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i’m doing headcanons for this one cause it just rly made me laugh thank u


  • please help him
  • somehow always ends up in jail
  • he’s the banker because he’ll die before letting anybody else cheat. this is a FAMILY GAME NIGHT. WE ARE BONDING.


  • is definitely cheating
  • sneaks you money under the table because he feels bad that you’re losing so badly to asmo
  • “mammon how did you get so many 100s? you were broke literally one second ago?” “i’m taking no further questions at this time”
  • buys all the properties as soon as he possibly can even if it’s not the best move


  • gets the most antsy in between turns because there’s just so many people playing it takes forever to get back around to him
  • is doing the most. yeah it’s a board game but it’s a game and therefore he’s winning, thank you very much
  • actually ends up having the most fun


  • has a preplanned strategy but is only half paying attention
  • reading a book in between turns, sometimes barely even looks up from it when it’s his turn
  • “lucifer you pay double rent on my property.” “why?” “i hate you.”


  • he wins the game
  • don’t ask how he won’t reveal his secrets
  • acts dumb about it. “oh! i won? well, how exciting!”


  • gets crumbs all over the game board
  • doesn’t really want to be there but he’s glad everyone’s having fun
  • takes a nap when it’s not his turn


  • would rather do literally anything else
  • probably didn’t even show up
  • he’ll ask you how it went afterwards though
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Satan: I lived near a planet for a long time, Jirachi are born from dreams and wishes after all. Kinda got be near something that dreams. I’ve seen a couple planets since then, but only really went on one.


Satan: I hope you’re implying you came across planets while going around and not that you crashed into them.


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Content Warnings: Self deprecation (naturally, given the nature of the prompt), verbal harassment/insults, spoilers for later chapters in Belphegor’s section

Just so you know it’s basically gonna be seven different versions of this:


Under a cut to prevent carpal tunnel!

Obey Me: The Brothers With an MC Who Has Low Self Esteem and Accepts Insults with a Smile


Lucifer kind of just… stops for a few seconds. Like, he freezes completely. Doesn’t move, doesn’t blink - MC’s not sure if he’s even breathing. They’re at one of Diavolo’s parties together, and a pretty important demon is coming for MC hard, albeit in a slimy, passive-aggressive kind of way. And they’re just… smiling and nodding along?

Lucifer’s single currently operating brain cell is dedicated to not just murdering this pathetic excuse for a demon. If he wasn’t already in his demon form, he would absolutely transform. With a deep breath, he stalks over in full Avatar of Pride mode: shoulders back, staring slightly down at everyone else, wings puffed up just so.

Anything the demon was saying to MC, he throws back at them tenfold, with just as much passive-aggression, though it starts slipping more and more as he continues on. Eventually it starts turning into one of those lectures of his about The Importance of The Exchange Program and Lord Diavolo’s Reputation and-  MC is gonna have to catch his attention to stop him from going full Dad-mode on this bastard.

Once they succeed in doing this, he pulls them aside and, still bristling with indignant rage, asks why MC was letting that wretch talk to them like that.

“Well, it wasn’t like they were saying anything that wasn’t true…”

Wrong. Answer. Lucifer is the Avatar of Pride, even though he has self-worth issues running deeper than the Marianas Trench he would never let anyone talk to him like that, and he wishes more than anything he could lend MC that ability. He’ll tilt their head to look him directly in the eyes and assure them that they absolutely do have value, both in the Devildom and in his family. He won’t tolerate anyone, including MC themself, put down a member of his family. Is that clear?

In the coming weeks, the younger brothers notice that Lucifer’s soft spot for MC is even more pronounced than usual. In fact, he frequently praises them for their accomplishments, flustering them to no end. None of them dare to bring it to his attention, because they’ve all noticed in one way or another that MC is carrying themself with more confidence now.

Whatever is going on between the two of them seems to be working quite well.


Mammon… runs his mouth a lot. He says stupid things he doesn’t mean because admitting his actual feelings would be too difficult. Unfortunately, one of the feelings he’s vehemently avoiding addressing is his feelings for MC. This manifests as loud and insistent denial that The GREAT Mammon would never be interested in some stupid, weak human, how dare you suggest that?!

