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buunbi · 14 minutes ago
Your tags on the "theyre just skinny" post??? Absolutely inmaculated and also big same I feel validated thank you very much
we 🤝
but seriously yeah there’s so many skinny people out there who i see being called “peak gender” and shit and i’m just like. i respect ur opinion but do know that it is wrong /hj
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prettyboydream · 44 minutes ago
ok but dream must be so proud of george abt the wilbur thing
oh i feel like he’d take the absolute piss out of him about it the second he heard about it either through twitter or bc george told him after like i know dream’s more so fucking blatant with his pandering but george is not innocent in it
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mandaeee · an hour ago
I saw someone bring up Sapnap's chinese merch trying to "educate" him on twitter so I thought I'd share my thoughts on this as a chinese person.
Mcyttwt is a fucking cesspool of overpriviliged teens but I felt that Mcyttumblr was more mature so im bringing my take here for a civil discussion ( and not to get told to di3 ).
Ho boy this is a long post so scroll past if like ur you cant handle heavy topics like racism or like knives and stuff.
So, someone brought up a pic of Sapnap's ( it was discontinued a long time ago mind you ) merch and accused him of cultural appropriation, simply because GASP!! There were CHINESE WORDS on his merch!!
Please get a life.
First of all, it's just a language, on merch. If you search up "shirts with chinese writing" you'll probably find alot of it on the internet. Chinese is language, many companies put chinese writings on their clothing, just like they do with english. If Sapnap's merch was really an issue, i think the chinese people in the community would have brought it up when it was released, IF the characters on the hoodie was just gibberish and did not translate to anything then it would be pretty obvious that the chinese characters were purely for aesthetic but it just translated to "is a cute panda". Pandas originate from China so it would make sense that Sapnap/his merch team would put chinese on the hoodie.
This feels like a slap in the face. Where was this energy when you trended that INSENSITIVE hashtag a day after the Atlanta shooting huh? Where was this energy when my people were dying?
When I was younger the kids at my school would corner me and put a knife to my head, trying to force me to eat raw meat, pretending it was a dog. If Sapnap putting chinese on his merch is the peak of racism for you, then please, go outside and touch some fucking grass.
Other coporations put chinese on their clothes, if you gave Sapnap shit for putting chinese on his merch, I want to see the same energy for companies like cotton on, urban outfitter, H&M etc. Just because Sapnap is more accesible to you, doesn't mean you get to use him as a punching bag to fufil your performative activism of the day. And asking him to donate to AAPI charities as "compensation" feels really guilt trippy. How do you know whether or not he donated already?? CCs don't need to inform you of every single action they're making, I'd rather he'd donate because he wanted to not because some twitter kid cried about it
Keep in mind I do not speak for all chinese people, and if there are other chinese in the community that feel differently I am open to having a civil discussion. And if there are any twitter activists reading this, fuck you and go and do something more productive with your time. Don't weaponize my race just to feel good about yourself.
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artemiswt · an hour ago
I just know dream's going to have a mini breakdown if george ends up being taller than sapnap when they meet irl lmao
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soft--dragon · an hour ago
I'm Safe, I'm Okay
Inspired by this ask here and linked to this fic here still in the good au cause the Dream SMP is constant Spain without the 's' so have some fluff :D
Tommy was living in a constant state of adrenaline and giggly anticipation. Ever since his mining trip with one Mr. Dream, he was being constantly terrorized by the blob man. For the past week, Dream had been sneaking up behind him and tasering him. Tommy practically jumped out of his skin every time, a squeal tearing from his throat. He swung around to face the masked man but Dream disappeared every damn time before he could say anything.
Tommy was planning on striking back however. Dream was really getting on his nerves and he was going to teach the green blob a lesson.
After sculling an invisibility potion, Tommy was on the hunt. He made his way quickly down the Prime Path, looking out for an iconic green hoodie. The sun was dipping lower which means Dream was gonna be in only a few select places.
His first guess was right as he found Dream outside the Community House with Sapnap and George, making renovations to the exterior. Tommy grinned to himself and approached swiftly, barely making a noise on the wooden boardwalk over the water.
"Sapnap! No- no don't take off too much! Yeah! That should be good!" Dream called up to the black haired man on the roof who was trimming the foliage on the window sills.
Dream was fixing the fences on the walkway that had recently been damaged by a rogue creeper that got too close to the house. George had busied himself with creating a new bridge leading to the Community House, placing blocks for the layout.
Case and point, they were all distracted. Perfect. Tommy crept up behind Dream, waiting until he placed the last of the fence down and closed his inventory. Dream glanced up from where he was crouched to face Sapnap again.
"Hey Sap! I'm gonna help George out with the new bridge! Join us when you're done?"
"Yep! You sure I can't just burn these though? It would make the process faster" Sapnap called back.
"Sapnap if you burn those plants I swear to god" Dream laughed. "It'll speed up the process for sure but it would also destroy them."
