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lydiais-dead · 2 days ago
Priest: Gi-hun, do you take Sangwoo to be your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, as long as you both shall live?
Gi-hun: I scooby-dooby-doo!
Sangwoo: I want a divorce.
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sukiekagamine · a day ago
Gi hun: If we lost money, we can always earn it back later. But if we lost our conscience--
Sang woo: We can earn even more money later.
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sangwooshusband · a day ago
Sang-woo: What would you say if I confessed my love to you right now?
Gi-hun: I’d more than likely say I love you too
Gi-hun: That was just a “what if” scenario, wasn’t it..?
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gihunlovessangwoo · a day ago
I’m writing a sangihun au that involves sorta unrequited love, sexuality crisis, drama and angst. And Sangwoo is demisexual who only loves Gihun and no one else. There’s a joke that Gihun says ‘you’re gay?!’ And Sangwoo answers with ‘not really. I only like you. I don’t like other men. Just you.’ Gihun is more confused than ever.
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marysarms · 9 hours ago
everyone talkin bout aliwoo/sali and sangihun (both 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽 ships btw, i love both of them so much-) but
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amethystmercury · 2 days ago
AU: Sangwoo is a high ranking demon incubus who uses Gihun as his source for energy. Gihun doesn’t mind because it keeps him from feeling lonely. Sangwoo becomes quickly infatuated with Gihun and makes sure he has other demons protecting Gihun whenever he is away.
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lydiais-dead · a day ago
Sangwoo: Gi-hun and I aren't in relationship.
Sae-byeok: Is that so? What do bees make?
Sangwoo: Honey?
Sae-byeok: Alright then, what does Deok-su call people?
Sangwoo: Little bitch?
Gi-hun, yelling at the other room: WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!
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uwmaa · 10 days ago
sangwoo: me and gihun are having a baby
sae byeok: thats grea-
gihun, slamming adoption papers on the table: its you, sign here-
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just-a-bunch-of-voices · 13 days ago
Sangwoo and Gihun after a fight:
Sangwoo: Hyung, can you pass me my glasses?
Gihun: Sure,
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