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Hashira NSFW links
Tengen uzui 
1. Manhandling you 
2. Taking his big cock deep
3. A video you send him while he’s on a mission 
Obanai iguro
1. Dripping all over his cock
2. Throwing that ass back on him while he catches it all. 
3. Letting him kitten lick your clit 
Kyojuro Rengoku 
1. Riding him in the backseat of his car while creaming on him so good.
2. Pounding you in a mating press
3. Squriting so much becasue he fucksyou soo good. 
Giyu Tomioka
1. Riding him so good you get to hear his cute moans 
2. Hitting it from the back for the first time 
3. Missionary is so good with him 
Sanemi Shinazugawa
1. Fucking you rough on a table 
2. Slutting you out
3. Trying to ride his big cock before he takes control 
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Paranoia in the Flesh | Two
Summary: The Demon Slayer Corp have been hunting and killing demons since the first generations of slayers. As demons still lurk around and feed on humans, Kagaya decides to bring someone to help him and the Hashira. She had been slaying demons for as long as she can remember but there is a problem. She has demon blood in her. Will she be able to help the Hashira defeat Muzen Kibutsuji once and for all? Or will things change for everyone?
Characters: Tsukiju [Y/N], Tanjiro Kamado, Zenitsu Agatsuma, Inosuke Hashibira, Genya Shinazugawa, Kyojuro Rengoku, Giyu Tomioka, Obanai Iguro, Sanemi Shinazugawa, Tengen Uzui, Muzan Kibutsuji, Akaza, Douma,
Genre: Love, Drama, Angst, Blood, Action
Notes: I just wanna say that I really appreciate that you guys are loving this story. I’m just honored since my writing isn’t the best lol your comments always make me smile and makes my day even brighter. You guys encourage me to keep writing. If you wanna be tagged, just comment on here or send me a message.
“AHHH!!! A DEMON!!” 
[Y/N] couldn’t help but tried not to laugh as her and Tanjiro walked inside the room where he’d be recovering to suddenly hear such a loud voice that it almost made them both lose their hearing.
“Zenitsu, calm down! She’s a good demon!” Tanjiro tried to explain to him but he just kept yelling.
As he kept yelling, [Y/N] couldn’t resist and started to laugh at how ridiculous he sounded but she also understood at his uneasiness with her. 
“Zenitsu right?” She said which caused him to be silent for a moment before he hide behind Tanjiro whom gave her a weak smile. “I’m truly sorry for scaring you like this. I just came to drop off Tanjiro here so he can rest. I heard about your injuries. I hope they aren’t too severe.”
Zenitsu stared at her especially her eyes. He gulped and nodded. 
“I-I’m also s-sorry for yelling at you miss and t-thank y-you..” He mumbled as he still kept hiding.
[Y/N] gave him a sweet smile and patted his head which shocked him. 
“Call me [Y/N], Zenitsu.” 
“Well, I should be going. Have a lot of stuff to do.”
“Oh that’s right. We’ll see you later [Y/N].” Tanjiro said with a smile.
[Y/N] looked at him then at Zenitsu whom was giving her a small smile. Her eyes widen for a second before she gave them a smile and made her way towards them before pressing her lips against Tanjiro’s forehead then Zenitsu’s. 
“Time for you guys to rest up. I’ll come and visit later on okay.”
“Thank you [Y/N].” 
She giggled as she waved at them before heading out.
Tanjiro kept his gaze at the door as he couldn’t help but smiling which caught Zenitsu’s attention.
“Tanjiro..who exactly is [Y/N]? I’ve never heard of her before.”
“All I know is that she’s a good demon like Nezuko and the master really trusts her. From what I could tell, she has been with the Demon Corps.”
“Wow, in all the time I’ve learned about the Demon Corps from my master, I’ve never heard about that.”
“Yeah me neither.” Tanjiro turned to Zenitsu then he noticed someone else was in the room. “What?! Inosuke is here too?! I didn’t even notice him!” 
“Yeah, he hurt his vocal cords from yelling so loud. He’s been quiet ever since we got here.” 
Tanjiro sighed. 
“I’m just glad that he’s okay.”
[Y/N] walked into a room and placed the wooden box that Nezuko was in on the ground. She made her way towards the window and closed the curtain from any sunlight to come inside. She then heard a high squeal noise coming behind her as she turned around to see Nezuko slightly out as she was looking at her.
“You must be Nezuko?” 
Nezuko slowly nodded.
[Y/N] smiled at her as she made her way towards her and felt down on her knees.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is [Y/N]. You should be safe here. Tanjiro should come by a bit later to come and see you.”
Nezuko hummed in approval.
[Y/N] had the smile on her face as she slowly patted Nezuko’s head.
“You should get some rest. I’m sure you’ve had a rough day today.”
Nezuko hummed in satisfaction as she felt very comfortable and safe with [Y/N]. Her eyes slowly closed as she got herself comfortable and fell asleep. 
[Y/N] slowly picked her up and laid her on the bed, tucking her in as she looked at Nezuko sound asleep.
“You’re just a little girl. Just like how I was.” She whispered as she pecked her head and stroked her hair. “Neither you or your brother deserves this life. No one does.” 
She sighs as she was about to walk away until she felt a grip on her wrist. She slowly looked down to see Nezuko’s hand on her wrist. [Y/N] smiled softly and decided to sit beside her for a bit. The room felt at ease and calming. She decided to stay before she went to the Hashira meeting that Kagaya mentioned earlier. Clearly, not ready for the outbursts and looks she was gonna get but she unfortunately had to deal with it. 
“Glad to be back home..” She softly says as her eyes slowly closed as she placed her head on the bed, next to Nezuko and fell asleep.
In one of the rooms, the Hashiras sat infront of Kagaya whom had started the conversation about their opinions of what had occurred in the mountains. They all had some things to say about the current new recruits whos lives were lost which Sanemi had something to say.
“The count of lives we’ve loss had been more than we can handle. Their master must’ve gone blind or something. Tsk,”
“Well that kid did do a number on you. He’s got taste.” Uzui commented with a smirk heading to Sanemi.
Sanemi tsked and rolled his eyes.
“It’s surprising that this boy has met Muzan and encountered an Lower Rank Demon unlike us that haven’t at all. I have a feeling that he’ll draw them in. I am envious.” Rengoku said with his loud and proud voice.
“Fair point you all have but everytime we get closer to Muzan, he seems to be multiple steps away from us. It’s quite frustrating in the matter. I’ve also gotten some news of this new approach of his. Turns out that he is looking for [Y/N] as well.”
Gasps were heard and then silence.
“How does he even know that she’s here?”
“What does he wants with her?”
“For some reason, he knows that she is back here and he will do nothing to get her back.”
“What do you mean back?”
Kagaya’s expression didn’t change as he slightly looked down.
“There was time in her life where she was missing. For months. She was out on a mission and we’ve never heard anything back from her. After three years, she had come back with exhaustion and with so much pain. She had told me the story about why she was missing..” 
He stopped talking which had everyone on the edge of their seats.
“What did she say Master?”
Kagaya’s face slightly change to pain, sadness which everyone could feel in the room. Something had happened to [Y/N] that even Kagaya couldn’t handle but be sad. 
“Muzan had gotten her and kept her for that time she was missing.”
Everyone eyes’ widen in shock.
“You mean that [Y/N] was with Muzan that whole time and she couldn’t defeat him?”
“No. What she had told me was him and the upper moon demons grew fond of her and kept her as a pet. That’s all she told me.”
“Poor soul.” Gyomei said softly. “To be surrounded by demons is truly tragic.”
“So not even this she-demon could defeat him.” Sanemi growled under his breath.
“Poor [Y/N], she must of been so scared.” Mitsuri pouted as she felt nothing but sorry for her.
“How did she escape Master?” 
Before Kagaya could answer, another voice was heard which caught their attention.
“By fooling the great Muzan Kibutsuji.” [Y/N] slowly walked in and revealed herself to everyone. 
“[Y/N]..you finally made it.” Kagaya said with a smile.
[Y/N] bowed her head and sat down against the wall near Uzui. 
“My apologizes. I was spending some time with Nezuko.” 
“Cut the crap! How did you fool Kibutsuji?” 
[Y/N] turned to the voice that was from the silver haired man with scars on his body. 
His name is Sanemi Shinaguzawa, the Wind Hashira.
“Well, that’s not a nice way to talk Shinaguzawa.” She coldly replied back to him.
He scoffed and rolled his eyes.
She took a deep breath.
“Once Kibutsuji knew of me, he wanted me dead. He would send most of his demons to kill me. None obviously succeeded. He then decided to go after me himself and once he did, I was no match for him. He’s clever and manipulates.”
She paused for a moment as the memories came back to her which didn’t sit well with her. 
“As he took me, I met the Upper Moon Demons as well since they were also very curious about me and wanted to see when Kibutsuji finally killed me but that never happened. For a reason, he wanted me alive. He wanted me to stay with him. He became obsessive and very possessive of me. Even the demons started to.”
The room was quiet as she continued her story yet she didn’t want to.
“As days turned into months, I was always going from demon to demon mostly two of them got extremely close unlike the rest.”
“Who were they?” 
“Akaza and Douma. They are Upper Moon Two and Three. They are different from what Kibutsuji is like. It almost seemed human.It was rather not horrible to be with them but I knew what they do and what they are. So I escaped one day, knowing that they couldn’t do anything since they can’t be out in the sunlight which none of them knew until then.”
[Y/N] sighed as she slowly turned to the Hashiras. 
“I know you don’t trust me. I get that. I wouldn’t trust me either especially with this news about him trying to find me, but I do promise you this.” She paused as her eyes showed determination. “I will help you destroy all the demons in this world. Especially Kibutsuji and after he is gone, you can kill me too.”
Everyone looked at her in shock.
“Wait [Y/N], you can’t be serious?” Mitsuri said with sad eyes.
[Y/N] could tell that she was the most emotional one that lets her feelings out without hiding them. She gave her a smile.
“I am. I’ve lived so long and I think it’s time for me to end it. After I know for sure that no demon will hurt a human again.”
[Y/N] stood up on her feet and bowed her head to them all before leaving but stopped as she turned to the Hashiras. 
“And a word of advice if you ever meet up with an Upper Moon Demon, don’t you dare hold back.” She said before disappearing. 
Everyone stayed silent as her words echoed through their minds.
“..don’t you dare hold back.”
Enmu kept his head down as he summoned by Lord Muzan. He felt chills run down his body. It was a day before his mission on the Mugen Train.
“Eyes up.”
The cold voice echoed through the room as Enmu looked up to see Muzan glaring at him with those red eyes.
“Aside from what I’ve told you about your mission on Mugen Train, I do have another small mission for you to do for him.”