The brothers expect one of many responses from MC: outrage and offence, teasing at Mammon’s clear tsundere attitude, a roll of the eyes, anything other than their sad little smile whenever he insults them. One day, Mammon finally notices their staring and he actually stops and takes a minute to process the acceptance on MC’s face.

He just called them a burden and a waste of time and they’re SMILING?!

Like a horrid puzzle piece, everything clicks together in Mammon’s mind. He’s never heard MC protest any of the awful things he’s said about them. They don’t even tease him about it like his brothers do.

They think he’s being serious and they agree with him.

He changes his tune so fast it’s dizzying. He slips up sometimes, but now when he sees MC’s small smile that doesn’t reach their eyes, he adds, “H-Hey! Why’re you just letting me say all that, huh? Ya gotta stand up for yourself, MC! You better not go around letting lesser demons talk to you like this! If anyone ever gives you trouble, you come to the GREAT Mammon and I’ll shut ‘em up real quick!

“‘Cause… It’s not true, all of that about you being stupid or annoying. You’re my human and I know you really well and you’re- You’re not any of that, MC! So don’t go smiling at jerks dragging your name through the mud okay?”


MC and Leviathan are playing an online multiplayer game together, and MC still hasn’t quite gotten used to Devildom controls yet. They’re not exactly a great asset to their team… Not that Levi minds. He’s happy they’re showing interest in him his games at all.

Some of the demons they’re playing with, on the other hand…

Ugh, stay on the objective you stupid bitch!

Is [MC’s username] afk?

If you feed them any more kills I fucking swear-

Why is a noob even playing this game lmao just go die already

Levi scoffs. Their team wasn’t even losing, these scumbags just needed to find someone to pick on. Still, it wasn’t fair for MC to listen to their insults, he’ll just disconnect and find a better team - hey, why has MC been so quiet?

The Avatar of Envy turns to face MC only to see them staring down at their controller with a shaky smile. He calls their name and they look up, startled.

“I’m gonna find another team for us to play on,” Levi explains as the game warns him that he’s about to lose some in-game reputation points for abandoning his team. “Uh, unless you’d rather play something else?”

“No it’s fine, you pick,” MC says, still avoiding making direct eye contact. “I probably won’t do any better no matter what we play…”

Hey, insecurity is his thing!

“MC, you better not be thinking about what those losers said in the chat!”


“NUH UH! You might be a normie, but you’re also my best friend!” MC feels an anime-inspired speech coming on. “Who cares about winning or losing one match? I’d rather lose every match I ever play from now on if it means I get to have you as my player 2!” Leviathan pauses as he realizes exactly what he just said and immediately turns beet red. “…you know… if you… wanted to, I guess…”


MC is in Devildom History with Satan, and as an exchange student, is having a rough time of it. They just don’t have the same background as the rest of the students, and can’t pick up on things as fast as they do.The teacher hands back the latest test and they cringe as they see their grade. Satan, sitting next to them, glances at the mark and gives them one of his small smiles.

“You know, if you need extra help, don’t be shy. I’d be happy to help you,” he says quietly.

Apparently not quietly enough, because a particularly rowdy pair of demons overhear him and choose that moment to make a nuisance of themselves. One of them snatches MC’s paper out of their hands, and upon seeing their grade starts laughing.

“How did you put the Abyssal Peace Treaty before the Abyssal War?! Everyone knows when that happened!” they continue chuckling at more silly mistakes MC made while very stressed during that test, while Satan’s blood starts boiling.

Much to his surprise, MC just smiles and joins in the demons’ laughter. “Yeah, that was pretty stupid…” they say with a falsely cheerful tone. Satan quickly catches on - they’re just fucking with these demons! He keeps his anger at bay with the anticipation of seeing MC really tear these lowlives a new-

“Wow, not even gonna defend yourself? Why do we even have human exchange students, they’re so boring.” The demon pair scoff and toss MC’s test back, before stalking off, annoyed that they didn’t get the reaction they wanted.

Hm. Frustrate them by not responding to their futile taunts. An interesting choice, but effective nonetheless. Satan expresses his appreciation of MC’s choice, much to their confusion. When they explain that they really were agreeing with what the demons had said, Satan doesn’t take it very well.

