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#santara <3
humansdni · 3 months ago
Ignoring tumblr dm feature and sending asks has the same energy as spraying your perfume on a handwritten letter and sending it instead of texting.
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tumblrinas in a parallel universe
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I love yout threme woww
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pinkpanthr · 3 months ago
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the-homicidal-duck · 3 months ago
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Don't attack me like that T_T
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jugn00 · 7 months ago
*runs after you* *tackles you down* *remote tere haath se cheen leti hu*
*runs faster* *gets up from your tackle* *pulls your hair* *goes outside* *climbs a tree* rakh le remote ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ tv kharaab hai
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rustycoffemachine · 3 months ago
santara my beloved <3
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smr-the-tired-crackhead · 4 months ago
santara my beloved
Rusty, my lovely little old, rusted street style filter coffee boiler <3
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beykhabarr · 6 months ago
Congraghs on 200 Wolfie! *whistles in encouragement*
Ask game: 5. Random character I ship you with
Themks santara 🥺💕🥺💕
*drum roll* well...i was kinda confused between Fred Weasley and Luna well you can have either of these lovely characters <3
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the-stars-love-us · 5 months ago
I just saw Santara's ask and it's so true?? Like I dunno why people don't have platonic dates with their friends, I've had a couple with a really close friend of mine and it was soooo fun??? Like y'all are missing out
Oooh and when we meet Val, I would LOVEEEE to go on a date with u :DDD
Lob u babe, drink water and take care of urself okayy? Ya I'm going now byebye
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drink some h2o yourself shoo go get a lil snack too <3
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Tumblr media
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made-in-vilnius-blog · 6 days ago
Construction of the Vilnius University Research Center in the Santara Valley Begins
Construction of the Vilnius University Research Center in the Santara Valley Begins
On 3 December (Friday), the construction of a modern Research Center of Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine will officially begin with the symbolic capsule burial ceremony in Vilnius Santara Valley, next to the already operating Vilnius University (VU) Hospital Santaros Klinikos. VU Rector Prof. R. Petrauskas is convinced that this project not only opens up new opportunities but is also…
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humansdni · 4 months ago
vani milf era besties 😎
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pinkpanthr · 4 months ago
Avsvsghs immaculate amirite?
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Chikmagalur's Best Visitor Attractions and Main Attractions
Chikmagalur, the crown jewel of Karnataka, is about 250 kilometers from Bengaluru. Chikmagalur, commonly known as India's Scotland, is a beautiful green paradise for visitors. It is situated in the Mullayanagiri range's foothills. Chikmagalur, which means "younger daughter's town," is claimed to have been given as dowry to Rukmangada, the mythical chief of Sakharayapattana's youngest daughter.
It is also one of South India's most popular tourist spots. Tourists and locals alike appreciate the location. Chikmagalur has a lot to offer in terms of places to visit. To mention a few, there are misty mountains, spectacular waterfalls, rain forests, and abundant wildlife.
In Chikmagalur, there are several trekking opportunities as well as adventure sports. Other prominent tourist attractions are coffee estates and tea plantations. The winter in Chikmagalur is the place's peak season, with the most substantial visitor footfall of the year. The temperature decreases, resulting in cool, comfortable weather. During this time, the weather is exceptionally pleasant, making it ideal for locals and tourists alike to tour the town's varied attractions.
During the winter, Chikmagalur's coffee plantations are also a feature. Chikmagalur is located in Karnataka's Malenadu area, on the Western Ghats' foothills. It offers a pleasant atmosphere for tourists and a lot to offer in the agriculture industry, thanks to its elevation of 1090 meters. Chikmagalur has a mild to cool climate, with temperatures ranging from 11 to 20 degrees Celsius in the winter and 25 to 32 degrees Celsius in the summer. Arabica coffee is very popular in Chikmagalur. This little town in Karnataka, together with Coorg, is India's largest producer of Arabica coffee.
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Chikmagalur's best tourist attractions
Chikmagalur is home to a plethora of beautiful waterfalls.
