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tessathetesla · 4 minutes ago
*Sarge talking*
Sarge: Stare at me long enough and my head will catch on fire
May: don’t mistake my silence for confusion
Sarge: Go on
May: I’m trying to kill you with my brain
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starryeyedbisexual · an hour ago
Tumblr media
A very important photo of my dog
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rubykgrant · an hour ago
How Everybody reacts to being outside of their armor-
Tucker; YEE-HAW, he’s bee waiting for this for a WHILE, and at first he wears as little as possible, just tank-tops and shorts unless it is literally too cold (eventually he starts having fun with wearing cool clothes). He basically doesn’t want to sit still or sleep much for a while, we just wants to go out and DO STUFF like a regular person and be around other people
Caboose; He feels so AWKWARD at first, he’s not sure how to walk around and do stuff without an outer “shell”, but the he gets distracted by how much he likes seeing everybody’s faces, so he’s happy. Now that he doesn’t have the armor on, he’s slightly more sensitive to touch and thus more aware of being gentle when he does stuff (he’ll still tackle-hug his friends, but they’re used to it)
Grif; Heck yeah, it is SO much easier to curl up and nap when you’re wearing a soft hoodie and sweat pants instead of clunky armor… not that it ever stopped him, but now he’s at MAXIMUM COMFORT (has to remind himself not to do the touching-people’s-faces-thing, but his sister understands this is both an armor-thing and a result of being isolated, so she’ll squish his face with her hands first, and he returns the gesture)
Simmons; He feels NAKED, and he does NOT like it, now everybody can see how much his face twitches, he’s so self conscious of his expressions and how it feels to touch things, and he has a mini panic attack when people look him in the eyes for a while… eventually he settles down a little bit, but it takes a while for him to figure out what to do with his hands when he’s just standing around (his hair also got long at some point when he forgot to keep buzzing it short… it kinda looks OK, though?)
Dout; also YEE-HAW, he feels naked as well, but he DOES like it. Now he can’t wait to get some sun on his skin, go on a shopping-spree for new clothes, and visit a spa for some over-due pampering. Once he gets the rush of being free of the armor out of his system, he enjoys being outside a lot, just sitting in the grass under a tree, maybe smelling some flowers
Kai; She’s having fu wearig different outfits again, and she likes getting to know everybody by their faces… since she had trouble with the whole color-coded armor thing. She also really wants to play around with everybody’s hair (they try to protest, but Kai gets them when they’re distracted, and TA-DA, you got braids or buns going on).
Doc; He feels a little odd, and he wishes he could relax because he DOES want to be comfortable without the armor, but he’s sort of torn between liking that everybody looks at him more and not knowing what to do with this attention. He gets a little emotional over the fact that now, when somebody wants him to come a long with the group, they’ll just sling an arm around his shoulders
Wash; Somehow even MORE awkward than Caboose, mostly not wearing the helmet… but now his beard bothers him less, which is nice. He just keeps getting weird shivers from actually FEELING the wind on his face. This is making his goofy-nervous-laugh happen more, and he feels like he’s having flash-backs to his first day of high-school (like he’s gonna get made fun of for wearing dorky shoes)
Carolina; HATES IT. Almost getting sensory over-load from TOUCHING THINGS, and she doesn’t like the fact that while she still has impressive muscles, wearing armor for so long means she doesn’t have any callouses… her hands and feet are all soft, ugh. She decides the best way to fix this is to go barefoot on runs through hiking trails, and hit the punching-bag as much as possible (surprising nobody)
Sarge; Threw an entire man-baby temper-tantrum hissy-fit because he DID NOT WANT TO TAKE HIS ARMOR OFF. They had to hold him down and peel it off by force… he’s gotten really pale wearing the armor all these years too, and now he’s determined to get sun-burned so he’ll be “red again” (also insists on keeping his hair buzzed short and wearing work out clothes ONLY)
*when they return with synthetic bodies*
Tex; She felt all weak and withered at first, which she most certainly did not care for… once she was strong enough to walk around on her own, she started spending as much time as she could outside. She had the same reaction as Carolina; toughen herself up. She eventually gets satisfied with her own muscles, but is trying to work on her “people skills”… she’s more than just a “mean murder machine”, she can be NICE, dang it!
