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#satan x mc
devildomsexting · 36 minutes ago
Commissions are finally here!! I will be posting some rules and pricing below, but please note that I will start with 10 commission slots. Depending on interest, I may open up more for the first round, but that will be determined later.
Tumblr media
Payments can be made through ko-fi or PayPal.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I will write SFW and NSFW. This does not have anything reflection on pricing.
Kinks are welcomed, but I reserve the right to refuse a request if it lies out of my comfort zone
Chats dialogue will be written by me at my own discretion, but a required phrase or wording from either party can be requested in the Additional Notes section of the Commission Request
I will write CharacterxCharacter chats or CharacterxMC chats.
I will not write BrotherxBrother ROMANTIC chats, but I will write brotherly fluff/platonic for them
NSFW or ROMANCING Luke requests will NOT be accepted. I will only write platonic chat interactions with Luke.
Expected turnaround will be about 24-48 hours after payment.
I reserve the right to add, edit, or discontinue any rules at any time.
Commission Slots:
Commission Request Form:
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from-your-querencia · 4 hours ago
Hey there honey, I hope you're doing well :)
I would like to request an hc where F!Mc loses a bet to Asmo and she has to wear a body con or form fitting dress which Asmo selected for her and had to wink at her s/o brother infront of whole R.A.D 😂😂😂
Make it slightly NSFW or suggestive pleaseeeee
And please skip the request if this makes you uncomfortable
Have a great day ahead 😊
Hey hun, yes I am alright I hope you're doing great too, staying safe and following all Covid protocols. Sorry it took so much time, This is my first slight NSFW writing so please pardon my mistakes. Have a great day you too ^^
Fem! Mc loses a bet to Asmo and winks at her s/o brother infront of everyone;
Warnings: 18+, NSFW(some are a little prominent and some are slight), some curses, do not read if you're underage
Mr Prideypants was stunned...the light pink tinge was visible in ears for a split second which he hid tactfully behind his fake frown of disappointment. Lucifer was not someone who was into PDA, He knew his beloved well that Mc was also not interested in PDA but that didn't change the fact that when you walked in the R.A.D hallway in that form-fitting red dress and winked at him when almost every demon & succubi's hungry and jealous eye was literally ogling your beauty, he could feel something territorial has awaken inside him and lips curled into a smudge smirk.
Wel well, were you trying to tempt him dear Mc?
You weren't? Very well.
"Hello, Mc yes could you come into my office , yes I need to discuss something with you, privately"
You knew that deep voice, it always brought you lectures for rest of the day, but what you didn't imagine was his lips hungrily finding yours as soon as you entered his office and him putting spell lock on his office door.
Yep You can imagine what happened after that, Mc could barely walk straight for an entire week :')
all hail Asmo.
"M-Mc what hell are ya doin w-wearin somethin like that? This is d-devildom for fuck's sake, d-demons could do all bad things to ya y'know?"
He threw his Jacket over you as soon as he saw you in the hallway before you even were able to wink at him. As soon as his eyes spotted you in the hallway, Mammon was faster than any racing car to tackle you and drag you away from all eyes. As soon as you both reached house of lamentation in his room, he locked the door behind you and you opened your mouth in confusion, "Mammon, are you mmph.." his lips crushed onto yours before you could finish hands roaming through your curves,soon you melted into the kiss
"Were ya not expectin somethin like this after winkin at me in the open hallway infront of those gigs, Mc huh? Did ya really forget I'm the avatar of greed, you shouldn't have tempted me like that mc"
Dom Mammon? Yes :') enjoy MC
btw All hail Asmo
"Uh Levi?"
What the hell, did you...did you just broke him MC? Is he feeling sick? Did he has fever? Because he's just frozen, and has been standing there for a whole ass 3 minutes for now and his face was redder than tomato. Suddenly he looked at you with a weird look and runaway from the place towards his room. You felt hurt. Were you looking that disgusting? Asmo said this dress was actually a replica of one of Ruri Chan's live concert...did he get upset because you tried to imitate his favourite Ruri Chan, you ran after him to knock at his door but there was no answer, so you kicked his door open just to find him digging up a box from his stash of cosplay costume which he handed over to you with his eyes pressed together as hardly as possible as he muttered
"w-will you wear it for me p-please"
You opened the box and your eyes widened in surprise, it was a Ruri chan hentai themed lingerie :')
Levi you sneaky snake :'' you let out a chuckle as you proceeded to take off your clothes.
All hail Asmo
Well you really did something very brave Mc, you have all of my respect. Not only you wore that green body con dress you also dared to wear those fake horns and the last blow, instead of winking at him you meowed :') and now you were thrown over his shoulder taking to you an empty abandoned infirmary in the R.A.D. Satan was more conservative than Lucifer but today something snapped inside him when you did that. He threw you on the old bed gently and closed the door behind him. Within a blink of an eye he was in his demon form and crawled on the top you and pressed his lips in the crook of your neck. He whispered in a raspy voice while leaving a trail of soft kisses on your jaw line, "You are such a seductress my beautiful kitten, now you should prepare yourself for your punishment" definitely needed bunch of healing spells next morning but still limped entire day :')
All hail Asmo
Well it was his idea, but what he didn't expect was that it would be a uno reverse for him, how could he resist Mc? You look so ravishing right now in that form fitting light pink dress, your curves were eminently visible and each and every eye was either jealous of you or was dripping with Lust. But what about the avatar of Lust ? he was the king of body worship after all
"Mc,honey you did so well,you look absolutely like a goddess right now and I absolutely want you to try out some more from my collection!"
Uh well you weren't able to try out much dresses because someone insisted you look beautiful without those and the rest was history :')
Beel was actually trying to put an extra large devil king burger in his mouth before he saw you walking in. His jaw dropped open as he saw you winked at him. Beel dropped his half eaten burger and you were shocked, You ran to him but before you could say anything Beel holded your hand and started dragging you from the hallway towards his now empty gym.
"Beel where are we going? "
"I am hungry Mc"
"But the cafeteria! We left it behind, it's on the opposite side!"
"Not that Mc, I am hungry for something else now, let's go before I lose control"
Rest assured you had a great time and Beel had his favourite snack :')
All hail Asmo
He was sleeping so he didn't notice end of the story, jk jk😂
Okay so Belphegor was half asleep and stumbling through the hallway when he noticed Everyone in the hallway was looking at the same direction with their jaws almost dropped on the ground and eyeballs popped out from their sockets. When he looked at the direction all the sleep he had flew away through the window when he saw you walking in with a body con dress wrapped perfectly around your curves and matching high heels, he almost lost it when you winked at him but he only smirked at you maintaining his lazy look. What do you think it was only a smirk? Nope you were utterly wrong Mc, Belphie is the sneakiest spoiled brat among all his brothers,he had the full proof plan to take revenge from you for riling him up infront of everyone like that. Get ready Mc he will keep you awake and make you scream his name all night :') goodluck Mc.
again All hail Asmo ಠωಠ
Tumblr media
Thank you so much for reading (•ө•)♡ Stay healthy and stay safe Everyone.
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moemammon · 5 hours ago
You said we could ask for more non-human stuff about the demon bros and I'm here to deliver in the worst way possible.
Which one of them has eaten a human before and would they ever consider doing it again?
Have You Ever Eaten a Human? (Feat. The Demon Bros)
Lucifer has definitely eaten a human. Maybe not a living person, but he's dined on human meat before
You thought he was too good for human meat? Guess again. It's practically the caviar of the Devildom
He's always hanging out with Diavolo, and I can GUARANTEE the prince has eaten humans in the past, before the exchange program
He doesn't do it anymore, but he can tell you in great detail what his favorite cuts are because he's gross ew ew
He spends a lot of time being involved with witches and gambling away in the human world, so Mammon has a soft spot for em
That being said, he's definitely THREATENED to eat someone, but he won't follow through
You might be able to peer pressure him into it tbh?? Or if you bet him a fat wad of money he'll probably be swayed
Otherwise nah, Mammon has a pure palate. He's lame.
