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nothing to post, only sasunaru forehead touch<3
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captnjacksparrow · 2 days ago
Hi once again sparrow :D so I've been trying to wrap my mind around why Sakura loves Sasuke so much in part2. Care I'd understand, crush maybe as well but such romantic devotion not rly. Briefly I thought it was hypocritical of me to bash on her and not on Naruto for his obsession, but it is different: they had an emotional bond and understand each other (it wasn't one sided) and Naruto was trying gasp how Sasuke feels about well... everything. So following same logic then Sakura got stuck on the bond she thought she formed which she didn't realize was onesided (I never got the impression she understood Sasuke; he might care for her as a teammate but idk if tenten was on team 7 I think it'd be same); trust me, i tried to come up with logical not degrading explanation, but in the end it always came to: she's delusional about whole thing. Ik we always love someone due to something, so I'm trying to find that something
I'm curious, what do you think about it?
Obsession is not wrong, Really!!! Everyone of us would have been obsessed about something in our lives at some point of time. Like Movies, TV series, Music, Celebrity Crush and whatnot.
But Sakura's obsession always carry certain sexual undertones which always repulse me and probably most of her haters. She really come off as a creep... Like Come on!! She never trusted Sasuke completely, She never tried to understand him and She never respected his feelings.... But she was insanely obsessed about him... All the while **Insert her wanting to steal his Kiss** and **Insert her wanting to see the dick** and **Insert her wanting to travel with him during his Atonement Journey despite her skills being needed by many people**.
So, What gives???
She just needs his D and wants to play King and Queen game with him by making Prince and Princess!!!
Romantic feelings means having some amount of emotional attraction as well as some physical attraction towards someone. But Sakura totally forgot about the Emotional Attraction part and focused only on the Physical Attraction...
Ik we always love someone due to something, so I'm trying to find that something
When asked for that 'Something', Kishimoto literally told that 'The reason why Hinata came to like Naruto was clear. But there is no real reason as to why Sakura likes Sasuke and I tried to give something but I know it would sound contrived... She was addicted to Sasuke'
Tumblr media
So, Even if you find some reason... there won't be anything because there's none.
But if I have to give a logical reason... I would simply say, Sakura wants to become popular by leeching off the Popularity and Attention, which Sasuke receives from everyone around him. She was bullied by everyone because of her Forehead. But then, she saw Sasuke who was Handsome and Popular.... And thought that if she could sway him, then her peers would be jealous of her and starts to respect her existence because 'She is the Girl who took the Handsome man of Konoha from the Prestigious Uchiha Clan, Uchiha Sasuke'.
This can be further ascertained by this panel
Tumblr media
"Who does she think she is?"
Look at the Girls who were totally jealous about Sakura... All because she got the chance to sit near him. Imagine if only Sakura got the official status of Sasuke's Girl Friend!!!! This is the kind of attention Sakura wants...
Its very stark contrast to how Naruto felt about Sasuke. He always wanted to be an equal standing next to Sasuke. And he want to be recognized as Naruto who is very similar to Sasuke in terms of Skills and Strength but not as Naruto who is a friend of Sasuke.
And that's why Sakura ended up doing that Uchiha Sakura and decorating Uchiha Clan crest all over her house. She attaches her self-worth with another Boy and I think that twisted mindset became an obsession mixed with delusion which you can call it as 'Addiction'.
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maoam · 20 hours ago
Hinata: *confesses to Naruto*
Naruto: *spends the next night awake thinking about Sasuke*
Sakura: *confesses to Naruto*
Naruto: *rejects her and tells her he is chasing Sasuke for Sasuke’s sake, not for her sake*
Naruto: *repeats what Hinata said to him to Sasuke, says they'll die together if it comes to that*
Like seriously guys...
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sasukexplicit · 16 hours ago
the way he looks at naruto is different
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madarathediva · 21 hours ago
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Can't stop thinking, was Sasuke the one who came sit next to Naruto or was it Naruto??🤔
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sneezemonster15 · 22 hours ago
Wait, what do you mean when you say Sarada's conceiving was shady?