If MC doesn’t stop him, he’ll go over to the pair of demons that insulted them and drag their names through the dirt in front of the entire classroom, adding in some colourful suggestions about what would happen to them if they continued this behaviour. Either way, he’s furious enough that his demon form might start peeking out, tail thrashing behind him or horns growing out from his messy hair.

When class is over, Satan asks MC to stay behind.

“I want you to tell me why you feel this way about yourself,” he says. “Because I promise you, there isn’t a single explanation you can give that I won’t argue against. And I’m rarely wrong.”


Asmo lives in a delightful bubble of flirtation, partying, and being the very best and prettiest being in all three realms. He works very hard to maintain this state, terrified of what he’d find on the other side of the haze.

But all it takes is one look at MC for it to come crashing down.

They’re at The Fall together, sipping on fruity drinks disguising unholy amounts of alcohol for a brief break before returning to the dance floor. Asmo knows MC struggles with confidence, and figured that if he could get them to have a good time, they would forget their insecurities for at least a little while.

And maybe he’s laying it on a bit thick with the flirting while they’re here. He can’t help it! He loves MC in a way he’s never really loved anyone else before. If he’s completely honest, the feeling scares him: he wants to put them before himself, and he’s not sure if he can, because he never has put someone else first before.

A demon notices Asmo’s lovesick staring at MC, and comments as they pass, “Oh my, has the Avatar of Lust sunken so low that he’s making eyes at some plain-jane human?” A long, scaled tail snakes around MC’s face, turning their head in the demon’s direction. “Or are you just a charity-fuck? You certainly won’t be able to hold his interest for long, darling.~”

The demon saunters off, and Asmodeus has half a mind to storm over to them and cause a scene, but the look on MC’s face stops him in his tracks.

They’re looking at him and they’re smiling.

“You don’t have to pretend to be upset about it,” they say, poking at their drink with their straw. “I know I’m not all that interesting. You just want me right now because I’m an ordinary human, right? And once the novelty wears off, well… I’m not powerful like a demon, or a wise magic user like Solomon, and I’m not exactly good-looking, so why keep me around? It’s been nice of you to pretend with me, though-”

He cuts them off with a passionate kiss, threading his fingers in their hair and pressing their bodies as close as possible. The gesture catches MC off guard and their drink spills on the two of them, but Asmo doesn’t even flinch. He only pulls away when MC starts panting from lack of oxygen.

“Please don’t say those awful things about yourself, MC,” Asmodeus says, eyes brimming with tears. “You’re…” One of the only people I don’t have to pretend around. “…You are so special to me. And you always will be.” Suddenly aware that they’ve both been soaked in a cocktail, Asmo smirks. “Oh dear, it seems our clothes are all dirty… I guess we’ll have to go back home and change, won’t we?”

Please let me prove to you how much I love you, he thinks as you tearfully smile and punch his arm before agreeing.


Beel deals with survivor’s guilt, and if he’s not careful, it can lead to some pretty dark places. He’s also Belphie’s twin and is very familiar with what low self-esteem looks like. So whenever a demon tries to insult MC while he’s around, he doesn’t give them the chance to agree, calmly, but firmly jumping to their defence.

It doesn’t matter who it is or where they are, Beel always has MC’s back. Whenever they’re feeling especially down and that sad little smile is on their face, MC tends to find some of their favourite snacks tucked away into their bag or even their uniform pockets. The Avatar of Gluttony is also always ready to deploy some Emergency Cuddles, and is generally a steady, grounding presence in MC’s life. He starts to stick around them almost as much as Mammon does.

Unfortunately, this attracts the attention of some less than savoury people.

“Hey Beel! Coach wants you to know we’ve got an extra practice tomorrow! It’s semi-finals soon, and he wants to go over some new strategies,” a large, intimidating demon calls out, dressed in the RAD athletic uniform.

MC and Beel turn towards the demon’s voice, and Beel’s teammate makes a face upon seeing them. “You’re still hanging around them?” the demon asks. “Or are they clinging onto ya like a barnacle?” He laughs and MC lets go of Beel’s hand, blushing.

