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#sapnap x reader
mcytwheeze · 2 days ago
I love the text thing so much (it gives me a sense of human interaction). Is it possible yo do one where the reader is a college student and they need to take a break? Like their guy attempts to bribe them to cuddle or something?
MCYT Texts - Cuddle Break
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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crystalcow · 2 days ago
𝑆𝑒𝑒 𝑌𝑜𝑢 𝐴𝑔𝑎𝑖𝑛//𝐷𝑟𝑒𝑎𝑚 𝑇𝑒𝑎𝑚
Tumblr media
Dream team x reader//Dream/Sapnap/Gnf
Pronouns used: none specified
Warnings: fluff and sad dt
┍━━━━━»•» 🌺 «•«━┑
𝘓𝘦𝘢𝘷𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘮 𝘧𝘰𝘳 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘧𝘪𝘳𝘴𝘵 𝘵𝘪𝘮𝘦...
┕━»•» 🌺 «•«━━━━━┙
Tumblr media
You had just came to Florida for the first time
Finally seeing your boyfriend after months of chatting on the phone and streaming together
But as soon as you were re United it felt as if you left the next day
He was honestly devastated
But man is this boy good at keeping his feelings within
Some may say he’s emotionless
So the day you were leaving back to wherever, he payed no attention to you
Nothing, nada
It obviously made you upset, like wtf does he not care??
But the second you were about to leave the house, your cab ready outside
You looked back at him as he scrolled through his phone at the kitchen counter
Really he was scrolling through the album of the both of you
He took a glance at your teary figure at the door
Man’s couldn’t run faster, running over to just swoop you in a hug
He was hesitant to let you go, kissing your lips for the last time
“Make this not the last..” “I can promise you that”
Tumblr media
He was meeting up with a couple friends right
and he completely forgot that you were here meeting up with someone too
So when you guys coincidentally bumped into each other it came to the biggest shock
“You said you were traveling!” “You didn’t say where you were going either!?”
So then you guys ended up joining friends
he took you on lots of dates
So when you were set to leave, after forgetting to change your flight
Dude was so fucking heart broken
He accidentally bumped into you and had the best time
And now your leaving again!
So dude just clung onto you
He litterly picked you up and threw you over his shoulder
“Nope your coming back with me.”
So when you said that you had to get home
He grabbed a suite case and attempted to fit inside
Yeah it didn’t work
Your friends had to pry him off your arms at the airport
Kissing him goodbye
so the next day when you got back home you had a ring at your doorbell
“hi I’m here now”
yeah he just like came to you instead
he isn’t going to leave
Tumblr media
George was getting ready to move
He has his bags packed for America and was rushing to get on a plane
The only problem was that your situation was the opposite
You were set to move to Brighton so you could be apart of more vlogs, also since your closer with the Brits
So yours and George’s schedules and everything were all mixed up
“So when are you getting here?” “George my flight lands in 3 hours, we have the rest of the week together before you go.”
You both thought the whole situation was all messed up
But life has it plans and it’s for the better of you both
So once you landed you got everything situated with Nikki your new roommate
And George spent the next couple days with Wilbur
But when the end of the week reached a shadow took over Everyone
He wouldn’t be back for a long ass time
You just Saw your boyfriend for the first time as your moving to the place where you could’ve been closer
But he’s going to be 5000 miles away instead
You both wanted to keep things emotionless
Keep it all happy and reminding each other that it’s for the best
Could you do it all again?
Be so far apart
But then you reminded yourself of the time you’ve spent together
Holding onto the fact that it could happen again
Maybe you’ll be moving in with him one day
So you hugged each other goodbye
Watching as he slowly got farther away
A new journey for the both of you..
- ┈┈∘┈˃̶༒˂̶┈∘┈┈ - -- - ┈┈∘┈˃̶༒˂̶┈∘┈┈ -
You guys really like head cannons so I supply, some good old fluffy angst! As always, request and ask anything! Or as if you want to be on a taglist!
Taglist: @creatorofstars @georgenctfound @samistheidiot @smolfuckingblob @ghostlysenses @stellarinstigator @the-swageyama-tobiyolo @uwucorpse @chaoticotaku @k-l-a-w-s @denkisclown @arson-404 @koicatart
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𝐃𝐚𝐲 𝟏𝟓: 𝐃𝐚𝐝𝐝𝐲 𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐤 | KARL JACOBS
Pairing: CEO!karl x fem!assistant!reader
Warnings: NSFW +18 ONLY, minors DNI. Oral sex (female receiving), daddy kink, slapping, unprotected sex, name calling, degrading i think, Karl coming on reader's face, some aftercare at the end. As always not proofread, lmk if im missing something :)
A/N: this is kinda based on a request that I got a long time ago but I couldn’t get done before kintober.
Request: "hey what about some karl smut :). like karl eating you out and praising u sm after that he just fucks you dumb."
Kinktober-masterlist | Masterlist | Navigation
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You don't understand how you ended up on your boss' desk and with him between your legs but that was not the moment to figure it out. All your attention was focus on the way his tongue was running up and down your wet folds while both of his hands were pinning your hips down on the wood desk.
One of your hands sneaking down to tug at his hair, a heavy moan creeping up your throat and getting out in a broken voice. His soft lips pressing small kisses on your throbbing cunt, taking his time to eat you out and pleasure you. His eyes opened to see your ruined state, the way your chest was moving up and down with every heavy breath you take, your lips parted away with faint whines coming out of your mouth, eyes closed and head thrown back exposing your neck to his hungry eyes, a desperate wish to mark your skin to let everyone know that from now on you were completely his.
His tongue touched your clit and your arms trembled, losing balance and falling flat on the desk with a swift thud.
"Are you okay, princess?" His raspy voice echoing through the quiet office.
"Mhm..." You hummed.
You were not able to form a coherent sentence, so the best you could aim for was a faint hum, unluckily for you that was not enough for the man between your legs.
"Come on, you know the rules. Use your words like the good girl i know you are." his thumb stroking your hips to calm you down.
You took a deep breath before pushing yourself to lay on your elbows.
"I-I'm okay, sir..." you whispered.
"That's much better."
Kalr continued his ministrations, his hot tongue swirling around your clit making you unstable again. He knew were and how to use his mouth and you never thought you would experience something like this in your life. Many boys -and even girls, have gone down on you but no one was able to make you feel like Karl can. Without a warning one finger pushed in your entrance, making you curse under your breath.
"Oh fuck, that feels so nice, Karl." You moaned, lost in the bliss of his finger hittinh your g-spot every time it would go in.
A harsh slap was delivered to your thigh, making you realize your mistake.
"That's not my name, sweetheart." His voice was deep and stern, the curly haired man was starting to get annoyed at you for not following his rules. "Do I have to remind you how things work here?"
Oh you knew damn well, he was clear from the beginning. Kalr could let slide anything but that damn name was something that would never get pass his notice. It was, simple, short, captivating and sure as hell hot, but still your mind forgot about it the moment his fingers came into the picture.
"Maybe I do..." He trailed off, standing up and towering you. "Turn around."
Doing as told you hopped off his desk, turning in your heels and laying all your weigh on your hands. His fingers came in contact with your hot skin, kneading your ass before sending a hard slap to your ass cheek. A yelp escaping your mouth at the sudden move.
"Maybe I need to teach you a lesson..." His palm colliding on your flesh one again, making you whine. "Say you're sorry." Karl demanded.
But contrary to what you would think he didn't stop the hits, making it difficult for you to speak.
"I-I'm..." another slap, "...sorry" your ass was burning at this point. "... daddy!"
You looked over your shoulders with tears pricking your eyes and a pleading expression.
"I'll be good for you, daddy, please"
A wicked grin adorning Karl's face before a last smack was delivered to your already aching skin and not giving you time to react his cock was pushing in the moment a broken cry abandoned your mouth.
