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nyansatan · 2 days ago
thinking about MC and Satan baking together in matching ugly sweaters with a playlist they made together playing softly in the background...the kitchen is filled with their laughter, fleeting kisses, and the smell of freshly baked cookies
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Imagine that Mc already had a boyfriend when they came to DevilDom.
But during DevilDom's studies, Mc's boyfriend broke up with them. How do the brothers (who are 100% in love with mc) react?
@sophiaclover Thank you for your good ideas. I hope you don’t get upset when I used some of them in my writing.
Tumblr media
Well Mammon wouldn't be happy about this.
Lots of "Wasn't I your first and best man?" questions and complaint.
Let’s hope Mammon never meets your boyfriend. It doesn't end well.
And when he hears about this, Mammon finds it hard to hold back his joy.
Mammon would secretly hold a party in honor of this event.
He never liked your boyfriend.
Although Mammon has never met your boyfriend.
However, Mammon will "try" to comfort you.
So he's just talking shit about your boyfriend.
But at least he's "trying"...? I guess.
Mammon would also start with "subtle" clues as to how he would be a better boyfriend.
" Don't worry Mc the great Mammon is here to comfort you."
Tumblr media
" Oooooooh this is just like anime "My love stupid normie boyfriend left them and now they can fall in love with me" *Blushing* N-no Mc I didn't come up with this name. it's real anime."
Leviathan wouldn’t be happy when he found out you have a boyfriend.
He would be really jealous.
It’s certainly clear that Leviathan doesn’t like your “normie” boyfriend.
( It doesn’t matter even if your boyfriend isn’t the normie. Levi still calls him Normie )
And when she hears that your boyfriend left you, Levi is secretly happy.
( He knows it's not right but Levi hopes you choose "no normie" boyfriend next time. )
The best remedy for heartache is, of course, anime.
Maybe you’d like to watch it with your “best friend”.
Tumblr media
If you didn’t know how lazy Belphie is, you could be sure this is a conspiracy developed by him, Lucifer, and Satan.
Belphie really doesn’t have the idea that you have a human boyfriend.
Or really, he doesn’t like other humans than you.
And when your boyfriend leaves you, Belphie "subtly" rubs the salt on the wounds.
He hopes you choose a better boyfriend next time.
But if I said Belphie wouldn’t be angry I would be lying.
While he's happy, Belphie still wants to murder that person who hurt you.
Because he needs someone’s excuse to vent his anger at humanity.
Belphie is trying to comfort you but he’s not very good at it.
But he's not very good at it.
So Belphie just hugs you in silence.
He cares about you but can't express it.
" Y/N Come hereeee. Hug me so you feel better. If you sleep you can’t think of them or be sad "
Tumblr media
" Y / N Can I do something to make you feel better? I think you deserve better man than him "
Well, Lucifer didn't plan this.
His only purpose was to make sure your boyfriend always treats you well.
Because you are special and Lucifer believes you belong to him.
Because Lucifer thinks Pact = ownership
Maybe it wouldn’t have been worth going to intimidate and intimidate that person with an rough little brother.
On the other hand, Lucifer and Satan are demons so what exactly did you expect?
And now Lucifer has a good "excuse" to get rid of your boyfriend.
He really isn’t the best of all to comfort you.
But he will offer you soothing tea in his office if you want it.
Lucifer also makes sure you get to recover from the shock in peace.
He will get you permission to be out of school for the rest of the week.
You can thank him later.
Tumblr media
Well this is definitely not going to end well.
We can believe that Satan and Lucifer are the biggest reasons why your boyfriend wanted to broke up with you.
It’s said though that they “accidentally” met your boyfriend in the human world and told him in very detail what they were going to do to him if he ever hurt you.
Two demons can be very threatening.
That’s definitely the reason your boyfriend broke up with you.
And now Satan is fucking angry.
Someone is going to die for sure.
Satan will try his best to comfort you.
He uses all the psychological means and ways he has learned.
Of course, you never know his part.
And maybe that's better.
" Y / N I brought some cats that are sure to cheer you up. Cats always make everything better. "
Tumblr media
Asmo really doesn’t have the idea that you would have a boyfriend.
Who knows if that boyfriend is loyal to you.
Maybe he can be “faithful” when you’re close but loneliness makes a humans do “immoral” things.
Asmo really knows what he's talking about.
