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#satan x mc
butlike-obeyme · a day ago
MC: There are just sounds that everyone loves like...
Simeon: Shoes on gravel
Solomon: Crackling of fire
Luke: Rain on the roof
Satan: The snapping of the neck of those who think they can oppose you
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kentoverse · 2 days ago
their kinks — part two.
Tumblr media
# synopsis ; what kinds of kinks i think the younger brothers have.
# featuring ; satan, asmodeus, beelzebub & belphegor.
# content warnings ; fem!afab!mc, smut, kitten play, overstimulation, thigh-riding, dacryphilia, impact play, lingerie, dumbification, pegging, exhibitionism, voyeurism, oral fixation, food play, size kink, praise kink, breeding kink, consensual somnophilia, thigh-fucking, rough sex, degradation, face-fucking, 18+ only.
# note ; this is part two of the demon brother’s kinks, you can find part one here. the side characters are coming soon!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SATAN ☆ !!
kitten play.
this one is a given, the demon is obsessed with cats. satan doesn’t mind which one of you is the pet, he’ll happily wear a pretty green collar and be your cute little kitty. however, he nearly loses all of his self-control if you put on a pair of cat ears, a collar (and a naughty little tail). his heart beats so damn fast that you think he might go into cardiac arrest. he gets flustered when you settle on his lap and ask him how you can please your master. lord, he nearly cums in his pants there and then.
this sort of ties in with his pet play kink. he loves it when you rut against his clothed thigh like a bitch in heat, desperately searching for some sort of friction. he’ll coo at you sweetly, teasingly asking if kitty needs some help getting off. his hands settle on your hips, fingertips gently pressing against your pelvic bone as he guides your hips back and forth, savouring the beautiful moans that spill past your lips.
satan can be a little cruel sometimes, which is why he wants to leave you a fucked-out mess on his bed after he’s finished with you. he loves using his hands on you; one rubbing circles on your clit, the other thrusting inside of your sopping wet pussy. if you whine out that you’re too sensitive, it’ll only encourage him to keep going. he’ll give you orgasm after orgasm just to see your body tremble and your cunt tighten around his fingers once more. yes, it’s mean, but it feels too good to complain.
this ties in with his overstimulation kink. satan finds your teary eyes so endearing, so pretty. he can’t help but make you want to cry sometimes. of course, it’s only out of pleasure, he couldn’t stand making you upset in any other circumstance.
impact play.
again, satan can be a little cruel, so if you’re acting like a spoilt brat, he won’t let you get away with it. smacking your ass or thighs is his favourite form of punishment, he doesn’t go anywhere near your face. he prefers to use his hands rather than toys, but he won’t hesitate to use a paddle or a cane if you’ve been particularly out of line.
Tumblr media
this isn’t really considered a kink, but asmodeus loves it when you dress all prettily for him in the expensive lingerie he recommended you. the silk and lace embellishments contrasting beautifully against your skin, the particular design highlighting every gorgeous curve and crevice on your body. asmodeus had never seen someone more stunning in his life (than himself, of course). turning it on the flip side, asmo wouldn’t mind if you asked him to pick out a pretty l get-up to wear for you, in fact, he already has the perfect thing in mind <3
asmo doesn’t care which way it goes, he likes being the one fucked stupid just as much as he likes fucking you stupid. he reckons that he could cum just from seeing that hazy look in your eyes, moaning uncontrollably and unable to form a coherent sentence. on the other side of his kink, he enjoys it when you bounce on his cock, calling him your pretty little brainless boy. he makes the most beautiful ahegao face; tongue lolling out of his mouth, eyes rolling to the back of his skull. there isn’t a thought behind those eyes, other than pleasure.
asmo is open to literally everything, so pegging is definitely not out of the question. he’ll probably be the one to pick it out for you; a nine inch, hot pink strap. it just screams asmodeus. he’ll prep himself for you, ensuring that he puts on a little show before he begs you to put it inside. he lets out the most whorish moans when your hips slap against his ass, the tip of the plastic cock massaging his prostate. he’s rendered dumb by you, and he finds that a little embarrassing, but so arousing. i mean, pleasure is pleasure right? there’s no shame in a guy taking a huge strap up his ass and enjoying it <3
asmo creams at the thought of someone walking in on the two of you (especially if that certain someone happens to be solomon). he’ll suggest having sex in places where you could potentially get caught, like in an empty alleyway at night, or in the storage closet at the royal academy. there are days where he’s especially desperate for you and he just doesn’t regard any demon that might catch the two of you in the act, it just gives him an excuse to further exercise his kink.
this ties in with his exhibitionism kink. he honestly couldn’t care less if someone were to watch the two of you get intimate with each other. he finds it arousing that other demon’s (or angels/sorcerers) are watching the two of you have all the fun, while they sit back with their cocks in their fists. it’s as amusing as it is hot. after all, he gets to show the audience who that pretty pussy belongs to and they aren’t allowed to touch it.
Tumblr media
oral fixation.
i am a strong believer of the ‘beel has an oral fixation’ headcanon. he just can’t seem to keep his eyes off of you when you suckle gently on a lollipop, or lick the tip of your finger before you turn a page in your textbook, or when you bit your lower lip while your concentrating. your lips, no matter the size, are so pretty to look at. he finds himself becoming flushed when he watches you in those moments, desperately trying to stop his cock from twitching in his sweatpants.
food play.
this one’s pretty obvious, he’s the avatar of gluttony, after all. like the good boy he is, he makes sure to organise everything beforehand. food play isn’t something that he does spontaneously. he’ll get the proper supplies to prevent unnecessary messes from being made and to clean up afterwards. he prefers to use syrups or cream-like substances, since they’re easier to consume, especially when he’s lapping desperately at your cunt. he wants the experience for you to be as pleasurable as it is for him, so he solely focuses on getting you off while he enjoys a nice treat <3
size kink.
it’s no secret that this demon is absolutely huge, in both his full height and the size of his cock. it doesn’t matter how tall you are, beel will never fail to tower over you and make you look like you’re two feet tall. for some odd reason, it arouses him that you’re so much smaller than him. he enjoys it when you sit on his lap, looking so meek and pretty, while he watches you fuck yourself dumb on his huge cock. he also enjoys it when you give him head and struggle to fit even the tip of his cock in your mouth. it‘a pathetic in a cute sort of way <3
praise kink.
beel hates being scolded or degraded, it truly makes him upset when he gets into an argument with you or his brothers. he’s used to his brothers telling him that all he does is eat their food, but it doesn’t make it hurt any less. praise is the way to go if you want to win his heart, both emotionally and sexually. tell him that he’s doing so well while he laps at your sopping cunt. tell him that he’s such a good boy for being patient for you. tell him that you love him while he’s fucking you dumb <3
breeding kink.
there’s a common consensus among the fandom that beel has a huge breeding kink, and i wholeheartedly agree with it. he’s always had the thought in the back of his mind about starting a family with you, and he can’t help but subconsciously want to stuff you full of his cum and watch it leak out of your pussy. when tell him to fill you up, he’s ecstatic. he’ll probably cum inside you multiple times as well, just to ensure that you’ll definitely have to carry his child <3
Tumblr media
consensual somnophilia.
belphie loves being used in his sleep (consensually, of course). he doesn’t mind if you wake him up by sucking him off, or grinding desperately against his thigh while he’s napping. hell, he wouldn’t even care if you fucked his cock while he slept, in fact, he finds it so hot. it’s a great surprise to open his eyes to, and he tends to you immediately after he wakes up.
it’s a given that the avatar of sloth is a bit lazy sometimes, so when he’s feeling horny but doesn’t quite have the energy to fuck your brains out, he opts for thigh fucking. it doesn’t require a lot of energy, and he can practically do it while he’s half asleep anyway. he loves the feeling of your soft thighs massaging his cock with every stroke, and he loves it when you play with his soft dark locks while he gets himself off <3
rough sex.
this isn’t a common occurrence when the two of you have sex, mainly because belphie doesn’t have the energy to continuously have high-energy sex. but if he’s experiencing envy or fury, there’s a high chance that he’ll bend you over the edge of his bed and fuck your brains out. your pussy hugs him in all the right ways; dripping wet, clenching around his cock, tightening when you cum. he enjoys hearing your cute little noises, slurred words and incoherent sentences. his beautiful human is just so perfect, you can’t blame him for wanting to ruin you <3
this sort of ties in with the rough sex kink. degradation isn’t something common in your sex life, it only happens when he’s feeling especially angry or jealous. he’ll call you a desperate little whore, begging for his cock to split you open. he’ll call you a his cock-drunk slut when you take him in your mouth, gagging when his tip hits the back of your throat. belphie can be so cruel sometimes, but you have to admit, it’s pretty hot.
there’s something about seeing you choking and gagging on his cock that makes belphie so hard. he likes to lay back on his bed, hands gripping your hair to control the speed at which he fucks your mouth. your pretty face is ruined; eyes teary, drool dripping down your chin, lips slick with saliva and pre-cum. he thinks you look so beautiful like this, his beautiful little girl <3
Tumblr media
© KENTOVERSE — all rights reserved. please do not repost, plagiarise or modify my works. ask for permission to translate.
Tumblr media
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luxthestrange · a day ago
Incorrect quote #78
*At the middle-ground of Mc and Lucifer path to accepting another*
Luci: If you so as much look in my direction, I'll throw you out the window you-
Luci: ... What are you doing?*Watches as Mc goes to the window looking down*
Mc: Checking how high the drop is to see if it's worth it
*Somewhere in the house, Belphie and Satan felt an urge to kiss Mc all of sudden*
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undying-vagabond · 29 days ago
slapping their 🍑 in public
with a great ass, comes great responsibility
he’s gonna be taken so off guard “HEY!” especially because it’s in a public setting
secretly likes it
“waddaya think you’re doing to the Great Mammon’s ass?”
he will turn to look at you, bat his pretty eyelashes, wink and say how you’ve been naughty
stop before lucifer scolds you for public indecency
nearly has a stroke cuz it came out of the nowhere
super red, but kinda turned on
eyes will widen.
he’ll be like ?? what do you think you’re doing
when he sees you pout, he will answer “never said i didn’t like it”
assumes it’s an accident but doesn’t mind it either way
“you have such a phat ass i couldn’t resist” (basically that nemo scene of don’t touch the butt)
he’ll chuckle because you’re cute
thought he was still asleep.
if he was sleepy, that woke him right up.
mf will smirk and be like “ooh so that’s how you wanna play”
has an ass that won’t quit
will raise an eyebrow.
admires your boldness, like you really did that huh
however, you will receive the bedroom eyes so
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hinajiki · 6 months ago
I’m just curious, how do you think the brothers and dateables would moan? Breathy, raspy, heck even a “grandpa” who chronically smokes type of moan?
Tumblr media
𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐖𝐀𝐘 𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐘 𝐌𝐎𝐀𝐍 ft. om! brothers + dateables
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
includes: lucifer, mammon, leviathan, satan, asmodeus, beezlebub, belphagor, diavolo, barbatos, simeon & solomon
content warning: 18+ content, swearing, descriptions of moaning & mentions of punishments and pet play
💭: wooo!! this was easy to write about! I also had so much fun figuring out how they moan- thanks for requesting <3
Tumblr media
this man is so quiet!!
the only sounds that you will hear are the sounds of him grunting when he climaxes
however, if you run your fingers down his horns to the base of them he will moan!
just be prepared for a punishment of course..
oh wow.. this demon WHINES
he's like a puppy begging for attention
at first, he'll try to keep quiet
but don't let him fool you
as soon as you buck your hips into his, he'll be an absolute mess for you
a whimpering mess!!
he pants like he just ran a full marathon, but sex is probably the only exercise he gets so it's probably accurate to say the least...
let's out little, sharp moans
literally sounds like an anime character
I mean, what do expect, he isn't a normie
if you have a pet play kink well...
this demon is the one for you
because he fucking PURRS!!
