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#satan swd
sourluci · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
"It's biology, and you were born to fail"
I was listening to Born To Fail by Dance Gavin Dance, I wanted to draw, and well- this happened.
The song was the biggest inspiration for this. It got me feeling really bad for Satan. His entire existence was accidental, born from sin, born as his brothers shadow- an embodiment of Lucifer's resentment and rage, and that's what I wanted to capture here.
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kpop-otome-yandere-here · 7 months ago
Beel: Hey, Lucifer, where’s Mc?
Lucifer: And by the hell, why does everybody think I know where Mc is? Maybe I don’t know. Maybe I don’t care. Maybe I have a life outside of Mc, or maybe she’s a full grown woman who can go wherever she pleases. Have you ever considered that?
Lucifer: She’s speaking with Lord Diavolo in the southeast class room near the boys bathroom on the third floor but that’s not my point.
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obeymematches · 6 months ago
Could you do Diavolo, Satan and Lucifer’s reaction to MC falling asleep on their shoulder during a RAD meeting? Please and thank you 🙏
awww🥺 sleeby mc <3 thank you for sending in a request i love this so much ;;
You fall asleep during a RAD meeting 
Prologue/Setting; Nobody told you the meeting would be 4 hours long. Absolutely ridiculous. Demons have no sense of time, it seems. The fact that you didn’t get a good nights’ sleep last night isn’t working in your favour either. However, the most important question of all is; why did it had to start at 8AM?!  In your defense, at least you were there - unlike Belphie who is either fashionably late or might never show up. 
He felt something touch his shoulders, which made him twitch a little in surpise. 
When he looked over his shoulder, he saw the top of your head leaning on him. You were so close to him now that he didn’t even had to turn his head to sense your scent. 
Has no clue about you being asleep, 100% thinks you leaned close just to be cute.
Only realizes you are actually asleep when Lucifer glares at you, opening his mouth to attempt waking you up-
“No need for that, Lucifer. We can move on to the part which doesn’t concern MC as much... we can continue this topic once they are awake. We don’t want MC to die on us, you remember-” 
Yes, he seriously thinks your life would be in danger if they don’t let you sleep in just a bit- (you need to spend so much more time with him)
stressed_lucifer.png it’s so early and he has to deal with explaining humans to Diavolo
In case he knows more than that about you, he’d still let you sleep a bit but when the meeting changes to a topic which involves you, he’d definitely wake you up. Apologizes so much after though :( 
Oop- you are in danger-
Has no idea what happened when he feels something on his shoulder-
Mercilessly wakes you up the moment he figures you are alseep (which is easy to tell from your slowed down breathing)
Probably turns into his demon form to get his message accross- 
HOWEVER. If you are dating him, he will go easier on you & probably pretends not to notice you for like. 5 minutes. After that he wakes you up anyway. In that case he probably doesn’t turn into his demon form, but if you have a strong bond with him you can sense he is a bit disappointed. 
After the meeting he expresses these feelings to you. Asks you what happened that you were so tired- 
“Although it was flattering that you chose to sleep on me MC, next time you should not do that under these circumstances.”
Caught by surprise as well. Thinks it’s just Asmo at first. 
Blushes when realization hits him. 
Doesn’t want to wake you up at all- takes notes for you so you can catch up on the important stuff once you are awake. Takes down things he normally wouldn’t. 
Though writing is a bit difficult if you are on his main hand’s shoulder-
You can tell he’s not going to let Lucifer wake you up either, as long as the oldest isn’t threatening him. 
 Definitely teases you a bit when you wake up but isn’t mad at you at all. 
Given the fact that he’d rather be sleeping at such early hours, he completely understands you. Maybe even a bit fascinated with how you had the guts to fall asleep in a meeting, though he isn’t encouraging it in the future.
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usertala · 2 months ago
Characters: Satan, Beelzebub
Tumblr media
He had already known you were angry, but it was something different. Your anger seemed to be always there. He wanted to ask, but thinking he would be nosy, he just left it.
Until an event at Diavolo’s Castle when that anger had finally burst. One demon at the party had known who you were and always avoided you. It wasn’t until you caught sight of him.
He could feel you weakly grabbing his arm, “T-that man, why- why is he here?” He looked at where you were pointing to see a demon about to leave. The party had ended and demons were slowly leaving.
