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cubur · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
"Let me remind you that... I love you!"
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fruitchakra · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i don’t think we talk about how naruto and sasuke basically died at exactly the same moment often enough
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incorrectkonoha · 2 days ago
Kakashi: Sasuke left again, can you find him?
Naruto: What? Do you think I have him microchipped or something?
Naruto: Yeah, hang on.
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strawberry864 · a day ago
Naruto e Sasuke vs Madara Outsutsuki
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lesbianhyuga · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
take 2 thanks to @hanarutos
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alexbutnotthegreat · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Gotta meet the Hokage for hugs n kisses
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neon-lightsaber · a day ago
Tumblr media
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incorrectkonoha · a day ago
Naruto: Ero sennin, how do I get revenge on my enemies?
Jiraiya: The best revenge is letting go, and living your life to the fullest.
Sasuke: Kakashi, how do I-
Kakashi: Chidori.
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captnjacksparrow · a day ago
I keep telling people years ago that they sexualized Sasuke so much and my friends would say "not as much Sakura". And omg thank you and thank you anon for spreading the word. Sasuke Uchiha is so sexualized that even the fans, whatever ship, always talks about him in a sexual manner. Matter of fact, the way tumblr talks about him makes me uncomfortable
Matter of fact, the way tumblr talks about him makes me uncomfortable
Oh, I don’t know about how people are talking about him, Anon. I know for a fact that SS fandom portrays him so bad. 
I keep telling people years ago that they sexualized Sasuke so much and my friends would say "not as much Sakura".
"Not as much as Sakura?".... What the hell ?? She was always shown wearing good costumes and none of the male characters around her were seen attracted to her because of her body exposure or something... Whereas Hinata was heavily sexualized by SP in a much disgusting way in fillers... In one filler, she was sitting in a suggestive costume and posing with a 'Venus FlyTrap' plant that was conveniently placed between her thighs.... Eeeeshhhh.... [[I don’t want to attach that ugly picture here]]... All for what??? To serve Male Gaze.
There are two types of Male sexualization... 1.) To serve Male Power Fantasy 2.)To serve female sexual fantasy... 
If you look at the cover poster of Superman and Batman or any other comics, they were usually drawn with big muscles, chest and thighs with Tight fitted costumes which oozes out Powerful Masculinity.. Usually Men admire such looks and they want to become them. These characters are to serve Male power Fantasy.
Whereas the other type is to draw the Male Characters with sharp and intense look, lean build with some casual costumes, kissable lips. Example, Edward Cullen, Christian Grey. They are to serve Female sexual fantasy. 
People don't agree with Sasuke being Sexualized is because they don't realize it consciously which is probably due to
Gender Normativity
It's ingrained into most people's mind that a girl wearing a short skirt or some skin showing costume is meant to be 'Sexy'. Whereas they don't hold the same measuring stick for Men. Even if they go shirtless, still they won't be considered as 'Weird' or 'Appealing'. That's why they say Sakura was sexualized whereas Sasuke was not.
And this is where the next point comes into the picture.
Visual Perception - Sexualization
Meaning, how the characters are drawn. Like their angles, focus, postures.
It's not only Sasuke who was parading with open chested clothes. Obito was drawn shirtless throughout the War Arc... Did anyone felt anything weird about it? I really don't think so. Even Naruto was drawn shirtless when he was training for developing Rasen-Shuriken.... Well, Some female readers went crazy over it and that's to be expected. But Naruto was never referenced anywhere in a sexual manner, not even in NH fandom (not talking about fan fiction).
It's precisely because the angles, focus and postures which were used for Sasuke is completely different from Naruto.
Let's take Naruto..
Tumblr media
He was shirtless throughout the chapter 319. All of his panels were either focused on his face or shown from a Top Angle or drawn in a messy way. Even the panel I attached above was focused on his Face and we never saw Naruto removing his shirt. The bottom panel was drawn from an High Angle which is mostly used to make the viewers focus on Narrative Information rather than the Character itself, in this case, Naruto trying to cut the Waterfall. Yes, you can watch his Manly Shoulders for a moment but eventually you will notice what he was trying to do.
Whereas with Sasuke,
Tumblr media
The panel on the Right is focused on Sasuke removing his shirt (or whatever it is called) which is an indication that, “Look at Sasuke, he is removing his Clothes”, whereas with Naruto, there was no separate panel for removing his shirt. And the Left panel shows his upper body in a full glory captured from a Low Angle, which makes you to focus only on his Body rather than the Narrative information, in this case, Orochimaru's snakes trying to attack him. And this is intentional. Usually this removing clothes shot is usually employed for Female characters in order to grab your attention when they are trying to undress.
