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germa66 fanclub meetup
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Different One Piece Men Taking Care of Their Babies
I don’t recommend reading unless you like babies and (mentioned) pregnancies. Headcanons under cut
Ace wasn’t sure at first if he wanted a family, but after getting you pregnant then seeing the first ultrasound, his mind was set.
After your little girl, Ann, was born; he became an extremely doting father. He showed her off to everyone and got her plenty of gifts.
He’s also plenty protective of you both, especially when you are feeding her. 
He was the first to notice that Ann has the same form of narcolepsy as him when she fell right asleep in his arms right after she started drinking from the bottle he was giving her. 
Him and Ann often take naps together, him on his back and Ann on her belly with her head  resting on his heart. 
He loves cuddling you when you’re holding the baby, often cooing and making silly faces at her so he can hear her laugh.
In a Modern AU, he travels a lot for his job. But he makes time to video call you and your daughter everyday. 
The baby was a complete surprise for you both considering you hadn’t been trying for one. But he instantly is up for it if you are. 
He absolutely asks Yassop for parenting advice, wanting to be a good father for your little one.
When your baby girl, Blossom, is born looking like a little clone of Shanks, he’s so happy. 
He doesn’t give up drinking completely, but he definitely drinks less. Especially when your daughter is awake. 
At night, when you’re having trouble soothing her, he will sing her sea shanties as lullabies. Who knew Bink’s Sake is good for putting babies to sleep?
He does his best to help out with childcare, but caring for a baby with only one arm is a little hard. Especially with an energetic baby like the one you two have.
He was overjoyed when he found out you’re pregnant. He’s always wanted his own kids and now you two are going to have them!
9 months later, you give birth to a healthy set of triplets. Named Beignet, Eclair, and Ichigo respectively. 
He adores your babies, he just wishes that Ichigo hadn’t gotten his mouth. Yet seeing her so shamelessly happy despite it gives him a new sense of joy.
He carries your babies around everywhere he can. It’s almost hilarious to see such an intimidating man holding three very chubby babies close to him.  
He’s a baby care expert, having taken care of his little siblings before. 
The rest of the family adores the new additions and love to visit when they can. 
Your babies took their first steps during your shared merienda time with your husband. It was a group effort from them where they tried taking one of Katakuri’s donuts. He was so proud of them that he beyond happily shared it with them.
Sanji cries when he first hears you’re pregnant. He promises that he’ll be a great father to the baby if you decide to keep it. 
He spends his time during your pregnancy making healthy foods for you and your cravings while he also learns recipes for baby food for once the baby’s onto solid foods. 
Once your baby boy,Sora, is born; Sanji is so happy to see the baby looks just like you but with his curled brows.  
He takes to parenting like a fish to water. He already was good with kids, but having his own baby brings it out tenfold. 
He loves taking photos of your son and sending them to Zeff and the others at the Baratie. 
He doesn’t let the other Strawhats become a bad influence for his baby. Meaning he mostly keeps Zoro away from him. Can’t let the baby catch Marimo cooties. 
On more than one occasion, you’ve caught him teaching the baby recipes.
As soon as Sora starts babbling, Sanji responds to him with full eagerness like they’re having a cohesive conversation. 
Your son’s first words happen when Sanji and Zoro are bickering yet again. All attention is turned to him when they hear him loudly say “Marimo!” 
Sanji instantly picks him up and coos about how he’s right and how Zoro is a marimo.
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Luffy... xd
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hi bby! ty for using my prompt list, ilysm 💕 can i request prompt no. 28 off the 🌷 list and prompt 21 off the 🦋 list with sanji and a female reader? tysm cherry!