That demon. There’s no mistake. It was definitely him. He was someone you had known when he was alive, someone who had murdered someone so dear to you in cold blood. You couldn’t do anything, you were just a child.
Approaching the man, you grabbed his arm. Seeing him go pale just by looking at you made you smile, “You remember me?” by now you could tell the brothers were behind you. “I heard you committed suicide? What gives you the right, you coward? Even with death- even with death, you took the easy way out! You didn’t even pay for what you did!” Activating your pact mark with Satan, telling him to attack the demon.
He could only give a few punches when his brothers tried to stop him. “How could you do that to a young boy? To a young kid like that! He was warm, kind, a normal kid. Do you realize that?! And you harm a child like that?”
Feeling barbatos and mammon trying to pull you away, you struggled in their hold. “And you call yourself a man? Are you even human?! Let me go!” Satan told them to let you go, even if you wanted to go after the guy. He was already being escorted out by Lucifer and Diavolo.
You feel Satan’s arms wrapped around you. “It’s okay, you’re okay, he’s gone. You’ll never see him again. I’ll make sure of that. He hurt you before. He can’t do that anymore, not when you’re much stronger than he is.”
Seeing you cry made his heart sting, clinging to him like a child not wanting their parent to go to work. He promised you he will make that man pay.
Tumblr media
Really? He could feel gluttony oozing from you, but whenever he offered you food you’d always refuse or when it’s by the dining room, you never always seem to eat like him.
Although you spent a lot of time with both Satan and Lucifer, he always wondered why and he was slightly jealous because of that. Still, he wants to be close to you (not that he needs to try, ‘coz everyone loves beel) buying you a book he thinks you’d be interested in.
Seeing your eyes sparkle with delight, he can feel strong glutton within you. Deciding he can’t take this anymore, he asks you about it, “Hmm, maybe because I enjoy reading? You know there are a lot of things to learn about and especially with me being a human, I could only learn so much.”
Oh. Now he understands. That’s why you weren’t hungry for food, no- you were a glutton for knowledge and power, finding different ways to be more like Solomon and wanting to know how he prolonged his life and maintained his youthful appearance.
He feels something warm inside him whenever he feels glutton emerging from you, whenever you see the books he gives you.
Tumblr media
Obey Me Masterlist
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severed-fate · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
My Satan pics are receiving so much love recently that I did this quick sketch of Satan doing something to your MC
love ya all <3
(My HC is that Satan has green markings where his ribbons are)
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Fluff 37 with Satan
Satan x MC
37. "You're just a softie."
Satan stood in front of MC in his demon form as a lesser demon ran away. His breath was heavy and ragged and all the demons in the street surrounding him ran for their lives.
MC on the other hand gently walked up to him and touched his arm, "Satan." At the sound of his name he jerked towards the human. Once they were in his line of sight, the angry red hue he once saw slowly began to fade and he transformed back into his regular form.
"MC, are you okay? Did I hurt you?" He frantically scanned over their body as they giggled.
"Yes, and no. I would be more worried about that lesser demon's pants than me." He sighed.
"Well that's good. Let's head home before I cause anymore trouble." The two walked hand in hand down the empty street to the House of Lamentations. As they passed an alleyway Satan stopped hearing a small noise.
He wandered deeper into the alley with MC behind him confused, "Is this a detour?"
He shushed them as he found what he was looking for. A small kitten wrapped in a blanket is laying on the ground below him. As he kneels down, the kitten approaches him and gently brushes against his legs.
"See, even the cat can tell you're just a softie." He looks up to see MC smiling down at him. He picks up the cat and stands as he continues his walk back home.
"I don't think you should saying that about the scary avatar of wrath." He smirks.
"Hey! I can say whatever I want about my boyfriend!" MC says as they run to catch up with him.
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harus-lucidream · 10 days ago
Now that I think about it? I can't remember what your Satan looks like!! Maybe a beautiful boy being interrupted while reading?
Tumblr media
World hard and cold, kitty paw soft and warm~~
I hope you like it, Bas!
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dissociative-mc · 5 months ago
MC: When I get murdered, can you make sure I become an unsolved case?
Satan: wHat?
MC: I want to be on Buzzfeed Unsolved.