Another Popular Media reference is...
Tumblr media
This is from Captain America : Winter Soldier. This low angle compels you to notice only his body but nothing else. I am pretty sure even if Iron Man was standing behind the Captain, still you won’t avert your gaze and even if you do, you will still avert back to Cap’s body again.... This is the power of the Camera Angle.
So far, I talked about Angles and Focus. 
Character’s sitting, walking and standing postures also play a big role in sexualizing a character. Even if Angelina Jolie wears a high slit thigh revealing red dress, who is not comfortable in her High Heels and if she walks like a Donald Duck or Goofy... , that won’t look appealing at all. 
Tumblr media
This is a Sitting Posture which indicates Superiority, Confidence, Open, Receptive and Sexually Appealing for showing off his ‘Masculinity’. This posture is called Wide-Four. Like spreading legs and arms, showing off his bare chest....taking over all the space, sitting in a laid back posture. Come On, this is not the way how you sit before your parents or in an Official set up. Usually this posture is used in Cinema to convey 2 things... 
1.) Am not afraid of anything. 2.) Most importantly Sexual Appeal which screams “Come and get me”
Mostly you will see this kind of posture in Cow-Boy movies.
Whereas you can see Suigetsu is sitting somewhat slouched... by leaning his arms on his thighs which signifies a neutral stance. He is neither a boss nor a servant.
Imagine if Naruto, without his shirt, sitting in this posture.... It will give off the same ‘Appealing’ vibe... This is totally a ‘Bad Boy’ pose. And funny thing is it’s a Gender-Neutral one.
One of the popular cinematic reference is
Tumblr media
This is one of the Sexually Appealing Interrogation scene in the Hollywood history from the movie named ‘Basic Instinct’. In this scene, Sharon Stone was interrogated by 5 to 6 Cops for a mysterious murder that happened in their City. But her sitting posture indicates, “I don’t give 2 fucks about your Cop status... I am the Alpha here”.... A sense of Superiority...
Sharon Stone is sitting in a very similar stance to Sasuke.... focused from a Low-Wide Angle except that her legs are crossed... Because crossing legs is a feminine pose and spreading legs is masculine. But her laid back posture, skin revealing costume and not to mention, just before this scene, she really showed off ‘her part’, by uncrossing her legs for a noticeable seconds, .... which made all the cops around her getting uncomfortable and sweating because of her Appeal and it was intentional from her side. She wanted to make everyone uncomfortable whereas Sasuke’s posture and appeal was totally unintentional from his side.
It's these little nuances that makes the big difference in Sexualizing  Characters. Most people don’t realize these nuances of Camera Angle, Focus and Posture... Because it’s all Media Terminology. They know subconsciously that this character looks ‘Sexy’ but they don’t know the reason why. In Short, these nuances serve Female Gaze. 
To best explain this,
Tumblr media
LOL.... Sasuke surely fits in with this Girl’s expectation. 
Sakura wearing a short skirt is not something new or sexy. But once you try to focus on her action, such as Removing her Gloves or Jacket and project her movements from a Low Angle by exaggerating her thighs and chest... then that will looks really Suggestive and Sexy. In the Manga, Sakura was never drawn to serve Male Gaze at all... neither Hinata.
For Female Characters, the above point and this point is just barely enough to sexualize them. A skin revealing costume and a suggestive angle with a 'weird' focus. That's all. For Example, that famous Marilyn Monroe Skirt flailing portrait.
Whereas for Male Characters, it still won't be enough. Like Sasuke could totally parade throughout the series without his shirt, and sit like an Alpha but still won't make any difference.. 
Which leads to the next point.
Character’s Behaviour - Objectification
How the 'said character' act and how other characters act around the 'said character'. Since the ‘said character’ was never meant to serve Male power fantasy, there needs to be some 2nd character to exaggerate the ‘said character’s’ sexual appeal.
For this we need to know the story of the characters, context of the scene, how the characters behave. 
Tumblr media
This is one of the sexualized scene in Naruto series. It checks all the above points I mentioned above...
A revealing Costume - Check
A Low Angle Focus - Check
Sexually Appealing sitting posture - Check
Now Sasuke is all alone with another girl in a locked room. And since Sasuke checked all the above points, Karin feels really irresistible and is literally wetting over him... Look at her sitting posture. Whether Karin really had any reason to like him or not, but in this scene, she approaches him because Sasuke was Sexualized here. In the above point, I mentioned Sasuke’s posture indicates “Come and get me”... And what did Karin do??? She really went to get him. 