Church; Very weak at first, too… but he got to be surrounded by his friends when he woke up, and he milked the attention. He’s touch-starved, and beyond the point of trying to front like he doesn’t care about people anymore, so he welcomes the hugs. At first he has to be on a liquid-only diet, but once he can eat real food, he starts putting some meat on his bones (he also wants to get strong enough specifically to carry his girlfriend around. That’s it, that is his entire motivation
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slothspaghettiwrites · 4 hours ago
thinking of soft whiney baby suga' bear whining because his mommy wont let him suck on her tiddies at the beach, he's just layin' on his mommy's chest lookin like ☹
Ethan, my good hoe. God bless you.
Can I just imagine it?
Tumblr media
Sandcastle Dreams
Warnings: Mommy Kink, hints of age regression, mention of anal and vaginal sex, nipple play, dry humping, slight exhibitionism
Lee woke up feeling... sweet. Like he just wanted to be your special boy, wanted to play in the water, wanted to lay his head in your lap while you read to him. He didn't want to be charge or make a choice today. This was his vacation too, he has not got anything more important to do than spend time with his mommy.
The short stretch of private beach you were on was perfect for those feelings. He spent so much time earlier in the week building sandcastles and digging up shells and showing you the pretty ones you should take home as souvenirs. You were excited that he was enjoying a bit of fun and freedom as just Lee and not Sheriff Bodecker. He'd been so in his head lately, his two-week furlough couldn't have come sooner. And you both intended to enjoy every moment to the fullest.
"Suga'Bear, come take a picture with Mommy."
You waved at him up on the beach. Lee happily trod out of the water and climbed up the bank. When he plopped down into the sand, his wet shorts were covered instantly. You wrapped a warm arm around his neck, pulling him into a sweet kiss. You held up Polaroid camera and the flash made him blink. With dry hands, you carefully put the sheet of film into your picnic basket and looked at Lee's pink shoulders.
"You could use some more sunblock, Baby," you smiled. "Let Mommy rub ya down."
Lee rotated slightly, sighing at the cool feeling of the cream on his skin. As you rubbed in the lotion, working the muscles along his back, shoulders, and chest, he felt his cock stir. He wasn't really sure how that was possible. You'd wrung three orgasms out of him this morning before breakfast, fucking him through the first two and letting him fuck you for the third. He was pretty sure he was still floating, would be lost without your sure guidance.
"Mommy," he giggled when you tickled his sides indicating you were done. "Can I have my Pepsi?"
"Yeah, Suga'bear, why don't you sit under the umbrella with me for a bit. Mommy wants to cuddle her special boy."
He nodded instantly. Even in the summer heat on the beach, Lee would never say no to being cuddled, especially when he was feeling all cotton candy brained. He scooted over on the blanket while gave him a glass bottle. As he took a swig, he could feel your eyes on him, making his body flush under the attention and his cock harden further in shorts. The drink was barely nestled in the sand before your tongue was in his mouth chasing the taste. You kissed him long and deep, in a way completely inappropriate for outside the house.
A shout and jolting laughter pierced your veil of privacy under the umbrella. You peck his lips again, then his cheeks and his forehead. The house next to yours was now occupied by an older couple, some newly empty nesters it seemed, and they had no problem disregarding the private property notice.
"Mommy, no, want," he couldn't the words out exactly, couldn't nail down exactly what he wanted, Lee just knew he wanted you to love on him.
"Oh I know Baby," you hushed him softly. "Just gotta be on your best behavior for a little bit then Mommy will treat you real nice."
He grumbled, casting his eyes down. Your nipples peaking through your bikini top caught his eye. A soft whine came from his throat and when you picked up your book to start reading again, he laid his head on your chest, eyes crossing a bit as he focused on the thing he really wanted. Slowly your fingers brushed through his hair, ending with you running on his ear. His body went limp at the attention, the simple pressure of your fingers stroking him like a puppy made any thoughts he had disappear.
Lee didn't even know he was doing it, half lost in a daydream about going for a walk down the boardwalk for ice cream later. His lips just weakly suckled at your nipples, wet mouth leaving a very obvious wet spot to your otherwise dry suit. When he moved his hand up to remove the mean fabric, you pulled him by the hair off your chest.
"Is this best behavior baby? You want those two nosey Nellies to see what a dumb slutty baby you are for your Mommy? Bet you didn't even know you were rubbing your cock on my leg, did you baby? You wanna put on a show, I won't stop ya Suga'Bear, but you know Mommy won't play nice when we go inside."