Sapnap snorted. "Killjoy."
"Heard that!"
Dream chuckled to himself. "If I leave and come back to find them buHURNED!"
A feeling of something digging into his sides made Dream yelp. He whipped around, arms around his torso and eyes wide, scanning the area quickly. He barely heard Sapnap's concerned call.
"Dream! You okay?"
"I...yeah? I thought someone- HEHEHEY!" A burst of electricity through his sides made Dream scramble backwards on the walkway, a giggle bursting from his mouth. "Whahat the hell?"
His eyes flicked back and forth, trying to find the source of the sudden attack. He ignored Sapnap's confused questions as he frantically searched. Scribbling fingers suddenly dug into his ribs making him shriek and curl in on himself, squirming to try and throw the feeling off.
"Whahahat's hahahahappening?!" He gasped through his fits of high pitched giggles, swatting at his ribs in an attempt of ridding the scuttling over the sensitive bones.
The feeling shifted to claw at his underarms as well, causing him to fall onto his back and cackle loudly. "NOHOHOHO!"
A thud nearby sounded, footsteps quickly approaching Dream then a shadow fell over him. "Dream what's going on? Dream?" Sapnap worriedly stood over his friend who was laughing like a maniac on the ground, kicking his legs out.
"I DOHOHON'T KNOHOHOHOW!" Dream cried, laughter squeaking when the massaging in his under arm picked up speed, the scratching at his ribs switching to a torturously slow pace. "SOHOMEONE'S- FUHUHUCK! PLEHEHEASE NOHOHOT THEHEHERE!"
Dream pounded his fist into the wood beneath him as he laughed hysterically. The feeling had shifted down to his belly and he was ticklish as hell there. The fingers pinched and scribbled around the sensitive skin making Dream squirm, but they followed his movements, not letting up in the slightest.
Sapnap was soon joined by George who had heard the wild laughter on the other side of the house. He looked just as confused as Sapnap as they watched their best friend almost in tears laughing at nothing.
"Dream? Why are you laughing? What's happening to you?" George crouched beside Dream, grabbing his wrists to keep him from moving.
Dream pulled at his hands now firmly grasped by the brunette, suddenly feeling so much more exposed. "NOHOHO GEORGE LEMME GO PLEHEHEASE!"
"Not until you tell me why you're laughing like this."
A single finger dug into his bellybutton and scribbled ruthlessly. Dream threw his head, his laughter falling silent before returning with a loud squeak.
George and Sapnap shared a bewildered look before looking back at Dream. He was bucking his hips and kicking his legs out, laughter pouring out of him non stop.
"Tickles?" Sapnap repeated. "We're not touching you Dream."
Dream's eyes snapped open when he heard a low, mischievous chuckle.
"TOHOHOHOHOMY?!" He accused, his blush brightening at the idea of his ler being the rambunctious teenager.
"Ding ding ding, correct guess Dream" he heard the boy whisper into his ear. "How's it feel to be on the receiving end, hmm?"
"Yeah, no, that ain't happening."
George and Sapnap, who hadn't been able to hear Tommy over Dream's loud cackles, shared a look.
"Tommy?" George asked curiously, "why on earth would Tommy be the cause of this?"
Dream shook his head, letting himself finally succumb to the tickles and became one with the boardwalk. Tommy, thank the gods, could see he was reaching his limit and backed off a bit. He went back to Dream's ribs and gently scuttled along the bones again. Dream relaxed into the softer tickles, giggles still constant but a lot more calm. Tommy had to smile at how endearing Dream looked, hair tousled, a wide grin on his face as well as a pink blush. Tommy chuckled to himself, who knew the speedrunner was so ticklish?
A sudden hand on his shoulder made him stop entirely, looking over to see Sapnap. Oh, the potion had worn off.
In one fast movement, Tommy was pinned on his stomach with Sapnap sitting on his back. "So Thomas" Sapnap said conversationally, "why were you wrecking our good friend Dream here?"
Tommy quickly fought to scramble out from underneath the man but it was all for naught. He fell back against the wood, grumbling and cursing Sapnap. "He kept annoying me, I simply struck back" he snapped. "Now lemme up bitch."
George, who was easing Dream into a sitting position, glanced over. "So you had to almost tickle him to death?"
Dream glanced over at him. "Is this because I kept tasering you?"
Tommy glared as he gave a single nod. "Duh, why else would I wreck you asshole? You were getting on my nerves."
"Tommy's ticklish as well?" Came Sapnap's interested voice.
Tommy froze, his eyes widening. Oh he really didn't like Sapnap's tone.
Dream seemed to gain some strength back at the question. A smirk on his face as he replied; "Yep, pretty much everywhere, it's kinda cute honestly, his laugh is really different."
"Is that so?" George raised a brow, glancing over at Tommy. "Well I'd personally love to hear that, Sapnap? Would you mind getting the Giggle Machine running?"