1.Hebbe Waterfalls 2.Kallathigiri Falls 3.Sithavana Falls 4.Barkana Falls 5.Koodlu Waterfalls 6.Ermayi Waterfalls 7.Annadaka Waterfalls 8.Waterfalls, Jog Falls 9.Kote Abbe Falls 10.Sarawathi Water Fall 11.Dudhsagar Falls 12.Shanti Falls 13.Unchalli Waterfalls 14.Honnammana Halla Waterfalls 15.Barachukki Waterfalls 16.Chelavara Waterfalls 17.Koosalli Falls 18.Jhari Waterfall
Chikmagalur's Best Treks
The best locations to visit in Chikmagalur aren't your typical tourist traps. In Chikmagalur, there are other other attractions. Kudremukh, Mullayanagiri, Baba Budan Giri, Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, Kemmangundi, Coffee Museum, Belur, Z point, Hirekolale lake, Ballalarayana Durga, and many more are among the places to visit. There are several gorgeous temples and monasteries in this area as well. There are numerous activities in which you can immerse yourself in this lovely location. Trekking is another popular activity in this area.
Chikmagalur's temples
Kalasa is a sacred temple town and taluk in Karnataka's Chikkamagaluru district. Kalasa is derived from the Sanskrit word Kalasha, which meaning jug or waterpot. Kalasa's origins can be traced back to Greek mythology. The Kalaseshwara Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is located in Kalasa.
The town of Kalasa is located at an altitude of 807 meters above sea level. There are several legends that surround this location. The most well-known is related with Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi's marriage. Because of the presence of all Gods and Goddesses, legend has it that Lord Shiva and Parvathi's wedding in the Himalayas created some irregularity and strain in the Earth's rotation.
To restore the balance, Lord Shiva asked sage Agastya to journey south. Lord Shiva promised to provide Sage Agasthya a divine vision of the wedding when he expressed his desire to witness it. Agasthya is thought to have migrated south and settled in Kalasa. He observed the wedding from there, and locals believe that a pilgrimage to Kalasa is good for the spirit.
Every year, the Girija Kalyana is held in Kalasa's temple to honor this heritage. The Santara or Bhairarasa dynasty is also linked to the history of this region. Santara or Bhairarasa is a Karnataka governing dynasty from the Middle Ages.
Hornadu is a village in the Mudigere taluk of Karnataka's Chikmagalur district. Horanadu sits at an altitude of 831 meters above sea level. Annapoorneshwari Temple is well-known in the area. Annapoorna is a combination of two words: Anna, which means grains or food, and Poorna, which means perfect and complete. As a result, Annapoorna refers to a complete or ideal meal.
The Adhishakthyathmaka Sri Annapoorneshwari Temple in Hornadu is well-known. Annapoorneshwari's literal meaning is "feeding one and all," therefore everybody who visits the temple is given food and shelter. Sri Kshetra Horanadu Temple is another name for it. The temple is located on the banks of the picturesque River Bhadra and is surrounded by lush woods and valleys of the Western Ghats.
This location, like every other holy and ancient site, is surrounded by legends and myths. According to legend, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati had a quarrel. Everything on Earth, including food, is an illusion, according to Lord Shiva. Parvati vanished from the universe to prove that he was the wrong Goddess, causing nature to become imbalanced and still. Climates did not alter, and plants did not grow, resulting in a global famine.
Goddess Parvathi reappeared, taking pity on the world's and living beings' plights, and distributed sustenance to all. Since then, she has been referred to as Devi Annapoorna.
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Chikmagalur is also known for its delicacy and local food. Chikmagalur's local cuisine is known as "Malanadu" cuisine. It's full of diverse spices and flavors. Two of the restaurant's signature dishes are Akki Roti and Kakadu.
Rice and fish curry are the town's primary foods, and Nendranga chips, or banana chips, are popular among locals and tourists alike. In Chikmagalur, coffee is a must-try.
Chikamagalur provides something for everyone. It is a fantasy land and a traveler's delight. It's practically hard to compile a list of the top locations to visit in Chikmagalur or the best attractions in Chikmagalur. It is a lush green spectacular heaven, and travelers frequently return to this lovely spot to get away from their busy, mundane life. Chikmagalur's magic is this.
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psycho-mocha · 7 months ago
Mocha, you can tag me as Santara. I peel oranges in front of haters eyes.
omg you’re an icon ily
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patidarspokenenglish · 6 months ago
कपड़े सुखा दो।
(Kapde sukha do.)