Big scary sea serpent demon???
He's probably eaten someone completely by accident, and was just "oh shit oh fUCK-"
Levi doesn't actively go out of his way to eat people, nor does he have the desire to. He prefers more refined foods, like potato chips and coke
Why would he wanna eat a human anyway? Their normie-ness would end up rubbing off on him, and that's a no go.
This is Satan, the Avatar of Wrath.
He's 100% eaten someone in a fit of rage. Maybe not their entire body but like, something got eaten-
Or probably sampled a platter of human meat out of curiosity (before it was banned because politics)
You see, some people are into that sort of thing, so-
Yeah.... he's eaten a person before. Maybe even more than once. Would consider eating you if you asked him to.
Who is Asmo to deny someone of their fantasy? He's an enabler at heart so you can bet he sprinkled rose petals all over em before going itadakimasu
Do you even have to ask
He ate a Little D he will not hesitate from eating a person like it's his last meal
Why would you think Beel would hold himself back from eating a human?? He is HUNGRY and humans are BIG
Literally asked if he could eat you when you first showed up. Probably not allowed in the human world without adult Lucifer's supervision.
Despite hating humans, he can't bring himself to do something like that.
After all, he used to love them, and everything about their world. He's just salty that they "caused" Lilith to fall, but that isn't enough to extinguish centuries of affections for humankind
He's pretty sure y'all don't even taste good, and it sounds like so much trouble?? Way too much chewing to be done when he could just go to sleep
Biting on the other hand-
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belphies-wife · 6 hours ago
Satan Reacts to Montero (Call Me By Your Name) By Lil Nas X
»»————- ♔ ————-««
➼ You were the one who suggested watching it at first
➼ You told him that recently, there was a music video released in the human world that sparked a lot of controversy for featuring Satanic imagery and being heavily, heavily, influenced by Abrahamic religions (most similarities with Islam and Christianity)
➼ This wasn't anything new, but the fact that it came from such a mainstream artist was pretty much unheard of
➼ You also told him that it made bunch of Christians b i g  m a d
➼ Overall, he was pretty intrigued and wanted to see it for himself
➼ Fast forward a bit, both of you sit down and you show it to him (for the purposes of this lil’ headcanon, we’ll say that Diavolo allowed you access to human world media so you don’t feel too disconnected from home) The music video started off good. He was extremely impressed by the effects and CGI. He also liked the intro a lot.
➼ He’ tried g to piece together what everything is representing while watching, keeping in mind that humans got most facts on this matter wrong but had a very very general idea.
➼ It was a little hard, since he was the only brother who hadn’t been to the Celestial Realm
➼ Okay, so that looked like it was supposed to be the Garden of Eden
➼ No idea what that snake person is
➼ He’s assuming that cloud with a face is God
➼ Oh, and now he’s licking him there. Okay.
➼ Hold on a second, now he’s starting to understand it.
➼ He thought during the pink/blue scene, it was the blues passing their judgement onto the pink
➼ Confused when he started ascending
➼ Then the stripper pole appeared and he started pole dancing down to hell For a second he thought it was supposed to represent Lucifer’s fall before he pieced everything together properly
➼ Not before the image of Lucifer pole dancing appeared in his mind. He wasn’t sure if that was funny or if it would be appearing in his nightmares.
➼ He knew down in the human realm, everyone thought Diavolo, him, and Lucifer were the same person
➼ Much to his annoyance
➼ Any thought he was about to have was cut off by the fact that music-video him was getting a lapdance from Lil Nas X
➼ Not quite sure where that’s going
➼ Okay, he’s dead now
➼ Ooh, that ending was cool
➼ When it was over, you asked him what he thought of it and what he thought it was about.
➼ “Well, I’m assuming that at the beginning, the main character committed a sin with the snake person, which angered God. He was then sent to have people judge him, hence the blue/pink scene, him being pink, and blues being the ones passing their judgement. The decided to banish him to hell, hence the being rejected from heaven scene. There, he pole danced and gave someone who is probably a combination of Lucifer, Diavolo and I a lap dance.” “You got pretty close.” You told him. “I did?” “The song is kind of like a ‘fuck you’ to homophobes, since in the human realm, homosexuality is frowned upon from a religious perspective, and many homophobes argue that homosexuals will end up in hell. So Lil Nas X pretty much shoes him going to hell for being gay. But instead of suffering, he seduces the Devil and takes his place as the King of Hell.” ➼ Ah, okay
➼ “So, what did you think of the video?” You asked. “The music itself wasn’t bad, but it’s not really my thing. Mammon might like it more. The video, however odd it was, was very well-made, and it’s quite clear that a lot of effort was put into it. The story was quite confusing, but made a lot more sense once you explained it to me. I also know that this would probably make Lucifer either angry or very uncomfortable. Probably both. So extra points for that. Overall, I’d give it a seven out of ten.”
➼ Higher than you expected, not gonna lie.
➼ You play the song every now and then after showing it to him, and every time he hears it, he imagines Lucifer pole dancing and bursts into laughter.
➼ Of course, when he tells you his cause of laughter, you also start imagining that and cannot stop laughing.
➼ Thanks, Satan, you ruined the song
➼ The other brothers are c o n f u s e d
➼ One time Mammon asked you two what was so funny, and, much to Satan’s amusement, you said “Lucifer pole dancing.”
➼ Sometimes when Lucifer is lecturing you or one of his brothers, Satan starts humming the chorus of Montero
➼ Causes you to d i e everytime
➼ Lucifer is confused and tries to look it up
➼ Good job guys, now he’s traumatised
»»————- ♔ ————-««
Request a Fic/Headcanon || Obey Me Masterlist
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obeythebutler · 8 hours ago
Could you do hc's for the bros where they like. Go to kiss "Mc" but they just stare at him before yelling "MCCCCC! YOUR BOYFRIENDS BEIN A CHEEEEAT"
Turns out, Mc has an identical twin. They almost kissed the twin. Mc is laughing their ass off
Brothers Accidently Try To Kiss MC's Twin
He wasn't the one for such...blatant displays of affection but today he felt like it, and MC was nearby, what more to ask?
So he proudly strutted towards them and cupped their face in his hands. Just ask he was about to lean in, MC shouted.
He never knew they had an identical twin, okay?! It wasn't even mentioned in their file! A bit of his pride died that day, couldn't even differentiate his lover from their twin, next time he'll give MC a hickey...
Be glad that the Great Mammon's kissing you, is what he was stammering out as he leaned forward to kiss MC.
He was in a flirty mood, okay? So what better way than surprise kiss? But then MC screamed, and he screamed back...
He wasn't told there was an identical twin, MC didn't tell him! He's so mortified right now...a stammering and spluttering mess...he'll scent them properly later...after they are done laughing...
It's wasn't an everyday thing that Leviathan kissed without having to be told. He just felt the urge to kiss them, after all they were the one always giving him kisses, why not return their affections?
He just intended to give them a chaste kiss in the lips but then the MC screamed and Leviathan jumped back in horror.
He never knew there was an identical twin! No one told him! He's ready to die inside...but wait, this situation is just like that anime plot he saw last night....Better mark his MC next time..
He just wanted to kiss them warmly, feeling a sudden swell of affection in his chest at the sight of MC reading a book.
But just as he leaned forward and put the book down to kiss them, MC screamed so loud that his left ear is still ringing....
He's mortified and red-faced as he one told him there was an identical twin! Don't laugh at him! He flashes MC a playful glare as he thinks of ways to distinguish them...perhaps a collar should do if they allow it...or maybe some bitemarks?
He just wanted to kiss MC all over their face and squeeze them tightly because they are adorable and deserve all the love-
Which is why he proudly pranced towards MC, intent on kissing them passionately. But when he leaned forward...MC screamed?
Oh, there is an identical twin too..? You never told me MC! Oh well, there's a lot of fun one can have with- okay, he's joking...! Next time he'll lend MC his perfume....
He just wanted to give MC a kiss because they had baked him some sweet treats which he thoroughly enjoyed. And he wanted to repay them by showing his love for them.