“Yes Master. Anything.”
Muzen glared at Enmu even more as the next words left his mouth echoed through Enmu’s head.
“There is gonna be a woman. Half demon and half human. If you encounter her, don’t kill her. Bring her to me immediately or call for Akaza to handle her. You will know immediately whom she is.”
“Yes Master.” 
Enmu bowed his head with respect as images of this so called half demon appeared in his mind as the cells of Muzan were running through his veins. Enmu thought she was so beautiful. More beautiful than anything he has ever seen.
Before Enmu could leave, Muzan sense something in Enmu. Something he didn’t like. He knew that Enmu could see the images of [Y/N] because of his cells but what he didn’t like was the expressions on his face. Muzan suddenly appeared in front of him and gripped his throat so tightly that Enmu didn’t understand why he was doing this.
“I can smell and hear your thoughts. I know the images of her are going through your body but let me make one thing clear..” He paused as he pulled Enmu’s body closer to him. “...she is mine. Only mine to fanatasize about. To love. To dream about. This might be the last time I ever hear or smell that off of you, insect.” 
Enmu couldn’t do anything but nod his head as Muzan immediately let him go and disappeared, leaving Enmu back in the Mugen Train. He was trying to catch his breath at how tight Muzan had on his throat. It terrified him at how Muzan was with this girl. He couldn’t help but laugh at what pleasure it gave him. 
“Just perfection. I have big plans for you...[Y/N]...”
to be continued..
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a/n: ahhhhh we’re on part four! after this there’s one more part and then we’re done !! getting emotional just thinking about it, haha! i hope you all are able to stay until the end!
“Hello there. I will guide you two to the village since Oyakata-sama gave his permission.” A young woman kakushi spoke to you both, and behind her another young female appeared.
Very nice to meet you!” You and Tanjiro bowed your heads. “My name is Kamado Tanjiro! I hope we can get along!”
“And I am (y/n)! I hope we don’t disturb you!” You cheerfully spoke to the woman who bowed her head in response.
“We cannot say our names, since we are only your guides. But it is very nice to meet you both. Now, wear these.” The women handed over blindfolds and ear plugs.
“These are…?” You questioned, tilting your head.
“A blindfold and earplugs. We will be carrying you both on our backs as we go to the swordsmith village, as it’s hidden.” The woman spoke to you both and you nodded slowly, watching the woman hand you a large jacket.
“I-i’ve heard that you’ve got a good ability to sense things…so please wear this ja-jacket (y/n)-chan!” Taking the jacket into your hands, you smiled at the young woman, who only hid behind her companion.
“You idiot! This is no time to act all shy in front of her! (y/n)-san, please pardon her. She is highly amazed by you, and finds you admirab-agh!” The female yelped, and you blinked in surprise.
“Now you’re the idiot! Why would you tell her!? Are you insane!? Idiot! Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!” The girl exclaimed, smacking her friend on the head repeatedly, but you caught her arm gently.
“No, there’s no need for that. We should get going, but I am very honored. I hope to meet your expectations of myself someday.” You intervened, giving her a smile as she trembled under your touch.
Tanjiro laughed at the exchange, carefully putting his blindfold on. You helped the male, tying your own with ease. The women placed you on their backs, wrapping your legs around their waists. You hugged the Kakushi gently, apologizing if there was any inconvenience during the trip. Tanjiro cheered himself, excited to go see Haganezuka-kun and finally get a new sword. He does feel bad for chipping and breaking it constantly. Hopefully he becomes a better swordsman. The wind hit your face as you both got traded, at certain points the tradeoff being rocky. Sometimes you’d feel the Kakushi fight over you, but you said nothing, for you couldn’t tell what actually was happening. After each tradeoff you did thank and greet the new Kakushi with a smile. Warm hands moved behind your head, gently taking off your blindfold. Opening your eyes, you smiled at the scene. Beautiful. It was a beautiful town.
The buildings were talls and composed of mainly tiled roofs and wooden homes. There were rocks that surrounded some of the homes and trees were visible from every corner. It really was a hidden town. It felt as if it resided in the mountains, and that was enough to shield itself from outside invaders. You looked beside you to see Tanjiro, who’s eyes were glimmering. He was amazed. A loud “Whoaaaa!” left his lips at the sight. Chuckling to yourself, you held onto the younger’s hand, walking forward. The Kakushi both bowed their heads to you, and you both returned the favor.
“Those are amazing buildings! And I know this smell…there’s a hot spring nearby!” Tanjiro cheered.
“Yes, there is one.” The Kakushi answered. “You’ll see a large house when you turn left there. Make sure to greet them first and foremost. Then, I will be taking my leave.” They bowed and you both followed in suit.
“Thank you for the instructions! Thank you for bringing us here! Thank you so much!” You exclaimed, your sibling repeating the phrase over and over again to the Kakushi who had already departed from you both.
Walking ahead, you remembered the orders you were given. When at the end of the block, turn left. Go straight ahead and you have to greet the village head first. Holding your hand the entire time, Tanjiro carefully knocked on the building’s door. You both waited for the door to open, or some sort of news. After a few moments, a masked man opened the door, greeting you both. Bowing your heads, you were welcomed into the building, before being guided to where the village head was. You both took a seat on the tatami mats, waiting for the elder to say anything.
“Hello there. I am the chief of this village, Tecchikawahara Tecchin. Very nice to meet you.” The old man spoke, and you both bowed your heads.
“Kamado Tanjiro! Very honored to meet you!” The maroon-haired male spoke.
“(y/n). It’s an honor to meet you.” You introduced yourself after, smiling at the elder, in which all three of the males in front of you watched you with a fuzzy aura around them.
“What a pretty young girl, it’s been so long since we’ve seen one around here. Come, come you two. Have some rice cakes.” You laughed softly, scooting forward alongside Tanjiro to eat the rice cakes.
You crunched on the crackers with a smile on your face, enjoying the tastes they had. The door slid open and the males presented you with ohagi, where you let out a soft squeal. Eating the sweet with ease, you chewed on the rice treat happily. The elders all laughed at your reaction, finding it too adorable for their eyes. The youth really were too beautiful for their eyes. Thanking the elders with a bright smile, the conversation continued after another short moment of admiring the happy looks on your faces.
“Hotaru has gone missing right now. We’re doing our best to look for him, so please be patient.” Tecchikawahara spoke, watching you both tilt your heads in the same direction, hitting heads with one another.
“Hotaru?” Tanjiro asked.
“Yes, Haganezuka Hotaru.” Tecchikawahara answered.
“Ah! What a cute name…” you mused, rubbing your head where it hit Tanjiro’s.
“I’m the one who gave it to him.” Tecchikawahara responded. “But he keeps badmouthing me since he says its too cute.”
“Oh, that's sad…” your sibling frowned, cheeks stuffed with crackers.
“He’s always been like this ever since he was a child. He always throws tantrums right away, then he goes somewhere to cool himself off.” The elder sighed, and you laughed.
“That’s a bit childish of him, don’t you think? But still, I guess it’s what makes him attractive in a sense…” you trailed off, thinking about the swordsmith’s current whereabouts.
“Oh, no, no!” Tanjiro intervened, “I’m the one who ends up either breaking the sword or chipping it.”
“No. You’re wrong.” The elder’s voice became icy, “it’s his fault for creating a sword that could actually break.” You both froze at the male’s words.
“Well as soon as we find him, we’ll seize him and bring him over. So don’t worry about anything.” Tecchikawahara reassured, and you both frowned slightly.
“Please don’t do anything violent…” the younger pleaded, but the older male only laughed.
“I heard that your body hasn’t fully recovered from the previous battle you were in, Kamado-san. So if Hotaru isn’t able to forge your sword by the time you go back on the field, we’ll have someone else do it.” The village’s chief explained, and you both bowed your heads, ready to take your leave.
As you stepped out of the building, the words settled in your minds. Hopefully he came back. It’d be unfair to Haganezuka if he was unable to have Tanjiro as his customer. The male’s hand gently released your own, and you felt the male look at you. Turning your head, worry filled his shining eyes. He was worried about the swordsmith, and you only gave a smile at the man. He’s going to be fine. Finally giving you a bright smile, you walked ahead of the younger, feeling a tinge of guilt. Of course there were no guarantees to Haganezuka’s safety, but you hoped he was going to be okay. Following the worker assigned to you both, he stopped at the entrance of stairs.
“The spring is at the top of this hill. I will be preparing your meal down here.” The other spoke, and you nodded your head.
“(y/n)-chaaaaaan! It’s (y/n)-chan, I’m so glad!” A familiar voice called your name, and you looked over to see Mitsuri coming your way.
Running up to the female, you closed her kimono, her strong arms wrapping around you tightly. Her tears wet your uniform, fists balling your clothes within them as she sobbed into your chest. More like she whined. Your hands stroked through the girl’s hair, and she peered up at you to snuggle deeper into your stomach. You let out an exasperated sigh, another smile creeping onto your face as you were delighted to see your best friend again.
“Mitsuri-chan, what’s the matter?” You asked with the tilt of your head.
“Listen! Listeeeeeen! I got ignored! I greeted him and he ignored me, (y/n)-chaaaan!” The girl whined.
“Who did?” Tanjiro asked, watching the girl’s green eyes stare over at him.
“I don’t know! I asked him his name and he ignored me! Isn’t that just cruel! I’m a pillar! Now that good mood I had coming out of the spring is gone now” Mitsuri tugged onto you, shaking your frame as she sobbed.
“Uhm…I heard they used matsutake mushrooms to make the dinner they’re preparing for us.” Tanjiro tried to cheer on the woman, who’s eyes just shone brightly.
“Waaaaaah! Really?!” The pink and green-haired girl exclaimed. And off she went down the mountain, singing to herself as you chuckled.
“I’ll see you later, (y/n)-chan!” The Love Hashira cheered.
“Mitsuri-chan! I’ll catch up with you later!” You cheered, smiling at the girl’s now distant figure.
Arriving at the springs, the aroma was nice. Its warmth spread in the air, and you couldn’t wait to jump in. Tanjiro yelped beside you, and you looked over, watching him hold something in his hand. Peering over, you both looked in horror. A tooth?! Who’d just lose a tooth suddenly?! And it’s still bloody too…grimacing, you looked around the springs for anyone. Your eyes landed on the back of a male who had a familiar look. Squinting your eyes, you saw the scars on the male’s back. Also the black hair in the style of a mohawk was a tell-tale sign. His name was…his name was…oh! Hia name was–
“Shinazugawa Genya!” You both exclaimed, the male turning around at that exact moment.
“Drop dead!” He looked at Tanjiro, feeling his annoyance grow. “And y–!” The male’s cheeks became a bright red once his eyes met your own.