I kid you not, he'll purr into your neck while fucking you from behind like a cat on heat
if you do something that makes him lose his mind or you tease him, he will growl
obnoxious! loud! moans!
you think you're loud?
he is the KING of being loud
he loves sex and he loves himself
he wants that attention and he's going to moan for you because he wants you to know how good you're making him feel
this one was hard to decide
I think he's a heavy breather
definitely not too loud
but not quiet either
stutters when he climaxes
moans just to tease you
he loves to do it right up against your ear
loves the way you squirm at the feeling
other than that, he's like lucifer
pretty quiet overall
another loud one
he doesn't moan though
he groans and growls like a beast
he doesn't care if all of devildom hears him
he enjoys himself to the fullest
and he wants you to hear it all
stuttered moans
bites his lip a lot but some moans are able to slip through as much as he tries to hold it back
he tries to keep his personal life a secret
but sometimes he can't help but be loud when he's fucking you on the royal kitchen bench with flour going everywhere
you just feel too good...
oh my god no pun intended
this angel has some of the prettiest moans!!
they're so breathy and feminine
they're like music to your ears
he cries out when he climaxes
probably blushes after it too
probably the smoker here
most likely does some heavy shit
sexy grandpa! sexy grandpa!
raspy groans that tickle at your eardrums
however, he likes to dirty taIk instead of moan
he's too busy making you blush to make any sounds of pleasure
Tumblr media
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moonlightmiya · 2 months ago
[ Kinktober; Day One - Gangbang - Obey me! ]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
7 brothers x F!Reader
Includes; Gangbang (obviously), mentions of punishment, dirty talk + degrading, oral!F!Receiving, 1 pussy smack, marking, penetration, Levi’s tail hh, overstimulation, crying, squirting, mentions of passing out, blowjobs, sweet talk and aftercare at the end <3
> Kinktober Masterlist <
Tumblr media
A/N - Starting off this month strong. Also I got really carried away with this sorry 😃 (it’s long)
Tumblr media
Lucifer is tired, tired of your bratty attitude and oblivious persona, he hates when you don’t hand in work at the specific time, slacking on your duties as student council and more. You’re acting more and more like his brothers everyday, only his brothers get punishments for their behaviour whilst you get off mark free, so he sees no reason why you can’t have a ‘punishment’ of your own, it’s only fair, right?
Lucifer’s already in a bad mood, and when he finds out you didn’t complete the extremely important R.A.D student council paperwork he gave you he goes into full anger, barging into your room and pulling you directly to his own, there you find Beelzebub waiting on the eldest brothers bed with a hungry look
“Will you stop it Lucifer! What is going on?” You yank your arm away from his hand, rubbing at it dramatically
“I’m going to teach you not to be a lazy brat,” he comes closer to ear, whispering “you’re going to regret this human, you know how important those papers were” he licks behind your ear before pulling away, manhandling you by shoving you onto the bed where Beelzebub sits
“I-I promise I’ll get them finished soon! Just give me a little more time and I’ll-“ Lucifer shushes you, pushing you further into Beel’s chest
“It’s too late for that dear” Lucifer smirks, releasing his harsh grip from your hips and standing back, watching as his eyes narrow down at your small form
The arousal from the situation goes straight to your pretty cunt, trying to hide the shake of excitement in your hands whilst also attempting stop the blood flowing to your cheeks, but it’s no use, they both have you beat,
Lucifer kneels down behind you, adjusting you to hover over Beelzebub’s chest, you go to move backwards as the younger brothers face becomes embarrassingly too near to your sweet cunny, yet you come into contact with Lucifer’s knee, he knows what he’s doing as the eldest starts rubbing his knee in circles against your pussy from under your flimsy skirt, making Lucifer now more aware of your arousal,
You turn to face down at Beel, trying to distract yourself from the pleasure soaring through your body, yet it doesn’t help at all, watching Beel’s chest heave and his muscles become more vibrant in the dim light of the room barely takes your mind off of anything,
You try to squirm away from both the brothers touches, but to no avail you manage to escape from their makeshift cage,
“Don’t think you’re getting out of this one that easy, y/n” Beel’s deep voice vibrates in your ear, making your knees go weaker, suddenly a harsh slap on your ass makes your body shoot forward
“Such a bad girl, thinking you can disobey me, you have another thing coming,” Lucifer’s culprit hand goes to soothe your ass, the black cold leather of his gloves making you shiver,
“Lucifer, I said I was sorry pl-“ your voice is muffled by a moan escaping your lips, you look down to see Beel moving you onto his face in a flash, his mouth automatically attaching onto your pussy, passionately making out with it before circling his hardened tongue around your aching clit, relieving you, yet you try not to show it, trying your best to squirm away before you cum to early yet you find Lucifer placing your hips down further onto Beel’s face, making your legs shake with pleasure of the younger brothers skilled tongue
“Don’t tell me you get overstimulated that easy human,” Lucifer starts, chuckling deeply as he watches your face twist into pleasure, when he pulls and twists at your hardened nipples through your shirt,
Beelzebub’s tongue ravishes your insides as Lucifer continues playing with your breasts, placing gentle kisses on your neck when his face comes near your own,
“Does she taste good Beelzebub?” A harsh groan comes from below you, signaling a ‘yes’ answer, but also sending pleasurable vibrations up through your spine, your back arches as he continues to tongue-fuck your pussy at an inhuman speed,
“Look at you, creaming all over my brother, don’t you have any shame?” Lucifer hums, his own cheeks tinted a slight red by the sound of your moans, “touch her clit Beel, I want to see her cum, hard”
As Beelzebub starts to circle your clit with his spare hand you feel your orgasm quickly approaching, the stimulation of the two brothers actions becoming too much for you, eventually you let the coil in you snap, making a mess by creaming all over the younger brothers mouth
“F-fuck cumming- cum, Beel fuck” your voice goes higher pitched with every new word, the force of your orgasms making your whole body shake, holding onto Beel’s ginger locks and hunching forwards as he keeps playing with your puffy, over-sensitive clit, he moves his mouth away from your leaking cunt, pressing a kiss onto your thigh before speaking,
“Tastes like icing on a cake” his tongue swirls around the mess on his lips, the action alone making your eyes twitch and head fall back, making you hyper-aware of the brothers fingers playing and pinching with your cute clit and perked nipples
“N-no stop, shit ah I can’t take it oh” Lucifer laughs deeply as he moves you away from Beelzebub, laying you down on his bed to temporarily relax, letting Beel get up as the two watch you shake from the after shocks,
Lucifer comes close to your face, planting a gentle kiss on your cheek as he moves your hair out the way, “you can come in now” you freeze, eyeing the rest of the 5 brothers as they enter the room, their cheeks bright red, as you look down you can see their cocks visibly straining in their pants, begging for some kind of release
You feel like a bird of pray as the seven demons look down at you with eyes of hunger and lust, you feel weak already and the needy whine you let out shows it, Lucifer already knows you have fallen victim to his trap, kneeling down to whisper once more in your ear, “you have made your bed, now you lie in it”
The second oldest interrupts, voice weeping with unsatisfactory and greed in which he wasn’t the one to take you first “I can practically smell her, just let me try her please” Mammon speaks up, his fine tuned hand palming his cock in the tight jeans he wears
“Well then,” Lucifer starts, placing your soft head onto his lap as he grabs your calfs to hold at each side of your head, making you stretch uncomfortably, releasing an awkward sound of disapproval from your lips, yet Lucifer ignores it, pushing your legs further apart until he’s pleased, “who wants to go first?”
“I am, I will” Mammon pushes his way to the front, instantly pouncing onto your body, peeling off your shirt and bra along with his own trousers, “she’s my human after all… I had her first” he growls lowly, staring dead at the brothers whilst drooling at the mouth for a taste of you
Mammon pumps his veiny cock in his hand a few times before pressing and swiping his dark tip against your clit, making you shudder in pleasure,
“You sure she can take all of us, Lucifer?” He asks, the eldest brother only nods, holding your legs to the mattress in a death grip “you will take it, won’t you y/n?” His question mocks you, yet you nod helplessly anyway, just wanting, needing Mammon inside of you already,
You feel his leaking tip pushing into your semi prepped hole, yet you don’t mind as the stretch from his thick cock starts to burn your cunt in the best way possible, “M-Mammon!” You yell out to him, wrapping your arms around his neck as he pants against your chest,
“Ssh, I’ve hng got you” He hushes you before taking one of your perked up nipples into his mouth, suckling on it lightly as he humps your cunt nicely, his fat cock reaching near all the pleasurable spots inside you, forcing you to moan and whine his name over and over again,
His mouth continues stimulating you as his cock ravishes your walls, making your mind focused on only him, Mammon, yet Lucifer isn’t to fond of letting you forget about him so easily, so he chooses to squeeze and grazes at your thighs, raking his nails down the smooth skin, you grip onto the two brothers as you feel yourself tipping over the edge, dangerously close to your orgasm
Mammon’s pace picks up rapidly, making you dig your nails into his back as you come undone with a loud moan, leaving angry red lines down his torso “f-fuck I can’t, can’t stop myself, ‘s so tight” Mammon cries out, pulling out quickly and spilling his cum over your thighs, the room goes silent for a second, all the brothers watching with wide eyes as they listen to you and Mammon both panting into each others mouths, sharing a kiss before he gets back up
Mammon soon lifts himself from the eldest brothers bed, sitting in the nearest chair to you, keeping his eyes locked onto you or more importantly, where he left his mark, his chest still heaves, as he watches his younger brother Leviathan walking over to your naked body, his tail twitching with excitement as the third born watches you whimper and squirm in his brothers grasp
“Hurry Levi I just can’t wait any longer~” Asmodeus’ whiney voice echos through the room, making Leviathan side eye him,
A hard hand comes down harshly to smack your bare sensitive pussy, making you yelp, “Asmodeus is right, Levi” Lucifer’s glare is hard as stone, moving his hand to its place on your thigh again, gripping it harshly,
A quiet ‘yeah’ comes from Levi’s lips, his breath fanning over your red face as he presses light kisses against your neck, letting his tail rub up and down against your leg at the same time,
As soon as Leviathan finds your sweet spot he bites down, making you yelp once more, his mouth continues sucking dark bruises into your neck and chest, his tail still dangling beside your legs as it swats Lucifers hand away, his mouth trailing sweet kisses up to your own mouth, kissing you with passion as he slowly wraps his tail around your plush thigh, coating it with your own slick from your weeping pussy and pushing a few inches of his tail into you, the texture still squeezing at your thigh
Your moans are swallowed by Levi, who is continuously going between rubbing your puffy clit with the tip of his tail to curling it up inside your pretty pussy, you start squirming and crying out for the third brother, babbling absolute nonsense as he grazes against your sweet spot inside your cunny, already making you go dumb and needy for him, he loves every bit of it
“Fuck, Levi uhm I’m gonna make a mess ngh” your voice pitches as a clear liquid comes out of your pussy, not giving previous warning, it coats the sheets and his tail soley in your slick, slowly Leviathan moves his tail to his mouth, licking it clean from your juices
“Taste so good” his voice shakes, eyes rolling to the back of his head as his cheeks start turning a nice shade of red, he realises your hot and worn out expression as you lay on Lucifer’s lap, you seem exhausted yet your pussy still aches for more of his siblings
“I’ll g-“ Satan begins, only to be cut off by Asmodeus’ loud voice, “how about we take her at the same time, I just have to get a taste of her” your head goes light as they talk about you so filthy in-front of you,
Satan huffs in annoyance but agrees nonetheless, motioning for Leviathan to move out of the way, “fine but we’ll do it my way” he moves you out of Lucifer’s lap, prying his hands away from your body, “Asmo, get underneath her” Asmodeus complies, moving you so your pussy is just above his mouth, in a similar position to the one you were in with Beel and Lucifer,
Yet from this position you get a good look of all the brothers gathered around the bed, you eye Belphegor furiously pumping his cock dry whilst Mammon slowly strokes his cock back to life, staring into your eyes with pure need, as for Beelzebub he sits on the chair beside you, his hand covered with ounces of his thick cum, his ginger locks cover his flushed expression well, but not well enough so you can’t see the blush appearing on his cheeks as you show all the brothers your dirty facial expressions,