Hi anon.
Reason one - Sakura looks so damn guilty everytime Sarada asks her about Sasuke.
Tumblr media
(Ik, sad looking slides, Canva would probably ban me forever if they saw them)
And even generally, like she really wants to keep the facade of her marriage going. She just gives a strong impression like she is hiding something. She looks guilty, like she is worried the truth will come out as a response to Sarada's queries. And she looks sad, but also conciliatory, just resigned to her fate of being a lonely, unloved woman who is lying to her only child.
If there was such a connection, she wouldn't have looked like this. Instead, she would have been assured and calm, confident in her 'connection'. If you know you are loved, if you are secure in the knowledge that you are loved, you wouldn't be fearful of people pointing fingers at you. And no one exemplifies this better than Naruto.
Tumblr media
Reason 2 - Sasuke looks really uncomfortable around her. Like he doesn't wanna be reminded of his miserable life with her. It has always been clear to any reader with half a mind that Sasuke never had any love for Sakura. He never respected her, he never really thought of her as a friend, he is never happy to see her, doesn't even crack a smile. At most, he thought of her as a team member when he was still a part of team seven. However, all his interactions with Sakura clearly show that he has a very low opinion of her. He doesn't even like her or tolerate her touch. She is just annoying as far as he is concerned, devoid of sensitivity, dignity, integrity and concern for others. Especially Naruto.
I really find it hard to believe that Sasuke willingly slept with Sakura. Like hell naw. I have a feeling that she tricked him and trapped him into marrying her. Does she have the kind of duplicitous and manipulative personality to be able to do such a thing? I mean apart from the fact that she used to have an inner Sakura, we also have this among many other examples, among one of the most recent ones. Brainwashing Sarada about Ino, Ino, the first person in school who was kind to Sakura, first person to befriend Sakura. Smh.
Tumblr media
I think she masterminded a situation where Sasuke had no choice but to marry her, maybe for the sake of Sarada. Why else would he say that Sarada is the reason for his connection to Sakura?
Tumblr media
And unpopular opinion but idgaf, I think Sasuke looks uncomfortable around Sarada as well. Like she reminds him of his association with Sakura, a life he never wanted in the first place. It also doesn't help that he dismisses Sarada's questions and concerns quite easily. Sure, he is goal oriented and is focusing on his mission. But this is his child, that he has met after a decade. How come he has so many soft expressions when he meets Naruto but for Sarada he has none? Towards the end, when he hugs her, I got the impression that he just took things in perspective, since he had some time to think about it since Sarada came to visit him, when he was taken by surprise. It's not Sarada's fault that he is in such a sad predicament. But he is still distant with Sakura.
Tumblr media
I really wish Sarada had asked Sakura - Mom, why didn't he respond to you? Or at least say something?
I would have liked to see what Sakura would have said. Heheh. But Kishi would never be that explicit. He really wouldn't. How do we know?
Tumblr media
So here, Sasuke is about to give some explanation as to why he is never around. It would have cleared a lot of things because Sasuke isn't Sakura. He would not have lied about his reasons, he might have softened the blow for Sarada's sake, but he would have told the truth. Or at least he would have given some solid indication as to their situation. It's even more incriminating that Sakura here looks nervous, as if she is worried about what he might end up saying. The truth.
But it would have been too explicit. So what did Kish do? He justified cutting off Sasuke's explosive revelation with this.
Tumblr media
Shin attacks and cuts Sasuke's speech off. Was the timing deliberate? No doubt it was. Very convenient. Very clever actually. Drop the audience a hint but let them fill the empty spaces themselves because he is writing a shounen battle manga. He has been doing shit like this since chapter three of part one. Red herrings, smokescreens, subterfuge, strategic distractions, that's how Kish rolls. At least in Naruto.