Tanjiro moved beside you, throwing off his uniform. You caught his clothes, taking them before they entered the water. You sat onto the rocky ground, facing the other way as you placed Nezuko’s box beside you. The girl let out small scratches in response to the sudden noise, but you laughed quietly. The sound of Tanjiro splashing in the water caught your attention as you waited for Genya to make his exit. He swam towards the other, feeling happiness grow in his chest.
“It’s been so long! How’ve you been?! You have the same name as the Wind Hashira!” The Kamado child mused, swimming towards the other.
“Don’t talk to me!” Genya fumed, shoving the maroon-haired male’s head under the water.
“Boys,” your voice was cold, “play nice.”
“Y–yes ma’am!” The black-haired male immediately answered, rushing out of the water as you turned to look at Tanjiro.
Opening the box, you let Nezuko crawl out, you carefully stepped the younger female out of her clothing, placing her into the water. The girl swam around, enjoying the water’s feel on her. Joining the male after, you sat on the other side of the spring as you relaxed, feeling your muscles unwind. Tanjiro sat in silence, thinking of what had just happened. You let down your hair, allowing the locks to pool around you as you both watched Nezuko swim around.
“I thought I could be friends with him since we were both in the nude. Man, relationships are hard.” Tanjiro mused, and you laughed.
“If only life was truly that simple, Tanjiro.” You answered, helping Nezuko out of the bath.
“(y/n)-chan! Are you going to finish your tempura?” Mitsuri asked you and you shook your head in response, the girl happily taking the dish.
“That’s amazing!” Tanjiro complemented the girl.
“You really think so? I didn’t eat that much today though. I always feel bad for taking (y/n)-chan’s meals…” your friend trailed off, but you placed a piece of your meat onto her bowl.
“Don’t feel bad. Watching you eat makes me so happy. I could eat a thousand more meals for the rest of my life, but to eat with you might be limited!” You replied, placing your hand on top of the girl’s with a grin.
“Oh yeah. The boy you met in the spring was Shinazugawa Genya.” The Kamado child told the girl.
“Oh! Is that so…if that’s his last name, then doesn’t that mean he’s Shinazugawa-san’s little brother? But he told me he didn’t have one? Maybe they don’t get along, how sad. (y/n), did he ever tell you about him?” The Love Hashira turned her head to look at you, and you chewed on your eel quietly.
“Mmm…no. Why would he tell me if he never told you?” You answered, and Mitsuri’s cheeks became a slight pink.
“Oh! I was just thinking he might have…oh you know…because he just happens to talk to you a bit more! Haha! Yes, that’s right!” The girl replied to you, laughing at your question.
“Oh, are they…? Do you know why?” Tanjiro questioned.
“Well I have five siblings and we all get along! Plus you seem to have two sisters who love you very much. I guess it’s just a Shinazugawa brothers thing.” Your friend replied, tickling Nezuko’s feet as you helped the workers clean up their dishes.
“Well, not all siblings are the same. I’m the oldest but Sanemi-kun is too. I think his heart is in the right place, but not his mind.” You commented, placing the dishes in neat stacks, you walked in and out of the room, helping the servants. They urged you to sit down, but you insisted with a smile and cleaned off the table, letting Tanjiro and Mitsuro talk for a little longer.
“Genya-san still hasn’t come here. I’d love it if we could just chat for a bit.” The Kamado child pouted slightly, and you ruffled his hair before sitting down.
“Looks like he isn’t coming. And he told the villagers that he wouldn’t eat at all…maybe he brought something with him.” Mitsuri smiled, and you looked at your sibling.
“How about bringing him something to eat, Tanjiro? I’m sure he’d be pleased.” The younger one nodded at your suggestion, Mitsuro nodding with you.
Walking out of the dining room, Mitsuri held your hand as you both walked together. “Kanroji-san, why did you join the Demon Slayer Corps?” Tanjiro questioned.
“Huh? Me? It’s kinda embarrassing…” her hands reached up to touch her face, a blush growing on her cheeks, “oh noo, should I? You see…I joined so I could find a gentleman who would marry me for life!” Tanjiro stared dumbfoundedly as you nodded your head.
“Girls actually like men who are stronger than themselves. Girls want to be protected by them! You get it? Maybe this is hard for a man to withstand. I mean pillars are strong, right? But it’s hard to keep up with them. That’s why I became a pillar myself. I worked really hard at it too!” Mitsuri rambled, swaying as she explained herself, the male just in awe.
“And now you’re one of the strongest out there. A great accomplishment within itself.” You complimented the older, who squealed and hugged you tightly.
“Ehhh? Genya-kun isn’t here.” Mitsuri mused.
“Kanroji-sama. Your sword will be done very soon. We would like you to come to the workshop so we can make the final touches.” A Kakushi arrived, looking at you four.
“Aww…that means I have to go now. (y/n), will you see me off?” She looked at you with expectant eyes.
“We both will!” Tanjiro exclaimed, but the girl shook her head no.
“No no, you youngsters, get your sleep. I’ll be leaving in the dead of the night probably, so I’d like (y/n)-chan to see me go one last time.” The girl watched you nod in response, her eyes welling with tears.
“No, but, well…okay then.” The Kamado child answered hesitantly.
“You two, Tanjiro-kun and (y/n)-chan. I don’t really know if we’ll be able to see each other alive next time, but let’s just do what we can. You survived a battle against an upper moon, that’s already a great learning experience. Practically speaking, there’s nothing more valuable than experiencing something like that. That’s equal to five, maybe ten years of hard training.” The Hashira knelt down to ruffle Nezuko’s hair, before she stood once more and held onto your hand. “You’re definitely ten times stronger than the last time we met, Tanjiro-kun. And you too, my (y/n)-chan.”
“Kanroji Mitsuri fully supports the Kamado siblings!” She cheered, pulling you in for a tight hug.
“Thank you so much…but I still have a while to go. I only ‘won’ because Uzui-san helped me. I will work harder than ever so that I can defeat Kibutsuji Muzan!” Tanjiro exclaimed, and the girl watched the boy intently, a blush growing on her cheeks.
“Since you both are staying here longer…I will let you in on a little secret! I heard there’s a secret weapon in this village that makes you stronger. So go look for it. You too, (y/n)-chan!” Mitsuri pulled you in for another hug, swaying you both as you laughed, pulling away to press a long kiss against the female’s cheek.
“Stay safe!” You called for her, and you watched the female disappear from sight.
It was silent for a few moments. Your brother then raised his hands, holding the tray of food above his head. You looked over at the male watching blood fall from his nose in a rush. Grabbing Nezuko, you pulled her aside as you stepped away from the younger, sighing exasperatedly.
Time for the taisho secret!
(y/n)’s crow’s name is not actually Kara. His name is actually Heihachiro, which he hates. When (y/n) started calling him Kara, he adopted it as his name. He’s also the most intelligent crow, but when they tested him to speak he barely spoke so they gave him up! All of the crows go to Kara for battle techniques and states which makes him feel moved. Kara often gets bullied by Ginko and Nijimaru.
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dream-theory · a day ago
hear me out: sanemi loves threatening to fuck you with the hilt of his sword, but rengoku’s the one who actually follows through with it 💛
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wolfishwriting · 2 days ago
For mah bestie @potatochic2003 ♡ ily // anime requests are not open
cw: smut, sub!sanemi, slight femdom ig?? idk, you're the dom in this, we're gonna break sanemi, whiny boi. I wrote this while playing animal crossing, cockwarming, pussy drunk boi, established relationship. maybe i need to go touch some grass (but there's snow everywhere, so that must wait)
"H-hey, easy. Don't clamp down so tight." Sanemi hisses through his teeth.
You merely smirk up at him, gaze absolutely feline from where you sit perched atop his lap. Your hands braced against his chest, hips steadily working against his own. Every few seconds you would voluntarily clench around his girth just to watch him sputter in surprise-- it caught him off guard every time. He could pretend to be upset but you knew him too well, Sanemi was far from upset.
Actually, you quite enjoyed seeing your boyfriend worked over by the mere thought of you being the one in control in the bedroom. He may act imposing and cocky outside as a respectable Hashira but you knew how much he loved to be the sub, to be on the receiving end of your love and adoration. To relinquish the reigns, the control, and fall victim to the throes of searing hot passion.
"W-why'd you stop moving?" Sanemi gapes, lavender eyes staring up at you in disbelief. Your nails digging into his hips stop him from bucking up into you.
"You haven't been listening well today. Only good boys deserve to be properly fucked." You grin, devilish glint in your eyes. "If you want to cum tonight, you need to ask politely."
Sanemi whimpers, hands tightening around your own hips. No matter how hard he tries to fight it, his eyes grow teary-eyed, lip quivering. It had been far too long since he had been with you, not once getting off by his own two hands, and he's finally home--but you won't let him cum? That hardly seems fair.
He swallows his pride, stern eyes meeting yours. "Please." His voice is small, tears threatening to spill down his flushed cheeks. "Please, won't you let me cum? I've been such a good boy. I will be a good boy for you tonight."
You smirk and slam your hips down on his, relishing in the broken moan that crackles from his throat as you mercilessly begin to bounce on top of the wind Hashira. You had every intention of breaking that tough exterior tonight and mold him into the whiny little pup you know he is.
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diaphanoso · 22 days ago
mature content warnings:
somnophilia, thigh fucking, hand jobs, riding, fingering, oral (f. receiving), creampie
Tumblr media
kyo often finds himself restless at night, shifting around in unsettling positions while you lie dreaming beside him. he knows that you'd do anything to help him fall asleep, even if you're not awake to provide him with the help he needs. but kyo finds his cock poking up into his boxers at the sound of your soft breaths, your chest rising and falling gently. sometimes he'll find himself mindlessly humping against your thigh, letting out shaky stifled moans. he'll slip his painfully hard cock from his boxers, rutting it between your bare thighs. kyo whispers sweet words to you, telling you how good you're making him feel, even if you can't hear it.
"thank you, baby. such a good girl for me, feels so g-good."
the first time for giyu was purely on accident - he was half-asleep, his hips pressed up against your ass as he rolled his hips a few times, cumming in his boxers and waking up the next morning to find himself a mess. but the second time wasn't an accident - your hand was right there, after all. he worked carefully, grasping your hand gently and using it to jerk himself off. it was so much better than his own hand, even if he had to give you some help. but he couldn't resist the desperation, even though he much prefers your pussy.
"oh, just like that- shit. god, you treat me so well."
gyomei wakes up sometimes to you whining and moaning in your slumber, knowing all-too-well that you were dreaming about him again. who would a caring gyomei be to not help you out? he spreads your thighs carefully, slipping his fingers under your panties and finding your cunt slicked - just as he expected. he loves fingering you like that, hearing your moans get louder in your sleep. gyomei won't stop 'til you cum around his fingers, a sigh leaving his lips as he knows you're finally satisfied.