Tommy was fast to squirm and thrash underneath Sapnap, clawing at the walkway in hopes of finding an escape. No such luck.
"It would be my pleasure Mr. Not Found."
Squeezing at his sides sent bolts of electricity through Tommy's system, he fell against the ground, giggles already slipping out against the sensations. "Wait wahahait wahahait! Sahahap!"
Sapnap laughed. "Aw he's laughing already! How sweet~"
Dream grinned. "Go for his hips, you're gonna love the reaction he has from that, they're really ticklish."
"Dreheheam shuhuhut the fuhuhuck uhuhup!"
"Ticklish hips? Aw he's the same as Wilbur, they really are brothers your honor" George laughed.
Tommy would've snapped back but rapid and precise squeezing to his hip bones made him squeal and shift his focus back to the ler above him. "NOHOHO! NOHOHOT THEHEHERE SAHAHAHAP! WAHAHAHAIT!"
"Don't let up" Dream snorted. "He tickled one of my worst spots for at least three minutes."
"So, staying here for five minutes right?"
"We're gonna end up killing this child" George chuckled.
"Nah he'll be fine, I wrecked him for longer than that" Dream replied with a smirk. "Kid's got stamina."
"Oh great, so he could stand another ler joining in on the fun?" George raised a brow.
Dream grinned. "George, you read my mind."
Tommy tried to hide from their looming hands shaped into claws, nervous and loud protests spilling from his mouth. "NO NO NO! BOTH OF YOU STAY BACK! DONT YOU DARE- NOHOHOHOHOHO! I CAHAHAHAN'T STAHAHAND THRHEHEE OHOF YOHOHOU!"
"Should've thought of that before you came after me Giggles" Dream smirked from where he was squeezing Tommy's knees and scratching on the skin underneath. "Attack one of the Dream Team and you get the whole team striking back."
"Amen" George chuckled and blew a raspberry into the side of Tommy's ribs before moving to pinch at them randomly.
Tommy shrieked and twisted so violently at the feeling he somehow managed to end up on his back, looking up at Sapnap now who was grinning evilly. "Well well well, what have we got here?" He purred. "Tell me Dream, how ticklish is the little man's stomach?"
"Go for his lower belly and he'll be in pieces" Dream replied, scribbling quickly against the underside of Tommy's kneecaps and grinning at the resulting squeal.
"Ah, so a solid eleven out of ten then? Excellent" Sapnap hiked up Tommy's shirt and that alone was enough for Tommy to start frantically protesting.
"Nononono plehehease Sapnap, plehehease dohon't do thahat- dohohon't dohoho thAHAHAHAT!"
Tommy tossed his head back and almost screamed. Sapnap's fangs nibbling below his bellybutton and close to his hips were like shockwaves to his already keyed up nervous system. He pushed weakly at Sapnap's shoulders, energy spent from previous squirming. He babbled nonsense before giving up talking and just laughed.
Dream wasn't kidding, the other two noticed. Tommy's laugh was a constant stream of happy, childlike giggles with cute hiccups and squeaks peppered in from tickling different spots. It was incredibly endearing to say the least.
Sapnap pressed a small raspberry into Tommy's naval making him squeal and buck his hips lightly, his cheeks glowing and hair thoroughly messed up. He was Dream's post-wrecked spitting image.
Sapnap got off of the boy, and picked him up off the ground, grinning at the tired complaint he got.
"Imma big man bitch, can walk on my own" Tommy muttered, but his head still dropped onto Sapnap's collarbone.
"Mhm, sure thing Tommy" Sapnap adjusted him so he had his arms wrapped around his neck and was holding his lower half comfortably.
"We taking him back home?" George asked, rubbing Tommy's shoulder comfortingly as the boy glanced up at Sapnap with a slightly confused look.
"Yeah, kid's tuckered out" Dream replied, gently messing up Tommy's golden curls as he walked past.
"Fuck off" Tommy grumbled but it was slurred and sleepy, effectively melting all three men's hearts.
The walk back was strangely nice, Tommy being held like a child by Sapnap and Dream and George on either side. Any time a mod came remotely close, it was either taken out by an arrow or an axe. Tommy remained blissfully ignorant of any threat, trusting the three men currently taking him back to his little dirt home. George opened the door for them and the three frowned slightly at the interior. It was cold, a little dark, and it just didn't seem like Tommy. Sapnap held the boy a little tighter to him.
"Dream?" He began worriedly but he didn't need to say anything further.
The green clad man was already stepping outside, motioning them to follow. They headed straight for their shared home, built on the outskirts of the main buildings. When they entered, Tommy lifted his head fractionally from where it was laid over Sapnap's shoulder, glancing around briefly before humming and dropping it back.
"'s warm in here" he murmured.
"Yeah, we lit the fire before we left to fix the Community House. Are you okay with sleeping in one of our beds? We don't have a couch" George said apologetically.
"Mmm, 's fine, can sleep on the floor."