You’re snapped out of your daze as Satan pushes his long cock into you, you feel it nearly about to hit your cervix before he pulls it out again to tease your still-aching hole, you’re about to let out a loud whine but it’s soon cut off by Asmodeus circling his tongue around your clit, rubbing and grinding the soft bud in-between his lips in all the right ways possible,
You moan loudly as the sensation of both Satan and Asmo passionately fucking your body, their movements are complimenting eachother by going at the same pace, you feel like you could cum at any moment
Satan pants and huffs as his balls slap against your skin, his moans sound the sweetest in your ear, “S-Satan, Asmo.. can’t take anymore” your eyes roll to the back of your head as your fourth orgasm of the night hits your hard, but none of two stop their fast paced movements
You squeal as Leviathan wrap his tail around your breast, pulling and teasing your perky nipples as he whispers sweet nothings into your ear beside you,
“You’re panting like a bitch in heat, you like being used like this huh” Satan’s mean voice fills the room, overpowering the third borns, his words make your pussy clench harder around his cock, making him groan deeply, “answer me, you’re just our little toy aren’t you?” His face remains the same bored expression, eyebrows furrowed as he spews degrading words to your face,
Satan grabs your jaw tightly, lifting your face to meet his, “I said answer, bitch” you nod mindlessly as he smacks the outside of your thigh, making your body jump, “stop moving her around so much..” Asmo says from underneath you, desperately wanting to go back to licking the leaking fluids from your drenched pussy, sucking hickeys into your thighs and licking up anything that drips down from your cunny,
Lucifer comes to standinfront of you, kissing your now exposed neck and guiding Levi’s tail to squeeze around your breasts more, the stimulation from the four brothers makes your brain melt, and you slowly feel yourself sinking into full-submission
Satan groans as he feels his balls tighten, slamming into your cunt harder as he tries to chase his high and making you cry out in overstimulation, he soon empties his hot cum into your sensitive cunt, filling it up with such warmth as he pulls out again, leaving Asmo still beneath you as he moans into your body
You cry out as Asmo flicks your clit in his mouth, mesmerised by the way Levi plays with your breasts, and the way Lucifer keeps a strong grip on your hair as he sucks deep purple marks into your neck makes you completely lose it, “I’m gunna.. make a mess” you pant, barely able to get a functioning sentence out from all that’s going on around you,
“Go on sweetie” Mammon’s voice is closer now, he watches the way your cunt gushes and creams as Asmo licks at your clit, the cum that Satan stuffed into your right hole still leaking out, it looks a mess yet the demon has never been that turned on in his life, Mammon let’s put a final groan as the boys step away from you, letting Belphie have your used body last
Leviathan and Asmodeus resistantly leave from where you are, having being pulled away by Lucifer, “she tastes so good, Lucifer please let me go back” Asmo begs as Levi rolls his eyes, “you’ve both had your turns, now sit down” the two brothers huff out in annoyance, but obey anyway
As the youngest brother slowly wobbles towards you, you can see his already cum stained hands as he strokes them up and down his girthy cock, affectively using it as lube as he gently slips inside of you, fucking his cum into your already used hole, he sighs as he finally finally gets his own ecstasy,
The brothers watch carefully, still panting and needing, aching for more of you, but you’re just a mere human, your body cannot take much, just a few more pushes and you’d be fully blacked out
Belphie pants as he listens to your crying and pretty moans, falling on top of your sweaty body he continues pushing his cock into you softly and at a slow pace, he hears your pleas, begging him to go ‘faster’ and ‘faster’ but he ignores them, holding your hands to your stomach, keeping you in place as he ruts into you
“I- I can’t ah can’t..” you gasp as his thick cock breaks its way through your throbbing pussy, you know the youngest brother wont last much longer, from the way you moan his name into his ear, or the way the scratches you leave on his back and arms leaves him in a pleasurable pain,
You feel Belphegor’s hot cum pour into you as he fully bottoms out, you can feel him twitching cock as he stays like that for a few seconds before rolling over to sit on the bed next to you, the brothers all exchange a few words before turning back to your fucked out state, they all look at you in awe, a few try to speak but your mind doesn’t process it, the only thing you can think about is the hot cum leaking out of you and the way the brothers made you feel so so good
Eventually Lucifer taps your thigh, motioning for you to wrap your limp arms around him, so you do, reaching out with shaky hands you gently hold only his broad shoulders, mumbling about how you feel light headed and tired, he tells the rest of the boys to go back to their rooms so he can get you cleaned up, they all go, resistantly of course,
“Luci” he shushes you quickly, laying your body in the empty bathtub as he washes your body down with the shower head , trying his best not to stimulate you any further
“You were so good for us today, but now you know what will happen if you don’t meet deadlines” his face doesn’t express any emotion, his only focus being to fill the bathtub with water and help you get cleaned up
“You know Lucifer, I never treated you to anything…” he glances at you, you can barely speak with confidence, your words are all slurred and you can barely keep your eyes open, but you reach out to paw at his cock anyway,
“Watch it, you’re not in the right headset for this” you pout, yet still pump his clothed cock softly, he looks down at you for a second, his cheeks turning red as he watches your hand move uo and down his whole length, squeezing when you get to the top
You feel him slowly giving in, maybe just a few more pumps you think to yourself “If you want to be a cock drunk slut so be it, but you need to promise me you’re going to take it all, just like a good girl” he unbuttons his trousers, pushing them down to his knees, “get to work, human” you smirk at the sight of Lucifer’s achingly hard cock, he’s definitely bigger than his brothers
Your mouth goes out to lick at his tip, your tongue raking up the entirety of his cock, tracing up every vein with your wet tongue, you actions making him swallow a moan in his throat, the water splashes around in the bathtub as you move to sit on your knees
As you slowly take him into your mouth you can taste his sweet pre-cum dripping from his tip, you laugh lightly around him, making him throw his head back as the vibrations stimulated him more,
His fingers tangle in your hair as he pulls you off of him, removing the rest of his clothes to go into the bathtub with you,
“You’re right, y/n, you really do need to treat me well too” the water from his bathtub falls onto the floor as he positions himself between your legs, “you’re staying with me tonight” he growls, making your eyes roll to the back of your head in a lustful state, moaning as the tip of his cock enters your pussy
You’re far from done tonight
Tumblr media
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You're Mine
A/N: I guess as a writing blog I should be doing some writing right? Honestly this has just been the biggest headcanon I've had in a while since I started playing Obey Me of the brothers Devildom culture must be so different! And then the whole pact thing with human masters must be so different as well! I just view them as big animals just wanting to get your attention u wu. Warnings: Jealous boys, public shows of dominance and a lot of biting.
It's almost painful being in the Devildom sometimes.
A cultural exchange program amped up to 100 %.
As much as you loved the brothers, you also were meeting some pretty cool demons in RAD. Surely you were the human student everyone was so excited to meet, but none of them really talked to you, you know? But there were some that were brave enough to overlook your pact marks and dive into a conversation.
Even some were bold enough to talk to you out of school!
Making so many friends was so exciting, especially since you still thought of yourself as new! Wait till the brothers see how many new demons you have met!
Problem is you forgot how weird demon culture is, especially when it has to do with a demon and their master.
Tumblr media
Lucifer blinks as he notices the demon approaching the two of you, pausing your daily walk with him as confusion turns to familiarity and you run up to greet your friend.
The first thing he notices is how they are a low ranking demon, so there’s no need to be hyper aware of any sort of threat. In this instance he doesn’t need to look to make sure his pact mark is visible to the demon.
His mark was embedded right in your iris, so anyone could see whose protection you were under.
He smiles politely as you turn around to introduce them, the demon waving at him shyly as if remembering that, yes, this human made a pact with Lucifer and therefore should not be messed with in any way. Yet there was no sort of violent tendencies coming from this demon, which put him at somewhat of an ease.
That is, until the demon takes a hold of your hand.
It’s a simple touch, one that a human would mistaken for a sign of friendship and camaraderie. The demon was speaking excitedly about a new flower they had seen over at the Botanical gardens and how much they wanted to show it off to you.They tighten their hold and Lucifer has to dig his fingernails into his palm from ripping their hand off.
You had no idea what it meant and the action would most likely scare you.
And Lucifer wanted you to trust him as much as possible.
“Would it be okay if Lucifer comes along?”
“...y--yeah! I don’t mind!”
Hesitation mixed with fake happiness, this demon really thought that he would get some time alone with you, didn’t they? They probably planned this whole thing out and whatever excitement they were showing you was just a front to hide their true intentions. Besides, look how they are hanging off of you, they want to make a pact with you so badly it’s almost disgusting.
Might as well get rid of the pest now.
“Come on MC, I want to show you the huge petals--!”
You and the demon look back to see Lucifer biting down on one of your fingers, your ring finger to be exact, while making eye contact with the pest. His teeth are not necessarily breaking skin but the pain of the bite made all your attention go back on him, turning around to tug your finger away and cradle it close. “Lucifer what the hell!”
He smiles and tells you not to worry about it, your retort falling on deaf ears as Lucifer’s eyes fall on the demon one more time. Their eyes are wide and they have immediately taken two steps back, their back as straight as a needle as Lucifer sends them one last look that lets them know of his intentions.
Leave now or I will gut you in front of my human.
You turn to apologize to your friend for putting them in such a weird situation but the demon is already long gone, no sign of them ever being in your presence as you look around aimlessly.
“They left...” you frown and look at Lucifer, “Next time at least warn me.”
“If I did then you would have probably forbidden me from doing so.”
The Avatar of Pride smiles as he takes your hand, interlacing his fingers with yours as you kept talking about how you would apologize the next day. But Lucifer wasn’t listening, he just kept staring at you as you talked, happy that his master wasn’t particularly mad.
That demon would have to learn to get his own, this human was already his.
Tumblr media
He had finally gotten you all to himself.
Mammon had a photoshoot today, making you tag along so he could finally show off his modeling skills. And it would help him out as well. The product they were trying to sell did not appeal to him one bit and he just really needed you as inspiration.
And inspiration did you give.
“Oh gorgeous Mammon gorgeous! Lean back and close your eyes.”
The cameraman was giving him compliment after compliment, excellent after excellent, it was as if all eyes were on him at that exact moment. He smiled as he thought about how you must be looking at him. His shirt was open, letting the cloth hang off the side of the couch as the camera focused primarily on the low riding jeans that showed off the boxers he was promoting.
“Perfect! Perfect!! Now turn around and stare into the camera!”
His eyes opened and his head turned expertly, Mammon smiling as he tried to make eye contact with you--
Only to see that you were gone.
Camera flashes stop as he bolts up, turning to look for you before his eyes focused on your form.
There you were...talking with someone else.
He doesn’t stare at the cameraman, only gets up and stalks towards you and the demon currently holding up the lights. Both of you turn to face him, a voice speaking loudly about a five minute break as Mammon stands behind you and hugs you from behind, placing his chin right on your shoulder as he looks at the interloper.
“Are you taking a break?”
Mammon smiles as he buries his face in your shoulder, hugging you tight as the demon tells him he did a wonderful job. Without raising his head, Mammon speaks up.
“MC, who is this?”
“Oh right! Haven’t introduced you. He is a friend from RAD! We sit together in Pactology 101.”
“Well we used to sit together...”
“We talked way too much in class, didn’t we?”