"that's my girl, cum around my fingers. i know you wanna, let me hear that pretty sound you make."
obanai loves when you fall asleep on his chest, your thigh draped over his hips. but he can't help his cock growing harder each time you shift your body around on his hips and sigh softly in his ear. he'll whisper dirty words to you as he pushes just the tip of his cock into your darling cunt, moving slowly but just enough to get himself off. he knows you're okay with it, especially since he's so busy during the day. he muffles out grunts, filling your pretty pussy with his cum and drifting back to sleep.
"oh, i love your little pussy. makes me feel so good, baby, fuck."
tengen is always away on missions, leaving you starved on occasions. you know he'd do anything for you, and he knows how desperate you can be. so when you eyed his profound bulge poking into his boxers, you found yourself in wanting. you straddle his hips, letting his cock sink into your needy cunt and bouncing a few times. but when tengen wakes up, it doesn't take long before he gets even harder and starts fucking up into you the way you deserve.
"now that's a fun way to wake up. don't stop, darlin'. go ahead and keep usin' my cock like that."
sanemi cares deeply and always wants to please you, even if he doesn't show it sometimes. but it possesses him sometimes, his lips feeling the need to kiss darlingly down your bare stomach. he's a competitive guy, pushing himself to see how many times he can make you cum with just his tongue. he loves the way your clit gets perky after a few licks, urging him to give you more as you whine softly in your sleep.
"g'morning, baby. gonna start the day off right, yea?"
Tumblr media
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kimetsu-no-yaiba-writings · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
S/O telling her Hashira/Pillar that she’s pregnant - Male Pillar/Hashira specific - Headcannons 
First of all this was a really cute a fun request to write so thank you for requesting this! @jojosbizarregarbagecan - would it be ok to call you Jojos? - I hope I’ve written this to a good enough standard and that you enjoy!
Seriously this was so cute to think about and to write ^--^
Your beyond welcome to request again!
Tumblr media
Giyuu Tomioka:
In all honesty Giyuu stopped working 
The tea cup he’d brought to his lips spilling tea in his lap as you panic 
It’s only until your by his side looking worried that he comes back down to earth 
As you help clean up, he holds your hand a gentle look in his eyes that causes you to pause 
In a voice that somehow ends up thick with emotion but controlled at the same time he asks, “Are you sure?”
Watching you smile and nod brings tears to his eyes 
He hugs you, body shaking as he cries 
Nuzzling into your hair as you trace shapes into his back, tears building up in your own eyes at Giyuu’s reaction
When he pulls back, tears still falling but a smile so gentle and warm curls and melts his once guarded face 
 Giyuu kisses you
Tumblr media
Rengoku Kyojuro:
He’s so happy when you tell him those words
With a happy smile he twirls you around, bring you into a warm hug before kissing you so deeply and lovingly that you almost lose your breath
Kyojuro laughs, he laughs so loudly and happily that Senjuro comes in to check if everything's ok
Senjuro almost starts crying when Kyojuro and you tell him - happy of course - a “I’m going to be an uncle!” getting shouted before he’s running to the kitchen to make something spectacular 
Kyojuro smothers you with kisses 
Instantly makes sure you have everything, all the comforts he can provide 
He runs around the house with vigor to make sure nothing can harm you even accidently - already taking note of pointy corners and potential tripping hazards that could cause harm later if they weren’t moved or covered 
Every so often he’ll come back round after moving things to give you kisses and hugs
Its quite comical how easily his excitement infects the whole house - even your father-in-law Shinjuro was happy once being told - making it 
He’s already writing letters to the other pillars and to Ubuyashiki-sama about the wonderful news 
Tumblr media
Sanemi Shinazugawa:
It takes a moment for it to properly sink in 
He hears you saying those words and it kinda goes in one ear and out the other 
A smile - so warm and gentle - breaks the rough scowl he usual wears though once it properly sinks in
He rests his hand against your stomach, having a profound sense of worry and contentment + love all at the same time 
You watch as those emotions swirl around in his eyes, before saying his name with gentleness catching his attention once again and speaking words of reassurance - “It’s ok Sanemi, our child will be happy” you said with a smile, hand overlapping his as it rested on your stomach “We’ll be great parents”
He swallows back tears, adam’s apple bobbing softly as his smile becomes bigger a “Damn right we are” slipping out from between his lips
Obviously Sanemi feels so happy about you being pregnant but the small nagging fear of turning into his dad is still a problem that hangs-on in the back of his mind - even after your first reassurances 
Tumblr media
Uzui Tengen:
A small “Ah” leaves his lips the first time you say it
Your both coming back from a mission, muscles aching as you travel towards one of the wisteria houses - the other wives waiting for both of you to return home safe and sound - and you’ve said it like a passing comment about the weather as you’ve reached the wisteria house’s doors
Another “AH!” leaves his lips, this time louder and more surprised, stopping him in his path to look at you as the words finally register
Hands suddenly pointing at you - almost accusingly - as Uzui lets out another “AHHH!”
Gets hyped 
Like, really hyped - and why shouldn’t he be? Your baring his child 
Doesn’t leave your side 
 Literally follows you around the estate in a proud and protective haze - abit like an eager guard dog 
Just goes one about how flamboyant you and the baby are and how happy he is all the way until you go to bed
Of course just as your on the cusp of sleep your poked awake 
“You let me throw you at demons (Y/N)...” and while Uzui’s tone is calm there’s irritation in his eyes 
You nod, trying to get some sleep, eyes closing before your rudely poked in the tit
“You let me throw you at demons (Y/N)...” it was his pause that got you giggling though “Your pregnant (Y/N)! Don’t laugh! That’s not very flamboyant of you!!”
Tumblr media
Obanai Iguro:
He pauses
Frozen so perfectly that you could have mistaken him for a statue or painting - in fact the only way you knew he wasn’t a statue was the almost comical way he blinked 
his hands having dropped the bandages - the one’s he usually wore around his mouth - having only just taken them off
Kaburamaru poking his cheek gently to get him to move
For a moment its one of those where you think that he’s not happy about it
Until of course he’s clasping both of your hands between his, shaking slightly - but with strength - as he asks if your being serious, a very blank but serious expression that had tints of nervous
When you nod, a small “Yes..”  and in response Iguro nods back with confidence - the type of confidence that a drunk man has just before their about to fail a Breathalyzer test - and then without warning blacks out 
After 5 minutes he comes back round with a very panicked you fanning him with loose paper and a glass of water at the ready  
Of course after spending a couple of minutes cooling down and actually registering that holy shit, he’s gonna be a dad, Iguro - much like Giyuu’s reaction - starts crying 
Iguro, through happy tears, murmurs praises and promises 
Tumblr media
Gyomei Himejima:
Bursts into tears straight away 
Scoops you up so your resting on his forearms, tears streaming down his face as praise and “Thank yous” fall past his lips
It almost brings you to tears with how happy and lovingly gentle he is
Gyomei had always been soft and gentle with you but after hearing those words - “Gyomei, I’m pregnant” - makes him 10x more gentle with you
He just holds you so gently 
Holding your form so carefully against his own 
Gyomei spends so much time making sure your resting and comfortable - it doesn’t matter that you’ve only just found out yourself and are only a couple of weeks
It’s a very important and private matter for the next couple weeks, nobody finds out or even knows until both of you are ready to tell 
Of course when you both do tell its at the end of a meeting 
Gyomei constantly has a gentle smile on his face
His hands constantly brush against you as a small protective way to make sure your ok
Overall just so happy - he still cries sometimes with happiness 
Tumblr media
Muichiro Tokito:
Confused to begin with
He just kind of nods along with your words while watching the clouds roll by the first time you told him - absent mindedly stroking your knuckles - as your talking through things 
To be absolutely honest your words don’t really sink in until two weeks later when he’s speaking with Tanjirou who’s talking about Kanao being pregnant and then just kinda blurts out “Oh, (Y/N)’s pregnant......wait” - of course Tanjirou’s stood there congratulating him and getting excited at the kids being so close together in age while Tokito’s having a crisis because you guys are only 20 and you’ve been married for 2 years so to him it feels abit early 
It’s one of those were he feels overwhelmed to begin with, mind quickly flitting from one thing to another before settling on how happy you sounded when you told him the first time - because even if it took awhile to register Tokito always made sure to memorize whatever he could about you even subconsciously 
Tokito comes home with a furrowed brow and a confused happiness from deep in his chest 
Asks for you to repeat the words you’d said two weeks earlier before you can even say “Welcome home!” 
You do in a very confused manner 
Light kisses are placed all over your face and Tokito thanks you for the news, a faint smile on his lips
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brightymir · a month ago
Tumblr media
cw: language
genre: fluff
characters: tengen, kyojuro, sanemi, yoriichi x fem!reader
author's note: school is draining me and i needed to let out my frustrations through writing but i do not have the time to write full headcanons or scenarios so have this poorly constructed smau for the meantime. have a wonderful day <3
Tumblr media
❄︎ tengen uzui
Tumblr media
he takes you on a date after this confession, ending the night with a lot of jewelries for you. his ego is a little bruised because he foolishly confessed first, and that was not flamboyant of him. but all that matters is you also like him back.
"will you marr-"
❄︎ kyojuro rengoku
Tumblr media
joins u for lunch, was pretty nervous because he wasn't sure if you'd like his bento box but he masked it well. conversed with you like nothing happened. after training though, he talked to you about what happens from here on and asks you how you'd like it to go.
"so, i'm yours now, aren't i?"
y/n.exe has stopped working
❄︎ sanemi shinazugawa
Tumblr media
it took you 10 minutes coaxing and talking to him through the door before he finally let you in. he was red in the face and refused to keep eye contact with you, and you were almost hit by a pillow in the face when you asked about whay the two of you were right now.
"does that make you my boyfri-"
"SHUT UP! GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!" don't, cuddle him actually
❄︎ yoriichi tsugikuni
Tumblr media
(he IS the hotter twin, i'm not accepting complaints)
he was very chill on your date while you were stuttering, tripping, and making a mess all over again. he found it cite and amusing but you were cursing deep inside. the finest gentleman and will make sure to know your wishes and understand your boundaries
"i wish you a pleasant rest, my love"
Tumblr media
additional a/n: i'm rereading the manga and why is yoriichi so hot and powerful and strong and gentle and perfect like ¥÷¥×¥$*#$,@(#(@(×**+#**@ i'll be vanishing again for a few days to finish some school works, pls wait for me!! stay safe nd happy, darlings <3
Tumblr media
© 𝐁𝐑𝐈𝐆𝐇𝐓𝐘𝐌𝐈𝐑 2021 - all rights reserved. please do not repost, plagiarize, translate, or share my work on other platforms. thank you.