Satan: Can we go back to the part when you said "when I get murdered"?
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7fckingidiots · a year ago
hi, i love your writing! can i request for kissing hcs with the demon brothers? thanks!!
ah! thank you for the request!! hope you enjoy!!
Kissing Headcanons with The Demon Brothers
he prefers to kiss you in private to avoid his brothers teasing him or losing his composure in front of anyone
he’s unsure of how to kiss you at first but his pride would never let him admit that so your first couple of kisses are a tad messy
he takes his time with you, long nights in his study with you on his lap, just figuring out what you like
his kisses are usually very soft, he likes to hold your face gently as if you’re made of glass
good morning kisses!!!! good bye kisses!!!! good night kisses!!!! they are guaranteed with him
his favorite type of kisses are hand kisses for both him and you. he usually never removes his gloves so it’s a very intimate act for him. he likes kissing your hands because it’s still very formal and an easy way to communicate his affection to you
he prefers to kiss you in public to show everyone that your his and he’s yours! none of these lesser demons can have you, nope! you’re taken!
mammon genuinely thinks like that he’s such a dork oh my GOD
but he loves you and loves showing you to the whole world bc you’re incredible!!! and if he can do that with a kiss then it’s something he’ll do all the time
he’s really clingy so if you guys have to part to go to separate classes he’ll make sure to give you kisses you before you go. half the time you end up being late for your classes because of it
he definitely is more bold with his actions in public but when you to are alone he’s much more shy. the kisses are softer and he’s slower, almost unsure of himself and completely following your lead
likes kissing your lips the best and likes when you kiss his head the most. it’s the most direct way of showing he loves you for him and it occupies all your attention so he’ll kiss your lips whenever but when you kiss the top of his head he just melts, it’s so innocent and sweet 
kiss him outside his room and he just. shuts down. he’s proud but also key smashing inside his soul to fast for his brain to work
kissing him in his room....honestly isn’t much better Levi is very easy to fluster!! He can still kiss you he just can’t make direct eye contact with you after, he’s too NERVOUS
that being said he does like kissing you and he’ll do it absent mindedly if your sitting on his lap when he’s gaming!! he likes the way it feels and also he doesn’t have to be as verbal
he gets jealous of all the time you spend with his brothers at RAD so pls just hold him in his bath tub and kiss his face, he absolutely loves it but can’t say it out loud
your first kiss with him was so AWKWARD, he completely missed your mouth and it was out of no where. he didn’t look at you in eyes for three days
like kissing your forehead the best because he can then tuck your face into his chest so that you can’t see his face. likes when you kiss his hands especially after he’s been gaming all day! it’s a sweet gesture that will make him pass out
isn’t one for PDA but he’ll still kiss you out in public! the only times he’ll make out with you in a public place is if he knows you two are alone or if he knows lucifer will find you two bc satan is a Bastard
he likes kissing your fingertips when you two are reading together, it gives him a way to occupy his hands and enjoys how his brothers groan at him for being a sap
definitely rewards you with kisses when you two study together, it’s a very good motivator for u and him!
he gets overwhelmed very easily and doesn’t really like to be touched during these time but having place feather light kisses on his face helps him calm down immensely
he doesn’t like kissing you when he’s angry because he’s terrified of hurting you
likes kissing your cheek because it’s something he can get away with in public and he finds it cute. he likes his shoulders being kissed the best it makes him feel vulnerable but he knows he’s safe with you
king is the definition of “is for me?” when he sees you and this applies to kisses 100%
acts like he’s dying of you don’t kiss him when he asks he’s so DRAMATIC but YOU chose this ok?? kiss him he’ll cheer up immediately
his devilgram account probably has a weekly post of you two kissing because you two are just so pretty and he likes to flex that he’s with you whenever he gets the chance
whenever he sees you he greets you with a kiss and whenever he leaves you he gives you kiss! he’ll say something like “so you can remember me” and then when he sees you again and kisses you he goes “you remembered me!” my Heart.....
