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| The boys handwriting |


•cursive and you know it

•he’s so extra ofc he writing in cursive

•would you expect anything less from him tbh

•he loves to silently gloat abt it too


•Surprise it’s the most mediocre writing ever don’t tell him that he will cry

•it’s actually pretty neat he needs nice handwriting for cashing such lush checks

•his E’s definitely always look like C’s totally not self projecting here

•he also makes every S look like this $ because come on it’s mammon


•it’s kinda messy and the letters are spaced out weird

•he tries don’t bully him he’ll call you a normie and cry about it to henry later

•honestly be grateful it’s legible unlike beel


•human typewriter????

•it’s like perfect print

•his handwriting looks so gorgeous no complaints here

•he writes super fast too he really is a typewriter



•it’s cute and bubbly like him

•it’s neat and easy to read

•he boast about his handwriting on devilgram so much that you can tell by glancing at it that it’s his

•he definitely curls his Y’s

•his I’s are definitely dotted with hearts



•honestly juts give him effort for trying

•it’s so messy and he has so many misspelled words is he even literate

•you can barley make out a word

•tell him to stick to texting


sighs louder

•he either writes in hieroglyphs or ancient text

•he just wants to piss everyone off

•only really does it to tick off lucifer because whats more fun than a pissed off luci

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om. satan x reader

synopsis : general sfw & nsfw headcannons for satan .

warning(s) : nsfw under the cut !



  • loves reading book with you . mostly romantic novels and will always drag you into his lap as you runs his fingers through your hair and reads aloud to you as his lips brush over your ear .
  • leaving love letters is a thing with him ! he gets that phones are more in style and cooler , but he thinks it’s 100x more romantic to write and leave you love letters before he slips away to go to school . he wants you to blush as you read over every word he put so much thought into .
  • café dates . he loves taking you to different kinds of café’s they have around the devildom . he loves trying out all different blends of coffee they have and just seeing the scenery as you two walk together .
  • playing pranks on lucifer . him and belphegor are the founders of the “lucifer hate club” and he wants you to be apart of it badly . he’ll be a bit upset if you actually like lucifer , but he’ll understand , you’re still stuck helping with pranks , though . but if you don’t like lucifer , he’ll be so excited to know that you don’t care how far the pranks and such go .

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MC Becomes Demon Bro’s Maid

𝓞𝓫𝓮𝔂 𝓜𝓮 𝓜𝓪𝓼𝓽𝓮𝓻

note: gn reader, suggestive language

“Im sorry what”

Diavolo considered himself a progressive demon. His student exchange program was a success. Now he wanted to try another idea.

“So you want me to service demons?” That was a recipe for disaster.

“Yes. With a group you’d be comfortable with.” He motioned to the demon brothers whose reactions varied greatly. Lucifer and Satan seemed intrigued, Asmo was hyped, Mammon and Levi had stopped functioning, and the twins were interested as well.

“Why us though?”

Diavolo wanted to try this experiment before launching it out to the rest of the students at RAD. He wanted demons to appreciate each other and be treated as equally as possible.

Anyway, he was the demon lord so did you ever have an option ?

“ok 🙃 I’d be glad to participate, what a joy.. I’m so ecstatic to clean up after others… yay”

Diavolo wasn’t daft but he chose to ignore your unenthusiastic response.

Lucifer 🖤

OHHHH this man WILL make you clean

As you do so, you’ll feel a pair of eyes trailing over your form as you reach up to dust. Making you nervous with his ínstense stare, you might stumble here and there.

Lucifer’s workspace is now dirtier than when you started—

Taking a look at your mess, he will let out a sIGH before eventually calling you over and pulling you towards him, landing on his lap.

Now you’re just watching him do paperwork. He doesn’t say anything yet you squirm.

After finishing, he’ll gaze around the room before tightening his hold on you.

“My my what a clumsy maid. Should I punish you for making a mess of my office?


unless? 👀

Mammon 💛

Cocky mf but also a simp

He’ll grin at seeing you in the outfit (whilst blushing) and say some shit about this being an honor, to serve the Great Mammon.

Other than that, he wouldn’t really force you to clean or anything?? I feel like he’d just lowkey tell you to take it easy

Mammon will try to seem tough and PERHAPS ask you to clean a desk but if you try hard enough, he might end up doing your work for you.

Example: You knew he was watching and not really in the mood to do anyone’s work for them, you let out a sigh. Mammon was quick to notice it but didn’t think much of it. At the third sigh, he was taking the rag from your hand.

If you mention it he’ll be like “I’m just doin’ it because you don’t know how!” riiiiight

Levi 💙

This is def a scene from an anime is one of his first thoughts.

Sure, he was aware that this would happen and had prepared himself but HE WASNT PREPARED!

My mans is a blushing mess

Levi.exe has stopped working

Although not as tidy as Lucifer, his room is decently organized so he wouldn’t ask you to clean because…

1. He doesn’t want you to judge his things (even if he knows you wouldn’t) 2. He doesn’t trust others to touch his things 3. Because you shouldn’t?? dirty your hands?? cleaning for him??? that’s ?? a sin??