Reason 3 - Kishi's repeated allusions that Karin might be Sarada's mother. The way I see it, Karin isn't the mother. Basically I can't imagine Sasuke sleeping willingly with any woman. Because he is gay. And in love with Naruto.
But Kishi really didn't have to drop this angle in here. It is kinda sensationalistic and slightly inappropriate for shounen, adultery being the theme here. But well, he never leaves an opportunity to diss SS. He certainly tried his best to show SS in extremely bad light, like Sasuke and Sakura's so called connection is so precarious (as it's non existent), that even Naruto, Suigetsu and Sarada believed for a moment that Sakura might not be the mother. Makes SS look very sordid, doesn't it? Juxtapositioning Sarada and Karin's faces, dropping veiled insults like Sakura chased Sasuke, he could have just made Karin say that they traveled together. Aren't Karin and Sakura friends? Wouldn't Karin be expected to have a charitable opinion on how Sakura snagged Sasuke? Hehehe. Yeah, things don't add up unless you decode Kishi's devilish ministrations.
Tumblr media
Also, the issue of the umbilical cord only serves in making SS and especially Sakura look even more Sasuke crazy. Like she was still traveling with him, living in caves and forests, as she was heavily pregnant? Sasuke wouldn't have returned to Konoha for her sake, but she could have returned for Sarada's. It's a Japanese tradition for the mothers to keep the umbilical cord safely. Many other Asian countries have the same tradition, the idea being umbilical cord is the physical and spiritual connection between the mother and the unborn baby, it's sacred, it's symbolic, it's meaningful. But Sakura didn't keep it, Karin did. So what is Kishi trying to say here? That Sasuke is more important to Sakura than her own child. She would keep an old picture of Sasuke (which she perhaps took from Karin) which doesn't even include her but not the cord. Makes you think. That Sakura is still the same, even after becoming a mother. Addicted to Sasuke. It's just so sad.
Anyway, with the way Kishi wrote Gaiden, since he couldn't write these established dynamics explicitly, he instead dropped allusions, hints, applied visual tricks and narrative devices, he used his personal arsenal of storytelling tools to colour SS as dysfunctional, unpleasant, superficial, a 'connection' only meant as a pretence for Sarada's sake. Including the story of her conception.
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LOL as u shld. i love this sm. wait until u see the rest…
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yodzo · 16 hours ago
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illustration for fanfiction🐶
(tumblr, don't hit me)
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lesyarei7 · a day ago
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📝Commission: Naruto and Ghost Sasuke
If you want your own commission too - 📩 message me at.  → Facebook • Instagram  •  DeviantART  • Twitter  
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fruitchakra · a day ago
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farewell, my one and only...
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captnjacksparrow · a day ago
Hello! A friend of mine doesn't ship SNS because they are "like brothers" to her and "Naruto is in general nice person and relates to many people and has many friends, he did a lot for Gaara and Obito too" and even she understands Sasuke is special, she says it was because "he was the first one Naruto related to". I'm a hardcore SNS shipper and no one will convince me otherwise but, well, she has a point.
Is Sasuke really that special for Naruto compared to his other "relatable friends"? Could anyone be at Sasuke's place if they were the first? Is their bond more than brothers' one? I for myself know answers to these questions but when I try to write them, they don't get out right + I really like your thoughts. Thank u for sharing them btw!
Hey @mauriccey
I don't know if you can make your friend to change their opinion about SNS, especially if they think that N and S are Brothers. Just in case, if you don't know, In Asian Culture.. If you take someone as your Brother, you should address them with proper Honorifics. In Japanese, it's 'Nii-San' if they are older... just like how Hinata calls Neji, Sai calls Shin, Konohamaru calls Naruto, Sasuke calls Itachi and Bee addresses his brother as 'Brother', Tobirama addressed his Brother Hashirama as ‘Anija’. Or if you want to call them generally as 'Bro' then it should be 'Kyodai'.