self love is important to him and he makes it a point to kiss any part of you you find yourself having trouble with accepting. he loves every part of you and makes sure to remind you of this every day
he likes kissing your lips the best! it’s very intimate and he loves feeling you smile into his kiss. he loves when you hold him and kiss the crown of his head
kisses the top of your head ALL THE TIME! he just leans down and bop, kissy. he will get so flustered if you ask him to lean down and give the top of his head a kiss
his kisses start out very soft, he wants to make sure you feel safe, but the longer you kiss him the more hungry for you he becomes and the rougher he gets
likes to give you light hickeys on your neck whenever you let him and he’lol always remark on how you taste
absolutely LOVES it when you kiss his up and down his arms! he doesn’t have much of an ego but whenever you do this he just gets really proud of himself, this also works for cheering him up
likes having you sit in his lap so he can just kiss the back of your neck while you continue doing whatever you were doing
likes you kissing his chest! it makes him feel nice and warm and he can easily wrap you up in his arms! he loves kissing your stomach the most it’s just so soft and he can bury his face into it and just rest there
so MANY sleepy kisses dear GOD he’s basically the CEO of them but he can’t help it!! he’s very clingy when he’s tired and just wants to feel you
making out is so much energy but he’s also a little bastard and will definitely make sure to initiate it if he knows lucifer will walk in on you
when you kiss him when he’s sleeping he smiles, wether that’s because he’s still awake or just knows it’s you is a secret he only knows
when you two go out he’s practically wrapped around you and kissing whatever part of you he can while ignoring whatever is going on
will tease you by never actually kissing your lips and always just kissing right next to him but acts clueless as to why you’re so frustrated, like “MC? I’m confused is there something you want?”
love kissing the nape of your neck so he can just litter it with kisses as he drifts off to sleep. he loves it when you kiss his eyelids as he’s going to sleep, it makes him feel sure that he’ll have good dreams
sorry i disappeared for a bit! classes got switched around so i had to adjust for a bit! i hope you enjoy these!!
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yueqing · 6 months ago
pairing. satan, asmodeus, beelzebub, belphegor x gn!reader
genre. fluff, modern au
warnings. none
link to part one
Tumblr media
SATAN is the academic rival who’s cuter than you’d like to admit. everywhere you go, he’s on your tail boasting about his grades or nagging you about yours. he’s the reason why you have a constant headache; no matter how hard you fight back, he comes up with a better defense. but for some unknown reason, you can’t get his face out of your head. every little thing reminds you of him—on top of that, you’re even excited to see him at school the next day.
ASMODEUS is the pretty boy you feel like you have no chance with. everyone falls for his looks and charm—unfortunately, you’re one of those people. the whole school knows asmo has high standards, and he always seems to be rotating through people; can you really keep up? the answer is yes—asmo already has his sights on you, and he’s not letting you go. 
BEELZEBUB is the jock who focuses on one thing and one thing only—you. all the others think he’s too preoccupied for a relationship (that being his extracurriculars), but there’s nothing he wants more than to be the one you call your boyfriend. frankly, beel is afraid he’s too much for you. he knows he has impulses that are hard to control, especially when he gets excited. he’d rather pretend he’s busy than risk ruining his chance.
BELPHEGOR is the lazy student with a wild imagination. when he falls asleep during class, all he can see is you in his dreams. he pictures what it’d be like to hold your hand, to kiss you, to be yours. probe him about it and he’ll deny having a crush, but the look on his face is more than enough for anyone to know his true feelings.
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obeymematches · 6 months ago
hi can i request something with the obey me boys? maybe with mammon, satan and lucifer, Mc rescued a demon cat and now the cat is their familiar, the cat is very clingy and powerful, how will they react? sorry for the bad english <//3
hiii sure, thanks for sending in a request i love your idea so much aaaaaa!! don't worry about your English, it is great!!
MC with a demon cat familiar
A headache waiting to happen, honestly. It's not that he has anything against felines, but once you get one you will soon find yourself with 2...3... before you can blink you end up with 8. Not to mention that he knows you'd have at least 1 ally in the HoL. (i mean just think about you and Satan teaming up and renovating the house into a rescue shelter. absolutely not.)
Admires the fact that it is rescued and powerful though.
When he sees you cuddling it as you enter the house, unaware of the fact that cats are banned, he can't help but let out a sigh.
MC, what is it on your shoulders? You have until next Monday to re-home it. I do not take no for an answer.
If you try to argue he'll change into his demon form to get his message across.
