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wlwdaydreamms · 7 months ago
im curious about what made you you. im curious about your taste in music. im curious about the way your mind thinks. im curious about how your body likes to be touched. im curious about your late night thoughts and how they make you feel. im curious about every single thing about you.
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totally-sapphic-posts · 7 months ago
Imagine kissing her cheeks and watching a smile form on her lips as her entire face lights up
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girls-are-very-pretty · 7 months ago
Girls in lacy bralette tops and sweatpants, sent tweet.
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victoriouslygay · 17 days ago
Sapphics are the moon, and they deserve everything under the stars 💕⭐
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jules-the-intolerable · a year ago
Tumblr media
ophelia by friedrich wilhelm theodor heyser, 1900
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sapphicsthoughts · a month ago
I dream of the day I'll be able to hold you for real.
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sapphicpositivityx · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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magical-mystical-lesbianism · 10 months ago
Being a Switch is just, *wanting to make someone flustered* *wanting someone to make me flustered* *wanting to make someone flustered* *wanting someone to make me flustered* *wanting t
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themoonweepstonight · 2 years ago
domestic sweetness!!!! getting groceries together, buying home decor together??? making traditions??? cooking dinner while badly singing along to the radio??? making each other breakfast in bed??? leaving notes around the house for each other??? i’m so soft,,,,
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deaddpoet · 9 months ago
it's always 'wyd' never 'lets get married and adopt cats together'
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mysticsapphicsblog · a year ago
hmph i wanna wake up next to a pretty girl and cuddle closer to her as she grumbles in a cute sleepy voice about how i woke her up and then she'd wrap her arms around me before falling asleep again
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wlwdaydreamms · 7 months ago
you're constantly on my mind and often i wonder if we ever think of each other at the same time.
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totally-sapphic-posts · 2 months ago
Hold my hand loser, we’re going on a picnic and making flower crowns for each other
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little-sapphic-hooman · 2 months ago
I went to the surf shop yesterday to buy a new wetsuit for warmer weather. A girl who works at the shop helped me out with sizing and everything. This woman was stunning, absolutely gorgeous. I turned into a bumbling mess, tripping over my sentences and everything. After trying on a wetsuit, I showed her so that she could check the fit. She kept complimenting me and stuff. At that point I was having an internal crisis on whether or not she was wlw. I was so flustered the entire time, I have never been so glad to have a mask.
Anyway, we got to talking after I finished fitting on the wetsuits and we were talking about our Uni studies, and we talked about surfing together and stuff. The longer we talk, the more I question whether she’s wlw or not and try work up the courage to ask for her number or ask her out. But then… she mentions her boyfriend…
So yea, I have a new surfing buddy.
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graceabcde · 7 months ago
There’s just something about wanting to have a person who you can kiss every time you look at them.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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sapphic-lavender · 2 months ago
I dream of the day.
The day I meet you. 
The day we finally lock eyes.
I dream of your beauty.
The beauty not in the face,
But the beauty in the heart.
I dream of your eyes.
The eyes that sparkle
Even in the darkest of times.
I dream of those lips.
Oh my, those lips.
Those juicy, red lips.
I can’t help but dream.
Dream of the day
I finally meet you!
- CW
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shrimpsapphic · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
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magical-mystical-lesbianism · 3 months ago
💜 Asexual sapphics, I see you and I love you so much! Be sure to take care of yourself today beautiful 💜
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b4r1ii · 3 months ago
her trusting me enough to open up to me and speak about her problems makes me feel so good
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stormysapphic · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tove Jansson painting the fresco Party in the Countryside, Helsinki, 1947
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