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goldendiie · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
i drew sum busts of a few of the radiator springs folks in their 20s...... they’re thriving.
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How you can tell you’re an Agents of SHIELD super-fan: You know that these are 3 different characters
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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overr-written · a day ago
got something for frank the crank because i just now his mama is probably out there prioritizing her own pussy
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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overr-written · a day ago
why is your taglist more organized than my purse miss
Tumblr media
hahaha only the best for you lovelies ❤️❤️❤️
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overr-written · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thank you so much for reading!! ❤️❤️❤️
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tessathetesla · a day ago
Tumblr media
Star Wars Fancast: Clark Gregg as live action Pre Vizsla
Would be rad if the man who voiced Pre (Jon Favreau) gave Clark a Star Wars role and its was HIS role and its Jon who created Coulson and got Clark in Marvel
That would just be full circle
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dukesnukes · 2 days ago
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overr-written · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
me drowning myself with gin at the corner of my room before reading the latest chapter just to make sure i can pull it together
Tumblr media
Have a drink for me!! A girl needs some tequila tho
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gear-project · 2 days ago
I think Robbie is actually a minor character from Guilty Gear Begin. A friend of mine has been working on translating the novel. Apparently he's a polish (?) researcher that was loosely involved with the gear project and had some kind of familial (?) relationship with Vince. I'm not entirely sure on this (Also, Robbie might not be his direct name, you know how it is with accurately transcribing character names from japanese), but this seems to be the most likely case.
Mhhhh... must’ve missed that part.  Yeah that’s pretty obscure.  Thanks for picking up on it and correcting me.
I haven’t fully read through the Spanish translation yet, I just had a rough summary to go on.
Okay, as far as I understand things were supposed to go like this:
1. Asuka made a contingency plan in case the U.S. Government or some other group would make an attempt on stealing his Gear Cell Research.
2. He entrusted Frederick with the job of sending that data to Vince MacDonell before the military could get their hands on it.  He also framed Frederick as the “leaker” of that data (stating that the Military group supporting him would need to kill Frederick as a witness).
3. Just after Frederick was successful in “sending” the data he smuggled out of the lab, he was “assassinated” by Asuka with a group of Military Soldiers present, but what they didn’t know was that the Bullet that killed Frederick also contained the Flame of Corruption Seed/Gear Cell information that would transform Frederick’s body in to a Gear.
After the conversion was complete, Frederick woke up in a pool of his own blood.  A good amount of time had passed between when he was “killed” and when he “woke up” again, and he had a case of amnesia as a result.
4. After the “data” from Frederick was sent to Vince, it was intercepted by the CIA who were investigating rogue military elements that had broken off from their organization in order to steal the Gear Cell Research.
In an attempt to investigate what happened, they sent in CIA agent member Viidia.  Viidia tried to find out what happened (disguised as a Scientist) but got locked in one of the labs until Frederick found her.
5. After the Gear Owls incident and the elevator shaft incident, they found the entrance to Section Gamma but it’s flooded and has Gear Crocodiles which force them to retreat back up the stairs just as another explosion in the underground complex occurs.
6. Confirming his suspicions of Viidia, Frederick interrogates her, and she finally confesses the truth about being a CIA agent, but also that Sarge is not a Scientist either, but one of the rogue soldiers that was trying to steal Gear Cell Research.
Out of options, Sarge shoots Dustin Barrie (one of the surviving scientists) and tries to kill Viidia, but Frederick breaks his wrist.
The remaining scientists in the group feel compelled to rely on Sarge as their main method of escaping the facility, but Sarge reveals there isn’t much time left before the Facility is destroyed.  Sarge also reveals that it was Asuka who shot Frederick and was probably the one who turned him in to a monster Gear.
Unable to believe Sarge’s words, Frederick decides to confront Asuka directly.
Later, entering a T-junction near Section Gamma, Sarge set a trap for the surviving Scientists, as he had anticipated another complex explosion and had them caught up in it... using the hole from the blast to escape in to Section Gamma proper.
Frederick and Viidia managed to survive the blast, but give chase after Sarge when he escapes.