So as soon as your boyfriend has left you Asmo is there with handkerchiefs.
He was able to sense your heartache.
And Asmo is wiping your tears and comforting you.
You can be sure that your ex boyfriend will then have a very negative reputation in Devildom.
If they ever get in Devildom everyone would hate them.
Because if you can’t destroy your enemies physically you can always destroy their reputation by talking shit about them.
" Y/N Dear don't cry they're not worth your tears. Don't worry honey I can make you feel better."
Tumblr media
Oh Beelzebub’s heart breaks when he realizes you already have a boyfriend.
But he’s really trying to be happy for you.
Beel is indeed trying.
The most important thing is that you are happy.
And when your boyfriend leaves you you are clearly not happy.
Beel is really sad and angry.
He would really like to eat that man who broke your heart.
If you were really sad, Beel might even ask Lucifer for permission to do so.
Let’s hope Lucifer says no or nothing is left of your ex boyfriend.
Of course, Beel makes sure you never get to know his "idea."
And of course he will comfort you and listen to you if you need it.
"Mc you have to eat something. Come on now it will make you feel better. I promise that"
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otakusheep15 · a day ago
Smut Visuals
I’ve seen other people do these, so I wanted to try them for myself. I won’t be including the new characters since I’m not as familiar with them, but I’ll most likely add them later on. 
I included both amab and afab versions cause I was never able to find any amab ones myself
Afab MC
Amab MC
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abn-iiblis · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Methods of Spell Work To Banish: • Burning to ashes and sweeping away the ashes • Cast out a window, down a cliffside, etc • Bury it and spit on the spot To Bind: • Wrap in black thread • Cover in wax or other material • Seal in jar and hide in dark spot To Hide: • Wrap in ribbon • Place in a (painted) black jar or other container • Cover in cloth or other material and bury To Encourage: • Plant or bury near the front door/steps • Plant or bury near a window • Place near a window To Communicate*: • Anoint a candle • Leave out an offering • Meditate • Open the front door and/or windows To Glamour: • Leave under the full moon • Work with its reflection To Cleanse: • Bury in salt • Burn herbs and pass through the smoke • Let it bathe in the moonlight To Protect: • Leave sigils/wards on doors and windows • Carry sigils/wards on every day items (keys, phone case, etc) • Enchant jewelry with protection spell *: Communication with deities, spirit guides, etc #witch #pagan_witch #witchcraft #green_witch #witchythings #baby_witch #beginner_witch #kitchen_witch #witches #witchery #witches_of_the_world #witchblr #witchbound #witchbasics #witch_blog #witch_basics #witch_community #witch_content #witch_culture #pagan #pagancommunity #paganism #eclectic_pagan #eclectic_wicca #pagan_culture #pagan_community #magick #magic #spellwork #Abn Iiblis
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vyaaa · 2 days ago
How they text (Part 1)
Genre: General with a side o' crack
Warnings: GN MC, can be read as platonic or romantic, exactly two really bad cat puns in Satan's section, post is a lil long, Belphie being a bother to everyone at exactly 4 A.M, Solomon is god, spoiler in the tags but it's very vague.
A/N: I ended up making Satan's and Beel's longer than the others' (ಥ﹏ಥ). but yeah have a good time, and tell me if you want any tags to be added or want to be tagged! Side dateables version will probably be posted tomorrow, but maybe even later on today if I'm feeling up to it. god this sucked all of my energy
Part 2?
· . loading . . [ ✎ . .Demon brothers ]
Tumblr media
He prefers calls over text, he claims it's so that he can relay information better and answer all your doubts in one go but we all it's cause he can't use his D.D.D properly with his gloves.
The gloves are for aesthetic purposes he can't just DISCARD them you rapscallion
As dry a texter as the cake my brother made this morning he's trying his best
His replies often just consist of 'Yes' or 'No', and maybe a 'Call me if you have any issues with it'
He usually just texts reminders for who has what chore assigned to them this week, and just, stuff like that.
Perfect grammar and spelling, lowkey gets mad when someone drops the 'k' bomb in the group chat.
He probably reads all the texts from the notification bar, just sitting aside and watching the chaos with a headache.
Except yours.
It's not even romantic he feels the constant need to keep an eye on you because baby you are a chaos magnet
*cough* and his brothers are the chaos*cough*
Much sarcasm, such sass-
Once he accidentally sent a message meant for Diavolo on the chat and it was one telling him that no there will be no party later this week and the whole chat complained about it.
