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Naruto forces Sasuke out of the house one day. 

Ok that’s not entirely true. 

Naruto repeatedly badgers Sasuke until Sasuke, annoyed with all the begging and not in the mood with getting a earful from Minako for attacking Naruto, gives in and decides to do as Naruto asks. 

It’s the first time Sasuke is made aware of the abuse that Naruto faces on the day to day. 

Naruto is lost in his own hand. Dragging Sasuke around to his favourite haunts and he hears people whispering about Naruto dragging along Sasuke. 

“What’s that monster doing with that boy.” Sasuke hears and he turns around confused. 

Naruto pauses having felt Sasuke pull back slightly. “What’s wrong?” 

Sasuke turns to Naruto. “I thought I heard something.” Sasuke says. 

Naruto looks at the people and Sasuke turns his head where Naruto is looking and he sees it. 

Anger, hate, disgust. 

He doesn’t understand. Are they angry because Naruto is draging him around?

Cause yeah he may not exactly want to be with Naruto but if he really hadnt wanted to go he would have stood his ground. He would have shoved Naruto out the door and then blocked the doorway with as many things as he could. 

Besides Naruto isn’t doing anything that Sasuke hasn’t seen several other kids do before. 

Whatever Naruto sees, he doesn’t let it pass for more then a moment. 

He turns and smiles at Sasuke and continues pulling him along. 

They stop off to look at some masks that are hanging off a shop and that’s when things go from bad to worse. 

“Get out of here!” The shopkeeper shouts as he pushes Naruto out of the store. 

“I just wanted to look at the mask!” Naruto shouted back. 

“Take it! We don’t want your money here!” The shopkeeper shouted. 

Sasuke doesn’t know what to do. Doesn’t understand. Had Naruto done something? Sasuke had been right beside him and all Naruto had done was stare at a mask that he had been thinking of buying. 

But that couldn’t have been all it was… could it? Naruto had to have done something to warrant that reaction. 

Naruto turned to stare at the crowd. Sasuke could see Shikamaru standing in the crowd confused as well. 

Naruto waits a moment before he grabs the mask and runs off. 

“He was just looking!” Sasuke shouts not entirely sure why he’s defending Naruto. “There was no need to do that!” 

“Tch” The shopkeeper said turning to him. “Are you gonna buy something or are you just gonna argue?” 

Sasuke glares his hands fisting. “Well if Naruto didn’t have to pay” he said taking a mask off the shelf. “I’m not either.” Sasuke said and then he ran out of the shop before the shopkeeper realised what had happened.   

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At the dinner table

*6yo Sarada pouts*

Sakura:what’s wrong dear.

Sarada:*crosses arms* hmfp I got in a fight with my boyfriend.

Sasuke:*spits food across table*


Sakura:aw it’s ok things like this happen, me an daddy have fights all the time.

Sasuke: Sakura she’s 6!

Sarada:dad this has nothing to do with you.

Sasuke:uhhhh this has EVERYTHING to do

with me.

And what the hells with this attitude. YOUR 6.

Sakura:calm down Sasuke just leave her be.

Sasuke:*looks at her*


Originally posted by antmfunny


Sasuke: *looks back at sarada* who is he ?!

Sarada: hmpf

Sasuke: I’m beattin all y’all asses


Originally posted by haidaspicciare

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Naruto and Sasuke at first do not get along. Sasuke does not want to be there, in the too small apartment on the other side of town so far away from the Uchiha Compound. 

Minako knows what it’s like to spend several months in the very place where your entire family was murdered, and she refuses to subject Sasuke to that. If he wants to visit the Compound it will not be alone. Minako or the Hokage or Iruka will accompany him. 

Sasuke hates it, argues that she can’t do that. That she is not his mother. 

But the decision is not up to Sasuke. As angry as that might make him. 

The Hokage takes her experiences under consideration. He listens when she goes into detail of the hell she went through when she stayed in the village that was slaughtered when she was so young. The windows broken, houses broken into and hundreds of people dead… left for her to bury alone. 

She tells the Hokage that being in that village alone surrounded by the ghosts of people she had known forever but were now dead and gone. How hard it was, how she had spent most of her days crying, or in an emotionless haze. 

Iruka stands by her. Giving his own opinion of the matter, telling the Hokage his own experiences of losing his family. 

In the end it’s decided. 

Sasuke will stay with Minako and Naruto. 

That causes an uproar in Konoha. That the last of the Uchiha clan would stay with the ‘monster’ Naruto. 

It takes all of her will power not to flip out and attack everyone who dares call Naruto a monster. 

She hasn’t outright attacked a hidden leaf since she graduated from the academy. 

Iruka is a huge help. He comes by everyday helps Naruto with his homework while Minako makes dinner. Everyday she tries to talk to Sasuke through the closed door of the room that Naruto and Sasuke share. 

“I know how you feel.” She tells him. “Please Sasuke, come out. Being alone to stew in your own thoughts after a tragedy like this… it’s not healthy.” 

Sasuke never responds not for a long time. 