That sent a jolt of worry through them. When they entered Tommy's house, had they even seen a bed?
"Not happening Toms" Sapnap hugged Tommy to his chest. "You ain't sleeping on the ground."
"Oh…" Tommy raised his head again and looked at them. "You guys want me to stay in one of the beds?"
"Yeah, course" George smiled. "You can pick who you stay with, we won't be offended."
Hoo boy, offended? No. Jealous? Gods almighty, that would be unavoidable with these people.
Tommy shrugged. "Don't mind, anyone is good."
George and Sapnap locked eyes and Dream quickly stepped in before it could evolve into an argument. "How's about we put the mattresses in here and grab all the blankets? Have a sleepover?"
He was always good at truces with these two as they agreed instantly. He stepped forward and carefully took Tommy from Sapnap's arms, holding him similar to how his friend was.
"Awesome, I'm on child duty. Sapnap, go get the mattresses, Gogy, the blankets, I'lll move everything to accommodate them."
They nodded and left to gather the items, leaving Dream alone with Tommy. The boy was practically out of it, leaning all his weight into Dream and watching the fire crackling in the hearth with half lidded eyes.
"How did me getting revenge for you tickling me end up with staying at yours for the night?" Tommy asked quietly.
Dream chuckled. "Dunno, fate?"
"Don't believe in that shit."
"Alright, well then let's agree that time is weird and we shouldn't question it."
"Sounds good to me."
Silence blanketed them but it was comfortable, it allowed them to simply relax in each other's presence. Dream took in more of Tommy's face in the light of the lanterns and the fire. His eyes looked tired, too tired for a teenager despite wacked out sleep schedules. He felt too light for his height, practically bone in Dream's arms. Was he not sleeping enough? Not eating? How long had he been living in that dirt house? Could you even call it a house? It was incredibly lonely, and cold, a stark contrast to Tommy himself.
Dream then realised how much closer he'd brought Tommy to his chest, subconsciously hugging him tighter. Tommy was watching him drowsily, but concern was written in his blue eyes.
"Are you okay?" Tommy asked.
Dream nodded quickly, smiling to help ease the boy's nerves. "Yeah, I'm alright Toms, just…" how on earth was he meant to ask this? "You know...if you ever need me, or anyone to lean on really, our door is always open. You know we care about you, right?"
Tommy seemed to wake up a little more at that but his tiredness held him back from fully grasping what Dream was saying. "Y-Yeah? I care about you guys too if that helps? Why, is something wrong?"
Dream exhaled a fond chuckle, knocking the side of his head against Tommy's. "Just letting you know big man."
Tommy hesitated then snuggled into Dream's hold, gangly limbs and all somehow seeming so small. "Thanks, thank you for this."
Dream hummed, swaying slightly. "It's no problem at all."
Sapnap and George soon returned and dumped their collections onto the floor in front of the fire. They shifted things around until they were happy then climbed onto their comfortable creation, leaving room for Dream and the boy in his arms. As soon as Dream got situated, Tommy was out like a light. Cuddled into Dream's chest with his legs resting over Sapnap and George's laps.
"How can he seem so tiny?" Sapnap quietly wondered aloud.
"Part raccoon" George joked fondly then glanced at Dream, waiting for him to add to the bit but felt a jolt in his stomach at how Dream was looking at Tommy. His eyes were so sad, and the edges were wet.
"Dream?" Sapnap noticed his friend's face too. "What's wrong?"
Dream blinked a few times, watery eyes clearing as he looked back up at them. "I'm worried about him" he admitted. "You saw where he was living, how thin he is, guys I don't want him to stay there anymore."
Sapnap and George softened at Dream's words, watching as Dream tenderly carded a hand through Tommy's hair.
"He's alone there, and he's not taking care of himself, I want to take care of him but…"
"But?" George promoted gently.
"But he wouldn't let guys know he wouldn't just move in if we were to offer. He's not like that, too stubborn."
"Okay, so we find a solution" Sapnap shrugged. "We'll make life easier on him, leave him stuff he'll need, invite him around more often, let Wilbur know how his little brother isn't doing too good."
He leaned over and grasped Dream's shoulder. "They're little things Dream, but they're effective, and he'll probably accept them easier than outright attempts to help him."
Dream took that in and nodded carefully. "You're right" he murmured. "I...It's my server though, I don't want to see anyone suffer."
"He's not suffering Dream" George lightly prodded Dream with his foot. "He has us, and everyone else, his current condition isn't great, but he isn't suffering. Don't make it seem worse and beat yourself up over it. We can help, and we will."
The last of the tension drained from Dream's shoulders as he accepted that. "Okay" he agreed.
"Okay" they repeated with a small nod.
And when Tommy went home later the next day and found his chests stocked with food, a bed sitting in the corner and note, he felt warmth spread through his whole heart as he read the paper on the new bed.
Hey Tommy!!
