at the obvious bulge straining his hakama pants. gods, you wanted to run your hand along his scars and kiss them, as well as have him fuck you already.
“what’s wrong, y/n? too horny to fucking speak?” he taunted, and you clicked your tongue.
“i want you to fuck me,” you braved yourself not to stammer, and sanemi scoffed, his shit-eating smirk only widening.
“that’s not a very nice way to ask, is it? try again, doll,” he hummed, and you whined needily, squirming as rubbing your thighs together could only do so much. you desperately needed his touches, and the only way was to give in.
“please fuck me, ‘nemi,” you mumbled.
“i didn’t hear shit. wanna repeat that for me, dollface?” he smirked.
“f-fuck you,” you whispered, blood still buzzing and cunt in need of the slightest bit of stimulation.
“y’know, good girls don’t complain when they want something, y/n,” he grabbed you by the ankle and pulled you towards him with force, and you yelped as you lay before him, no longer able to ease the ache in your cunt. “are you a good girl, y/n?”
“yes,” you nodded, almost tearfully. the need was too much, and when his fingers moved to rub at your core, you couldn’t stop yourself from bucking yourself against his hand, needing another sense of relief and needing your cunt stuffed with his thick cock.
“i want you to fuck me, ‘nemi. just fuck me and use me however you want, i-i need to cum so bad, i need your cock in me! gods, i even want your cum inside-” you gasped, slapping your hand over your mouth when realisation instantly dawned on you about what you just said. there was a reason the two of you had a mutual agreement that he would never, ever, cum inside you. the responsibilities of having children was something the two of you didn’t need, but the thought of being filled with his cum did sound enticing to you. a little too enticing, in fact.
“i see,” he smirked, letting his pants loose as his cock sprung free, and your mouth dropped open in anticipation, feeling your walls greedily tighten as he positioned himself between your legs, your heart drumming against your ribs as you looped your legs around his waist, nudging him closer ever so slightly.
“you wanna be bred like a bitch, y/n? i’m right, aren’t i?” he licked his lips, large cock making its way into your cunt, your wetness letting him slip it easier than usual, although you were sure this time you were very much tighter than normal.
“fuck, good girl. you feel so fucking good, y’know? you look hot as hell in every fucking position, but this…” he pushed his whole length into you in one single thrust, the wet squelch of his cock already kissing your cervix and your wet, needy pussy encircling him making you moan loudly as he grunted, cock twitching against your sweet spot. “you really make me want to fucking breed you, you little bitch. i wanna see you so full of my cum,” he started pounding away, and you held tightly onto him, his balls slapping heavily against your ass as he rutted into you with a violent pace, your legs slowly going slack from his ministrations as your moans were punctured with small breath hitches at every thrust.
“‘nemi, please…” you whimpered, every part of your skin electrified with every touch, his hands roaming your body, grabbing, kneading, every inch of your skin.
“please what, y/n?” he teased, accentuating his question with a particularly sharp thrust, eyes wide as you jolted from the impact. before you could answer, sanemi wrapped a hand around your throat, spitting onto your cheek as he hoisted your legs above his shoulders, and in this new position, his pulsing cock was able to thrust into the deepest parts of your sweet spot.
“can’t answer?” he mocked pity as your trembling hands held onto his hand that held your throat. your orgasm was coming soon, and fuck, the lack of oxygen only hurdled you faster and faster to it.
“what a little whore,” he said. “did you really just get fucking tighter from being choked?”
you let out a strangled mewl, your face darkening from the need to breathe. but it felt good, so fucking good.
“if you wanna breathe, then cum on my cock like a good girl. i’m gonna fucking mold your cute cunt to my shape,” he grunted, thrusts becoming more and more erratic, your hips ecstatically bruised with every one of his harsh poundings.
“fuck, FUCK! so fucking good!” you felt him twitch violently inside you, his hips stuttering and thrusts losing precision as the first spurts of his cum shoot straight into your walls, and it’s enough to send you off into blissful ecstasy, sanemi letting go of your neck as you brace yourself on his shoulders, the deep pressure finally hitting its breaking point. you came with a sharp cry, shouting his name out as you gushed a hot, wet, squirt of your essence onto his cock as he painted your fluttering walls with his seed, and you milk him empty with every throb of your walls, your head spinning from the intense pleasure.
“‘n-nemi…” you croaked almost painfully, harshly gasping for air, your throat dry. he couldn’t possibly be starting again! the two of you had just came, not to mention that was more than enough!
“is this too much, slut?” he bit down harshly onto the lovebite he had previously marked on you, and you squirmed weakly beneath him, your thighs aching from the uncomfortable amount of flexibility required.
“y-yes…” you whimpered. “i’m so fucking full…”
he clicked his tongue mockingly. “it’s too much when i fucking say it is,” he pulled his hips back before slamming down against your pelvis once again, his length pounding away at your g-spot in the blink of an eye.
“‘n-nemi!” you gasped, “c-contraceptive! i-i need-”
“you’ll fucking get it later, okay?” he grunted, cock hard as ever as he moved a hand down to rub over at your clit in a quick circular motion, and your muscles threatened to spasm already, your breath coming in quick hitches as tears of pleasure welled up in your eyes, every drag of his cock against your overly sensitive tight walls making you see stars even before reaching your climax.
“fuck, you take me so perfectly, y/n,” he moaned against your ear, “i wanna make you fucking cum again. cum on my cock like the perfect little whore you are. you can do that, right, y/n?”
with your mind in a complete daze and spinning, you could only nod, and when a white heat pulsed through your body for the third time of the night, every mind-breaking thrust and roll of his fingers against your sensitive and used clit sending ripples after ripples of pleasure throughout your body, your mind pushed further into oblivion and pure submissive euphoria all the while sanemi continued to fuck and abuse your sweet spot, and you were sure your lower regions were black and blue from the pleasure and roughness.
“good fucking girl,” he groaned, never stopping his frictions of thrusts as he felt himself close to filling you up once again.
“once more, y/n,” he chuckled breathily against you, and you writhed, tears of overstimulation slipping past your eyes.
“f-fuck, it’s too much, ‘nemi,” you cried, already unable to think straight.
“do i fuck you good? hm?” he leaned down to pepper your collarbone with kisses, and you entangled your fingers in his hair, shaking as you nodded absentmindedly, too fucked out to give him a coherent response.
“can you feel where my cock is, slut?” he smirked against your skin, and you bit your lip, nodding again.
“let me hear you answer, y/n,” he lightly slapped your face, and you mewled, your mind finally forced to think.
“i-in my womb,” you whimpered out, and you felt him twitch once again inside you.
“tell me again, y/n. feel how deep i am inside of you? i’ll breed you good, doll. fill your cute slutty body with my cum and make you think only of my cock when you touch yourself,” he rubbed at your clit again, and you involuntarily thrashed, his iron grip the only thing holding you down as your legs weakly flailed beside his head, your voice gradually becoming sore from all the shouting you did.
“y-you’re in my womb!” you choked out, “s-so deep inside me! fuck me, ‘nemi, i-i love your cock! i’m nothing but your cumwhore!” your voice broke with his increasingly sporadic thrusts, the urgency evident in his rough fingers as he abused your swollen clit.
“you can cum one more time, right?” he groaned, “c’mon, y/n, be my good cumwhore, yeah?”
you nodded, tears filling your vision as you threw your head back, a familiar shock travelling all the way from your core to every inch of your body, toes curling as he kissed you roughly, full of need as you felt him finally shoot his hot seed of desire deep into your cunt again, your belly unbearably hot and tight, as well as full of his seed as you tremble against each other, his scarred skin pressed flush against yours in perfect moulding, so perfect.
“fuck, you’re so perfect,” he whispered against your lips, cock still resting inside your cum-filled cunt.
“s-so good…” you mumbled tiredly, eyes fluttering closed as he ran his tongue over all the rough lovebites that littered your pretty skin in an attempt to soothe the bruising.
“fuck, y/n, i could get used to this,” he breathed out, finally pulling out of your abused cunt, and you whined and wriggled as globs of his hot seed leaked out of your spent hole.
“i’m going to have to stay here longer because of you,” you pouted. “pretty sure you broke my fucking legs, asshole.”
he let out a hearty laugh, pressing down onto your belly in teasing response, and you mewled loudly as he forced spurts of his cum to lightly squirt out of your pussy.
“better train your legs more, y/n,” he grinned, “cause now i’ll keep fucking you ‘til you can’t even fucking think or speak,” he pressed a finger to your lips, already knowing what you’d say. “but jokes on me, you like that, don’t you?”
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indulgenthoax · 5 months ago
Kimetsu no Yaiba/ Demon Slayer
What it feels like to be loved by them pt. 3
Kyoujirou Rengoku, Sanemi Shinazugawa, and Tengen Uzui
Content- Fluff!
Warnings- Information from the manga (very subtle)
Honeyy’s note: I have such big crushes on everyone in KNY (ノ∀`♥)
Pt. 1 Pt.2 Pt.3 Pt.4
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(MY HEART. (/∇\*)。o○♡)
Kyoujurou Rengoku <3
Kyoujurou’s love feels like when you’re sitting outside laughing with your friends on a sunny day right after it had been raining all week before.
This man is so in love with you it could probably make you cry from how much of it is there.
He will wrap you into BIG hugs!! Whenever he feels like it! Expect a lot of hugs and maybe kisses on your hands!!
(omg my literal heart)
Big time words of affirmation/ gift giving love language!
Less “I remember how much you liked this” and more like “I bought this golden necklace for you cause the shape of it made me think of you!”
He will always pour his whole heart into you (and he sometimes neglects himself so please take care of him!)
If you guys are sitting together basking in eachother’s presence he will be staring at you for a majority of it.
Then randomly he’ll be like “You are the most attractive human being I have ever laid eyes on.”
And then he calmly hits you with the prized smile? You’re dead now. Officially melted by pure adoration!
Tumblr media
Sanemi Shinazugawa <3
Okay to start off. Sanemi 100% has some messy trauma that conflicts heavily with love. (not to mention mommy AND daddy issues.)
He is a tough love kind of man, no doubt about it, but I swear to the lords he will kick anyones butts if they even breath insultingly at you.
Sanemi will definitely be protective over you because of his past and his current job but not so much that its suffocating?
You will be there with him and he will just calm down so much.
I actually think Sanemi would be the absolute best at remembering mile stones and anniversaries.
He will take the relationship super seriously and will be just such an amazing partner!
Acts of service are his go to. He doesn’t really know what else to do so damnit he’s just gonna help you.
Don’t get me wrong though, he will want to “lead” the relationship.
He’s gonna be brutally honest about something so it doesn’t weigh on his mind.
All in all though? He loves you so much and would go to the ends of the earth to support you.
Tumblr media
Tengen Uzui <3
Well to start off. This man has THREE WIVES.
Being loved by Uzui is what it feels like when you’re watching a load of fireworks go off and your soul is pounding and you’re just smiling like an idiot.
Uzui is a dedicated husband and loves his four spouses dearly.
He will put a lot of effort into making sure all of you are very well loved, absolutely no favorites.
When you first joined the Uzui family he made sure you were attended to and that you and his wives got along well.
He was SO happy when you all got along.
Uzui will shower you in gifts.
Jewels? you bet. Nice clothes? obviously. Books you’re interested in? He will buy the library.
Big words of affirmation guy too.
Imagine him lining y’all up and just going through and complimenting the heck out of everyone.
He is a big man with lots of love to offer, careful though because this man moves FAST.
Fast as in like he can’t not do something with you all at least twice a week.
(Yes he will throw a party to show you off to everyone.)
Tumblr media
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lonefloric · 4 months ago
hi ! can i request hcs for iguro , sanemi and tanjirou with a s/o who’s like very clueless ... like whenever they tell them a pick up line they always think it’s the real thing — but when they finally understand the pickup line they get all blushy and nervous kwbdk
i hope this makes sense — thank you !!
Tumblr media
Clueless s/o
Includes: Obani, Sanemi, Tanjirou
This is written before I've read the part of manga that introduces Sanemi and Obani more so if I mess up their character I do apologize <3 I tried giving different reactions for them all I think I failed 😪😂
Gender neutral
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"We’re not socks, but I think we make a great pair."
You lowered your wooden training sword, looking up at him perched on a tree branch.
"Of course we're not socks, that's not even remotely possible."
He'd facepalm embarrassed turning away from you with a small "nevermind"
"That was actually kinda cute.." you dug your foot in the dirt nervously, your face extremely warm.
"Do you have a name? Or can I call you mine?"
When your first heard it, you were greatly confused, asking him to repeat himself. He did, albeit begrudgingly.
"...of course I have a name. You know my name."
He'd flick your forehead and tell you think think a little bit harder, with a slight glare (he wasn't trying to glare he's just bit annoyed)
When it finally hit you, you covered your face with your hands to hide the your warming cheeks. (He won't tell you, or anyone, that the sight of your flustered makes his heart beat just a lil quicker)
"I was wondering if you had an extra heart. Because mine was just stolen."