Naruto and Sasuke never addressed each other as such. It's in and of itself is a big Red Flag. In western culture, it's okay to call your siblings by your name but here it isn't (I know exceptions will always be there... But that’s the general norm). My Sister when she was 4 years old called me by my name jokingly and my parents punished her accordingly and from then on.... She always addresses me as 'Elder Sister'. 
[[P:S... Even if people don’t like their Siblings... They will still address their Siblings accordingly in front of others.... Sasuke when lying on Naruto’s lap in the Land of the Waves Arc... he used the term ‘Aniki’ to refer Itachi.]]
Plus, if N and S were Brothers.... There should be no oscillation in Naruto's feelings about whether Sasuke is his Brother or Bond or Friend or flat-out refusing 'Me and Sasuke are not Real Brothers'. 
Also, Sasuke shouldn't be asking 'What does Friend means to you?'. Brothers know it in their heart that they are Brothers at any time. There shouldn't be verification of these feelings. Have you ever seen Killer Bee asking Raikage, “What am I to you?”... “What does Brother means to you???”.... EWWW
Is their bond more than brothers' one?
I talked about it in detail in many of my posts... [Here].... [Here].... [Here].... [Here].... [Here]....[Here]
And I have written more than this too... But this is what I could find for now.
And If you want to know why Naruto said Sasuke was his Brother in VoTE1 & also in front of Itachi ‘I consider him as my brother more than you ever were’ and Sasuke said, 'I understand what you mean by Brother' in VoTE2... Look over here... [Link]
Even she understands Sasuke is special, she says it was because "he was the first one Naruto related to". Is Sasuke really that special for Naruto compared to his other "relatable friends"? Could anyone be at Sasuke's place if they were the first?
"Relatable Friends".... You mean ‘A Genius’ Sasuke vs A Dunce Naruto... Everyone revered him like a God Sasuke Vs Everyone treated him like a Pest Naruto..... Attracts every other Girls Sasuke vs No one gives a damn Naruto.... A Boy who once had a Family Sasuke Vs A Boy who had no one from the day he was born Naruto.... A Self-Aware Sasuke Vs Closeted Naruto...?????
Sasuke and Naruto has nothing in common and relatable. They are like Apples and Oranges. The only thing that connects them is 'Loneliness'... If Relatability was what made Naruto to go so far for Sasuke, then they have nothing.... to be realistic.
If anything, I would say, Gaara is more relatable to Naruto than Sasuke ever would be. Gaara and Shikamaru had more realistic conversation with Naruto that Sasuke ever had with him. N and S never had a good conversation in the entire 700 chapters. Don't you think it's weird for Naruto to go so far for a boy with whom he had no personal conversation with????
So, Sasuke is of course Special....
And also, Konoha is a Shinobi village. There might have been countless Orphans in that Village and yet he picked Sasuke out of all people. So, Sasuke was not the 'First Person to relate with' technically. But Sasuke was the first person to acknowledge him as a Person without any prejudice by throwing away a smile near that Lake Pier.
It's simply a Boy who got attracted to this Lonely boy and wanted to bond with him so badly but couldn't because of the difference. If N saw S just as his friend, then he wouldn't have hesitated to reach him out, you know. He would've just jumped at the first chance and be friends with him right away.
"Naruto is in general nice person and relates to many people and has many friends, he did a lot for Gaara and Obito too"
Naruto always saves other people because he couldn't leave someone alone who is very similar to him. Eg, Gaara who shares a similar life as Jinchurikki and Loneliness... Obito who is a Carbon copy of Naruto with Uchiha attributes.
Naruto's concept was like, 'I would have turned out to be just like you... If it weren't for Iruka Sensei...!!! So, I am giving you one more chance to come back from that dark place and stop doing whatever you were doing... '.
Apply these above words to Gaara and Obito... It would still match.
In Gaara's case, Naruto was literally threatening him to kill him if he don't stop his Rampage.
Tumblr media
His pupil has changed from a circle to a slit... indicates his emotions were heightened...