We got a little more food than necessary on an outing so we decided you might want it, and the bed is a gift so don't bother returning it
Also, we're having another sleep over on Friday so you'd better be there or we'll tickle you worse than last time
(That sounds like a threat and it is but don't take it too badly okay?)
Looking forward to seeing you buddy!
Dream :)
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Hybrid Y/N
multiple x creeperhybrid!reader
warnings: creeper explosions, revival for wilbur
note: y/n is genderneutral, also i had fun making this one today. should i make a main taglist, excluding series
ohhh, hybrid trouble😏
literally chaos, like sapnap x god!reader, watch out, because you will never know when you purposely, with sap, tries to explode a monument or building with some significant purpose
literally peas in a pod
no one can never see sapnap without you tagging along with him
you guys are the duo who everyone avoids
crazy squared
you got it, he tries to get you angry or just wants to make your current emotion really big so you can blow up something that he hates, maybe like a sign saying he's a homeless teletubby, something like that
spoils you to no end
Wilbur Soot
hmm, why does he praise you?
seriously, same thing with god!reader, he praises you until there isn't any praises left, but it never runs out so it’s endless, infinity, domain expansion
(sorry got into the wrong fandom there hehehe)
after he got revived, he definitely convinces you to join him and tommy on their little adventure
he gives you stone, yes, just stone, because to him that represents love and affection, please give him a hug
Karl Jacobs
one of the most adorable duos in the entire universe
definitely asks you to blow up some land so he can build stuff
instead of him spoiling you, YOU spoil him
like, he's so adorable ☺️
sometimes you guys do trades, like you blow up something, in exchange for a few diamond blocks or something more significant
he spoils you definitely
asks you to help build las nevadas with him
speaking of las nevadas, he probably gives you a job, maybe managing the casino?
he definitely comes to you for things, like redstone, pistons, because damnn he is kinda broke
Dream XD
he gives you unnecessary things from time to time
literally praises you for the weirdest things
basically like, "oh congrats, it's your birthday, let me give you some bedrock."
that's just not all
he will literally try to charge you up, so when someone touches you, you'll explode, it's kinda weird but endearing, sometimes you wanna smack him for that though :/
why do you guys sleep a lot?
like damn, do something for once
when you got roped into george's shenanigans, you would have never thought you would just sleep
it's only sleep, no wars, no nothing
calmest duo
this is probably the most chaotic duo i have ever seen, and i have seen a bunch
when there is lightning outside, you will get anything iron, whether it is a shovel/spoon, sword, helmet, etc, and raise it up in the air and pretend your zeus
like bitch, why
and then in the sidelines, there just tommy watching what happens, but do you wanna know what did happen?
you got charged up, and then you ran towards tommy and exploded
thank goodness he didn't lose a canon life, but he did get really injured
helps maintain his bees
you accidentally kill some :(
you babysit the beautiful baby piglin michael when tubbo and ranboo are off somewhere
he adores you to no end
like he has so many favors to give to you since you have done a lot for him
he feels like you are siblings
helps him with his enderwalk ✅
helps him remember important things ✅
why is the duo so precious, i don’t know
you’re conditioned to be friends with phil and techno
you both are main characters
ooh, two creeper hybrids, wow, such a great team!
god!reader and creeperhybrid!reader have a thing in common, which is you help him with the prison
he literally got you a trident and a crown, ✨best friends✨
thank you so much, besto friendo (if you know where that is from, i love you!)
also you help each other out with explosions and stuff
and just in general keep each other in check
i will say this again, you both are gods at redstone, dont flipping test me
Philza Minecraft
protects you from any harm
dadza is poggers 👍
when you explode because of something that made you pissed, you best know that he will be right next to you
he’s automatically ready to be a therapist
you have to be close to techno, no ifs or buts
gives you the good stuff 😏
and when i mean the good stuff, the GOOD stuff :)
he will give you endless things, including but not limited to, bedrock, diamond blocks, netherite, gold, enchanting books, and also his crown and his cape
when you accidentally catch a storm, and you get charged and explode, he will rap you up in his fluffy cape, but then that just makes more electricity, and therefore, more explosions
that’s not cool y/n :(
back in the dinosaur days, you guys were cute little muffins
aesthetic: puppies favorite food: muffins and cookies
why is this also a cute team, like whyyy
pressuring bad to be closer to sapnap ✅
we aren’t going to that point though
“hey you want some food?”
“sure y/n, and while your at it, let me give you some jewelry.”
him filling your pockets with rings, necklaces, bracelets, just basically anything that is shiny and decorative on the human body
them being a mercenary back in the olden days really paid off, now they has the money to give you the ✨world✨
i want someone like that
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thatoneao3writer · an hour ago
(1/? Since i can't fit everyone in here)
So remember that one ask about giving everyone weapons to fight magical evils? the others and I compiled a list of those items in detail:
.first things first, Bad has a giant chest in his room and no one knows why until a magical evil (can be whatever someone comes up with, just not the Crimson Evil) shows up and threatens earth
.Bad asks everyone to come to his room, because he has an idea. Everyone, confuses follows accordingly.