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renaissansse · 3 months ago
“I might hate you, but if you think I am letting anyone EVER touch your cunt other than me, I think you’ll need to think about it one more time, doll,” he smiles, saying so. “Don’t you even try it, I’ll kill him with my bare hands,” he is not smiling anymore, staring in your eyes dead serious, and you gulp down some air, because that is not something you should be into.
GOJŌ, S A N E M I, Daishou, Akutagawa, Fyodor, TSUKISHIMA, Shigaraki, Overhaul, Kageyama, Eren, Suna, ATSUMU, Kyoutani.
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muzanskimono · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
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grimmsbaby · 3 months ago
if we’re on the topic of breeding kinks (in reference to the grimmjow ask that was sent by an anon), I raise you, breeding kink Sanemi (a personal fave) and Mr. flamboyant himself, Tengen>:)
hii ty for asking <3 i hope this is ok, it's my first time writing for them :) I don't know if you just wanted thirsts or little drabbles but yeah sjfkbsk
cw/tw: breeding kink, degradation like once sort of - if you really squint for Sanemi, praise/pussy drunk Tengen
Tumblr media
He doesn’t recognize at first the words that leave your mouth, too caught up in how your cunt’s sucking him back in with each thrust. His eyes zero in on the pretty sheen of your juices on his cock every time he pulls out, and the squelching sounds ring in his ears every time he slams back in. You can see the way his arm muscles flex with every movement, and that one muscle that ticks in his neck as he’s getting close. It takes you saying his name a few more times before he raises his head to meet your face, finally catching those sinful words that leave your lips. “Want you to cum in me, please ‘nemi.”
Those words alone nearly have him spilling inside you as he struggles to grasp what you said. Your legs that were previously hanging loose around his hips tighten up, your ankles locking. Your eyes are shining with unshed tears from the pleasure he brings you as you repeat those three little words that made his head spin with need. “Cum inside me.’”
Sanemi leans further into you, the snap of his hips urgent and frenzied as he wraps one hand around your neck. “So fucking needy aren’t you? Fine. Gonna fuck you so full.. Fuck.” A couple more hard thrusts before he breaks, painting your walls white with thick ropes of cum. He stays deep inside you, letting up on your neck as he rests his forehead against yours, the fucked out expression on your face making his dick twitch. “This pussy’s mine, ya got that?” All you can do is nod as he pulls back, starting up a heavy rhythm again, the only thing on his mind to fill you up.
Tengen’s positively pussy drunk as he has you on his lap, kissing and sucking on your breasts as they bounce in his face. Your nails dig into his thick arms as you use them as leverage to help fuck yourself on him. No matter how hard you tried to keep going though, your thighs were burning and it was making it increasingly difficult to keep moving. You sunk all the way down on him, grinding your hips lightly while wrapping your hands around his neck to bring his attention to you. “Need help baby, please,” you puff your lips into a pout.
His bright lust filled eyes meet yours as his hands slide under your plush thighs before lifting up and letting you slide back down. A strangled moan left your throat as he continued this, easily lifting you up and down his cock, meeting each thrust with a snap of his hips. “Such a pretty pussy baby,” he coos, eyes sliding down to watch as he disappears inside you over and over. “Think it’ll be even prettier though with my cum leaking out don’t you think?” You hate when he always asks you questions like this, knowing full well that he’s fucking you far too hard for you to be able to respond properly. “You take me so well. This pussy's made for me. Gonna make sure you don’t forget it.”
You grip onto his arm with one hand while bringing the other down to rub your clit. Tengen’s thrusts get sloppier and you know he’s waiting for you to finish first. “Go on, need you to cum on my cock.” His words make you light headed as your thighs shake, orgasm washing over you. He follows you soon after, big hands holding you down on him as you feel him twitch inside you. Heavy breathing emanates from the both of you as you feel the trickle of his seed slip out and down your thighs. “Well we can’t have that can we?” he says as he swipes his thumb down to wipe up his cum, sliding it into your mouth to suck. “Looks like you lost some. Guess I have to fuck you full again until it stays huh?” Your eyes widen as he pulls his thumb from your lips with a pop, knowing that a long night is ahead of you.
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renureshii · 10 days ago
Hashira Lip Services
Tags/Content Warnings: not-sfw/adult content, oral sex, cunnilingus, fingering, face-sitting for one Characters: Hashiras (Minus Muichiro Tokito), fem!reader, Hashira!reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media
» Giyuu Tomioka—
Giyuu carries his reserved nature in the bedroom - having not been with anyone else but you, he’s one who lacks experience. But he’s unusually talented. His sapphire blue eyes locked with yours, his head nuzzled between your thighs as his tongue kitten-licks your cunny with restrained hunger. He suckles on your clit, earning him some mewls he relishes in. His tongue works wonders around your pussy, flicking the tip of his tongue around the clit before dipping into your cunny to hear you squeal. His hands trail up and down your thighs, his fingertips tickling your skin as he slurps up your juices, groaning as you tugged at his black hair. His mouth envelops your cunt as you release, lips tensing as he swallows down your climax. Parting from your drenched folds, Giyuu gazes up at you, lips and chin soaked.
Tumblr media
» Tengen Uzui—
As much as he hates it, you’re the one of his four lovers he sees the least- seeing as you’re also a Hashira, and patrol a land far from his. But he always visits bearing gifts from Suma, Makio, and Hinatsuru, and of course, from himself too. Their gifts are always personal, intending on pleasuring you just to enunciate just how much they’ve missed you, and Tengen intends on delivering the message loud and clear. He drinks up your cries eagerly as he continues on with his ruthless motions, his tongue wiggling and flicking around your clit. His thick fingers curl inside you while they pump in and out of your dripping cunt. He makes no effort in silencing himself, drowning himself in lewd sounds of slurping and groaning. His hands grip your hips before tugging you close as you alert him to your rapidly approaching climax. His thumb takes over for a bit, teasing your clit as he rips out that release for himself.
Tumblr media
» Mitsuri Kanroji—
Oh, how the Love Pillar adores you. She’s such a sucker for morning cuddles, but as the two of you get more touchy, she finds herself sliding downwards between your thighs. Her cheeks are tinted pink, her lime green eyes locking with yours as she blinks with a sort of innocence. But her gaze turns as she trails loving but teasing kisses up your thighs, soft lips inching closer and closer until they pressed against your folds. She licks a line of saliva experimentally, her eyes watching your reactions before taking your squeaks and soft moans as reasons to continue. She’s more gentle in her motions; her licks are slow and savory, almost kisses while her fingers tracing hearts into the skin of your thighs to drown you in even more affection. She dips her tongue into you, moaning delightfully at your taste. Her thumb reaches over and teases your clit as her tongue playfully wiggles inside of you as she gets more into the motions. Mitsuri squeezes her eyes as you unexpectedly climax over her face.
Tumblr media
» Kyojuro Rengoku—
One of Kyojuro’s new favourite things is returning to you after a long and drawn out journey, but something he enjoys more is having his head trapped between your legs. His hands have a tight grasp on your hips, crescent shapes carved into your sides thanks to his nails digging into you. He devours you with little restraint, moaning into your already soaked pussy as he prods your insides with his tongue. Each time you squirm or twitch, he only brings you closer until his face is pressed firm against your hips, nose buried in your folds as his tongue flicks in and out of you. He pulls away, as much as he could with your legs wrapped around his head, and lets out a sigh. He smirks a bit before his lips envelop your clit, tongue flicking the bud with vigor, all to hear you moan out his name. He enjoys it; it’s music to his ears. His fingers slip into you, curling as he finds that special spot in an instant. As a moan rips from your throat, Kyojuro is quick to lap up any juices you squirt onto him.
Tumblr media
» Sanemi Shinazugawa—
God this man is aggressive; not in a bad way though. Sanemi, the moment you two had gotten some alone time, immediately went for some stress relief, and that included you. He insists on sitting on his knees and bringing your hips to his lips, rather than the other way around. He has you drape your legs over his shoulders as he immediately digs in. He ravages your sex like a starved man; and he definitely lets the world know what he’s doing as he’s easily the loudest— groaning, slurping, huffing and muttering playfully degrading comments into your body. His arms wrap firmly around your waist as his tongue drives into you repeatedly, flicking around your juices as he eats you out like a man on a mission. He growls as his eyes meet yours and his lips clamp around your clit, tongue swirling around the bud before he playfully tugs at it. He huffs and squeezes you as he relishes your squeaks and moans. Pulling away, he runs his flat tongue up your cunt before diving back inside, wiggling his tongue inside you. When you climax over his face, he laps it all up hungrily with a prideful chuckle.
Tumblr media
» Shinobu Kocho—
The first time the two of you got frisky, Shinobu wasted no time in making you cum just from her tongue and fingers. Now it’s almost like a requirement. She hums as you wail out, cumming over her lips again. “My, my, there’s the fourth time…” she teases with a lick of her lips. A moan rips from your throat as her lips press back into you. Her hands rub up your twitching thighs, keeping them in the upwards position while her mouth works wonders on your pussy yet again. Her tongue wiggles and flicks around your dripping sex, her pink lips coated in your slick. One hand slid down, letting your leg drop onto her shoulder. Shinobu’s fingers push into you finally, the sensation sending shock waves up your spine, almost bringing you to yet another orgasm.
Tumblr media
» Obanai Iguro—
Obanai loves it when you ask for it. He loves servicing you, loves watching you squirm, hearing you gasp out his name, begging for more. As he nips at your sex, his hand is tightly intertwined with yours, fingers squeezing your hand. His eyes watch your expressions as he expertly flicks his tongue around your folds. If you question him about his scars, he’ll reply with a grumble, “it’s fine.” Regardless, he still enjoys teasing your cunny while one hand holds yours and the other roams your body, squeezing your breast and pinching your nipple; if that’s what you so desire. Each time you come, he slurps up your fluids before planting a warm kiss on your sensitive folds and asking if you want more, or move onto the main dish.
Tumblr media
» Gyomei Himejima—
You actually had to bring up the idea to him and, despite hardly knowing much, he was very receptive. Gyomei, the gentle giant he is, knows his size and constantly worries that he may unintentionally hurt you while in the bedroom, to which he cries upon the thought. He lays on his back, instructing you over his face. He nods as you question him before he opts you to settle down on his face. The moment your sex comes in contact with his lips, Gyomei experimentally swipes his tongue between your folds. He enjoys the reaction he got and he continues, bringing his hands to your thighs. He guides your hips to rock against his face. As you rock your hips with the pace he sets, Gyomei lets his tongue waggle against your clit, dipping into your pussy each time you push forward. He loves your taste on his tongue, and he vocalizes his thoughts with soft groans into your body. When you pick up the pace due to your climax rapidly approaching, his grip tightens and he lets you take control.