This is called In-Universe - Objectification. I mean as a result of a revealing Costume, a weird sitting posture, Characters in a particular scene objectify the sexualized Character. Whereas the author never objectified him sexually.
[[Sexualization is different from Sexual Objectification.... Sexual Objectification means treating a person like an Object to Grab and show-off rather that trying to understand and like that person beyond physical attraction]]
What's funny is that Sasuke is rejecting her advance and he is totally oblivious about her intention. To Sasuke, he was there because he wanted to recruit Karin... He has no other ulterior motives. Whereas for Karin, it's totally different.
Popular Movie Reference is Captain America: Winter Soldier again...
Tumblr media
This is very similar to the above situation with Sasuke and Karin. Steve Rogers was totally oblivious about what's happening around. The sexual appeal he is emitting here is totally unintentional on his part but still Peggy Carter couldn't resist it and that's why she touched him faintly.
Like imagine... Kendall Jenner wearing a Low V-Neck dress and standing extremely close to you and speaking softly near your ears! Whether you are a man or woman, it doesn't matter. Don’t you feel uncomfortable in the first place???
I felt really uneasy with that Orochimaru Lair Scene precisely because of the above reasons. 
We have seen a version of Sasuke in Part 1. He is an introverted person and avoids people who breaches his boundaries. His costume was pretty ordinary, just like how a 12 year old boy wears normally. All of a sudden in Part 2, We see him wearing a Chest revealing costume, not to say that all the characters were matured which gave them a certain muscle build. And he got really close to Naruto and speaks next to his ear.... 
It’s not about 2 boys standing close to each other... If only Sasuke did something like that to Sakura, the creep factor would’ve been peaked upto Infinity and that scene would’ve been touted as the Hottest scene in Manga/Anime History. Because it fulfills all the above points I mentioned above which gave a ‘Seducing’ Vibe.... Mostly because of Sasuke’s Costume.
For a Female Character, this section is not necessary because like I said before, A Skin revealing costume with Strange Pose is more than enough. But for a Male Character, an admiration or an unusual behaviour from a 2nd character is needed to pull off the desired effect. Just like how Karin was made to behave flirtatiously, Just like how Peggy Carter got nervous on seeing Cap’s body and Just like how Sasuke was drawn to give the ‘Femme Fatale’ vibe when standing next to Naruto.
Without the Second Character’s addition to react in a ‘certain’ way, Sexualizing Male Characters usually goes unnoticed or it won’t impact much. 
It’s all these nuances people can’t perceive instantly but sub-consciously they know that Sasuke is giving off some sexual vibes, even though the said character is fully unware of any of this. And by making Sakura, Ino and Karin wet over Sasuke for no honest reason other than his Chill and Sensual vibes, the characters from in-universe had Sexually Objectified him. 
It’s precisely for this reason we SNS fandom, when we criticize Sakura, we use this word, ‘Trophy to achieve’..... Usually, this term is mostly used for female characters whose sole purpose is to garner male gaze (wanking) and some strong guy will grab this girl as a Trophy. Here Sakura saw him as an Object to quench her desire and she got him in the end... Just like a trophy....
And that’s why SS fandom portrays him like Christian Grey even though Sasuke completely rejects every female advance throughout the series. This proves that they are shipping their Kween with him just for his looks but they never understood Sasuke as a character. Not even one bit.
And I think this is intentional from Kishimoto’s side, to mock those female characters especially Sakura and Karin who goes spraying wet on just seeing Sasuke without even knowing what he was going through. 
Generally in media, Women characters will be treated this way all of the time. Kishi wanted to break this trope and did it for his Main Male Character. LOL. And we are all blaming Kishimoto that he don’t know how to write women characters. Well, in Reality Sakura kind of characters exists..... And they are in huuuuge numbers.... They are the ones who are eagerly waiting for Sasuke Retsuden to be adapted by the Anime. And they don’t really care about Sasuke as a character just like their Kween. 
I agree he sexualized Tsunade for practical reasons because I heard that this thing is common in all Shounen Mangas. But I must appreciate him for he never Objectified her by making his male characters to go ‘AWWWW’ over her ‘prospects’... Except for Jiraiya & Killer Bee..... Well, They were always like that with every women. Whereas every other characters in-universe admired her as an Hokage with a revolutionary skills rather than a sexually objectified woman. 
It’s not the same case with Sasuke, though.... The main female character Sakura, Sexually-Objectified him, chased him relentlessly and finally got him forcefully... Why is this hypocrisy were never addressed??? Please don’t tell me it’s Kishimoto’s mistake to Sexualize Sasuke... This pathetic girl sexually objectified him back when he was just 12 starting from Chapter 3, where he was just a normal boy. 
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kaien-shibba · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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