But when he leaned forward to kiss MC...they screamed? Did he hurt them- oh.
He wasn't told there was an identical twin! He flashes his lover a sheepish smile as he apologizes and backs off... he'll mark them with his scent the next time...
He was feeling especially cheeky today, and a surprise kiss ought to make the MC tongue-tied, so why not?
But when he leaned forward to kiss MC, they screamed so loudly that Belphegor had to cover his ears...
They had an identical twin all this time?! Why didn't MC tell him sooner- hey, don't laugh! He's going to wipe that grin off their face later after he recovers from embarrassment, he's going to drown them in kisses and cuddles so tightly they can't move.
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Allow me to share another brainrot,, time traveler mc
After they time travelled with the help of barbatos and belphie performed creeky crack on neck, and then they came back, Tiny problem, they accidentally gained a small part of barbatos's time travel magik somehow
And god was it chaotic the first few month's - accidentally creating time lines and having to get out of them-- they keep a small journal of a diagram wherever they jump to, and usually go to solomon or, of course, barbatos for help (barbatos becomes a father figure not clickbait) Though, this helped them became a bit more creative, they also like noting down random events that happen in timelimes
So many more opportunities for mc!! Yayyyy!!!
(I have a whole appearance for them in my head oh god i am back on my time traveler shenaigans)
Also im another regular here now *pulls up a minecart and sits sideways on it* boohoo cracker
If you're a regular here, I am freaking blessed cause your ideas are too freaking amazing. *Takes a seat next to you on the sideways Minecart*
Twisting Time Pt. 3
Tumblr media
Barbatos: Two in one day? You're speeding up this time MC.
MC: Well it wasn't hard. Instead of fighting over who is the biggest TSL fan, I pretended to be an anime enthusiast who really wanted to know about TSL instead.
Barbatos: Is this why you were stuck in his room for the last 4 days?
MC: It took us three days to finish the whole series. He spent the fourth day ranting about his opinion on how grand it is. All I had to do was listen and smile and he randomly started crying and hugged me telling me he's grateful I'm here and listening.
Barbatos: And that's when you sprung the offer of the pact on him?
MC: Yep. And Beel was even easier.
Barbatos: You cooked up a feast for him and he agreed to a pact?
MC: Well I also promised him I'd cook this again once in two months.
Barbatos: But a feast surely must be hard to make on your own.
MC: I used Mammon and Levi's help. Pacts are a wonderful thing. *Giggles*
Barbatos: You're a sly one. *Chuckles* I hope you know what you're doing after everything you'd left behind.
This time around it was okay. You could feel it. It felt wrong at it wasn't fair. Like you already knew everything ahead of time, the initial excitement of the unknown and meeting for the first time gone.
The others were all unaware of the pacts you were making. The secret was between you and them. You weren't here to fix the family among each other anymore.
You were here to fix you. You still loved them of course, only a selfish kind.
But it was all for a better future. You convinced yourself to be strong, as you prepared to pact with Asmo and Satan next.
MC: Asmo! There you are!
Asmo: Ah in a rush to see me this morning, MC? How adorable!
MC: *jokes* Of course I want to see you. Who doesn't want to see beautiful things early in the morning?
Asmo: Oh flattery will get you everywhere. Come on inside, let me me show you how beautiful I can really be.
MC: Well I heard you and Solomon have a pact. Can I have one too?
Asmo: I can't just give a pact to anybody MC. You will have to earn. I wonder how you will.
MC: Would you like to do a nostalgic fashion show with all your favourite dresses?
Asmo: .... Oh MC.
Satan: What are you hiding behind your back MC?
MC: Take a guess.
*Something meows behind MC's back*
Satan: ... A cat?!
MC: Not just any cat. I enchanted her with disguise magic so that noone else can see she's a real cat. They will just see a soft toy. *hands him the kitten*
Satan: Why are you doing this?
MC: Well Asmo said I needed to earn my pacts so I'm trying to earn yours.
Satan: ...
Cat: *meows*
Satan: Consider my pact achieved. Now come let's name and feed this kitty.
Somewhere in a parallel timeline...
MC: Solomon! I'm so glad to find you here! I think I'm lost again.
Solomon: *sigh* Which one are you?
MC: Um the real one?
Solomon: *bigger sigh* No you're not. All of you are the real ones. But from the fact that you're not wearing a ribbon and didn't know about that means you're not MC Blue, Orange, Pink, Yellow or Green.
MC: Why are there so many versions of me??
Solomon: You've been going haywire after you came back to life. But then again even I probably can't handle Barbatos's power.
MC: And the colors?
Solomon: Every color represents the brother each version of you likes. So tell me Red or Violet? Red is Beel, Violet is Belphie.
MC: Um do you have a color? *Blushes*
Solomon: .....Why yes. *ties a white ribbon to your collar* I suppose you'd like to stay here's with me? *Smirks*
MC: *nods*
Solomon: Well then you'd better hide in my bedroom for a while. All your versions are looking for me since MC Teal took Barbatos out on a vacation.
MC: Oh. Well jeez I'm literally all over the place. *hides in his bedroom looking out*
MC Blue: *runs in crying* SOLOMON!
Solomon: Did you enter a wrong time line again?
Solomon: *trying so hard to hold back laughter* It's okay it's okay. That's not your Lucifer. Let's revisit the diagram and find your way back shall we?
*After MC Blue leaves*
MC white: Is it bad that I really wanna see that timeline they just talked about?
Solomon: I'll show you how to get there. I just hope we get to see them kiss the groom. Now let's go.
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obeythebutler · 11 hours ago
Hey, hi, can't get this damn idea outta my head so here we go
Could you do hc's for the bros where they hear Mc just yell out to Lucifer like "HEY LUCIFER!"
"Don't yell Mc, just come here"
"OKAY COOL BUT IS IT LIKE,,, NORMAL DEMON COURTING TO SEND LETTERS WRITTEN IN BLOOD? Presumably their own" Then when they're at the door with Mc, Mc is just kinda staring at the note and being like "I wanna stop reading but it's like a car wreck you can't look away from" and just. It's got kinda fucked up shit written on it, even by demon standards
Brothers React To MC Getting A Letter Written In Blood
PROLOGUE: The brothers find out a demon has been sending MC depraved letters...what will they do?
What in the seven layers, who had the fucking audacity-
It was cute for the demon to think they even had a chance at MC, but this was something Lucifer would not tolerate...
And the letter's contents were disgusting, to say the least. Apart from being written in the filth's own blood, the letter explicitly mentioned the things they would like to do to MC..he instinctively pulled MC close...
The letter is getting taken out of MC's hand, and Lucifer is gently asking them if they're okay. One of his brothers now has to be with MC at all times, because the security in the mansion was not enough if the letter slipped by, unnoticed to MC's room.
If going to RAD is necessary, MC has to be with one of his brothers, no excuses. Lucifer might be found trailing behind them...
Together with his brothers help, the demon that had the guts to do this is going to be found, dragged out and given a fate worse than death.
What the hell-
He ran to MC's location after hearing what MC was shouting to Lucifer, and he has never been more jealous in his life. But when he heard about the letter...
He would have snatched the paper out of their hands if not for Lucifer beating him to it. But the contents must have been...disgusting, because his brother's brows furrowed while reading it.
Seeing the letter made him want to hide MC in his arms, no one touches his human, okay?!
He's going to be with them most of the time now, he's going to fight for it..
Mammon will now be a lot more clinger than usual, never wanting to leave the MC alone, even for going to the bathroom.
With the help of his crows, the demon that dare to commit such an act is going to be dragged out, and killed.
But for now, MC is going to stay with him.
Mammon's panicked shouts made him come out of his room with a grumbling face but then he saw them crowded around MC, in whose hands was a letter...
Even...reading...the contents...made him cringe. The contents were written in blood and disgusting, repulsive, depraved- even more than the most gorey yandere animes he has watched, and that's saying something.
If MC is going to be with him, it's all good, because his tail is going to be wrapped around them and he isn't letting them out of his room, and anyone that dare enter will have to face a hissing serpent first.
