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Naruto and Sasuke become good friends after being forced to work together on team 7. They like to be competitive, but its always for fun, and they are always watching out for each other (even if Sasuke would never admit it). When the chunin exams take place, Sasuke decides he wants more power and considers Orochimaru’s offer. He leaves to find the sound village, but Naruto chases after him to stop him. Will he be able to keep his best friend from leaving? What will happen when they find out the truth about his brother Itachi? The world will never know… till you read this fic.
Warning: Slow burn

AO3 and Wattpad: ali3nb0y


Hi, this chapter is coming a bit later than expected cause there is A Lot going on in my life right now (as I’m sure there is with everyone’s lives). I hope you enjoy more Naruto and Sasuke interactions. I really enjoyed writing this one. (Chapter title is Yung and Dum by Issues)


Chapter 3: Yung and Dum

Sasuke headed back into town after a late evening of training in the woods. Itachi had promised to help him train, but had never shown up, so Sasuke spent the evening practicing his aim on his own. He had gotten pretty good, and was excited to show his big brother the next day, hopefully before he left for whatever his big mission was. He was so proud of his brother for making ANBU. 

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Sakura: Yikes this reminds me of the time you got nailed in front of everyone by Nagato I-

Naruto *scared for his life: Sakura please stop

Sasuke *glaring at Naruto

Sakura: Yeah it was scary! He was on the ground pinned down and-


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It’ll never stop tragically funny how in the last VoTE Sasuke kept insisting, wanting to know how Naruto feels about him, vainly hoping that Naruto would finally admit the undying passion he has for Sasuke, but nope, Naruto used the friendzone card for the 4th time or something, so Sasuke went like “Welp, time to go on a journey of self-discovery and impregnate the first desperate woman that would offer her vagina to me”.

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I always had that dilemma of not knowing who Kakashi‘s best friend is. Is it Obito, whom Kakashi himself referred to as such, or rather Gai, who stayed with him all these years and deeply cares for him?

Same goes for Naruto, he says Sasuke‘s his best friend, but let’s be honest, Shikamaru does so much more for him.

Anyways, then I realized I‘m dumb and that my question is totally irrelevant because Gai and Sasuke obviously are their boyfriends, duh.

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for rinchandesu8 on twitter - some canonverse, established relationship date-y or domestic goodness. I hope it does you justice! From this!

It was another one of their evening walks. 

    Sasuke had taken them alone, usually, in his first few uncomfortable years back—or close to—Konoha. The night sky tended to hide some thoughts and pull forth others, and Sasuke liked to take the time to think. He needed it, some days—and craved it others. It was a gentle solitude—in stark contrast to the hostile loneliness the nights had used to bring—and although it had been filled with a thoughtful quiet…

    Sasuke had never quite been alone.

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