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Zoro's a lucky guy
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One piece Fake Text/Chats ft. Monster Trio + Law
Just Random text msgs with the boyz since its been so long since I've posted a OP fake text thingy 😌🙌🏻
Inspired from google, but noticed some of them are from Pinterest, so Credits to the ideas owners✨
⚠️ Warnings: Mention of death in Zoro's part (Tho its just a joke, no one really died or sth)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Feel free to request One piece fake texts by leaving your ideas in the ask box~!! However, I only write these for Monster Trio+ Law
Might add other fandoms in the future ~!!
You can check the previous fake texts/chats in OP Masterlist 3 in my main Masterlist 🌌
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The redraw of THAT Shokugeki no Sanji cover that was so popular on Twitter
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Fun times at Baratie
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in chapter 856, sanji tells luffy what he truly wants.
i’ve seen many versions of the english translation on many different manga websites and in the physical copies themselves, but this is the one i see the most
Tumblr media
beautiful. of course.
but i’ve also seen “i want to return to the sunny” and my all time favorite:
“i want to go home to the sunny”
and as someone that prefers the dub, i’ve been ACHING for the dub to come out for this scene for MONTHS just to see what specific line they choose to use.
it finally came out.
look at this.
i quite literally had to lay on the floor and take a minute.
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I love how early One Piece has like zero power scaling for the main fighting trio. I mean, most enemies Luffy fights up till Crocodile are already far weaker than him and the development is about how many seconds Luffy needs to actually take the fight seriously to win. Meanwhile Zoro is always still bleeding his guts out from the previous 37 guys he fought who each used the wound made by the previous guy as a deception to create a new wound. And then Sanji is dealing with bullshit of the week, like fighting a fish underwater or gay rights in the desert. 
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my sanuso content for you all smile
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Lawsan Week - Day 3: Childhood/Fashion (icon/Disaster) Better late than never.
Never try to correct a chef! Even if you are right.
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So for my request, can you write a oneshot featuring Sanji and a woman reader in a Tangled AU please? I imagine Sanji as Rapunzel with the reader being a thief adventurer whos guiding Sanji through the world. What do you think?
humming blue | sanji
Tumblr media
➳ category: tangled au · female reader as flynn and sanji as rapunzel
➳ spoiler warning: light spoilers from episode 763/chapter 812-813
➳ word count: 3.7k
➳ summary: Prince Sanji Vinsmoke has been locked in the confinements of a lone tower for all his life and has since then dreamed of exploring beyond its walls. But when a wanted thief on the run from the royal army of the Germa Kingdom stumbles upon his tower and strikes a deal with him, Prince Sanji knows that he’ll be getting more than he bargained for.
Alternatively, you take the prince on a secret getaway on his 19th birthday and explore the Germa Kingdom together.
➳ note: thank you so much to @princeasimdiya12 for submitting my first request!! it took so long because my initial draft with 4400~ words was deviating from the prompt so i wrote this one in less than three days to match it more. i hope this is good enough 😶‍🌫️
Tumblr media
“Sanji, let down your haaair!”
Prince Sanji grins from ear to ear when he hears your sweet voice ring from the bottom of the tower, 25 meters below. He peeks outside the window and laughs as he sees you wave at him perkily. With a thrusting motion of his torso, the prince tosses a thick long rope down the tower and hooks the knot on a lever to slowly pull you up.
You heave yourself up the window and enter the prince’s tower. The smell of his cooking fills the air and the morning dust and dew around him sparkle and speckle gold. Sanji retracts the rope and hides it safely in the closet then hurries back to the kitchen to cater to the food.
“Cooking breakfast for me?” you ask him with a smirk on your face. Now seated on the dining table, you prop your arm on the table and place your chin on the palm of your hand.
Sanji hums merrily, cooking one of his signature breakfast dishes. “I have your favorite here. It never changed, did it?”
You shake your head. “Nope,” you tell him, leaning back on the chair soon afterward as Sanji plates the dish and serves you. He takes a seat across from you, and you both eat breakfast together like normal.
By the end of breakfast, you join Sanji in washing the dishes as fast as your hands can function and pull him out of the kitchen once done. You twirl Sanji on his feet and run around the room with his hands clenched with yours.
