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sncinder · a day ago
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‘He felt her lower herself to the ground before him, her head level with his own, before tender hands had grasped either side of his face, raising it to meet hers.“You aren’t going to lose me, Azriel.”
Elriel from Chapter 13 of @rhysanoodle ‘s wonderful fic The Night We Met
Enjoy! <3
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Rhys: Be honest, do you like Gwyn?
Azriel: No! What gave you that idea?
Rhys: *holds up a mission report with A+G inside hearts written all over it"
Azriel: *snatches paper* It stands for Arson and Genocide.
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moonbeam-b0o · 2 days ago
Dorian practicing his shapeshifting abilities
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heylucien · 2 days ago
by on IG
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madschofield · 17 hours ago
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🦇 The Heir of Night 🌌 I have this head cannon that Feysand give the court of nightmares to Nyx and he starts shaking things up from the inside 😈
Characters by: Sarah J. Maas | Book series: A Court of Thorns and Roses
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daisybrekker · 2 days ago
Anti-Elriels: SJM isn't going to make Elriel endgame because the light x dark trope is too cheesy and 3 sisters x 3 brothers is such a cliché👹
SJM herself: Writes "Love" as the answer to a riddle.
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offtorivendell · a day ago
Which Archeron sister are you?
Tumblr media
Official quiz from Bloomsbury
5 to 10 points - Elain Archeron
Gentle, sweet
Will defend yourself and your loved ones if necessary
10 to 30 points - Nesta Archeron
Sometimes reckless
30 to 50 points - Feyre Archeron
Good listener
Natural leader
I love how this quiz demonstrates that, for all that they've been through, the Archeron sisters do have many similarities. I can't wait for all of them to finish healing, and for them to come back together in the next two books. 💜
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a-reading-brunette · 2 days ago
Just saw this on IG on @azriel_elain's stories.
That's just disgusting.
I'm really, really trying to keep my calm right now.
I'm a hardcore Elriel shipper, but not once did I hate on Gwyn. I don't know if the person who wrote this is a gwynriel, I'm just trying to give an example. I'd never wish Gwyn or any other character I don't like something like that (btw I like Gwyn's character). I've asked it a lot of times, but I'll ask it again....WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?????
We can leave aside fandom ships, fandom wars, favourite characters and the like. You can't go and say things like that. You'll say it's just fiction, but no. It's more than fiction at this point.
A lot of different people with a lot of different problems read these books. How do you think someone who's lost a mother or a baby in childbirth feels when they something like that?
This is not something you can say and be proud of like that lady. You shouldn't even be thinking it.
I don't know why people hate Elain so much, but I get it's their choice, their opinion and I respect it. Until I see stuff like this one.
This lady/woman/girl, whatever she is, is straight up a disgrace of the human race. This little comment she made says a lot about her character and mindset.
Think before you speak. Think, think, think. There are real people, who get affected by comments like this.
Tumblr media
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broodybatboy · a day ago
Nessian Week: Day 2 @nessianweek
Summary: Cassian has a surprise for his favorite bookworm. Fluffy & adorable Nessian.
Cassian knew that Nesta was a voracious reader. She devoured books hastily and greedily. Thankfully, there was no shortage of books when their House literally dropped books out of thin air. Then, there were the girls. One best friend was the foremost expert in smut and romance while the other one lived in a library. Naturally, piles and piles of books adorned their bedroom.
There were several things that needed to be tolerated when dating a bookworm as fierce as Nesta. When Nesta read a particularly spectacular novel she was entranced. It looked as if she was under a spell. No shouting or neck kissing could break her out (most of the time, at least). Arguments had been waged on numerous occasions regarding the proper organization of bookshelves, what was considered a horrible ending, and the absolute madness of certain pairings. Losing her place in a novel was comparable to torture. If he was the cause, well, he tended to suffer.
Nesta had a habit of using whatever was around to mark her spot in a book. She used scraps of paper, hairpins, playing cards and sometimes leaves. She had even started to tuck his leather hair ties into the pages.
"Why don't you just fold the corner of the page?" he innocently asked one night.
There were many looks that Nesta gave Cassian that he cataloged to memory. There were several "murder Cassian" glares. In that moment, the look she gave him at the mere suggestion of what he later learned was called "dog-earing" was enough to scare him into being a devoted and dutiful mate for the rest of the day.
But the "kill your mate" stare often resulted in some of Cassian's best ideas to make her smile.
After a long day, both of them had retreated to their bedroom. Nesta was dressing for bed while Cassian was shirtless on an armchair going over a training schedule. Once finished changing, Nesta moved to their bed. She shifted and shuffled around the mattress until she found herself in the perfect reading position. Cassian sneaked a glance at what was soon becoming the sight he looked forward to every day. She was wearing his shirt. Her hair was unbound and fanned around her face like a goddess. Her face was calm with a small smile full of eagerness to dive into her book.
She grabbed her current novel from the stack on her bedside table. He knew this one was about a steamy love triangle set in a kingdom at war. She was at the part where the heroine was now falling for the dashing young son of the family trying to hijack her throne.
He heard a gasp and knew it wasn't because of the smut. Nesta's eyes were staring incredulously at the object in her hand.
In her hands was a gift: a bookmark. However, it was not just any ordinary bookmark. It was a paper-thin plate of silver filigree with swirls that resembled Illyrian markings. At the top was a smooth leather strip with a small jeweled charm at the end: an eight-pointed star, their bargain mark.
It was both strong and elegant.