Perhaps classes at RAD can be turned online until the filth is disposed off...
He's going to dedicate all the nights into nitpicking every detail about the demon, and when all his deeds are laid bare for others to see, then he's going to swipe in for the kill.
MC's question about normal demon courting methods made him get up in concern...
And when he saw the letter, oh dear, his expression was scary enough to make the others back off...
The contents were revolting, disgusting and striaght up depraved, not to mention written in blood. The things mentioned in it made him want to tear up the letter...
Together with Lucifer, he's going to find out the filth that had the audacity to do such a thing, Satan has connections everywhere.
The security in the House Of Lamentation needs to be improved because hey, the demon was able to deliver a letter without being noticed!
If MC is with Satan, he's going to keep a close eye on them at all times, and be alert, waiting, for anything to happen.
The demon might be killed or tortured for an eternity perhaps, who knows?
The commotion in the hallway made him get up from doing his nails....but when he saw what the fuss was about he left his nails undone...and that's saying something.
The contents of the letter made Asmo want to throw up, he has received many love letters, but none of them were depraved and desperate as this...even written in blood!
Asmo's got may friends and demons he can charm into looking for the filth that dare to this, and perhaps charm the culprit himself into making the mistake of walking into the House of Lamentation....
MC is going to be whisked away into his room as he does his and their nails, all the while talking to them normally, but there's something brewing in those eyes of his...
He's going to ensure to keep them company all the time, and make sure his brothers do the same too.
But he's going to need a bath after the ordeal is over, come on, blood will make him smell repulsive!
He was in the middle of snacking when he joined the impromptu meeting in the hallway...
The letter in Lucifer's hands reeked strongly of blood, and when Beel read its contents it made him disgusted. The demon wrote explicit things about what they would do to MC, and it was unsettling...even for a demon.
Safe to say, MC isn't leaving Beel's sight anytime soon. Wherever they go, Beel is going to follow them like a hawk.
If they can't be with him, they will be with Belphegor, who's going to keep them close.
He has a strong sense of smell, and it isn't long before the culprit is identified from the crowd of demons in the streets.
Because when Beelzebub is done with them, there won't be even a single bone left to bury.
He was woken up from his nap due to the commotion....
When he saw what was in the letter, anger took over as he read each and every line carefully. It was written in blood and repulsive, to say the least.
MC is going to stay with him in his room now. No buts, no ifs. They aren't leaving his grip anytime soon...
MC might notice that as they drift off to sleep, his arm will be curled around them as Belphegor looks deep in thought....planning ways to find the filth that dare to such a thing.
And when the demon is caught, they aren't going to get proper sleep for a while, and when they do, all they will see is their own fear play out, again and again.
Well, even if the filth gets to sleep after the torture they go through.
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obeythebutler · 15 hours ago
Hello! Could you do hc's for the demon bros where Mc is sorta like. A lizard. They stare unblinklingly, don't move much, apper out of no where without much sound or notice till it's too late. Just. Lil lizard. They're scary in an odd, eerie way, just a fuckin cryptic mofo. They,,, may occasionally hang from high places, drop from ceiling beams, just, weird shit no one wants to question because they know they don't want the answer. Like just
Lucifer: Has anyone seen Mc?
Mc: Drops from the ceiling beam
Mc, staring at him: I'm here
Does not matter what you say them. They just stare with a wordless expression, seemingly never blinking.
No one's really even if sure they're human at this point
Brothers Being Creeped Out With A MC That Is Like A Lizard
He doesn't know whether MC is a lizard hybrid or they just like to hang upside down from the ceiling like a corpse...
They don't even seem to blink! Even Lucifer blinks!
One time he was walking towards the library when MC dropped from the ceiling beam and just stared at him...He doesn't even want to question why...
Another occasion he found MC hanging from the chandelier....and was worried they might fall down and break a bone or two but they crawled on the wall like a lizard...
How is that even possible?!
And even when he's scolding his brothers they at least fidget in their place, while MC doesn't even move and just stare at him...which makes him feel uncomfortable...
Lucifer doesn't want to know the reason behind MC's peculiar...habits.
The human is creeping him out....Lucifer, come pick me up!
MC stares without blinking for a long, long time. Once he was watching a movie and noticed that MC kept staring at the screen without blinking, without moving, like something...something...
When he came home drunk from a party and settled down into his bed for some sleep, he lazily opened his eyes to find the MC upside down, staring at him like a lizard!
When being lectured by Lucifer, they still don't move a bit! They stare back at him with a fierce intensity that makes even his brother back off...
Once he saw them hanging from the dragon in the library and they just scuttled away like a lizard...
You're creeping him out!
Leviathan is the least bothered by their weird habits, except for their....quirk of not blinking
They don't even blink! Even when faced by scary virtual monsters and flashes! They keep staring like a malfunctioning boss of a video game!
He found them slinked over his tub like a lizard...and he walked out his room...he's too young and too shy to deal with this...
And are they even human at this point?! Leviathan doesn't want to know....
Even when being scolded, they keep staring, they don't move at all! They're giving tough competition to Belphegor....
He will tolerate them hanging from the ceiling, but please, don't do that while he's gaming....he will scream..
Is the MC on drugs or something that makes them unusual?
Because as far as his knowledge of humans go, humans don't hang from ceilings or chandeliers, don't blink at all, and generally don't act creepy.
Which MC does. Honestly, he's not even sure if they're human at this point....
He was sitting on the couch, happily absorbed in his book when he looked up only to find the MC staring at him..
But their weird habits come in use sometimes. Whenever Lucifer tried to scold them, MC just stares at him without blinking, straight into his eyes, and doesn't move at all.
They might have made for a fun mystery to solve, but Satan doesn't want to even know...
Woah, there, MC, why are you so... creepy?
MC doesn't seem to blink at all! They stare into people's eyes like nothing! How have your eyes not dried out yet, is a question Asmo asks himself every day.
They hang from unusual places like it's a normal thing to do. One time, when he was admiring himself in front of the mirror, he saw from the corner of his eye MC staring at him from the shadows...
Look, if you're going to stalk him do it the sexy way at least! 😖
And when they're being scolded, they don't even move or blink?! One could place a lion in front of them and the lion would run away due to their creepiness...
Asmo's questioning if they are really human. What did they do to end up like this? Illicit relations with a lizard or something?
He doesn't want to know...
He's surprised the MC hasn't got pains in their back due to the weird positions they hang from the ceiling in....
They don't even seem to blink! Even while eating! They don't even close their eyes!
One time he was on his usual fridge raiding trips but then he saw the MC hanging from the fridge in an uncanny're making him worried MC....
He makes sure to be below them wherever they hang. Because, if they fall, Beel will be there to catch them!
And when they're being scolded, they don't even blink or move, which makes the other person scare and intimidated!
Beel offers them food whenever he finds them hanging upside down that's a win-win situation!
Jeez, MC is on drugs or something?
He was lounging in his bed when he saw the MC crawl across the walls like a damn lizard...he closed his eyes and went back to sleep, because he can't deal with this today..
They don't even blink! They stare into people's eyes like some sort of monster, and Belphegor wishes sometimes they would just close their eyes and doze off...
Speaking of they have their eyes open when they sleep? He's curious.
Please, MC, please, don't hand from the ceiling when he's waking up because one.tike he woke up with MC staring into his eyes, and they got a pillow to the face...
When being scolded, they don't even blink or move, successfully creeping out Lucifer. He's proud of them for that, but now he's faced with competition from them!
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obeythebutler · 16 hours ago
Could I please request The Obey Me brothers reacting to having MC come to their room in the middle of the night because she’s scared after watching a horror movie. Currently can’t sleep because I’m in this predicament 😅
The Brothers With A Fem! MC Who Can't Sleep After Watching A Horror Movie
He was going through the massive like of paperwork on his desk and groaned when his gaze fell on the massive pile of bills addressed to Mammon. Lucifer's hair would have turned grey by now, if not for him being a demon and all.