7. Frederick and Viidia chased Sarge to the 6th Special Laboratory where they see a lot of dead bodies.  Sarge unleashes a Gear Grizzly Bear from one of the research pods, and its ability to heal rivals Frederick’s.
During the struggle, they try to engage the Bear, but nothing works.  They even tried getting the bear to attack Sarge, but he was wearing a bracelet that allowed him to give orders to the Bear, and so the Bear would never attack him.
Frederick is knocked near a hole in the lab, and Viidia gets an idea to trick the Bear in to falling in to the hole... it works, but only temporarily.  The Bear grows Gear tentacles and pierces Viidia’s chest climbing on the way back up, mortally wounding her.
Before she dies, she makes Frederick promise to do everything he can to stop the military...  finally giving in to his destructive impulses, Frederick chants “Dragon Install” for the first time.
With this power, Frederick is now on equal terms with the Bear.  Witnessing the uncanny fight before him, Sarge grows fearful and runs to the escape ship to get to the surface.
8. Asuka witnesses the battle from within the escape ship, and is now certain Frederick won’t die.  
Sarge confronts Asuka, stating he tried to pull a fast one and turned Frederick in to a Gear, but Asuka doesn’t give a straight answer.  Knowing he still needs the military’s resources to save Aria, Asuka convinces Sarge by speaking to Frederick via a com unit, telling him he wants him “to please die”.
Frederick hears the words from Asuka via the intercom but isn’t convinced, despite having killed the Bear he was just fighting.
Just prior to the ship’s launch phase and escape, Frederick manages to grab on to the edge of the ship’s platform... 
Sarge tries to shoot Frederick but misses, but then Asuka takes Sarge’s gun and points it at Frederick coldly.
Unable to believe what’s happening, Frederick pleads with Asuka to stop.
Asuka, with no other choice to maintain his façade, shoots Frederick squarely in the head.
Frederick falls from the escaping ship and tumbles down the shaft to the bottom, screaming Asuka’s name and demanding why...
The facility explodes and the rubble falls on top of Frederick, burying him alive.
Afterwards, Frederick climbs his way out of the collapsed underground tunnel, swearing revenge on his former best friend.  He escapes the area before rescue sirens come to the area.
Sometime later, Frederick is seen building his Limiter in a run-down shack.
As for Robbie, I can’t confirm if he has any connection with Vince Macdonell or not.  I’d have to look further in to it.  But thanks for pointing this out, nonetheless.
Suffice to say, the CIA and the rest of the American Government froze the project for a time... that is, until the 2040s when they became desperate for a fresh Military Program.
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overr-written · 2 days ago
Chapter 24 tomorrow?????????? You love me THIS much??????? And also aaaah you have a new url 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Tumblr media
Oh no honey 😏😏😏😏
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And yes I do!! Thank you so much🥰🥰❤️❤️
Tumblr media
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agentminnesota187 · 3 days ago
Project Freelancer: The Next Generation
Chapter 16: A New Home (but only for the one-shots)
Mini was the first to step off the Pelican, jogging out into long grass before remembering she was with people, and looking back to wait for them. She couldn’t suppress the excitement she felt, seeing the two tall bases and the colourful soldiers swarming over them. She started hopping on the spot as she waited for the others to catch up. 
Wash was the first to catch up to her, “And we’re sure they’re friendly?”
“Of course! Why wouldn’t they be?” She challenged, still hopping on the spot. 
“We can just kill them if they’re not.” Cali joined in, jogging up to them with Braska only a few steps behind him. Hawaii joined them shortly afterwards, swatting Cali over the head as she stopped beside him.
“Ow! What the hell was that for!” Cali protested as Mini giggled. 
“We’re not killing the residents.” Hawaii told him firmly, though Mini could detect the amusement in her voice.
“Oh, come on!” Mini skipped a few paces away from the group, grabbing Hawaii’s hand to drag her along, “Let’s just go meet them already!” 
They had only walked about two dozen feet or so when they were met with the sight of a teal-armoured soldier and a red-armoured soldier, both simulation troopers, by the looks of it.
“Halt! Who goes there.” The red-armoured man grumbled, his accent heavily south-western, “I demand you identify yourselves! Immediately!”
Wash stepped forwards, “I’m Wash, and these are Mini and Braska.” He tapped Mini’s head before pointing over to Braska.
“I’m Hawaii, and this is Cali,” Hawaii took over from him, “We’re freelancers.”