Unfortunately for him, you and the cat already have a special bond so it's far too late for that, but you can always pretend to try and re-home it, i mean- I feel like once he realizes that re-homing this cat is impossible (because even if you find a loving home the kitty keeps escaping and coming back) he actually starts to spend time with it
After a couple of weeks you'd find the cat in his study lazing around the fireplace, on his lap, etc. (yes. he tried taking the cat near any of the other 21 fire places of the mansion but it refuses to stay there)
Oh boy he knows you are going to be in big trouble the moment he sees you with a cat. He does warn you like any best friend would, like don't blame him if you find yourself getting punished-
I think he'd fall just a little bit more in love because of your generous little heart and soul, but on the down side this cat in particular is clingy. Which means stupid kitty is almost always with you, therefore you get less alone time.
MC, have ya ever thought about getting a cat bed? Trust me it would be a great idea, don't ya think he/she is a bit stinky??
Jealous bf vs jealous pet shenanigans - behind your back mostly, you only get a glimpse of it every now and then, but for them it is a constant battle. Survival of the fittest if you will.
If you refuse to get your cat an own bed he'll get it though, like really if it's up to him then so be it but sharing the bed is a big no.
It takes months or years for them to get over their jealousy. pls
Oh MC are you flirting with him??? like this??? (it do be working-)
Absolutely down for both the cat and you and helps you hide it from Lucifer. In case the eldest finds out, Satan is taking your side but I think it goes without saying.
Jokes on you MC, you'd think he goes over to your room to spend time with you... but you are ignored for 80% of the time
Look what I got today! It is called a planetary kitty hat, which provides great enrichment for him/her. Do you think your room could fit a royal throne for cats? I suggest we move your bed over a bit-
On a more serious note, he has no chance but to respect the bond your cat has with you. He is very glad every time you ask him to babysit the kitty and doesn't ask anything in return.
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usertala · 2 months ago
Today, tomorrow, and forever
Characters: Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Satan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, Belphegor
Tumblr media
You brought me out of the shell. You gave the world to me, and before I knew, there I was so in love with you.
When you first arrived, Lucifer only spoke and interacted with because it was necessary. He thought of you as a walking liability and a nuisance, not knowing when to back off.
Although, your nosiness ended up saving his family that he tried so hard to protect, and without realizing he had let you into his life. Asking you to meet him after dinner, even though his only reason to see you was to ask if you’d like to listen to records with him.
He found himself smiling like an idiot while making you dessert, always wondering if you’d like them or would it be enough as a silent apology when he endangered you.
All he knows is that there was something about you that had captivated him. Maybe it was your selflessness or resourcefulness, or maybe because it was you.
Tumblr media
You gave me a reason for my being and I love what I’m feelin’. You gave me a meaning to my life. Yes, I’ve gone beyond existing and it all began when I met you.
He had already loved you when you first arrived. He doesn’t understand why and he doesn’t want to understand. All he knows is that he’s satisfied that you wanna be with him. His brothers had always called him scummy, worthless, idiot, and a poor excuse for a demon.
He knows they don’t mean any harm, but sometimes their words hurt. Amongst those, you come in with your soothing and encouraging words that always brighten his day.
And he knows. He knows someday you’ll leave him. This makes him want to treasure his moments with you. He tightens his hold on you, your slow and deep breathing calming him down. He looks at your sleeping face, promising whatever happens, he’ll always be with you.
Tumblr media
I love the touch of your hair and when I look into your eyes. I just know, I know I’m on to something good.
Who’d have thought that he’d fall this hard for a normie? A human, not less. Building a connection so strong that with a second of eye contact, you both know what the other needs. Never had Levi imagined someone who can actually understand, care, and love him.
Sometimes he’d ask you why? Why was so on set in making him feel appreciated and loved? You’d always tell him you can’t express it with words, you always had a smile on your face when talking to him - that damned smile, always making his heart beat so fast.
Tumblr media
I’m sure my love for you will endure. Your love will light up my world and take all my cares away with the aching part of me.
He doesn’t know how to explain it. He doesn’t know when he fell for you. Maybe it had started when he and Lucifer had switched bodies? He could only laugh. He had the idea of being with you only to spite Lucifer. Knowing he’d be fuming when he learns he had tainted the sweet and innocent human.