But then he heard a knock on his door, and looking at the time wondered who it could be a this hour, but allowed the person to enter, nonetheless..
So MC can't sleep because she watched a horror movie..? Whoever dare to show her the movie will now be hung upside-down tomorrow....ruining both his and her schedule....and if MC was watching it by her own choice... She's going to get scolded...a bit...
But Lucifer's pride gets a boost because MC seeked HIM out because she couldn't sleep. Well, want some warm milk....or some cuddles?
The last part Lucifer did not say out loud.
Soon, MC was fast asleep in his arms as he went through some documents, and Lucifer soon gave up writing and joined MC, because the sight of their sleeping face made him melt....
He was dreaming of bathing in a giant pile of Grimm when MC came knocking on his door...and he opened the door while grumbling, but seeing it was MC looking frightened he softened a bit...
When MC told him she had watched a horror movie he laughed at her expense, but when he found out the name of the movie he too shivered...because that movie gave him nightmares...
Perhaps you would prefer watching a comedy, or listen to The Great Mammon's achievements, what about that ?!
Mammon is over the moon because MC sought him out over his brothers...take that !
MC fell asleep on his chest as he was reciting to her the story of how he escaped bravely from a witch...hey! No sleeping when I'm telling my tales of valour and courage!
But MC looked so adorable that Mammon blushed and slowly, shakily wrapped his arms around her..
Only seek the Great Mammon out when you can't sleep, okay?!
The pair was found snuggled up together the next morning..
He was going through his twentieth anime episode when a knock was heard. The time was a bit..strange to say the least...but Levi asked for the password, and soon MC stepped in.
MC, of all people, in his room, late at night?! What does MC want...? Okay, that came out a bit harsh...
Then he learnt that MC could not sleep because of a horror movie...totally like Mammon!
He will offer for them to watch some slice of animes with him, or play some DevilCraft, the soothing music makes him sleep right away...
MC settled next to him in his bathtub, and she was so close....that Levi's heart was beating so fast it might jump out of his chest...
It makes him all warm inside to know that MC chose him for comfort!
And then MC fell asleep against his shoulder as they were watching another episode....the calming music must have put them to sleep...
Leviathan didn't dare move from his position, lest MC woke up, even if his heart was threatning to malfunction...
He was peacefully asleep when a knock on the door woke him up...he's a bit slow in his movements and speech at first, and assumed it was an emergency, because why would someone come to his room at such an hour?
But then he saw MC standing there with a scared look on her face...
Satan led her inside after getting to know she couldn't sleep because of a movie..and offered her some tea to calm her down...
If MC wants, Satan will read to her. His voice is so calming that it puts one to sleep so quickly...
Or cat videos! Although Satan may get too excited and forget his own need for sleep...
He will point to MC out all the silly details of the movie, and some of the cast's crappy acting to make her laugh..
When they both were going through one of Satan's favourite novels, he felt MC go slack against his shoulder...
She had fallen asleep in the crook of his neck, just like a cat!
He falls asleep with a smile on his face, feeling at peace.
Who dare interrupt him during his beauty sleep! Who dare, who has the fucking audacity- oh, it's MC.
Asmodeus was ready to tear into the person who dare wake him up, but then he saw MC at the door with a scared look on her face, and he motioned for her to come inside.
Asmo can remedy your sleep pretty quickly! A self-care session in the middle of the night along with some gossip ought to do it!
He will listen as MC talks about the horror movie they watched, and advise MC to not watch such movies again, as horror movies lead to stress, and stress is bad for the skin!
He and MC were browsing through trendy Devilgram posts when he asked MC her opinion on a dress and saw that she had fallen asleep.
He almost squealed at how cute MC looked, but wait, they forgot to moisturize!!!
After her skin had been hydrated enough by him, he tucked himself into bed alongside MC and turned off the lights- but he couldn't sleep because MC's cuteness was too much for him...
He was in the middle of his sixth pudding while raiding the fridge at night when he saw MC standing behind him with a scared look..
He was confused for a moment, but then passed her a bar of chocolate, and when he found out she couldn't sleep due to a horror movie, he out down his pudding and offered for her to sleep in his bed.
The demon also grabbed some hot cocoa along the way. He led MC to the bed and handed her a cup before settling besides her.
If MC wants, he will recite to her the tales of when they were children, and how Belphegor refused to part from his pillow when he was a child, opting to cling to it like a koala, and Lucifer had no option but to carry the pillow around with Belphegor clinging to it.
When he was about to get up to grab some more food for his stomach that might growl any moment, he saw that MC had fallen asleep against him, with his hand under her head as a pillow.
Well, he can't get up now. Perhaps a text to Belphegor, requesting him to bring some snacks to his bed might do it...
He was asleep in the Planetarium when he felt himself being shaken awake by MC. It's a miracle that Belphegor even woke up, perhaps it was due to her scent...
When he got to know she couldn't sleep after watching a horror movie, he cackled a bit at MC's expense but offered for them to out down their pillow next to his.
He will tell MC about the constellations in the sky, and the stories behind them, and even about that time when he and Satan replaced Lucifer's shampoo with pink hair dye....
His voice is soothing and puts one to sleep so quickly...
Rest assured MC, if you sleep next to Belphegor you won't have nightmares, because he's there to protect you from them . You'll have the best dreams!
He was telling her about Lucifer's peculiar cleaning habits when he looked down to find MC asleep, nuzzled against his chest...
It's a good thing, because he will sleep now too and join her dreams.
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lovethisletters · 17 hours ago
Poly MC! hc for the: Demon Brothers!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is my first time writing anything about poly relationships! So I'm a bit nervous! I took the time to do a bit of research about the subject...however I still have a lot to learn; if you find anything that might be offensive please let me know! Just know I didn't do it with any ill intentions and I'll make sure to correct my mistakes!
Also I didn't knew if you refered to a poly MC who is in a relationship with all of the brothers or how each individual brother would react to MC coming out as poly to them and later starting a poly relationship and how they behave in said I did the latter bc I found it to be a bit more easy to write and the first option would have been way too long and I was worried it might come off as boring because of it :c (but maybe I'll try to edit it and then upload it...some day...idk) it is!
Keys: MC = your main character name
Summary: MC comes out as poly to the Demon Brothers and how they behave in a poly relationship!
Additional notes: MC is gender neutral!
TW: small mentions or implications of jealous/possessive behavior (they're very minimal, but still...just in case)
Lucifer is probably the one you're the most nervous to talk to.
But when you finally find the courage to do so it put it mildly, a bit... weird.
He stares blankly at you like you just said to him that water is a liquid or something, he's not very...responsive.
His reaction might come off as rude, considering you spend all this time trying to figure out the "best" way to come out and talk about the possibility of starting a poly relationship.
But the reason why he's not talking much is because he's trying to avoid saying anything he might regret later, you see... he's trying to process his own feelings towards the matter.
Lucifer is someone who has lived for a long, looooooong time, so it's more likely than not that he's already experienced being in a poly relationship.
thing is...such relationship was more experimentation rather than something serious.
And now he has you...someone for who he'll be willing to die for...
He won't say it but deep down he feels like his pride has been bruised.
He just doesn't want to "share" you, you're his and his alone!
But when he looks up at you, and see just how nervous you are, waiting patiently for any kind of reaction from him.
He realizes he's thinking of you as an object and not a person and mentally kicks himself in the face for it.
Lucifer reaches for your hand and offers you a small smile.
After a long conversation where you two express your own desires and worries, you two agree and decide to give it a try.
At first... I'm not gonna would be quite... difficult...
The man is possessive and struggles to see you giving any kind of affection to any of his brothers.
However I think he genuinely wants this to work, he wants to see you happy and knows that just because you also love his brothers doesn't mean you love him any less.
So he'll sit down and talk to you whenever he feels jealous, he knows communication is key and it honestly makes him feel a bit better.
With time Lucifer comes to accept it; He loves you and he loves his brothers and it makes him happy that they all can share such bond with you.
I think he's the one who'll have a harder time adapting to a poly relationship.