"Fuck that stunt got you more wet, didn't it baby? You feel so warm around my cock." his hands were glued to your hips, a vice grip on your flesh while he was pounding into you.
An animalistic groan erupting from the bottom of his throat, sending shivers through your body and making your legs weak. Karl knew exactly what he wanted and it was make both of you come, so he didn't slow down a bit even when your moans were getting louder and your cunt was squeezing him nice, allerting him of your orgasm approaching. His cock was hitting your g-spot over and over again, your head bouncing by how hard Karl was driving himself in you.
"Oh, fuck, daddy please don't stop!" you screamed, encouraging him to keep going at that pace.
"You like that? Like when daddy fucks you like the littlle whore you are, hm?" His hand gave a quick smack to your ass, startdling you. "I bet you do, I can tell by the way your pussy is clenching on me. Are you so desperate for me, hm slut?"
"Yes! Fuck I want you so bad daddy, I'm getting so close..."
The both of you breathing heavily and droplets of sweat streaming down your necks.
Karl leaned down, turning your face with one of his hands to crash his lips on yours; teeth hitting, tongues fighting. Your moans drowning in his mouth, but still you could hear the muffled sounds.
"I'm getting close" he moaned out, breaking the kiss. "Are you gonna make daddy cum, sweetheart?" You nodded vehemently. "That's my good girl."
One of his hands sneaking through your body to play with your clit, rubbing your sensitive bud slowly.
"But first I want you to come for me. Come on daddy's cocks, be my good and sweet slut and make a mess on my dick, baby."
And you didn't need to be told twice, as soon as he finished his sentence something snapped in you, making you scream and cry out. Your orgasm hitting you hard, making your head feel dizzy and your legs tremble.
"There you go, just like that baby, you're doing so good for me." He didn't stop his thrusts, fucking you through your orgasm.
You rested your forehead on the cold wood of his desk, feeling exhausted, but alas you were not done yet.
Pulling out of you he groaned "shit, I'm gonna come. Get on your knees, now."
With the little strength left in you, slowly you knelt down in front of him, openning your mouth to receive whatever he was gonna give you. Karl stroked his dick until white stripes of cum were pouring out of him, landing all over your face.
"Oh god..." He moaned watching your tongue lick as much as it could. "Holy shit."
After he finally came down from his high, Karl grabbed a tissue to clean your face, making sure there was not a single drop of cum left on your skin or hair.
"You did so good for me, doll." He pulled you into a tender kiss, caressing your cheeks with his thumbs. "Are you okay?"
"Mhm, I'm just tired..." You whispered, closing your eyes and leaning in his touch.
Your boss guided both of you to sit in his chair with you on his lap. Karl reached out for an oinment hidden in one of his drawers, opening it and coating his fingers with some of it to rub it on your skin. The cold contrast made you jump in your place, opening your eyes and shaking your head.
"No, please, it hurts..." You whined out.
"I know my love but it's gonna feel better with this, I promise I'll be gentle." Karl gave you sweet kiss to convince you to let him continue and it worked.
Resting your head on his shoulder you let him take care of you, with tender touches and praises the whole time.
You didn't know how you got yourslef in this situation, but the only thing you were hopping for was that this wasn't a one time thing.
Tumblr media
Main taglist: @jeffreybezzos @arsinlette@skarlletthepig @askforimagineoroneshot@chaoticotaku
Kinktober taglist: @https-axgellu @victory-is-here @ninkieminjaj @clouddd-hannn @haannaa1@shywriter66 @zeroistyping @theclockhitzero@therealizumi @secretaccovnt @krlsbtch @bunniesthoughts @hodgesgirl17 @sproutbby1@si-supports-u @moralofwalls@samisunwanted @ramenluver2012 @mightymegamoo @dreamslittlebitch@akileirasya @user17383837272 @lovergiirll@mcytwhore @hazzray @chaotic-strange@gousuallyglitterybouquetus @reader-view-avaliable @sfuring @confusedcrayon@babyfangsworld @depressed-friend @jendukiegnf @tommyinnitsimpp @euph0ricmadn3ss @mrsgogy @lovesicktozier@marimorena06 @slutfordream @mamacitabitches @maskedmochiii
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mcytimagine · 19 hours ago
ok so on quackity’s instagram story, he posted a photo of him driving with the caption “miss mexico :)” but imagine him posting a picture of you on his instagram story and captioning it “missing my girl / boy / love” because youre in a long distance relationship or you’re currently really far from him :(( and then twt is all over it saying how they want someone to love them the way quackity loves you :( fucking crying rn
༊*·˚⤻ 𝐝𝐫𝒆𝒂𝐦𝒊𝐧𝐠 𝒐𝐟 𝐲𝒐𝒖 𝐰𝐡𝒆𝐧 𝒊'𝐦 𝐚𝐥𝒐𝐧𝒆, !quackity ‧₊˚ :
Tumblr media
· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ 𝒙𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫 // 𝗜𝗡𝗙𝗢!!
Alex loves you and through a heartfelt Instagram story, he shows the whole world just how much you mean to him.
₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ 𝒊𝐦𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐭 // 𝗦𝗢𝗡𝗚𝗟𝗜𝗡𝗞!!
Lo Que Siento by Cuco, listen!!!!
₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ 𝒆𝐱𝐭𝐫𝒂 // 𝗧𝗛𝗔𝗡𝗞𝗬𝗢𝗨<3
Tumblr media
Whenever Alex found himself mourning the several thousand-mile distances from you, he’d find comfort in the driver’s seat of his car, listening to the playlist he’d made for you and counting down the number of miles he’d imagine it took to drive to your house.
Usually, these drives were late at night whenever you’d gone to rest your pretty little head - and whenever he couldn’t get you out of his. It was clear to see these drives were extremely therapeutic to him, letting him blow off whatever stress had accumulated on his shoulders from the day, in addition to allowing him to daydream about the day he’d finally be able to see you again.
But on this particular night, Alex had been particularly in his chest. He hadn’t gotten to talk to you nearly any that day seeing as you were swamped with exams and Uni work, and he’d been craving to hear the sweet sanctity of your voice linger from his phone’s speaker, but he only got around 15 minutes of your time - ending your call with the adorned phrase; “Get some rest baby, I’ll be okay.”
Your eyes looked tired, and he could see in your face you needed a few extra hours of sleep more than he needed your company. Of course, he would’ve loved for you to stay up all night and ramble with him - but time zones weren’t in your favor and neither was Alex’s lonesomeness.
So, once again Alex found him behind the wheel, thumping his fingers against his steering wheel to the beat of Lo Que Siento by Cuco. A song that both made him wanna bawl his eyes out, and in turn grin from ear to ear - because it was your song. Whatever you wanna call it, your love song, the song you quietly whisper in his ear while you’re cuddled up with him, the corny proposal he used to ask you out - it reminded him of you. And this, as well as the beautiful sun setting in front of him, was enough to cause tears to well in his dusky eyes. Especially, the lyrics;
" Sabes bien que te quiero,
And if you're down to spend your summer with me just let me know
You know you’re my sueño
You came to life and now I feel alright! "
As much as he wanted to call you again, he knew deep down he knew you wouldn’t be awake until late the next morning, but he just felt the urge to gush about how much he missed you to his Instagram. Where everyone would see just how much you meant to him.
Tumblr media
Which in turn had his fans on Instagram, but mostly Twitter, swooning over how much of a sweetheart your dear boy was.
Tumblr media
And as he scrolled through the different Trends with both his and your name prominently in the title, he knew that he was the one who’d truly won at the end of the day.