It’s like nails on a chalkboard when he laughs, Mammon feeling glad that he was closer to you so he could hear the sound of your laughter instead of the ugly screeching of the intruder taking up your attention. Did this guy think he was stupid? That he couldn’t notice all the goddamn pheromones he was releasing? Mammon shakes his head back and forth, breathing in your scent heavily as he tries to leave his own behind.
This guy was embarrassing himself with how badly he wanted to form a pact with you.
“Oh oh, remember when the teacher caught us texting in class?”
“I think he might want to just put us back together cause we are still causing trouble!”
The Avatar of Greed frowns, did you not hear him?
“Well the teacher knows we are a good match, doesn’t he?”
“A match made in hell, I would say.”
Why was this guy still talking? Why were you still listening to him?
“Hey after this...would you want to go get some coffee, MC? If you’re not busy.”
“Nah, I only have this toda---FUCK!”
A pair of teeth tug at your earlobe, Mammon growling in your ear as he makes eye contact with the annoyance in front of him. He should be counting his lucky stars that you were still in the room, if Mammon found him anywhere else this demon would be nothing more than a meal for his familiars.
“MC, you have to stare at me or else I’m going to take longer.”
You rub at your ear as Mammon lets go of you, breaking eye contact with the other demon as he gives you his signature pout. He didn’t want you to see him be all scary, Mammon wanted you to see him like the number one demon he always tried to be for you.
“And you had to bite me because of that!?”
“Because you weren’t paying attention! You have to keep your eyes on me or else I’m not going to sell this stupid product. In fact--”
He drags you back to the couch, yelling at the cameraman that he would be posing with you so he could actually get through this photoshoot instead of doing a solo shoot. The man sighs but calls makeup to get you ready, Mammon smiling as he sits down right next to you.
The farther you were from that guy the better, all of his master’s attention needed to be on him after all.
Tumblr media
Of course something like this would happen. Bad luck seemed to follow Leviathan wherever he went.
"Did you see the finale of it live?"
"I did!!! My movie theatre put it on the big screen and everything!"
Levi was glad that you were a nerd just like him. It was refreshing and probably one of the biggest reasons he had decided to make a pact with you.
Well, he had tried to kill you first and then make a pact with you but it was still a special story! Who would have thought that he would land himself a human master with his own interests!
Though he guessed that was a bad thing now.
He couldn't keep his thoughts in check as the clerk of the comic store kept talking to you, Levi annoyed that he couldn't keep up with the conversation you two had. It was about some comic cinematic universe that had been adapted in the human world and he honestly didn’t want to put anymore thought into it because of how close the clerk was getting.
Dammit he should have bought the new manga volume in Akuzon...but you had been so cute irl asking him to get the manga in this comic store you found,and if his master was begging him so cutely then what else could he do?
“I actually got the limited edition of this one movie--”
Nobody cared.
“It was up for a lot in Akuzon but I’m glad I got my hands on it--”
Stop talking!
“And I have a pretty cool viewing set up in the back--!”
Stop talking, stop talking, stop talking, stop talking to MC!
Levi frowns as you gush about the movie some more, glaring down at you for letting your attention stray from him. But why should he be surprised, of course your attention would stray. Him being the yucky otaku that he is, of course you would go with the demon who took his interest and actually turned it into a profit--
No! It wasn’t your fault! It wasn’t even his fault! It was this demon’s fault!
Thinking they looked so cool with their most basic of interests. If Levi could expose them for the fraud that they were, MC would be able to see the absolute fool that this demon was making themselves out to be. Smiling a lot more, inching closer as they talked, even offering to take you to the back of the store--!
People may say what they want about Levi but at least he wasn’t this desperate to get on the good side of a least the first time he met you.
His eyes fall on the back of your neck, hair conveniently placed out of the way as he remembered something Lucifer had discussed with him and Mammon after they had made their pact.
You will not think rationally when you are with them, make sure to monitor your actions so you don’t embarrass yourself.
That’s what he said but…
Surely Levi wasn’t going to embarrass himself more than this demon already has.
“This is the one with the symbiote creature, right? And you got the bonus deleted scenes! Honestly I would be so down with watching it right--EEP!”
Levi made sure to let his tongue lick the back of your neck first before biting down, wanting to make the bite as painless as possible. Although he guessed that not making you feel pain was out of the question as he felt you tense up, his tongue swiping against your nape one last time as he pulled back and tugged on the back of your shirt.
“MC let’s go. They don’t have it.”
You turn to look at Levi, hand on the back of your neck as you tell him that he could have gotten your attention in any other way, but he knew for a fact that he had made his point across with the demon in front of him.
Summoning Lotan in his own home was one thing, summoning Lotan in a store would probably cost a lot…
Even if he knew brothers wouldn’t blame him with how nauseatingly this demon was trying to approach their master.
Tumblr media
“MC, here.”
Satan breaks his pencil, but it seems the two other people don’t seem to notice.
“And it's the first edition too, but I took it out just for you.”
You smile and mention about how you didn’t need anything fancy for the assignment, just a simple book that talked about Devildom history. Which Satan agreed, this bug was acting like he owned the entire Royal Library. A pass to get a first edition title wasn’t that rare of a fucking find--if he wanted, Satan could call up any of his connections and get about 16 copies of different first edition titles that spoke not just about the Devildom history but about whatever the hell topic he could get his hands on.
This guy wasn’t that special yet he was acting like he had just given you the world on a silver platter.
The demon sat down at the table you and Satan were studying at, looking at you the entire time he explained how to open the book and how to make sure it stays in its pristine condition.
Which made Satan break another pencil.
From what you had mentioned, this guy was just someone you knew from RAD. You labeled him as the ‘smartest person in the class’. Which was a bit of an insult on his part but he guessed that as long as he wasn’t the one in your class it didn’t count as an insult towards his person.
He, of course, being the smartest demon you know.
But Satan didn’t have to be the smartest demon in RAD to know what this nuisance was doing.
If he were to read you any book on Devildom demonology, certain demons needed a human master. This insect in front of you would count as one of them. Lower demons usually tend to be without guidance and need a soul to feed from. In comes a human master, being able to fulfill that need with a pure soul of their own. The demon feeds and in return, develops a sort of ‘affection’ towards their master since they are now the hand that feeds them.
The same couldn’t be applied to Satan or his brothers, however. As the seven demon lords, they are able to gain the sustenance they need from the feed of other lower demons under the sin they were made in.
They are free to form pacts, but it’s not like they need it.
A good metaphor would be that they are essentially ‘picking off the plate’ of the lower demons, making the lower demons only cause minimal casualties up in the human world as they feed and keeping the seven lords from going feral with hunger.
Of course, things were different now. Satan had you now, a human all of his own.
Essentially, someone was trying to ‘take a bite’ of his favourite food, and Satan hated sharing.
Friends be damned, politeness be damned, he needed to show this demon his place.
“Isn’t it fascinating? The cover was made with a demon’s skin.”
“Yes. I believe it was from recently dead demon’s during the first Celestial War. Do you want to feel?”
You nod, curious about the black and shiny cover as the demon holds out his hand for you to take--
Only for you to yelp as Satan takes it first, dragging your hand back so it would be close to his lips as the Avatar of Wrath’s teeth bite at the skin near your wrist. You hiss in pain at the sudden sharpness, quickly pulling your hand back and staring at your demon as he gives the annoyance one last pointed stare.
“That is how demons started their pacts before we arrived in the Devildom, wasn’t it?”
The demon nodded slowly, his eyes darting to the mark on your wrist and then back at Satan. He opened his mouth to try and speak up but seemed to decide better against it, giving you one last smile as he stood up. “...I’ll...I’ll go get you the second volume. That one might include more accurate and updated information on pact markings.”
Satan smiles and nods as he scoots his chair close to you, looking back at you tracing the mark on your wrist with a frown before putting all your attention back on him.
“Did demons really used to form pact marks like this?”
The Avatar of Wrath shrugs.
“I was only guessing, he was the one who left thinking it was the truth. Here, let’s go look for a book on our own.”
Tumblr media
Asmo would like to think that he had perfected the fake smile to the point he could keep it up for an indeterminate amount of time.
“MC! Try this!”
Yet the corners of his mouth twitched as he watched one of your friends, who happened to be a store clerk at Majolish, open the door to your dressing room to hand you another outfit they had picked out. And it wasn’t a bad outfit--!
Just...did they have to keep opening the door every single time?
Granted, he shouldn’t be in your dressing room in the first place but he insisted he would stay since you were only trying some shirts on! It wasn’t like he was seeing anything inappropriate and your pants were staying on the entire time.
This sight was okay for him because he was your demon and you were his master.
So it wasn’t right that some random nobody kept coming in to hand you shirts that they thought looked cute on you! That’s what you had Asmo for!
Yet here he was, secluded to sit down on the little chairs that someone would usually toss the unwanted clothes they wouldn’t buy. Which was already doing horrible things for his self-esteem.
“I learned a couple of things by working here. See? The color really matches your hair.”
The Avatar of Lust scoffs when he hears that. What exactly did the demon learn? How to match colors? Oh look, someone learned the basics of the color wheel, someone give them a medal.
“And since you are wearing something long at the bottom, it’s only fair that you go with something short on top.”
This demon is going to win an award for making basic observations, Asmo could already see it. What a future they had ahead of them.
“These colors are summery too goes great with the weather!”
Oh he wants to gag, Asmo’s heard enough.
“You don’t think it’s too revealing? I do like the color though…”
Before the demon can answer, Asmo grabs your shoulders and pulls you back to him with a smile as he makes you look in the mirror.
“I think it’s revealing enough for the summer look you are going for...except can you maybe get it in a light pastel? Any color would do it just needs to be a pastel color if we want it to go with the light color of your bottoms.”
The demon deflates at the sudden lack of contact with you but nods as they step out, waving goodbye and stating once again how ‘gorgeous’ you looked. Which Asmo guessed was the only compliment they had in their arsenal.
Gorgeous didn’t even begin to describe you.
“I did like this color, Asmo. Does it not look good?”
“No it looks perfect on you! But--”
He tugs on the floral print top and smiles as he wraps his arms around your shoulders.
“Floral prints are extremely last season and I want you to be on a more neutral type of clothing. Just simple colors. This way we can add some jewelry--some of my own creation of course.”
Asmo smiles when you giggle, fixing your top and looking at yourself in the mirror a couple more times as you mumble to yourself about how Devildom summers seem rather temperate compared to the ones you were used to and how you wouldn’t need anything sleeveless.
Damn the Devildom summers, if they could even be called that at all.
His ears twitch as he hears the pest start to make their way back, Asmo’s smile dropping slowly as he looks down at your neck. This was the spot they kept staring at, wasn’t it? Shame it wasn’t decorated--
But he could fix that~ “I found some other colors that would go well with you MC, do you want to--”
Asmo’s teeth are right on your neck, turning to look back at the clerk with a smile and a little wave as he hums at the way you clench and unclench your fingers while looking at him through the mirror, wanting to ask just why he was doing this but the pain keeping you quiet. It was cute how much you were hurting but how you were doing absolutely nothing to stop him. This could technically mean that you approved of what he was doing, correct?
He lets go as the clerk immediately closes the door, you calling out for your friend but Asmo brings you back and makes you look at the mirror one more time.
“There we go. That’s a pretty mark, right MC? An Asmodeus Limited Edition item, just for you~”
Tumblr media
If this kept happening, Beel was going to eat this demon.
“You need to try some Devildom food, MC! I promise it's good!”
Beel stomach growls again as you laugh, ignoring the parfait in front of you. He gives you a tap on the shoulder and your attention is right back to him. “Oh sorry, Beel. Here!” You scoop up the delicious frozen treat and feed it to him, Beel smiling as he takes another two bites of his hamburger and watches you and your friend talk. He actually had no idea that you had any friends in RAD and was happy to see that at least some demons were treating you nicely, compared to theo ones who had teased you when you first arrived.