Tumblr media
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hanakages · 2 days ago
guess what?
the first chapter of “to cherish you.” comes out tomorrow (hopefully)! so keep your eyes out!!
and my inbox is currently empty, send in anything!
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quirrrky · 7 months ago
Can I get some hcs where y/n is always like kissing (like small pecks) the character whenever and wherever, and one day they forgot to do so and the characters were confused and thought y/n hated them and stuff?
By characters I actually want all the boys you write for in kny but that would be too much and I'm scared you'll have too many work so you can just choose whoever you want to write👀
KNY BOYS AND FORGETTING TO GIVE THEM YOUR KISSES —» scenarios  —» ft. tanjirou, zenitsu, inosuke, kyojuro, giyuu, sanemi  —» A/N: This prompt made my sad day happy, nonnie! 🥺 It rly did. I love writing this! 💖 So cute! Also, thank you for the kid words I really appreciate them 💗
Be a KNY BAE! I’m releasing KNY contents every week. Send me this emoji 🍰  through ask, dm or reply to be added on the taglist! (don’t be shy 🥺)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
»— TANJIROU Baby has been giving you the look all day and you haven’t even noticed. He’s extra careful of you and had been contemplating to ask if there’s something wrong. Bedtime came that’s when he asked, “Are you, by any chance, mad at me dear?”
“Nope, why would I?”
He chuckled. “Never mind.” Bby boi kissed you on your forehead instead and that’s when it hit you.
“I’m so sorry, I forgot to give you kisses, dear.” You said as he dismissed it saying he was okay but then you hovered him and peppered kisses on his face. “Did you miss my kisses dear? Did you?” You asked and he answered, “W-Well, uh, I- I-” >,< You gave him some more kisses. “I do I actually do.” >,<
You were out shopping when he surprised you by tugging your sleeve and started crying, “Don’t you love me anymore, Y/N-chan? Are you going to leave me now?” 
“What do you mean Zenitsu-kun?” 
“Kithsses! You forgot to give me your kithes! You usually gave me even just one on my cheek.” He teared up and you started remembering. You immediately hugged him and showered his face with kisses. Squishing his cheeks with your hands, you told him, “There’s no way I’m gonna leave you Zenitsu-kun.”
He giggled. “I love you so much, Y/N-chan! Give me more give me more~”
»— INOSUKE “Hey you! Aren’t you forgetting something huh?” He called out on you as you were about to leave your home. You just tilted your head in confusion. He groaned and complained, “You even forgot even yesterday! What is it? Are you mad at me? Tell me now!”
“No, Inosuke. I’m not mad at you. Why will I be mad at you?”
“I don’t know! Why’re you asking me that? You’re the one who stops giving me kisses!” 
You were taken aback until you realized and hurried back to him giving him a sweet kiss on the lips. “Sorry! ‘m sorry!”
“Good! I’m gonna- I’m gonna ask for more when you return home!”
»— KYOJURO You bade goodbye and handed him his bento, but he was just standing in front of you with a bright smile on his face. 
“Good luck, love.” You said again but he remained there standing, grinning and finally clearing his throat. You just also stood there still not knowing why he’s not leaving. He had duty today. 
Kyojuro let out another dry cough and leaned his face forward so close to you. That’s when you remembered. You stood on your tippy toes and wrapped your arms around his neck as you gave him a long kiss on his lips. He, then, also had his arms around you. 
Parting slightly, he said, “I thought you were mad at me.”
You shook your head ‘no’, “I’m not.”
“Good grief,” He exhaled and gave you another peck on your lips. 
»— GIYUU You were telling him about your day before you go to sleep, and he had his eyes intensely trained on you. It was very different from the usual look he’d given before. You just continued talking when he shut you up and kissed your lips. You instantly melt in his arms as your kiss got deeper. He gave you another long stare after pulling away and then went back to his side of the bed face turned a way from you. “You forgot to give me one today.” He said.
You blushed and internally squealed. You scooted near him, pulled him slightly so you’re facing him and asked, “Do you mind if I give you some more?”
He averted his eyes from you and answered, “Okay.”
»— SANEMI “Hey arn’t ya’ forgetting something?” He asked. 
You raised your bento and answered, “I got it, Nemi! Bye bye!” You waved and turned around. 
Sanemi just couldn’t believe it! How could you forget? You forgot to give him one when you woke up, another one before you ate and now, even before you leave home? It’s not like he wanted your kisses on anything! It’s not like that! Not like that at all! But he grabbed your arm and sharply spun you around cupping the back of your head he kissed you crazy until you were left running out of air. 
“I’m just taking what should be mine. Now, go!” He sent you off.
Tumblr media
REBLOGS ARE DEEPLY APPRECIATED ♡ Please help me reach other viewers. Thank you so so much! 
Tumblr media
🍰  :@thesundelionblog @chickynn @tenyacore @rainy-day-vibez
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jinzuha · 2 months ago
cast: 18+ aged up! tanjiro, sanemi, giyuu, rengoku
warning: minors do not interact! p#rn links↓, nsfw, 18+
Tumblr media
"do you want me to go faster?"
"am i being a good boy?"
"i've been so good for you. please let me put it in now, please!"
"i want you to feel each one of my thrusts"
"i'm so hungry for you"
"if you don't stop squirming around so much, i will only go faster"
"good girl, keep that slutty mouth open for me"
"i told you to stay still"
"do i have to beg to have a taste of you?"
"please, you know i won't last much longer"
"you feel so good"
"fuck, you're so tight princess"
"come for me one more time doll, i know you can do it"
"sorry, i'm gonna buy you a new pair"
"i'm not being too rough, am i?
"what a mess we made"
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amimimi · 7 months ago
✿ : annoying sex habits; pillars
synopsis: annoying (?) things that come up when you have sex with your respective hashira
pairings: tomioka giyuu x f!reader, shinazugawa sanemi x f!reader, rengoku kyojuro x f!reader, uzui tengen x f!reader, iguro obanai x f!reader, himejima gyomei x f!reader
warnings: minors dni, explicit smut, rough sex, cursing, no beta
notes: slander, just slander. and crack. i apologize for spelling/grammatical errors !
Tumblr media
awkwardly quiet from start to finish
like damn, mf, not even a grunt? A GASP? 😭
his breathing doesn’t even pick up
he’s just silently hovering above, swiftly thrusting into you
even when he cums—NOTHING!!
and to top it off, after he cums he just sorta rolls over and pets you on the head? like he wants to smooth your hair back but he’s too afraid to commit??? like he wasn’t all up in your guts like two seconds ago?? ✋😐
you genuinely have no clue if he’s enjoying himself or not
you have to sit him down and admit to him that you feel a lil insecure because he doesn’t seem to be enjoying himself
giyuu feels TERRIBLE because he loves you deeply and is affected by you sm but he just can’t stand hearing himself moaning
his moans are kinda high-pitched, almost keening, and it’s so embarrassing to him
to YOU, giyuu, not to us 😫
“i...sound...weird” is all he says, frowning in the complete opposite direction from you
he slipped up once tho and y’all weren’t even having sex
you were straddling his lap, both fully clothed, kissing each other fervently, after he’d return to his estate after a very long mission
he was already feeling a little frayed from not seeing you for so long
so that with the way your grinding down against his bulging cock, mewling and moaning as you plant sloppy kisses against his mouth, his cheeks, the neck; sighing “missed you, missed you so much” into his ear
he starts to feel himself unravel at a rate that concerns him, you feel so good and sound so sweet —it’s all too much for him
his breathing kinda stutters, but you’re too engrossed to notice
giyuu is like “nope, nuh uh, absolutely not” as he tries to gather himself together, blinking away the white spots in his vision
but then you drag your crotch against his clothed cock so good, so deliciously that he can’t help the shaky, high pitched moan that escapes from his lips
you glance up at him in shock while he shuts his eyes and hangs his head in shame
“wait...wait, giyuu did you—”
“no wait! that was so hot!”
almost kicks you out of his room 😭
like i’m sorry, it’d take a while for him to actually let loose but at least he’s sorta sighing into your ear now? 😅
talks a huge f*cking game about how big his cock is and how he’s gonna tear your sh*t up
bitch...we weren’t being LITERAL
he’s actually thrusting into you like he wants to square up with your cervix
i do think sanemi enjoys rougher sex but sometimes i think it’s a lil performative
i also think he feels that he needs to overcompensate bc he thinks he’s not as experienced
y’all he canonically has a pet rhinoceros beetle,,,he ain’t as big and bad as he seems💀
also he doesn’t know how to be truly intimate with anyone but we can get into that later
no foreplay, just dives into the pussy
literally throws you onto the bed, sucks at you neck for a bit and then all of sudden you hear a “hpwuah! 💦”
and you sit up like “ikyfl” just to see he’s spat onto the shaft of his cock, pumping his fist along his shaft to spread the saliva
babe that’s when you should’ve sat up and left 😟
between the lack of foreplay and the way he’s just slamming his hips into yours...you are in PAINNN
and he keeps grunting shit like “yeah, you like that? gonna tear your f* ckin uterus into half” WHAT?(???$;@3&:
you slam your fists against his chest and choke out a “sanemi, stop”
he stills instantly, panting as his facial expression morphs into one of confusion and concern
“what’s wrong?” he asks gruffly, gently placing his hand on your arm and giving you a tiny squeeze there
once you tell him that he’s hurting you way more than you’d like, he’d feel bad almost immediately
sanemi sits back, his shoulders tense with shame and he gives a terse, “sorry “
willing to learn but y’all might argue here and there bc he refuses to believe that he isn’t the pussy destroyer he claims to be
okay he’s actually got the mechanics down
has no problem pleasuring you/making you cum
like y’all can’t have sex leisurely 😭
and it’s not so much a sexual thing as it is that kyojuro just wants you to be the best version of yourself possible,,,in every aspect of your life 😐
it starts off as like kyojuro being like “ONE MORE ROUND!” and you thought it was hot that his stamina was through the roof
but then it quickly turns into “omg WHEN DOES THIS END?!’cc”
you’ve been bouncing on his cock FOR GOD KNOWS HOW LONG trying to get him to cum
but you’re tiring quickly, your thighs burning as they tremble against kyojuro’s waist
you’re place your hands on his lower stomach for SOME sort of stability as your hips stutter
kyojuro feels you tremble against him and from the way you’re panting, he knows it’s from exhaustion
he has his hands on your waist to help you keep balance, but he isn’t assisting you 💀he wants you to work for it
you’re sweaty af, struggling to lift your hips off his cock as you pout up at him
“i-i’m getting tired, kyojuro—”
“you are? but it’s only been sixteen minutes?” he smiles up at you, face flushed as his hair spills around the pillow.