What he didn’t expect was him falling for his own trap, making him fall in love with your gentle words and smile. There was something about you that was just so charming. Again, he can’t explain what, but it’s there.
He knows that you’ll accept him as who he is, something his brothers were hesitant to do, claiming it to be too bothersome but you, you were so nosy that you invaded his heart.
Tumblr media
You taught me how to love. You showed me how tomorrow and today, my life is diff’rent from the yesterday.
Before you came, Asmo life has a specific routine, does his morning routine, annoys his brothers, bully mammon, go to the fall, and hook-up with a succubus/incubus. He does that repeatedly, and honestly, he was getting bored, which is why he was so interested in you when you first made a pact.
What was just plain curiosity had bloomed into something much more... intimate. From attempting to make you sleep with him to having deep late night talks, constantly touching you to annoy mammon to touching you just because he likes it.
His routine was broken. Sure, he still parties, but he’s always with you. He doesn’t sleep around anymore. He doesn’t understand why, and frankly, it made him upset. If he can’t act like the avatar of lust, then what purpose does he have.
He cries to you almost every night, confused by his feelings. He wants it to stop, but; he doesn’t know what would happen if you’d just disappear.
Tumblr media
You taught me how to love and darling. I will always cherish you, today, tomorrow and forever.
Beelzebub had so much love in his heart, but it was only for his family, especially his sister and twin. And when he had felt these feelings for you, he was bewildered. It was the same thing but at the same time different. His heart beats whenever you're near. He smiles whenever he sees something he thinks you’ll like.
And when you smile, oh no, he thinks he’s about to have a heart attack. That dang smile keeps him up at night thinking of ways to make you smile.
He always felt a sense of contentment whenever you’re around and whenever you’re happy, he’d always wish that everything remained the way they are.
Tumblr media
There I was, an empty piece of a shell, just mindin’ my own world without even knowin’ what love and life were all about.
Similar to Beel, he had felt something for you he never felt with his brothers or sister. Hell, he hated you at first. He couldn’t find a single reason on why you keep on insisting to fix his relationship with his brothers. For fuck’s sake, he killed you! Why are you still with him?
But whenever you’re alone with him, it felt like you were reaching your soft hand unto his very soul and bringing out feelings he kept most hidden. And the most frustrating part you were doing it so effortlessly.
He wants to cry and scream. How come you, a human, were the one they needed to mend their relationship. How did you do that? You had a connection with everyone that he wished he had.
Yet, you did the same thing to him, he still remembers your last nights in Devildom, how he cried his heart out begging you to stay with him, saying how he was so sorry for everything he’s done. When you came back, the hole inside him was filled again, and you bet he’s not gonna let you go this time.
Tumblr media
Obey Me Masterlist
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luciuslut · a month ago
kinktober | DAY 7: spitting — satan ( obey me! ) x female! reader
genre: nsfw ( drabble )
cw: sub! reader, reader is kinda bratty, spit kink, degradation, fingering [ lmk if i missed any ]
notes: at the end!
kinktober masterlist
Tumblr media
“i said don’t disturb me.”
satan tightened his jaw as he sees you laughing. he’s just so busy with his books! you wanted his attention even just for five minutes. “well, i can’t help it if i’m being a brat.”
you let out a whimper as he suddenly grabbed your cheeks, making you look up at him. “you wanted my attention, huh? now you got it. you better be an obedient little whore.”
he’s definitely pissed right now.
“open your mouth.” immediately obeying his words, you opened it wide open. you saw him smirking a bit before spitting in your mouth. “that’ll shut you up. don’t swallow until i tell you to, got it?”
“mhm— mmh!!” his hand slid into your panties and played with your wet pussy as he went back to reading his book.
a finger slides into you, and you covered your mouth to muffle your moans, being careful to not swallow his spit accidentally.
“now, be a good slut. if you swallow, then i won’t give you the attention you want.”
Tumblr media
notes: i’m fucking tripping rn that line where satan’s pissed i thought it said “he’s definitely pissed in your mouth” god i need to sleep
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General 1 with satan
Satan x MC
1. "I love you." "Tell me that when your sober."
Asmodeus had dragged MC out to The Fall and Satan had decided to tag along as the designated sober. He sat on the side and watched as MC and Asmo danced the night away. Somehow, Asmo had also give MC human alcohol so they were actually drunk like Asmo. After another round of shots, MC stumbled over to Satan and sat next to him.