Put the clothes to dry.
2. आलू छील दो।
(Aaloo chheel do.)
Peel off the potatoes
3. सन्तरा छील दो।
(Santara Chheel do.)
Peel off the Orange.
4. बिस्तर लगा दो।
(Bistar laga do.)
Make the bed. / Prepare the bed.
5. ढक्कन खोल दो।
(Dhakkan khol do.)
Open the lid/cap/cover.
6. नल खोल दो।
(Nal khol do.)
Turn on the tap.
7. नल बन्द कर दो।
(Nal band kar do.)
Turn off the tap.
8. चादर बिछा दो।
(Chaadar bichha do.)
Spread the bed sheet.
9. बिस्तर पर चादर बिछा दो।
(Bistar par chaadar bichha do.)
Spread the sheet on the bed.
10. दीवार पर सहारा मत लो।
(Deewar par sahaara mat lo.)
Do not lean against the wall.
ऐसे ही रोजाना बोले जाने English के और वाक्यों के लिये नीचे दी गई लिंक पर क्लिक करे
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girlaph-lilyrose · 11 months ago
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Made an Wallpaper for my Magical Legend Pretty Knights series! <3 From top to button: Pretty Dream (Magenta), Pretty Infinity (Turquoise), Pretty Hope (Silver), Pretty Love (Gold), Pretty Spade (Dark Purple), Pretty Étoile (Yellow), Pretty Club (Dark Green), Pretty Aira (Light Green), Pretty Aura (Dark Blue), Pretty Diamond (Indigo), Pretty Heart (Dark Red), Pretty Scarlet (Red), Pretty Aqua (Light Blue), Pretty Soleli (White), Pretty Flora (Pink), Pretty Selene (Black), Pretty Amour (Purple), and Pretty Clover (Orange)! Woah! Didn’t expect this to be 18 Pretty Knights in total! The story so far: In ancient times, there was a Father God and a Mother Goddess. The Father God: Deus, was the Creator of the Universe, and His Wife: Spera, was the Goddess of Nature. One day, the God and Goddess created their Four Children. The eldest was Yehohsuah, the God of Salvation, the second eldest, Selene, the Goddess of the Moon, the first youngest, Soliei, the Goddess of the Sun, and the second youngest, Terra, the Goddess of Earth.
Millions of years ago, there was a war between the Knights, chosen by the gods, and the Army of the Zodiac; witches and warlocks who created chaos between the planets, and a rebellion against the gods, creating monsters known as the Mares. After the Knights won the war, the gods banished the Zodiac into the forbidding void, as their powers gotten weaken. As the gods slumber into the Tree of Life, as peace has been restored until years later... After the war, a Zodiac leader, known as Akumu has escaped with his Zodiac army to destroy the three goddesses. Awaken by their grieves by the loss of their daughters, they decided to reincarnated the goddesses into human beings, as three reincarnations became the three kingdoms: The Gaia Kingdom, The Solar Kingdom, and a Lunar Kingdom as Seven Planets have been created, along with the Rainbow Prism, but the civil war has been created, thanks to the army of the Zodiac. After the civil war, Akumu merged all kingdoms into his own, called the Nightmare Kingdom. With Yehohsuah and his army, he sacrificed himself and killed Akumu; as he destroyed the remains of his kingdom. Deus, and His Wife Spera decided to reincarnated all of the fallen beings into Earth, and slumber in the Tree of Life for the last time, but Akumu's spirit escapes into the void; as the Second War began...
Millions of years later, Ten Chosen Girls had a precognitive dream about the Apocalyptic future and realized they had magical powers, the two Princesses of the separate kingdoms: Maria Aureum and Mai Mitsuki are the reincarnation of the Sun and Moon Goddesses, while 10-year-old Lily Akaibara is a reincarnation of the Earth Goddess. Chosen by Merlin, the guardian of the Tree of Life, they chosen seven students of Star Diamond Academy with the power of the Rainbow Crystals inside of their hearts: Ayumi Akaihonō, Jessica Santara, Clara Rosetta, Amelia Caelus, Yui Sirena, Amy Azurenus, and Alice Cartes. With their Rainbow Crystals inside of them, they transformed into Legendary Warriors, called Pretty Knights to fight against the Zodiac, and must find the legendary crystal flower called the Rainbow Prism!