He sends a lot of audio messages.
Mostly because he doesn't have the patience to type in all his thoughts.
You know to remove your earphones the minute you get a notification from him because mans is loud.
When he texts, the spelling is a lil' wonky, but when I tell you his punctuation is perfect-
Try texting him a 'k' in response and he'll be pacing all over his room trying to figure out a proper reply to that, then end up just. not replying. or giving a 'damn right!'.
He is also a primary source for all the Lucifer Tea TM, he probably asks for grim in return for it tho, until he eventually relents and tells you all of it in like. fifteen seconds.
Although you will never catch him talking about his elder brother out of text, not even in the audio clips, because he is a little paranoid of him hearing it and hanging him up from the ceiling like a damn decoration again.
Lot of Bestie vibes from his texts ngl
He sends you vines a lot, and once you and him decided to just talk in meme language all day, made everyone have a migraine.
Prefers text over calls, however there are times when he just calls you up so he can listen to your voice if you've been away from him long, and he just hums in reply.
Doesn't text as much as you'd think, since he mostly has his attention pulled away from his D.D.D and onto the videogame or anime he's currently hyperfixating on.
Lot's of acronyms, average grammar, he can't spell 'definitely'
When he's done with his most recent fanart he likes to send it to you via text, he just feels a lot more confident showing you something he's made without being able to see your expressions, since he does have a habit of somehow reading every expression as disappointment.
Please never respond to him with 'k' or something of the sort he will cry
He manually mutes every chat and contact while gaming, except for yours because he knows if there's anything actually serious going on, even if it's already said in the group chat, you'd text him.
Tell him some cheesy pick up line and get a reply ten minutes later after all the screeching from his room (that everyone can hear but pretend they don't) dies down.
You and him sometimes exchange memes in the ungodly hours of the night and wake up next morning absolutely sleep deprived but cultured.
Mans isn't even my favorite but I was really hyped to write his HCs down.
Prefers calls over text mostly so that he can multitask between reading his book, drinking his tea, and talking to you. However he does switch to text from time to time for the chaos.
Okay so his grammar, and punctuation is purrfect, but he makes sure to add puns in at least every five texts.
Lucifer prefers executing his dad jokes in physical form (like when he literally froze Goldie), while Satan prefers verbal jokes so that he can see the look of horror forming on Levi and Asmo's face as they realize they've been smacked right on the face with a pun. again.
He uses tone indicators and everyone in the chat is grateful for it 'cause even irl people can't make out if he's sarcastic or not.
He send you book recs now and then, and you both often discuss about the ones you two have read in text when you're not able to drop by his room.
Now, because Satan doesn't want people to see him as a Lucifer copy, you occasionally can spot how his texting style sorta changes now and then. One week it was more acronyms, another it was audio clips, and in another he gave you full on paragraphs. Just reassure him and tell him to do just what he feels like in the moment, and that he's his own person regardless of how he acts.
Sometimes he responds with a 'k' just so the whole house of lamentation gets infuriated with him, he's got screenshots of people having a meltdown about it.
Another one who prefers call over text, he jokes about how you should be grateful that you're getting to hear his voice so much, but he just adores to listen to you talk.
Isn't online much, claiming it isn't good for his eyes or smth, but when he is, he's the main hype man of any and all drama going on.
CEO of judging you via text, but he'll turn it down if anyone's visibly uncomfortable with it.
I've just realized it but he gives HIGH 'Elder sister TM' vibes in text-
Uses kaomojis and a lot of aesthetic symbols on the daily, you won't catch him dead using an emoji tho.
Quite possibly a 'I'll kill you♥' texter.
Ironically uses 'teehee' in messages.
But his sarcasm game is >>>>>>
He mostly texts about stuff you should try out that he didn't get to tell you when you both were hanging out earlier in the day, while gossips and such are told to you directly.
Sends you pictures of outfit designs he's thought of at two AM
But other than that he isn't online in the night, has to get a sufficient amount of sleep, 'ya know?
Sends you links of beauty products as well, kind of spams you with them because he's happy he's getting to share stuff like this with you because his brothers just don't get the concept of self care.
My baby boy, my little meow meow, my gentle giant, my pretty lil bumble bee-
He prefers just. meeting you up. If he ever feels like talking he'll just knock on your door and chat.