They have been around him an awful lot lately… Is he only doing it out of pity? Should they stop? Oh no, what if he thinks they’re annoying–

“I like MC,” Beel says plainly. “And I like spending time with them. So, tomorrow after classes is the next practice? I’ll be there.” He leaves no room for further debate. The demon stumbles over his words before confirming and abruptly running off.

MC doesn’t take Beel’s hand again.

“Hey,” Beelzebub takes MC’s much smaller hands into his own. “I mean it. I like you. Don’t listen to my teammate, he’s dumber than Mammon. Want to go have lunch together? I think they’re serving fried bats in the cafeteria…”


Sometimes, Belphegor peeks in on MC’s dreams. He never directly interacts with them, nor has he ever told them that he does this at all. Ever since he… ever since that happened, he’s made a conscious effort to avoid creeping them out even further, and he worries that this kind of behaviour would be frowned upon by a human.

But he can’t help it. Especially tonight.

After being woken up by a squirming MC, he decides to look into their dreams and see what is upsetting them so much. Much to his surprise, he finds himself inside one of RAD’s classrooms. MC is working on an assignment with a group of demons whose features keep shifting around. The writing on the books in front of them is illegible, and Belphegor only knows it’s writing at all because of his familiarity with dream physics.

There they are,” whispers one of the demons. “What do they think they’re doing?”

MC asks a question about something in one of the books, pointing to a scribble that only looks like words when not focused on.

Why do you care? It’s not like you can do anything useful for us anyway,” the demon snaps. “I’m not even sure why you’re here.” Belphegor frowns. Is this a memory?

MC meekly mentions the exchange program. “I don’t care!” The demon’s voice changes, and Belphegor suddenly feels the pitter-patter of raindrops on his skin, despite still being indoors. MC’s clothes are drenched in the invisible rain. “Fuck, can you not take a hint, MC? No one actually wants you here! You’re just a tag-along!”

“Why don’t you just pack up and leave then? Oh right, you have nowhere else to go!”

The figures of the demons become shadowy and elongated, hands sharpening into talons. MC jumps to their feet and backs away from the advancing figures, whose whispers become louder and interrupt each other.

Just don’t mess it up again-”

“-never have trusted you! You ruin EVERYTHING-”

Another disappointment, I see.”


Fucking whore!”

The voices continue, growing louder and louder until the figures melt into one familiar silhouette with violet eyes.

You’re so stupid that I can’t help but laugh.” Belphegor’s blood runs cold. “You humans really are foolish, idiotic, weak creatures, aren’t you?”

The Avatar of Sloth watches helplessly as his dream-double wraps its hands around MC’s throat, cooing hideous insults at them all the while. Nonononono, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to- I didn’t know, I was just so- Ugh! That’s not an excuse, you idiot! 

The dream-Belphegor pauses, grip slackening.

“Get off of them,” Belphegor hisses. “Now.” 

The figure dissolves into the classroom, turning the surroundings completely black. Now Belphie finds himself standing in the creature’s place, in front of a confused MC.

“Are you okay?” he asks lamely.

“Why did you stop?” MC asks in return.

“I wasn’t… It was hurting you, and saying- I couldn’t keep letting it-”

MC smiles. “It’s just the truth. You said so yourself.”

MC and Belphegor wake up together, sweating, trapped in the other’s vice-like grip. MC’s pulse flutters under Belphie’s hands, way faster than it should be. It almost feels like when-

He twists out of their grasp, falling out of the bed in the process. He scrambles as far back as his room allows, nearly tripping over his own tail. MC stares at him through the darkness, torn between chasing after him and putting more distance between the two of them.

“…You saw that.” He doesn’t reply. “…Come here, Belphie.”

And slowly, he does.

For the next few weeks, Belphegor never leaves MC’s side unless absolutely necessary, even if he falls asleep next to them. He refuses to acknowledge this unusual behaviour, reacting with increasing hostility to anyone who mentions it. He also accompanies them to bed more often than not, much to Mammon’s chagrin.

“So long as I’m with you, no one else is going to talk to you like that ever again. I’m not going to let them, and I’m not going to let you just take it.”

