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#sarah jane smith
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I was tagged my @dearsarahjane to showcase my 5 best fics/art of this year. Tbh due to college/two jobs I don’t have a lot of time to draw anymore. I did start to use my tablet this year after getting photoshop through my university. Here are some works I am proud of (not 5)

1. This one of angry scarf boi in a nest of wool


2. This comic I did of Team TARDIS 1976


3. Baby’s first foursie cosplay I did for the Pittsburgh Tekko-con


4. I made this for a discord icon. Very cursed.


I tag @anne-white-star and @lady-sci-fi (if you haven’t already been tagged)

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So I spent way too long looking for 13 Bannerman road on google maps (as you do) and Im not going to lie I’m a little dissapointed that it’s not actually called 13 Bannerman road

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Just feeling emo about Ian Marter/Harry Sullivan right now because I’ve only just learned that Ian was bisexual but wasn’t comfortable/didn’t know how to handle it?


God I can relate annnd he died to young annnnd I just wish Ian knew what he meant to me and other bisexual people and fans, what him and his portrayal of Harry Sullivan means to us

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