Tumblr media
No matter the distance, no matter the time he’d have to wait to see your beautiful face in person - he’d always wait it out. Because at the end of the day he’d always want to come back to you, back to where his heart truly belonged.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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sugarrbbee · a day ago
Can you please do headcanons of the reader taking care of the feral boys when they're sick please?
Sick Days
Tumblr media
Includes: Dream, George, Sapnap, Karl, Quackity, and Wilbur
Pronouns: Gender neutral
Notes: I wanted to include Wilbur too so I added him even though you didn't request him, I hope that's alright
Warnings: Mention of throw up and sickness (obviously)
Dream would not and I mean not accept he's sick
"It's just a little cough I'm fine"
Then the fever hits and he still denies it
"I just run hot"
And then you find him on the bathroom floor after he had just threw up in the toilet
The moment he accepts he's sick, he's turned into being dramatic
"I'm dying, Y/n. Help me"
No, he's not, but he's going to act like he is
When you led him to the bedroom so he could lay down, he ever so dramatically dropped down on the bed
You had to resist the urge to laugh while telling him you'll go grab some medicine
Once he took the medicine, after glaring at it and not wanting to take it, he wanted you to lay down with him
And you of course agreed because the poor baby is sick
He would so lay with his head in the crook of your neck and would groan due to the horrible feeling of being sick
Eventually, he fell asleep after the feeling of your fingers running through his hair comforted him and lulled him to sleep
Overall, he denies he's sick at first but once he accepts it he is very much dramatic
George gets very clingy
Like he wants to be with you constantly but he can't because you made him stay in bed while you were making him soup
The soup was for his stomach ache, you hoped it would help because it always helped you
But the second you come back with the soup he excitedly sits up only to groan because of the headrush
"You should feed me"
You were going to, thinking he was serious, but he took the bowl out of your hands saying he was joking
He would go through this process: lay his head on your shoulder, lift his head up and eat some soup, go back to laying his head on your shoulder
That process was repeated until the soup was gone
After it was gone, he set the bowl down on the table and wouldn't let you get up to take care of it
He insisted on cuddling you and guilt-tripped you into it, saying it would make him feel better
"Please, it will make me feel better"
How can you say no? That's right, you can't
The entire time he's sick he always says cuddling will make him feel better so that's basically all you do because he's clingy
He would complain so much and refuse to take medicine
"It tasted horrible"
"Just take it, you child"
That resulted in Sapnap pouting at you and taking it just to prove you wrong
But the face he made showed pure disgust
After he took the medicine he refused to lay down and went about his day like he wasn't sick
Which led to him falling asleep at his desk and you have to drag him to bed
He really didn't want to sleep but you made him
Or more threatened to never kiss him again if he didn't stay in bed
Mans laid down face first in the bed so fast
"If I have to lay down, you do too"
So expect to stay with him in bed all day as you either read, go on your phone, or do something on your laptop
He used the having to stay in bed thing as an excuse not to get up so you had to get him water, medicine, and snacks
You didn't mind though, because that meant he got comfortable while laying in bed which led to him being tired and falling asleep
But the time he was awake he was whining, groaning, and complaining the entire time about how he hates being sick
Karl woke up in the morning feeling horrible and when you woke up next to him, he told you
You insisted he stayed in bed while you ran to the store to get medicine and stuff for soup
He, knowing it was probably best, did as you said and stayed in bed
Oh my gosh when you came back with the medicine and woke him up the smile he gave you was so cute
Just imagine his messy hair and tired eyes as he smiles at you
(I'm a huge Karl simp, okay??)
"Here, take this medicine. Are you hungry, I got stuff for soup"
He got excited about the soup because it's one of his favorites
Karl demanded a forehead kiss before you left again
After the soup was made and he ate some, he asked if you could watch movies
So Karl was laid on the couch in a big fluffy blanket with his head in your lap
"Can we watch Ratoutille?"
Halfway through the movie, he started to get tired again
If you can't tell, he's super tired when he's sick
"Go ahead and sleep, baby. I'll be right here when you wake up"
He smiled as he kissed your hand and let himself fall asleep
Alex had a horrible migraine
Whether it was from staring at his computer all day or from studying and reading for law school for hours on end, he didn't know
But the migraine was horrible
All he wanted and all that would make him feel better was you
He texted you and when you got there, you opened his bedroom door slowly so it didn't creak and quickly closed it behind you so the daylight from the window in the hallway didn't cause his head to hurt more
Quietly walking over, you laid next to Quackity as he laid on the bed with his head pushed into a pillow
The second you were laid down, he shifted from burying his head in the pillow to burying his head in your chest
"My head hurts"
Pushing the hair out of his face you could see how his face was slightly scrunched up due to the pain and you honestly felt guilty for thinking he looked cute when he was in pain
"I know, my love. Did you take any medicine?"
A small 'yeah' was heard from him before he asked to just stay here and you agreed
The mix of one hand rubbing his back and the other intertwined with his hand was all he needed to fall asleep and hopefully wake up with the migraine gone
As he slept you moved the hair out of his face again and kissed his forehead before letting yourself fall asleep too
Wilbur hadn't texted you or called you the entire day
Until you received a three-word text 'please come over'
Rushing over to his apartment, you knocked on the door only to get a text that said 'just come in, I'm in the bedroom'
Making your way to the bedroom you opened the door to be met with the sight of Wilbur buried under blankets and tissues all over the floor
After asking him what was wrong, he told you he was sick
He also said how he didn't tell you sooner because he didn't want to worry you and he thought it would pass but it only got worse
Putting your hand on his forehead, you could feel he was boiling
So giving him a forehead kiss, you ran to the store just around the corner to get medicine
When you had gotten back, he took the medicine and practically passed out since he was so tired and felt so horrible
Seeing as he was sleeping, you cleaned up the apartment a little by putting the tissues in the trash, putting a bin next to his bed in case he got sick, doing the dishes, and other small things so he wouldn't have to worry about it
A little while later Wilbur had come out of his bedroom with a blanket wrapped around him and found you on the couch
"Can I have some tea?"
When the tea was made, he sat next to you on the couch and drank it, hoping it would help his throat
"Is this new tea?"
"Yeah, it's an herbal tea that might make you feel better"
Eventually, he had laid his head down in your lap
Later on, he had realized you cleaned the house for him and he was super grateful
"You're too good to me, love"
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zeroistyping · a day ago
Prompt: You and Punz are dating and you moved to Florida with him. When you met with Sapnap for the first time you all understand that there is some sexual tension soooo there is threesome in the end 👍🏻😋 (she/neutral)
punz x fem!reader x sapnap - sexual tension
feel free to request!
cw: threesome (obviously), name-calling, degrading, oral sex
nsfw under the cut, minors pls DNI!
Tumblr media
Your relationship with Punz was simple- you were a couple, finally deciding to move in together, but not just somewhere but in Florida. The same state one of his best friends lived- Sapnap. You'd move far away from home, into a house in Orlando, a place you've never been before.
But who cares? Now you not only have one but two men who could constantly stare at you. Who's eyes could constantly wander up and down on your body. They both adore you- Sapnap and Punz.
What first was always just experienced through discord calls, was finally happening in real life. Sapnap could stare at you in real life. Today would be the first time you would meet each other in person. (without you knowing. You probably would have dressed up a little bit for the occasion if you'd known beforehand.).
Sapnaps eyes were glued on you and your black sweatpants with a tight top with no bra underneath. He stared and practically took off your clothes with his eyes, Punz saw that too. And some weird kind of possessiveness made itself clear in his stomach.
Was it jealousy? Was he jealous that one of his closest friends was basically eye-fucking his girlfriend without hiding it? Right in front of him?
Was it anxiousness? That you may notice it too, and want to rather go with Sapnap than stay with him?
Or maybe was it even anticipation? Maybe he wanted this to happen?