.Bad opens up the chest, dives into it, and rummages around. Everyone is scared of the various lights (and noises) coming out of the pit.
.Bad comes out with a bunch of weapons and places them on his bed. Everyone gathers around and Bad explains:
"All of these are weapons and enhancers and im going to give them to you to help with this. You better bring them back."
.Everyone reluctantly agrees (some are very excited) and Bad gives everyone some type of weapon/enhancer:
.Sam got a sort of explodey-boomerang- it doesn't look like a boomerang to Sam, since it's a small little marble-like ball, but Bad insists it's a boomerang.
.To explain what it does, it's like a marble that blows something up when you throw it and then immediately comes back to you like a boomerang-
.Sam: what's this?
Bad: an exploding boomerang-
Sam: a boomerang?? It doesn't look like a boormerang-
Bad: what do you mean? That's what a boomerang looks like muffinhead-
Sam: why did you say "exploding"?
Bad: just throw it at the bad guys pinhead -_-
.Cue Sam going absolutely feral once he figures out how this thing works
Image: (Bad holding the explodey boomerang that I drew!)
Tumblr media
.(In addition, Sam also got a trident, most commonly refferred to as Posideon's Trident over a few worlds, that harnesses water powers when thrown.)
Image: (Spear of Posideon | God of War)
Tumblr media
.Puffy got a sword that's embroidered with roses in the metal handle and made of Cherry Quartz
.To explain what it does, when you slash someone with it, the wound 'wilts' the body from inside out, effectively poisoning them/it.
Image: (inaccurate, but for the most part it looks like this and only a little bit heavy)
Tumblr media
.(In addition, Puffy also got a Starcannon from Dream, simply because Puffy was thinking about one from one battle
.You know how I said thinking about instead of asking for? Yeah Dream really does love Puffy and made one for her
.To explain what it does, the Starcannon blasts star-like bullets that create small explosions, similar to an almost mini-supernova.
Image: (Star Cannon | Terraria)
Tumblr media
.Ant got unmeltable ice gauntlets that have spikes on them and are very sharp
.To explain what it does, they freeze the person/thing when you slash them with it and leave them with a wound frozen in time
.Bad gave these to Ant to only use when he was in animal form because the gauntlets are way too big for his human form
.Bad also gave them to him for the pun of his last name, 'Frost'
.Bad: get it? Ice? Frost? Antfrost?
Ant: yes, I do Bad -_-
Image: (Ice Claws | Dragon Quest)
Tumblr media
.Ponk got a fire shield that's made out metal forged from the hottest lava in the galaxy (allegedly, Bad was told that when he got it)
.To explain what it does, the Fire Shield creates a force field made out of very thin-yet-durable fire
.Ponk was kinda upset that he got a shield out of all things, until he was reminded he's 3/4 robot with countless powers and he got over it
Image: (no design on the shield yet, but a demonstration on how it looks like when used:)
Tumblr media
.Skeppy got leg warmers.
.Hear me out
.TO EXPLAIN WHAT THESE DO, the leg warmers have wings on them so Skeppy can fly
.Bad: here!
Skeppy: ..leg warmers?-
Bad: leg warmers that make you FLY!
Skeppy: ... thanks Bad.
Bad: You're welcome! :D
.The reason why Bad gave him these instead of a weapon was because Bad thought he was already strong enough to take on the evil, he just wanted to see Skep in leg warmers I guess 😅
Image: (Imagine these leg warmers but with small wings on them, like the Talaria)
Tumblr media
.Sapnap got a demon dagger that's made out of cursed netherite (yes, Netherite is a canon material in this AU, like the way Vibranium is a canon metal in the Marvel universe)
.To be honest Sapnap didn't need the dagger, but Bad gave it to him so that he didn't feel left out
Tumblr media
.Quackity got a black battle axe that Bad got from a Dragon's lair
.To explain what it does, the battle axe changes size based on who's holding it (which works perfectly for Quackity's shape-shifting powers) and summons armour made out of any material that's found abundantly (usually rocks or the ground). The axe is referred to as "Protection from Pandemonium" from its original owner.
.Quackity got really excited to use this :)
Tumblr media
.Velvet got a giant cartoon hammer, and he's pretty happy about that :)
.Fun fact: Bad got this from a cartoon-like world, and that's the closest he's ever getting to being meta in thus AU!
.To explain what it does, the reason why it's called a 'cartoon' hammer is because it becomes larger when you swing it back to hit something, as in a cartoon
Image: (yes, it looks exactly like this. Art by me again)
Tumblr media
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ryxjxnnx · an hour ago
lover’s quarrel; dream
🍃 warnings: c!dream x reader, rivalry, arguing, kind of violent flirting(?), secret relationship, suggestive material (but not nsfw)
🍃 Prompt: x
🍃 a/n: this is kinda from the start of the smp, no wars yet, just the guys and you <3 kinda short, consider this as a doodle but in writing- LOL
© plot content belongs to ryxjxnnx 2021. please do not modify or repost.