And don't even think that Sakura was among his important people. She became important in this context because Sasuke was in that team.
Because years later,
Tumblr media
He said this with such a gleeful face even after knowing Sasuke literally tried to kill Sakura.
Tumblr media
And he clearly says that his only bonds are Iruka and Sasuke.
So, Naruto saved Gaara by literally saying, "Stop this or I'll kill you". Because he wants to protect Sasuke (and Sakura)... And before saving Gaara, Sasuke actually acknowledged him that he is his precious comrade and that he was going to act as a decoy.... This acknowledgement was what gave him the resolve to fight back strongly.
When it comes to Obito though.....
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"But I can't forgive you for getting everyone involved in this... And continuing down your selfish path!!!.... Come back to us as Uchiha Obito of Konoha.... And accept your punishment...."
Here, Naruto is clearly empathizing with Obito but still he was asking him to pay for the crimes he committed so far. And also he was bringing up Rin's name in this. Almost like, "Think about how Rin would feel about your actions".
Can you say a moment where Naruto brought up Sakura's name in any of the conversation he had with Sasuke????? He could've literally said, "Think how Sakura-chan would feel about this??". (But Sasuke would’ve killed Naruto right then and there... But that’s another story)
Naruto saving Obito is very similar to how he saved Gaara. Very impersonal. To simply put, it's like, "Stop this Bullshit or I'll beat the shit out you"
However, when it comes to saving Sasuke...
Tumblr media
It's very personal. He wasn't doing this for Sakura or to save the Shinobi world. It was entirely for him... and Him Alone. As opposed to the lie he was spouting all those times.
Tumblr media
“How could I? I couldn’t even keep my promise to her...”
If he was saving Sasuke just like Gaara and Obito, what's the need for Naruto to lie in the first place????? It's very heroic and noble thing to save someone, isn't it??? So, Naruto has some other feelings he wanted to mask behind this lie....
Tumblr media
“I hate people who lie to themselves”
It's also not a coincidence that Naruto said this literally to Sakura's face when she was lying that she loves Naruto... Just like he lied about wanting to date her while clearly thinking about Sasuke and lying about this promise of bringing Sasuke back...
And in the End, Naruto finally says the reason as to why he was going so far for Sasuke...
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Even if you were to ask me to explain it... I honestly don’t think I’d really have an answer”
Seriously??? Naruto??? 
You were literally screaming during the War Arc that “My Friends give me Power”. Now why can’t you say that what is mean by a friend???? Friend means a person to hang out with and have fun... Is it so hard for you to say this???
I know he can’t... Because his feelings goes beyond Friendship....
It's simply that he had no reason to be honest. It's just that he was feeling deeply hurt inside whenever Sasuke was doing whatever he he did so far....
Did Naruto ever had a same conversation like this with either Obito or Gaara????
And finally this!!!!
Tumblr media
Naruto never offered to give up his life for anyone. Not for Gaara or Obito. IT’s just for Sasuke alone. 
This alone speaks volumes. And also he hyperventilated on the thought that Sasuke was going to be killed.
So, No.... Naruto saving Sasuke can’t even be comparable with what he did for Gaara or Obito. Anyone who didn’t notice these basic differences are either people who watched it for Fun or they are in total denial.
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within reach of the heart but too far apart on the documents
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madarathediva · 22 hours ago
Naruto said he hates Sasuke more than anyone but intentionally was sitting on the same bench with Sasuke on his first day at shinobi school as a genin. Hmm smells sussy
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sneezemonster15 · a day ago
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"Together, we will live with the sadness..
Tumblr media
..I will love you with all the madness in my soul."
Quote by - Koushun Takami
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dob-siki · 2 days ago
he blushed. ☺️
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demonictenshi-art · 2 days ago
Little altered now looks much better to me, please enjoy this little drawing of Naruto and Sasuke.
Used:- Clip Studio
Made:- 25.01.2022
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