The tension in the room was thick (not bad though). You all noticed it. The flirty comments coming from all of you didn't help either.
While Sap and Punz were sitting on the couch together, talking a lot about streaming stuff, now and then looking at you, you were unpacking the last few boxes that were left after moving in. Right in front of them.
And you didn't notice how they whispered something to each other, making a plan and discussing exactly what would happen in the next few minutes. You also didn't notice that both stood up. You only noticed it when hands just suddenly grabbed your waist.
But that weren't the hands of your boyfriend. No, they felt much rougher. The hands on your waist are.. softer. Still rough but softer.
You tried to say something when Punz suddenly stood in front of you. "Hey baby..", he said while grabbing your jaw- staring into your eyes with nothing but lust, desire and hunger displayed in his eyes. "Sap and I talked a little bit, you know? And we've agreed.. that you're a fucking tease.. a slut, if you will. Walking around like that..”
You let out a shaky breath and leaned against Sapnap who still stood behind you. "But don't worry, beautiful.. you're pretty while being a slut..", the man behind you whispered in your ear before pressing small kisses behind your ear.
"P-punz..?", you looked at your boyfriend who pulled your top up without saying anything. "Look at that Sap, look at how slutty she looks. She doesn't say anything against it, she just accepts anything I do. I bet you'd let Sap fuck you, right? You would let him fuck your slutty cunt while I would use your pretty mouth."
You melted under his touch when his hands started to massage your boobs. "Do you want me to touch you too..? You could always say no, y/n.", Sapnap said in a serious tone. "Please touch me Sapnap.."
His breath hitched and a smirk found its way on his lips. "Yeah,, you're that desperate huh?" You let out a groan and just nodded as an answer while Punz was still focused on your exposed boobs.
You all quickly found your way to yours and Punzs bedroom with your clothes being forgotten somewhere in the hallway. "You're such a beautiful woman. You are perfect.", Sapnap said while his face was buried in between your legs, licking over your clit and smirking like an idiot while two fingers were knuckle-deep inside of you. But he quickly switched from fingering you while licking your clit to pushing his tongue in and out of you and pressing down on your sensitive spot.
You would have answered, you would have thanked him for being such a nice guy, for praising you and for pleasuring you. But you couldn't, since your mouth was busy choking on your boyfriends dick. His thrusts are merciless, showing you just how much in charge he is. That he's in charge even though another man is satisfying you as well.
He had to make sure that you knew that you're his. Punz wanted your throat to hurt so much that it would hurt days after. He wants your voice to be hoarse and his taste in your mouth for as long as possible.
And in this moment you've realized, your boyfriend is possessive. He's open to letting someone else do anything to you (with consent of course), as long as you know that you're his and nobody else.
Another thing you've realized while Sapnap was eating you out like a starving man and Punz was face-fucking you was, that you're in for a incredible and most likely never ending night.
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aestherielleee · 2 days ago
When you don't give them enough attention for their liking.
Characters: [CC] Dream, GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap and Wilbur.
Note: Huge credits to @bozowrites, I got the inspiration to write this from this headcanon that she wrote. She's such a great writer so you should definitely check her out!
My Masterlist
Tumblr media
WARNING/S: cursing
Dream would definitely try to annoy the shit out of you. He'd be pulling on your hair just for you to talk to him. He'd be babbling stuff like "If you don't give me attention within the next 30 seconds, i'll cut your hair off."
George let's be honest, he is petty as fuck, whenever you give this guy attention he'd act annoyed but we all know he likes it. So when you don't give him the attention he's used to? He would be pettier than usual, and when you try to give him attention after that he'd be like, "Oh, so now you're giving me attention? Leave me alone, I don't want it," but would say that with his arms around your waist.
Sapnap would at first ignore you as well, this guy NEEDS attention 24/7, not even want, it's a need for him. When you don't give him enough attention? He's gonna think he's done something, he would think that you would break up with him, so you better give this guy all your attention or else he's gonna avoid you because he wouldn't want you to break up with him.
Wilbur would think he's done something wrong for you to not give him attention but when he realizes that you aren't doing it on purpose he would want to touch you, not in a sexual way, but as a reassurance, he would definitely back hug you and say, "Darling, can I have your attention just for a bit?" he's gonna need reassurance that he didn't do anything wrong.
Tumblr media
Feel free to send in requests or just talk to me through here!
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saphub · 2 days ago
soft!dom sapnap pls pls
Tumblr media
─ TW: dom!sap, overstimulation, praise, dacryphilia if you squint
Tumblr media
ty for the req!! caring and gentle is the bare minimum babes, don't settle for anything less 😌
It's the small things that made you melt. His hand on the back of your head to lay you down gently onto the bed, him tucking a pillow under your back to make sure that you were comfortable. Other times it was the way his fingers interlocked with yours, pinning your hands to the bed as he dipped down real low to give you a heart-fluttering kiss.
"Does it feel good, darl'?" He'd ask, slowing his thrusts down but angling in deeper. "It's not too much now, is it?"
You'd shake your head and reply with a "F-Feels so good, baby."
And he'd smile in content, rolling his hips to push further into you. His hands would caress your body, fingers digging softly into the pudge of your hips. And he'd praise you. Of course he would. He'd whisper everything that he loved about you and your body.
"You take me so fucking good, baby."
"Always so damn pretty."
"You know you're my pretty girl, right?"
Even when you're mumbling, squirming mess underneath him, he'd still take the time to make sure you were alright. He'd brush your hair out of your face, cupping your cheek and wiping away a tear with the pad of his thumb.
"Are you okay, darlin'?" He'd ask, head tilting to the side in concern. "You getting a little sensitive, pup?"
And when you shake your head to say no, he'd know that you were getting overstimulated from the way your pussy convulsed around his cock, squirting with every thrust.
"We can stop if it's getting too much, darl'." He'd smile warmly at you.
"No! P-Please." You'd whimper, hips bucking up needily to meet his. "K-Keep going."
His hands would come to rest at your thighs, gliding up and down, almost to calm the shakiness of your legs. "Are you sure, darl'?"
"I'm sure." You'd nod eagerly, reaching up to lock your fingers together behind his neck. "Please, baby, keep going."
And who was he to say no to such a pretty little thing like you?
Tumblr media
Masterlist | Before You Follow | Request Rules | Leave a Tip!! ♡
Tumblr media
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londonsaysstuff · a day ago
(this has been sitting in my drafts for about a month)
CCs reacting to a gn!reader cooking at 2 am
People Mentioned: Dream, Georgenotfound, Sapnap, Tommyinnit, Tubbo, Wilbur Soot, Jack Manifold, Ranboo, Fundy Type: Platonic TW:
˚⊹ ˚︶︶꒷︶꒷꒦︶︶꒷꒦︶︶꒷︶꒷꒦︶︶꒷꒦︶ ₊˚⊹.
"what.. are you doing-"
very confused
very concerned
your cooking a full on meal
at 2 am
might offer to help
will definitely stay
and watch you cook
also will be tasting your cooking process along the way.
he woke up
to the clang of pans
"what are you cooking?"
it seems to be normal to him-
will want share the meal
also trys to help when he can
takes a lot of the food
while its cooking
and once its done
"why does it smell so good in here?"
will definitely help you cook
will also say he's taste testing
but really
hes just eating the food
while its cooking
over seasons the food
and overcooks it
but only ever so slightly
mans is also very confused
"what... ok then-"
might go back to but
but also might stay and watch
comments on how good the food looks
or smells
might try to steal some
just to tell you it tastes "meh"
even if he thinks its wonderful
that's just tommy doing tommy things
"oh your cooking? can i help?"
so very casual about it
its almost scary
how casual he is about it
mans comes out of a deep sleep
walks into the kitchen
and is like
"cOoKiNg?? i wAnNa dO tHaT tOo :D"
its kinda funny too-
also over seasons the food
"what... what are you doing in the kitchen... at 2 in the morning??"
concernedbur soot
and very confused
even though hes fully awake but we wont talk about that
mans will be tasting the food
a lot
also will stand behind you
to get the best look on how the food is made
to steal random tastes of the food
a lot more easier
doesn't comprehend that your cooking
he just thinks your doing a bit
"why... y/n, now is not the time to be doing a bit."
when he finally realizes your cooking
he's like
"oh! can i have some?"
but he WILL NOT share food
he wants his own plate 😌✨
will also say that the food smells nice
doesn't comprehend at all
"what are you doing..?"