You whipped around so fast, a worried look on your face.
"If you didn't have a heart you would not be standing there in front of me."
His face would become warm, his hands waving wildly as he attempted to explain what he actually meant.
"Oh...OH!" Once it finally hit you were both embarrassed, flustered messes 😚
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httptamaki · 5 months ago
Sanemi 10 pls or Tengen mice will eat u or sum.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
nOT THE MICE- i hope it’s how you wanted🥺 definitely one of my worst works but :(
prompt 10: “You look so pretty with all that make up running down your face.”
prompt list
Where Sanemi leaves you crying of pleasure and had your make up running down your face <3
thanks to @gyuutarou for beta reading mwuah mwuah
WARNINGS: minors/ageless blogs dni - fem!reader - right into smut - unprotected sex - swearing - rough sex - degrading - spanking/slapping - hair pulling - sanemi cumming inside - 700 words
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You gasped as you felt your boyfriend stretching your heat, holding onto the sheets and biting your lip to hold back a moan. Sanemi smirked a bit and cursed out as he was swallowed by your warmth, holding onto your sides gently.
“Hmm, you’re quiet now?” He asked in a teasing tone, starting to thrust into you with a small groan. “Where did the brat go, huh?” Sanemi continued, digging his nails into your hips with a smirk.
You had been teasing Sanemi the whole day and decided to be a brat, knowing it would lead up to punishment and that was exactly what you wanted. What you didn’t expect was for him to give you the punishment the second you got home.
The truth was that Sanemi was sexually frustrated, and had been for a while, since he didn’t have much time due to his missions and overall job. You teasing him and being a brat only made it worse, and of course led to him being impatient.
Sanemi had ripped the clothes of your body the second you had walked in, attacking your body with kisses and love bites, pushing you on your stomach and leaving you where you were right now.
“S-Sanemi-” You whined as he pulled out slightly, not pushing back in fully.
“Hmm, what’s wrong?” He asked innocently, knowing the issue better than anyone. “Moree-” You begged and Sanemi didn’t hesitate, spanking you harshly as he fucked into you roughly, making you scream out his name.
“Something wrong?” He grinned, waiting on an answer from you as he hit that spot buried deep inside of you, getting nothing but a moan back. Sanemi sighed at that and tugged on your hair harshly, making you sit up and have your back pressed against his chest.
“I asked you something slut-” Sanemi spat, whispering into your ear.
“S-Sorry Sanemi-” You moaned out, tears pricking in your eyes from how rough he was being with you, having the male smirk at the sight and only continue his movements, the room being filled with the sound of skin slapping and moans.
“Sorry! P-Please just-” You cried out, feeling your climax approach as you clenched around his length. Sanemi noticed that and smirked, pulling out harshly, leaving you gasping and letting out a small whine.
“Hmm, you’re a little too late on that after misbehaving so much-” He mumbled, hovering over you and pushing you on your back, spreading your legs a bit and grinning.
“Take it slut-” He spat, pushing in without warning you at all, leaving you choking on a moan and looking away in embarrassment.
A slight brush crept onto your face as you held onto the sheets for dear life, screaming out his name as tears of pleasure rolled down your face, ruining the makeup you decided to wear before leaving.
You didn’t care too much though, you couldn’t think straight as you slowly got lost in pleasure, your lover ruining your insides being the only thing you could focus on.
“N-Nemi-“ You panted out, having your eyes closed and screaming out his name as he pounded into you roughly with little mercy.
“Look at me.” Sanemi warned but you still refused, making him raise his eyebrow while he grabbed your face harshly, making you look at him, a small whine escaping your mouth.
“Fuck- You look so pretty with all that make up running down your face.” He told you, grunting right after because he hit that spot buried inside of you, being close to his own release.
Sanemi locked his eyes with yours, a few strands of hair being stuck to his forehead and his eyes rolling back slightly, each time you clenched around him.
You couldn’t take it anymore, you were so lost in pleasure.
“I’m gonna-“ You whined out and Sanemi smirked, tightening that grip on your face as he hit that spot over and over, leaving your legs trembling.
“Cum for me, slut-“ He commanded, and you came all around his length with the loudest moan of the night, almost as if planned.
“F-Fuck, goodgirl-“ Sanemi cursed out, releasing inside of you and holding your hips still just so you could take every single drop.
“Such a pretty girl-“ He breathed out, pecking your lips when he slowly pulled out, smirking a bit when you clenched around nothing and whimpered, watching the cum leak out, knowing he filled you up nicely.
Sanemi plopped down next to you, taking his time to catch his breath while staring at you while you laid there, being lost in pleasure as you kept your eyes closed.
Tumblr media
tags: @lonelyweeb77 @deartoru @touyas-peach @alician17 @katonshoko @akaza-s-bitch @animenerdgirl @fiona782 @honeypirate
if you’d like to be tagged in future works, click here <3
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muzanswaifu · 2 months ago
Regrettable Part 2
Pairing: Sanemi x Reader
Warnings: Smut, Wet dream, Oral Sex, Cunnilingus, Handjob, Degradation AND praise kink, breeding kink, creampie, doggy style, riding, multiple positions, multiple orgasms, general smuttiness, Sanemi is a meanie but also sweet, Porn with plot
After two agonizing weeks with absolutely nothing to do, y/n decides to finally admit the truth. And face the consequences.
Fine Her mind still burned with the memory of his words laced with ire. It stuck to her like glue and refused to die down no matter how much she tried to forget. It was agony. Fine. If you don't want to tell the truth, I'm not gonna make you. But until then you're laid off from any further missions. The remembrance pained her more than anything. How could she have thought he'd believe her? How could she have thought that everything was fine, that they could move on with their lives? How could she have thought she was anything more than an idiot. And what only fueled the fire was that it wasn't an empty threat, she later found out. Communication through crow revealed that she was, well, essentially laid off. Mentally incapacitated, was how her crow put it. Shinazugawa apparently had reported her "unfit" to complete any further missions or training until cleared for battle. (Y/n) tried to get the declaration revoked, but it was impossible. The hashira had the final say, so he would have to be the one to repeal it. Like hell she was talking to him. She spent the next two weeks slumping around her home like a dead woman, lying around uselessly. There was hardly much to do. How many times could one clean their entire home without growing bored? Her next option was personal training which she'd never been a fan of. Lone training required a strong will and self-determination of which she had neither. The slayer had never been a good motivator for herself and could never push her limits without the threat of repercussion by a peer. Peers that now avoided her like the plague. At first she'd thought that maybe days had grown busy, and simply no one had the time for formalities. But with it being two weeks in, they were clearly ignoring her intentionally. Pretending they didn't know the answers to her questions. Running the other way when she came by. Acting like they didn't know of her presence at all. Just what the hell has this man been telling everyone?! In fact, she'd say the only luck in her life was that she'd been able to get a contraceptive from the nurse at Butterfly Mansion. She couldn't thank that woman enough. The last thing she nor the hashira needed in their life was a baby. (Y/n) doubted he'd want any ties with her at all, much less her spawn. But regardless of his obvious lack of attraction, she couldn't help the forbidden desires that revealed themselves at night in her unconscious state. Her attempts at postponing sleep were futile in their persistence of her conscious, and her mind would be shrouded in lust. The lewd squelching of her weeping cunt filled their ears, along with her broken voice, her throat sore in constant singing. Her eyes seemed to have taken a permanent residence in the back of her head, and his teeth had found their place at the meeting of her neck and shoulder. The sharp canines held her in place with his vicious thrusting, forcing her to take everything he had to offer. Swollen lips drooled into the grass pathetically, and barely managed to babble out the syllables that formed his name. Sanemi. She could feel his weight flood around her back, weight that forced her ass to arch up for him so he could reach that much further inside her raw walls. The blood drawn from his teeth had begun to dribble down her chest along with his collecting saliva in a sticky mess. Her entire being was bruised from the ethereal abuse. The only marking he had maintained on his body was the white ring that was gathered around the base of his cock, evidence of the cream that was being stuffed deeper and deeper into her pussy. Sanemi. His length throbbed thick between her puffy lips, claiming her tightness for himself. He slipped in with ease, her womb so full and coated in his seed that hunger had no place in her belly. Even with his aggressive hammering, the milk had reached so deep that her stubborn womb refused to give it up, intent on staying fed. The cum that wasn't trapped inside of her dripped heavily down her stomach and thighs, collecting sinfully in a thick puddle underneath them in the grass. She mourned the loss of his warm seed that was wasted in the dirt. Sanemi. Sanemi. Sanemi. Her eyes shot open in a panic from the pleasure that had erupted throughout her body. She sat up breathless in her wet futon, her entire being covered in slick sweat. What the hell was that? She glanced down to the trembling movement under her sheets and threw them off to discover her quivering and soaked thighs. Actually, her whole body was shaking as well, and she couldn't ignore the warmth and satisfaction that was stemming for her nethers. (Y/n) rolled off the moist mattress and weakly limped toward the bathroom, her legs still quivering from whatever just happened. And her thighs felt... wet. As soon as she made it into the washroom, she removed her soiled coverings and gasped at the sight between her legs. Her lower area was absolutely drenched in slick, her core leaking down her leg. She clutched her spinning head and leaned up against the wall. Did she just climax from a wet dream? Her weak body told her yes. The woman rubbed her eyes in frustration. She's gotten aroused from her dreams, sure, but finish from them? Was her imagination that powerful? She peeled off the rest of her clothes and stepped into the comforting waters of the bath, rubbing at her legs to clean off her spilling. Her back relaxed against the wooden edge and she sighed. It was just her imagination right? She thought back concerned to the contents of her vision, blushing at the lewdness of it. He was on top of her, inside her, holding her, biting her... Her hand leapt up to her shoulder and ran up slowly to the crook of her neck, stopping just short of it when she felt the indent of a scar. Her fingers traced the lining of it, studying the curvature to figure out exactly what it was from. Teeth. She removed her hand and sat blankly in the bath, mulling over the discovery. So it was real then. All of it happened. All of it. She tucked her knees into her chest and hugged her arms around them. Her forehead fell forward to rest in her fetal position. What was she going to do? "CAW!" (Y/n) shot up at the sudden intrusion, nearly moving to cover her nude body until she realized it was just her pesky little crow. She relaxed in the tub and glared at the black bird that was perched so obnoxiously in her window. "What is it now? Can't you see I'm busy?" She sassed. She wasn't the only one who had been bored these past couple weeks. Since she was let go for the moment, that meant her crow was out of work as well, only serving as a means to communicate. The bird would quite often bother her throughout the day, pestering her to go to the master and get her suspension revoked. However she had her own suspicions that the crow's true intention lie in seeing her distant lover. "Excellent news!" She chirped. (Y/n) got up and hung over the side of the bath in excitement. "I can go on missions again?" Her eyes were wide in hope and wishing. "No!" She slumped down heartbroken. She was really hoping for a miracle. "Perhaps you can change that, however, for I am expecting!" "Expecting what?" (Y/n) raised an eyebrow in her confusion. Her brain was still groggy from awaking so suddenly. The crow squawked in frustration. "I am pregnant you foolish girl," she fluttered her wings and turned her head in confidence, "and I am to be reunited with my husband to prepare for labor." (Y/n) cringed and looked away abashed at the shocking news. "What's that have to do with me?" Although she smiled at the thought of the bird wanting her partner to be present for such a personal event. Maybe she had a more positive view of the slayer than she thought. "Absolutely nothing!" The woman frowned and rolled her eyes, slightly hurt. "However, as you may know, my mate and Master Shinazugawa are at the same residence," she hinted. She immediately shook her head in denial. No, no way was she going to talk to him. She'd rather wait this one out, eventually he'd forget she even existed and she could probably sneak her way back into training. The crow tittered. "Let me clarify. While I am gone, you will not have a means to communicate with the Demon Slayer Corps for quite some time as no replacement will be issued due to your suspension. If you wish to continue work, I suggest you deal with this issue at present while I am still available." She bit her finger. Deal with this now? The thought made her uneasy. She couldn't even imagine talking with him when their affair was still so fresh in her memory. But, she didn't exactly have many options right now. If she didn't do this now, she'd have to wait for who knows how long until things died down so she could sneak back into work. It could be months, maybe even a year. The slayer shuddered. She did not wanna wait that long. Her schedule was a too empty to keep her entertained for that long and her skills would started to wither away if she didn't refine them. Her head turned back up to the crow. "Fine." The entire journey was spent nervously bickering with herself in her head. What to say, what to say.... He seemed to know something. She wasn't quite sure what, but there was something in his eye when he accused her of lying. Ugh, this didn't make any sense. She thought he was supposed to not remember anything. Or well, most things. That other man didn't. Shit. She clenched her teeth in realization. That man was just a normal person though. Shinazugawa was a trained swordsman, an expert in memorization and rationalization. Even in a carnal state, his