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𝙼𝙲 𝚝𝚊𝚔𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚊 𝚋𝚊𝚝𝚑 𝚠𝚒𝚝𝚑 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚋𝚛𝚘𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚜

This is SFW, but some hint at a possible nsfw outcome. Lemme know if you want that!!

Gender neutral MC!


  • When MC first brought about the idea of taking a bath together, Luci was surprised yet very intrigued.
  • MC decided that they were going to draw the bath and set up everything. Candles, bubbles, sultry music, maybe even some mild scented bath bombs. How sweet!
  • MC called Lucifer into the bathroom as they dropped their bathrobe to the floor and began to slip into the bath. Lucifer couldn’t help but watch the beautiful figure of his beloved slowly sink into the water. This man can’t keep himself from letting his eyes wander. He’s soon to follow in removing his layers of clothing.
  • He eventually gets in with them with slight protest of it being cold, but ends up loving the calm feeling he gets from this and feels relaxed holding MC in his arms.
  • He even presses soft kisses to their skin and maybe even a few nibbles and sensual drags of his fingertips. He also toyed with the more sensitive parts of MC’s body beneath the water just to tease. He grins as MC returns these intamate kisses and touches. Only two ways this could end up and he favors both. *wink*


  • Him? Taking a bath with a human? No. Never! But MC reminds him that they are HIS human and he blushes at the statement and quietly agrees.
  • Mammon insists on drawing the bath, unbeknownst to the fact that MC’s human skin couldn’t handle the hot baths of Devildom.
  • He tells MC to get in first. They agree and as they dip their toe in they immediately hiss at the heat of the water. Did he expect them to just slip into a bath that’s at least 400°??
  • Mammon panics. Did he do something and he’s quick to ask ‘MC, what’s the matter?!’ They tell him and he’s quick to get embarrassed and go red in the face. He’d never planned to hurt them… he just didn’t know was all, but… ‘The Great Mammon never messes up, you humans are so weak and sensitive.’
  • MC drains the bath and starts a new one with a temperature that they can handle. They even added some bubbles, Mammon was a fan of that. Once the bath is done MC gets in followed by Mammon frantically throwing off his clothes to get in then relaxing before it’s turned to a splash fight mixed with giggled kisses. MC obviously wins the splash fight, leaving Mammon a little pissy, but kisses fix everything.  


  • This boy practically lives in water when he’s not gaming, but sharing it with someone was an entire different ballgame. Who would wanna do that with a yucky otaku like him??
  • His face is bright red as him and MC draw the bath together. ‘You know this is like an anime I saw called, ‘Help! There’s a mermaid in my tub and I don’t know how she got there!’ And you’re like the mermaid because you’re going to be in my tub…’
  • Once the bath is ready he is quick to cover his eyes as MC gets in. They laugh and reach over to uncover Levi’s eyes with their soft wet hands. ‘Get in with me.’ He’s super embarrassed as he slowly strips to join you.
  • Levi sinks into the water with them and everything is soon very calm. MC’s eyes close as they rest their head against Levi’s chest. His arms are around MC’s waist under the water and his tail is loosely wrapped around their leg.
  • After a little while of soaking in the bath together he interlaces his hand with MC’s and presses a kiss to their cheek. His face is bright red as MC turns around and returns the kiss to his lips. ‘W-w-why would you do that??’… Would he post about getting kisses in a bath from his lovely s/o online? Possibly. 


  • Like Lucifer, he’s very intrigued by the idea of sharing a bath. He is not much of a bath person so this would be something new and fun.
  • He is quick to boss MC around in how to set up the bath, but MC tells him that they can handle it and to leave it to them. Reluctantly, he agrees.
  • Once everything is set up, they invite him back into the bath. It’s set up simply candle lit with bubbles. MC is half draped out of the bath looking in Satan’s direction as he enters.
  • He is quick to toss off all of his clothes and join his lover in the bath they prepared for the two of them and at that moment, Satan couldn’t feel an ounce of wrath in his body. He was so happy to be with his one true love.
  • With all of this fun, it soon gets steamy with his suggestive grip on MC’s waist or the more passionate kisses that become longer and breathless. It might’ve been the candles, but the mood was set for the rest of the night.