- 👼🏻
thank you for being so generous angel! you deserve the world, i am ever so happy to write this request for you! ilyyyy <3 also yes i self-indulged a little and went over board hehe :)
i just hit 100 followers! join my event!
wc - 1.1k | warnings - none | with sanji (she/her pronouns)
sanji ran to the girls’ cabin hoping that nami nor robin were currently occupying the room. the small red gift box in his hand rattled from the object inside, hoping it wouldn’t make too much noise to distract you. his head popped in, inspecting the room for any trace that any of you there. the coast was clear, the hums of the shower running cued him to enter the beautifully scented room. he handsomely set the box onto your pillow, making sure the white tag stuck out just enough so you’d read it before opening and then made a break for the door, back to the kitchen where most of his friends were.
your hand reached for your towel on the hook, drying yourself off from the warm, comforting shower. suddenly, the sound of that one creaky board that you’ve been meaning to tell franky about, squeaked and alerted you that someone just exited the room. you noticed a small, neatly wrapped box with a bow placed strategically on top rested on your pillow. the tag read ‘to the most beautiful woman i’ve ever laid my eyes on. from your secret admirer.’ sanji was as romantic as ever, despite it being months since he had begun this silly little gift giving. you knew he was too embarrassed and fearful to make an actual move and you were enjoyed the slow and burning pace your relationship was at.
a simple, yet elegant, silver necklace was inside; you giggled to yourself remembering how you and sanji saw the piece of jewelry in the window of a shop at the last island you were at and departed from a day ago. he noticed how it caught your eye, it was plain besides the simple heart design that lay in the middle, a stone of some kind resting in the center.
you were quick to get dressed and put the item on, admiring how gorgeously it hung from your neck. sanji’s head perked up when he noticed you entering the galley, your smile beamed as you waved to him gently, while his eyes fell from yours to the necklace. his heart raced, almost missing the question usopp threw his way about dinner
“sanji? you there?” sanji snapped back into reality, realizing he wasn’t chopping the vegetables anymore. “uh, what? yes, what did you ask again?” his cheeks heated, really hoping that usopp didn’t notice. “what’s for dinner man? i’m starving,” the question from the sniper brought everyone from their conversation to focus on sanji, including you, who raised your eyebrows and smiled flirtatiously in his direction. “actually, I’m making y/n’s favorite tonight” usopp high-fived luffy as the rest of them celebrated amongst themselves.
“y/n, i must say that the necklace you’re wearing is quite beautiful!” “yeah, it’s super pretty! where did you get it? how much did it cost?” despite sanji’s back facing you, his face was laced with concern awaiting your answer. “i wouldn’t know the price, it’s from my secret admirer! it’s so pretty, i’m never going to take it off.” sanji’s heart gushed at your answer, almost burning the sautéed meat in the pan. “the stone looks familiar. oh, i know, that’s aquamarine! it’s a birthstone meaning harmony and serenity.” you grasped onto it and even though you couldn’t see sanji’s face, you knew he was blushing as much as you were. sanji gifted you his birthstone?
both you and sanji never knew when to progress your relationship, terrible at understanding the cues to take things further. you were sure that this was a definite sign.
throughout dinner your mind was preoccupied with the thought of how you were going to ask out sanji on a date. as quickly as you ate, although you did your best to enjoy the savory taste from the meal, everyone else finished and made their way to their cabins, settling in for the night.
you and sanji were left in the kitchen, watching him gather the empty plates and set them down in the sink. “need a hand?” you asked, dunking your hands into the warm water. “oh my swan, you should sit down. i’ve got the dishes covered.” sanji was always so selfless, he didn’t mind that washing all the dishes would take almost an hour which pushed back his chance to eat dinner. “sanji no, i want to help you.” his smile twitched, but he tried his hardest to not to react so hugely in front of you.
your heart was beating irregularly, wanting to compose yourself before blurting out anything too embarrassingly sultry. the comfortable silence didn’t last for long as you both attempted to say something “y/n, i really want to—” “so did you want to start—” laughing at the miscommunication, you stole the dish rag on his shoulders to dry off your hands.
“sanji,” you messed with his collar, brushing your fingers over his chest lightly. “i really appreciate the necklace. i feel like i’m marked as yours now.” sanji swallowed firmly, his eyes scanning every inch of your face suddenly unable to make eye-contact. his fingers trembled as he wiped them dry, wishing he could have a cigarette right about now to calm his nerves. “i— i really, um” he was a stammering, blushy mess as you proved to be his everlasting sweet spot.