skills might've shone through and allowed him to recollect much of the event. No, no she didn't know that for sure yet. Yah, maybe her odd behavior told him she was lying, and she just needed to convince him better? Yes... yes, she would stick to her original story, and she'd play it off better too! She needed to be confident or he'd think she was lying again, and she really couldn't afford to tell him the truth. Her breathe hitched when the familiar path lead her to the large mansion. The merry singing of the crow atop her shoulder helped alleviate some of her nerves, but it also made the air a bit eerie. It was horribly quiet today, in fact, she didn't see anyone around. Perhaps today was a training day with the other hashira. But no visitors meant it was going to be just the two of them, all the more attention to her and her lies. (Y/n) whistled anxiously and prayed to the gods that the master was in a good mood today. As soon as she had reached the main gate, she felt her crow flutter excitedly on her shoulder, ruffling her clothes. "Do I look alright," cried the raven. She was clearly a bit nervous to see her lover. (Y/n) smiled in amusement at her self-consciousness. "You look... like a bird." The crow glared daggers at her and pecked her head contemptuously, earning a pained cry from the woman. She took a deep breath and pushed through the gate, painfully aware of how creaky it was. Well, at least her entrance would be known. The thing shut harshly behind her, but she moved forward in persistence. Be confident. He can tell if you're hesitant. She turned the corner, pushed past the bushes, and was met with an empty training ground. Well, empty except for him. Shinazugawa leaned on a wooden beam, the only one that hadn't been torn to shreds in the training area. She could see his tense shoulders rise and fall with every heavy breath and his snowy hair was blowing messy in the breeze. (Y/n) blushed from his worked up appearance, then cursed under her breathe. He was always pissed off when training, so she'd caught him at a bad time. But no turning back now, he no doubt knew she had arrived, even if he hadn't greeted her yet. The slayer took a few fearful steps closer to the pillar. He made no move to acknowledge her, but she could hear the little chatter between him and the crow she could now see perched on a broken beam next to him. She couldn't make out what they were saying, which was surprising because most crows were quite loud in their dialect. (Y/n) stilled her movement to try to listen in but the attempt was straining her ears. Would he turn around already? This was hard enough as it was. Her feet tapped at the ground impatiently patient, and she jumped when the man suddenly chuckled. That's it, she can't take this waiting anymore, her palm was starting bleed from how much she was scratching at it. The woman stepped forward. "H-hello, Master Shinazugawa," she cringed at the shakiness of her voice. He took his sweet time turning to her, glancing over his shoulder lazily before whispering something to his crow. She stood awkward in place, slightly offended that he ignored her. He could have at least told her to wait or something... The crow muttered something to the man, clearly amused. The girl couldn't help but wonder if maybe it was her they were so entertained by, if maybe they were making fun of her for whatever reason. It wouldn't be the first time the wind hashira had been humored by her unease. He finally turned to her, his mauve eyes glancing over her disheveled appearance in hilarity. A sultry chuckle filled her ears. "Well, well," His brawny arms crossed over his exposed chest, straining the muscles gorgeously, "look who it is." A heated blush spread across her cheeks at the sound of his attractive voice, even if it was at her demise. Did he always have to be so charming? Somehow her weak legs found the strength to move forward, carrying her closer to the hashira. She forced her eyes up to meet his intense gaze. She had to be assertive, or he'd ream her out in a heatbeat. "Yes, well... sir-" "CAW CAW!" Of course, to her crow, this was the perfect time to greet her lover, who was excitedly hopping beam to beam. They soared off their respective areas, flying through the air to circle around each other in glee. The love birds chirped fondly and seemed to chase one another in play, the male letting the hen gain on him. (Y/n) would've found the sight heart-warming if it wasn't so inconvenient and pressuring for her. Their loving behavior made any attempt at professionalism seem ridiculous. But Shinazugawa was indifferent towards the romantic sight, still looking on intently at her for a response. She laughed nervously and scrambled for an excuse. "Hahaha, uhm, so funny story sir. My kasugai crow got pregnant... by yours... and needs to stay here for a bit soooo..." She waited for a reaction to her statement, and when she received none, his face still painted with waiting, she painfully continued. "A-actually, the birthing rituals for crows is quite, uhm, interesting! Would you perhaps like to hear about it?" She smiled shyly at him. She was met with a fading smile and a harsh glare, signaling to her that this wasn't the response he was looking for. The slayer slouched down in shame and averted her eyes from his unimpressed look. So much for acting confident. He sounded pleased with her submission, snickering to himself before addressing her again. "So, got sick of retirement huh?" A condescending grin spread across his scarred face. He seemed so content with his actions that she actually wanted to hit him this time. She may have looked up to him, but Sanemi could be a real asshole sometimes. None-the-less, she sucked up. "Yes Shinazugawa, sir, I would actually like to discuss that with you...," she admitted. Sanemi hummed in acknowledgment. The way his eyes swept over her made her feel strange, so sly and sexual. Perhaps she was just imagining things, but he seemed so seductive. His usually blatant anger was replaced with a teasing aggression that she'd heard women speak of in terms of the bedroom. The man needed to stop before her legs gave out. He was being so damn sexy today, it made her insides flutter in helpless attraction. Her hands fiddled at her stomach to prevent the butterflies from bursting out. Sanemi followed her low eyeline, determined to maintain the agonizing eye contact. Her heart was beating so loud, she was sure he heard it. Finally he looked away to nod towards the estate, moving to walk towards the entrance. (Y/n) let out a sigh of relief and followed, giving one more glance toward the playful flight of birds. Damn that crow. He guided her through the many hallways to a room far deeper into the mansion than she'd ever gone. She had to sprint a little bit to keep up with him, his pace naturally swift. To be honest, she was a little nervous to be so buried inside the house alone with him. The situation couldn't be good for her perverted imagination, and that paired with his exotic behavior was making her want to spontaneously combust. He slid open the shoji door and motioned for her to go in to which she obeyed, stepping through the doorway quietly. He followed right behind her and shut the door, the loud sound making her flinch, her senses on high alert. (Y/n) looked about the room, quickly eyeing the scattered stationary and desk near the back wall. There also lay a growing pile of letters in the back corner - most were untouched but there were few that were torn open and crumpled. This must be his office. He brushed past her, his shoulder lightly grazing hers and causing her skin to tingle and flush, and promptly set himself down behind the desk, looking up at her then down to the cushion across the table with clear directions. Sit. She fell to it, gripping the hem of her yukata to make sure it kept the apex of her thighs concealed. This seemed to be well done, as she noticed his eyes lingering on the end of her dress, as if waiting for a slip up. She bit her tongue as punishment for daring to think he would be so perverted. Her legs crossed over and she set her hands delicately in her lap, rocking anxiously in her seat. He gave her one final glance before setting his eyes down to his desk. His eyes scanned over a sheet of paper in the center of it, and his steady hand carassed his jaw in thought. He's so gorgeous. She wished she could caress his face like that. She wanted to stroke his face and memorize the scars that outlined his striking features. Her tongue swept out to quench her suddenly dry lips, gaze lingering down to study his mouth, lonely and barren. She wished she could keep it company. His eyes suddenly flickered up to hers, catching her in the act of staring. She quickly looked away, face burning with mortification. Gods, she should have never been looking. Luckily she captured the hint of a smirk in the corner of her vision and softened a bit. Ah, he was just messing with her, trying to keep her on edge. But it was a wake up call, (y/n) needed to keep a clear head if she were going to succeed. She straightened her back and tried to still her shaking. Sanemi tutted at her renewed revelation and reached to his side where the mess of letters was littered. His hand sorted through them briskly and plucked out of the smaller ones. He rolled it open and quickly skimmed over the contents of it before tossing it to her. "Read it." She peeled open the paper and it shook in her hands, her eyes breezing through the words. It... was a work verification, the repeal to her suspension. It hadn't been signed yet of course but still, the contract was right here. She looked up at him with a innocent expression, questioning what he was trying to say. His hand brushed back some of the hair that had stuck to his forehead from his vigorous training. She nearly moaned from the appeal of it. "I'm not send this off till I get the whole truth, no lies," he said with a glare. A heavy gulp swam down her throat. She pinched her thigh to brace herself. She practiced this. "I-I already told you the t-truth." Even she didn't believe herself. Her words came out a stuttering mess and her trembling gave her away. His teeth bared and eyebrows furrowed in a deep growl. "Get the hell out if you gonna spout that shit again." The words were so much more venomous that his previous teasings. Her eyes glazed over in tears. Her mouth was horribly dry and she couldn't even think straight, much less an entire fiction of lies. She could hear his fingers tap impatiently on the hard wood desk and knew her time for making excuses was up. She blinked her tears away and spoke up. "W-what do you know?" She asked. (Y/n) needed something to work with. If she had some idea of his own recollection of the events, maybe she could work around it and weaken the blow. Anything would be better than the truth. His eyebrow cocked up. "What do you think I know?" She bit her tongue to stop herself from crying like a little girl. She really couldn't handle the emotional toll of his goading right now. But even if she cried, he would still squeeze the truth out of her. "Uhm, what do you remember?" He laughed at the essentially repeated question. "What do you think I remember?" A vein ticked out of her forehead in gathered frustration. He was giving her nothing to work with, and only seemed to want her to break down like a pathetic failure, to bask in her own incompetence. He was playfully leaning over the table with an amused smirk and unusually serene eyes. He was calm. As if he had all the time in the world to wait for her to crack. It was infuriating. (Y/n) couldn't help but grimace and snap, "What the hell do you want me to say?!" The words simmered in the room, Sanemi's eyes still blaring on at her. The outburst shocked her most, her head immediately ducking towards her chest. She didn't mean to come off so rudely or raucous, but her collective emotions had boiled past the containment of her control. The girl gulped thickly and peered back up for his inevitable response. Sanemi was clearly unapproving of her little scene and his divert grin was long gone, but no signs of fury seemed to come into play, which was strange as the hashira was known to ring out anyone who even slightly raised their voice with him. She supposed in a way, this was already torturous. He took a moment to respond, likely giving her some time to think about her actions and their consequences. His hand came up to give rest to his chin, his head leaning on it after he deemed she had learned her lesson. His fingers were still rhythmically tapping at the table. He sighed. "Why don't you tell me what you remember? Let's start there." (Y/n) slowly nodded her head in agreement, even though she was anything but. Her mind was burning with the question - why was he making her say it when he clearly already knew? This wasn't an official reporting of the event either. No notes were being taken, physical evidence collected, witnesses interviewed. It was just them. Sitting in the this room with her trapped in the palm of his hand and telling a story she would rather he forget. She cleared her throat in discomfort and attempted to retell her revised memory. "W-we...," she nervously scratched at her wrist, the pain giving her a slight escape from this nightmare, "were heading down the mountain... a-and the affects of the... demon art... had set in." A shaky breathe escaped her chest and she pinched the agitated skin of her hand, begging to wake up from this hell. When she didn't, she begrudgingly continued. "You told me to leave..." She squinted at the floor, still refusing, as usual, to look him in the eye. Especially not now. "Y-you told me to leave... but I... didn't." She finally allowed herself to breathe with the completion of her task. She told him what she remembered, she told him what had happened. Her part was done. Or so she thought. Sanemi hummed at her response, his lips curling content. She stilled at the reaction, her insides churning tight. He was... smiling. His fingers had ceased their tapping and began circling a tiny spot on the table, the movement making her press her thighs together. His hooded dark eyes gave off such a strong sensual energy that the girl squirmed in her seat and looked down with flushed cheeks. What was he- "Go on." (Y/n) forced herself to sheepishly elaborate, trying so desperately to ignore the alluring smoothness of his current bearings. She quickly processed through the events to churn out an appropriate report. She was quick to skim over the embarrassing details. "I stayed and you... grabbed me and stuff... happened - and I left right after! And went to-" "Ah ah ah." She breathlessly stopped at his interruption, his hand coming up to visually cease her babbling. Her confusion was evident in her expression and he clarified his intent, "Don't skip over the details. Keep going." Her eyes widened. Details? Oh... oh! Of course, of course, he needed to know the specifications of their actions. After all, "stuff" could've meant really anything and he must be curious as to what exactly went down. Even if he seemed to know just as well as she did... She droned in thought for an professional way to express the information, not wanting to be inappropriate about something so, well, inappropriate. But the girl was frustrated to find that every single word for sex held such suggestive meaning. How could she say they had sex without saying they had sex?! She could feel his eyes burning holes into her and scrambled for the next best thing she