“i’m not fit like you” you pant, face screwed up as your calves begin to cramp up.
kyojuro’s face falls slightly “ah, don’t say that! you’re just as fit! here, let’s try for ten more minutes, i believe in you! 🏋️ 😃”
and he looks up at you so earnestly,,,you’re like “godDAMNIT”
he holds both of your hands in his to keep you balanced and he literally starts shouting encouragements at you jskziwkuss
shouts a variation of like “try harder!” and “7 more minutes! you can do this!”
MF, NO I CAN’T 🧎🏾‍♀️😭
you know when you’re doing an intense workout and you get so tired your life flashes before your eyes? YEAH,,,YOU ARE DYINGGGG RN
of course you don’t complete the full 10 minutes but kyojuro doesn’t get on your ass completely about it
he just flips your listless body over and adjusts himself before he starts slowly thrusting into you
“don’t worry, my love! all that matters is that you tried! i’m sure you can do it next time!” he beams down at your whimpering form, before kissing your forehead
you have to tell him that you’re down to workout with him (RIP to you 💀) OUTSIDE the bedroom but you want sex with him to be slow paced and intimate...not him yelling at you like he’s your coach
he’ll ease up immediately, don’t worry!
mf said “the snake stays ON during sex! 😤💯”
no i’m not
obanai is like “can kaburamaru stay in the room? 😐”
and you’re like “i—um, that would be cool but i feel like he’d be uncomfortable”
and he’s like “omg ur right...i wouldn’t want to watch him have sex either i guess 😕”
obanai thinks of kaburamaru as a friend, not so much as a pet so he’s feel guilty for “abandoning” him because he has a S/O now
that’s his mfin bestie 😌
okay real talk, obanai loves you, he is bewitched, body and soul—
maybe a bit TOO much because he’ll literally cum during foreplay and then pass out right after 🙁
he tries to continue after cumming, but it’s like he’s been drugged
his eyes are struggling to stay open, barely holding himself up as he keeps slurring on his words, like omg baby,,,just sleep, it’s okay
he tries tries tries to make you cum before he finishes, BUT EVERYTHING YOU DO GETS HIS COCK ROCKHARD
obanai was laying between your legs, lip suctioned around your clit, dragging his tongue over the little nub
all while he’s languidly thrusting two fingers in and out your slick pussy
and baby his head game is *CHEF KISS*
you’re mewling and whining, grinding your hips against his face as he laps his tongue up and down your folds
the sounds your making, the taste of your cunt, the way he can feel you throbbing against his mouth—it has HIM trembling and whimpering
he’s unconsciously rutting his hips against the mattress, squeezing his eyes shut as he attempts to control himself
but then you make this sound that’s caught between a whimper and grunt, and it catches so prettily in the back of your throat—
he blows his load, unbeknownst to you, as gasps against your heat
he literally knocks out between your legs, with his mouth smushed against your pussy 💀
not a single f*cking thing
look at that man and tell me he doesn’t give you the best pipe of your life
okay wait actually there maybe ONE THING ☝️
he talks wayyyy too fucking much during sex
and it’s mostly outlandish sh*t
okay, when he asked “whose pussy is this? 😩” it was all fine and dandy BUT THEN HE TAKES IT UP A NOTCH—
“you’d die by this dick, huh 😏”
my pride won’t let me say yes, but yes...i would 🧎🏾‍♀️
like he says the most strange sh*t ever and it draws you out of the sex head space to be like “...WAIT WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?”
he does it on purpose though 💀
he’s lining himself up to your entrance and he looks up at you smirking and is all like “im gonna make you a single mother”
AYOO???? 😭
you literally shoot up, scrunching your legs up to your chest
while he laughs at your horrified look
that and i feel like he’s so fckin heavy handed omg
slaps your ass while you’re riding him and your whole skeleton rattles for like 5 minutes after 😭
yeah other than that...there is no way he’d be bad at sex
he’s genuinely afraid of hurting you during sex
like he’s so MASSIVE and he’s convinced there is no way you can take all of him
he feels the way your pussy barely accommodates two of his fingers and he’s like “hm maybe not...🥲”
when he’s fingering you, he just barely squirms his fingers around while he winces in fear that he’s hurting you
you tell him “gyomei, go harder”
and he’s like “no”
and you’re like “but i barely feel you moving?”
and he’s like “trust me this is for your own good”
when he finally finally agrees to f*ck you with his cock, the whole process takes almost three hours because he takes his time lubing you up and stretching you out with his fingers
it takes him the whole last hour to actually bottom out just from out how slow he’s easing into you
and everytime your breath catches in your throat, he slides his cock from out of your pussy and he’s like “ahh, i knew this was a bad idea!”
and then y’all have to start all over again
he can barely feel you squeeze around his cock from just how you’re stretched around him and he starts to freak out
you have to assure him that he’s not hurting you so he doesn’t pull out again
he’s so sweet tho 🥺
Tumblr media
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itsstrawberrymochi · 3 months ago
Kny characters x same love interest reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Prompt: How it would be to have two kny boys fighting over you ✨
Warnings: Curse words
A/n: Listen I just watched Venom 2 yesterday and that end credit scene as me freaking outttt 😵‍💫
Rengoku and Uzui
- You better not be a shy person because when these two fight over you it’s always going to be displayed to the open and everyone knows wtf is going on
- Honestly you’ll probably suffocate in all the attention and love these two are giving you
- The two males try and act dense with the whole situation neither of them is willing to admit they are fighting over the same person and is trying to win them over
- They won’t exactly get physical or throw insults at each other but they do act passive aggressive whenever they are together, when they greet each other you can hear the venom in their voice but they try to cover it up with a big smile
- Or whenever they see the other give you a gift they’ll go “oh interesting choice ” to make it seem that the gift is dumb
- Whenever there is a pillar meeting or all the pillars decide to hang out they both walk up to you simultaneously  and try to talk to you and the same time the two conversation are always completely different
- And they always try to talk loud to drown out the others voice
- Since both of them are very passionate when it comes to most things it’s not a challenge for either of them to get your attention
- They always challenge each other with over the top gestures
- It started off simple Uzui got you flowers from his garden and Rengoku got jealous and give you one of his extra bento boxes, but soon after that the gestures got a whole lot more flashy , Uzui will always buy nice smelling oils, kimonos with a matching piece of jewelry he knows you would love and Rengoku takes you to the most expensive and best restaurants he can find and after that he’ll take you to a beautiful and rare spot not much people know of
- As said before the two pillars refuse to admit they are fighting over you but it’s painfully obvious they are trying to one up each other
- For example whenever Uzui sees Rengoku passing by the two of you he’ll get all touchy with you, but not to the point where it’s non-con and you feel uncomfortable, he’ll drape his arm over your shoulder, ruffle you ear, tell you jokes so you can laugh and as your laughing he’ll look and Rengoku with a smirk
- Rengoku on the other had would carry you or give you piggy-back rides because he thinks you’re too tired to walk, and he’ll willfully pass Uzui more than once and you’ll be laughing as you two pass because Rengoku would do silly things like pretend he’s going to drop you or speed up, and when he passes he gives Uzui is signature bright smile and Uzui is there trying not to throw a tantrum
- The two may go all out when trying to win you over but they won’t go so far that you feel uncomfortable
- They also wouldn’t go so far that it seems they hate each other they are still friends after all but if one of them does end up winning you the other would be upset for a while but eventually get over it
Sabito and Sanemi
Sabito a pillar in this
- Ohhh boy someone hide the knives because these two hot-heads aren’t afraid to physically fight each other for a few second of your attention
- Unlike with Uzui and Rengoku, these two will make it known to each other that they are going after the same person and aren’t afraid to tell each other that they like you and they will win you over
- Often times during pillar meetings whenever one is reporting their missions they always try to sound cool and skillful to try and put down the other and impress you
- The two boys would also get extremely cocky and boast about how they were the better and stronger pillar
- They fight A LOT whenever they see each other they always have to throw an insult
- If Sabito sees you talking to Sanemi he will most definitely pull you away or innocently lean on you as you’re talking to him and he just ignores Sanemi when he’s yelling at him to fuck off
- And whenever Sabito is telling you about his mission Sanemi is near and is ready to say something negative like he thinks he could’ve done the mission better
- Sabito is the more smooth talker between the two and always flirts and tells you such sweet things he never fails to make you smile, he’ll also gently brush your cheek with his hand just to get you flustered, Sanemi on the othe hand sucks at those things so he doesn’t even try
- And Sabito is aware Sanemi is bad when it comes to those fluffy gestures so it encourages him to do it even more
- Sabito being the little the shit he is would often mock Sanemi when he passes you two which in turn makes Sanemi’s blood boil
- Sanemi in hopes of revenge, would always willfully bump into Sabito’s shoulder and “claim” he didn’t see him
- The two scar faced boys use to have a lot of physical fights, it’ll start of with both of them insulting each other but next thing you know fists are being thrown but thankfully they got in trouble with the master so now it’s just death glares and verbal fights
- Whenever Sanemi is training with you he always takes his shirt off reveling those beautiful scars he’s so proud of and he also gets all handsy with you whenever he’s helping you with your swings. He intentionally goes to a training area he knows Sabito will pass and see the both of you
- The two most definitely hate each other but they made a mutual agreement that if anyone dare hurt you or develop a crush on you that person may or may not go missing
- The two pillars would often train with each other but that doesn’t mean they like each other, they just want to hurt each other and make the excuse they were just training
- If you happen to pass by or come to watch it’s like a demon awakens in them because they are 100% more aggressive trying their best to impress you with their breathing style the poor training grounds is in bits and pieces when they are done
- Whenever they both see you alone they always rush over to talk to you
- The two tall males would be hovering over you trying to get the other to back down leaving poor you sandwiched in between them and flustered by how close they are
Zenitsu and Inosuke
- Bless their souls, they already fight about everything and anything on a daily basis now they’re fighting over the same person tsk tsk
- So like Rengoku and Uzui the two slayers would often do cute gestures to win you over or to at least get a few minutes of your attention
- Inosuke brings you random rocks or sticks as a gift and he spends hours in the forest finding you the prettiest one, he use to bring you small dead animals but you had to beg him not to that anymore
- Zenitsu always gives you flowers along with a compliment he use to give you food but when he was about to put it on you plate Inosuke always stole it and eat it infront of him he did that intentionally of course
- Since you are apart of the squad they always fight about who gets to walk next to you or sit next to you , they act like you don’t have two sides
- Inosuke challenge Zenitsu to a fight every.single.day, since Inosuke has a animal like nature he thinks the stronger one gets the prize (you) you have act as a barricade so he can’t get to him
- They sometimes treat you like a rag doll, when they want your attention at the same time Zenitsu will pull one or you arm to him while Inosuke does the same on the next and it’s this back and forth pulling for such a long time, Tanjiro alway has to step in and smacks them on the head for acting so dumb
Tumblr media
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sanemiangel · 8 months ago
breeding kink hcs featuring-
☾*✲⋆giyuu, sanemi, kyojuro, fem!reader
18+ minors DNI
☾*✲⋆.cw- breeding kink, pregnancy kink
Tumblr media
didn’t realize he had the kink until he started dating you. he knew what kinks were but never really put much thought into them until the two of you got together.
it wasn’t until he said it in the heat of the moment while the two of you were mid fuck was this revealed in your relationship.