However the times he does text, his spelling is immaculate, however he forgets to put in his commas.
Somewhere between dry texter and not, he doesn't say much but he sure ain't going around distributing 'ok's as responses unlike his twin
He forgets stuff a lot, so he sometimes texts you about stuff he's got to do for the day and thanks to his habit of checking the chat on the daily to make sure he's not ignoring anybody, he gets a gentle reminder on what he's gotta do next.
He does text to you about some restaurants he'd like to go to with you, he finds it a little awkward to ask you in person so
Often texts the wrong people assuming they're someone else. But he never really texts stuff that's 'juicy' so mostly no one notices, and if he's going somewhere with you and Belphie instead of just you and him, he's got no complaints.
And speaking of, he chats with you and Belphie the most, you're both his top two and end up receiving texts meant for the other quite often.
He's assigned everyone their own personal ringtone, it's sort of irrelevant to this post but I just though of it and-
*Toxic by Britney Spears starts playing* "*dead serious face*Asmo needs me"
I love him but I want to bully him so mUCH-
The driest texter of the millenia, he just opens his eyes to a noise from the chat that he forgot to mute, types in a 'k', and goes back to sleep.
Mostly very angry on chat because how dare y'all wake him up just to see you all argue about who's the chaddest of them all??? clearly he's the most 'chad' guy MC'll ever see
Except with Beel and you, then he's just 'you're doing amazing sweetie'
But he has this ritual that no one speaks of, one that must never be shared, one that people are ashamed of sharing even if they haven't done anything
He's asleep the whole day, then at four A.M sharp, he send memes to every. singly. person in H.O.L, not even you can escape his sleepy twink wrath. And everyone keeps their sound on before going to bed, he takes full advantage of it. Then once he sees the messages have been read, he waits for a minute and deletes them.
Everyone is so confused in the morning, they're sure they had seen the endless amounts of memes coming from Belphie's chat, but whenever they check after they've woken up completely and are ready to start the day, they're not,,,,there.
And no one questions him. Or talks about it with the others. Except Solomon. Solomon knows.
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animeomegas · 14 hours ago
The most likely to least likely to like a love letter in bed for obey me if there's still space 🙏🙏🙏
(Of course! Enjoy~)
N-sfw under cut
Satan - Satan would love for you to read him a love letter during sex. The cheesier the better. He's a huge fan of regency themed erotic literature and that was honestly how he learnt about sex, so it really gets him going. It makes him feel like a main character in one of the novels he loves and he gets very, very into it. It doesn't even really matter what you say in it, the fact that you wrote it down (bonus points if you used a quill and parchment) is enough for him. If you go all out, candles and rose petals too, Satan may faint like the maiden he lowkey wishes he could be.
"When you focus on something you love, your eyes glisten like sunlight dancing on calm green waters and I'm drawn to you, no matter how hard I may resist."
Satan's vision was hazy and he knew his eyes were unfocused. He'd imagined himself in this scene so many times but it was so much better in real life. Your touch on his skin and your words in his ears mixed in a way that made every inch of him tingle.
Simeon - Simeon knows how difficult and passionate writing can be and he values pieces of literature greatly. The fact that you took the time to write your thoughts about him down and read them for him fills him with love, and nothing makes Simeon as horny as genuine feelings 😌 He'll cum very quickly if you do this, but finishing the letter in the afterglow, while he rests his head on your chest, sounds just as good to him.
"My sweet Simeon, I can no longer fathom what life was like before I met you and even attempting to imagine a life without you causes me great pain. Every day, every minute, every moment I'm with you is bliss, like coming up for air after living underwater."
Simeon couldn't supress the whimpers at your words. He could feel his own chest burn with the love he felt for you in return. This wasn't just sex, it was making love. He shuddered from head to toe. It was perfect.
Asmo - He didn't think he'd like it as much as he does. Feelings don't have to exist for sex to be good, he knows that better than anyone, so why would you waste your time reading a letter for him when your mouth can be put to... better uses 😏 But when you start to speak about him in a way that no one ever has before, his eyes burn with tears and he pushes himself as close to you as possible. It feels different to any of his other partners, it feels... special. He feels special. Cherished even. And now, touches he's felt a million times before feel new and electric in the best possible way.