“I’m supposed to twirl you, my lady,” he begins, but decides to not complain when he notices your fingers entangled with his. His eyes shape into hearts, and he grins wholeheartedly with the cigarette still in between his lips. “I LOVE THIS, (Y/N)-SWAN!”
Giggling to yourself, you stop in your tracks and Sanji bumps into you. Moving away from him, you boop his nose and point a finger toward him with your other hand on your hip.
“It’s your birthday today, so I’m going to treat you well,” you say with a smirk. Sanji leaps in the air from the pressure of his nosebleed. “I’ll take you out of the tower for the whole day and I promise to bring you back home safely before sundown!”
Sanji recovers from his high but his nose continues to bleed. “You’re taking me around Germa today? Is it happening?” he asks hopefully.
“It’s happening,” you confirm. He explodes with delight and you smile at him proudly. “But I’m taking you out of here under one condition.”
He listens carefully.
“In line with our agreement, I’ll go around Germa with you for the day while you handle the second half of our deal for me once we get back here safely,” you say. Sanji stops the commotion and he becomes serious. Lighting the cigarette in his lips, he takes a long puff and exhales deeply.
“I never break a promise, my lady,” he says, his eyes cast on the ground. “I will do anything I can to make sure your half of the deal is accomplished.”
The corners of your lips tug upward in a smile, and your eyes shine brightly. Looking at him, you clasp your hands together and pull his wrist once more.
“Great! Then we should get ready for today’s event,” you say with a wink. Sanji’s eyes transform back to pink hearts. “I’ll be back in an hour, so you should be ready by then.”
The prince nods repeatedly. He bids you goodbye before watching you jump out of the tower to make your grand exit. Once you’ve disappeared, Sanji laughs to himself and scurries to the bathroom to get ready.
Tumblr media
An hour passes and you sneak into the tower pretty early. Sanji is nowhere to be seen, so you sit by the window boringly and wait for him to appear.
With the prince turning 19 today, you remember the first time you met him.
“You can heal people . . . through your hair?” you ask him softly, eyebrows furrowing in confusion. The blond man nods meekly.
“Your arm feels better now, doesn’t it?” he sweetly asks, hovering his hand above your recently broken arm. “My name is Sanji. I’m the third prince of the royal family.”
It came as a shock when the revelation fell from his lips. Never in your life did you ever think about meeting any member of the royal family, so meeting Sanji was an even bigger surprise considering his rash history and current circumstances. The supposed third prince of the Vinsmoke family, stuck in a tower 25 meters tall with the only way of free entrance and exit being the single window by the dining area—not even in view from the common room.
You were skeptical of the prince’s identity at first but he cleared your doubt in the end. With downcast eyes, he told you that he was born to King Judge and the queen of Germa, Sora, as a quintuplet, and was experimented on by his father from conception. As sovereign of a warmongering kingdom, the king invested in advancing Germa’s technology to hopefully use their strength in colonizing islands and building their military force. With a greed for power, the king decided to bear more children whom he would modify genetically and later command them to serve the kingdom’s military.
Sanji was the only unaffected child out of the quintuplets because of the queen’s secret ploy to ingest the Sundrop Flower, a fabled flower in the fauna of Germa that could supposedly heal any wound, injury, or disease in the world. The queen was a believer of the myth, and in the desperate attempt to save her children, she covertly instructed royal guards to hunt for and pursue the flower.
The flower was delivered to her, and she imbibed an infusion without the king’s knowledge. To her dismay, the power was only transmitted to her third quintuplet, Sanji.
Prince Sanji was consequently locked in a tower deep in the woods off the coast of Germa as an effort to protect his healing ability. At the same time, King Judge altered the memories of the citizens of Germa through his scientific abilities to rid the kingdom’s memory of the third quintuplet.
“They did it out of love,” Sanji told you once, “but that’s just what they told me. It didn’t feel like it was.”
You stuck beside Prince Sanji because you were fascinated by him. He was a prince indeed; he never broke a promise and was a man of his word, especially if the request was serious. He willed himself to live through his family’s pugnacious upbringing and somehow, you liked that about him. And as if you could forget, he was chivalrous—maybe even too much at times.
But the one thing that really stuck with you about the prince was (and is) his ambitions. He grew up cooking for people and had always dreamed since childhood that he would explore the kingdom and beyond for ingredients to use, recipes to make, and mouths to feed, but his state of affairs for the past 16 years obstructed that.