“George, they’re arguing again...” Sapnap huffed, looking at you and Dream bickering again. George chuckles and shrugs, “They’re having a lover’s quarrel, leave them alone, Sap.”
Sapnap rolls his eyes at the nickname. “Ok Gogy, whatever.” The two then stay quiet and listen in to your little argument with Dream.
“Beat me at PVP? Oh my goodness— you’re delusional. Look at you, you’re just begging for someone to put you in your place.” You mock, swinging your axe over your shoulder, proudly looking at the wood you’ve collected. 
Dream throws his head back laughing, “And you think you can handle that? You’re cute. I could have you on your knees in a heartbeat, sweetheart. It would suit you.” He says as he looks at you, his own axe digging into the dirt below him.
You turned your head over your shoulder to look at him with a small smirk, “You think about that image a lot, don’t you?” He chokes on his own saliva and coughs while you laugh loudly.
“What— no— god— Don’t flatter yourself, you brought it up.” He says looking away, blood rushes to his face. He looks down at the wood he collected with you, kicking a small piece of log.
“Aw c’mon, piss baby, you don’t have to deny it. I see it in your face, it’s true,” You giggle. He then glances to the two boys to see them walk inside the community house before turning towards you.
His hand reaching out to grip your chin to force you to look at him, “And what if I do, doll.” He smirks as he backs you into a tree. Standing close to you, his tall physique would make anyone feel shorter, but, you’ve beaten this man multiple times in combat that it’s almost impossible to make you feel inferior to him.
He leans in towards your face, lips almost brushing against one another before you grin and push him away and onto the tree your back was pressed on seconds ago.
“Then I have to show you otherwise.” You say softly, kissing the corner of his lips. You look at him, your pupils blown, and a suggestive smirk plays on your lips. He huffs softly, leaning towards your face.
You back away before your lips touch, and start to walk away from him nonchalantly as if nothing happened. He groans in annoyance.
“You’re such a fucking tease.” He grumbles. You laugh and grab your axe from the tree stump it was placed on.
“So? You’re gonna let me be a brat, or are you gonna come chase me?” You grin. He shakes his head, laughing.
“Better run then, princess.”
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thefabkookie · 2 hours ago
Dream: What time is it?
Sapnap: I don't know, pass me that saxophone and we'll find out.
Sapnap: *plays sax loudly and extremely out of tune*
Sapnap: It's two am.
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oddluver · 2 hours ago
I make myself sad. I just wanted this to be their wedding song is that too much to ask? 🥺💔
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dreamsdarlin · 2 hours ago
hi loves!! so, im trying to write but im losing sm motivation but i am trying to finish something for tommorow so nice messages would help me get a move on🧚‍♀️
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batwritings · 2 hours ago
hi bat! welcome back! im glad that you're doing better :)
i saw opened ur stuff and i went >:) bc i've had cockwarming on the mind ALL DAY and was wondering if there's anything you could do with that with anyone of your choice? thank you <33 - Blade
Thank you so much! Oh...oh Blade. You give me far too much power with this ask. Enjoy~!
Your eyes flutter open to the sun bearing through the blinds to you. You were not at all ready to face the day as was evident through the groan you gave, hiding your face in your boyfriend's chest. Sapnap hums softly, pressing a kiss to your head.
"Mornin' baby," he sighs, voice all scratchy and deep. Regardless of the wave of pleasure it sends beneath the blankets you whine into his skin.
"Too early," you say, shifting a little in your position directly on top of him. You gasp as sensations flood you, memories of the night before sinking in again. Sapnap hums too, his hips lazily rocking up to meet yours.
"Aw but you're so eager," he chuckles, kissing your head again. "Just a little fun? Please?"
You whine a little, but let your hips rock back to meet his. That's the motion the two of you go with for a while. Your hips lazily rocking back and forth, back and forth. Sapnap leaves soft kisses on your head and gives you soft, not entirely lewd praise that leaves you wanting more.
"Sappy," you moan, sitting up to ride him fully. "Need more."
"Aw, my baby needs more?" he hums softly. "Well I can't say no to a pretty face like that can I?" You hang on the soft sliver of an accent that slips through in his words as he starts thrusting up into you in earnest.
Your head lolls back and you're still so tired but you do your best to ride him. Sapnap showers you in praise the whole time, his hands firm on your hips. "So good for me," "such a good baby," "my baby Y/N", and more falls from his lips.
Between the praise and the cock sliding along your walls, it doesn't take long for you sleepy body to fall over the edge of pleasure. Sapnap doesn't last long with you clenching down around him, groaning out more praise, even as you flop against him again.