"You're so special Asmo, and I'm reminded of that every time I see you. When I hold you in my arms I'm so grateful to my past self for making decisions that brought me to you, because there is no one like you, that I can say for sure. You're perfect, inside and out."
Asmo felt a sob crawling up his throat but he supressed it. Crying during sex could be sexy, but sobbing a bit less so. He just didn't know what to do with himself. He felt warm and loved and special. He wanted to show you how much you also meant to him.
Mammon - Mammon's self esteem can be shaky at times, so he loves to be praised in bed. Every time you call him a good boy, you can almost see the wagging tail behind him, so a letter full of compliments is something he enjoys. Don't make it too wordy, he has some issues concentrating when you're fucking him, but something simple will make him flush all over and enthusiastically clench around you. Mammon loves nothing more than being a good boy. The fact that you've written the words on a physical piece of paper will also trigger Mammon's greed and make him desperate to please you so that you'll let him keep the letter.
"You're so amazing, Mammon. So perfect, so handsome, so funny. There's no one like you. No one I love like I love you."
Mammon preened under your praised. You'd gone out of your way to write something about him. His greed flared up suddenly. He wanted that letter, he needed it. It was about him, right? So, it should be his.
Diavolo - He does enjoy you reading a love letter for him in bed, but don’t expect to get very far before he tries to spontaneously dictate his own about you. Diavolo is eager to praise you in return, so a short letter works best for him. He often feels isolated and excluded, so a love letter like this makes him feel seen and treasured in the way he craves so much. The letter doesn’t make him horny as such, but it does make him very, very enthusiastic, and marathon sex always follows. He’s insatiable after a love letter. 
“Dia, my dearest love, I’ve become so addicted to your love in the time I have known you. When I’m away from you, I feel nothing but desperation to return to you-” 
“Me too!” Diavolo interjected, wrapping his legs around your waist to pull you closer to him. “I want you with me all the time, forever.”
Levi - He likes them in theory, but in practice, he can’t really handle one, it’s too much, he would simply be too embarrassed. But, if you gifted him a love letter, he’d hide away in his bath in the middle of the night, blushing and squealing, and most definitely masturbating by the end. 
‘There is no one I’d rather be with than you, Levi. No one I’d rather play video games with, no one I’d rather hang out with, no one I’d rather love.’
As Levi read the words, a high pitched whine escaped into the darkness of his room. His face felt like a furnace, but he felt elated. You wanted him, not someone else. Him. Only him. His cock started to strain his underwear as he tightened the grip on the letter. Fuck.
Barbatos - He would cherish a love letter from his mate, but I’m not sure it would do anything for him in bed. But he finds it adorable and he would keep it safe forever. Just imagine the little blush that would dust his cheeks as he reads your words. I think he’d like a love letter that focused on the smallest parts of his personality and little quirks. He’s incredibly powerful and important, but when he’s with you, he just wants to feel small and insignificant for a moment. Nothing about his powers or his duties, just him. 
Lucifer - He feels much the same way as Barbatos actually. He would cherish a love letter, although you’d have to be fairly deep into a relationship with him before he felt it appropriate. Lucifer would reread it often, and he’d honestly be happy to amass a small collection over the length of your relationship. I don’t think it makes him horny though, more often than not it makes him want to sit and drink with you or cuddle by the fireplace, or eat dinner together. The letters make him yearn for soft things and gentle conversation. 
Beel - Reading Beel a love letter in bed sort of turns into a negative cycle. You read the letter, Beel feels horny, Beel gets distracted because he’s horny and can’t focus on the words properly, Beel misses part of the letter, Beel feels guilty for not appreciating something you worked hard on properly, the guilt supresses the horniness. Game over. He would absolutely adore a normal love letter though, especially if you sat him down and read it to him. It makes him feel so soft and squishy. 
Belphie - Like Beel, he would also get distracted. Unlike Beel, he doesn’t really feel guilty. In his mind, you should be the one feeling guilty for interrupting the sex. How’s he supposed to get off if you put him to sleep with a speech? He’s such an asshole lmao. 
“When you wake up from a nap, hair perfectly tousled into the cutest bed head I’ve ever- Belphie did you just fall asleep?!” 
“Hmm?” Belphie blinked up at you blearily. 
“I hate you so much and I’m burning this letter.”
Solomon - Even worse than Belphie. Sure, he won’t fall asleep, but he will laugh, which is probably worse. It’s too sincere for him, he can’t handle it without bursting out into peals of laughter. 
