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anushkamkjbooks · 5 days ago
Nesryn and Sartaq.
I loved them so much.
As a Brown girl,I felt represented in that couple and they also reminded of Of Feyre and Rhysand.
I so desperately wish Sarah gives us more of them in 10year anniversary of Tower of Dawn.
Oof the fluff,the flirting,the slowburn
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helion-ism · 7 days ago
But Sartaq leaned his sulde against the wall again and began braiding back his black hair. "After last night‘s party, I had thought you would be ... preoccupied."
With Chaol. Her brows rose. "All day?"
The prince gave her a roguish smile, finishing off his long braid and picking up his spear once more. "I certainly would take all day."
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missnienna · 12 days ago
Bye-bye Chaol, Hello Prince Sartaq
For @saintnesryn 🥰
Here's the link to the prologue.
Chapter 1
A day after the fallout with Chaol, Nesryn decides to take up Lysandra's offer to tag along in one of her night classes so she can meet up with Sartaq.
"You can just wait in the library in the mean time." Lysandra tells her with a wave of her hand, but a few moments later she faces Nesryn with green eyes widened with worry.
"Do you think you'll be safe here without me?" As there will be purebred vampires also in the library, and even if there is a strict rule on not feeding on fellow human students' blood, Lysandra still felt weary leaving her alone.
"I'll be fine Lyssie." Nesryn gives her a reassuring smile, and later shows her possession of mild holy water in a perfume bottle to her.
"If anyone makes you feel even slightly uncomfortable, do not hesitate to find solace in The Thirteen's Safe Lounge and then later I promise to beat their asses."
"Get to class Lyssie." Nesryn playfully shoves her to the history building as she herself heads to the ornate Glass Castle University Library to read the assigned chapters from her parapsychology textbook for this week.
About three hours later...
"Hello Nesryn Faliq." She slaps her textbook shut, and on sheer instinct stands up with her holy water perfume pointed towards whoever just spoke in her vicinity.
Only to come face to face with Sartaq Khan looking at her with amusement, and boy did he look even more handsome in close proximity.
'Focus Faliq!'
"Where's Lysandra?" She quickly searches for her dhampir friend, only to find her standing outside happily chatting with who she guessed would be her friend Borte Khan.
"Relax Faliq, I won't bite." He gives her a reassuring smile while taking a few steps back to make her feel comfortable and also appear non-threatening.
"Ennar gave me the status of your situation of your um...breakup with Westfall, and interestingly enough you're in need of a date for this Friday's ball." His expression turning playfully sly, giving Nesryn butterflies in her belly.
"I would very much be honored if you would be my date for this upcoming ball and," Oh no, she was beginning to feel warmth on her cheeks "and I would also enjoy getting acquainted beyond this situation of convenience for myself."
She could've sworn she saw a hint of surprise in his eyes widening for a sec before returning back to playful.
"Your offer comforts me Nesryn Faliq." This time he gives a real smile, she never imagined a handsome vampire prince smiling at her with no hint of threat.
And before she knew what was happening he takes out a sticky note and sees him write his number on it before delicately handing it to her.
"Text or call me when you reach home safely." He thoughtfully looks at her being on guard before he notices Borte and Lysandra coming inside to meet them.
"I figured all went well brother." Borte brings an arm around her hearth brother's thick neck.
"It did." Nesryn abruptly replies and then shyly averts her gaze from him, and to Borte's surprise, notices a hint of a blush growing on her hearth brother's face.
"Well that's great to hear Nes!" Lysandra hugs her by the side.
After heading back to their flat, Nesryn quickly adds Sartaq's number on her phone and labeling his caller ID as "Vampire Prince", cheesy but it definitely suited him, so she believed.
Hello Sartaq,
This is Nesryn, just wanna let you know that we both reached home safely. If you want we can meet up tomorrow at dusk and get more acquainted. Whatever suits you best.
In less than a minute, she hears a beep from her phone, surprised that he'd answer so quickly, unlike Chaol who often ghosted her.
She knew that the message he sent her will keep her up all night.
Of course my dear let's meet at Blackbeak Cafe.
Be sure to be to be there by 6 ;)
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con-alas-de-angeles · 20 days ago
Wind-seeker, her mother had once called her. Unable to keep still, always wandering where the wind calls you. Where shall it beckon you to journey one day, my rose? How far the wind had now called her.
