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-REVENGE- Chapter One Part ½

So we’ve been working on this cómic for over a week now. We are all so pleased with it and would love to see what you think of it. You are more than welcome to send asks.

Part two will be coming soon, stay tuned! This is all for today as always, ~Have a good day and don’t take candy from strangers!~

👎⚐☠🕯❄ ✡⚐🕆 😐☠⚐🕈 ✋❄🕯💧 ☼🕆👎☜ ❄⚐ ❄✌☹😐 ✌👌⚐🕆❄ ⚐❄☟☜☼💧 🕈☟☜☠ ❄☟☜✡ ✌☼☜ ☹✋💧❄☜☠✋☠☝✍

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Hoo boy

Mafiatale Sans: He feels absolutely terrible.  He never wanted to make you uncomfortable, certainly not enough to make you leave.  He really wants to go after you, but he also doesn’t want you to hate him even more.  Even though it hurts, he’ll leave you alone for now.  If you want to come back, you will, if you don’t…well, it’ll break his heart, but he wants you to be happy.

Mafiatale Papyrus: Even though it’s not really his fault, he feels like he should have done more.  If he had tried to convince the others to leave you alone, maybe you would still be here.  There’s a lot of guilt in his chest, and he just wants to see you again, mostly so he can apologize.

Mafiaswap Sans (Lucky): He’s surprisingly quiet about the whole thing.  He just…isn’t sure what to say.  It’s heart breaking for your s/o to leave because of something you’ve done.  If he can, he wants to find you, and send you a letter.  If he talks to you in person, he’s afraid he’ll say something wrong.  Again.

Mafiaswap Papyrus (Slim): To be honest, this hits him really hard.  You were one of his first serious relationships, and having you leave so suddenly is crushing.  He really wants to find you, wherever you are, just to say sorry.  If you never want to see him again, he’ll understand, but it’ll hurt.  A lot.

Mafiafell Sans (Butch): Honestly, he just wants to curl up and die.  He was one of the ones who wanted you to take care of all of them, and he beats himself up over that.  He was pushing your boundaries, he feels like he should have asked and gotten consent first.  Honestly, this will probably make him scared to ever have a relationship again.

Mafiafell Papyrus (Noir): He tries his best to act unconcerned, but on the inside, he’s screaming.  He’s so scared that you’re hurt, or alone, or hungry, that he can’t stop worrying.  He goes to most of his contacts, anxiously asking for you.  He really wants to apologize and make amends, along with the rest of them.

Mafiaswapfell Sans (Scar): Logically, he knows it’s not his fault, but emotionally, he feels terrible.  He will do his best to track you down, if only so that he can make amends.  He understands if you never want to see him again, but he needs some kind of closure.

Mafiaswapfell Papyrus (Hound): He feels like it’s all his fault.  He’s the most animalistic out of them all, and he feels like that’s what scared you off.  He spends several days locked up in his room, not eating or leaving.  Hopefully Scar can get him to leave before he’s nothing but dust.

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That was the day you-

ok so it’s finally done … yay hah

and oh boi has it been awkward to post HAH

also had fun doing the images hah qwq

I made this mainly to give context to something Papyrus mentions in this page

all this is supposed to take place before frisk fell into the underground but after flowey started messing around with resets 

Anyway this took a real long time and i hope you like it ^-^


tw: use of alcohol and attempted suicide 


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((This ask is wonderful, thank you for asking it! Ahhhhh, I hope you enjoy it! I’m using the main 15 skeletons, and basing the reactions at their current stats in the story!))

1. Sans ‘ The Judge ‘ -  He would feel embarrassed! How could he ever have thought of you wanting to seduce anyone… he included. Of course, he would try to hide the fact that he was disappointed as much as possible. He couldn’t exactly go around and tell everyone that he was starting to feel something more than friendly towards someone who was into women while being a woman herself. He would still feel romantic feelings towards the antagonist but would control it much better than before until he finds someone else who he likes. He wouldn’t invite her out anymore in evening/night and wouldn’t invite her into his room late in the evening/night. He would try his best to not deepen his liking of her more than just friendship levels.

2. Papyrus ‘ The Liar ‘  - Well, he’s not very surprised if really. What can someone do when the great Papyrus rejects them? Of course, go on and find comfort in other people! He does feel a little bit sad that the heartbreak that he put her through made the chances of other men with her 0 but he was happy that she was finally finding a way to cope with the pain! he’ll support her and help her find a wonderful girlfriend no matter what!

3. Red ‘ The Sentry’  -  If he was scared of the antagonist stealing Payton, now he was frightened. You want to tell him that someone who was very close to Payton, was actually only into women?! This was horrible! How was he going to compete with the antagonist? It’s clear Payton has a preference for women if the looks Payton gives to the antagonist are anything to go by. How was he going to compete with that?! Oh man, this was going to become twice as hard for him, he knew that very well.

4. Boss ‘The Guard Captain’  -  He had never actually met a human of another sexuality than straight, so he would have many questions for the antagonist. To the point of him treating the antagonist like she wasn’t a human being anymore, but some sort of alien that was needed to be studied. Of course, it might come off as offensive, but he doesn’t mean anything by it as he just wants to understand the human culture a lot better and now that he had the chance to understand this type of culture, he was going to squeeze every single information possible, for innocent to naughty information.

5. Lucky ‘ The Manipulator’  -  Oh you fucking liar. He knew there was something too good about this! you actually wanted to seduce Payton while taking him out of the way! Lucky would be pissed. He would be seeing everything in red from how pissed he would be. He actually would probably go straight to a bad end right now and kill the reader. I personally am not sure how to even escape this character with how things had developed right now. Probably a RESET would be forced upon the reader.