As the story progress, the girls formed a Pop Idol group called Pretty×10! But the question is, will the girls be able to save the Universe? And what are their secrets?
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smr-the-tired-crackhead · 6 months ago
smol oringe
Tumblr media
Yes, me a smol oringe. *smiles in cute*
*goes into a rant on which oranges are the best*
As I've told @mydogisgaytoo countless times, choosing the perfect orange is an art that very few can master. You have to eat different prototypes and sizes and colours to come to the right conclusion.
As someone whose parents bought too many oranges in the summer of 2019, I know which oranges are the best at first sight.
You might not be that talented at picking oranges, so I will help you.
Here are Santara's six awesome tips to pick the right orange (in India cuz I specialise in Indian oranges).
1. Always buy the cheap ones.
The huge, costly ones usually fudging suck. They taste like cardboard and are so hard to chew.
2. Never pick the large oranges.
They suck. They are too rubbery. They are hard to chew. They are not juicy enough.
3. They should be smol. Not small, but smol.
See, in smol oranges, the space between the skin and the orange is very less. And the space between outer skin and fruit is inversely proportional to the sweetness and juiciness of the orange. They should be plum sized or slightly bigger than that.
4. If you are buying oranges from a local fruit store, try not to buy the very orange oranges. They should be greenish orange.
The very orange oranges have a chance of being rotten or rotting quickly while sitting in your pantry. The greenish orange ones are perfectly sweet and can sit in your pantry for longer amounts of time.
5. If the oranges are placed in a crate, always buy the ones a little below the top, but far from the bottom.
When these crates arrive in trucks, some oranges roll here and there and get damaged. The workers pick these bad oranges and put them in the top of the crate. And the oranges in the bottom of the crate are squished by the oranges at the top and are at a high risk of getting damaged.
6. This is a continuation to the last point. If you go to a store and there are a few oranges at the bottom of the crate, don't buy them.
They are probably bad. Go buy watermelons or bananas or something else.
Now, there are exceptions to all this. There are orange oranges that are nice. There are greenish orange oranges that are sour. Explaining such complexities in Layman's terms is quite hard. Once you've mastered the basic level of picking oranges, you will slowly understand how oranges work. After a while of practicing the postulates given above, you will slowly develop the magic power of finding the right orange. In fact, you will be able to pick orangey oranges that are good. You will be able to pick that one large orange that isn't bad.
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sajian-bagus · a year ago
Kita semua sepakat omnibus law sangat menguntungkan oligarki dan pengusaha elitis. Apakah oligarki itu? Dalam arti sederhana oligarki adalah “sekelompok” orang mengendalikan jalannya pemerintahan sebuah negara. Kalau plutokrasi adalah “sekelompok” orang kaya mengendalikan jalannya pemerintahan sebuah negara. Pejabat yang banyak bergantung dari sokongan orang kaya dalam mencapai jabatanya akan membuat negara ada plutokarsinya. Di indonesia saat ini? wah sahabat yang lebih tahu, ada oligarki kah,ada plutokrasi kah atau jangan jangan ada dua duanya? Wallahualam... Kembali ke omnibus law. Pendapat saya tidak menyetujui omnibus law akan saya jelaskan lebih rinci lagi. Selain ini produk menguntungkan oligarki dan memang omnibus law ini produk dari oligarki. Namun kalau saya pribadi lebih karena memang beda platform ekonominya dengan para oligarki. Ini yang kita harus detailkan. Semua sahabat yang mengikuti perjalanan informasi tulisan atau video cara cerdas bernegara yang saat ini baru 420 informasi