As a wanted thief in the kingdom, you knew you weren’t giving up on the prince when he told you of his dream one night, when he got you to sit beside him by the window and told you to look out into the distance.
Past the woody area of the kingdom laid the sea, with the waters so clear and full of creatures and the crashing waves so bleak. At that point in time, Sanji told you of his dream to explore the sea one day and search for his ultimatum, the All Blue.
You knew the All Blue. It was the area in the world where each of the four seas met, and as an adventurer yourself, you knew you had to help him.
But first, you had to tour the prince around his own kingdom.
“Mademoiselle,” Prince Sanji greets as he emerges beside you, startling you a little. He notices that you’re deep in thought. “Is everything alright?”
“Everything’s going great.” You turn to face him and find that he has dressed himself in a white dress shirt underneath a brown sleeveless tunic. His blond hair is styled more neatly than usual and he smells of a woody green fragrance. Trying not to panic due to the prince’s appeal, you avert your eyes out the window. “It’s almost 8 in the morning. We should go.”
With a nod of approval from the prince, you take his hand in yours and jump out of the tower to begin his birthday bash.
Tumblr media
Prince Sanji has never jumped out of a building before, so the pressure of the air against his body as he comes crashing down from 25 meters above is a thrilling sensation.
He almost forgets that he’s free-falling because of the new feeling. He likes the way the wind blows his hair and he likes the lightness of his body and racing heart in his ribcage. Suddenly, he feels like he’s lived the past 16 years in the outside world, and not just in the confinements of his tower.
He is abruptly caught by your safety inflatable before he can smash on the ground and splatter his insides everywhere. But he doesn’t react to your impressive equipment and instead cheers for the free-falling thrill, as if his life couldn’t have been in any more danger from it.
“Let’s do it again!” he yells as he stands up from the inflatable hastily. “Let’s do it again, (Y/N)-swan! Take me back up there—!”
“No,” you refuse with a shake of your head but Sanji doesn’t listen. “I’m taking you away from the tower, remember? I thought you wanted to get away from here.”
“Yes, but”—he looks at you with bright eyes—“I haven’t felt it before and it’s my birthday. Please?”
“I think you should be more concerned about not feeling grass for over a decade,” you comment, sitting down on the ground and rubbing your hand on the grassy landscape. “It feels nice, doesn’t it?”
Sanji sits on the spot beside you and it takes him a while to let the feeling sink in. He touches the grass around him and smiles as he feels himself becoming ticklish.
He laughs lightly, still combing his fingers through it. “They’re soft to touch.” You nod. “Do you think I can cook this?”
You blink at him, gaping in shock. “Um,” you stammer, unsure of what to say, “I’m not a chef, but maybe you can?”
His eyes sparkle. “Really?”
“There are a lot of ingredients that await you in the kingdom, Your Highness,” you say, bowing your head slightly. Afterward, you grab his wrist and stand back up. “Come on, we’ve got more places to go to. I know a spot.”
With one last comb of his fingers through the hair-like grass, Sanji stands up and follows you out of the glade until the tower is nowhere to be seen. While walking through the woods, he runs into different plants and animals which he hasn’t seen a single time in his life.
At one point, he asks you to stop walking as he disappears into a cave and comes back with a lizard on his arm. You watch him joyously play with the reptile with the most judgmental face you can summon. Once he’s back to following you deep into the woods, he asks you if the lizard is something he can cook.
“You can’t cook everything you see, Sanji,” you grumble under your breath. “Well, if you try hard enough then maybe you can, but I wouldn’t count on it. For now, everything that moves does not mean you can cook it.”
Sanji proceeds to ask you tens of thousands of questions about what he can and can’t cook and what is and isn’t edible in nature. Half of them you are sure you can provide answers for, but the other half not so much as you take wild guesses and merely give simple nods of affirmation to satisfy the prince.
In just a few minutes, you and Sanji arrive at The Snuggly Duckling, a tavern a fair distance away from the prince’s tower. It sits on an uprooted tree and is positioned askew, almost leaning totteringly toward the ground. Sanji feels strange about the building, having seen no other architecture for all his life other than the one he lives in, but he knows he’s safe because of you.