"oh your cooking... ok."
very tired
watches you cook
asks if he can taste it
every once in a while
at least he asked tho
also asks how your cooking the food
it kinda turns into a sleepy cooking show
"what... what are you doing. why are you cooking?"
v e r y confused
mans just doesn't understand
the concept of cooking
at 2 in the morning
will also try to take things
things that aren't even food too-
like a little measuring spoon
and he'll be like "whats this?"
and stare at it for a bit until you need it
also will try to eat the food
once it just got done
and then complain that it's a bit too hot
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god1ngs · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
summary ៹  after a long day, sapnap is there to comfort you
pairing ៹  cc!sapnap × gn!reader
includes ៹  talks of a bad day. softnap. gn petnames. mentioned nudity (nothing sexual)
word count ៹  520 WORDS. this is short and rushed haha but i hope you enjoy! this is also a gift for my love /p, @luhvs! <3
Tumblr media
Bad days were normal for everyone, you knew that, but as you sat at your work, you wondered who you had pissed off to make your day so bad. First you woke up late and, in your rush to get out of the door, you couldn’t kiss Sapnap like you usually did right before you left.
You had been late to work too, only making your already upset boss even more upset. Not long after, one of your coworkers spilled their coffee on you. You nearly cried when you couldn’t get the brown coffee stain out of your clothes.
Time seemed to be against you too, the clock hand ticking slower each time you glanced at it. You had finally been let out though, grabbing your things and rushing out of the door. You always walked home since your job wasn’t far away.
Just your luck though: it had begun to rain, pouring down on you and soaking your already stained clothes. Thankfully, Sapnap had driven along your usual path, picking you up. Worry swirled in his eyes, already able to tell you had a bad day.
His hand fell on your thigh as he drove home, his thumb caressing your skin through the pants. You both didn’t speak as he pulled into the driveway, getting out of the car silently. You collapsed against the bed as soon as you came into your shared bedroom, just happy to be home.
Sapnap was right behind you, gently rubbing your back. “C’mon, angel,” He murmured, helping you stand up. “Gotta get you in some new clothes, okay?” He helped you strip off your soaking clothes, throwing them in the hamper.
He had picked out one of his shirts and a pair of your sweatpants, setting them on the bed. Normally you’d be trying to hide yourself, too scared to let him see you so exposed. You couldn’t find it in yourself to care though. Sapnap wrapped his arms around, tugging you against him.
“‘S okay, darlin’,” He murmured against your hair. “I got ya.” A content sigh escaped your mouth, Sapnap’s hands running up and down your sides. He leaned down, gently kissing at your neck, reassuring kisses to let you know that he was there.
He helped you get dressed, kissing your face and your shoulder and your neck as he did so; anywhere he could kiss, he was going to. He laid a final kiss to your forehead, letting you relax against him.
You two had ended up on the bed, Sapnap laying on his back with your head on his chest. One of his hands held your hand, his thumb caressing the top of your hand. His other hand was wrapped around you, letting your bad day melt away in his hold.
“My pretty baby,” He muttered against your skin. “‘M always here for you. I’ll always be here when you need me, pumpkin. Never leaving you, especially on days like these.”
You smiled, your eyes drooping as you yawned. You cuddled more into his chest, Sapnap gently squeezing you.
“I love you, Sapnap.”
“I love you too, baby.”
Tumblr media
taglist ៹  @esylwen @ttakinou @dusky-purple-black @qnfdnf @marrymybeloved
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smptxts · 8 hours ago
Hii I love your posts!! I had a question lol will you be adding sapnap to your posts? And I had a request, this may be dumb but the reader sending the boys (separatel) a pick up line just to make them smile or something? Idk if that made sense lol
pick up lines - texts
wilbur, dream, george, sapnap, karl + niki
thank you for the request and yess i get what you mean!! i’m adding sapnap (and niki) to all future posts so wooo!! :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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gnfof · 20 hours ago
mcyt irl porn - part three
Tumblr media
sapnap 06 -> the real reason sapnap was so flustered when karl asked about his maid dress that he received in his p.o. box. dream had taken it out amongst the many other things in piles around their living room, and laughed, reading out loud the note that came with it. “for sapnap,” he recited, tossing the garments to the younger man. “you better go try it on, then.” dream said it so nonchalantly and sapnap thought, sure, why not, it’ll be funny. he was wrong. so wrong. it wasn’t just a maid dress- in the bag there was a little thong, and stockings too- mindlessly sapnap put everything on, only hesitating a little at the underwear, but eventually putting that on too. the skirt on the dress was so small it barely covered anything at all, and when sapnap turned to look at himself in the bathroom mirror he almost choked- was that him in the reflection? he turned again to look at the backside, and shit, this can’t be happening right now. the thong caught between his asscheeks and it was obscene the way it almost disappeared between them, and the way the ruffles of the skirt fell barely over his ass- god. the stockings hugged his legs so well too, the tops of it tight so that his thighs could spill over. sapnap squeezed his legs tight together, stepping back to lean against the wall. this was too much- all of it— he felt himself getting aroused, the longer he stood alone in the bathroom filled with shame. imagine if dream came in and saw him like this, all worked up from looking at himself, cock fat and dripping from under his skirt and onto the stockings. he ends up rubbing his thighs against his cock, so turned on that it didn’t take him long at all before he came all over the black fabric. “what happened? what took you so long?” dream said, opening another letter. sapnap held the clothes in his arms, averting the older man’s eyes guiltily. “oh they- they didn’t fit me. it was too bad- i was trying to get it on. would’ve been good for a video, maybe.” 
Tumblr media
dream 02 -> he always resorts to this dildo— his favourite one— when sapnap is out of town visiting karl. this is the second time already, and he’s got a routine down. he sets down the camera sapnap usually uses as a facecam onto the floor behind him, and gets to work. with a towel underneath him, dream opens himself up with two fingers, then three, whimpering all the while “sapnap, oh god- fuck, fuck-” and when he’s finally loose enough to take the dildo, he makes sure to thrust it inside as hard as possible from his angle, just like how sapnap does it. “need it, need you— ngh, oh- oh— yes, so good—!”
dream 03 -> you don’t get chances like these very often, mostly because of the size of dream’s ego. he couldn’t stand the idea of faling apart, broken into moans and whimpers under your hands, but once he was tied up and under your control, he loved it. he loved the rope around his chest and arms, how they rendered him helpless, and he loved being overstimulated into a crying mess. 
Tumblr media
george 02 -> george is so needy, all the damn time. even just waiting for you to come home and fuck him already gets him riled up— on his hands and knees, back arching and sticking his ass high up in the air for no one but you. he’s a little tease, too, likes to be clad in only his briefs (rolled up to show off his ass), whining for you. so it’s only right that you punish him for a bit, spanking his ass until the cheeks are nice and red, tugging on his cock until he’s moaning for more, but can’t do anything but take what you’re giving him. it’s almost like he’s presenting, and you say as much to him to find that he likes it. “look at you, arching your back for me so well. got your ass on display, hm?” and he whimpers, “y-yes, i- i wanted you to fuck me, please-” and “so what do you say?” george buries his face into the mattress in embarrassment before saying, voice muffled, “m-my hole, it feels- feels- mmh-” he stops, shame flooding his body, wiggling his ass in the air to try and get what he wants without obeying you. “feels empty, i-it’s hungry for you, make me full- please-”
george 03 -> he’s just so pretty, isn’t he? and he knows it too, playing with himself, spreading his hole in front of a mirror. from the outside george is so reserved- so put-together— who knew he was such a slut?