"Oh that. I figured you needed a proper bookmark," he said nonchalantly. As if he hadn't spent hours thinking up the perfect design. As if he wasn't filled with smug satisfaction at her reaction. As if his smile didn't widen at the thought of her marking the thousands upon thousands of pages she would devour in her lifetime with his gift.
"You were stealing my leather ties, so I thought I'd turn one into a bookmark. I found a smith in Windhaven to make it. It's made of Illyrian steel so it's going to last a long time."
"Cassian... it's beautiful," she was in awe. Her hand traced the intricate designs carved into the metal. She spun a finger around the leather and held the charm close to her chest. She looked up at him with his favorite expression of all. It was the look that took his breath away, made his heart race, and brought him to his knees. The look that filled his heart with adoration and love.
She dropped the book and gift on the bed and rushed over to him. She climbed on top of him and ran her hands through his hair as she pulled him into a deep kiss. She pulled away lifting his chin up to meet her gaze.
"What can I possibly give you in return that could compare?" she ask with adoration in her eyes.
Cassian's hands stroked her hips and a devilish grin transformed his features. "I can think of a few things..." he said dropping his head to catch her lips.
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faerieaelin · 2 days ago
Lorcan: what’s scarier? Aelin after someone hurts Rowan or Rowan after someone hurts Aelin?
Fenrys: let’s find out
*punches Rowan* *punches Aelin*
Aelin: *bursts out in flames*
Rowan: *taking his swords out*
Fenrys: i just made a huge mistake
Lysandra, leaving the room: Good luck!
Dorian, running out: Nice knowing ya!
Gavriel, backing out quickly: It was good while it lasted!
Fenrys, sweating: Come on guys, let’s talk about this..
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emiliamildner · a day ago
Tumblr media
Aelin Ashryver Galathynius / Celaena Sardothien from Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas
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incorrect-random-fandom · 22 hours ago
Gwyn, tied to a chair: You'll never make me talk.
Acotar 5 villain, pulling out a knife: Oh I have ways of making you talk.
Villain: *cuts into a cake*
Gwyn: Can I... have some cake, please?
Villain: Cake is for talkers.
*a while later*
Gwyn, over a mouthful of cake, gesturing wildly: And then he was like "since there’s no chance in hell any of you will finish the course, we didn’t bother to get a prize". And I was like "bitch, we're gonna prove you wrong", and then we proved his ass wrong, you know?
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Let me point out something.
Elain does NOT want a MATE . Az desperately wants a MATE and the Brothers and Sisters cliche.
So think about it, I'm pretty sure Elain would not want to be with Azriel if HE was her mate instead of Lucien. and I'm pretty sure Azriel wouldnt want to be with Elain if she wasnt an Archeron sister or if he could look beyond that stuck up '3 brother 3 sister' prejudice of his.
Elain has not healed yet. She needs time to discover herself. She is an independent individual. People need to stop treating her like a porcelain doll. Just because she smiles and keeps to herself does not mean shes fine. She has choices to make. Accept or Reject the bond, she needs to make a decision. She cannot lead on two males. Both Lucien and Azriel deserve better than dangling hope for complete commitment. She's way more stronger than anyone gives her credit for. Just because she doesnt fight with a sword or her powers doesnt mean she isnt fierce. She needs her Me-time. I read the theory of her possibly going to discover the continent? I hope that happens. Maybe we'll get a book of her like we did for Chaol in TOG? I'd like to see her journey to devlopment.
Az needs a hug. He needs affection and not his heart dangling on a string based on Elain's decision to either accept or reject her bond and further on pursue him or not. Homeboy has had enough of unrequited love. Please just please. He needs to find someone who can love him with all they have. He needs an equal. Someone to kick his ass when he hides his emotions and starts self-loathing. Someone to embrace his scars; inside and out. Someone who symapthizes wih his trauma. He doesnt need someone he finds the need to protect, He needs to have someone he knows can handle their shit themselves. Someone who isnt scared of him and is more than ready to hand his ass to him and call him out on his shit. For once he can stop being the dark knight hero and just be Azriel. I see that in Gwyn. She isnt scared of him. She has been healing. She knows how it works and she can be there for him. She's sassy and a queen and we love it. But pretty sure this is going to be a slow burn, angsty too. But I'm here for it. I just wanna see my boy happy!!
Fight me if you want to but shit would go down with two people with their own unresolved trauma that conflicts each others; One WANTS the bond and the other DOES NOT WANT the bond..
Clearly why I dont ship E/riel. I never did. They don't have proper interactions, look at each other with heated glances, have kind hearted gestures. Okay, cool. But NO. They both are lacking affection and found each other as a distraction. I'm Sorry but that's just it.
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pallasillustration · 21 hours ago
Cassian and Nesta Archeron
“It softened some crucial piece of her, and Nesta slipped her hand into his, their calluses rasping against each other.” - A Court of Silver Flames, the dance scene.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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daisybrekker · a day ago
Friendly Reminder that Azriel indirectly referred to Gwyn as a distraction from his thoughts about Elain🤭
How romantic😍
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dreaming-of-azriel · a day ago
Feel like SJM need to turn in the Elriel book before the shipping wars actually get violent at this point.
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yazthebookish · 2 days ago
SJM about writing Aelin's relationships 💚
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fullmetalneverland · 22 hours ago
"You cannot pick and choose what parts of her to love. Just as you cannot pick which parts of me you accept."
-Sarah J. Maas, Heir of Fire
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