Your boyfriend litters you in kisses as you wrap your arms around him again. "Five more minutes now," you mumble, pecking his jaw.
Sapnap chuckles at you before nuzzling into your hair. "Fine, fine," he hums, letting your breathing guide his to even out as well. Five minutes became ten, became, a half hour, and honestly, it shouldn't have surprised the two of you when you woke up with him still snug inside you two hours later.
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sleepy-will · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
dteam doodles, just guys bein doods
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tubboslittlebee · 3 hours ago
𐐪𐑂 masterlist
☆: romantic ✿: platonic
ღ: fluff ❥: angst
More coming soon !
Tumblr media
*・゚*✧ Dream
making breakfast with Dream ☆ღ
reaction to you wearing their hoodie (headcanon)✿ღ
*・゚*✧ GeorgeNotFound
reaction to you wearing their hoodie (headcanon)✿ღ
kissing your best friend tiktok prank (headcanon)☆ღ
*・゚*✧ Sapnap
reactions to you wearing their hoodie (headcanon) ✿ღ
kissing your best friend tiktok prank (headcanon)☆ღ
*・゚*✧ Quackity
reactions to you wearing their hoodie (headcanon) ✿ ღ
*・゚*✧ Karl Jacobs
reactions to you wearing their hoodie (headcanon) ✿ღ
*・゚*✧ Technoblade
nothing yet!
*・゚*✧ Wilbur Soot
reactions to you wearing their hoodie (headcanon) ✿ღ
"i guess i am now your egirl" ☆ღ
kissing your best friend tiktok prank (headcanon)☆ღ
*・゚*✧ Nihachu
reactions to you wearing their hoodie (headcanon)✿ღ
*・゚*✧ Purpled (platonic)
reactions to you wearing their hoodie (headcanon) ✿ღ
*・゚*✧ Tubbo (platonic)
reactions to you wearing their hoodie (headcanon) ✿ღ
catching da bees ✿ღ
babysitters ✿ღ
*・゚*✧ TommyInnit (platonic)
reactions to you wearing their hoodie (headcanon)✿ღ
babysitters ✿ღ
*・゚*✧ Ranboo (platonic)
reactions to you wearing their hoodie (headcanon)✿ღ
babysitters ✿ღ
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duskler-bell · 3 hours ago
hellooo I'm back! and with more random questions! how do they purr? like, I love hearing cats' different purrs and I think it'd be fun to know how you think the dsmp!cats purr also will the pets be included at all, even if it's just references to them?
- rat
Oh gosh this is such a cute question :D
I'd imagine that the pet cats all have pretty loud purrs. Karl and Quackity especially! They purr as soon as they're happy or excited to the point where it jumble in to their speech which makes their meows kind of squeaky.
Tommy purrs the loudest when food is involved, mixing in a few meows in excitement, and he will keep purring while munching on food.
Tubbo is the kind of cat who purrs the moment you as much as look in his general direction. It's not super loud, but its instant, very excited to be noticed and hope it means he will get pets or treats.
Ranboo mostly purrs to sooth himself. Cats don't always purr because they're happy, and can purr when they're nervous or even angry to comfort themselves. Ranboo has small shy purrs around his friends but tends to purr the loudest when he's distressed to calm himself down.
Puffy also purrs for comfort, but for others rather than herself. Mother cats will use purrs as a kind of lullaby for their kits, and Puffy used to do this for the kits and young cats she was mentoring. She got a very calm and melodic purr~
George mostly purrs quietly while he sleep and nap, but he also have short half meow half purr sounds that he makes when he's excited. Kind of like a giggle.
Sapnap has a really loud purr, usually a short one that's use as greeting when he boops or bonks his friends to say hi. It almost sounds like a tiger chuffing. He will also purr in response to others purring.
Dream is a bit of a shy and quiet purrer, they're very silent and you're more likely to feel the vibration rather than hear them. He purrs in response to his close friends but also to sooth and heal himself if he's sick or injured.
And yes the pet cats all have pretty important roles! I've been doing mostly colony cat related stuff as there's a lot background lore to how they function and what their culture is like. But when I started this au a lot of the plot was actually centred around Tommy, so that will definitely come to play eventually :D
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spoopdeedoop · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
hi, haven’t done digital in a while bc my ipad commited aliven’t but we had warranty so it’s gucci anyway karlnap
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perriwinkle45 · 4 hours ago
What I love is Bad being like “Mobs are fine to kill but people’s pets are not”
His canonical sons reputation is literal pet killer.
And now I have in my head, Sunday Dinner with Dad and Sapnap js sitting eating his roast whilst Bad is staring at the table clearly wanting to say something and nudges Skeppy like you talk to him and Skeppy is like he’s your son and then Bad sighs and is like
“I heard you killed another pe-“
“Oh my god, Dad he’d brought an army of dogs to kill people whilst destroying a town. I don’t just kill them for fun anymore. God.”
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