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women playing electric/acoustic/ classical guitar

women playing drums

women playing bass

just women playing instruments

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why did the word ‘lesbian’ have to get a dirty connotation? is it not enough that i had to reckon with my sexuality? now i feel like i can’t even use my own label without making others uncomfortable? and then there’s the whole stereotype of lesbians being ‘predatory’? it feels like i can’t be even the tiniest bit flirtatious with my crush until i know 100% that she likes girls or else I’m coming off as an aggressive lesbian? anyways i’m frustrated with both my own comp het and the way that society sees wlw thank you for coming to my ted talk.

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here now

tender Graces

and Muses with beautiful hair

Sappho (translation: If Not, Winter - Anne Carson)

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these things now for my companions

I shall sing beautifully

Sappho (translation: If Not, Winter - Anne Carson)

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How to subtly confess to your crush (from a Useless Lesbian) :

I am a big usless lesbian but here are a few subtle and creative ways of confessing to your crush (I did use one of them on my girlfriend 😅)

For both long distance & in person if you want to confess through text :

  • Confess through a poem - it can be as long as you want and make sure that it’s easy to interpret
  • Playlist acronyms - creatively arrange the song titles on a playlist and send it to them
  • WHOLESOME MEMES - don’t spam them but cute wholesome memes can give a hint and also can reduce the nerve from telling them in person

To confess in person :

  • Sing to them - if you can’t sing (me) you can lip sync
  • Make a cute sappy card or write them a letter - it’s easier to write it in paper than telling them face to face
  • Write it out on cupcakes or cookies - who doesn’t love a sweet treat 😋

These are a few ideas that can help you with confessing to your crush, hopefully it goes well if y’all do it.

- the sappy useless lesbian :)

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i’m legitimately having a mental breakdown over the nobody music video by mitski

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So whenever I take a girl out on a date and we’re playfully arguing about who gets to pay I always say we should thumb wrestle for it.

My secret? Thumb wrestling is my super power. Haven’t lost a game in a decade. I will always pay the bill.

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Sappho the Dutch Angel Dragon!

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<div> —  Sappho, <i>Seizure </i> </div><span>I convulse, greener than grass and feel my mind slip as I go close to death. Yet I must suffer, even poor</span>
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<div> —  Sappho, <i>Seizure </i> </div><span>I look at you a moment my voice is empty and can say nothing as my tongue cracks and slender fire races under my skin.</span>
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in a completely non-sexual way I need a butch (preferably a top) to tell me what to do. 

I’ve been procrastinating typing up the damn handwritten pages of my book and I swear to god I need someone to take control because clearly I cannot be bothered. 

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The sound of the rain against the window would be what rouses me into a half awake state. I listen for a short time until your breathing breaks through the rainfall and your familiar smell washes over me. Looking at you with blurry eyes and my senses full of the earth and you, I am the happiest I could be, and it is only morning.

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stand to face me beloved

and open out the grace of your eyes

Sappho (translation: If Not, Winter - Anne Carson)

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to love anyone by victoria chang / demon by brian luong / fragment 38 by sappho / burn it down by brian luong / straw house, straw dog by richard siken / skeleton by brian luong / a burning hill by mitski

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I’m doing a research project on the history of queer poetry because i CAN and my notes are an absolute disaster. I included a Sappho quote and just said “if that isn’t gay, idk what is.” my notes that my teacher will read. Why am i like this?

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Can anyone please give tips on how to make it clear to other women that you, in fact, like women when out and about in public? Please drop an ask bc I really wanna know

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Translating queer texts in Soviet Russia - Brian James Baer

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lay with me on a snowy afternoon as we lounge by the fire. lay your head in my lap and drift off to sleep as i read you classical literature. i will close my eyes when i feel your breath slow comfortably, and we will sleep together in every sense of the phrase.

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