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aelenko · 13 minutes ago
now that it's occurred to me that i can self publish the gloaming girls with absolutely nobody telling me i can't, i'm having all sorts of thoughts about the rewrite, like: all of the episodes get to be longer and more cohesive individual mysteries, i get to develop more side characters, i get to go absolutely buckwild about the worldbuilding and then no one gets to tell me that it's "not hooky enough"
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lesbianslovebts · 15 minutes ago
A lesbian walks into a KFC. She orders two large breasts and then leaves.
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exorcistfemme · 24 minutes ago
I would like to sit in a butches lap and get kisses while I play with their hair and scratch their scalp with my claws. 
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exorcistfemme · 28 minutes ago
there’s a lot of things I like in butches (though I would love one in me even more) BUT I really love how protective they are of femmes. like the way they really go out of their way to make us feel safe is top tier. That and their smile, their hair, their face, hands, everything about them, the way they make you feel and oh yeah butches. Just love themmmmmm. 
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fionatheicicle · 31 minutes ago
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clementine-w · 54 minutes ago
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enimsay6 · 55 minutes ago
How did I miss that I didn't like men when:
-I didn't like masculine men at all, like no beard, not muscular.. I just liked when they were feminine. I never said : oh he's hot , omg his finnnneee . The only compliments I would give would be : Oh he's so pretty
My sisters never understood why I would find flaws in EVERY MAN EVER within 2 seconds. We would often play this game where she would show me different type of men and their style and I had to say if I liked them or not. She was so offended when I grimaced at Channing Tatum lmao.
- All my life I complained about being single. Why is everyone talking to someone or dating and why am I alone.. But everytime a boy showed the slightest interest in me I would literally stop talking to him and avoid him. I don't care if I know that you like me but don't you dare make a move on me or it's over, that's how I was thinking back then.
People told me that it wasn't normal.
When my friends were getting boyfriends I was SOOOO ANNOYED . I hated every single one of them, they were ugly ( I'm sorry ) and stupid and sometimes disrespectful.
At this point I just gave up.
I would obssess over fictional characters because they wouldn't have any flaws.
I was so disappointed in myself for not even trying and basically condemning myself to stay alone.
But then I saw a tiktok that changed my life. Yes I had dreams that I could've tried to understand but I just ignored them because they were just "dreams".
Basically wanting to be friends with a pretty girl and absolutely trying EVERYTHING to get close to her wasn't a very straight behavior. Let alone starting to be possessive and jealous when she would have other friends. I immediately remembered my childhood memories and my bestfriend at the time .
I remember having trouble with having friends after middle school because nobody was like her. She understood me and I felt like I will never have a bestfriend like that again. I jumped to friend group to friend group feeling like a ghost. I knew that they were good friends , but everytime they would ask me or someone would ask me who was my bestfriend . I would always give the same answer: I don't have one , I prefer just regular friends. Less problems.
After my first bestfriend , no one ever compared to her. I never cared that much after her tbh. And I didn't want to ever care that much because our friendship back then drained me.
I would compare every single friend group and because I didn't care as much I would think: hmm they aren't for me ig
I was sooo desperate for her attention and I was very needy and selfish. I regret so many things but it's too late now.
(If she's reading this rn I would rather kms but just know I'm sorry and I regret. I hope you're doing fine and take care of yourself. )
So when I realized that I was like:
Oh shit
I thought. And after more digging I discovered the word comphet and here I am.
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you just had a crush on him
thank you for your lack of context, it is not appreciated. i would assume this is in response to my post about my primary school best friend?
mate. i’m gay. i did not have a crush on him. you know why i said comphet? because comphet means ‘compulsory heterosexuality’. let me tell you something, being 9 years old and being told by everyone that you have a crush on a boy you care about in a completely platonic way? you listen to them. most 9 year olds don’t understand the difference between platonic and romantic love.
i don’t know why you felt the need to send this ask. i said in the post that i’m a lesbian. the only reason you had to send this ask was you thought that you could somehow make me question my orientation by saying something i’ve heard a thousand times and worked past years ago. fuck off.
a lesbian who doesn’t have any patience for this bullshit
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oohbabycupcakes · an hour ago
Thanks for making science more bearable today
I have no idea what I did but you're welcome 🥰
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tiredzane · an hour ago
literally no one:
female character: *exists*
me: she’s sapphic🥰
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stormysapphic · an hour ago
happy international no diet day to fat wlw, wlw with eating disorders, wlw with health conditions or medications that affect their weight, wlw whose dysphoria has driven them to dieting, wlw at the intersections of fatphobia & racism, ableism, or transphobia, wlw who love fat wlw but have a hard time loving themselves, and wlw who are scared other wlw won't love them because of their weight. i love all of you and more - let's continue to strive for a community that accepts any and all kinds of bodies and says fuck you to diet culture. ❤
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exorcistfemme · an hour ago
okay so like I wanna do a video at some point about like how to care for your butch
and I would love to hear from other femmes (and butches too) what that means for them and what ideas/suggestions they would have for me. I know it would be situational but just general ideas would be great. 
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exorcistfemme · an hour ago
It’s a beautiful day to be and to love trans dykes.
specifically trans women and nb folks. 
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greenteasummerz · an hour ago
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Off to the post office to drop off some packages 📦
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hi! so if I’m girlflux and attracted to women, am I considered trixic or sapphic? would either work? or would I switch between those labels?
Hi! This is an interesting question and centers around similar topics to the debate about nonbinary lesbians. When does being a woman become nonbinary? When does someone become not woman enough to use woman-centric language? I am of the opinion that labels’ definitions should be as open as they possibly can be while keeping a proper distinction between different categories. To me, a sapphic is anyone who feels a connection to womanhood/girlhood and a trixic is anyone who falls within the nonbinary spectrum, while both of them also have to be attracted to women/woman-aligned people. Therefore, you can identify as either sapphic or trixic! If you feel more connected to being a girl, you might want to use sapphic. If you feel more connected to your nonbinary identity, you might prefer trixic. You could also use them interchangeably to describe yourself or, as you mentioned, switch between them as your gender changes. It’s up to you! I hope this helps :)
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justlgbtthings · an hour ago
Hi I'm looking for books for 6th and 7th graders a sibling of one of my freinds thinks she's a lesbian and doesn't know what to read to figure out if that is in fact what she's feeling I myself relized I was part of the lgtbq+ community in highschool and have no ideas but I still want to help I was wondering if you have any suggestions?
Thank you so much and I really appreciate your blog
Im not sure about books, but I recommend reading the lesbian masterdoc. here's a link. it has helped a lot of lesbians recognize their internalized comphet (compulsory heterosexuality) and come to terms with their sexuality. since she is fairly young, I'd check and make sure it's safe for her viewing and comfort, as there may be mature themes. (it's been a while since I read it, but I think it's more for YA+)
here is a link to a list of books she may find helpful. they are geared toward younger kids (8-13), and I think she falls in that range. unfortunately, there aren't a lot of resources or books for younger questioning people, or even for YA/adults that don't contain graphic/fetishization content. so I'd just make sure she's being careful with what kind of stuff she's researching and that she doesn't internalize any harmful stereotypes/images about lesbians.
hope this helps!
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arupyadhatu · an hour ago
If any woman needs a reminder she isn't straight, here it is.
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