could think of. "You seized me, and we... had... intercourse?" Dear gods, she would've smacked herself in that moment if he weren't watching her. Her tone was questioning of his opinion, wondering if he would approve of not only her description, but also of its meaning. Would he be okay with what they had done? Her heart shattered with the discovery of his reaction. Disgust. Utter disgust. He grimaced in distaste, the corners of his mouth hanging low and eyes scrunching up. He was cringing in revulsion. And to her that meant he was repulsed by her and what atrocity they had committed. She had caused this reaction. She should've kept her mouth shut. She should've never said anything and stayed in exile. She should've never stayed when he told her to leave. Her hands shook and she braced herself to get up and leave. She didn't much care for the repeal anymore, more so to escape from this harsh reality. And she was just about to rise and declare her leave when he spoke up before she could even get off her haunches. "Ugh, don't say it so formally, it turns me off. Try again." It took her a few seconds to register that he had spoken and few more to understand the words that had been said. The first thing she realized from his statement was that her description was, in fact, considered formal despite her initial suspicions. The second was that he was less than thrilled by that version of the word. The third was that he wanted a better inscription and for her to try yet again. And the fourth was that it turned him off. Because if that turned him off, that would mean that he was previously turned on, and if he was previously turned on... No, no, no, no. She was misunderstanding this! She was overthinking his words too much, he didn't mean it that way! Sure the expression was a bit poorly placed given the circumstances, but he was just saying that he didn't like how she said it and it upset him, nothing more. Yah! Because she didn't notice the hazy dusting of red across his seductive features. She didn't notice his tongue slowly swipe across his bottom lip when the front of her dress had started to peak over her thighs from movement. And she definitely didn't notice the engorged imprint that had started to tent in his lap. Because she had to be imagining these things. The stress of being pressed so firmly for answers was making her swoon and hallucinate. (Y/n) tried to blink those sinful visuals from her eyes before attempting to sate the hashira's desire for the tale yet again. The trauma of his disgust had drained her of any energy to keep it professional. "We had sex" He hummed in satisfaction and nodded his head. "Throughout the night." He hummed again. With no negative connotation in his actions, she was less shy with continuing on even further, delving into her own interpretation of their affair. "You... seemed to have a high libido from the demon art." She was stunned when he started to laugh, him having been quiet of the given noise for so long. It was hearty and warm with a hint of satire. Her tense posture relaxed ever so slightly with the playful sound. "Well, gimme more credit than that," he teased. Her brows rose up in questioning, her own curiosities still unknown. "Sir, am I in trouble?" She asked. She supposed this was one of her more important questions, the answer determining the future of her career. Although, it wasn't the one she was most interested in knowing the response to. He was quick to answer, sparing her from having to wait. "No... well," he took a minute to pause in thinking, his eyes looking off to the corner, "kinda." She clenched her fist upset, despairing that she would face any repercussions. Though she knew such was bound to happen. Now for her next question, one she was more adamant to know the answer. "Are you mad at me?" His gaze lowered dangerously back to hers,  staring deep into her own with not even a hint of hesitation, mercy, or fallacy. He was sure of his answer. "Very." (Y/n) cowered, her hand rising up from her lap to grasp at her arms to hug herself into a tight embrace. It was a weak attempt at comforting herself, but she really needed some form of warmth right now and this was the only thing she could think to do. "I see...," she pouted. "I'm sorry you had to take part in something so... regrettable." Her words seemed to shock him, the hashira flinching. She looked so pitiful, the sad sight calling to his more gentle nature despite his rage. "Regrettable?" He questioned, confusion lingering in his voice. She was surprised he was debating her logical conclusion, being as she was quite confident that these were his feelings. He had to have felt that way, right? There was no realistic reason he reciprocated her own affections. She confirmed through her confusion, "Yes, don't you regret it?" He had to. Shinazugawa leaned back again in thought, his hand brushing back his hair, a motion that seemed to be a habit. (Y/n) rubbed her arms quickly, nearly starting a fire on her raw flesh in her anxiety. She wished she could hear what he was thinking instead of waiting for his drawn out response. She was admittedly baffled that he hadn't outright agreed with her but also thrilled. Was he less appalled by the woman than she had initially assumed? The man clicked his tongue before admitting "I guess I do regret it." Her heart sank, her hope now diminished. She really shouldn't have gotten it up in the first place. But before she could even breath, he continued. "I really should've been more gentle with you, especially since you're a virgin, or well," he paused to chuckle to himself, "were a virgin." She gawked. He spoke so loosely of the events, and of her. She wasn't so sure any of this was real anymore. He found her bewilderment amusing, but moved on regardless. "Are you pregnant?" It was such a significant question but the hashira was chipper, an emotion he wasn't partial to and made her further unsettled. "N-no, I uh- I took a contraceptive." She looked down to her lap. "Oh...," he said disappointed, "that's too bad." It was so strange how he had managed to make her regret taking such precautions with a simple gloomy look, but it was even stranger why he was so disappointed in the first place. Did he want her to get pregnant? Why on earth would he want that?! What is going on? She hadn't realized she had muttered that last question under her breath. Nor that he had gotten up from his placement and ambled over to her. Not until a large hand was wrapped around her arm and pulling her up. She gasped and dropped the paper but went along with it, allowing him to wrap a sinewy arm around her shoulder and guide her out of the door and through the treacherous corridors. It was about halfway to their unknown destination that (y/n) regained thought, quickly realizing that absolutely nobody was here. No trainees, no nurses, not even housemaids. Nobody. "Master, sir, where... is everyone?" She asked sheepishly. His hand was making her whole body feel like jelly. She could see him roll his eyes in the corner of her peripheral vision. "Tch, told them to fuck off." She gulped. Why would he do that? He knew she was coming, she needed to because of her crow... Through the growing darkness of the corridor, (y/n) wondered if maybe the rumors she had heard about the young master were correct. There was gossip of a room deep in his mansion called the gomon room where lacking trainees would be punished. They would be tied from the ceiling and kept in starvation for days on end as discipline for their disrespectful behavior. The myth ranged in severity, some involving poisonous snakes and stabbings from what she could gather. And with how deep into the estate they were going, it may very well be her fate. She choked up from the thought. Finally he stopped, turning to face a heavily lashed door, the cuts giving an implied warning to stay out, but he opened it regardless. (Y/n) shut her eyes and braced herself when he gave a playful push to urge her through the doorway. She almost forced back, not very interested in what lied on the other side, but she knew better than to delay the inevitable. (Y/n) took a deep breathe to soothe her nerves and hesitantly peeked through her lashes to get a hint of what her punishment entailed. And she was surprised to instead be met with a rather pleasant room. Along the walls were several pieces of decorative furniture, tables and the such. There even lie some latterns aglow to allow the room more lighting that wasn't given by the shoji door to the outer garden, a gorgeous garden that she hadn't even known existed until now. Nor the futon positioned in the middle of the wall that told her exactly where she was. This was his bedroom. Certainly not some torture chamber (she hoped.) The sound of the door sliding shut rung in her ears and the touch of a breeze flowing past her sent a shiver up her spine and throughout the enclosed space. The flickering fires of all but one lantern died out, leaving the gentle shine of a single candle and the evening light of the setting sun to fall upon the dark room. She stilled with a shaky breath and mind in a daze. (Y/n) turned to him to seek answers, instruction, anything! The chamber was rather spacious but he seemed to be in front of her in an instant, his body heat radiating onto her with such intensity that she almost melted. (Y/n) felt so small, so little, not even bothering to look up at him to acknowledge his large presence. Everything was happening so fast, she couldn't hope to keep up. Her frightened eyes lingered on his chest that was a mere few inches from her face before drooping to the floor. His hand was on her in seconds, a finger curling under her chin to tilt her head up, sights locking into each other. (Y/n)'s mouth fell open and shut with no sound coming out other than the anxious whirring stuck deep inside her throat. Those violaceous eyes looked down beguiling on her, making her knees want to buck. So close. She could feel the heat of his breathe mix with hers in the little space that he allowed between them. So close. The slayer subconsciously began rising to the balls of her feet to lose more distance, her actions no doubt influenced by the shift of his hand from her chin to her nape, drawing her in. Centimeters. Less than centimeters. They were so close. She could nearly taste him, her lids shutting. The only thing keeping them apart was his tall stance, near perfect posture. Just lean down already. Please. She couldn't take it anymore. They were too close. It was too much.  She leapt to the tips of toes and closed in on him. The pleasure of lips was one she never thought she would get to experience before. He smelled so good, tasted so good. She could very well dissolve into pure bliss. Her mouth softly kissed into his, relishing the feel and warmth and emotion. Her heart had surely skipped several beats by now. Only a slight pang of fear was left amongst the utter delight brewing in her chest. What had she been so afraid of...? (Y/n) jolted away immediately, mouth dropping open in horror at what she had just done. What was wrong with her?! She scrambled for something to do, something to say, an apology. But before she could even say anything, his hand had slammed her lips back into his, greedily reclaiming them. A moan bubbled in her throat, eyes tightly shut as a result of the intensity. The kiss was hungry and passionate, as if he had been parched and she could quench it. His tongue had wasted no time in the wake of her shock to snake into her mouth and please her own. The appendage traced the touchy ridges and lining of her mouth in such a way that had her keening in gratification. Regardless of her lack of skill, her tongue obediently licked at his adept one affectionately, like that of a kitten. Sweet little noises fell from her mouth into his as he absolutely devoured her, the girl being so swept away in euphoria that she hadn't noticed his other hand trailing on her body until he groped her hip. She squeaked in surprised and pulled away from his sinful mouth, a thin trail of wetness keeping them connected until it broke. She cowered when she saw his eyes hooded from savage hunger. Sanemi took advantage of the separation, leaning down to capture a piece of her sensitive neck between his teeth. She bit her lip from the pain and pleasure. Oh, so good. The top of her dress was peeled down her shoulders, the hashira tugging the ties loose. She was helpless to stop him, nearly becoming mere puddy in his hands. Her arms managed to weakly push at his chest, but his own kept her trapped against his body. Oh gods, this had to be a dream. His teeth found their way to many places across the flesh of her collar, pausing to bite and suck and mark her to his satisfaction. Inevitably, he had stumbled upon the scar he had given her oh so many nights ago, chuckling against her skin before pressing a sweet gentle kiss to the blemish. Her panting broke off when he growled. "You asked me what I know, what I remember - how the hell could I forget." He swept over to suck on her throat, drawing out a long sigh from the girl. "I'll admit," he licked a wet trail up to the crook of her neck before sinking his teeth into it, "the beginning was kinda blurry, I think it was a couple hours in I finally snapped out of it, but fuck-"  Her yukata sat in a useless heap at her feet, and his palm wrapped around the back of her creamy thigh so his digit could tease the soaking patch in her underwear. (Y/n) shuddered in embarrassment and arousal, instinctually spreading her legs. "You were milking my dick like your life depended on it - took me so well, like you wanted to be used." She forced herself to pull away and seek the answers that were eating her up just as much as he was. (Y/n) hoped she didn't look as disheveled as she felt, forgetting that he probably didn't give a shit. "Shinazugawa, I don't understand, i-if the demon art wore off, why did u keep going?" She cried in a quiet voice. His grip on her compromised body tightened aggressively, making her yowl in distress. His eyes narrowed in on her. "Hey, I'm not the one who started this. And you're gonna call me sir from here on out, got that?" His tone was dangerous, she knew he meant every word. (Y/n) was visibly shaking now, hands trembling as they lightly tugged at the ends of his haori. "I just," she began, "I just don't understand why you aren't... I thought you were angry with me... sir." His paws loosened ever so slightly, almost like a reward for obeying. "I am. I fuckin' hate liars. You don't get to tell me nothing happened when you were moaning my name all goddamn night." He clutched the back of her underwear harshly, making her wince as it burned and tore into her skin. "You’re gonna make it up to me." Her panties were shredded and in the next instant he had her pinned to the wall, sucking her lips swollen. With the reunion of their tongues, her legs finally buckled and slid down lamely. Shinazugawa quickly caught her, hiking her up around his waist and forcing her to feed on his tongue. She threw her arms around his shoulders and tangled her fingers into his white locks. She tugged on them while sucking on his tongue, petting it while he claims her mouth and names it his. Like with everything, the pillar was adamant in his work, and (y/n) nearly fainted from not being able to keep up nor control her breathing. Her fingers danced through his hair, relishing every moment and locked her ankles around his hips. His hair and mouth were stark opposites, his mane delicate and cool while his