Tumblr media
karl 03 -> looks like he’s using a toy for the very first time, isn’t he cute? he didn’t know it would be so— good, the vibration up against his prostate feeling so good that he can’t help but rock his hips down on it. his hand wraps around his cock in desperation to get off, stroking at it and bouncing on the bed all the while. the orgasm it brings him is absolutely overwhelming, hitting him like a freight train as he moans lewdly, gasping and whimpering as he cums all over his belly, left out of breath.
karl 04 -> he loves to steal your sweaters then do this— he can’t help it, he always protests. the smell of you on the sweater is strong and enticing, and he rubs his face into it, not even noticing that he’s getting horny. the first time it happened was completely by accident— he ended up wetting the whole bottom part of the sweater, soaking it in pre and cum. it just felt so good, the fabric rubbing against his sensitive cock, and then eventually it was wrapped all around him and he was rutting against it like he was in heat... you can’t blame him, really. 
Tumblr media
dreamnap 02 -> don’t tell anyone but this is how they settle things in that house— dream does so much of the work in that household, and everybody knows. sometimes, though, dream will still have tasks and chores for the younger man, albeit simple things, like unloading the dishwasher, or folding the clean towels. occasionally, though, it slips sapnap’s mind, and there really isn’t a better way to make him learn than this, dream found. it’s both humiliating and dissatisfying for sapnap, to be laid over dream’s lap completely naked, then spanked and jerked off until he’s sobbing for the blond to stop. at first he’d always be shy, then his moans would get louder and louder, more and more shameless. “you’ve been bad, haven’t you, pandas?” dream would ask, but it’s not the sort of question that calls for an answer. “look at you, legs spread open for me to spank you— you liking it. you’re not supposed to enjoy the punishment, slut.” and then he’d be forced to do the chore he forgot, before he gets to cum— naked, turned on, while dream watches from the sidelines.
Tumblr media
part one / part two
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chamomileteaellis · 2 days ago
Hello guys I'm just here asking for help to raise money for a binder.
I'm currently unemployed because of covid and school and don't have money to afford one so I just wanted to ask for help
here is my Kofi link where you can donate even a 1$ would be much help
thank you
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nightmarefox15 · a day ago
Alright then thanks for answering, ahem for the event may i request
Prompt D with Sapnap? I don't care if it's platonic or romantic but basically. The reader suffers from social anxiety but they were invited to a Halloween party and they decided to go with sap. It at some point get's to much for them so sap offers to leave with them. The rest is up to you.
And as always gender neutral prounouce!
Thank you
Thank you @icarusthefoolish for requesting this!
Prompt: “Are you sure you're okay? We can leave if you want.”
You sighed, looking around the pact, smelly room. You were at a Halloween party with Sapnap, your boyfriend. And you did not want to be here. But Sapnap was so excited to go so you just acted excited for him.
“Hey Sweet Cheeks~” A man slurred, walking up to you, who was sitting at a table in the corner.
You recoiled back, the smell of alcohol practically oozing off of him. You watched disgusted as he walked over to a drunk girl.
“Hey Darling!” Sapna greeted, giving you a quick peck on the cheek, sitting down next to you.
“Hey Baby” You mumbled, burying your head in his shoulder.
Sapnap stared at you confused, gently picking you up and setting you on his lap
“Hey, we can leave if you want,” He said softly, running his hand up and down your back.
“No it's fine…” You mumbled into his neck, tears picking the corner of your eyes as you started to hear whispers from people around you two.
Sapnaps eyes widened as he felt something cold fall on his neck.
“Y/N? You okay?” He asked again, leaning his head on yours, trying to hear if you were crying.
“Y-Ya-” You mumbled, sucking in a breath, everything getting really loud all of the sudden.
“Are you sure you're okay? We can leave if you want.” He said, concerned by your sudden increase of heart rate.
“L-Leave-” You choked out, holding back a sob.
“Ok. Hold on tight.” He said, grunting as he stood up holding you ‘Princess’ style.
You sobbed quietly, clutching onto Sapnaps shirt.
“It's too loud” You mumbled, your breath picking up in the process.
“Hold on Darling, we’re almost outside.” Sapnap comforted, pushing past the sea of drunk people.
Sapnap sighed, finally making it out of the crowded house. He quickly began running to his car, wanting to get Y/N as far away as possible.
“Here we are Darling” Sapnap said, carefully opening up the car door and setting you down.
He frowned, seeing tears running down your face and your hands shaking.
“Hey Hey, it's okay. I'm right here.” Sapnap said, calming you down a bit.
He quickly closed your door, softly as to not scare you, and headed over to the drivers side.
He opened the door and got in, quickly turning on the car and driving away.
“You okay?” Sap asked, turning on the radio, your favorite song turning on.
“S-Sorry..” You mumbled, wiping your tears.
“Why are you apologizing?” He asked, confused.
“I-I made us leave the party” You choked out, tears coming to your eyes again.
“Hey hey, it’s okay!” He said, resting his hand on your thigh. “You were uncomfortable and wanted to leave!”
“I know but-” “But nothing. My top priority is keeping you comfortable and happy.” Sap interrupted you, squeezing your thigh in comfort.
You smiled, leaning your head on Sapnaps shoulder, wondering how you got so lucky.
Hope you liked it!
100 Followers Event!
Taglist:@sugarrbbee @dawnfallx @forefinn @angstyx @lakifaki @n3r0-1417 @meliancries @wilczachannn @wrenqueenisboss
Just ask to join!
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cottagecorekarl · 6 months ago
Hello! Im new to your blog and i was wondering if you could Do headcannons Of the dream smp Having a s/o who kisses their cheek on stream ? I would love if you could do for tommy or its to sexual 💞
tommy and ranboo are included in this as i personally think cheek kisses are harmless but i have no problem removing them if you guys think it's too much ^-^
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ dream
all chat would hear is "oh, hi"
behind the scenes is pulling you closer to smooch your lips and cheeks and nose and forehead
definitely squishes your cheeks in the process
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ georgenotfound
isn't super keen on getting all lovely dovey on stream
so he just squeezes your hand out of frame
gives you a small smile
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ karl jacobs
*insert adorable karl giggle*
grabs you hand as you go to walk away
"noooo, don't go. stay with me"
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ nihachu
"hello, my love"
gives you the warmest, most living smile in the whole world
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ quackity
gasps dramatically, eyes wide, and starts yelling
"oh, oh, oh, oh, oH, OH, OH, OH"
just getting progressively louder until you tell him to shut up
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ ranboo
stutters uncontrollably
blushes profusely
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ sapnap
tugs you close so he can return the favour
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ technoblade
smiles and blushes
his hand slides around your waist and he pulls you onto his lap to cuddle
kisses your cheeks too
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ tommyinnit
are you trying to kill him?
almost has a heart attack on the spot
"y-y-y/n. w-what are you doing?!"