“Nice to meet you!” The teal one said, “I’m Tucker, and this is Sarge.”
“Freelancers, huh?” The red one growled, “You wouldn’t happen to know the crabby lady who’s been prowling around here, would you?”
“Crabby lady?” Wash repeated, as Tucker said, “Dude, are we even sure she’s a woman? She could be half-shark for all we know!”
“We’re going to need a bit of a better description than that.” Cali added bluntly.
“Wa-wa-waitaminunte,” Braska jolted in suddenly, stumbling over his words, “How crabby are we talking? Moody? Angry? Competive?”
“Competitive.” Cali corrected him under his breath as Tucker nodded.
“All of the above, and more! I swear she was going to bite my head off every time I looked at her. She was, like, half-jaguar!” 
“Hey Sarge! Sarge!”
They all swiveled to see a maroon-armoured soldier beelining straight in their direction, barely managing to stop before he collided into Sarge, “Sarge! She’s back! She’s walking right through our bases! And she’s coming this way!”
“Ah hell, what does she want this time?” Tucker answered before anyone could react, sighing heavily. 
“I dunno. Probably to check out the strange pelican that just flew in? She’d probably come from a different direction if, you know, we weren’t surrounded by cliffs on three sides.” Cali threw his arms out, and Mini had to duck so he didn’t hit her. 
“Carolina!” Braska started shouting, waving one arm sporadically in the air, “Carolina!” Mini followed his gaze beyond the sim troopers, to see a slim teal-armoured figure walking up to them, a gun held firmly in her hands. Black armour suddenly blocked her vision, and she looked up to see Hawaii standing in front of her. 
“Who. Are. You?” The figure growled as soon as she reached them. Mini saw Hawaii shift, readjusting her stance.   
“Who are you?” Hawaii countered as Braska pushed past them, “Lina! It’s me, Braska!”
“Wait! Agent Carolina? Aren’t you dead?” Wash piped up, his voice wavering slightly. Mini winced, frowning sympathetically. She had head Wash’s take on the freelancer civil war. He was still recovering, even now.  
“Agent Washington?” The teal-armoured woman, Carolina, asked; suddenly sounding more surprised than hostile, “What are you doing here?”
“We quit the project!” Braska announced before anyone could intercept him, “We left Project Freelancer, and are here now.”
“...Why?” Carolina inquired at the same time as Cali challenged, “What’re you doing here?”
“Yeah! Why are you here?” Tucker joined in wonderingly.
“The Pelican’s engine broke. We needed a place to land, and repair it.” Hawaii replied softly, “And you?”
“I’m tracking down project freelancer equipment,” Carolina gave a small nod, “Trying to figure out exactly what the Director did.”
“I hate that fucking asshole. He can go die.” Cali muttered as Wash spoke up again, “We quit the project because of the Director. A lot of what he was doing was illegal, and we refused to stand by it.”
“He sent us on a suicide mission!” Mini added vehemently, “He left Hawaii to die!” 
“I still need an explanation.” Hawaii muttered. 
“Um…” The maroon soldier started, interrupting the conversation, “I’m assuming you all know each other?”
“Fuck yeah! Lina’s my sister, dude!” Braska gave another small, quick excited hop. Mini held a suspicion that he was copying her. 
“Wait, really?” Wash asked doubtfully, “I mean, Carolina and I worked together, and she never once mentioned your existence.”
Carolina nodded impassively, “We try and forget he exists.” She shrugged, but her voice was amused. Fond. 
“Hey!” Braska protested, making Cali snicker.
“Wow, you’re so useless, even your family hates you.” He snarked. Braska placed a hand against his chest, his head jerking back offendedly. 
Carolina’s head snapped towards Cali, and Mini watched Hawaii shift instinctively towards Cali as well. “If you think I hate my brother, you can fight me.” She challenged him, her voice harsh.
“Gladly!” Cali reached back to grab one of his blades, and Hawaii lunged in front of him, grabbing his shoulder with one hand. 
“Calm. Down.” She ordered Cali, looking between him and Carolina, “We are not fighting.”
“Says who?” Cali sassed, trying to move past her. Hawaii’s hand collided with the back of his head; Harder than usual, judging by how much he stumbled, and then swivelled to glare at her.