  • We all know this man loves his baths and skincare. He has been wanting this ever since MC first showed up in Devildom. When they asked him, he responded with, ‘Oh finally! I thought you would never ask!’
  • He takes care of drawing the bath and filling it with the right amount of everything. Soaps, bath salts, bathbombs, etc.. The aroma is devine. He even adds some rose petals to float on the surface of the water.
  • He calls MC in to join him in the bath. They enter and drop their bathrobe on the way in. Asmo is quick to compliment their visible figure as they enter. ‘Ah, you’re so beautiful my darling!’
  • He pulls MC close and runs his hands slowly through their hair, getting their hair a little damp. With his uncontrollable lust and love for his partner, his want to touch MC more and it only escalates from there.
  • His hands slide down their body and he gets a few little gasps from them that make him blush and shudder like no one else has made him. He loves it so much and wants to hear more from his darling.


  • When MC first mentions a bath, Beel doesn’t take much interest in it. He is much more of a shower type of guy, but when MC mentions taking a bath with them and that they would be bringing snacks, he’s hooked.
  • He watches MC as they set up everything for the bath. He’s already snacking on the food they stocked up for the bath together.
  • Once the bath is ready, MC invites him in and he pulls off his shirt showing off his chiseled abs followed by the rest of his clothes. He gets into the water with MC and the bath is quick to overflow. MC giggles because of this making his face go red.
  • MC assures him that it’s fine and lays against him and closes their eyes. Beel is quick to lovingly hold their hand as the two soak. MC’s dozing off is interrupted by a growl of Beel’s tummy.
  • MC wakes up and slips halfway out of out of the tub to get Beel some food, but he pulls them back into the water by their waist and on to his lap. ‘I don’t need food right now. When I’m with you I feel full.’ MC knows that he’s hungry but he’s so sweet about wanting to stay together in the tub.


  • Honestly, he doesn’t care at all, but he loves MC and they seem to really be pushing for it so he’ll cave and do what they want.
  • MC decides that they’ll take care of the bath, knowing Belphie might fall asleep on the job. They scent the bath like lavender and sandalwood before going to get Belphie.
  • They pull him into the bathroom and the two exchange little glances as they both undress, and though he is reluctant to get in after MC is in, he gets in the tub with them and actually smiles as they caress his face with their hand. He even leans into it.
  • Though MC scented the bath nicely, the aromas are quick to put Belphie to sleep. So, MC decides to do the same after pressing a kiss to his lips.
  • MC is woken by Belphie’s hands slowly wandering their body, yet he’s still asleep. They play into it and guide his hands more till he’s awoken by a whimper by MC and their blushing face. His goes red as well when he sees where his hands are and decides it’s time for the two to get out of the bath.


Sorry if this isn’t the best, this was kinda a self indulgent thing since I love taking baths. Feel free to message me if you want more! Much love ♡︎

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Hades is sad

Hermes is walking around

Apollo is just vibing

Dionysus just told a joke

Four greek gods are present in my room

But although i love them all

They all mean a lot to me

Dearest to me will always be whom you know as Satan

Luzifer constantly has my back no matter how bad i feel

He is the one that is reaching out to me most

Checking on my at least once in the week

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Lucifer: “How would you become a worm in the first place?” He’s asking the more logical questions before even considering MC’s question. After their constant demands for him to just answer the question he would just sigh and say: “I would but I would spend every waking hour finding a way to turn you back to a human.” 

Mammon: Puts far too much thought into MC’s question for different reasons. “Could you talk as a worm?” “Yeah.” “Think of all the profits we could make! A talking worm is sure to rake in some cash!” “But would you still date me?” Kinda just stares at them for a minute. “Of course dummy.”  

Levi: “Only if you’d still date a yucky otaku like me,” the question lowkey backfires because now MC has to spend the next five minutes reassuring him that they love him very much and still would as a worm. 

Satan: MC probably asks at such a bad time and he’s really wondering why of all times they had to be back on their bullshit. “MC please- I’m trying to watch this.” MC does not allow him to not answer the question. “Just answer me please,” “Yes, now be quiet they’re about to reveal the culprit.” 