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ wilbur soot
"hi, love" he says with a smile
returns the gesture
probably kisses your hand too
7K notes · View notes
sugarrbbee · 8 hours ago
could you write headcanons w a reader whos afraid of thunderstorms? totally ok if you dont get to it or don't wanna write it 💗
Tumblr media
Includes: George, Sapnap, and Punz
Pronouns: Gender neutral
Notes: You didn't specify who the headcanons were for so I chose three people, I hope that's okay
George was streaming when a thunderstorm rolled in
He hadn't noticed it at first but when he did, he made an excuse to end stream
The moment the stream was ended, he shot out of his chair and tried to find you
George has eventually found you on the couch huddled under a blanket
That's when an especially loud bit of thunder boomed outside and when he heard your little whimper, he ran over to you and hugged you
He repeatedly apologized for not being there for you sooner but you assured him it was okay
"I'm sorry but I'm here now"
George still felt bad
Eventually, he maneuvered himself under the blanket with you and held you close while trying to comfort you
I think he'd also resort to trying to distract you by playing video games
Spoiler, it helped because you both get super competitive
Basically, he tries to comfort you while also distracting you
Sapnap probably knew beforehand and decided to stick by your side the entire day, even before the storm came around
He'd also tell you so you had time to prepare and you weren't just surprised by it
I can see him laying in bed with you and watching anime, a tv show, or a movie to try and distract you
Most likely a funny movie though
When there's loud thunder and/or lightning he can feel your body shaking and pulls you closer
"Shhh it's okay, I'm right here"
Back rubs are very important during this time
If you two got bored of watching shows or movies, he'd resort to baking something
And how that turns out is based on how good of a baker you are because let's be honest, Sapnap is not a good baker
Punz absolutely hates how thunderstorms scare you and if he could, he'd fight Thor himself so thunder never occurred again
He'd so build a fort in the living room as a form of distraction
That may or may not have taken long to build because he kept tripping
He'd grab a bunch of snacks and lay in it with you and Teddy
Teddy is a big form of comfort for you
If there was an extremely loud bit of thunder, he'd cover your ears until it was over
"Hey, it's okay. I got you"
Imagine Punz giving you his hoodie to wear and he'd pull the hood over your head so when he covered your ears it served as another barrier to block out the sound
But also because his hoodie is pure comfort
Punz would keep all the windows, blinds, and curtains closed because he figured if you can't see outside it might help a little
Overall, he holds you close the whole time
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rae-writes · 9 months ago
Mcyt headcanons
TommyInnit, Tubbo, Philza, Technoblade, Wilbur Soot, Dream, Sapnap, Georgenotfound, Badboyhalo, Quackity, Karl Jacobs, Ranboo x reader (Separate, optional platonic/romantic) 
word count : 544
warnings : none
synopsis : Cradling the faces of the Dream SMP members 
author’s note : I just wanted to say that all of my fics, headcanons, drabbles, etc with the Mcyt people are all in-game- whether it be an au of sort or follows the main story line. I’ve always been better at writing for fictional characters so I’ll be writing for their in-game personas, although some of their real-life personalities may be involved sometimes. 
Really tries to act all big and tough 
But literally as soon as your hand comes in contact with his cheek, he’s leaning into it with a embarrassed scowl
“I do not enjoy this, alright? We’re gonna be very clear here that I do not, I repeat do nOT-“
He’s so sweet oml
He’ll see your hand coming closer to him and just lean in the rest of the way 
Could honestly fall asleep like that 
“Say, Y/n? Could we do this more often? I quite enjoy it.” 
We love our resident Dadza. 
He’s tried so hard to take care of his boys for so long but who takes care of him? When your hand gently caresses his cheek it takes him a bit to process 
Gets a bit emotional cause wow he didn’t know how much he needed this- 
“I-...thank you, Y/n.” 
tsundere, lol. 
We saw how he acted when Ranboo gave him an axe as a present- he’ll be no different with this 
Won’t even say anything, honestly, he’ll just sit there with his signature blank face 
If you listen close enough though, you’ll hear Techno’s happy piglin noises 
Wilbur Soot 
Mans has not felt like this since Sally died
Straight up melts and gets misty eyed at first contact 
Will NOT let you go for awhile 
“Y/n...stay here with me, please?”
- He still loves Sap and George deep down and no one can change my mind
Hasn’t had friendly contact with people since he left Sapnap and George 
He’ll freeze up at first, making you move your hand away until he grabs it hastily 
Covers your hand with his and cries about his two best friends 
“T-they hate me, Y/n! Please...please tell me you don’t hate me too.” 
Gets all giddy and giggly 
Pulls you into his lap so he can cradle your face as well 
Won’t let you get up unless you have to use the bathroom
“Y/n! You’re so cute, you know that?” 
Gets all blushy and turns to hide his face in the palm of your hand 
Loves the contact but can’t look you in the eye for long 
Won’t ever deny you when you wanna do it again 
“Can you...can you do that again?”
He’s just so happy that you’d want to be near him like this that he’s practically vibrating in excitement 
Will speak about this for days with Skeppy 
“AwWH, you’re such a sweet little muffin!” 
You were 100% doing this after he got into a fight 
He wasn’t used to affection after Schlatt so he just sat there in shock for a second 
Won’t say it twice, but he appreciates you so much
“Thank you for always being here...I love you Y/n.”
Karl Jacobs 
Another sweet blushy baby 
He’ll stare at you adoringly and kiss your palms here and there 
Tugs his multicolored hoodie over your body and cuddles against you
“Y/n...your eyes are beautiful. Did you know that?”
Absolutely cannot look you in your eyes
The blush on his white side matches the color of his eyes 
Trembles and stutters as he tries to form a sentence 
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k3rm1e · 6 months ago
cuddling headcanons! ★~(◡﹏◕✿)
this is more of a test thing to see if i like writing this way and if this blog does well
other imagines and headcanons won't include everyone i write unless it is specifically requested and is a prompt i really like
includes: wilbur nihachu karljacobs quackity dream georgenotfound sapnap p!tommyinnnit p!badboyhalo p!skeppy p!eret p!philza p!tubbo p!ranboo
cw: cursing
wilbur is a very cuddle-y guy
to me he seems very soft
i always see people saying he would like spooning, but i disagree
i feel like he would do more of a half-spooning thing with his head on your chest or the other way around
mans would DEFINITELY make you run your fingers through his hair
i feel like he would lay on your chest and just *nuzzle* into the space between your shoulder and neck
anytime you tried to leave him, whether it was because he had to do something or you had to, he would whine. so. fucking. much.
It would probably always go something like:
you - i need to piss
wilbur - no <3
but the moment he decides its time to stop cuddling its fine
and if you complain that you’re gonna miss him he’ll just call you clingy and tease you
like??? sir???
all in good fun though, no bad intentions :)
i feel like you and niki would face each other
with your head like under her chin and in her chest (this is a bad description but look at the “honeymoon hug” on the list for better explanation ;-;)
she would always want to protect you
so she does that by like almost guarding you and keeping you close
niki would definitely do the arm thing where she just lightly moves her hand up and down you arm
i’m so sorry if you don't understand that, it just feels like something she would do
if you haven't experienced that it kinda sorta feels like spiders??? but in a good way???