I'll even go as far to say Lucifer's jealousy pales in comparison to Mammon's and I think this is due to his low self-esteem.
He won't accept it but he's jealous af when he sees you "getting cozy" with any of his brothers.
He'll even interrupt the moment by placing himself in the middle of whoever you were getting close to or think about some lame excuse to take you away.
This makes things more difficult and tense for everyone, so if Mammon continues his shenanigans expect a LOT more arguing from the brothers...(yes...more than normal...)
You'll have to sit him down and talk to him about his insecurities.
The first times he won't be very open with you, I think he might even get a bit angry if you even imply he's jealous and act all offended and walk out of the room.
Surprisingly the one who makes him understand how toxic he's being and how much this affects you is Asmo!
He'll have a serious talk with him, and just the fact of seeing his often bubbly and cheerful young bro being all serious is enough for Mammon to realize that what he's been doing and how he's been acting hurts you and his brothers.
He'll apologize...the Mammon way...
But ultimately he now makes an effort to respect whenever you're close to one of his brothers.
Just like Lucifer. Mammon will come to accept you love him and his brothers all the same.
He'll sometimes even suggest places you all can go together for a date.
Please, be patient with the avatar of greed with time he will come to accept that love exist in more than one way or form.
Surprisingly, unlike his older brothers, your favorite shut-in-otaku has an easier time adapting to a poly relationship.
Easier, however does not mean problems are inexistent...
He has a low self-esteem and sometimes might get the feeling that you're ""picking favorites""
However he won't tell you anything about it, and he'll just try to pretend like nothing is wrong.
Fortunately for you, Levi is quite easy to read so you immediately notice whenever he's feeling sad.
But all you have to do is have a little gaming session with him, and as the two of you "game" the night away he'll eventually open up to you about whatever is bothering him.
All it takes is a little reassurance and saying "I love you" to the avatar of envy from time to time and he'll be all good with you showing affection to the rest of his brothers.
Uhhhh...this is a tricky one...
You see...Satan is probably the second brother you came out to and perhaps you didn't even realized that you did because it just happened so natural.
The two of you were talking and it just slipped out of your mouth and he was like "hahaha, right?" And continued the conversation as normal.
He genuinely doesn't care, (don't get me wrong I don't mean that in a bad way) but all he knows is that he loves you and he wants you to be happy, and if expanding the love that the two of you have to his brothers makes you happy, then so be it!
However... remember I said this was tricky?
Satan has no issue with you being affectionate with his brothers...all of them except for Lucifer...
When he sees you getting close to Lucifer he won't say anything, he won't make a scene or a passive-agressive remark, he'll just excuse himself and exit the room. (Neither he will confront you about it later when the two of you are alone)He won't say anything at all; he'll just stay silent and pretend like nothing is wrong.
However you'll be able to notice Satan's true feelings whenever Lucifer has a small present or gesture with you.
Oh? Lucifer gifted you a $300,000 coat? Well, Satan will give you another coat but this one is $600,000.
Lucifer treated you to dinner at ristorante six? Well, darling... guess what? Satan will reserve the entire building just for you!
At some point he will notice how bad this makes you feel, since he's turning a relationship into a competition and that's no good...
He'll eventually take a step back and realize how childish he's being, how his behavior hurts your feelings and might have even made you feel guilty or responsible for his beef with his older brother.
Before you even decide to talk to him about it, he already knows what you're trying to say, so he'll be the one to sit you down and apologize for his wrongdoings.
You're someone who he values dearly and all that he wants is for you to be happy, so he'll be willing to make the effort to get along or at least be a little more tolerant of Lucifer.
There might be times where they still fight and stop talking to each other for long periods of time, but the two of them will take the time to let you know that this has nothing to do with you and that there's no reason for you tu feel guilty.
Because if there's something in wich both, the avatar of pride and wrath agree in... Is in how much they love you.
Asmodeus (definitely) was the first one to know about you being polyamorous.
He probably knew before you even said anything, let's be honest here...
He's probably the one who you're more comfortable talking about it.
The brothers accept you, yes...but Asmo understands you!
He knows that the world can be quite cruel to people who love differently to what our society stablish as "normal".
Whenever he expressed his liking for more than one person he was shamed or labeled as someone promiscuous who'll never be deserving of "true" love.
It happened in the celestial realm, in the human realm, and even sometimes here in the devildom.
Angels where expected to only focus in the lord and nothing else, some humans are close minded and shame whoever is different from them, and demon's often confuse love with obsession and get easily tangled up in possessive behavior, often viewing their partners as objects rather than individuals with their own goals and desires. (his brothers are the perfect example of that)
So he just knows how difficult it might have been for you to find acceptance.
So he gives it to you; acceptance, reassurance, however many times you need to.
He'll be the one to encourage you to talk with his brothers, he'll be there to support you if you ever feel nervous, and he'll be the one to call his brothers out on their bs whenever they start to show any signs of toxic behavior.
He knows in all relationships communication and trust in your partners is key to a successful relationship, so he reminds this to everyone and even goes as far as to make plans where everyone feels included.
Overall the avatar of lust is the voice of reason in this relationship, because he knows better than anyone else that love is something that can't and should never be limited by what others believe or expect "true love" should look like.
You weren't sure how Beel would react once you told him.
But still you were pleasantly surprised by Beel's reaction!
He was so accepting from the beginning and even thanked you for trusting him enough to share this with him.
He's happy that you want him to form part of this relationship.
He knows his brothers love you as much as he does and that you love them back, so he sees this as the perfect option for everyone.
He even thinks this relationship has brought everyone closer together.
Over all the avatar of gluttony is more than happy to be with you and share your affection with people he holds equally as dearly.
Belphie, much like Lucifer struggles to understand why would you want such a thing?
Is his love not enough for you?
It takes little more time for him to understand you, and learn that love doesn't just limits to one person.
He can be a bit insensitive some times, so he might accidentally say something hurtful to you about it.
And that's when Asmo has to intervene...
He'll have a talk with his younger brother and make him realize that there's more than one form of love and how his words might have hurt you.
He'll apologize...(much like Mammon) in his own way...
After thinking about it for a while, he realizes he's happy whenever you show affection to Beel, and wonders if it would be the same with the rest of his brothers.
Slowly but surely, Belphie it's more open to this new relationship.
There'll be times where he might try to monopolize your love, but he'll stop once you, Beel or Asmo call him out on it.
His favorite thing of this new relationship is whenever you spend time with him and Beel.
Please be patient with the avatar of sloth.
If you find any grammatical errors let me know! I'm trying to improve my english and that would help me so so much!
I will forever thank you if you go check out my other profile: @aileysmirnov  where I post things about my OC: edits, one-shots, imagines, art, etc. If you like Greek mythology and the bat family maybe you would get to be as fond of her as much as I am!
Anyway, thank you for reading!
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nightmaretheif · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
My two Otome Girl Mcs with plushes of who i ship them with in the games Lucinda - Mystic Messenger - Dose photography in her spare time, along with her weekly Vloging. She is a foreigner working to be a Psychologist - also has two cats and is a sweet Bean - Shipped with mainly Yoosung and Saeran - Side shipped with V, RIka and Jaehee. Awen - Obey Me - Transfer Student who hales from Ireland, she has Druid blood if you trace back to her ancestor's, though it is so diluted in her that you wouldnt belive it. She has a pet names Salem (black cat) who becomes her familiar when going to the Devildom. - Shipped with mainly Satan and Beelzebub - Side shipped with Levi and Mammon - Trats Luke like a little brother and will happiky eat Solomon's cooking so his feelings arent hurt, though she regrets this later xD ocs (c) Nightmaretheif Yoosung and Saeran (c) Mystic Messenger Beelzebub and Satan (c) Obey Me
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lovetnaomi · 18 hours ago
Nightmares & Curiosities
               It wasn’t like he hadn’t felt this feeling before, he had been made out of another person’s anger after all, he was familiar with feelings that weren’t exactly his. Satan glanced up from his book to the soft steps coming down the hallway. It was unusual to hear someone wandering around the house at this time of night, he was starting to suspect something had happened. _________’s steps were soft as they wandered around the house.