“Darling, there’s really no need for such a dramatic reaction.” 
“Nope, I’m burning it, now you’ll never know what it said.” 
“I promise you, I didn’t mean to laugh.” 
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satanourunholylord · 2 days ago
If anyone's got anything to do with this pro-pedophilia, pro-rape, pro-incest, pro-murder etc. "xenosatanism" stuff, or is just pro any of that stuff in general, block me. I'm literally so against this that it isn't even funny and I need to make it clear that you're not welcome on this blog.
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nyansatan · 2 days ago
Hi!! Could you do a GN!MC with the demon Brothers with a MC who's love language is physical touch??
sure thing!! thanks for requesting and i hope you like these :]
He isn't used to physical touch but he is also incredibly touch starved, so he would have mixed feelings about this at first. Lucifer wouldn't know how to react the first times MC shows him affection with hand-holding or fleeting kisses but gets used to it pretty quickly. He may act like he doesn't care for physical touch when in reality he is yearning for more, more, more.
Lucifer is a quick learner and picks up on things fast, so he might start showing his affection through small touches and gestures as well. Nothing too grand though, he has a reputation to uphold.
Would rather have MC show their love only to him through touches and other gestures, he isn't too fond of the idea of his brothers getting to cuddle up and touch MC as well. Of course, he won't say anything if MC also shows their platonic affection to his brothers with hugs and cuddles, but he definitely isn't a fan of it either and he might even get clingy when the two of them are alone.
He would become a flustered mess every time MC touches him in any way. At first, claims that he hates it and that he doesn't want MC clinging onto him but in reality, he too is very touch starved and loves to have MC close to him. MC better have patience with him as it will take a while before Mammon will admit to liking physical touch.
Though, MC better not do these things with anyone else! He is the only one who gets to enjoy hugs and kisses from MC, none of his brothers can have any, nope! If MC does get physical with one of his brothers, no matter how platonic and insignificant it is, Mammon will get jealous and he will get pouty. He will give MC silent treatment too but it lasts for like two minutes before he breaks.
Will quickly warm up to casual touches like swinging his arm around MC's shoulder or holding their hand when they are out in public. Mammon will start to expect physical affection daily and he will object if MC hasn't given him enough affection. He isn't the avatar of greed for no reason and he will get greedy about this, too.
Poor Levi nearly pops a vein in his head the first time he received physical affection from MC. No literally, his face goes so red and he stops breathing for a good moment, it was quite concerning.
Levi would have a difficult relationship with this love language as he does crave physical closeness and likes it even, but he also firmly believes that he is too gross for such a normie thing and wonders if MC is being genuine with their affection or if it's just a sick prank. It will take a while before Levi gets comfortable with MC's love language and it takes a lot of reassuring from MC as well that Levi isn't gross and they genuinely want to hold his hand in public and no they don't care if his hands get sweaty.
He would get really bummed out if he sees MC give similar affection to his brothers. Like, really bummed out. MC better not go hugging others or hold their hand because even though Levi might not say anything about it, he will retreat to his room and isolate himself. It's important for him to be special to MC since MC is the most important to him!
He seems pretty nonchalant and cool about physical touch but really he is freaking out inside. Freaking out as in gushing about the fact that MC is touching him. He is one of those people who will replay a scene of his knee touching MC's several times in his head before bed. So believe me when I say that his man would have a hard time keeping himself together whenever MC as much as holds his hand.
As soon as MC starts to show their affection through touches, Satan will also have the guts to put a casual hand on their shoulder or give them a kiss goodbye. He likes to have MC close and he isn't afraid to make it known either - at least not to MC.
He will tolerate MC being physical with his brothers, all except Lucifer. Firmly believes MC will get cooties from him. Though, if MC has been hanging out with his brothers too much or been too buddy buddy with them, Satan will claim MC as his and bring them to his room and cling to them.
This love language is right up his alley because Asmodeus is the same. He isn't shy about his affections either. If MC is comfortable with it, he will cling to them most of the time, play with their hair, hold their hand, give them small kisses...and no, he doesn't care if they are in a meeting with the demon lord himself.
Honestly, he is just happy that someone shares his love language and appreciates the fact that he is pretty affectionate. Asmo would be over the moon whenever MC initiates physical contact and he will appreciate every hug and kiss passes between them.