May just end up asking you to either play with him or watch him play.

This man will RELISH every second of this, often looking at you from the corner of his eye.

*eyes meet and you smile* blushhhhhhh

However, I feel he would also take the opportunity and just photograph tf outta you for memories >.<

Boy will be thinking about this for weeks

Satan 💚

Like Lucifer, will also ask you to clean.

He’s generally an organized person but some of his books need cleaning and he only trusts you not to ruin them.

Satan does expect you to treat this seriously but won’t be too tough on you. Allows you breaks and might even read to you after he caught you listening in while cleaning.

You were gently wiping the shelves when he sat by the window and opened a book of curses (wonder who it’s for 😇). He looked like a prince with the sunlight hitting his pretty face

Your pace slowed. He noticed and glanced. SCRUB SCRUB SCRUB

It happened several times so he ended up telling you to leave that and join him.

Overall not a bad experience

“You did well”

Asmo ❤️

Loves seeing you dressed up

Thinks you’re so cute, especially in a uniform. Not many people can pull this off. “MC~~ how can you look so pretty hm?”

He’ll make you switch clothes lmao. Wants to try out the outfit to prove how he really does look great in everything (spit them facts king 👑)

Asmo won’t miss the chance to take pictures and upload them to Devilgram, the two of you in each other’s outfits was enough to bring out the jealousy in many people (cough cough Mammon Levi)

As a firm believer that pretty bitches don’t do manual labor, Asmo won’t put you to work. You’re better off doing each other’s hair, cuddling, and fun things in general

Beel 🧡

Would probably ask you to cook for him

UM I’m a maid not a chef “Yes I do the cooking, yes I do cleaning”

Beel would invite you to cook together or sum cute shit like that. He thinks it’s a great time to bond, especially over food. Mans has all he needs, food and you.

Fluffy mf 🥰

Offer to feed him and Beelzebub will PROPOSE on the spot. Homeboi will sweep you onto his arms and march to his room, muttering something about eating dessert in bed???

Satan will enter the kitchen and witness this like ?? bby lost his appetite after hearing that—


Belphie 💜

Just join him for a nap and you good

You really think he’ll stay awake enough to dish out orders? Think again.

At most, Belphie will just ask you to make his bed extra fluffy or add another pillow so the two of you can be comfortable. That’s all I can see him making you do.

Not @ y’all sleeping the entire afternoon together and waking up like ?? Oh?? Time’s up?? Tbh you both might go back to sleep. Everyone will be like where tf are they??? What are they doing???

Asmo: Maybe they’re roleplaying one of those maid fantasies from Levi’s animes. Ooooh~ I’m so jealous! ☆*。★゚*♪ヾ(☆ゝз・)ノ you think they’ll let us join?

Cue Levi getting red. “You mean??!” Mammon will choke on his food, quick to protest. Beel knows better and will continue to eat his dinner.

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*the demon bros and MC sitting around a table*

Levi: MC, you like the Sims, right?

MC: Ah, the Sims *Evil smile*

Mammon: Oi, What’s with that smile, human?

MC: nothing, nothing. I just… I love playing God *chuckle*

Beel: what do you mean?

MC: I kill them. Make them do horrible stuff while I just watch and enjoy the show

Asmo: MC what the -

MC: I once made the wife cheat on her husband and then forced the husband to watch while they were at it. The Drama Queen died of a heart attack 🙄 like, it’s not that serious.

Satan: wtf, MC

MC: I once created a sim of every single person I disliked and then tortured them until they died. You know, starvation, burning to death, exhaustion: the basic stuff.

Belphie: umm? 🤨

MC: Or that one time I put my Sim’s daughter in an empty room to see how long it would take her to die, but she got taken away instead. Ruined my experiment. Or when I - *laughs* - made my sim go through so much trauma -

Lucifer: What the fuck MC

MC: …

Demon Bros: …

MC: …

MC: you know what, at least we now know why humans should never have the power of a God *sips drink while the Demon bros continue to stare at them*

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Eve: Satan you’re so cute and proper ヽ( ´¬`)ノmy favourite type of person ~

Satan: (・∀・)

Eve: İ hope i have a son like you someday ^^

Satan: (ꐦ •᷄ࡇ•᷅)

Lucifer: 👂

Lucifer: (⌯¤̴̶̷̀ω¤̴̶̷́)✧

Satan: (っ’-’)╮ =͟͟͞͞🔪

Lucifer: 🔪==-三ღ(゚ᆸ゚)ღ

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satan is the type of person to pay attention to what people dislike and then do exactly that.

something along the lines of “i hate when people pour their milk before their cereal!”

and then satan is just in the background pouring the biggest mfing bowl of milk dropping mini wheats in, and he would wait until they got soggy before eating them. and he makes SURE that you see him do it.

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I honestly forgot how many times I’ve posted about this. So now it’s going to just be titled “Why you should rename yourself into a pet name”

So here it goes! ITS A SERIES Y’ALL

Why you should rename yourself to a pet name:

S1 E1: Beef w/ Levi 😤

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