The first day they had gone towards the kitchen, he had just suspected that it was because of feeling hungry in the middle of the night, thankfully he was on dinner duty the next day and had added an extra helping to your plate, but not enough so that you would notice. He had even added in a special dessert from the human world hoping that would help, his brothers all stared at him suspiciously but chopped it up to his perfectionism each of them eating it although with obvious suspicion on their faces. He glanced towards you making sure that you cleared your plate. That didn’t help. Around the same time, the middle of the night, you were up again.
It was the second day, you wondered aimlessly through the halls, stopping between each of their doors, before heading back to your own room. It wasn’t as though he was particularly worried you could be sleepwalking for all he knew. But it made him immensely curious. And he knew himself that he loved a good mystery. But if solving this mystery could help you stay in bed at these hours he wouldn’t be distracted by the sounds of your feet tiptoeing around the hallway instead of a good book.  
On the third day you had wandered outside, it left him completely unprepared. The last thing he wanted was for you to know that he was listening to you aimlessly wander around in the middle of the night if you found out what was happening you likely would stop the situation before he could find the answers he was looking for on the why. It wasn’t like he could just go up and ask you, he knew you would try to hide whatever it was for worry about upsetting any of them. But he couldn’t leave you to wonder around in the cold devildom air this time of year, he sighed doing his best not to feel like he was scrambling to his room and grabbing a jacket to wrap around you as he chastised you for going outside in this air. Or the dangerous that existed outside their house. Not all demons in the devildom knew that you had pacts with them. That was majority of what made your life so peaceful here, the obvious unspoken declaration that they could, and would, hurt them if they ever hurt you. Satan swallowed, glancing at his flashing green eyes as he passed a mirror, taking a breath to curb the anger. It was a hypothetical scenario. No one had harmed you in anyway. You were just outside. He sighed, a coat curled into his hands without wearing one of his own as he stepped outside, only the soft imprint of your feet without any shoes on in the snow outside. You were already gone.
He wondered if the house was too warm, was that what had woken you at an odd hour? Or was it too cold? Were you curious about the devildom snow that had suddenly been falling? What was that feeling buzzing around in his chest each time you woke and wandered around the hall? As someone born with literally someone else’s rage he wasn’t exactly thrilled to have the pact giving him your emotions too. Especially when he couldn’t make out what was happening and why.
On the fourth day he decided to just wait outside your room, he would quietly follow you around the house. The pattern you had taken each day was sporadic. You had even stopped outside his own room once, it was as if you were looking for something. Trying to find something without wanting it. The clock struck nearly two in the morning when you finally opened the door, he drew into the shadows, watching you pull your blankets closer around yourself, glancing towards your lack of slippers before wandering further down the hall. You took your time stopping at each of their rooms, it was actually surprising that his brother’s hadn’t noticed your scent outside their doors the last couple days. It had been driving him insane. Maybe it was because your scent had been throughout the entire house mingling with their own, since his brothers didn’t know something strange was happening, they hadn’t noticed the odd patterns. Or maybe it had been like this all along. Satan took a breath, watching you, you glanced outside watching the snow fall, but thankfully not going outside this time, before continuing to the next room. It was then that he noticed the redness of your eyes. Were you homesick? Maybe he should suggest a trip to the human world over tomorrow night’s dinner. You stumbled your way following the path, he would make his brothers clean their mess that strayed throughout the house tomorrow. You were observing each picture throughout the hall with the eye of an expert painter, before completely circling the house and returning to your room.
By the fifth night he was absolutely frustrated. There was no way he would be able to get into his novel any time soon, instead of trying to indulge himself in the colorful ways of the latest mystery novel he had been looking forwards to for four months, he was instead listening to the strum of the clock to hit almost two o’clock or later and then curiously listening to the sound of your footsteps. The soft careful steps never came that night. Satan let out a sigh at nearly four a.m. realizing that he would finally be able to enjoy his book. But instead, his mind plagued itself of why you were wandering the halls at these hours of the night when no one else was awake, when most humans would be asleep, or they would get sick eventually. And why you suddenly stopped.
And then the sixth night, there was no noise again, except the fighting of Levi and Mammon, which eventually would fade into the background and the quiet noise of Beel wandering into the kitchen until their fridge was empty.  But other than the usual sounds there was no noise of you wandering around the house after everyone else had gone to bed. Satan sighed, maybe you had discovered he was listening to you and became quieter with your steps as to not disturb him. Closing the book, he stood up wandering up the stairs and out of the library. Down the hall into the kitchen, only Beel raiding the fridge, and then back down the hall, Mammon leaving your room quietly, a sign that you were likely asleep or not in there. It wasn’t surprising to see Mammon checking that you were still in there in the middle of the night, it was actually pretty common, until he fell asleep himself. For a demon of greed, it was strange how he wasn’t able to hold onto much and was either taking or being taken from. So, it wasn’t surprising that Mammon was instinctively making sure you hadn’t been taken out of the house either. Not that any of them would let anything or anyone kidnap you. But there was something he couldn’t quite judge him on about checking in just to make sure that you were still there.
Satan sighed, turning back to the library, maybe tonight his brain would let him focus. Who was he kidding? He had a real-life mystery in front of him, sure it wasn’t a murder mystery, not that he would want one in their house, but it was something. Baby steps. He bumped into something, swinging around “watch where-“
It was Belphie. It was known that Belphie was more of a night time person in the first place, but it was still early for him to being wandering around. He didn’t look right. 
“What’s wrong?”
“I was looking for ___________,” his eyes glanced towards Mammon down the hall, still trying his best to be quiet as he wandered to his own room, “But I’m guessing they’re already asleep.”
“I haven’t checked.”
There was silence. Satan glanced towards the ceiling, wanting to know if Belphie felt the feeling that had been blooming from their human, in the middle of the night swirling around in his chest. But also wanting to keep it a secret, something from ___________, and his alone that he wouldn’t share with his brother’s.
Belphie spoke up first, “I was worried about them.”
He didn’t even need to ask, Belphie continued.
“They’ve been drawing on my pact for a couple days now, usually they ask, but I don’t think they’re doing it on purpose this week.”
“___________, they’ve been drawing on my sin, I think they’ve been using it to go back to sleep, I got a couple books on insomnia, but…” Belphie glanced towards the side, he understood the point.
“I’ll look into it.”
On the seventh day, Satan found himself wandering into the library later than he usually did, and there you were, just standing there. There you stood, wrapped in a blanket, slippers finally on your feet, doing your best to distract yourself from your reddening eyes, whispering to yourself to keep yourself awake.
Ah, he knew what this was. It wasn’t insomnia. He knew this emotion circling around in your chest, it was fear. You were having nightmares. You were drawing desperately on Belphie’s sin of the Sloth hoping he wouldn’t notice to try to keep the rest of them from noticing that something was terribly wrong. He was tempted to go get the two of you some drinks but was worried you would disappear from his sight now that he had his answers before he could confirm that he was correct.
“_________,” you jumped turning towards him, eyes wide, face reddening as you were quickly trying to disguise the emotions that were swirling in your chest faster than a vendor could make cotton candy, “come here, I’ll pick something out we can read it together.”
Surprisingly you nodded, sitting on the couch as he picked up something you would like, although it wasn’t anything scary or dark, but that was for another time if you wanted, it was still something you would’ve read, or at least enough to keep you enticed. Satan sighed, moving to the couch and pulling you closer so you would be surrounded by his arms. You moved the blanket so it surrounded the both of you, the blanket was big enough to swallow the two of you, it made him curious of how you wandered the halls so often without tripping on it. A small scoff escaped him as he popped open the book, his voice softly streaming into your ear as he began reading to you. Normally, the story would’ve enticed the two of you for hours, but tonight it wasn’t long before you were asleep. He considered carrying you back to your room, but likely whatever it was that was causing your nightmares would resurface it he let you go. Besides, what was the safest place in all of the devildom but in the arms of one of the devildom’s most powerful demons? After that your soft footsteps didn’t linger around the house, but instead would prod right towards the library. Sometimes he would put his book down to switch to something more suiting to the situation, or he would read his book to you, but either way you would be wrapped in his arms.