maw was hot and avid. They balanced each other. Rough hands dragged up and down her curves, heating up her skin but making her shiver. Once his fingers had graced the swell of her breast it was over, and the man was immediately drawn to it, thumb testing the flesh before he groped it entirely. Sanemi rolled the mound in his palm, paying careful attention to stimulate the peak and she moaned. (Y/n) bit her lip with delight as he carassed and squeezed and tugged. At the sound of her bleating, a growl rumbled in his throat before he abandoned her raw lips to seek out her jawline. He grazed the bone with his teeth and dragged them down her delicate neck, smothering it with his lips and tongue. No doubt she would be littered with black and blue by the end of this. Kiss here, lick there, it all ran a slick trail down her chest all the way to her bosom. He was delicate here, massaging one with his paw while showering the other with love. His mouth peppered kisses over the tops of them and licked a strip down to her nipple which he eagerly took into his heated mouth. (Y/n) turned away at the action and subconsciously arched her back to get more his tongue onto her tit. He sipped fervently at her teat, grazing her with his canines and she gasped. So good. He released it with a pop when it was pebbled and aching and moved to the other. Oh gods. She loved his mouth so much, too much, so much so that it hurt and her own missed it. Her feeble hand crept out to brush his cheek and turn it up to her, her wet nipple falling from his mouth. Shinazugawa's face was steamy but annoyed, like she had just interrupted something very important. She pouted and pulled him forward to interlock their mouths again, her tongue darting out to clean his lips. (Y/n) yapped in pain and nearly hit her head back against the wall when he bit her tongue, a peaved expression of his face. "Behave," He hissed. She whimpered but nodded her head. Obedient. His hand tweaked her bud one last time before he leaned back and wrapped his hands under her thighs to jostle her up and start walking. (Y/n) slumped over his shoulders and lightly held onto him, confident he wouldn't let her fall. Until he did. She dropped with an appalled umph onto the thick mattress of his futon and quickly scrambled to look up at him. Her face was mixed with concern and irritation. He leered down at her with a strange sobriety. "Lay down and spread your legs." There was no room for argument. (Y/n) crawled back to recline onto the pillow, situating herself comfortable before hesitantly spreading her thighs to a modest extent. Sanemi dropped down right after her and settled his torso between them, forcing her to properly open for him. She was so uneasy, even with everything they've done so far it was just so distressing to have her dripping intimacy on display. (Y/n)'s breathing hitched when he effortlessly threw her legs over his shoulders, giving him a full view of her kitty. But regardless of the scene, he kept his eyes on hers, shrouded with carnal desire. His hand ran along her hip all the way to her thigh, easing it up and further exposing her shy folds. He gave her a devilish smirk before looking down. In all her years of demon hunting, one thing all those beasts would have in common was their untamed hunger for human flesh. They would give up anything and everything to have just one bite, just one taste. One glance upon a victim and their mouth would salivate and snap with desire. They were starving at every moment for it. And this was precisely how Sanemi looked between her legs. Untamed. Hungry. Starving. He very well may have forgotten she was even here, staring down at her cunt like it was the hottest thing he had ever seen. And for a moment, he didn't look at all livid or harsh, only ravenous. She whined when she felt his fingers graze her delicate folds, tracing up and down before his thumb settled on her bundle of nerves, circling it with flawless precision. (Y/n) threw her head back and gasped in pleasure, all shame gone with the wind. His tongue crept out to lick and drool over his bottom lip until he remarked, "I didn't work you up last time, did I?" It was true, he hadn't. He seemed bothered by this, inferred by the knit of his brows. However, it was rhetorical, as not even a moment later were two digits piercing her entrance. (Y/n) yelped at the sudden intrusion and then groaned. He stopped at the knuckles, dipping deep into her walls and massaging them before plunging it in and out. Her body shuddered as he pumped and pumped and pumped, not giving her a single moment for thought. Sanemi admired her glistening slick that was heavily coating him and starting to drip down his fist. His tongue licked along her quivering thigh all the way to the main course, laying flat across her clit and flicking. Fuck! His lips wrapped around her swollen sex, sucking her into oblivion and making her toes curl. Fuck fuck fuck. He swirled his tongue and plunged another finger inside her with ease from how absolutely soaked she was. (Y/n) nails tore into the bed, tearing little slits into the sheets and sobbed. Although his fingers weren't nearly as big as his cock, they still managed to rub her walls just right, and send her eyes to the back of her head.  She tried to buck her hips more into his habile mouth but he shoved her right back into the bed, gripping a bruise into her hip. She whimpered and kept still with her thighs agitated around his head. He hummed satisfied and resumed feasting, lavishing her clit with gentle licks while fucking her full of his fingers. She let out a guttural sob. Sanemi gently traced her labia and kissed her clit with utter passion. "Is it good?" He purred. She nodded dizzy with tears in her eyes. He was making her see stars! His face nuzzled into her thigh with sudden tenderness. "Use your words, sweetheart." Teeth tugged on her clit to discipline. She wailed. "It's good! It's good, sir - Aha~" He pumped faster, lapping at her clit with vigor while his fingers dug into her sweet spot mercilessly. With one more flick of his tongue she clenched around his fingers and came with a shrill cry. The hashira's tongue guided her through it with benign licks and kisses, and he eased his fingers out of her slick tight hole. She exhaled with the sudden emptiness and the white cleared from her vison. By some miracle, she hadn't crushed his head between her thighs. Gods, she hasn't come that hard in over two weeks. Since their last affair. (Y/n) weakly looked down at at him, cheeks flushing when she witnessed him lick his fingers clean of what had to be her juices, a pleased look melted onto his face. He was purring as he nudged into her thigh and sucked the honey off his digits. She didn't fail to notice that his chaps were absolutely soaked but she would rather not think about that since it was her essence he was dripping with. Her embarrassment came rushing back and she turned away utterly overwhelmed. Sanemi popped his digits out with a sigh and replaced them with her thigh, nibbling it while he spread her open again. His smooth tongue slid out along her slit, eliciting a shudder. He swept continuously, diving deep enough to slurp up nectar before it even had the chance to leak out of her. Every lick flicked over her bundle of nerves and had her heaving to stay still. With her pussy now covered covered in a thin layer of saliva, thoroughly cleaned, her went right back to her clit and suckled. Her body shook in anticipation for what was no doubt another round of cunnilingus. But being pillow princess was not a role she wanted to resume, even if she really, really wanted to. "M-may I please you now, sir?" She didn't come off as certain as she would have liked (considering he was tongue deep inside of her), but hopefully he was still in that giving mood he was in before. Shinazugawa pulled back, his tongue still connected to her by a strand of their mixture until it rolled down his chin. His intimate eyes found hers, and she nearly tried to hide. With a roll of his eyes, he indulged her. "I don't think you've earned it, but I'm feeling nice today," he grumbled. His hand tapped her thigh. "Up." She let out a breath of relief, she didn't know if her body could take anymore of his slithering tongue, it made her far too sensitive. With a quick shift of position, Sanemi had taken her place on the bed with her leaning over by his side, drooling at the sight of the tent in his pants. She'd missed him. So. Damn. Much. (Y/n) crawled over his legs to settle between them and dip down, but he stopped her with his fist around her wrist. "Nope, turn around. I'm not done with you yet." She shyly twisted her torso over his lap, rotating so her legs could straddle his chest. (Y/n) nervously scratched at his belt during the adjustment and was about to tug it loose when she was yanked back and yelped. She was hauled toward his face, his mouth awaiting mere inches from her delicate pussy, practically sitting on his face. His lips ghosted over thighs and pressed feathering kisses over the primed flesh in waiting. He didn't want to distract her just yet. Taking the hint, she got to work, pulling his uniform top from its tuck and popping open the single gold button. Her fingers pulled the strap from its clip and slipped it out of the loop before sliding the entire thing off his waist. She curled her fingers around the band of his hakama pants and shoved them down a decent length on his thighs, just enough to let his parts breathe. She bit her lip to stifle her giggle of excitement. Just as perfect as she remembered, and she finally had a chance to truly worship it now. His cock stood tall, a nice curve and girth that had sent her to heaven all that time ago. Speaking of girth, she wrapped her hand around it and her fingers didn't even touch... how on earth did she fit this entire thing in her pussy? Well she was already in this deep.
With a steamy sigh she started to pump, up and down, up and down. She wasn't really sure what she was doing but surely it wasn't that complicated. His teeth snagged on the inside of her thigh and nipped her harshly. "Tighter," he snarled. (Y/n) blew air out the corner of her mouth and obeyed, closing her fist more around his shaft and pumping just a little bit faster. Her eyes basked in the sight of the pre beginning to form. She must be doing this right, then. She built up a steady pace, tugging his length firmly up and down, squeezing the head just a bit when her fist got to it. Her mouth watered when she saw the single bead of cum roll down his tip and she ducked her head down. Her tongue fell out to lick up the spilling, drool pooling down his cock with the touch. Sticky. Hot. Sweet?  He kind of tasted like citrus sweetness in fruit actually. She'd heard that the taste of cum was nothing to speak of, but this was a nice surprise. She wanted more. (Y/n) continued flicking her tongue over the slit of his cock before wrapping her lips already the tip and suckling. She bobbed up and down the head, tongue hanging out and salivating down his shaft which made for a nice lubricant for her fist while she resumed jerking him off. Her steady rhythm was thrown off when his tongue met her pussy again, slurping up her cum and burying his face into it. She was panting heavily, trying to get a grip and get him off. How he was breathing with his face so deep in between her legs, she'd never know. It was near impossible to concentrate on going down on him with him tongue fucking her so thoroughly. Yah, yah, he had the tongue of a god, but she needed some room to practice, goddamnit! (Y/n) settled for mindlessly sucking while trying to focus on his handjob which was much easier considering much saliva he was coated in. Sanemi's dangerous hands were wrapped tight around her hips, rocking her on his face like he hadn't eaten in days. This time she couldn't stop herself from trapping his head between her thighs. She was getting close again, even if she really didn't want to when he hadn't even finished once. Her legs trembled tightly around his head, not a care in the world if he had air, not when his lips tugged on her clit and expertly kissed at her folds. One, two, three kisses and she was coming all over his mouth. Her lips pulled of his cock to wail in the rapture of pure bliss. He promptly drank up her cum, groaning at such a feast. (Y/n) fell to his pelvis, kitten licking the base of his cock in defeat. Her hand was still taut around his shaft, milking it him at a steady pace. Eyes lidded and heavily drunk on carnal pleasure, she didn't think twice when his mouth continued its maneuvers on her sensitive cunny, pressing her for even more of her delectable nectar. Just once. Please. Please cum just once. She almost jumped when she felt him throb. Yes! She licked a strip up to the tip and aimed it out towards her extended tongue. Sanemi deeply groaned into her pussy and sucked on her clit, sending electricity up her spine but she didn't falter. Her fist jerked him faster and faster, and he thickened with a twitch. She tucked strand of hair behind her ear and stuck her tongue out more. White ropes shot onto her tongue and chin and she squealed excited while he dug bruises into her hips. But she didn't care. Not one bit. (Y/n) milked every last drop and swallowed with an satisfied gulp. Her tongue licked up the remnants left dripping down her chin, and swept down to clean his cock and pelvis with her eager appendage. Her lips pressed sloppy kisses all over his pulsing flesh, so content with how good he tasted. Sanemi was right, this really was a privilege. She was tired of course, but he was still rock hard, and that motivated her enough to stay up all night if that's what it took to satisfy him! It would. But her jaw was tired, and she was getting kind of cold, and she knew his cum would fix that right up. Her fist leisurely stroked him while her head turned back. Sanemi was still at work, plunging his tongue inside her core with no end in sight. His hold on her hips was possessive and unyielding, so she knew she couldn't just climb out. So instead, she wiggled her hips to get his attention. "Sane-," she corrected herself, "sir?" He took a moment to slip his tongue out of her and swirled it around her clit. "Hmm?" he hummed lowly with his mouth occupied. She bit her lip unsure of how to proceed, especially with how every noise coming from her mouth was a moan. She couldn't very well ask him to fuck her, that was too slutty and desperate. No, he wanted her to behave and obey. He wanted to feel needed and desired... The hashira grew annoyed with her silence and pulled away from her sex with obvious irritation. "What the hell do you want?," he all but barked. "I'm busy here." Their eyes met as he looked past her hip, and she got an idea. She shrunk behind her shoulder timidly so the only thing he could see was her wide, begging eyes. "Please..." She ran a finger tantalizingly down a prominent vein along his cock to further prove her point. "I miss you..." He laughed wickedly. "Aww," He turned away uncaring and his mouth returned to her fluttering pussy, "you're so full of shit." Utter venom. His tongue was merciless as it furiously lapped over her cunt, flicking over her bundle of nerves until she was on the cusp of pissing herself before diving into her hole to run along every sensitive nerve ending with ease like it was the back of his hand. He had her squirting less than a minute later, creaming all over his tongue and spraying his face in her juices. (Y/n) clunched at his thighs