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totally-sapphic-posts · 7 hours ago
Imagine laying in bed and your partner walks in and lays on top of you, snuggling into your chest. You kiss their forehead and hold them closer, making them smile and hold you tighter
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edenisqueer · 8 months ago
green flag: she laughs at her own jokes
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wlwdaydreamms · 7 months ago
im curious about what made you you. im curious about your taste in music. im curious about the way your mind thinks. im curious about how your body likes to be touched. im curious about your late night thoughts and how they make you feel. im curious about every single thing about you.
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stonetopbutch · 3 months ago
I love it when a bottom shows you how bad they want you, grabbing your hand and sucking on your fingers, their tongue nice and warm against them, grinding on your thigh until both of you are panting and you're barely holding back from just taking them right then and there, kissing your neck and leaving marks to show everyone you're theirs and they're yours.
Show me you want me, make me absolutely feral for you.
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437-dollars · 6 months ago
new year’s resolutions:
1. sword fight
2. get girlfriend
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teafulbisexual · a year ago
what's your gay score??
cannot sit correctly +10
emotionally unstable +10
dyed hair +5
boots +5
deeply invested in politics due to your very rights being constantly questioned +10
iffy relationship with father +15
has a Tumblr +5
addicted to either iced coffee or energy drinks +10
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girls-are-very-pretty · 7 months ago
Girls in lacy bralette tops and sweatpants, sent tweet.
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tosylviaplath · a month ago
Looking at her, and thinking: babe, I'm gonna give you the best orgasms of your entire life. You deserve it so bad.
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theyre-so-pretty-it-hurts · 5 months ago
I would be such a good girlfriend. Come on universe plz.
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sapphic-sprite · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
[image description: there is a stick person lying in bed with a blush on their face and hearts around their head with a thought bubble that says “polyamorous sapphics” next to them. end id.]
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magical-mystical-lesbianism · 10 months ago
Being a Switch is just, *wanting to make someone flustered* *wanting someone to make me flustered* *wanting to make someone flustered* *wanting someone to make me flustered* *wanting t
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totally-sapphic-posts · 2 months ago
Hold my hand loser, we’re going on a picnic and making flower crowns for each other
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edenisqueer · 12 months ago
i’m a sucker for small intimacies:
hugs from behind
forehead kisses
hand holding
loving gazes
sweet nothings
moments where it’s too intimate to say a word
these are the small intimacies my heart longs for
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wlwdaydreamms · 3 months ago
you told me how much you like me but i still find it difficult to believe you. im trying not to doubt your intentions but my mind still play tricks on me. you're so kind to me but sometimes i want to push you away because im afraid. i never had anyone treat me the way you do. i never felt safer with anyone but you. can you please be gentle with me?
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stonetopbutch · 4 months ago
Let me wrap my hand around your throat while I slip my thickest strap inside you. You're mine, darling, and I want to make you hurt in the best way possible.
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437-dollars · 5 months ago
🕯 🕯
🕯🕯 all 🕯🕯
🕯🕯 lesbians 🕯🕯
🕯🕯 get 🕯🕯
🕯🕯 a 🕯🕯
🕯🕯 gf 🕯🕯
🕯 🕯
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deaddpoet · 9 months ago
it's always 'wyd' never 'lets get married and adopt cats together'
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tosylviaplath · 2 months ago
The lesbian urge to kiss you all over your body and make you my wife because you're the incarnation of love in the human form to me.
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lesbians4mitski · a year ago
i really cannot wait for those little domestic things. it’s silly because they are so small, but the idea of shopping together at night in a quiet supermarket, pushing the trolley along as i trail behind her and think about how lucky i am, or bringing her coffee in the morning as she slowly wakes up, or sitting next to her and both silently working, just enjoying one another’s company.... they mean so much to me.
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mysticsapphicsblog · a year ago
hmph i wanna wake up next to a pretty girl and cuddle closer to her as she grumbles in a cute sleepy voice about how i woke her up and then she'd wrap her arms around me before falling asleep again
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