"You know, you look hot when your all serious and brooding." Their words were slurred as the spoke and began to lean on him.
Satan smirked, "Oh really now?"
"Yeah," MC sat up putting their head on his shoulder, "I don't understand how you look hot all the time, but I love you for it." Their smiled widen as they looked at Satan.
He snickered into his drink, "Tell me that when your sober."
MC pouted at his words, "I just confessed my feelings to you and you won't even accept them." Tears start to well up in their eyes and Satan sighs.
"Alright time to go home. Asmo can fend for himself." He then helps MC out of their chair and gently holds them up as they walk home.
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obeytempst · 2 months ago
hii i really like you blog. Can I request the brothers (or just Mammon and Satan) with an MC who is naive and not very smart when it comes to love and flirting but they are the owner of their own business like how would they react to meet the naive and clueless MC and then finding out she is the CEO of her own brand? Hope you can write this, thank you. remember to drink water,eat something and get some sleep♥
OMGGGGH I LOVE YOUR WRITITNG SO MUCH JSSNSBUWWHBSSB eheuhewnwjwjwj i physically exploded when i got this notification. i love your writing
Extra Stuff: GN!MC, bitchy satan, 649 words, sadly wasn’t able to do mammons part but maybe i’ll make a part two
The day of the arrival of the new exchange student was an unnerving one, Lucifer shortened my time to read and told me to “tidy up your room” because we all need to be presentable for the human. It was a nuisance, but i differ. Humans are fragile and are idiots, i would never need to please and flatter a human. “Ugh! What is taking so long! Lucifer!!” Asmo groaned. “Aha fret not Asmodeus!! I’m also excited for the new exchange student!!” Diavolo interrupted and misinterpreted what Asmo was saying. Barbatos positioned changed and gave everyone a nod signaling that the human would be here any second. Seconds later the human came spiraling down and landed on the cushion that was set below them to brace their fall while letting out a small “oof”
That having been a few months ago we’ve all gotten used to the presence of the human. Everyone but me I suppose, it’s saddening to see my brothers sucking up to the small human, not surprised by the idiot second born but I would have thought the third born would have more ‘pride’ then to lose to a human but to even submit to one. My door pushes open and MC appears on the other side. “Hey Satan thanks for lending me that book. It was pretty good!!” They shone like a star. Not showing an ounce of fear in front of the most feared demon in the human world.
I stood up slowly “of course” I let my smile falter as I stared them down. Seemingly not noticing the venom on my tongue they walked farther into my room letting the door close behind them “I was just asking for some help, I got into dilemma and I was looking for some insight.” “I suppose I can make some time for you.” I signed and gestured for them to take a seat. They sat down and made themselves comfortable, “so I have to come up with this new idea for my company” they fidget with there fingers and sigh. “or else the head boss is going to come for my head!” I let the details of their story about the “head boss” sink in.
MC’s the CEO of a big corporation that specializes in animal care and the safety of them. It’s admirable that someone like MC, a naive and bubbly person runs and built their own company. I allowed myself to feel just a little amount of pride for the fact that they came to me with this. “A new idea huh? I say that if you guys offer an adoption program you would be a big hit. They shone with stars in their eyes and zoomed out the door shouting “I can always rely on you Satan!” I sighed at their retreating figure and held my hand to my face, covering the sudden blush. That human will be the death of me.
“Ne~ MC!! Would you ever have a sugar daddy?” Asmo sang while hugging MC’s arm. I watched their conversation from afar in the living room keeping my head in the third volume of my book.
“Ahhh a sugar daddy?? I had a lot of those at home! Just the thought of it is making me squirm!” Asmo let out a gasp and covered his mouth. “MC how naughty!!”
“Do you guys not have them in the devildom?? They’re quite cheap!!”
I signed loudly and closed my book before Asmo could let out another weird remark. “It’s a human world candy Asmo, and MC please watch what you’re saying around him before he misjudges what you say again.” Beel popped around the corner and towered over MC. “MC you have candy?” “Nope! Sorry Beel hehe..” MC spent the last moments patting the back of the gluttonous demon saying the next time they go to the human world they’ll buy him candies.
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