and sobbed with fat tears streaming down her cheeks. It felt so good it fucking hurt. She didn't think she could ever handle squirting like that without passing out, and he likely knew that considering he used it as punishment. Her arms gave out under her and her head fell on what she expected to be his stomach but what turned out to be the bed. She turned onto her cheek to find him on the edge of the bed taking the rest of his clothes off. Finally. Sanemi got in place behind her, raising her ass in the air and running a calloused palm down her back to make her arch to his liking. His knee nudged her thigh apart more, and he leaned down to press one last wet kiss to her pretty little pussy. One last gentle gesture before he tore her the fuck apart. He kneeled behind her, hand gripping bruises into her hips and cock pressing at her entrance. He slid it along her ass first before rubbing it along her weeping slit, teasing her clit with each stroke. (Y/n) whined loudly and pressed closer toward him, but he continued this torture, slipping past her empty hole with cruelty. There was something on his mind. "Hnnn, why did you stay. It's not like you had to, even if it was your fault." His usual harshness present in his tone. At first she had thought he was referring to today until it occurred to her. He was talking about that night. She pushed past her heat and managed to strew together an answer. "Nnn, y-you just looked like you were in so much, hn, pain. A-and I...," she buried her face into the mattress to hide the intensity of her blush, "I didn't want you to be with anybody else." She heard his breathing hitch behind her, as if in shock, and relax into a sigh. His hold softened and she wondered if maybe it had something to do with what she said. But there was no time to further theorize as his length drew back and began pushing into her. (Y/n) bit into the sheets to silence the pained noises that theatened to spill from her throat. She still wasn't used to his size despite being molded around it for hours, but it was significantly less excruciating than before. She managed to adjust in just a few seconds since he fed into her so slowly. A moan slipped out when their bases touch and her eyes started rolling back. She never wanted to be empty again. His hips rolled into hers, churning her insides and stretching them around his cock. Her walls immediately shaped around him, remembering every curve and vein like a long lost lover. The tip hitting her cervix so deep would definitely fuck up her coordination, but not a single part of her cared at the moment. She just wanted to be bred and fucked by him. His pelvis ground into hers, swiveling in circles and pulling out maybe a couple inches before thrusting back in. C'mon c'mon c'mon. She mewled and shook her ass at him, hoping that would set him off, but it was futile. He just kept rocking. (Y/n) gripped at the sheets and whined faintly. "Pleeease." Sanemi ceased his movements. "What was that?" He teased. His thumb traced the ample curve of hip and carassed it sweetly. "Didn't quite hear you." She panted and tried to grind back into him, but he held her back and pulled out completely. A groan vibrated in her chest from how slick and empty she was now. So she gave in. "Please sir~" She begged. He sneered, "Please what? Specify, or we can do this all night long." His tone was indifferent but the threat was clear. (Y/n) gulped. "Please - please fill me, take me, use me, anything! I need you! Pleeeeease~" Her legs shook with want and tears damn near threatened her eyes. His form overwhelmed hers, his chest pressing over her back, and his head nuzzled into her neck. Warmth encompassed her quickly, and she melted into him. His lips brushed up across her nape, and he sank his teeth into the side of her neck, possessively claiming her. "Good girl." He shoved his cock back into her, setting a swift pace right from the start. He fucked into her with rhythm, even more so than their first time, reaching every nook and cranny inside her tight walls. His cock promptly dipped into her sweet spot with each thrust, having memorized the delicated spot the moment he found it and had her ready to give out then and there. Sanemi was relentless, unwavering - not a single hindrance in his pacing. (Y/n) was a crying, sobbing mess underneath him because it was breaking her mind. She dug her hips back into his to take even more of his godly length that fit her like a puzzle piece. The sounds of their wet sloshing went unheard with the violent creaking of the bed, her whimpering, and his grunting. Her eyes were rolling back, and she mouthed at the blanketing until it was a sopping wet mess. Her cries vibrated into the covers and were interrupted every few seconds with a hiccup. Any outsider would've thought she was mourning a severe loss or maybe even dying. With his chest splayed over her, his arm was braced beside her head and the other angled her ass up to take his thrusts. He needed to because she kept squirming and trying to fuck up his tempo. Her walls clenched tight around him, sucking him in at every moment and keeping him coated in slick. He cooed at the pathetic trembling of her body, knowing damn well it was his doing. He faltered for just a moment to shove his dick against her sweet spot, making her scream into the bedding and he grimaced. He hated that, hated her attempts at silence. He wanted her screaming to the heavens for him. Sanemi quickened, slamming his hips into her so deep that every thrust bruised her cervix. A fresh wave of tears spilt down her cheeks, and her hand leapt back to find purchase on his hip, begging him to ease up before she fell apart. She unwillingly squeezed around him from the brute force. "Shit," he cursed through clenched teeth, "you're fucking tight." (Y/n) couldn't find it in herself to worry, still drooling over his cock. She shut her eyes tight. Fuck, she's close. So close. The cord was bound so tight she felt as if her body would break when it snapped. Almost there... Two thrusts and a swivel later and the cord snapped sharply. He helped her through it with steady strokes, and she screamed his name into the mattress, stilling her beautiful voice. He stuttered in disbelief and rammed into her so hard that bruises began to swell. He was fucking pissed. "Goddamnit!" She could heard the absolute fury in his voice and sniveled. "Stop covering your fucking mouth or I'll stop right now!" he snapped. (Y/n) sniffled from being yelled at and turned her face out of the bed, her cheek pressing into the wet spot her mouth made and a new flood of dispirited tears making it even wetter. She mewled scared into the open and he leaned down to alleviate her fear. He hated making her cry like that. His lips pressed against her cheek softly, lovingly, and his touch became gentle. "Ah, there we go baby. Let me hear all those sweet sounds you're makin'," he cooed. He slipped into her tenderly now, taking care to rub at her walls without making her jump and carassesing her aching hips. Sanemi could hear her moans clearly now, his balls beginning to grow achingly tight. She knew he was close too. She knew in the way his pace weened into deep, slow thrusts, knew in the way his member thickened, knew in the way his face nuzzled into her messy hair. She loved knowing when he was about to spill, because it gave her time to prepare. Her ass pressed closer, and pussy twitched around him in anticipation. Every noise that left her lips was a whimper or a 'please' that went straight to his cock and made it pulse harshly inside of her. The eager pivot of her ass finally did him in, and he stilled inside her with a final deep thrust, his tip aimed flush against her womb. (Y/n)'s mouth gasped open and her tongue fell out in heavy pants. "Sanemi! Oh oh oh oh oh~" With the wave of warmth that gushed into her womb, she came, her cunt milking him hungrily for every drop. Her body was sent into a fit of shivering from the overwhelming fullness and arched into his lap. Sanemi rocked into her with fervor, shallowly bucking his load deeper. "Fuuuuck, that's it. Good girl. Take it all for me." Her belly felt swollen from the fullness, some of the cum dribbling out around his cock because of how stuffed she was. He leaned off of her back to better hold her legs up, which had given out the second she had climaxed. His eyes fell down to where they were still connected, admiring the ring of his cum that was frothing around his cock from breeding her. His hands rubbed warm circles on the small of her back while he held her, trying to get her body to stop trembling so hard. Although, he was quite proud that he had fucked her that good. Once her muscles had relaxed, he let her fall into his lap and moved to massage her back muscles that were no doubt sore. "You alright?" He appraised. She groaned in exhaustion. "Mhmm." Shinazugawa resumed working her taut muscles, and she was grateful he had allowed her to mumble her response. His chest loomed over her again, and he swept her hair out of the way to press sweet, sympathetic kisses all over the back of her neck and shoulders. His lips grazed over her ear. "You did good, (y/n). Do you need a break?" His voice was warm and tender like that of a lover and she sighed. "Yeeeees," she groaned with a shrill voice. Despite him being balls deep inside of her right now, (y/n) still blushed, giddy from that fact that she's pretty sure this was the first time he's ever called her by her first name. He chuckled and sucked a raw mark into the side of her neck before leaning off of her again. Sanemi gently pulled his cock from her spent pussy, an obscene pop sounding when they separated. Cum immediately dripped down her thighs and pussy in heavy streams. She feebly whined and closed her legs in an attempt to save some, wanting to have kept it all inside her tummy. He hushed her with a coo and scooped dollops back into her core with his fingers while shifting them to lay back on the mattress. (Y/n) cuddled close into him, nearly crawling on top of him, and hugged her arms tight around his chest. A genuine laugh graced her ears. "What's this about?" His playfulness warmed her chest. She rubbed her cheek against his chest, and her fingers traced little circles on his chest, nervous. "Nothing. I just really like you." Sanemi shook his head and smiled in amusement. "Yeah, no shit babe." (Y/n) jerked her head up to look at him and gasped, "No, like... ahhh!" She burrowed her face into his chest like she was trying to hide. "I'm sorry, I'm making this weird. I'll stop talking," she mumbled. "No, no," he consoled her, rubbing her arms in comfort and pulling her closer. She blushed at the intimate gesture, and her lips tugged upwards ever so slightly. They dropped when she continued. "I'm sorry for lying. I didn't want you to regret what happened," she admitted. It felt nice to get it off her chest, even if her timing was dreadful. Sanemi sighed and his fingers pinched the bridge of his nose in a tinge of frustration. "Well, I wish I could've enticed you into it like today. I didn't even get to do that sappy vanilla shit with you. Oh well." he fussed. She gawked at him and sassed, "You could've done it today, Mister sir." He sniggered and sneered. "What's done is done. I don't regret a thing." She rolled her eyes and chuckled, resting her head on his chest again. But his words got her thinking... "Enticed? Like flirting? You were flirting with me today?" His eyes narrowed at her with a look that screamed 'are you serious?!' He hissed, "Yes, I've been doing it for fuckin' months! Are you clueless?!" She gasped in realization and reeled back to all those times he held her back in training to "fix her form". He'd get a little bit touchy here and there and came awfully close to groping her, but she thought that was normal! And the way he would smooth talk her... damn it! Oh gods, this was just like that time with that blonde boy, she really couldn't take a hint. "I-I'm so sorry!" She apologized profusely. "I didn't know, I thought you were just like that! I'm really sorry!" Sanemi rubbed her back in forgiveness and now it was his turn to roll his eyes. She was slumped against his shoulder when another epiphany hit her. "Wait, so you like me then?" He actually got bit flustered by this and turned away. "Ugh, now you're making this weird." She gleamed at the hint of red on his face and squealed excited. "Okay, okay, sorry. I'll stop." She's satisfied with laying there for a moment, her mind racing with possibilities. She still couldn't believe this was all happening, and there was still one more thing that she wanted. "Would you... maybe like to go on a date sometime?" She felt nervous again. Sure they slept together. A couple times actually. But an emotional relationship was another thing entirely. Shinazugawa huffed defeated. "If I say yes will you shut up about it?" She smiled and leaned up to peck the side of his mouth. "Yes, sir," she purred. He grinned and kissed her lips, sucking them gently before nibbling her bottom lip open so his tongue could graze her own. Their hands grabbed onto each other and he pulled her over to lay on his chest to better cater her mouth. "I love it when you call me that." He tugged her tongue between his teeth, eliciting a moan. "Almost gave me a damn hard-on everytime you said it during training." (Y/n) pulled her tongue away from his mouth and ran it along his jaw to pepper kisses along his cheek. "Just seeing you was enough for me," she chimed. Her hips rocked into his, her creamy pussy rubbing the underside of his cock that she had pressed against his stomach. He groaned and chuckled at the same time. "Tch, you get all bitchy about a date but can't keep your legs closed for two minutes. Some romantic you are." Her head falls against his shoulder and she sighs. "I can't help it, Sanemi. You feel sooo good~" His large hands palmed her ass while his tongue played with hers. He rocked her to and fro before lifting her up so he could slide his cock in with near ease from how soaked she was and began bouncing her. She did want to know more about how he felt of course. She wanted to know when, why, how he began to pursue her. It had went over her head after all. But there was plenty of time for that later. And for now, she was content being filled up with his affections. - It was hours later that they finally resigned to sleep, her body no longer able to even lift a finger. Thankfully, Sanemi was more than happy with cleaning the both of them up and even took it a step further with stuffing his cock inside her to keep her full and warm while they rested. She could've married him for that alone. Now his chest was to her back and they were both on their sides with his fibrous arms wrapped around her. She could finally relax, which was new as she was usually so stressed to be around him since she was always aiming to impress. But things were better now. His warm palm was pressed to her belly, thumb caressing her tummy in slow petting. He held her stomach like it was precious, and it reminded her of his earlier disappointment when she'd told him of her lack of pregnancy. He had been teasing her at the time, but with this he actually seemed genuinely let down. Maybe it was just sleepy thinking...maybe. But right now - having a baby didn't seem like such a bad idea.
Tumblr media
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touyaz · 5 months ago
shinazugawa sanemi x fem reader | wc 0.7k
cw edging, overstim, unprotected sex, vag sex, creampie, dumbification.