Minako never had someone pull her out of the darkness. Never had someone enter the village, see her and decide that a child does not belong there. 

She met Minato months after her village had been destroyed. After wanting to get away of the constant reminder of what she lost. Minato did not saw her village until months after their initial meeting. 

She hopes that Sasuke will pull himself out like she did. 

But she also recognizes that Sasuke is not her. 

Fortunately Sasuke has more then just Minako.

Fortunately Naruto hates the silence, and has no issues filling up the silence so late at night. 

It’s one of the reasons why she put the two of them in the same room. (The other being she had no other place to put Sasuke)

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Hcs for naruto, sasuke, and kiba’s favorite kinks with their s/o (nsfw)


Originally posted by mobpsycho100

Naruto: (choking kink)

- I feel like he doesn’t know it’s a thing? Like he doesn’t know that choking is a kink but he’s down for whatever if you bring it up to him.

- but you didn’t bring this up this actually happens on accident at first.

- you’ll be in a heated moment and as he’s trying to cup your check he’ll end up grabbing your throat and that’s when all hell breaks loose.

- you’ll let out the loudest moan from the shock of it.

- after he hears you moan like that he’s sure that he’ll be doing it a lot more.

- in the middle of having sex? He’s choking you.

- making out? He’s choking you.

- got into a fight? All of a sudden… he’s choking you.

- it drives him crazy hearing you gasp out his name while he’s doing it. He’ll probably tell you something like “God, do you have any idea of what you do to me?”

- I know for a fact that you passed out at least once because he doesn’t realize that he has that kinda power over your air flow.

- he’s more careful about it now but he’ll still choke the living daylights out of you.

- but you love it though. I mean who wouldn’t?


Originally posted by halfshinobi

Sasuke: (orgasm control)

- like naruto this kink was not brought up.

- one day sasuke just didn’t like the way some random guy looked at you and for that you got punished.

- later on that night in the bedroom he made sure that you knew who you belong to.

- he brought you to the edge of climax at least 7 times before he lets you cum that night.

- he actually seem to have enjoyed it a lot more then he thought so it became a regular thing in the bedroom.

- not only would some nights he won’t let you cum but he also sometimes likes to make you cum so many times to the point where there’s tears in your eyes and you’re begging him to stop.

- he’ll sometimes whisper things in your ear like “you gotta be a good girl if you wanna cum tonight.” Or "you’re such a good girl. how about we try to see how many times I can make you cum?“

- this doesn’t happen everytime you’re having sex it’s more of a "if sasuke is in the mood for it” kinda thing.

- he wouldn’t admit it but he loves watching you fall apart in front of him. If it’s you practically begging to cum or screaming out his name as you cum for the 5th time that night. He absolutelyloves it.

- you wouldn’t admit it either but you love the control he has over you. this man can hit you with a car and you’ll thank him.


Originally posted by lady-nounoum

Kiba: (hickeys)

A/n idk if this is even a kink I just kinda ran out of ideas.

- again this wasn’t brought up. Kiba is just a reckless bitch.

- he seems to leave hickeys all over your neck, collerbones, and honestly any part of you that he can get his hands on.

- the only down side about this is that he forgets to tell you. and you either wake up and see them in the morning or you end up not paying attention and showing them off without knowing.

- he can’t help it. It’s in his nature. he just loves to leave hickeys because they let everyone know that you’re his. and he thinks they look badass.

- don’t you dare try to cover them. He’ll be pissed off and won’t have sex with you until you can’t take it anymore and you’re a mess and apologizing like crazy and then he’ll make you promise to not cover them again.

- you won’t tell him but you absolutely love them. You love waking up in the morning and seeing his marks all over your neck.

- they can be painful sometimes and you’ll complain about it to almost everyone including kiba. It makes hinata and shino worry for you at some point.

- when you complain to kiba he’ll say something like “come on babe, it can’t be that bad.” And that’s when the tables are turned.

- you’ll give him so many hickeys just so he can understand the pain that comes along with it.

- once he finally understands your pain he’ll apologize so much for it.

- but that doesn’t mean you or him will stop. You’ll both walk the streets together rocking your matching love bites.


Okay so I was gonna to kakashi I swear, but I just didn’t have the time. So these are the only Naruto characters I’m comfortable with writing for at the moment, But if this gets more then 100 likes by next week then I’ll start doing actual fics for them and I’ll write for more naruto characters!

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So you’re telling me that f*cking Kishimoto build an amazing storyline about Sasuke and Naruto’s emotional growth and their beautiful bond to each other over the years, SO NARUTO FALLS IN LOVE WITH HINATA OUT OF NOWHERE IN JUST A FRICKING MOVIE. Sorry it’s have been years and I still can’t get over this.

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Sasuhina Day 3: Black and White

They are Black and White

They are The sun and the moon

They are the yin and the yang

They are the Tiger and the Dragon

They are oneself…

Ellos son Blanco y negro

Ellos son el sol y la luna

Ellos son el yin y el yang

Ellos son el tigre y el dragón

Ellos son uno mismo …


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