Several nights later he glanced down, you were already asleep in his arms, a soft smile sprouted on his lips, running his hands through your hair, maybe it wasn’t so bad for these feelings swirling through him. After all, he could feel the feeling of being safe blossoming with the dexterity of a cherry blossom and the strength of a world renown fighting champion. His arms curled slightly further around you. He would ensure that this would be the safest place in the world for you. You would always run back to him.
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gthweeb · 21 hours ago
Demon Bros When You Ask Them to Stop Touching You
Prompt: A certain demon had been a little too handsy with you today and you were getting overwhelmed. “Please stop touching me,” you asked sternly.
Warnings: none!
Gender neutral reader :D
- A little taken aback by your seriousness, to be honest.
- It wasn’t often that he had expressed his love in the form of physical contact, so he was glad you expressed that you were uncomfortable.
- “My apologies, MC. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”
- Very polite about it, doesn’t bother him.
- You?? Want him?? To stop?? Touching?? You??
- Immediately feels terrible and thinks it’s something he did.
- “Wha? MC, is there somethin’ I should know?!”
- Mammon is always all over you, so to suddenly tell him to stop touching you was a bit of a shock. After you explained you just felt overwhelmed, he understood but was still salty ab it later :/
- Poor thing does NOT know what to do.
- Like Mammon, he automatically assumes it was because of him. Like Lucifer, he wasn’t used to physical contact, so he didn’t know when too much was too much.
- “... I’m sorry... did I do something wrong?”
- He was relived when you told him, but made sure to be cautious of his movements so not to disturb you. The atmosphere is awkward, to say the least.
- Oh.
- Okay.
- “I’m sorry, MC”
- It’s so awkward shshjsjsjs it’s even worse than Levi’s :,) he backs off, but doesn’t know what to do.
- Now, he may be the avatar of lust, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t understand consent.
- He was thrilled you knew how to express discomfort, in case it was needed later *wink*.
- “Awe, I’m sorry, MC. You’re just too cute!”
- He understands completely and doesn’t push it :)
- Oh. Okay. 2.0
- Like Satan, he doesn’t really know what to do.
- “Oh... my bad, MC. Would you like some pudding?”
- He means well, but he’ll be sure to be more careful next time.
- You think this lazy hoe cares?
- jk lol he’d understand but would probably kick you out of his room for like a month.
- “If you’re not here to cuddle, then get out.”
- Like I said, he understands but couldn’t care less :/
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famei · a day ago
Morning Surprise
Mammon x Reader
Mammon  was still softly snoring in his bed ; the sheet disheveled and barely covering his body.
This was the occasion…
You’d slid out of bed half an houra go, as silently as you could not to wake him up. Then you’d put on his leather jacket, standing in front of the mirror. Twirling, posing and cuddling with the piece of clothing, bathing in the faint scent of his perfume.
Sure, you looked ridiculous, fashionably speaking, the jacket was at least twice too big for you. The sleeves way past your hands and the overall could barely stay on your from how big it was  but the fact that itw as Mammon’s made those facts unrelevant.
In a fit of happiness, you flapped your arms like a bird trying to take flight making the overly long sleeves slap against themselves producing a slapping noise echoing through the silent room.
« Hummmmm »
You froze at the whine coming from behind you. Not wanting to move in case he had just grazed consciousness before falling asleep again, you observed his reflection in the mirror . He rolled on his back and stretched , letting out a cute moan while doing so. Then he sat up, showing off his disheveled hair, blinking away the slumber to finally meet your gaze in the mirror, freezing at the sight
« What are you doing ? »  he mumbled, clumsily working his way to the edge of the bed.
You turned toward him as your face flushed from being caught. Mammon was now getting and walking toward you
Under his blue eyes, yours dropped to the floor as your face temperature « increased »
« I was trying on your jacket »
To demonstrate, you moved your arms back and forth, managing to give him a small embarrassed smile.
Mammon closed up on you, now standing only a few inches apart. When you looked up at him you found a blushing Mammon, eyes fixed on you.
He brought his hands to your face, cupping your cheeks and gave you a trouble expression.
« Raaaagh ! Why are you so cute ?! »
You chuckled, even more embarrassed than before and pushed on your tiptoes to reach Mammon’s face, leaving a quick kiss on his lips.
Mammon flushed more and closed his eyes, frowning  before his hands left your face to grab your night shirt. And in one swift and powerful tug, he ripped the material, finishing his task by yanking it off of you.
The action earned a surprise scream from you, and you quickly covered yourself with Mammon’s jacket, which was luckily big enough to hide your naked body. Even through you were completely exposed your still glared at the demon.
But apparently he couldn’t care the slightlest cause his eyes are roaming your barely covered self with an hunger you’ve only seen in the eyes of demons.
His hands quickly found their way to you again, sliding in between the opening of your jacket and caressing middle, passing your brest them the patch of skin right above your core.
« Mammon… »
His touch roughed up and through the incomprehension of the situation, you slowly became excited and the only thing in your mind was what your first demon was going to do to you, except, maybe another one who’d be even more hard on your if you were late to class.
« We can’t…We’re gonna be late »
« And this is all your fault.You’re the one who tempted me, wearing my clothes and being so adorable. »
He buried his face in the crook of your neck, and sniffed your skin before letting his tongue graze the spot adding a few nibbles here and there. More of your moans filled the room and you were having a hard time staying up. Your pussy was tingling, in need of attention and your legs started to hurt from the pleasure slowly spreading through you.
« Please… »
Mammon started to move the path of his mouth up to your ear and there, nibbled on your lobe.
« I want to have you; only wearing my jacket »
The words made you lose it and you wrapped your arms around him, and pressed your body flushed against him, feeling his hard member, only covered by his boxers against your lower belly, inscreasing your excitement.
Mammon now halted the movement of his hands and gripped your middle strongly and gave a few thrust against you, making you moans with each of them.
« Let’s take this to the bed, shall we ? »
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the-mourning-stars · a day ago
Hamilton- MC
Eliza- Mammon
Angelica- Lucifer
Peggy- Belphie
Maria- Asmo
Washington- Diavolo
Burr- Solomon
Jefferson- Satan
Madison- Levi
Philip- Luke
Lafayette- Simeon
Hercules- Beelzebub
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devildomsexting · a day ago
Hey lovelies! Just wanted to update y’all that the app I use is bugging and in the process of gettin an update so it might be a few more days before I post anything new.
On the other side of that, I will probably be posting a little more now. I finally (after almost two years) put in my two-weeks with the small shop I worked at that was run by extremely vocal racist and homophobic people. I did what I could to stand up and speak out but it just became too much. And as soon as I put in my two weeks they told me they didn’t need me anymore and to pack my stuff and get out 😊 This is going to be a good thing for me and I’m very much looking forward to seeing where I can go from here and keep looking for a career I can be passionate about.
With that in mind, I’m going to look into getting serious about doing commissions. I’m assuming just personalized text chats would be the main thing. I wouldn’t be against doing live chats, but that’s not much different than doing rp and I’ve never done that before and don’t know that anyone would particularly be interested in that. If you guys have any other ideas of ways I can incorporate commission items into this blog, feel free to let me know!
Lastly, thank you everyone for your never ending love and support. You guys are a huge part of my life and a safe place for me 🧡🧡
My Ko-fi link is in my header if anyone has the means to donate a ko-fi but if you can’t, I 100% love you all the same. I’m not in desperation or anything at the moment so it’s not a necessity.
Thanks again for always staying by my side during this wild ride and always being so loving and supportive of this blog.
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reee-s3 · a day ago
Tumblr media
art by @sgrimp ㅤ
Tumblr media
second photo created by my me. i actually took the time to photoshop Luke’s hat lmaoo. if only I had this much time to actually do my homework
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oceanatydes · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this was cute 🥺
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