Well he said teased, more like threatened to eat you.
He figured you would make friends fast though, you were nice and all the demons here were already attracted to human souls so it was bound to happen that one of them would have the courage to talk to you.
Yet this one seemed rather...eager.
“How about this. Hell’s Kitchen serves good food but I know this awesome corner in the wall place we can get some grilled bat sandwiches. Guts and everything.”
His stomach growls again, he knew of the place this demon was talking about and would most likely want to take you there himself if you ever asked.
Beel takes another two bites before waiting for you to feed him the parfait.
He frowns and stares at you again, the demon keeping your attention all to himself as you spoke about how you didn’t necessarily want to eat anything with guts in it. His eyes went to the parfait, watching some of the perfectly placed scoops slowly melt and droop down on the plate.
MC, pay attention to him!
This was his time with you! He didn’t mind if someone else stepped in and he was glad you were making friends but this demon was interrupting his mealtime!
He ate his burger, you fed him ice-cream, this is how it had always worked!
People could say what they wanted but Beel was a creature of habit, and he was in the habit of having you feed him.
Not just that, he was in the habit of having your attention all on him when it was his time to hang out with you.
Wasn’t this demon just being a bother? Didn’t you also want them gone?
They kept talking about all the stuff that clearly grossed you out, seemingly delighted with your reactions as they kept trying to egg you on to say yes to an outing. If it wasn’t for the fact that you were smiling the entire time, Beel would have already made the move to unhinging his jaw and--
“I promise I’ll treat you to the best ghost pepper pizza you’ve ever had. You’re free after this, right?”
Beel’s stomach growls, whether in hunger or anger Beel wouldn’t be able to say. All he knows is that this demon is bad news for both him and you.
So what would be the quickest way to make him back off?
“I’m not but I can take a raincheck--!”
You drop the spoon you were holding as Beel bites your cheek, throwing the demon one quick glimpse before letting out a few sounds that seemed to make up your name. The demon stares at you and Beel as the Avatar of Gluttony pulls away from you, licking his lips as you slowly put a hand on your cheek and turn to look at him.
“The parfait is gonna melt. I want another bite.”
Eyes turn to the demon once again, Beel frowning as he takes a hold of your hand underneath the table.
“Please leave. If MC is going to eat Devildom food then they’ll eat it with me. The only thing you are going to do is gross them out.”
Tumblr media
“So what did you want to talk about?”
Belphie frowned as your fingers gently played with his hair. That is not what he had asked for when he asked to lay on your lap. Belphegor wanted the usual way you would comb through his hair, both of you gently whispering to each other as the planetarium ambience lulled him to sleep.
“Well...uhm...I wanted to ask something important.”
And who the hell was this person? He peeked up to look at you smiling at the screen, frowning that you still didn’t seem to notice you were doing a shit job at giving him the attention he needed. Whoever this was had been on the line with you for a good solid ten minutes, talking about useless subjects such as their day and what they had for lunch. If anything, Belphegor had no idea how this thing was taking your attention. You were doing most of the talking anyway, they should just hang up and leave you alone to pay attention to your demon.
“We’ve known each other for a while.”
Belphegor most likely knew MC for longer...maybe.
“And honestly I haven’t met a human like you before. You just...I just expected humans to be something and you aren’t that so it threw me off.”
The Avatar of Sloth yawns as he buries his head in your lap, smiling at the darkness he found in the small crook of your thighs. He yawns again and closes his eyes to try and fall asleep but the grating voice of the demon on the phone was sending nothing but warning signals to his brain.
“So I wanted to ask something I didn’t think I would ask a human before.”
He really wanted to yell ‘get to the point’ or ‘hang up the phone’ but he knew that you would most likely shush him and tell him to be patient, which would then result in you gently pushing him away so you could talk somewhere more private. And he wasn’t ready to lose his favourite pillow just yet.
So he continued listening, tracing random shapes on your thighs as he felt his eyelids start to droop.
“I know you have seven pacts already…”
Damn straight.
“But would an eight be too much for you?”
That wakes Belphegor right up, eyes wide open and head turned to face up at you to see your reaction. Of course you would be surprised, this demon really had the guts to ask the current master of the Seven deadliest demons in the Devildom for a pact?
You better be grateful that Belphegor found comfort in your lap and would prefer to stay here, rather than go break the neck of the demon insolent enough to try to take his master away.
So go ahead, reject him.
“A pact? With me?”
What were you doing?
Don’t give him such a hopeful answer! Belphegor had to share you with six other demons constantly and those demons were his siblings! He was okay sharing with Beel but he drew the line at anyone else! Adding an eighth demon to that would be like asking for a bloodbath, a bloodbath with only one target.
Belphegor frowned as the demon started talking again, stuttering and jumping over his words like he was a dog who asked to eat their masters table. Which essentially he was, not like there was room for him anyway.
“I know I’m not like those brothers--”
Damn straight.
“But making a pact with you would make me really what I am trying to say.”
He wants to gag.
A part of him couldn’t blame the demon, you were perhaps the best master a demon could ask for, but you were already t a k e n.
And you were to blame too, you know?
You weren’t rejecting him like you should. The face you were making was far too surprised and flattered at the proposition given to you. Were you that greedy? Had Mammon rubbed off on you? You had seven of the most powerful demons under your command, what more could you possibly want?
As a master, you were doing a bad job at rejecting this insect and an even more horrible job at not paying attention to the actual demon you were tied to.
He turns his head back to the darkness of your thighs, feeling you shift as you also struggle to find an answer. This was becoming too much, if Belphegor didn’t act fast you were most likely going to say yes, just because you didn’t know any better!
Fuck it, you could try to push him off but Belphegor would hold on tightly, he had to save you from your mistake.
“Uhm. Well that is honestly really flattering. And eight pacts wouldn’t be so bad--”
You slap a hand over your mouth, your teeth biting into your tongue as you look down at the demon nipping at the inside of your thigh. Belphie looks up innocently, batting his eyelashes at you as he bites down a little harder--
Fingers hurry to end the call as Belphegor quickly lets go, smiling as you gape down at him.
“I was in the middle of a call!”
“I know.”
“Then what was that about!?”
The Avatar of Sloth shrugs as he closes his eyes.
“You weren’t paying attention to me. It made me mad.”
You sigh and lean back, Belphegor waiting for a few moments before smiling as he feels your fingers combing through his hair.
“Next time,just talk to me, Belphegor.”
He would have answered, but that would make him promise something he most likely was not going to do.
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devildomdisaster · 4 months ago
Can you do the brothers reacting to S.O. MC always having an unidentifiably "familiar" scent and then finding a spray bottle with the brother's perfume in it, diluted so that it doesn't overpower MC's but still gives them a subtle trace of the brother's scent? Which brothers do you expect would take up the practice so that they always have MC's scent lingering on them?
So cute!
I think demons and angels would have a better sense of smell than humans so wearing one of the brother’s perfumes would be like Mc marking themself as the demon’s partner.
It’s not foolproof of course, after all, other demons can buy the same perfume. But between the brothers, Diavolo and Barbatos everyone wears different scents so it would be clear to all of them whos perfume you are wearing.
Lucifer has been using the same cologne for several decades now. It’s honestly surprising that it hasn’t gone out of style, or become associated with old people(Like how certain human colognes or perfume is only used by your grandparents). It’s distinctive but elegant and simple enough to be timeless.
Lucifer first notices how your scent is oddly familiar a few weeks after you return to the Devildom with Solomon.
Something about your new scent is immensely gratifying to his senses.
It makes his pride flare, and he finds himself far less worried about his brothers or Diavolo trying to steal you away.
Much to his embarrassment, Lucifer finds himself nuzzling into your neck as if to scent you while trying to identify the change.
It’s early yet and you’re still curled up asleep in his bed when he finds the simple-looking perfume bottle on your desk as he is fetching you a fresh set of clothes to change into.
He stops to examine the bottle, thinking that perhaps he should bring this to you as well. Although he loathes to let you cover up his scent.
He opens the bottle to ensure it won't completely overpower his scent on you, and for a moment he thinks he must have used a bit too much of his own perfume this morning. He sniffs it again and realizes that while it is similar to his own scent, it’s different. Muddled, diluted with something, water, and perhaps a bit of your own perfume/cologne.
His lips curl into a smirk as he realizes that he’s caught his cologne thief. He’d assumed that he’d simply misplaced a bottle of his cologne but now realizes that you must have taken it back to the human realm with you and made this.
Lucifer falls in love with you all over again. He is so enamored with the idea that you want to smell like him, essentially letting other demons and angels know that you are his.
When you wake, he is sitting next to you. Still smug. Pride radiating off him in self-satisfied waves. Toying with your perfume bottle. “Mc, my dear, if you would like to let others know you are taken I would be happy to mark you more clearly.”
You swear he likes to fluster you just for his own enjoyment.
“When this is gone,” he says holding up the perfume bottle “you are welcome to more of my cologne, you needn't resort to thievery, my love.”
He won’t take up the practice himself, but if you have to be away from each other for an extended time he’ll ask for a bottle of your perfume/cologne to keep your scent fresh and near.
Mammon is snooping in your room again. Not to steal this time, he swears! It was just to figure out what kind of gift you’d like.
The perfume bottle looks expensive, so he picks it up. Thinking that buying you a new bottle might be a good gift.
It doesn’t have any labels so he opens it to see if he recognizes the fragrance.
He is so, so embarrassed to find out that it is a diluted version of his scent! Poor Mammon, he is so flustered when he finds out that he drops the bottle, shattering it on your bedroom floor.
Suddenly it all clicks into place for him. The reason he had been so much more protective of you. Why he had found himself resisting the urge to mark you as his more than he usually had to.
You’d been making yourself smell like him, marking yourself for him. Mammon is over the moon. You want to be his. You’re already together of course, but you want other demons to know you’re together.
It takes everything Mammon has to stop himself from going to get you right now. From bringing you to his room and marking you himself.
But he’s got a bigger problem to handle first. Your room is a mess, floor covered in glass and perfume and he’s got to fix this before you get back.
When you open your door Mammon is still trying to clean everything up and air out your room, you recognize the scent of the spilled perfume and you feel the embarrassment overwhelm you.
Mammon is looking at you, face red and stuttering out an apology. “I swear I wasn't trying to steal nothin'. I just-” He flounders gesturing to your desk “it was an accident Mc! Picked you up a new bottle of mine so you can…” if possible his face gets even redder.
“Mammon if you don’t like it I can stop.”
“What? No! Of course, you’d wanna smell like the great Mammon! Besides, I don’t want anyone else thinkin they can make a move on ya. You should keep doin it.”
Mammon won’t ask for any of your perfume/cologne but he will borrow(steal) a little of it every once in a while. Mostly when he’s going somewhere he can’t take you. It makes him feel closer to you. And it has the added benefit of preventing any demons from making a move on him, letting them know he’s taken.
Levi can’t quite put his finger on where he’s smelled your new perfume/cologne before.
It’s familiar, but he can’t place it no matter how hard he tries.
For some reason, it makes him less jealous when his brothers are around you. Like he doesn’t have to worry about you realizing they are better than him anymore.
Levi might not notice what your new scent is but his brothers sure do.
Asmo gives you knowing little winks and you could swear you’ve seen Mammon crinkle his nose in distaste at you.
Levi doesn’t figure out why your scent is so familiar until he finds you in his room pouring some of his perfume into a different bottle.
You’re startled when Levi takes the bottle from your hand and tilts your head to the side to smell your neck.
He takes a step back from you red to the tips of his ears “M-mc you-” He gapes at you for a moment “You can’t just do that without warning me!” he whines. “You know other demons can- my brothers can- it’s like you’re telling everyone you’re mine.”