Swinging the door open, you lead Sanji inside the tavern and pass through the noisy tables. You lead him to the bar and sit yourself on the stool. Sanji imitates your actions.
“Beer for two please,” you tell the bartender and he prepares the drinks. Sanji watches him with interest, and practically downs his beer in one go once served.
“One more!” Sanji orders and you look at him in surprise. He looks back at you, wondering why you seem troubled.
“Never mind,” you mumble, turning away and taking sips of your own beer.
Sanji scans the tavern and notices the people all around. There are thieves, thugs, hooligans, (Why is everyone here a criminal? he thinks) and pub workers. A few tables away, he sees a middle-aged man cramming down a dish, so he gestures to a nearby waiter to serve him the same.
You pick a different dish of your own and watch Sanji excitedly explore his surroundings. His hands flit to every junk he finds on the counter and his eyes move from one object to another. When his order arrives, he eats to his heart’s content until his eyes meet yours, turning to their usual heart shape.
He tries to feed you a spoonful and you refuse, but Sanji pulls out the “I’m-the-birthday-celebrant” card so you give in eventually.
The food doesn’t beat Sanji’s cooking but it’s delicious nonetheless. Sanji is happy that he’s being served for once, so he orders a few more dishes to try as you patiently wait for him to explore the tavern on his own.
Little do you know, he notices your bandaged finger in the middle of exploration.
Tumblr media
The visit to the tavern ends just before noon, and before long, you and Sanji are walking side-by-side together again.
You’re trekking out of the woods with Sanji prattling about the new things he’s found. In the past two hours, the prince has brought you all kinds of insects and interviewed you about each and every one of them. He’s even made all kinds of plans to incorporate everything he has seen in a dish.
The next stop of the day is at the town square. You initially doubted going there because you didn’t want to attract attention to you, the infamous wanted thief of the kingdom, and Sanji, the third prince of the royal family, but you disguised yourselves well with obnoxious accessories and makeshift cloaks.
“We’ll be safe, don’t worry,” you reassure Sanji but it sounds directed at yourself. “Just stay with me at all times, ‘kay? No wandering off and asking people what can and cannot be cooked. Got that?” Sanji bites down on his cigarette, and with heart-shaped eyes, he howls. “I understand, (Y/N)-swan!”
You roll your eyes. “You better, or else.”
Holding his wrist, you drag the prince into the bustling town square in your silly disguises. You blend in the crowd easily. In a matter of seconds, you and Sanji are distracted by the countless food stalls and entertainment acts.
The prince sees a mime artist and he taps your shoulder.
“Why can’t he talk?” he asks innocently. The mime pretends to be trapped inside a cage. “Is he trapped? I can’t see anything though.”
You snorted. “That’s mime, a technique used in theater. He can talk and he isn’t trapped in a cage. He’s just pretending.”
Sanji nods in understanding. “Ah, so it’s for entertainment.”
“Yes.” You nod back. “For entertainment.”
“What about that one?” He points at a woman in a blue dress, dancing on her own in front of an open basket of coins. Sanji can’t contain himself and almost bleeds again. “Lady! I finally found a lady!”
Sanji speeds off, leaving your side and almost knocking you over. You groan as he snaps into a frenzy in front of the dancing woman, drool practically oozing out of his mouth.
Bummed out that he left your side, you approach him with heavy steps. You cross your arms over your chest and clear your throat.
“I thought we just made a deal to not leave each other’s side, Your Highness,” you emphasize on his title, although quietly. Sanji ignores you. “Sanji!”
The prince drops his act at the sound of your angry tone. He turns away from the woman and sees your annoyed face.
“Yes, (Y/N)-swan?”
You glare at him. “Behave properly before I lose you in the crowd!”
Sanji rubs his nape and grimaces. “I’m sorry, my lady,” he apologizes, bowing his head. Suddenly, he hears the thrums of guitar strings and clangs of cymbals nearby. “Hey, look!”
He points at the crowd behind you. Following the direction of his stare, you see a circle of dancing children and teens and artists playing their musical instruments. The woman in a blue dress dances her way past you and joins the gathering.
As she passes you, she invites you to follow her on the dance floor. “Join us!”