Tumblr media
sanemi can always tell you're about to cum when your voice keens into high-pitched whines and whimpers, when your pussy squeezes his cock so tightly he can barely pull back, when your nails dig into the thick muscles in his back, scratching red lines that'll burn a reminder of this night into his skin for days to come. and, just as he can feel you fluttering around him, teetering on the edge of another orgasm, he'll pull out. there's nothing he cherishes more than the desperation that pours out of you — a raw, untamed craving for him, him, him; he relishes the dew drops spilling from your eyes, the gape in your mouth that lets out the prettiest, most wanton cries of "please, 'nemi, p-please, don't stop", the way your thighs tremble and your body moves without thinking, arching up to seek out his touch.
he taps the tip of his cock against your clit, twice, thrice, basking in the way you mewl, the way your greedy hole flutters around nothing so desperately. there's something about the way you beg, words slurring to string together nonsense, but he understands — it's music to his ears, the way you sob his name, pleading for him so shamelessly, "oh, please, 'nemi, want it s'bad, need you— 'nemi, need you, pleasepleaseplease. ah, ah, san— sanemi, fuck me, please."
"yeah, you want it? need my cock that fuckin' badly?" he's such a tease, even when you're already falling apart beneath him, sliding his cock through your arousal, along your dripping slit, but never further, never dipping into your pussy like you're yearning for. "c'mon, let me hear ya, babe, fuckin' beg for it— beg for it 'n i'll fuck ya real good. i'll pound this li'l pussy like ya want, pretty girl."
you're perfect, he thinks, watching as you lose your inhibitions, as you careen into his body so needily, moaning and squealing and crying about how badly you want him, how desperately you need his cock to fill you up, blabbing mindlessly about how good he makes you feel, how only he can give you this insurmountable pleasure.
and how can he deny you any longer when you're baring yourself to him so beautifully? with a sly grin and a fully-satiated ego, he finally, finally, impales you once more. inch after glorious inch, dragging veins across the silky walls of your cunt as he buries himself to the hilt, grinding the tuft of hair at the base of his cock against your swollen clit, and that's all it takes for you to cum. for you to clench around his cock and for your eyes to roll back as you lose yourself to hot white flashes and a rush of dopamine.
one release bleeds into another as he fucks you through your orgasm. your legs quiver and tense with overstimulation, and sanemi focuses his attention on pounding against that sweet spot with scary precision, never missing his mark, pace unwaveringly brutal. you're so tight and hot around him, unabashedly wailing his name for all to hear, and he can't hold himself back from digging his blunt nails into your soft skin, shoving himself as deep as possible before he finally blows. thick ropes of cum spurt into you, warming your cervix, reducing you to a puddle of endorphins and euphoria. there are rings of cream clinging to his cock when he thrusts shallowly, drawing out your orgasms, letting you settle into a hazy calmness.
he stays buried in you, molding your insides to the shape of his cock as your pussy flutters in the aftershock of such an intense climax. there are tears streaming down the sides of your face that he kisses quietly, rolling the two of you over until you're firmly nestled into his warm body.
sanemi can always tell you're about to drift off when you press fleeting little pecks to the scars on his chest in between your soft pants. with one hand wrapped around your waist, keeping you flushed on top of him, the other rubs soothing lines up and down your back, gently lulling you to sleep. he's more tender now, murmurs of praise — of how pretty you looked for him, how good you were for him, how well you listened to him — filling the quiet air before he kisses the top of your head and joins you in your sleep.
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hanakages · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a/n: here’s some more character i have the one-liners for! i think this will be the last of the series! + gender neutral reader
previous post for reference
“who would’ve thought falling in love with you would become such a hassle for me?”
“oh i can’t even close my eyes without seeing you trying to hold me in your arms.”
“…you continue to love me, even though you know i’m nothing but a burden to the world.”
“thank you for being born, as you’re the reason why i was born as well, under that same star.”
“when i tell you ‘i love you,’ i hope you hear it a million times…because that’s how many times i want to say it every time.”
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kingkyoujurou · 18 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
『 . . . you are the only exception . . . 』
+word count. 1.3k
+categories. f/m, gn/m, m/m
+relationships. sanemi shinazugawa x reader
+characters. sanemi shinazugawa
+author’s note. FOR MY BESTIE CUZ ITS HER BDAY but ill keep it [name] for u hoes @hanakages​
Tumblr media
Sanemi wasn't too big on birthday's himself, but he made an exception for you. He knew that you would want to have something initimate and one on one rather than a big extravangant party so he kept it minimal. He even handmade the decorations himself from hanging origami cranes and hearts to a mini "happy birthday" banner. Of course, he couldn't forget the balloons.
Now he didn't want to go as far as baking a cake, so he had to do his best to avoid you while going into town and picking it up from the local bakery. He knew you were out celebrating with Shinobu and Mitsuri having all sorts of girly fun whatever that meant. The only problem? The restaurant that you were in was right next to the bakery and you guys loved your outdoor seating.
How lucky for him.
Now, if you know Sanemi or any of the other Hashira, you would know that they stand out like a sore thumb. Everyone in the community knows them and it was hard to avoid people. He hated to do it but he did his best to disguise himself as simple commoner. So that mean no haori, no slayer uniform and absolutely no sword. That last part killed him, but to make the love of his life happy was the only objective of the day and if he had to do this to get that cake, then by Kami he would do it.
His scars and hair were the things that stood out the most so unfortunately those had to be covered up with a straw hat and an old long sleeved outfit that he had to dig out of the depths of his closet. Fortunately, it covered just about everything and then off he went.
As Sanemi approached the bakery, he immediately noticed your beautiful beaming face from over a hundred feet away. He had to remind himself he was here for the cake not to awkwardly stare at you and bask in your beauty. When he began to look away he felt your eyes shift to him and he immediately walked into the shop as to not cause too much suspicion.
"Is something the matter [name]-kun?" Shinobu asked looking at your puzzled expression.
"Yeah...I just thought I saw Sanemi, but maybe not?" You looked over where the man who resembled Sanemi walked into.
Akasuki's Bakery, huh.
"You sure?" Mitsuri asked, coming into your view.
"No, maybe it's my imagination." You smiled at her changing the subject.
He had been acting rather weird this morning. It's not that he didn't say happy birthday. He did. It was just extremely underwhelming. And while you did say you didn't want gifts or anything to grand, he only gave you a measly generic Happy Birthday card. It was a tad disappointing to say the least.
Meanwhile, Sanemi was wiping away the stress sweat that came with getting there under zero suspicion. He already felt like you had known at this point but actually getting caught and confronted would've completely ruined his plan. He finally got to the front of the line and opened his mouth to speak, but the owner already greeted him.
"Oh, Sanemi-san! Here to pick up that cake?" He announced way too loudly.
As much as he wanted to feel embarrassed, he did not have much time for that. So he only nodded.
"Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot it was a surprise." The owner said in a hushed tone. "I'll be right back."
Thankfully, no one was in there and the owner came back quickly with a cutely packaged cake. It was in a wooden box with a baby blue bow ontop. Very simple, yet elegant.
Sanemi simply nodded and handed him a wad of cash. More than what was needed and walked off. To say the owner was astounded was an understatement. He waved to him goodbye and quicky rushed home making sure the cake was intact and set everything up for your arrival.
As he was adding the finishing touches, he heard the front door unlock and slide open.
"I'm home!" He heard you call out, but he did not answer.
He heard your footsteps become closer and then finally you turned the switch on to see his glorious smile.
"Happy birthday!" He cheered holding up a small gift box. It was enveloped in gold and had a cute red ribbon around it.
"Oh." Was all you could say in response as you eyed at the decor in awe. Everything was obviously handmade but crafted with care. Suddenly he was standing in front of you and greeting you with a warm embrace and a kiss to your forehead.
"Sorry, for the shitty happy birthday greeting this morning. I wanted to make it seem as if I didn't care so that this would seem extra special." He smiled down at you.
Tears streamed down your eyes and his violet hues widened in shock. "Why are you crying?!"
"Because you're so good to me. I can't believe I would think that you wouldn't do something special. I'm sorry!" You bawled as you hugged him tightly.
Sanemi felt his face become warm. "O-oh."
You felt his hand gently rub your back and then you pulled away to gaze up at him. "Thank you, Nemi."
That just about did him in. Sanemi was a stuttering and flustered mess and failed to recompose himself which only made you laugh.
"Uhm, here." He lightly pressed the gift against your chest.
"Oh, right. I hope it's not another shitty birthday card." You teased and he only smiled a bit remembering how grumpy you looked this morning taking it from him.
You unwrapped the gift and you gasped at what it held. It was a beautiful teardrop garnet necklace with diamond accents on a gold chain.
"And if you turn it around." He said as he rotated the necklace over and there behind the garnet was your name engraved.
"Oh my goodness, Sanemi. This is..." You began to say but he only took the necklace from your hands and clasped it onto your neck.
"I dont' wanna hear it. I got it specially made for you and you're going to wear it."
Sanemi was an insistent man indeed. You grinned at him as you held the garnet between your fingers. "Thank you."
"Of course." He bent down to kiss you again and then led you to the table with all his handmade decor and of course the boxed cake.
"So, I wasn't imagining things." You pointed to the box with the Akasuki's logo pressed into the wooden box.
"You saw me?!"
"Sanemi, I literally bought you that straw hat. It has your name on the side." You burst out into a fit of giggles. The expression on his face was too good as he rushed to the other room to look at the straw hat and sure enough his name was in kanji on the side.
"I appreciate the effort though. Everything is amazing." You ran your fingers through his silver locks.
"Well, you haven't tried the cake yet." He took you by the hand and led you to the table again.
He unboxed the cake to reveal a gorgeous strawberry shortcake that was beautifully dressed in berries and in the center it read "happy birthday [name]!". You smiled as he carefully laid out the candles and lit them.
"Do you want me to sing happy birthday while you awkwardly sit there or do you wanna just make a wish and blow it out?" He asked looking over at you.
You laughed. "I think we can skip the happy birthday song this year."
"Well, I wouldn't be too sure about that. The rest are planning a surprise party for you."
You opened your mouth in shock. "No way."
He smiled teasingly. "Yeah, so while you think that you're going to have it all good and happy birthday songless this year. You're dead wrong. Now make a wish."
You begrudgingly closed your eyes and made a wish and blew them out.
"What did you wish for?" He asked while you began to cut your cake.
"For you to propose to me." You retorted slyly.
That just about set his face into flames and you into another fit of giggles. You cupped his cheeks and kissed  him gently. “I’m not going to wait forever, you know?”
He felt his face settle down slowly as he looked over at his stand and that back to you. “I know.”
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ladywaifuuwrites · 10 months ago
Pillars reacting to their crush who’s small but strong
Tumblr media
Request: male pillars reacting to a really strong female pillar whos like super short like 4′10-5′ and they crush on them.
Pairings: Male pillars x fem! reader
Synopsis: Their crush is a strong smol pillar ^_^
Warnings: manga spoiler
a/n: I smiled at your request since I’m small too. Like I’m 5′0. And I’m kinda scared to do face to face classes since the boys at my school will tease me for not getting taller. Hmph. SO HERE YA GO. You’re the first request! Have a nice day whoever u are!
And I am so sorry this is so long! ASJDAOFHHASK. I got carried away in some of those storylines. I hope this makes sense (wrote this when I was hungry).
This would be a headcanon I assume. 
I’m sorry if It’s taking me long to answer requests but don’t worry I’ll write those! I’ll probably upload rules for future requests :)
Tumblr media
Giyuu Tomioka
yo this guy is tall not kidding
Giyuu is head over heels for you. He’ll want to protect you since you’re the most precious things he’s ever laid eyes on
Sparkles in his eyes whenever he sees you✨
He doesn’t want to lose you so he’s butting in on all of your missions. You get annoyed and you think he’s looking down on you.
You two get into a fight and doesn’t fix it since Giyuu’s communication is bad. It ends up in you walking away.
Nighttime and demons are lurking around in the forest as you take a stroll to clear your mind. Then a demon launches on you but thanks to your quick reflexes you dodge.
It’s a strong demon, close enough to become one of the lower moons. But nothing you can’t handle.
Giyuu senses a demon nearby and he frantically searches for you. *sim dads reaction when the mother goes into labor lmaooooo*
Lights fill up an area of the forest from the techniques you use. In like 2 strikes the demon dies.
He finally finds you as the demon’s ashes blow away. Your hair is dramatically blowing too.
He’s just staring at you then hugs you “I’m sorry. I’m not underestimating you…I just want to protect you.”  
Then all good. He’s amazed by how strong you are despite you’re short stature. You’re going to missions together and sometimes he just watches you finish off the demon. Just happy to see that satisfied smile you have when you kill a demon.
Muichiro Tokito
When he first met you at the pillar meeting, he muttered his thoughts, wondering how could someone be that small? You’re in the same age but you’re small.
Shinobu heard him since she was beside him and said “that’s rude to ask someone”. She’s lowkey offended.
Tengen retorts to Muichiro. “You’re small too…??”
Since it’s rude, he kept his mouth shut. You’re the same age as him when you entered the corps. He thinks you’ll grow up anyway. 