“oh fuck, ah shit, i’m gonna cum, gonna cum inside you, gonna breed you”
realizing what just came out of his mouth he froze in sheer shock. he can’t believe he said something so depraved. and in-front of you of all people.
but when he feels you wrap your legs around him and moan in response, it’s like you lit a fire within him. which spurs him on to fold your legs back and put you into a mating press.
fucking you for the rest of the night like that until you pass out in each-others embrace.
has a breeding kink, and would not mind getting you pregnant one bit.
Tumblr media
he always knew he had one. he knows what it is. and this man is obsessed with you. ever since you both met. you have him at your beck and call. and he loves it.
but it also causes him to be extremely possessive of you. whenever someone so much as looks at you he wraps his hand around your waste and scowls at the offender.
sometimes he ponders how deep that this goes. he already has a ring in your finger. regularly marks your neck all over as a habit.
his mind starts to linger to thinking of you swelled with his child. the ultimate indication that you belong to another man.
thinking of you waddling around your home belly swelled and breasts heavy. he feels his cock hardening in his pants.
so when you come home that night, sanemi already is all over you. simple touches turn into him kissing your neck, he’s asking for your consent to take this further. you enthusiastically agree to what he’s implying because truly you can never get enough of your husband and his insatiable ways.
you’ve talked about having children before the concept isn’t foreign to you.
so he’s already got you bent over the kitchen table. with promise of filling you up until it takes.
“oooh fuck yes, i’m gonna fill you up, over and over again, show everyone youre mine, that i own you and this cunt”
you don’t complain
Tumblr media
mans also knew he had the kink, although not as possessive as sanemi, he’s a very passionate lover like everything else he does.
he is also a very proud man, proud of his beautiful wife. proud of the life he’s built with you.
you know he wants to start a family, that he wants a happy family in his life more than anything.
but you didn’t know his breeding kink would show up in your marriage so early.
not soon after you got married as he was balls deep inside you was the first time he brought it up.
“take it, take it all, fuck that’s it”
“gonna get you nice and bred for me, can you do that? take my seed, give me a child?”
“you’d look so radiant pregnant, i don’t think i’d be able to keep my hands off of you”
insatiable man, fucks you like this almost every night. with the same promise.
Tumblr media
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leoiguro · 21 days ago
Ok so cute idea, the hashira reacting to their s/o wearing their clothes and mimicking them
Hashiras Reacting to their S/O Wearing their Clothes and Mimicking them
Tumblr media
Includes: mitsuri, kyojuro, tengen, giyuu, and sanemi
a/n: thanks for the request! i don’t normally write a lot of x reader headcanons or this sort of thing so this was a bit of a challenge! i didn’t write all of the hashiras as i don’t know all of them that well yet, but i included those i’m more confident writing for <3
*gender neutral reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media
if you wear her uniform she’ll be going all heart eyes 
compliments you so much
“ah you’re like me! i love you!”
she’s such a sweetheart i love her
if you start to mimic her she’ll think it’s cute at first 
if you keep it up though she’ll start to get confused 
you’ll have to reassure her that you aren’t making fun of her
she’ll gladly let you wear her clothes all you want as long as you promise to be yourself in them 
Tumblr media
he will get so exited
“those are my clothes?! you’re wearing them!!”
tries to convince you to wear them more often, does not notice your impression of him at first 
once he realizes what you’re doing he’s going to find it very funny
after you eat something and yell “UMAI!” he’ll laugh and mention that you know him so well 
will proceed to wear your clothes and give his impression of you 
if you tell him he can wear your clothes more often he will be so happy 
even if you’re smaller than him he will find a way 
Tumblr media
good luck trying to fit into his clothes properly
they are going to be very baggy on you 
if you start to mimic his mannerisms he will find it cute at first
“you’re becoming even more flashy now!”
however after a while he will find it annoying 
when you tell him that’s what he sounds like he’s just like 
“i’m not that annoying!” 
“i don’t use the words flashy and flamboyant in every sentence!” 
he will let you borrow his clothes a lot just because you look cute in them 
Tumblr media
this poor boy, he’s so awkward
“why are you wearing that? what are you doing?”
he’s really confused
you’re just standing there like “🧍🏼‍♂️” (a perfect impression of him)
and he’s like “🧍🏼‍♂️”
will eventually tell you that you look nice
doesn’t even notice that you were mimicking him
Tumblr media
his uniform is similar to mitsuri’s in the way it completely exposes your chest 
he doesn’t really notice at first 
and then he does and he’s like “why are you wearing my clothes??”
if you start to mimic him he will pretend to get annoyed 
“stop acting like that, why are you being so weird?” but he has a small smile on his face so you know he doesn’t mean it
he knows you’re joking around and finds it a little amusing at first 
but seeing you only act all aloof and hard-ish he will start to feel a little bad about himself 
doesn’t like how you view him that way, he tries his best to be kinder and softer with you and he wants you to see that 
does like how you look in his uniform 
he will secretly want you to wear his clothes more often but this little bastard does not know how to tell you 
Tumblr media
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xxsabitoxx · a month ago
NSFW Sanemi Head Canons
Thank you for the request @idownloadedthisapptoreadfanfics !!
Minors do not interact 🔞
Tumblr media
Starting with the basics, his size. The man is definitely packing down there. He oozes confidence and definitely has something to show for it.
He’s rough in bed at first. So rough it actually hurts. It isn’t till you explain to him a little more that he backtracks and tries to do it right for you.
Takes a lot for him to admit, but he was more clueless than he thought about sex
Sanemi may have a rough and ready exterior but when it comes to your pleasure in bed it’s something he isn’t afraid to ask for help with.
He’s a fast learner. After your first time together the man knew everything he needed too.
He can absolutely find your clit…now that you’ve shown him. To his credit though, he never forgot where it was after that.
“Like this?” His hand rubbed slow circles over your sensitive clit. You whimpered, nodding your head and guiding his hand for a few seconds more before he took over completely. His eyes were focused on your cunt. Watching in fascination as a clear gooey substance oozed from your entrance.
Your eyes flew wide, body tensing as his tongue licked up your slit. “S…Sanemi?” You looked down at his head between your thighs, cheeks turning red and looking away again.
Everyone says this man would rather receive oral than give. I think this man is a GIVER
The first time he gets a taste he is addicted, especially when it comes to the sounds you make.
He loves hearing you whimper his name, completely at the mercy of his hands and tongue.
“Keep singing baby, tell me I’m going good.”
Though he isn’t opposed to seeing you choke on his dick.
“Shit baby, you’re doing so good.” His hand ran through your hair, guiding your head where he wanted you. You licked a fat stripe up the underside of his cock, making him shiver. “Do that again…” his pupils were blown wide, watching your tongue dance round his length before your lips wrapped around his oozing tip.
“Fuck…” his grip tightened, holding your head in placed as you sucked on his tip like it was a lollipop. The sinful thoughts running through his mind only fueled his pleasure and praises
Once he knows you’re comfortable giving him head, he isn’t afraid to get rough.
If you piss him off, your punishment is rough oral, giving and receiving.
He loves making you a mess.
He wants to see you squirting, screaming his name and crying. He wants to ruin the sheets so he can humiliate you by showing you the mess you made
He can be unbelievably sweet during sex, but he’s also a sadist.
That means biting, slapping, bruises and love marks (so long as you consent to it)
He’ll never do something you are uncomfortable with.
You like that? You like my fingers shoved up your cunt don’t you?” He was livid, a rough mission paired with annoying new recruits had him ravaging you to relieve his stress. “Yes!” You cried, his fingers massaging your g-spot with perfect precision.
“God you’re so fucking whiny. I love it.” He was jerking himself off as he fingered you, teeth sinking into your shoulder making tears burn your eyes. “More!” You were ready to burst, make an absolute mess of your uniform. He couldn’t wait to get you into his bed, instead fucking you mercilessly against the side of the butterfly estate’s infirmary.
Let's dive into this man’s kinks
He is a bit of an exibitionist
Once he gains real confidence in his sex skills, he wouldn’t mind if people heard or saw
Breeding kink, this man loves the idea of getting you pregnant
Light bdsm, he doesn’t like the idea of harming you but he likes to see the results of his roughness
Doesn’t want to admit it but he wouldn’t mind you dominating him (he’s actually a bit of a brat)
Are those tears?” your hand stopped pumping him, watching in fascination as his release tricked out pathetically from his slit. “Fuck off!” you smirked, his hands pulling against the restraints. This was the third unsatisfying orgasm you had given him. His cock was leaky and irritated, his chest splotchy from his release. He couldn't even think straight , his mind clouded with irritation and pleasure. You’d be forcing dry orgasms out of him before you even gave him a satisfying one.
“Does my baby want to talk nicely?” you grabbed his cheeks, forcing him to look at you with teary eyes. “Fuck off.” he repeated again, crying out as you ran your thumb over his sensitive slit. “What was that?” he whimpered as your nails dug into his cheeks. “F..fu..fuck off….” his back arched agaisnt your touch, you tisked, letting his face go to straddle him instead. “You never learn.” you slammed down on his cock, mewling as he spurted another unsatisfying release into you.
He loves to tease you
As much as you can be cruel to him in bed, he can be cruel right back
Aftercare is actually a big priority for him after a rough session 
His aftercare isn’t much
Cleaning you up
Praising you
Cuddling you
Stuff he does already, even though he’d sooner die than admit that to anyone
Was it too rough?” he kissed your temple, pulling out and flopping onto the bed beside you. “No…no” your words slurred slightly, still cock drunk. “You can’t feel your legs,” it wasn’t a question, it was a statement. You nodded lazily as he sighed. Scooping you up bridal style he carried you to the bathroom. “Looks like you need a bath.” he glanced down at your naked form, cum on your thighs and stomach and some oozing down your thighs. He felt a sense of pride seeing it.
Did I mention he loved to come in you
He likes the idea of you having a piece of him inside you even after the fact
Does he not realize that's how babies are made?
He also loved visibly marking you for others to see even though you scold him for it
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