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I knew I was the favorite child since I was 8. My parents bought my brother Pokémon Ruby and the other Sapphire and gave me the superior Emerald.

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I’m not gonna do it, girl. I was just thinkin’ about it. I’m not gonna do it.

I did it.

High Lady of the Night Court.

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Happy 11th Artiversary to me!

If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know that February 26th of every year marks when I started drawing.

This year our beloved Dragon has made his 3rd appearance in the Artiversary series!
Blaze the elemental fire wolf has returned as usual, and Sapphire’s eyes can be seen in the background!

I know I haven’t been making/posting art much, but hopefully this will hype y'all up ;v;

Art & Characters made by yours truly, SapphireWolf100.

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If you treat me right

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Invisible set sapphire, diamond, and white gold ombré leaf brooch, Cellini, c. 2002 (at 1stdibs)

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Fire opal, yellow sapphire, diamond, and white gold ombré leaf brooch, Cellini, c. 2002 (at 1stdibs)

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Sapphire tried stop Mystery and Galahad in fighting over for Arthur. Sapphire feels very upset and hopeless. For @haedonr0cks 


“I want to protect Arthur!” Mystery said, arguing. 

“NO! I’m angry to you! I want to protect my pup!” Galahad said, arguing. 

Sapphire heard that arguing of Mystery and Galahad. She going to between fight of Mystery and Galahad.

“What going on!? What happened!?” Sapphire said, worried. 

Mystery and Galahad continue arguing. Sapphire tried stop used four of eight tailed to apart. 

“Calm down! Quiet! Enough! They are doing?” Sapphire said, little angry to calm down.

Mystery and Galahad looks at Sapphire in confused. 

“I feel like worst! I think that my owner is very lonely and sad! I’m want to protect my pup! I’m WANT to forgiven!? They feeling hurt and upset!? I’m tried to make up to relationship to forgiven? … I’m feel like lonely…” Sapphire said, talking to Mystery and Galahad. She feel sad and lonely.

“…” Mystery and Galahad in speechless.

“I’m worried that my pup! She is right!? She want to fixed make up forgiven! She never to arguing…” Sapphire said, lonely. 

Mystery and Galahad in worried.


Later in evening before night

Sarah in lonely and hopeless in depressed. 

“Sarah? You are okay? I want go talk to you?” Sapphire said want to talk to her.

“Sure, come in…” Sarah said, sure.

Sapphire going to Sarah’s room.

“I’m sorry… I’m tried to fixed and forgiven of Mystery and Galahad… I feel like it was all my fault…” Sapphire said, unfortunately and sad.

“Not, not your fault… I’m never fighting… I’m want to protect you.” Sarah said, help Sapphire to hugs in comfort.

Sapphire hugs back to Sarah.

“I’m want to strong… You are strong.” Sarah said help Sapphire is better.

“Thanks, Sarah…” Sapphire said, weakly smile.

Sarah is smile and hugs Sapphire.

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Bvlgari: Heritage Collection Bib Necklace in Gold (2005)

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