Surprise surprise you grew up, 2 inches. But still small. 
He gets nervous a bit around you since puberty did you good. Won’t admit it though.
Cue swordsmith village arc
He’s having trouble dealing with Gyokko. (I hate his face. It’s weird and ugly.)
Then minutes later, you show up out of nowhere, giving great damage to the demon.
“Are you okay?” you ask him with concern and you two fight off the fish demon.
He’s in awe because you actually took over the fight. Sure you have injuries but those are minor compared to his and you were very careful.
He’s injured so he couldn’t do much but you saved him and the civilians by defeating the demon. That’s when he realized how amazing you are and you earn his respect. 
Days pass by and you two along with the other demon slayers are commended by Oyakata-sama.
He thanks you when the both of you are walking together. He’s very grateful for what you did and you two become closer afterwards.
“Ah young love.” Mitsuri sighs blissfully as she watches you two leave the headquarters.
Kyojuro Rengoku 
Kyojuro knows you’re small and he knows you’re strong. You’re one of his trainees along with Mitsuri, so you’ve known each other for a long time now.
You rose to the ranks of the pillars with Kyojuro’s guidance. And now you’re looked up to by the whole organization because of your excellent swordsmanship despite your small figure. 
So you’re tasked to train 20 slayers ranked below Tsuchinoto. You take them to a clearing in the forest where training equipment are already placed. You train them by remembering what Kyojuro has taught you over the years. And you smile, seeing your past self in the struggling slayers.
You gave them a 10 minute break and after 10 minutes, you do a headcount to see if everyone is in your proximity. 
Oh no. A slayer is missing.
So you set off to find the missing one and there you found him. 
Hanging upside down from the arms of a large demon. The boy is muttering apologies for straying faraway and is begging for you to save him upon seeing you. 
You are annoyed at the fact that he has disobeyed your orders and is now at the hands of danger. But this was no time to be blaming someone for a boy’s life is at stake here. 
You jump into the air and you take down the demon pretty easily with one strike of your sword. And you catch the falling boy bridal style with your annoyed face. 
You put the boy down but suddenly a demon comes attacking you both. You kill it but more of it comes at you. They are easy to take down but it keeps coming, making you tired if you have to do this all night. It just won’t stop multiplying.
You think you’ve killed almost all of it but then the slayer screams “(L/N)-SAN!!!!!”. A monstrous looking demon bares its claws at you, but before you could react a flash of flames appears right in front of your eyes. 
“Kyojuro…” You whisper in relief as he slays the final demon. The bright flames sparkle in your eyes as you’re once again amazed at the man.
Kyojuro looks at you and comes over. “You’re so amazing.” You manage to say. 
He smiles and says. “No. You’re the amazing one.”. You always manage to face whatever challenge and it always ends up in you winning. Kyojuro knows how hard you proved others wrong by becoming a strong pillar. 
Super proud of you cause you’re strong. He actually watched you battle those before jumping in to save you.
Sanemi Shinazugawa
He doesn’t really care if you’re short or tall
The important things is that you’re useful to the organization
When someone teases you about your height, you end up feeling down and he’s there to beat that someone’s ass.
He doesn’t like to admit it but he’s a softie when it comes to you. You eventually break down his walls and now you can say you’re friends with the scary wind pillar.
You always tease him though and he’s always annoyed. But everyone thinks you’re both dumb since it’s very clear that you two like each other but you still deny it.
There’s this time where Sanemi is visibly struggling fighting demons as you watch him peacefully on a rooftop. He’s glaring at you and asks you “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”.
You just smile at him sweetly😊
Sanemi pretends his heart didn’t do a flip. But his heart stopped when he saw a demon behind you on the rooftop.
He was about to call your name when another blink and the demon’s head was cut off.
He was surprised since it all happened so fast. You go down to the ground, landing safely as you battle demons that the frozen Sanemi left.
It just took you 10 seconds to eliminate those demons and Sanemi’s mouth is left agape as he watched you.
You weren’t normally like this. So why the sudden surge of power?
“Sanemi hun. Close your mouth.” You say to him with a blank face, but before you could go past him, he gripped your wrist tightly and placed your small body in front of him.
He dragged you so easily lol.
He hugged you with your faced buried on his chest.
It was the comforting kind of silence. Sanemi was scared losing you to that demon but deep inside he knows that you’re strong.
Won’t admit that your moves are amazing.
Gyomei Himejima
This man is the strongest in the demon slayer corps and the tallest
Lmaoooo you would be like a mushroom beside him💀🍄
Gyomei actually gets out of tricky situations easily because he’s that strong
You’re a fairly new pillar who earned her spot 3 months ago. You two were assigned on a mission together. A gigantic demon appeared throughout the village that was between the regions you and the stone pillar were assigned in.
Gyomei knows your capabilities so he trusts you in doing a good job, but he can’t help but worry about you.
He doesn’t care if you’re small, he thinks that height isn’t the basis for an excellent demon slayer. But he’s still worried, so he looks for you. I don’t know how he looks but he looks.
Then he sees you fighting off demons very easily. A determined look is seen across your face. Gyomei feels he’s tearing up because he’s so proud of you. Proud boyfriend here somethin.
You were just a weak mizunoto years ago and now you’re a strong pillar who can fight with him side by side.
When you finish off the demons, you look to see Gyomei smiling at you. This were the fruits of the harsh trainings you went through, it made an excellent swordswoman.
Among the pillars, you stand beside Gyomei in rankings. So you’re powerful like wow. O_O
Obanai Iguro
He’s small but have you seen him fight? He’s a demon slayer with remarkable speed and you won’t know he’s attacking you because his moves slithers secretly like a snake.
You’ve always admired Obanai even you’re now both pillars. And that admiration bloomed into something more.  
He’s a strong pillar despite his small stature and that’s what you aim for to be like.
You’re trying to show off your moves to him every time you’re in battle together, to show him what you can do. To which he’s just “meh”.
So you give up on trying to show off and just do it for the sake of the people you’re saving.
You really gave up on showing off, but you can’t help it cause your breathing forms are flashy. Obanai doesn’t show it but he loves that display of power you have when you’re fighting.
Poor man doesn’t realize he’s in love with you even though others point it out.
He’s having trouble dividing his attention on protecting the civilians or fighting the demons. Luckily you were near the area so you came to his aid.
You slay the demons with your sharp and precise movements in just a short amount of time.
He’s like 😲 but when you turn he’s back to 😐😷
He’s one of the guys who won’t admit that you’re amazing and won’t admit that he likes you. You force him to confess though.
Tengen Uzui
If Obanai doesn’t admit he likes you, this guy would shout that he likes you
Would openly flirt with you because why not? There’s nothing to be shy about.
Always takes the chance to compliment and flirt with you.
“You’re cute (y/n)” “Thanks” Tengen finds your height cute because the height difference is HUGE.
Another mushroom like moment💀🍄
He knows you’re strong so he likes to train with you. Always ends up letting you win because he just likes it when he’s pinned down by your smaller figure.
When a demon invasion came in your area,, you fight them off while Tengen is called for backup.
He slays the lesser demons easily and found you fighting a stronger demon while protecting some children behind your back.
He smirks and leans against a tree, arms folded while watching you fight off the demon. 
You did it so easily making Tengen’s eyebrows rise.
Then you see him and ask him “what are you doing?”.
“watching you.” He finds you hot and sexy when you have that focused look in the middle of a battle. He won’t say it out loud because you might smack him in the face.
Super amazed at the fact that you’re stronger than the other pillars despite your small figure.(he thinks you’re stronger than him but dismisses that because pshhhhhh).
Will throw you over his shoulder at random times. Thinking that his antics will make you fall in love with him.
And it did…
Tumblr media
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knylinphd · 15 days ago
Their S/O has painted them | Headcanons
gender neutral
-> During your off days, you enjoy painting to spend the time. But then, your boyfriend notices that he has been your muse for your last work of art.
-> Sanemi Shinazugawa, Inosuke Hashibira, Kyojuro Rengoku, Zenitsu Agatsuma.
Sanemi Shinazugawa
Tumblr media
You had been hiding your painting from Sanemi for a while. You wanted it to be absolutely perfect once he saw it, but you always found a detail you didn’t like. But for real, you were scared ; it was a portrait of him -exactly how he looked like right now.
Of course, to you, he looked perfect. You thought he even looked adorable on your portrait, with a tiny smile on and his cheeks a bit tainted in pink. « That’s what you’ve been working on for so long ? » you suddenly hear behind you.
« Don’t look ! I’m not done yet ! » you replied, trying to hide it. « Looks pretty done already. But if it’s a portait of me, why not make me more attractive and less fucked up, hm ? » he asked, hurting you a bit ; what did he mean ?
« … You don’t like it ? » you asked, not hiding it anymore. « I love it. You’re a talented artist. But you could’ve painted me without all my wounds y’know. I just thought, objectively -art wise- it would be better. » You understood the problem.
You held your boyfriend’s cheek, caressing a scar he had on this spot in the process. « Your scars are beautiful, Nemi. It wouldn’t have looked complete without them. They’re a part of what makes you handsome. » It was enough to make him hug you.
Inosuke Hashibira
Tumblr media
This painting was like a dream. You were just witnessing Inosuke understanding why people loved art. Yes, he respected that you painted, but never really understood the point. But right now, he got it. Of course, he called everyone to see.
« See ? (Y/N) painted me as a true beast ! My boar skin, it gets all over my back ! Look at my fangs ! I look gigantic ! » he kept repeating, very proud that it was probably the image of himself he was giving you. « This pile of skulls is… very realistic. » Tanjiro commented. You nodded.
« It’s all of those I have defeated ! » Inosuke laughed. « This demon is very well done too, (Y/N) ! I mean, I already knew you were talented, but this much ?! » Zenitsu also said, really impressed. Indeed, a beast Inosuke with blood spread on him while fighting a demon on his pile of skulls was very… imaginative.
« How do I keep it forever ?! » the boy asked, excited. « Well, we can ask Shinobu and Aoi to keep it at the Butterly Estate, so everytime we go there, we can look at it. » you replied. Inosuke agreed. « Yeah ! And anyone going in there will know about the great Inosuke ! »
You laughed. « I’m glad you liked it. I’ve been wanting to paint you for a while. » He pointed to himself, grinning under his mask. « Teach me now ! » You blinked. « But you always refused before ? » He frowned. « That was before I knew I could paint myself as a beast ! »
Kyojuro Rengoku
Tumblr media
You were finally done. You had painted Kyojuro in the middle of your canvas, hair and haori floating, with flames surrounding him, matching his own colors. You wanted to let it dry before showing it to him, but he had already beaten you to it.
« It looks absolutely perfect ! » You jumped at the sudden loud voice right behind you. « Kyo ! I’m glad you like it. I worked hard ! » you said, happy that he was proud of it as well. « It’s for you. I wanted to portray how strong you are. »
« It looks absolutely perfect ! » he repeated. « Shows that I’m the flame pillar. I love it ! I think it’s your best painting yet ! And I love all of your paintings ! » you giggled at his enthusiasm. « I would hang it in my room at the estate, but I want everyone to see it. »
Kyojuro was usually very proud of you whatever you made, but you could tell that this one really was his favorite. He did hang it in the estate, and the other pillars commented on it. They were kind of forced to though, as Kyojuro just harassed them to come and see.
« I think it’s their best one cause they made it with all their love for you. » Mitsuri said, seeming very touched and happy. Kyojuro laughed out loud, nodding. « Probably ! It’s my most precious present now. So doesn’t anyone dare touching it. » he sounded dead serious.
Zenitsu Agatsuma
Tumblr media
« (Y/N) ! I can’t believe when you painted Shinobu you painted her all strong, and me ? I just look like a baby ! Why do I look so weak ?! » Fuck him. You spend all this time painting him and that’s how he reacts to it ?
« It’s literally inspired from the look you gave me on our first date. But whatever I guess, I’ll paint you with your shitty katana and electricity if it’s all that matter ! » you yelled. Tanjiro nodded. He was so shocked by his friend’s reaction, even more after he had just told you how he thought he would like it.
« Uh ?! I’m sorry ! I’m sorry, it’s beautiful ! It’s just that… I’m not that strong so I thought you would… picture me in a better light… » he admitted. You knew Zenitsu was very self-conscious, but he often didn’t realize how his words would come out to others.
« I wanted to illustrate how I love you, you know. I love it when you give me that look. To me, it was way better than just painting you fighting when you’re sleeping only so you could see it yourself. » It was obvious that he had hurt you, so he hugged you tightly.
« I’m really sorry, (Y/N). I truly love it. I just knew that I was going to show it to everyone, so I wanted to impress them with a portrait of me fighting. I’m really sorry I hurt you. It’s really cute that you wanted to paint something more personal. » After having a talk about it, you realized that he truly loved it. Maybe next time you’ll paint him asleep, though !
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