“I know, Asmo gave me the idea. He said demons use their scent to mark their significant others. I’m sorry Levi, are you mad?”
“Mad? You want to smell like me, how could I be mad when I’ve wanted to-to mark you for months? I just didn’t want to...creep you out...with all that. Y-you can still use my cologne just ask. Thought you were Mammon stealing for a second.” He says covering his blushing face with his hands.
Levi is awake for a long time that night, even after you’ve long since drifted off curled up next to him in his bathtub bed. He’s caught up in the fact that you want to smell like him and he wonders if maybe he could do the same thing with your perfume/cologne.
Eventually, he’ll ask for some of your perfume/cologne but it’ll take him several weeks to finally blurt out the question.
Somehow your scent is different, more familiar.
It sets him at ease, like seeing you in his jacket or finding you sleeping in one of his shirts.
It clicks that you are using his scent when he notices how fast he is going through the bottle of his cologne.
His face heats up and oh my, you’re using his scent. That's why it was so familiar.
Once the surprise has passed, his lips curl up in a wicked grin.
Oh Mc, Satan is so pleased. He is so in love with you.
He has you meet him in his room to confront you. His cologne in hand, lips curled up in a smirk. “Is there something you’d like to tell me, Mc?”
You tell him about how you dilute his perfume with yours so that you smell a little like him and meekly apologize for stealing from him.
Satan’s smirk grows as you explain, and when you fall silent he pulls you into his arms. “I like having my scent on you kitten. But you know there are other ways I can leave my scent on you if you’d like?” he murmurs, kissing across your cheekbone and down your jawline.
He sounds so confident but there is proof of his own emotions in the red dusting his cheeks.
Satan might dilute some of your perfume/cologne if there is a particular reason he wants other demons to know he’s taken. Maybe an event he can’t bring you to or if there has been a particularly stubborn demon not taking no for an answer.
To be honest Satan would rather have you leave your scent naturally. By sleeping on his pillows or wearing his jacket.
If you have to go to the human realm without him for any length of time, Satan will pick up your habit and start diluting some of your chosen scent with his while you're gone.
It doesn’t take long for Asmo to figure out why your scent is so familiar.
He knows exactly how long a bottle of perfume will last him and has a sixth sense for knowing when someone has moved any of his beauty products.
“Mc, darling, it’s sweet that you want my mark on you but if you keep stealing from me I’ll have to punish you,” he sings.
“Is that a promise Asmo?”
He brings you your very own bottle of his cologne.
The fact that you dilute his scent with yours brings Asmo to his knees. It’s so cute! But also such a tease! He’d love to leave his scent on you in other ways too.
But first, he just wants to curl up and cuddle with you. Knowing that you want to advertise your relationship so openly makes him feel truly loved.
The feeling overwhelms Asmo and he is so, so happy that his feelings for you are returned just as strongly.
Asmo will definitely take up the practice so your scent always lingers on him as well.
Asmo is not ashamed or shy about your relationship and any demon who insinuates he should be is playing a dangerous game.
There is no hesitation in his voice when he asks for a bottle of your perfume/cologne in exchange for his.
He likes knowing his scent lingers on you and flaunts the fact that yours lingers on him.
Expect to exchange bottles of perfume on holidays.
Beel’s nose picks up the change in your scent immediately.
It’s familiar and yet hidden beneath your own scent just enough that he can’t place it.
This is frustrating for him because he’s never had so much trouble placing a scent before.
But he likes the addition as well.
In the end, it’s Belphie who rats you out to his twin. “You know I'm sure Beel would have more fun if he got to mark you himself, Mc.”
Beel puts down the muffin he’d had halfway to his mouth to look at you, realization flashing across his face.
He smiles happily at you, light blush dusting his face.
He’ll give you your own bottle of his cologne.
But he’ll also explain how having his scent linger on you is a way that demons mark their significant others. He wants to make sure you know that you are advertising your relationship to other demons.
When you assure him you’re ok with that he’ll ask if he can do the same with some of your perfume/cologne. That way other demons know he’s yours too.
Belphie notices right away.
It’s obvious that the new addition to your scent is his when you’re napping in his bed with him and the new portion of your scent blends seamlessly with the blankets and pillows around you.
Belphie gets a mischievous smirk on his face as he nuzzles his face in your hair. “There are better ways for you to wear my scent, Mc.”
He doesn’t stop you from using some of his perfume to dilute and mix with your own.
In fact, he encourages the practice.
He likes the fact that other demons will know who your heart belongs to.
With his scent lingering on you it’s very unlikely that other demons(his brothers) will make a move on you.
He won’t adopt the practice himself.
Not because he doesn’t want to, but because it’s a lot of work to dilute perfume so perfectly.
But if you were to make it for him, he would wear it everywhere.
He finds your scent calming, so having it linger on him would be very nice. Why else would blankets occasionally go missing from your bed?
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dogwater102802 · 9 days ago
First Kiss (obey me)
Characters: Mammon & Leviathan
synopsis: The moment where you first kissed them.
cw: not proofread
Tumblr media
You were probably the one to initiate the kiss as a way to shut him up.
He would be rambling on about some dumb idea he had when you decided to kiss him to shut him up.
Afterwards he would put on his tough guy act and pretend that the kiss didn’t phase him.
But as soon as you walked out of the room he became a blushing mess.
Mammon took a seat next to you, continuing his talk about why Lucifer should be kicked out of the house and how he should become the oldest brother. Your attention had been on him ever since he walked into the room, but over the past twenty minutes of him going on and on it began to slip.
You eyes dancing around the room looking for anything to entertain you while he talks but unfortunately for you there wasn’t anything. Turning back to Mammon, you began to study his features. His white hair, which was messily strewn across his forehead. His blue eyes shining brightly every time he mentioned him becoming the new oldest brother. And finally, his lips. They were moving with every word he spoke, his tongue occasionally darting out to wet his lips. You could feel your body leaning in closer, your eyes widening once you realized what you were about to do.
“I’m just saying, if we got rid of Lucifer, things would be a lot more fun around her-” Mammon’s words were cut off by your lips meeting his own. While your eyes were closed, his were blown fully open, his lips frozen at the feeling of your soft ones pressed against his. Pulling away you stared at him as he jumped back in his seat, “MC! W-what was that for?!” His voice raised slightly, stuttering when one of his hands lightly touched his lips. You could feel your cheeks heating up in embarrassment, realizing that was your guys’ first kiss together.
“I’m sorry Mammon,” You apologized, standing up and quickly moving towards the door, needing to escape his intense stare. “You were just talking so much, and I don’t know what compelled me to do that. I’m really sorry!” You rambled before walking out of the room, off to lock yourself up for the rest of your life.
After you left the room, Mammon stared at the door, trying to collect his thoughts about what just happened. A dark blush formed across his cheeks when he thought back to the feeling of your lips on his, letting out a shaky breath he hid his head in his hands wanting to go after you. But before he could do that, he needed to calm down so as to not embarrass himself in front of you.
Tumblr media
Once again, you would have to initiate the first kiss.
You would walk into his room and find him playing an intense round of this new game that came out.
After winning the game, you both would be so excited that you grab his face and kiss him.
Now introducing Levi as a blushing and stuttering mess.
Walking into his room, you could hear his continuous curses at the screen in front of him. His fingers rapidly pressed different keys on the keyboard, not even bothering to spare you a glance when you closed the door behind you.
“Hey Levi, what are you doing?” You asked, approaching his tense form, placing a hand on his shoulder to peer over at his screen. You couldn’t quite keep up with everything that was happening but you could make sense that it was intense, and he was having a hard time keeping up. He didn’t say anything, his attention still focused on the screen, his body shaking with adrenaline. Scooting closer to the screen he could feel it coming, throwing one last punch, the boss went down. The screen went black making you both lean forward in anticipation before two words finally flashed onto the screen.
You Win!
Levi jumped back, almost bumping into you, a shout of excitement breaking past his lips. He turned to you with wide eyes and a smile, reciprocating his smile, your hands held his cheeks, pulling his face closer to yours. Your lips only touched for a brief second before you both pulled away in shock.
“M-MC!” He took a step back, legs hitting his chair causing him to topple into it. You gave him a sheepish smile, hand scratching at the back of your neck nervously.
“Heh, sorry Levi. I guess I got a little too excited.” You said letting out a small laugh. Levi could barely focus on the words you were speaking, his eyes were trained onto your lips, mesmerized by how soft they felt against his. You gave him a warm smile, noticing how his entire face was burning bright red. “Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that dinner is almost ready.” The room was spinning for him as he watched you walk out the door and presumably back down to the dining area.
He definitely wants another kiss… but he’s just a little too shy to ask.
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cactus-stories · a month ago
My NSFW headcanons for the brothers
My first try at obey me! smut, just so I don't let kinktober go without anything. Honestly these are just headcanons I enjoy and that I might use in the future 👀👀
TW: +18, smut under the cut.
Definitely enjoys BDSM, has all the nice expensive gadgets. Whips, cuffs, blidfolds, gags... if Asmo knew even he'd be a bit impressed!
Big dom! Call him "daddy" or "master" and he'll go feral.
It would take a LOT of convincing for this man to let you top him, I'm not even gonna sugarcoat it, mf is too prideful for this.
Even when you're "on top" like riding him or anything like this, he's still the one holding you and guiding your movements.
Loves to praise you, and it's absolutely sincere about them, will find the exact thing he loves about what you're doing to him and tell you in great detail :)
HAIR PULLING KINK!! Tug on his hair and he'll absolutely melt, he loves the sensation and you can hear this man whimpering for more.
Also praise kink, he loves when you tell him how great he's doing, that's he's a good boy and that you're definitely enjoying it just as much, if not more, as he is.
Absolute switch, can go from completely overpowering you to a stuttering mess in a matter of seconds.
Probably one of the brothers that like cute laced lingerie the most. He likes to see you all wrapped up like a present just for him ~♡
Loud! I'm sorry MC but he's either whining for more or growling in satisfaction, your only bet on keeping him quiet is forcing him, and even then he might fail.
I think he'd be into both praise and degradation, if that even makes sense? It depends on the day and on his mood, absolutely.
Honestly I think he'd be absolutely turned off by cosplay and role-playing during sexy times, but that's mostly because he doesn't want you thinking he likes those characters more than you (and you don't really wanna risk not knowing enough about them to break the immersion).
Mostly a sub, but when his sin takes action he's the most possessive dom you'll ever meet. He'll always apologize after even when you assure him you enjoyed it.
CROSSDRESSING! Being pampered while getting to dress cute and express himself without the fear of being judged? Count him in! This isn't a very common thing but when it happens you both always enjoy it.
Definitely am a part of the double dick wagon. He's very shy about it, but if you reassure him you don't mind (in fact, you quite like it), he'll make sure to use both of them to the best of his abilities (and his tail ;) )
Contrary to what most people seem to think, I believe Satan would be absolutely against any kind of BDSM or rough sex, unless you directly ask him for it.
Man is a romantic by heart, he wants to make you feel good and loved and cared and being rough just isn't part of his itinerary.
Also add in the fact that he's really afraid of hurting you, angry sex is definitely off the table, no matter how much you ask. He can't focus on sex while his anger consumes him, and it'd just anger him more.
Would absolutely love to hear you, doesn't matter how loud. He's especislly fond of the tiny mewls you let out when he goes at a slower pace, and makes sure to get them out of you at least once.
Might have a librarian kink. If you dress up for him he'll make sure to shower you in compliments and praise. Second next to Mammon on the cute lingerie appreciation gang.
Biggest switch there is, do I even need to elaborate?
Despite his sin, he's determined to make you feel good before his needs even comes to play. Seeing you feel good is what drives him.
Has all the toys for every occasion. Will try anything at least once! Big fan of sex tapes, he just collects them like Pokemon cards.
King of aftercare! Prepare for the best bubble bath and massage you'll ever get, he's going above and beyond to be assured that you're doing good afterwards.