“Says me.” Hawaii said simply. She turned towards Sarge and Tucker, pushing Cali towards Braska, who gave the assassin a small shrug, earning an elbow to the stomach. “My apologies,” She continued as Braska doubled over wheezing, “We are not here to fight.”
“Are you kidding? That was entertaining as fuck! We could use more tension like that in this place. It’s boring as all hell around here.” Tucker replied, his voice loud with excitement.
“I’m assuming you’re the leader of this squad?” Carolina addressed Hawaii directly, her gaze shifting from one person to another.
Hawaii shook her head, “No leader. We’re just friends.” 
“Just friends? I thought you loved me!” Mini whined dramatically, her hands clasping against her chest, “Ow, my heart! Forever broken and aching.”
“Hush.” Hawaii murmured. 
Mini smirked, “Make me.”
“Hmmm. No one to challenge my authority! Well that’s good.” Sarge jumped in.
“Sarge, you’re-“
“Shut it Simmons,” Sarge snapped, “I propose they join Red Team immediately! Although, I guess Blue Team can have the snappy one. We will forever have the advantage!”
“Ooo! I’ll join!” Mini raised one hand in the air. Cali facepalmed.
“Uh, which snappy one?” Tucker asked at the same time Wash raised his hands in front of him, “You completely misunderstand. We only mean to ask for residence until we get the Pelican back up and working.” 
“Are you kidding?” Tucker asked, “You quit project freelancer! You’re all one of us now. Besides, we could definitely use some new people around here.”
“I will gladly join red team.” Mini raised one hand, moving her other hand to her hip.
Cali started to protest, “Wait- we still don’t know-” 
“Shut it future blue.” Sarge interrupted him, and Mini stiffened a giggle, lowering her hand as Cali turned to glare at the sim trooper. 
“My armour is red.” Cali growled at the same time as Mini turned towards him, “You don’t make the decisions around here. Hawaii does!” She spun towards the black-armoured freelancer, clasping her hands under her chest, “Can we join? Please?”
Hawaii sighed gently, “I suppose we can join while I repair the pelican.” She turned back to Tucker, “I’m so sorry. I hope you don’t mind.”
“Hell no! You’re here now, right? Besides, it’s not like you can go anywhere with a broken pelican.” Tucker replied, crossing his arms.
Carolina turned away from them, “Do what you want, I have a mission to complete.”
“Wait!” Braska lunged forward, running and grabbing the rogue freelancer’s arm, “Please don’t go, sis. We hardly saw each other in project freelancer, and I miss you.” His voice into a sort of whine, and Mini winced sympathetically. There was a pause of silence, before Carolina sighed, and turned to face him. “Figuring out what our father did can wait, can’t it?” He prompted, a little more quietly. 
“I guess,” Carolina sighed finally, “For now.”
“Yay!” Suddenly, Braska threw his arms around the shorter freelancer, startling Mini. She saw Cali shift out of the corner of her eye, and Wash watch them as if he was beyond confused. 
Only Hawaii seemed passive, turning back towards Sarge and Tucker as Carolina wormed out of Braska’s grasp; More out of embarrassment than anything. “Seeing as we’re joining you guys for the time being, what’s the first step?” Hawaii asked them softly.
“Getting you guys sorted into teams!” Tucker nodded at them, “Blue team consists of Caboose and I, while Red team has Sarge, Simmons, Grif, and Donut.” He shuddered at the last name, “So pick your poison. Or pick Blue team!”
“I say that they all join red team! We will forever be the strongest army. The Blues won’t stand a chance!” Sarge declared, cocking the shotgun he held in hand at Tucker, who didn’t notice.
“I already said I’m joining Red team, and I stand by that promise!” Mini gave a quick hop. She was excited to get started in a whole new army. And the red-armoured guys already seemed like so much fun to be around! Plus, she wanted to figure out who that Donut guy was. His name made him sound fabulous.
“I’ll go blue,and so will Lina!” Braska was the next to speak up. He turned towards Cali anxiously, “Will you join?”
Cali’s head shifted in the familiar way it did when he was rolling his eyes, “Suuuuure. For now.”
“I’ll go blue as well.” Wash said, looking straight at Carolina as he addressed her directly, “We have a lot of catching up to do.” His voice held a note of wistfulness, almost as if he couldn’t believe Carolina was standing there.
