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kind of dreaming of having The Moment. like i look at her doing something extraordinarily cute and i think “i love her i want to be with her forever.” or even she looks at me doing something stupid—badly dancing to party in the usa, dropping my phone on my face, running around with a dog, etc.— and she Knows. give me the fanfic moment, give me the love please.

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Anytime I’ve tried becoming friends with new women or dating women, they typically put little to no effect into conversation, and I just end up feeling like I’m bothering them. They give one word responses or take days to respond to one thing. And if I ask if everything is okay…they snap at me and yell at me 🥺

I’m finally at the point where I’m done actively trying to meet women at all. I feel a little lost on if I should be putting myself out there more, to meet women, but it almost never goes well, I usually just end up feeling extremely depressed from how cold and mean most are.

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thinking abt the time this girl said i was a “handsome butch” and when i said i wasn’t butch proceded to basically try and insist i was…. also another girl on a dating app was apparently a little wary because she thought i was a masc lesbian… can we stop equating short hair with masculinity? idk, it’s uncomfy. i just feel comfortable w short hair. i also wear makeup sometimes and pink is my favorite color. me having short hair actually says literally nothing about me other than that i like having short hair

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this took me longer than i’ve expected xx IT WASS SOO FUNN to make this video, I enjoyed it a lot! i hope y’all like it too ^-^ to support me and my work, you can just give a like, comment or sub to my youtube channel! I would be very happy and appreciated xx

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