“i want to be yours and i know you would like to be mine” your hands fell to his shoulder, lightly massaging his skin as you made your way to interlace his fingers with your own.
“really, very much so, yes please.” his hands released and immediately flew to your hips letting them explore your figure. you were so enchanting, to sanji you were the sweetest piece of fruit he’s searched for all his life, and now you were standing before him rubbing circles on his stubbly cheeks. “but are you sure you want me?” desperation clung to his tone, wanting to be one hundred percent absolutely sure that he could begin to shower you with his love and affection more than he already was.
your hands brushed into his blond locks, gently massaging the area making sanji wish he had popped a mint before you got so close to him. “i’ve never been more sure of anything in my entire life,” you yanked sanji down by his neck, connecting your lips together in a gentle kiss. sanji didn’t want your kiss to be too overwhelming or unpleasant for you. his breath sighed and released with your touch, like he had been wishing for this moment for so long. his lips were soft, a thin layer of freshly applied chapstick lingered and his breath tasted slightly of tobacco. it wasn’t overpowering which you appreciated. the pace of the kiss was slow but sped up with the desperation that had been built up after months. “you know i’ve been waiting for this moment for so long,” his breath was uneven, not wanting to seem incredibly needy like he actually was. you cupped his face between your hands and felt the tight grip sanji didn’t let up around your waist. you bit your lip and sighed contently, “yeah i know. me too.”
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~ 🌸 Cherry Blossoms Over Wano Event 🌸 ~
Sfw ~ Sanji x F! Reader ~ Food for the Kids of Ebisu
tw: spoilers from Whole Cake Island. A little angsty. Super fluffy 💖
wc: 1.8K
Like this event? masterlist 🌸~
Tumblr media
My dear @simp4ace here I am with your request my darling! I hope you enjoy this sweet little scenario of our lovely cook! Thank u so much for your support!! Love u! 🌸The request was:
@simp4ace asked: Can I have food for the kids of Ebisu with Sanji please? SFW and with F!reader if it's alright hehe
Tumblr media
His golden locks flow with the subtle breeze of Ebisu city, and his smile shines brighter than the sun. Who is that Soba cook? The technique he uses to stretch the buckwheat noodles is strange yet looks as if he was a professional.
Every kid smiles with a big bowl of Soba in their tiny hands, they genuinely do, not because of the SMILE fruits effects, but because they are extremely happy. So many of them have never tasted a simple -yet exquisite- plate of Soba in their life and it’s sad to say probably not even a warm bowl of anything either.
“(Name) you should taste this! It is amazing!” a little kiddo from your town offers you some noodles with his chopsticks. “Thank you, sweetheart! Don’t worry, eat them all! I will get one for myself” you tell him, because even if the poor little child was famished, he was sharing his portion with you.
You keep walking over the arid and inert soil of your city that once was green and full of flowers, towards the Soba stand of that benevolent man who keeps cooking with a smile on his face, giving the kids as many plates as they want for free.
“Hi…” you salute him once you are close enough to see his face. Blue eyes like a deep ocean, fair skin, fancy looking brows, but a noble expression that makes you feel safe and warm by just looking at him. “Oh… hi, mademoiselle! What a beautiful woman you are! Do you want some Soba from my Soba stall?” he offers you, in the most chivalry way possible, and you could swear his eyes got hearts when he saw you.
You nod, because frankly your stomach growls and the scent of such gourmet preparations is making you hungry, really hungry. His soft hands graze yours when giving you a big bowl of soup. He points out that for you, carrots were cut in heart shapes. Truth is, he did the same for every kid, making them surprised and amazed to see vegetables in cute forms.
“Thank you so much, Sir. How can I pay you?” you ask, ashamed because of taking some food that might be just for the kids. “Your mere gorgeous presence has made me happy enough, it’s nothing! Plus, it is my duty to feed the starving people” he says, and then again that sweet beams shine its light over you.