6. Stretch ‘ The Puppet ‘   -   Do you honestly believe that would stop him from creeping on the antagonist. That would only fuel his rape fantasies and he might actually go through with it if he knew that he would get a truly frightened reaction from the reader. Best to keep that fact from Stretch.

7. Razz ‘ The Lord ‘ -  He would be very neutral. If he would see you getting close to Payton, he will see you as a rival, but otherwise, he won’t. He understands that being homosexual is the same as being straight. Just because you are a woman and like women, doesn’t mean that you will like every single woman that comes up to you. Just like Razz has standards, he knows the antagonist has some too, no matter how low or disgusting they might be.

8. Mutt ‘ The Wild Dog’  -  Just like stretch, wouldn’t care at all. Maybe even enjoy it more. Thinking about the disgust the antagonist would feel and the way the antagonist might fight back to him, hit him, call him degrading things. It really made him feel much more aroused than he was before knowing that fact.

9. Blackberry ‘ The WannaBe Guard ‘ -  He would be very understanding and supportive. He doesn’t know much about sexuality, that’s why like Boss, he would like to know more, expect, unlike Boss, he wouldn’t be as annoying and would have a filter on his questions. He would try his best to keep Stretch and Mutt of her, or anyone else off her so she could happily go live her life without weirdos interrupting her, even if it does hurt him seeing as he already was developing a small crush on her.

10. Patch ‘ The Loyal Pet ‘ -   At the current stats, he wouldn’t care at all, but the more the stats would be raised, the more supportive he would become. He honestly would love to support you through your journey and even help you financially if you ever decide to move away if Stretch and Mutt would get too much for you. He might not be able to help for long, but for the first few months, before you find a stable job and so, he would help without a doubt.

11.  Hickory ‘ The Butcher ‘ -  Oh boy, if you though Stretch was bad… Hickory is pissed. He truly believed that the antagonist was interested in him. What would her offer have meant otherwise!? So why was she now coming out, saying that she was a lesbian? Was she trying to play some games here? Was she trying to see who was really in love with her? Because he was going to prove to her that just because she said something, he wasn’t going to drop her. 

12. Tatters ‘ The Cannibal ‘ - He’s a very supportive friend, so he would want to support you through it all! He, Blackberry, and Patch would team up to give the reader a better life as much as possible! Tatters would try to control his brother, but when things would get too hard, he would try to send the antagonist off somewhere further away from all the madness so she could start off fresh.

13. Echo ‘ The PlayBoy’  -  As weird as it might sound, he will be understanding of it. Because of his brother being part of the LGBTQ+ community, he supports people who belong in it, so he wouldn’t really feel comfortable forcing himself on her. If she was bisexual, pansexual, or anything else, that’s a different conversation, but homosexual? Yeah, that’s when he would draw the line. 

14. Green ‘ The BookWorm’  -  He would be a little bit disappointed, but not in the antagonist, but in papyrus. He would realize how narcissistic Papyrus really is. Green would probably not really interact much with the reader, but he would be very supportive whenever she would need it.

15. Solaris/Dusttale Sans ‘ The Murderer ‘ -  Does who she likes to fuck really matter in this life or death situation? The answer is no. You could literally like fucking children, and he wouldn’t give a rats ass. He just really wants to get you out of the hands of death themselves. 

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sure do!! i don’t think there’s really another way to explain some of his dialogue during the genocide run—maybe he doesn’t have crystal clear memories, but he definitely knows somethin’s up

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Note: Yay! More Yandere!Gaster! Because who doesn’t love it when this skeleton turns yandere? Anyway, onto the fic!

Handplates belongs to: @zarla-s

Requested by: @randomstuff7739

Summary: Sans and Papyrus knew how much their dad loves Sam. Lately however, his behavior has been borderline weird. Will the brothers get to the bottom of this, or will it end in them having a bad time?

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((Thanks for the ask! Here is the answer! They are short, and no details at all about their more personal preferences, but I hope this works! If you want something more specific, feel free to ask again!))

1. Sans ‘ The Judge ‘ - Sans is a Submissive masochist.

2. Papyrus ‘ The Liar ‘  - Papyrus is a narcissistic submissive.

3. Red ‘ The Sentry’  -  Red is a masochistic submissive. 

4. Boss ‘The Guard Captain’  -  Boss is a switch.

5. Lucky ‘ The Manipulator’  -  Lucky is a power bottom

6. Stretch ‘ The Puppet ‘   -  Stretch is a switch

7. Razz ‘ The Lord ‘ -  Razz is a bratty switch

8. Mutt ‘ The Wild Dog’  - Mutt is a masochistic bottom

9. Blackberry ‘ The WannaBe Guard ‘ - Blackberry is a gentle dominant

10. Patch ‘ The Loyal Pet ‘ - Patch is a submissive top

11.  Hickory ‘ The Butcher ‘ - Hickory is a sadistic bottom

12. Tatters ‘ The Cannibal ‘ - Tatters is a gentle submissive

13. Echo ‘ The PlayBoy’  - Echo is a sadistic switch

14. Green ‘ The BookWorm’  - Green is demiromantic asexual, meaning that he doesn’t find any sexual pleasure in such dynamics or in sexual plays in general.

15. Solaris/Dusttale Sans ‘ The Murderer ‘ - Solaris is a sadistic switch.

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