I feel like he has a magic kink. Maybe being overpowered or restrained by it? Anyways, it drives him crazy and he's all for it, so try and learn some bounding spell, will ya, MC darling? ~♡
The one that goes the gentliest with you, he is aware of his size and doesn't wanna hurt you in any way, shape or form. He'll prep you for so long you'll need to beg him before he goes any further.
King of giving oral, he could spend hours down there, absolutely happy with just hearing you and feeling his hair being tugged on occasionally.
He's shy, but if you ask him nicely he'll be the best at sending you pictures or videos of him in the showers after training.
Please send him some back, MC, he wants to see you too :(
Finds it really cute when you ride him, seeing your smaller frame on top of him makes him all giddy and excited.
King of receiving oral. He'll be a bit more rough than the others, holding your head in place and tugging at your hair while buckling his hips. He'll control himself if you're really not into it, but that's his first nature.
You'd think he would want you to do all the work, but he doesn't wanna risk falling asleep in the middle of the fun, so prepare for him to be the top most of the time.
Sadist. He enjoys leaving marks and bruises from when he holds you in place. He finds them mesmerizing, and wouldn't feel ashamed at all if you didn't cover them.
The few times he doesn't top, he's a big fan of cockwarming. He can sleep AND keep you satisfied? Count him in! Loves cuddling after sex, so cuddling during sex blows his mind!
And don't even think that it ends when you guys fall asleep. If you want, he could get in your dreams and do so much more, but he'll love to see you beg first ;)
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leviathans-watching · 5 months ago
Brothers or datables with an MC who’s given everyone but them a nickname? Or refers to them as endearments like honey,sweetie,dear etc?
finally calling them by a pet name
Tumblr media
includes: brothers x/& gn!reader (no pronouns mentioned)
wc: 1k | rated g | m.list
a/n: this was such a cute ask and turned out longer than my normal ones! also we're back to fluffy goodness! thank you for requesting! as always, my inbox is open to chat or req!
pls reblog <3
Tumblr media
➳ lucifer clears his throat. “was it something i did?” you look up, brows furrowed. “what?” “you obviously don’t like me as much as the others and i want to understand why so i can rectify my behavior immediately.” he almost can’t bear to look in your eyes, yet he does, nervous for your reply. “is this about the nicknames?” at his nod, you can’t help but chuckle a little, scrubbing your face with your hand. “i’m sorry that i gave you that impression. i just was hesitant to call you by something other than your name as it seemed like something you wouldn't appreciate. i’d love to give you a nickname if you’re okay with that.” lucifer’s stunned. that’s all it was? quickly agreeing, lucifer feels much better after your conversation and infinitely better next time you breeze past him with a ‘coming through, darling’.
Tumblr media
➳ mammon pouts, watching you shower asmo and levi with pet names and nicknames. he was your first man, the great mammon, and yet, you never called him by anything like that. it wasn’t fair! noticing his sour mood, you come over, gently asking what’s wrong. “why don’t i get a nickname like them?” mammon whines. “do ya not love me the same?”  for all of his theatricality, you’re able to see the genuine hurt underneath it all. “oh, no, mammon,” you say, sweeping him into a hug. “nothing like that. i just haven’t found one i like yet! that’s all, i swear.” reassured, mammon almost feels a little silly. of course that was all it was. it takes a few more days, but when you ask him to get you something with a ‘please, sweetpea’, he moves faster than he has in a millennium.
Tumblr media
➳ levi can almost feel his envy like a physical thing, coiled hotly in his gut. he watches as mammon leans into your praise, the pet name no doubt sounding like music to ears. to levi, it sounds horrible. why doesn’t he get a pet name? is he not good enough? oh, he knew you could never love someone like him. too caught up in his pity party, he misses you talking to him and is only brought out of his thoughts by your hand on his shoulder. “hey, hon, are you okay? i called your name like, five times.” hon? is that his? it’s perfect. realizing he still hadn’t answered you, levi snaps out of it. “o-oh, i’m fine. can you call me that again?” “what, hon?” at his eager nod, you laugh. “sure, hon. consider it done.”
Tumblr media
➳ satan can’t focus on his book, not with you right there, calling lucifer honey, of all things. the great avatar of pride, reduced to honey! it was laughable. sort of. as much as he’d never admit it, he longed to be granted a nickname, much like everyone else. in all of the books he had read, pet names and nicknames were signs of trust, of love, and yet, here he was, without one. snapping his book shut with a huff, he pulled himself up, storming out of the living room. “what’s up with him?” you ask, but he doesn’t hear the reply. it’s only a few minutes before you find him, though. he really should put some time toward making new hiding spots. “satan,” you say. no response. remembering what asmo had explained as the reason for satan storming off, you try a new tactic. “baby.” the creation is instantaneous. his face reddens, and he slowly looks over at you. “if you wanted a pet name why didn't you just say something?” he pretty much doesn’t hear you, his mind echoing ‘baby, baby’ back at him.
Tumblr media
➳ asmo dramatically falls onto his bed, face screwed up, if he had to listen to one more minute of you cooing over all o the rest of those- those traitors, then he’s surely puke! as soon as you age them a nickname they were gone, firmly placed under your honeyed spell. and it wasn’t fair! he wanted to be there too, and he would go, happily, but for whatever reason, you still hadn’t called him a nickname! a knock on his door startles him, and a moment later, your head hesitantly pokes through the doorway. “asmo? are you okay?” childishly, asmo turns his head away from you, muttering a no. undeterred, you climb up beside him, flopping down. “what’s going on?” you wait patiently, and finally, when asmo explains the situation, you apologize. “sorry, i never realized. i’ll make an effort to call you by a pet name from now on. how does ‘gorgeous’ sound?”
Tumblr media
➳ beel frowns, rubbing his neck. “can you call m a nickname like you do everyone else?” the question comes out of nowhere, and you gape at him, trying to see where he’s coming from. “what?” “you call all of my brothers by a pet name but you haven’t ever done that to me.” realization dawns on you and your face falls as you think about it, and yep, he’s right. you’ve never called him by a nickname. “i’m sorry, beel. thank you for bringing it up with me, otherwise, it might have taken me a while to realize it.” you hug him, and the situation seems much better in beel's eyes, especially when you continue to call him ‘handsome’ whenever you talk to him.
Tumblr media
➳ belphie knows it’s fair, knows you have a good reason not to grant him with a term of endearment like the others, yet it still burns, something still aches inside of him whenever he hears one of the others get called ‘sweetheart’ or ‘cutie’. he wants, so badly, to ask you to give him a nickname, but he can’t, not with everything that’s happened between you two. your relationship just isn’t there yet, and he has to accept it. so he somewhat puts it out of his mind, meaning he’s not prepared when out of the blue you say “hey, pudding, do you mind passing the salt?” “me?” you laugh. “yeah, you. who else would i be talking to?” it’s a good point; you two are the only ones in the kitchen. he’s elated, of course, but really, pudding?
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching’s work - please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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usertala · 24 days ago
matchy matchy
Characters: Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Satan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, Belphegor
Genre: fluff
Tumblr media
At first, he didn't mind. He thought you dyed your hair black just because you wanted to, until he heard whispers from the lower demons talking about how you matched perfectly with Lucifer. Now he's heading to your room with slightly warm cheeks.
"MC, did you dye your hair to match mine?" He says so with that smug smirk of his, making you want to say no, but that would be a lie. "Well, yeah, of course I'd want to match with you. You're my lover, aren't you? "fixing his slightly wrinkled uniform, you head out of the room to start dinner with a blushing Lucifer trailing behind you.
Tumblr media
Immediately bragging to everyone about how he's your first and, of course, you'd want to match with THE GREAT MAMMON. Though, when you confront him, he's nothing but a flustered mess, blushing and stuttering like a high school girl confessing to her crush.
You smirk at him, "Cat got your tongue? I heard you've been telling everyone how you're my favorite... Why don't you tell me all about it, love? " If you thought he couldn't get any more red, well, you're wrong.
Tumblr media
He's like Mammon but 100% worse. If Mammon won't stop stuttering Levi couldn't even form an entire sentence without getting cut-out by his own blabbering and fanboying.
Saying how it's like that anime, "my best friend that I secretly love dyed their hair to-" (im not doing this today). You had to calm him down for about an hour before he compliments your hair, quietly asking if you'd like to dye your hair with him next time.
Tumblr media
He's kind of indifferent about it, patting your hair and telling you, that you look nice. Though, when he sees you in RAD, lazily playing with your pen during speech seduction class, he's flushed. There's something attractive about you looking out the window with a bored look while playing with the ends of your hair.
Apparently, he was so distracted by you that the teacher had to call him out on it: "Satan, can you tell us what's so interesting about MC that you have to look like a love-sick fool?" The class laughs as you subtly smile, quickly hiding your smile behind your palm as you pretend to write something in your notebook. He coughs, red-faced, as he apologizes to the teacher.
Tumblr media
He's ecstatic! Of course you'd want to match with him! He's immediately by your side, cooing about how adorable you are, "Darling, you could've told me! I would've loved to dye your hair myself. Not to mention, I know the products that are healthy for your hair. "
He knows the downsides of dying your hair, so he constantly reminds you of how to take care of it, as Devildom's hair dyes are particularly strong and filled to the brim with chemicals, just enough for demons. He goes as far as being the one to take care of it, massaging your scalp.
Tumblr media
Just like Satan, he's indifferent to it, doesn't necessarily know why it matters, it's just hair. That's what he thinks, but when he heads to the kitchen to eat, he sees you cooking and notices your orange hair.
Slowly, he smiles, that dang adorable smile of his. He knows why others would find it adorable and nice. He feels like he is your lover and that you chose him out of everyone. Your hair is evidence of that. He feels happy that you went out of your way to change your appearance just to match him.
Tumblr media
Teases the hell out of you, "Hmm, do you like me that much? Are you an obsessive stalker or something? " You punch his arm, announcing that you'll change your hair to match Lucifer's. He scowls, grabbing you by the waist and dragging you to bed.
"Don't you dare? You'll look like Cerberus. You look better with this color and hairstyle... I like it." Teasing him for his flushed face, he hides it by snuggling up to your neck, fingers slightly moving to tickle you.
Tumblr media
obey me masterlist
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devildomsgod · 23 days ago
Kitty Potion
Tumblr media
gn!reader x CatHybrid!Satan
smut; Satan turned himself into a cat boy and surprisingly ends up experiencing an unexpected side effect
sub!Satan, dirty talk, breeding kink, hybrid, heat
Tumblr media
"Y/n? I think something's wrong...?"
You immediately perk up, letting your book down to turn to Satan. You're meant to look after him until the effects of the not-so-accidentally ingested cat-potion wore off, and your heart almost stops at his concerning words.
"What's wrong??"
Satan's fluffy tail wags unsurely behind him, and his brows cutely furrow while he tries to figure out what this strange feeling is. You gasp upon putting your hand on his forehead, Satan's temperature unusually high.
"Maybe your body can't handle the transformation??" you speculate, panicked getting off the bed to get Solomon.
"No, wait, it's something else-"
Satan now actively avoids your eyes while shifting in his position, his hands gripping the sheets tighter, careful to keep the fabric unharmed with the newly acquired claws.
"I think I-" an obnoxious moan rips from his lips, Satan's cheeks burning even brighter as he glances up at your big form, his slightly shrunken body seeming so vulnerable next to you, "I need you to breed me."
All concern washes from your head, and you're standing paralyzed before the cat hybrid while he writhes in place, the lust building in his veins and fogs up his mind. You can't help the arousal coil in the pit of your stomach as Satan turns his back to you, his body moving in fluid motions when he pulls down his pants and bends over on his knees for you, presenting his dripping hole. The demon's tail twitches, and the subtle muscles contract in his thighs, all of it more than clear to see in the position he's in.
