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Okay so all know these memes were they say “1. lesbians see each other and acknowledge they are gay 2. what happens then is unknown 3. marriage”? I’m sure you know them. Sooo my question is: what the heck is step 2? Do you talk to them! ? That can’t be right… Right?

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I’d love to be a highly intelligent, composed woman who chooses her words perfectly, who speaks in riddles and mysteries, who is respected and admired by everyone she meets but the truth is I’m a bisexual chaos of a dumbass whose brain is controlled by a gay frog on crack and who goes bonkers every time a pretty lady appears

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and know this

whatever you

I shall love


of weapons

- Sappho, If not, winter - Fragments of Sappho

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My latin seminar paper started normal, you know, old writing, the influental classical writers,…

And then all of a sudden i got to sappho and wrote a whole mini essay on just her writing and her influence on lgbt community lmao

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Hey does anyone wanna have a massive bonfire party on a hill in the middle of nowhere during a full moon and we all just dance around singing while barefoot in flowing dresses

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Heavy eyes looking back at me

My soft lips against her warm cheek

Hair blown around like a tumbleweed

A soft hand caresses down the side of her body

Her heavy lids start to droop

She rolls away from me expectedly

A soft i love you whispered out

A slowed elongated one in exchange

One last kiss to the tip of her button nose

And I tuck her into my chest

As sleep overcomes me all I can think are good things

And the new day to come.

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“For if she flees, soon she will pursue. If she refuses gifts, rather will she give them. If she does not love, soon she will love even unwilling.”

— Anne Carson, If Not Winter

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“Dead you will lie and no one will remember you in the future, as you do not participate in the roses of Pieria. Rather, you will also wander through the anode of Hades without being seen, rolling among the dark cadavers.”

— The New Sappho Papyrus Of Cologne

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“As well rose-armed Aurora one day for love it is said took Tithonus to the ends of the earth in her chariot, because he was young and beautiful, but nonetheless in time hoary old age took hold of him, though immoral wife he had attained.”

— The New Sappho Papyrus of Cologne

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