but generally she is very protective
she just holds you so close the whole time
even if she doesn’t want to let you go, she’s more understanding about it
she would be upset but wouldn’t show it because she doesn’t want to make you feel guilty
niki is generally just an amazing cuddle-r (is that a word?) and has a super comforting presence
karl would definitely keep your head on his chest
the whole time he would just absolutely squeeze the life out of you
he would constantly bend his neck down to kiss your head
and instead of just like leaving his head down so he could kiss you it would just be:
*inner monologue karl* hmmm i wanna kiss them on their head
and he would lean down to do so which, cute
but then five seconds later he would do it again
and again another five seconds later
and again
very cute karl but please sir, your neck is gonna be so messed up after this
when you had to leave he would be upset, but like niki, would try not to show it
except karl is very bad at that and his pouting would be so obvious
so you would feel guilty and layback down with him
immediately he just becomes (●´ω`●)
like a happy little puppy
karl is just too adorable for you to deny
now we all know this, quackity is a huge dork
which is why i believe he would DEFINITELY use your butt as a pillow
not even in a weird way
i just feel like quackity isn’t too comfortable with touch so this is sorta his way of being close to you without it being a whole serious thing
like he still is able to be goofy and comfortable without it being a whole big thing
him doing this would almost always come with a flatty patty joke from you
which always causes him to threaten divorce, even though you aren’t married
while it isn’t a very good position for things like physical touch, it is good for talking and having conversations
for some reason i feel like he’s the type of person to text someone when they’re right next to each other
so while he’s laying down he’ll just send you random photos of himself
very annoying when your phone is spammed, but also good blackmail material >:)
i don’t think he’d be too clingy
obviously, he enjoys spending time with you
but if you told him you need to go do work or something he wouldn’t throw a fit or pout
big q just seems like he’d be more rational about stuff like that
overall a 420/69 cuddle partner
one word: spooning
mans just envelops you and has no shame
very big: “no you are mine! >:(“ energy
while he’s sleeping he’ll unconsciously nuzzle his head into your hair/the back of your neck
when you guys got to bed patches usually climbs in and you hold her
i love patches so much i could write headcanons just about her
dream always wants to be cuddling you
if you try to leave he won’t pout, there simply isn't a discussion on whether you’re moving or not
incase you haven’t caught on yet, the answer is no
you need to do work? just bring the laptop to bed
he needs to edit? just sit in his lap at his desk, duh
obviously, he knows at some point you guys need to stop cuddling
he just isn’t too stoked about it
when it comes time where he absolutely can’t cuddle with you, i feel like he’d be more chill
mainly just annoyed
i feel like george, like quackity, also wouldn’t be too touchy
i’m pretty sure he has a hard time expressing emotions (please correct me if i’m wrong!!) and i think that would crossover to his sleeping habits
i think he would prefer a sort of back-to-back cuddling position
it seems cold, i know
but also he would most definitely kick at you
so every night while trying to go to sleep suddenly you would just feel *kick*
and then instead of sleep you’re suddenly playing footsie
lots of laughter and warm feelings involved
george would probably pretend that you kicked his leg hard or something and act like you hurt him
the first few times you were actually worried
but then after a few months your only response was a sarcastic “cry about it”
which just led to more laughter
sapnap and you would do a sort of leg hug thing
you both you try to go to sleep in a cute spooning-type position
but the moment one of you fell asleep it all unraveled
you would wake up apart but you’re legs would still be touching
sapnap would joking blame it on you
“wow can’t believe you don't wanna be close with me even when we’re asleep”
“it’s not my fault! i can’t control where i end up when i sleep!”
“no, no. you don’t have to lie. i see how it is.”
but it's okay!
your legs are the first thing to react in a flight-or-fight situation, so they usually react in an honest way
which is like your legs are both reaching to hold each other!
i don’t get a very touchy vibe from tommy
i feel like the most he would do is put his arm over your shoulder
not in a flirty way, just in a “hey, there isn’t a lot of space, this will make sitting down more comfortable” way
he will let you sorta fidget with his hand/arm
i don't know if that makes sense but what i mean is that he’ll pretty much let his arm go *flop* so you can control it (by like moving it around or playing with his fingers)
in the beginning he would get annoyed
but eventually he would get used to it and wouldn’t really care
it sounds a bit strange but i personally find it very comforting to just have something to fidget with while watching youtube or netflix in bed with my friends
and it’s entertaining (sometimes i do this to me sister to annoy her :>)
he would act like he didn’t mind if you left him
but holy shit he is so clingy
If you try to leave it’ll just be “no, why??? stay here dumbass”
you would be slightly annoyed when he had to leave  but knew he had to film and stream and all that so you would be okay
you would kinda sit within bad’s lap
like not on his lap, but more of in between his legs
he would have his arms around you
and his phone would be in front of you so you two could scroll through twt or instagram together
or you guys could watch skeppy’s youtube ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
rat would sit in your lap
she’s just;;;;;;;; so adorable
rat is just so soft and fuzzy in your lap and everytime you move to pet her she just melts
rat is the the superior cuddle buddy to any of these block people
skeppy, similar to quackity, is a total dork
he would make sure you guys were in a position where he could effectively troll you
so if your head was near his lap he would just flick you or some
“dude can you please stop hitting me in the head”
“it turns out i am not actually hitting you in your head because based on the perpendicularity of the bisector multiplied by the photosynthesis of the dividend, it is impossible for me to do so”
lya is so goddamn sick of you guys
she's trying to get him to actually do something but instead he’s just sitting there throwing paper airplanes at you while you sleep
he’s an annoying asshole but it's okay because he gives you money for absurd reasons
eret has such a comfortable presence
i feel like she wouldn’t be up for cuddling too much
more of like putting your head on a friends shoulder so you can see the tweet their showing you
but they do like to hold hands
holding hands isn’t very intimate but it's also just such a sweet comforting thing
she even holds your hand when you guys are out walking around
like if you guys were getting food somewhere (post-covid of course)
you most likely would get addressed as a couple
and he would just be like”...wut?”
it’s happened so many times at this point you just go along with it
“you guys look like such a cute couple!”
“oh we aren't-” “thank you!”
can you tell that i love eret?
phil always has such dad vibes
i feel like the closest he would get to cuddling is hugs and hand holding
even though cuddling isn’t inherently romantic, he is married to kristen
so i fell he would get most of his touch in with her
but with you he’s just so fatherly
hello dadza
whether you have a good or bad relationship with your father, everyone can admit that philza minecraft is dadza
this is such a dad thing, but tries to hold you hand when you cross the street
no matter the age, he just feels the need to protect you
hugs are similar
uses hugs as a way to comfort you and protect you
just so amazing all around
tubbo would love cuddling in any way, shape, or form
if you guys are hanging out at like the park or something and lying down
get ready to become this mans pillow
this is really fun to do with your friends but imagine you guys are hanging out in a field type area (with my friends we hand out in the field next to the cemetery but it can be any open grass area)
tubbo would just use your lap as a pillow the whole time
and when you guys were walking back to his house he would sorta drape his arms over your shoulders (assuming he’s taller than you)
he would do the same thing when you guys were sitting in chairs or at a desk
just drapes his arms over your shoulder with his chin on your head
if it's really late and he's tired he’ll just hug you
if you thought tubbo is bad, ranboo is even worse
not even really cuddling, he just likes having a sort of skin-to-skin contact
so handholding and laying on top of eachother
if he’s streaming he will legitimately message ou to just sit next to him
so sometimes if he’s just chilling by himself on the smp you’ll end up on his streams
he’ll have you next to him just because he likes be near someone
and so randomly it’ll just be like “chat, a real human is here, behave”
chat does not behave
(they heavily bully him)
he’s pretty clingy but when you HAVE to leave he’ll understand and just be a bit bummed out
holy shit this took me so long-
if you read this whole thing thank you!
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lulu-tutu · 6 months ago
BBH: Oh, fiddlesticks! That really ruffles my feathers.
(Y/n): [Crying] Please, just say fuck.
- - -
Philza: Good morning.
(Y/n): Good morning.
Techno: Good morning.
Wilbur: You all sound like robots. Why don’t you spice things up a bit?
- - -
Sapnap: What if we swore more?
(Y/n): Titties!
Dream: (Y/n), that’s not a swear.
(Y/n): Fuck you.
- - -
Dream: I can’t feel my leg.
(Y/n): [Stabs his leg]
Dream: [Screams in pain] WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!?
(Y/n): You’re a liar!
- - -
Tommy: How do you think you can stop me?
(Y/n): I’ll tell Phil.
Tommy: You sick bastard.
- - -
Take these while I work on actually writing longer posts :)
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