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i really like that sansa was naive at the start of the series. she’s a rich kid who lived a charmed life before the books start. it would be boring if she was somehow jaded despite that. it makes her early chapters more age appropriate and adorable. more importantly, it is a major part of her character development. sansa’s last 3 chapters are amazing because you have her naivety, her fear and confusion, the fact that she needs to ignore all the terrible things happening so she can have hope that everything will work out, all of these elements working together as ned’s execution draws close and then passes. it’s amazing psychological work and it’s one of the most drastic character arcs even though there are similar elements in her first chapter (that chapter starts with sansa hanging out with joffrey, then he attacks mycah and arya and it ends with sansa terrified running back to ned). it really plays out like a horror story where sansa doesn’t see disaster creeping up because she’s naive and because denial is her favorite coping mechanism. her character arc would not be the same if sansa was jaded from the beginning.

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Both have the looks of one parent while being similar in personality to the other parent.

Arya spent time in the Riverlands where Catelyn was raised while Sansa spent time in the Vale where Ned was raised.

Sansa had a crush on a secret bastard who was being passed off as Robert’s son. Arya had a crush on a bastard who was secretly Robert’s son.

Arya was just outside of the Red Wedding while Sansa was present for the Purple Wedding.

Both had bad men protect them from the Red Wedding. The Hound knocked Arya out so she wouldn’t run into the slaughter while Tyrion kept the ugly details of the Red Wedding from Sansa.

They both had help escaping King’s Landing.

The both lived under fake identities.

Arya wanted to kill Joffrey while Sansa unintentionally helped murder him.

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Hello PxS shippers! As many of you know, we have a discord server dedicated to our favorite creepyship and we decided to make a special December dedicated to Petyr & Sansa and the holidays to come: Christmas and New Year’s Eve. We would love for everyone to join us in this with anything you feel like you can do - drawings, manips, moodboards, ideas, gifs, fanfictions, edits,videos anything! Everyone is welcomed to participate, whether it’s something here or on AO3 or Youtube, we want you to simply have fun and get creative. 

It starts today (December 4th of 2020) and it ends only on January 1st, so you have almost a whole month to think, create, post and enjoy! We all know some people have great talents but sometimes a tight schedule doesn’t allow them to show their skills, so feel free to post in any day of the current month. Any idea is hugely welcomed and we came up with some tropes to inspire (but not limited to, feel free to use it the way it feels best):

  •  Christmas Decoration 
  • Family/Christmas Dinner 
  • New Years countdown 
  • Advent Calendar 
  • First Time (Holidays together or apart, with the family or without) 
  • Christmas presents 
  • Christmas cooking 
  • Santa Claus/Mama Claus inspirations 
  • Kinky Holidays 
  • And etc, etc… 

We would like to ask you to tag your posts with #pxsspecialmonth so we can find all of them in one place. So, ready for it? Let’s make this month very creepyship!

(apologies for the sorry excuse of an edit with their faces there and all lmao I’m a fanfic writer, edits ain’t really my thing but you do what you gotta do)

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Éomer watched in silence as Gríma whispered venomously by his uncle’s ear. Éowyn -standing next to him -was so tense, it looked as if her body was about to break. Her eyes were in the woman with red hair.

Queen in the North.

Éomer didn’t like this, and didn’t trust her at all. Her guards seemed more like hired-swords -especially the big one with the scar -and her words all seemed covered in a veil of deceit.

As if she said all of them in a way that would allow her to retract them as soon as possible.

“Éowyn.” He called softly to his sister. She just nodded to show him she was listening. “I have to leave. I need to find Théodred. Keep an eye on her.”

His sister just nodded again.

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I don’t get why people think her being power hungry is bad, like every single person she’s met who has been in a position of power was either to stupid to survive or a batshit crazy sadist, if I were in that position I’d be like fuck yeah give me as much power as I can get because I’m not a lunatic or a moron and therefore are better and more qualified than all of these fuckers.

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PT2. Harrenhal is so far removed from the Starks that this is laughable. Even Riverrun won’t be considered the Ancestral home of any of the Stark kids even though they are only one generation removed. Winterfell is the ancestral home of all the Stark kids because it’s based on paternal parentage in asoiaf. Not to mention that Sansa was the first Stark to be born in the North. I’ve seen anti’s apply some weird ass logic to try to keep her out of the North but this was by far the most amusing.

It’s very strange and hard to understand because of exactly what you pointed out, that most of these weirdass arguments that people make against Sansa should also apply to the rest of the Stark children. Also not to mention, Winterfell isn’t their fucking ancestral home because it belonged to Ned, it’s THEIR LITERAL HOME. It’s where they fuckin live. It’s the only home any one of them has ever had so it equally belongs to all of them.

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I loved that neither Sansa or Arya wavered on their loyalty to each other. Not for Dany. Not even for Jon. They were loyal to each other throughout the entire season. They grew up and put their past differences behind them and learned to respect each other as individuals. I can’t believe there are actually people who claim to love Arya who were so pissed that she stood by the sister her father told her she needed.

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He means to make me queen, she thinks, her legs turning to jelly as she sinks to the floor. Ghost is by her side in a second, his cold snout at her cheek, and Jon is close behind. He crouches before her, all of his fury gone, his grey eyes guilty and his face pale. He is saying something, but she cannot hear him over the blood rushing in her ears. The night before, in the light of the hearth, he had called her Robb’s heir, not their father’s, but she had not thought — had not considered —

She blinks, and the world is steady around her once more. When she reaches for his arm, Jon seizes her by the elbows and helps her back to her feet, then reaches for her cheek and pulls her to his chest. He presses apologies into her hair, murmuring softly that he did not mean to make her afraid, and the words startle a laugh out of her. The thought of it, that Jon Snow could scare her, that the man she trusts above all others in the world could frighten her — She steps back so that she can meet his eye.

I am not afraid, she vows and finds that, somehow, it is the truth. You are Lord Eddard Stark’s son, and I am his daughter. We are wolves, and Winterfell will be ours. You are right. Together, we can make it so.

i carry it in mine, chapter 8, sansa iv

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