Asmo: “I bet you’d be a cute little worm,” MC is just kinda sitting there while he considers the possibilities.“Worms are pink right? you’d go with so many of my outfits!” “So you’d still date me as a worm even though-” “Of course I would besides I’d just ask Solomon to change you back, once the worm thing gets boring.” 

Beel: “I’d love you no matter what you were.” Beel literally doesn’t even hesitate, get you a man like Beel who would love you even if you were a worm. Although… “What do worms taste like?” “Beel are you implying that you’d eat me?” “…no…” “….” “maybe just a-” “I’m going to ignore you said that, in order to salvage the moment.” 

Belphie: “At least as a worm you’d let me sleep and not wake me up for stupid questions.” Belphie is not playing these games with MC. “Maybe I’d find a worm boyfriend who was actually NICE to me,” he opens his eyes, stares MC dead in the eyes and without hesitation says: “only a worm would be dumb enough to put up with your antics.” Wow I can’t believe Belphie murdered MC AGAIN

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[Lucifer and Baby Satan]

Baby Satan: Can we go there? *pointing at a park*

Lucifer: No

Baby Satan: Can we play football?

Lucifer: No, I’m busy *working some old files*

Satan now:*hates Lucifer*

Lucifer: What did I do wrong?

Satan: *growls*

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Brand new to the shop!

6″ top surface to this hand burned and stained altar dedicated to the Nine Divine.  The sigils are Satan, Lucifer, Flereous, Leviathan, Belial, Verrine, Amducious, Unsere, Eurynomous.  The primary surface is stained red, with brown accents, and sealed with lacquer.  The bottom is painted black.

I really enjoyed making this piece and hope to make more soon!

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“La resolución cristiana de encontrar el mundo malo y feo, ha hecho que el mundo sea malo y feo”

-Friedrich Nietzsche

   Hoy, la Iglesia Cristiana no tiene el poder que una vez tuvo, sin embargo, hemos sido testigos de los abusos cristianos de niños, violación infantil, abuso sexual y otros actos viles que revelan la verdadera naturaleza de muchos cristianos y los efectos que su “Dios”, tiene sobre sus seguidores. Los escándalos de pedofilia son solo una pequeña muestra de lo que los cristianos son capaces de hacer. Esto se debe a la energía malvada a la que se unen. ¡”Dios” y el “Diablo” están al revés! Esto se puede ver claramente en el Antiguo Testamento, donde ese “Dios” del cristianismo fue “un asesino y un mentiroso desde el principio”.

   Hace años cuando la iglesia cristiana tenía control total sobre el gobierno, la vida humana y el espíritu, podemos ver en la inquisición, cuán enfermas están estas personas y hasta dónde llegarán para que aceptes a “Jesús”. Tal como se ve en los numerosos abusos cristianos de niños hoy, hace años con la Inquisición, niñas de tan solo nueve años y niños de diez años fueron juzgados por brujería. Los niños mucho más pequeños fueron torturados para extraer testimonio contra sus padres. Luego, los niños fueron azotados mientras veían arder a sus padres.

   La Inquisición fue el comunismo temprano. La Iglesia Católica era el NKVD y el KGB de la Edad Media. Para obtener información más detallada, lea El archipiélago de Gulag por Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. La Inquisición y el comunismo, ambos programas judíos son sistemas casi idénticos de asesinato en masa, tortura y esclavización de las masas.

   “El cristianismo y el comunismo están muy unidos espiritual e ideológicamente. Este es un concepto bastante conocido que ha sido adoptado por varios pensadores, desde Thomas More hasta Lev Tolstoi. Pocas personas saben que el primer estado socialista del mundo se estableció en Paraguay y se basó en las ideas de los jesuitas católicos antes de que Marx creara sus enseñanzas”.

   “La Compañía de “Jesús” -la orden religiosa jesuita - en la Iglesia Católica era más o menos equivalente al KGB en la Unión Soviética”.

   Las citas anteriores fueron tomadas de “Pravda” (El principal periódico del Partido Comunista y periódico líder de la antigua Unión Soviética) Del artículo: ¿Hay alguna diferencia entre el cristianismo y el comunismo? 30/04/2013

A decir verdad, casi todos los inquisidores y el clero católico de alto rango eran judíos.

¡¡¡ HAIL SATAN !!!


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