Sarah J. Maas, Tower of Dawn (Throne of Glass #6)
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irisblack2003 · 28 days ago
Parallels between Crescent City and Throne of Glass
There are spoilers ahead
I haven't read KoA yet so I might not be aware of the full meaning of this one but hear me out.
During ToD it is said that Maeve's power is known as some sort of star eater or something like that, I don't remember exactly.
Later in Crescent City we are told about this demon or monster who is litteraly a star eater (I read this in spanish so the translation might be wrong but u get the point).
And in ToD we learn that Maeve travelled around lots of worlds and so did her husband and brothers-in-law. I'm no saying they're the same person but this cannot be a coincidence.
The starborn Sword
Also, I've been wanting to talk about the Sword of the Starborn and its dagger companion which was supposed to be lost too long ago and maybe in another world. I saw some people say it is Azriel's Truth-Teller but I'm convinced it is the dagger Nesryn finds in one of the towers she and Sartaq visit:
Nesryn studied the short-sword in her hand, the metal shining as if imbued with starlight, interrupted only by the carvings down the fuller. “I wonder what the markings say.” -Tower of Dawn, Chapter 33.
Leaving Sartaq to pick one for himself, she fastened the short-sword to her belt as she approached the far wall and the scribbled dark writing along the bottom. -Tower of Dawn, Chapter 33.
She even takes the short-sword with her. Unless she loses it during KoA there is a chance this is the actual Starborn dagger/knife (i don't remember what it's called). This would be really important if we ever have a crossover-book with those series.
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city-of-sjm · a month ago
Borte and Yeran have one of my Favorite relationships.
We haven’t heard a lot about them but passing in conversation (at least where I am at currently),but they are fan-fu*king-tastic
They give me Manon and Dorian or Aelin and Rowan at Mistward vibes
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the-regal-warrior · a month ago
Drinking This Much?
Here it is, part fifteen for the Halloween Party Hosted by the Thirteen! Remember: the characters are not romantically linked!
Prompt:  80. “Should we be drinking this much?”
Characters:  Sartaq and Kaya
The minute he saw Thea and Kaya slamming shots of the spiked punch - as much as Vaughan wanted to believe he was stealthy, everyone knew he wasn’t - Sartaq slipped his arm around his girlfriend’s waist and started pulling her in the direction of the kitchen. Though Nesryn raised one eyebrow in a silent expression of curiosity, she followed along, ruffling Chaol’s hair as they passed him on their way into the kitchen. 
Moving quickly, he grabbed two pumpkin beers - a Halloween tradition for their friends - from the fridge and walked back into the living room, weaving expertly through the crowd until he was standing next to the two women. “Thea,” he greeted, nodding once at the blonde before fixing his gaze on her girlfriend. 
“Something I can help you with, Sartaq?” Kaya asked, her chin tilted up ever so slightly in challenge. 
Chuckling at the knowing gleam in her eye, he merely held one of the beers out to her. “Drinking contest. You and me. Rematch from last year.”
“You’re really not going to let that go, are you?” Thea questioned from her position against the wall. Looking over at her, he saw that his girlfriend had fallen into place next to her, and she was shaking her head good-naturedly.
“He really isn’t,” Nesryn agreed. “At least I can say he comes by it honestly - his whole family is like that.”
Sartaq nodded along. He and five siblings were fiercely competitive, which meant that of course he was going to challenge Kaya to a rematch after she’d kicked his ass in their drinking contest last year. “So,” he turned back to his competition, “you up for it?”
“Hell yeah!” Kaya took the beer from his hand and twisted the cap off as her girlfriend blew her a kiss for good luck. 
Nesryn counted them down, and then the two of them were drinking quickly. Somehow, they managed to finish too close for either Nesryn or Thea to call it. 
Shaking her head even as she laughed, Kaya just pointed to the kitchen. “Rematch, round two?”
“Should we be drinking this much?” he asked.
“No!” Thea and Nesryn chorused, their protests dissolving into laughter as Kaya just waved them off. 
“Oh hush!” Kaya gestured to the kitchen again. “It’s Halloween - I say it’s time to drink and be merry!”
Linking his arm with hers, Sartaq led the way through the room once more as their girlfriends laughed and followed. “Then it’s a rematch!”
After all, she did have a point: Halloween, and especially their party, was all about fun with their friends.
Stayed tuned for the sixteenth part tomorrow!
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adreamlikewind · a month ago
Can fanartists please stop giving poc characters eurocentric features? Also not everyone has to look like a white instagram influencer.
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