You couldn’t help but smile too, all of you are used to Kaido and Orochi’s guards mistreating you, asking for huge amounts of beri you don’t even have, forcing you to eat scraps and rests and even contaminated water.
“Then I’ll help you here! Can I?” you ask, not only for how grateful you feel but also because you really wanna stay next to him a little longer. His cheeks get sprinkled in a pinkish dust, and his face shows how surprised he is from a girl to ask a simple question. “Y-you wanna stay here with me?” he mumbles, amazed.
You giggle, astonished. Why is he saying that as if nobody would like to be next to him? “Of course, sir! I wanna help, tell me what I can do and I’ll begin right now!”
He jolts, perhaps a little offended. “NO. Your soft hands, my lady, cannot be used for this. I don’t want you to work! Let me prepare you another bowl and a place to rest where the sun won’t heat your skin and damage you”
In no time he has put a stall in the shade and somehow you have already a place to eat like a princess. You can’t believe how helpful he looks, almost like a maître. It’s amazing. “I… Sir, thank you… but… at least, what’s your name? I’m (Name)” you ask, ready to dig in the second plate of his delicatessen.
“I am Sanj… I mean, Sangoro! Yes, the best Soba cook in Wano!” he informs you, with his hands at each side of his tiny waist. Buts it is fun to say, he was of course lying and no “Sangoro” lived in Wano. But he is helping the poor children, and there is absolutely no doubt he is a good man. Who cares why and how did he get here, the only thing that matters is his heart.
“Glad to meet you, Sangoro! I haven’t seen you around Ebisu before, but your presence here feels like a miracle. Many of these kids have perished because of hunger, so you can imagine how a blessing you are”
He turns around for a second and takes his forearm to his nose. Is he crying? “Sangoro, are you alright?”
Glossy blue eye looks at you, eye that hide something painful, a dark past perhaps. “Yes, my lady! I’m a hundred percent fine now that I have your company here” he lies, once again. But those are not bad lies, those are lies that have to be said. And it’s ok, it’s fine.
After many of the kids and old people have indulged in the blessing of his Soba noodles, Sangoro feels exhausted, yet he never shows it to you… oh but you can see it. “Sangoro, would you like to take a walk under the moonlight?” you offer him, realizing that your words had the effect to make his curly eyebrow twitch.
“Of course my lady, I’ll be glad to” he says, taking his hands to his nose immediately. A little red drop slips through his fingers, and you soon realize he is having a nosebleed. “Oh, Sangoro-kun! You are bleeding! Let me help you” you tell him, taking a little piece of clean cloth you usually use as a handkerchief to his face. Gently you push his hands off his nose and clean the string of red fluid coming out from his nostril.
You give him a sweet beam, those smiles that feel like a healing caress to your soul, without knowing your beauty was indeed the cause of his bleeding. “There, you must be really tired from working all day Sangoro-kun. Come on, let’s have a walk” you tell him, grabbing his sweet wrist and pulling from him.
He follows you, stumbling a little. He is not speaking, but only looking at the way your hair flows with the wind and the butterfly hair pin he hasn’t noticed until now. Your mother’s gift, a black and white butterfly that looks like it's flying around your hair whenever you use it. You have no wealth, but that is the most precious treasure you hold. And you chose to wear it today…
After walking into the forest, the side of the nearest pond where the inverted half-moon reflects, seems like a good place to rest. “Let’s sit here, don’t you think it is super pretty?” you tell him, as happy as ever. Sangoro, smiles kindly and nods. You don’t know if he is not into you or if he is out of words. In any case, you don’t mind. You just want to be with him at least for a little more time.
You dip the tip of your toes in the warm water of that pond, playing with some marimo moss balls floating around. “Marimo” Sanji mumbles and giggles a little as he sits on your side, and then looks at the moon. The silver light bathes his fine profile, from his pointy nose to the goatee on his chin. He looks more like a prince rather than a cook, but who are you to say either way? you haven’t seen a prince in your life.