He will be fine with MC showing their affection to his brothers through touches. After all, he is affectionate with other people too, so it doesn't bother him too much. He knows that in MC's heart he is number one!
This man loves physical contact, so he warmly welcomes all and any affection MC has to offer. Really, he is like a giant teddy bear who loves to have those he loves close to him. You can practically see little hearts float above his head whenever MC pats his head or wraps their arms around him.
MC will soon notice that they have a clingy Beel to deal with. Will casually come behind them, wrap his arms around them and prop his chin on top of MC's head if they are shorter than him. Will insist MC use him as their personal chair during movie nights. Will cuddle and cling to MC when they share a bed. He just really loves affection, okay?
Much like Asmo, he doesn't care if MC is touchy with his brothers. Though, he would prefer if it was him instead. Thinks it's adorable when Belphie and MC are cuddly together, often ends up joining them because he doesn't want to be left out.
He welcomes MC's love language with open arms, though he will tease them about it too, but lovingly as if he doesn't show his love through touches as well. His favorite is to cuddle up with MC and take naps together with MC's arms wrapped around him. He also isn't above using MC's thighs as his pillow.
Belphie is surprisingly affectionate when they are alone or it's just him, Beel, and MC. He doesn't mind being close and physical at all and at times he ever gets cranky if he doesn't get enough affection from MC.
He doesn't mind if MC is affectionate towards Beel, but isn't a fan of the rest of his brothers getting too touchy with MC. Or MC getting too touchy with them. He might become a bit bratty if they are too close with his brothers and not giving him attention.
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flavia8 · 2 days ago
Satan loves dogs too. I'm not saying that he doesn't love cats, bc obviously he does but he does like dogs too! It's most evidently seen in the chat where he obtains a human world dog and wants to keep it, but cannot.
Additionally, it was mentioned before that he actually loves animals in general. I also have a theory that he like, really extremely plays up his love of cats to make it super obvious, in order to further differentiate himself from Lucifer. He keeps his appreciation of dogs on the down low. (Also this is just musings)
What I think really happened is that the writers essentially dropped that aspect of his character (loving animals in general) and made it into cats and cats only, so more one dimensional.
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misskokomi · 16 hours ago
Mc: give me the salt
Satan: what's the magic word?
Mc: magni daemones ab inferis da mihi potestatem ab hac salis puppa liberari
Satan:*sniff* that's my child
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Tumblr media
Satan from I’m the Grim Reaper is going to super hell for gay crimes and probably to run the place!!!
requested by: Anonymous
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vyaaa · a day ago
Asmodeus: i don’t think we can mansplain, manipulate or malewife our way out of it this time
Satan: [cracking his knuckles]
Satan: manslaughter it is then
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otakusheep15 · 21 hours ago
If male mc had enough of the brothers insulting and punishing mammon for no reason and snap at them calling them a pathetic excuses of brothers and say that Lilith will be ashamed of them and for them to act like true loving brothers for once headcanons
I've been waiting for an ask like this for so long! I hate how the brothers treat Mammon, and I would absolutely snap at them for it at some point.
M!MC Snaps at the Brothers for Bullying Mammon 
Set up: MC was up in his room when he heard some commotion downstairs. He decided to go check it out since it was very loud, even by normal standards. When he reaches the bottom of the staircase, he sees six of the brothers standing in a circle and yelling at... something, but MC can’t quite see what yet. 
It isn’t until a sob comes from the middle of the circle that he realizes what, or rather, who the brothers are yelling at. There, in the center, is Mammon, on his knees and choking back sobs as his brothers jeer at him. At this, MC makes his presence known, yelling at the boys and activating the pacts. At his command, the six fall to the ground, yelling in protest as MC walks over. 
The boys had never seen him so furious before, so they know this can’t be good. At first, MC is completely silent, thinking about what he wants to say. However, no words can describe how disgusted he is at what he just witnessed. 
He’s eventually able to find his voice, and that’s the scariest moment of all. Months of pent up frustration and anger towards the brother’s abuse of Mammon comes out all at once, and no one is capable of stopping it. Mammon stares on in awe at MC, his human, standing up for him like this. The rest look down in shame as MC chews them out. But, the real shot to the heart is when he brings up Lilith, claiming that she would be very disappointed in them if she saw how they were acting. 