“What about you, Hawaii?” Mini took a step closer to the tallest freelancer, “Join red team with me?”
Hawaii looked down at her, and shook her head gently, making Mini’s stomach drop with disappointment, “I can’t join a team. I have to fix the pelican.”
“That’s okay! You can join Doc. He’s neutral, so he works for both teams.”
Hawaii tilted her head forward. A small nod. Mini placed one hand on her arm, “But you will reside in Red Base, correct?”
“With you?” Hawaii asked her, her voice holding a small note of amusement that Mini prayed she wasn’t imagining.
“I mean- of course! Unless, well… You know… You don’t, well, want to.” Mini stammered, suddenly feeling very sheepish.
“Wow! You sound like Braska.” Cali interjected, chuckling. Mini paid him no attention, still looking up at Hawaii.
Her breath caught in her throat as Hawaii moved one arm over her shoulders, pulling her towards herself, “Of course I will.” Hawaii murmured.  Mini could feel herself starting to smile like a foolish idiot at those words.
Might I suggest telling agent Hawaii how you feel? Delta asked inside her mind.
Stop ruining the moment! Mini scolded, And shut up, you tiny goblin.
Goblin? That’s new.
 What? Mini almost threw her arms outwards, They’re green! You’re green! Therefore, you are a goblin! And a leprechaun. And a-
“Now that that’s settled,” Cali’s voice cut into her argument, “I am going to go collect my blades from the pelican.” 
“Be careful. It might explode.” Hawaii muttered. 
“Good.” Cali waved one hand at her, already walking away.
“No, wait! Not good! Not good at all!” Braska protested, chasing after him. Mini giggled, making eye contact with Hawaii. 
“We are a family of morons.” Hawaii murmured down at her. Mini couldn’t agree more. 
“Well, morons and Washington.” She amended.
“What is that supposed to mean!” Wash piped up, his head tilted in confusion.
“It means you’re not an idiot, you idiot.” Carolina interjected bluntly.
Wash subsided for a moment. “Oh, okay.”
There was a moment of silence, before everyone collapsed into laughter. 
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slothspaghettiwrites · 3 days ago
dont u just get sad sometimes and get the urge to kiss lee's dick ☹ wanna give it nice lil smooch, sloth☹
Yes. Wanna give all of Lee smooches, but sometimes, I just need to love and worship he cock. Totally normal things. 🥺💙
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cherryblossomsrp · 3 days ago
@bbarnes107th This is the new place I reblog! Just so you’re not alarmed :D
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marble-seafoam · 3 days ago
we’ve heard of Blue Team becoming badasses on Chorus, but i offer you: Red Team becoming badasses on Iris
Chorus is more of Blue Team’s scene (Wash with his soldier-y-ness, Tucker with a bunch of people to show off to, Caboose with loads of friends), but Iris is more Red Team’s style (Grif having no responsibilities, Simmons having no expectations to freak out about, Donut being free to be himself--we can skip Sarge for obvious reasons) so while I totally 100% support Wash coming into training cadets in Armonia and Tucker learning how to use his sword like a badass and Caboose honing his strength with all the weights and training rooms...
i also support Sarge becoming a crazy engineer with experiments and gadgets that get more and more successful as time goes on, and Simmons being trained by Locus (Locus is on Red Team in this au, dibs!) to sharpen that cyborg strength and add juuust a little bit of finesse (and if you think about, the pressure from the war and the adoring cadets and the strict superiors on Chorus were not good for Simmons’s training, but one devoted teacher with no pressure? yeah, that’s Simmons’s shit), Grif learning how to be a ninja-level sneaky motherfucker by borrowing (stealing) Locus’s stealth unit to hide from Sarge, Donut becoming an expert negotiator (from defusing Locus and Sarge’s constant butting heads for authority). All of them joining Locus and Simmons’s training sessions to actually, finally learn how to fight, all of them honing down Sarge’s many, many plans and turning them into actual battle formations and solid attack plans (this is mostly Locus’s doing, let’s be honest).
it’s about time that Red Team got to be totally badass. feel free to add more headcanons to this, i’d love to hear them <3
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Squadmate rookie messes up an order:
Sarge: PATRICIA!!!
Sarge: stop doing that ok sweetie?
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bitchassbucky · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
i would let fuckboy!bucky disrespect me so bad 😩
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