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#saphron cotta arc

*Crap gets DARK in this, just a wee bit though, nothing bad. Just a dysfunctional family. Last headcanon is sorta nsfw, if just depends on how you take it. It’s after the: Keep Reading.*

Headcanon’s are becoming my thing now, I guess: 

  • While Terra may be the main breadwinner for the family, Saph is basically a stay at home mom. 
  • Despite that, Saph was actually once a Huntress, but because of a really bad injury from before Adrian was even born, she’s never been able to go back to it. 
  • Adrian has a bunch of cousins, actually. 
  • Arc family reunion? Hell in three words. 
  • Saph’s the second oldest of eight siblings though, so she shuts them up. 
  • The first time Terra realized that maybe she did indeed want kids was during one of these hellish family reunions. 
  • Saphron was over with one of her sisters son and daughter, and they were just having the best time around Saph. She’s the best aunt of the eight sisters. Screw it, she even outclasses Jaune as uncle. 
  • It was then Terra realized. 
  • Three of the other Arc sisters caught on and didn’t stop giving crap for a month after the reunion. 
  • Cotta family reunion? Chaotic, typically involves shouting, crying, and a lot of pain. Terra never had the best fam in terms of getting along, but she tries. Especially once Adrian is born, because it’d be nice for him to have two sets of grandparents. 
  • She has one older brother who is entirely disconnected from the family, they’re parent’s were never even in a relationship. She hasn’t gotten along with her brother or parents since her and her bro were teenagers, either. 
  • After: she needs a lot of hugs. 

  • Saphron hates horror movies, especially ones about Grimm. There’s to many bad memories in that. 
  • Terra on the other hand? Traditional horror movies are great, but for Saph’s sake she’ll back off from horror movies centered around Huntsmen.
  • Terra can’t get through a comedy film. Five minutes in, she’ll “Go to the bathroom,” and come back when the movies over. 
  • Saphron loves ‘em. 

How’d they meet? 

  • At the base. 
  • Saph was in trouble for “interfering with military business,” aka getting there before the military and busting more Grimm a* than them. 
  • In the middle of Cordo chewing her out, Terra walked in too tell her about something and Saph’s first words were: 
  • “Can she chew me out instead?”
  • After a long pause of silence, Cordo starting fining Saphron for harassing one of her employees, and ordered Terra out.
  • After, Terra began profusely saying she was sorry, but Saphron laughed it off and her reply?
  • “Then if no one else is scheduled for the afternoon, you can pay me back with lunch on Saturday.”

Unlike Jaune, Saphron has mastered the art of making girls swoon over her. This was her final attempt, for the better. 

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2 notes

Terra: Why would you give a knife to a child?!

Saphron: Adrian felt unsafe.

Terra: Well now I feel unsafe!

Saphron: I’m sorry.

Saphron: Would you like a knife?

22 notes

Saphron:… JAAAAUNE!

Jaune: i did no such thing!

39 notes

Yo, if anyone has any idea for Saphron’s possible powers, please hit me up.

I’m having trouble coming up with ideas that work with how Quirks are inherited and things like that. This is kind of important since I have her playing a role in Vigilantes.

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His sister and Terra are sleeping for the first time in three weeks

69 notes


Adrian: *BABY GOOS*


Saph: uum jaune?

Jaune: shes good with babies

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Jaune walks into his sister’s living room to find Saphron and Terra very upset. Neo and Adrian are sitting on a couch, being scolded. A thin sword is resting on the coffee table in front of them. 

Saphron: “You don’t even go to a combat school, you’re in the seventh grade! Why did you have a sword?”

Adrian: “Bullies have been picking on us for weeks!”

Terra: “So you tried to stab them?”

Neo looks up, about to defend her nephew - 

Saphron: “No! I know you’re the one who taught him this.”

Jaune, walks up to admire the sword: “You fought multiple bullies with just that? You must really train hard!”

Saphron: “We are not condoning this!”

57 notes

Saphron: I’ve been your age, you’ve never been mine, pay attention.

Jaune: I’ve been your height, you’ve never been mine, so YOU pay attention.

Saphron: *picks up sword*

167 notes

Terra, at her and Saphron’s wedding: Isn’t this the best day of your life?

Saphron, thinking of the day she first heard Everytime We Touch: It’s up there

102 notes

Terra: My son built a slug hospital and found thirty “patients” who are now escaping and nothing in the parenting books prepared me for this.

118 notes

Saphron: Name one mean thing I’ve ever done.

Jaune: When we were younger, you convinced me eggs weren’t real.

Saphron: They’re not.

Jaune: Haha, very funny.

Saphron: I’m serious. Didn’t you hear?

Jaune: No, what happened?

Saphron: Why would you fall for this again?

233 notes

Ruby: *blush* i i buh buh no i i

Jaune: saph.

Saphron: sorry

47 notes

Mr Arc: So, kids, how was school today?

Jaune: One student pushed me down.

Mr Arc: Did you push him back?

Jaune: No, he was bigger than me.

Mr Arc: Uh-huh. Girls?

Saphron and the other six sisters: We’re on it.

174 notes

Jaune, calling Saph: why didnt you tell me being the older sibling was so stressful?!

Yang, leaning into the phone: I tried to tell him

34 notes

Arriving in Argus for the first time. Saphron meets everyone at the trolly.

Saphron, beaming: “Oh you must be Neopolitan! Jaune has told me so much about you! Thank you for looking after my brother.”

Saphron, grabs Neo and pulls her into a long and tight hug. She looks up at Jaune and mouths: “Oh my Gods, she is so pretty!”

Nora starts elbowing Jaune: “Just wait until Neo meets Adrian…”

51 notes

Definitally saphron

27 notes

“When we first got to Argus as a group, the first port of call was Saphron Cotta-Arc’s place. Everything was going well, with Ren and Nora leading the ‘charge, right-up until I arrived. ‘Turns-out, the Arc family had all heard stories about me from Jaune, and his stories (combined with their mourning)… sorta caused things to go out-of-hand. Saphron screamed at me for about ten minutes, then slammed the door in all of our faces.

Uh, yeah. The Arc family aren’t exactly jumping to help the boy that used to ‘bully their son before he died.

So, we visited the home of Mrs. Minerva Nikos. Again, she had heard more stories about me from her late daughter, but was atleast willing to hear-out Ren and Nora. After about an hour of begging, promises, and so-on, Minerva allowed us all to stay with her for a little while, whilst we tried to figure out a way to Atlas.

Mrs. Nikos has made it very. clear that she doesn’t like me staying under her roof, but is atleast aware that what we’re all doing is in Pyrrha’s memory.

So, grudges? Definitely still ‘held.”

- Cardin

3 notes

Multiple siblings with the same hair colour, one set of twins, all the same gender bar the youngest

are the arcs just reminants version of the weasleys?

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