None of them have any words as MC finally calms down from his long rant. Without another word, he walks over to Mammon, grabbing him by his arm and dragging him out of the room. Without a second glance, MC releases his hold on the brothers and heads back up to his room, a confused and awe-struck Mammon following behind. The others were left in a similar state, watching as MC walked away. 
He never once expected MC to do something like this
It is very well known by now that MC are very reckless and impulsive, but he never thought he’d actually stand up to them in this way 
His pride was terribly wounded after getting yelled at by MC
And the fact that he was so easily influenced by the pact didn’t make it any better
When MC brought up Lilith, it was like falling from the Celestial Realm all over again
He had already let her down once, so the fact that MC thought he did again almost broke him 
Even he can admit that he went a little too far this time, and will even go over and apologize once everyone has cooled down a bit 
Vows to be much more considerate when giving out punishments 
He has mixed feelings about the whole situation 
No one has ever stood up to his brothers before, so he’s used to enduring the abuse
When MC stands up for him, he feels happy, but he also feels bad that the situation made him get this mad
He also felt upset when MC brought up Lilith
He gets why MC brought her up, but it still brings back unwanted memories 
Still, the love he feels for MC manages to overpower any negative emotions, and he gladly follows when said human drags him off
That night, he gets more love and praise than he’s received in his hundreds of years of living 
Too stunned to speak 
He always gets nervous when the pact is activated, so he doesn’t even try and argue in case it angers MC more
Feels bad that he made MC upset, but still doesn’t regret torturing Mammon
Then he brings up Lilith, and everything shatters
Immediately feels a pang of guilt at the thought of letting down his sister like this 
Even after MC lets up the pact, he doesn’t even move
One of his brothers has to knock him out of the trance he’s in before he gets up and locks himself up in his room 
Texts a half-assed apology to Mammon later 
Kinda expected this to happen at some point
He sensed MC’s pent-up rage from a mile away, so he knew it would spill over soon 
Although, even he was a bit shocked at the situation 
Found it a bit overwhelming when he snapped since the feeling of wrath was so strong 
Wasn’t as bothered when Lilith was brought up, but even he knew just how serious MC mentioning her was
Felt the tension shift in the room, especially around the twins
Once MC released them, he went to his room to cool down a bit
Went to MC and Mammon later to apologize 
Wasn’t as active in torturing Mammon, but he didn’t stop it either 
He did throw in the occasional insult though, so he’s not totally in the clear
Thought MC was overreacting, and told him so 
Probably the main reason why the pacts were activated
Yeah, MC was not in the mood for this kind of thing right now
Got genuinely scared when he started yelling at them since he’d never heard MC yell like that 
Attempted to calm him down, but shut up immediately when MC brought up Lilith 
Stayed silent for the rest of the lecture, and continued to be silent even after the pact was released 
He was straight up stunned into silence
Refuses to apologize to Mammon, but does go and apologize to MC
Might slip a note under Mammon’s door if MC can convince him to 
Didn’t participate in the punishment at all
In fact, he was only there because Lucifer needed his help tying up Mammon once they were done 
He usually hates this kind of thing though, so he’s actually kind of glad when MC came in to stop them 
He’s less happy when MC activates the pact, but anything to stop his brothers 
Agrees with a lot of what MC is saying, and would help back him up if not for being afraid of accidentally upsetting someone 
Probably the most affected when Lilith is brought up, and he actually tears up a bit as well
He’s supposed to be the one to hold the family together and protect them, but he can’t even do that much apparently 
Honestly heartbroken at the thought of disappointing her or MC 
The first to go apologize to both Mammon and MC when the pact is released 
Vows to be better at holding the family together
He’s having a bit too much fun torturing Mammon 
Thinks MC is a party crasher when he interrupts
Also hates when he uses the pact since it’s really uncomfortable 
Only half-listens to MC’s ranting since it’s probably stuff he’s already heard before from him 
Tunes in when he hears Lilith’s name, and now he’s at full attention 
Honestly thinks about trying to break the pact’s hold himself just to go shut MC up 
Can’t stand hearing his sister’s name since it brings back bad memories for him 
Goes and hides away in the attic once the pact releases
Doesn’t apologize to Mammon or MC, but he is less harsh towards Mammon for the next few weeks
That’s pretty much the best apology anyone’s gonna get out of him 
This was a lot harder to write than I thought it would be, so i hope I delivered. It was still really fun though! 
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catholicastolfo · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
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