You look at her with uncertainty but Sanji grips your wrist and pulls you along with him. He squeezes through the crowd and joins the dance circle in a laughing fit.
Your cheeks burn and you look around in panic. Spectators of all ages observe the dancers one by one while some encourage you to groove. Hiding behind your cloak, you ready yourself for escape when Sanji twirls you around and pulls you into his chest.
You glare at him with all your might, ignoring the fluttering feeling in your chest. But Sanji holds your hands in his and prompts you to dance with him.
Tumblr media
The town square dies down just before dusk, with the heart of the Germa Kingdom busy preparing for the Vinsmoke triplets’ evening celebration.
You take Sanji to a private shore once he’s shopped for ingredients at the market. With the basket of resources, disguises, and shoes stored by the bushes, you and Sanji sit comfortably in silence in front of the sea.
Sanji discards a cigarette butt and pops a new stick in his mouth. He looks out into the sea with you, still getting used to the body of water and the texture of sand on his feet.
The sun is setting in the distance as the moon tries to take over. With each passing second, the sky turns darker.
The darker the sky, the closer the celebration for the Vinsmoke triplets.
“Triplets,” says Sanji softly, with puffs of smoke flowing out his mouth.
“It seems that the whole kingdom doesn’t know how to count,” you joke. “Forgetting about you and all that.”
He shakes his head. “It’s fine. I have no interest in being pampered like royalty any longer.” He glances at you. “After everything we did today, I realized that I want to live normally like you.”
You almost snicker at his remark. He seems to forget that you’re a thief, and that his family’s royal guards are after your head.
Not knowing what to say, you tell him, “I like that.” After a moment of silence, you clear your throat and add. “Three (san) is the best number anyway.”
Slowly, he smiles.
“My mother used to tell me that ‘third time’s the charm.’ I can’t agree more.”
Suddenly, you stand up and dust off the sand from your pants. Sanji watches you run to the bushes and faintly catches a pair of hands giving you a small box.
You run back to him and kneel by his side. You give him the package carefully.
“Happy birthday, Sanji. I’ll find the All Blue for you one day,” you promise him. Sanji looks down at the box and blinks blankly at the small vanilla-flavored cake he’s holding. In neat handwriting, the frosting displays a greeting for his 19th birthday. “Or maybe we can explore outside of Germa together to look for the All Blue as a team.”
“As a team?” he repeats. Tears well in his eyes but he refuses to cry. Looking back at you, he smiles sincerely. “(Y/N)-swan . . . I . . .”
Shaking your head, you place a hand in front of him.
“Nuh-uh, can’t say that you don’t deserve it. I baked that for you. Don’t you know how long it took me?”
He blinks again.
“Oh, I sure hope that cake tastes good.”
Without warning, Sanji grabs your wounded hand with the bandaid he noticed earlier at The Snuggly Duckling. He hums a low tune to himself, activating his golden hair, the same way it did when you first met him.
Underneath the bandaid, you feel Sanji’s power repairing the wound and dusting it with miniscule specks of gold. You gape in shock.
“You used it again on me,” you say, stunned. “I forgot you could do that.”
“Did you cut yourself while baking?”
You gulp.
“I appreciate it, (Y/N)-san.” He glimpses at the bush where he saw the pair of hands. “The Duckling guys did great with the cake too. Today was a perfect day.”
Your heart pounds in your chest and you smile sweetly. “I’m-I’m glad you liked it.”
“I loved it,” he replies with a grin.
Picking up a fork, Sanji takes a bite of his cake and shares it with you. At the same time, the sky has turned dark, marking the start of the royal celebration.
Floating lanterns gradually fill the sky and Sanji watches them in amusement. Although the festival leaves a bitter taste in his mouth, he’s too charmed by the lanterns to care.
Grinning at his reaction, you elbow his arm jokingly. “You can do better than the lanterns, Your Highness.”
“Sanji,” he corrects. “Please call me Sanji, (Y/N)-swan.”
You nod. Lacing your fingers with his, Sanji hums the melodic tune he crooned earlier and lets the sand around you glimmer and glow gold.
Today has to be the greatest day of his life yet, and if something were to top that, he hopes it’s a memory he can share with you.
Better yet, he hopes it’s when you and him find the All Blue.
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Lighting babey
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Day 4
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(Yeah! I was able to join!)
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