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There isn’t anywhere else I can share something this personal, but I’m stumped with my attraction to women. I consider myself a lesbian even though it’s been confusing for me lately. Here’s the thing I’m not feeling any romantic attraction to anyone… expect I do feel desires to be with someone sapphic. Am I just going through the motions. I hope maybe it’ll be a short phase and it’s just because I’m waiting for reciprocal liking.

I’d like to speak with someone going through this similarly feel free to message me privately

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Open offer to my fellow WLW(/LGBTQ) who hate scary shows/movies!

I’ve been watching Bly Manor (because I will do just about anything for the Gay). If you want to watch it for the WLW content, but are wary because of the genre feel free to drop me an ask, or a DM about anything you’re concerned about before watching (EX: jump scares, types of scares, subject matter) I’ll do my best to answer. I’ve still got about 3 more eps to go.

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Between two shelves in an old library, surrounded by nothing but the culmination of too many nights studying, yes, just studying, accompanied only by the sound of flipping pages and accidental hand brushes. My lungs deliciously trapped by the scent of pine that emanates from the heat of her body so near. The moon finds us through the window and illuminates the books in sapphire smoke. Under the light she looks evermore radiant, an angel reviving my dormant senses. Her eyes watch me closely and I am at once ecstatic and afraid. Does she know? Are my eyes giving away my want? I must not look at her, no, I must look away and steady my breath.

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