You thought of saying something, but instead, you decided to say nothing. Contemplating in silence his beautiful face had its own lure.
Yet there was something that caught your attention earlier… when grabbing him by his wrist you noticed a mark on his skin, as if he had tight bracelets that he recently took off. “Could they be shackles? Was him a criminal? But… he looks so noble” you think, kind of freaking out since you have taken him to an isolated place with you.
“Uh… (Name)-chan… what a pretty hair pin” he whispers, pointing at your hair and breaking the mental state you were in. “Oh, it was my mother’s gift. It is really pretty, you are right!” you chime, trying to avoid the crippling need to ask about his marks.
But you just can’t close your mouth. You can’t…
“Sangoro… what’s with your wrists?” you ask, holding his hands softly and inspecting the marks under the white wash of the moonshine. The blonde widens his only visible eye and looks straight into the pond. A much sadder expression invades his face, and some tears form into his eyes.
You, desperately, -and frankly feeling guilty for making him sad- say to him he doesn’t have to tell you anything. But he insists, yet, never able to watch your face during his speech.
“So… uhm. My family… well not my family anymore, but you know those who are blood related to you. Let’s say I was forced to do some stuff and to avoid me escaping they put some bracelets on my hands, like those collars the celestial dragons use with their victims… the exploding ones, you know? I am a chef, my hands are sacred, I couldn't… I couldn’t lose them” he says, sobbing.
You tighten your grip around his hands and have the feeling he's talking about this for the first time to someone else since it happened. “I’m so sorry, Sangoro”.
“Actually, my name is Sanji” he confesses, now looking at you with a tear running through his cheek. “I knew you weren’t called “Sangoro” nobody has a name like that, you know?” you tell him, laughing a little and wiping the tear with your thumb. He giggles, laughing softly in between crying.
You hear for the very first time a sincere laugh from him, and it’s a beautiful melody of pureness and innocence. Something that motivated to take his wrists to your lips and plant two sweet kisses over them. “Thank god these hands were saved” you mumble. Sanji’s lips tremble, “yes, they were saved…” he beams.
Your eyes fix, and for a second or two none of you said anything. Maybe you just met him, but you felt like you already loved him. And you suspect he is feeling the same way towards you. Is it appropriate to kiss him? you ask yourself, biting the inside of your mouth until…
An alluring butterfly, with white wings and black body perches on your nose. The cute insect looks just like your hairpin. The image of it reflects in Sanji’s blue sky eyes and he slowly approaches his index to your nose, allowing the butterfly to rest now over it.
“Hi…” he says, smiling warmly at its graceful slow wing motions. You remain silent, in awe until the little cutie flies away.
“Sanji… can I kiss you kn0w?” you ask, sure this wasn’t the most romantic way of saying stuff and owning a playful laugh from the blonde.
“Yes, the butterfly said it was ok to do so” he laughs… 💖🌸~
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Usopp: how can you be so... jovial?
Sanji: what do you mean?
Usopp: I mean you haven't seen Zoro in months- three to be exact. Don't you get lonely?
Sanji pauses before chuckling: I mean I used to, but not anymore
Usopp confused: how?
Sanji: when you find out the person you love is in love with their best friend, you just back away.
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I’m gonna give the audience (me) everything they want @wellfine‘s comics are just too good and inspired me to draw this one 
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tfw youre the only one in the friend group with artistic vision
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The Strawhats are done! Had so much fun with this one! 
(Please! Do share and comment if you like.:3 Thanks!) (commissions are open! Please do contact me if you are interested)
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It’s ok to cry, but we have to move on!
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one layer practice i guessss
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Credit: @k16416 on Twitter
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happy birthday !
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same Sanji, same...
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100 Volumes of One Piece, Congratulations to Oda & all the team working on this absolutions masterpiece that is One Piece !
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i forgot to post this for one piece anniversary, and then tumblr stopped working, so hopefully i can post it now !!
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Did I already tell you that I like to show my sketches? Yeah. . (Pls, reblog if you like, I would really appreciate it c: )
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