dari rencananya 1000 video, pasti sangat mengenal bahwa saya sangat PRO SWASTA dan swastanya pun UKM. Platform ekonomi bernegaranya beda jauh dengan cara pejabat negara saat ini juga pejabat negara sebelum ini, yang memang arahnya “heavy on government” jadi ujung tombaknya BUMN. Sementara platform ekonomi MMT adalah akan mengurangi peran BUMN. Jadi begini melihatnya, kalau ada chart di depan kita, gambar chart itu di bagi 2. Yang kiri SOSIALIS yang kanan KAPITALIS. lalu belah dua chart SOSIALIS & KAPITALIS dengan upper pyramid dengan bottom of pyramid. Maka sisi kiri adalah SOSIALIS ELITIS yaitu saat ini adalah BUMN dan sisi kanan, KAPITALIS ELITIS yaotu para OLIGARKI. Disana jelas posisi mereka dan OMNIBUS LAW itu adalahproduk yang menguntungkan upper of pyramid, yaotu para elitis. Mereka hanya 10%, namun menerka pengendali 60% lebih mungkin ekonomi nasional. Lebih hebatnya lagi, secara penyerapan tenaga kerja mereka hanya 3% dari seluruh angkatan kerja, dimana dengan ada omnibus law, bisa jadi hanya tinggal 2% saja, mereka akan pakai asing dan teknologi, mampus dah kita buruh buruh tadi. Dengan adanya omnibus law juga asing masuk, FDI masuk dan ini benar akan meningkatkan GDP negara, namun kesejahteraan belum tentu. Karena platform bernegara MMT tidak dukung 100% FDI foreign direct investment ya kita teriak teriak karena beda kelola negaranya, dan arahnya merugikan rakyat secara jangka panjang.Semua ini perlahan kita akan jelaskan semuanya. Kita ini anti ketergantungan asing, kita adalah pendukung MMT. Kita ini anti elitis. Kita ini pro bottom of pyramid. Dalam chart tadi, kita perhatikan sekarang posisi kita. Kita, di sisi kiri sosialis bawah ada para buruh, labour force, disisi kanan bawah adalah UKM. Melihat posisi kita di bawah, dan tujuan MMT adalah mendekatkan bottom of pyramid, scaling up dasar piramida, sementara OMNIBUS LAW meninggikan oligarki dan BUMN, meninggikan elitis. Semakin tidak terjangkau karena mereka di lindungi REGULATOR, undang undang, uang dan jabatan, lengkaplah mereka meninggalkan DASAR PIRAMIDA. Bossman si sontoloyo ini bukan hanya ngomong mendukung UKM dan buruh namun dua produk nya, santara sebagai UKM equity crowd funding dan Dinaran, payment sistem berbasis underlying emas adalah bentuk pengejawantahan MMT, yang pro dasar piramida. Jadi secara platform ekonomi benegara MMT yang di anut bossman dan kaum sontoloyo memang meneriakkan untuk menunda atau membatalkan ominbus law bukan tanpa alasan atau tanpa ilmu. MMT mendemokratisasi pasar atau market dengan free tarade pasar bebas dan fair trade pasar berdasarkan keadilan. Omnibus law bercita cita menurunkan biaya produksi dengan menekan nilai buruh, dimana itulah syarat ekonomi berdasar PDB ala tiongkok yang bikin silau banyak pejabat negara saat ini. harga buruh rendah, haknya di batasi, geraknya di batasi. Ini menabrak kelompok serikat pastinya, jadi ada baiknya di diskusikan ulang. Atau di cabut dulu, sementara di kelompok UKM yang karyawannya di bawah 50 orang yang ternyata menyerap 97% angkatan kerja nasional tidak mendapatkan porsi wajar. Malah oligarki di bela in. Malah asing FDI di belain, malah tenaga kerja asing aseng di belain, malah tanah aor di keduk di permudah, dana asing untuk orang asing di permudah. Kalau  semua ini benar maka cara bernegara kita memang beda, pantas menimbulkan keresahan, pantas hanya sebagian rakyat saja yang sejahtera, pantas banyak yang tidak terakomodir. Mungkin banyak pejabat di atas sana dalam perjalanan kehidupannya minum kopinya kurang pahit, mainnya kurang jauh, temennya kurang banyak. Monggo boss, itu yang demo di datangi dan jadikan teman, biar banyak temannya. Bukan yang kinclong kinclong wajahnya karena terawat yang kantong tebal di sekitar istana yang jadi temenmu. 
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humansdni · 3 months ago
omg ur theme ur theme ut rheme omgggggg
omgomg santara you also changed yours i love it
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