"Won't tell the others, Y/n, promise! Just please put your huge cock in me and fill my pussy with your cum?"
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mammonsbby · a month ago
To Calm a Storm
This is the fourth part of my “when he knew he loved you” series.
Lucifer | Mammon | Levi | Satan | Asmo | Beel | Belphie
Warnings: None
Pairing: Satan x GN!MC
Words: 1080
Satan resists a growl as he paces in a small, tight circle in the corner of the RAD library. His fingernails, which are on the verge of becoming claws, are biting into his palms. He hopes he’s not bleeding. He’s planning on meeting you, as he often does between classes, and that would be embarrassing.
Fuck, he thinks, as he wrenches his hands apart to see angry, red crescents on his palms. But no blood, that’s good. Either way, he can’t let you see him in this state. The very idea is enough to make him feel sick. Satan sinks into a chair at your regular table in the corner and takes a deep, deep, breath, trying to steady his nerves. Trying to forget the argument he’d just had with the professor of Pactology.
You’d once mentioned that slowly counting to ten was a human method of controlling one’s anger.
So, he gives it a try, and he can almost feel it working. Then he hears your voice as you say goodbye to some of your friends outside the library’s entrance. His eyes snap open and he puts on a pleasant smile just as you appear from behind one of the tall shelves. As you approach him, your own bright smile falters.
“Are you okay? What’s wrong?” you ask, giving him a once over. Satan’s eyes widen briefly and he closes his hands.
“What? I’m fine,” he says slowly, carefully. To avoid it coming out from gritted teeth.
Your eyes search his face as you drag a chair over to sit next to him. After a quick inspection, you determine that something is wrong. “No, really, what happened?” you ask, placing your hand on his shoulder.
His eyebrows bunch up, “you can tell I’m upset?”
You nod, “you’re a good actor, Satan, but I can tell when something’s bothering you.”
Since the metaphorical cat is out of the bag, he sighs and starts to tell you about the argument he’d just had with his idiot professor. How she’d been giving the class the wrong information.
And when he raised his hand to correct her, she had to gall to scold and belittle him, as if there were no possible way a student could know more than her. Then ended her barrage against him by calling him the wrong name.
“She called you Lucifer?!” you screech, mortified. This earns you a glare from one of the librarians. You shrink into your seat until they pass by. Once the coast is clear, you ask again, in a more appropriate tone, “she called you Lucifer?”
“Yes.” he grits out, knuckles turning white as he grips the armrests. They’re probably moments away from being ripped off the chair.
“I’m sorry, Satan.” You rub at his arm in an attempt to sooth him. The two of you sit quietly for a few minutes. Your hand moves to his back, rubbing gentle circles between his shoulder blades. His eyes are closed and he subconsciously leans back against your hand.
You can feel the tension leaving him with every circle you make.
“I apologize.” he mutters, under his breath.
“For what?” you ask, hand temporarily stilling. He opens his eyes to look into yours.
“That you found me in such a bad mood. I was trying very hard to get myself under control.” he whispers. You smile softly and continue to massage his back.
“Satan, you’re allowed to get upset, ya know? That’s part of being... alive.” (You were about to say human, but that isn’t exactly applicable is it?)
“Yes, but—”
“No," you interrupt, “she was being unfair. She didn’t hear you out and she was being horrendously disrespectful. You had every right to be angry. As long as you don’t act on it, it’s okay.”
“Do you really feel that way?” he questions, with a head tilt.
“Of course I do. You didn’t destroy the classroom or threaten to disembowel her or something. You’re just irritated. Ya know, I’m surprised she started a fight with you anyway—”
“Because I’m Wrath?” he guesses, hurt written on his face.
“Because you’re very smart. And you’re the only one who gives half a fuck in that class.”
He blinks in surprise, then groans softly, “everyone thinks I’m just a copy of him. It makes me so…”
“I know, I know,” you whisper, moving to sit on the arm of his chair. He looks up at you. “You’re not a copy of anyone. You’re Satan. You’re the most intelligent, most well-read, kind, witty, handsome—” you slam your free hand over your mouth.
He smiles again, it’s genuine this time. You look away, face turning red.
“Um, I’m gonna go find a book on ancient pactology and we’ll show that old hag!” you say, standing abruptly before wandering off in the completely wrong direction. Satan laughs softly, then touches the back of his shoulder where your hand had just been.
He watches you stumble over your feet, then realize you’re going the wrong way. As you turn towards the correct section, you nearly walk into a bookcase. He chuckles again. His anger dissipated.
Something else flutters in his chest, he puts his hand over his heart. It’s not anger, or fury, or rage. It’s something much… softer. Lighter. Unfamiliar.
Once you return with a book, several hundred years older than you, you carefully set it down before opening it to the back. And as you run your finger down its index, Satan only looks at you.
If the books he reads are accurate, this feeling could only mean one thing. His eyes scan your face.
“Here we go,” you say, pulling the book towards him. Then you start to read a passage which probably proves his point, but the words aren’t quite registering. “See, you were right!” you exclaim, pointing to the words.
“Uh,” he glances down to read the details of how pacts were formed in the days long before your birth. “Of course.”
“Didn’t doubt you for a second,” you smile before looking up at the clock behind you. “Uh oh, my next class is in four minutes! I’ll see you later.” you say as you get up. You pat his head softly before exiting the library.
And suddenly his cheeks are on fire.
(He totally doesn’t sit there for the next fifteen minutes, imagining your hand on his back. And he certainly wasn’t late to class for the first time because of it. No sir.)
Thank you for reading! Please reblog!
If you enjoyed this fic, please consider buying me a coffee.
<3 Aerie
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weebswrites · 8 months ago
Hey! I recently came across your blog and I love your Obey me! HC so much☺️☺️ if its okay could I request the Obey me! Brothers + dateables reacting to MC hugging them, nuzzling closer and then saying “you smell like home”🥺🥺 thank you!!💕
The Demon Bros & Undatables: Reacting to MC calling them home :’)
• You’ve had a long day, and Lucifer is the only one who you know can cheer you up
• So you go to his office, walking in without knocking first, something you only did when you really needed him (which he knew)
• When he hears his door open he looks up with irritation, but then seeing it’s you he gets up and walks over to you with his arms open
• “MC, what’s wrong” his voice is soft and reaffirming, and you let yourself be wrapped in his arms
• You don’t answer at first, just listening to his heartbeat in his chest and enjoying the smell of his cologne
• “You smell like home” you whisper against his chest, and at that moment he swears he’s never felt love stronger than what he feels for you
• He does Not tear up. No sir not him!
• He tightens his arms around you a bit and kisses the top of your head, truly speechless at what to say
• “Then stay with me forever” he whispers, and you nod into his chest
• He’s walking you back to your room in the HoL after the two of you got dinner together, and you’re chatting about the meal and how the waitress you had was really pretty
•  You arrive at your door, and you turn towards Mammon and hug him tightly, your head resting against his shoulder
• “Mmm, you smell like home” you comment to yourself, realizing after a second that he definitely heard you
• Big blush boy wraps his arms around you tighter than he ever had before
• “Sheesh MC, you’re gonna make me blush” he jokes, but his heart felt like it could explode he was so happy
• You hug for longer than the two of you usually did and you both fell asleep thinking about each other :)
• You were laying in his bed, his arm around your shoulders as you leaned into him, watching the newest episode of an anime
• You zoned out during the commercial break, resting your head against his chest
• “You smell like home, Levi”
• If you think Mammon blushed, you have no idea how hard Levi blushed
• He didn’t know what to say, and you thought you could feel the heat from the blush on his face
• You looked up at him and sure enough, his face was redder than you’d ever seen it
• You kissed his cheek, figuring you might as well really make him blush ✨
• He honestly blacked out a little lol
• You were reading in the library with him, you head on his lap as the two of you read your respective books
• It was getting late, so you closed your book and turned towards him, snuggling in his lap and closing your eyes
• His hand fell against your head, and he played with your hair as he continued to read
• “Home..” you whispered, a small smile crossing your face
• “Hm?” he hinted for you to repeat yourself
• “You smell like home” you repeated, opening your eyes and looking up at him
• He tried not to blush, but you knew him well enough you could see though his facade
• He held your gaze for a moment before moving his hand down to cup your face, eyes saying more than his words ever could
• You’re spending the night in his room after a self care night, currently choosing which movie to fall asleep to (or talk through the night to)
• You decide on a meodicre movie from the human world, so it wouldn’t keep your attention too seriously
• He opens his arms for you, and you snuggle against him
• “Asmodeus...” you start
• “Yes?” he looked to you smiled
• “You smell like home” you pressed a light kiss to his chest and laid your head back down
• He was silent for a moment, then speaking “I’m glad you feel safe here, in my arms, MC”
• You end up talking about your lives throughout the night (yk one of the chats you have with someone until like four am about anything and everything)
• You’re leaning against his arm in the kitchen as he snakcs, rambling to him about how frustrating classes had been
• “Mmm, but you smell like home, so I feel way better now that I’m with you” you end your rant and wrap an arm around his, holding onto him tightly
• He’s so touched :’)
• He isn’t great with words, though, so he leans over and kisses the top of your head and offers to make you your favorite food from the human world (or have it delivered)
• You smile into him, “That’d be great, Beel. Thank you”
• You whisper it as you’re falling asleep with him after a long day of classes and errands for Lucifer
• “You smell like home...”
• Not much wakes him up when he’s about to fall asleep, but a confession like this does the trick
• He wraps his arms around you and pulls you against him, pressing a gentle kiss to your shoulder (or the back of your neck if you’re comfortable with that)
• “Thank you, MC” he whispers to you as you drift into a nap
• He’s working late into the night again, but he finished all his paperwork early so he can sit in bed with you as you sleep
• You scoot over and rest your head against the side of his thigh, not wanting to disturb his laptop but wanting to smell the comforting smell of your favorite demon
• “ smell like home” you whisper against him, and he almost thought he didn’t hear you right
• A human ?? Making his heart feel like this ??
• He hides his face in his hand for a moment before coming back to his senses
• “I’ll always be your home, MC. I promise” he said gently, moving a hand from his work to stroke your hair
• He’d had a longer day than usual with Diavolo, and you were practically asleep when he got into bed well past midnight
• “Mmm, welcome” you tease lightly, voice groggy
• “Go to sleep” he whispered, not wanting you to lose any more sleep than you already had
• You snuggled against his chest, appreciating his warmth, “You smell like home” you half consciously whispered
• He holds you closer than he thought was demonly possible, whispering little words of affirmation to you as you fell asleep in his arms
• You were walking around the park, holding hands and talking about your day
• The two of you passed a nice fountain, and decided to take a picture to remember your day together
• You moved closer to him, and suddenly your nose was filled with his scent
• “Simeon, you smell so good. Like, home” you commented, not expecting a blush to cross his face almost instantly
• “MC...” he was speechless, but just pulled you into a hug (and took a selfie of the two of you hugging, because he never wanted to forget this moment)
• “Thank you” he smiled the most genuine smile you’d ever seen, and you knew you wanted Simeon in your life forever
• You’ve enlisted his help for cooking duty, and the two of you are working on your favorite dish from the human world
• He leans across you to grab a measuring cup, and you can’t help but notice how comforting and familiar he smells
• “Solomon, you smell like home” you turn and wrap your arms around him, inhaling deeply against him
• He !!
• “Awh, MC” he laughed lightly, “You should have told me sooner”, then setting down the measuring cup and wrapping his arms back around you
A/N: I didn’t feel comfortable doing Luke w/this one just bc ,, he is a child and I would feel weird telling a child they smell like home yk ?? Anyways I ~loved~ this prompt hehe I hope you guys enjoy
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delta-obeyme · 5 days ago
Can I request a hc with Gender neutral reader with Mammon, and Satan where reader gets nightmares of what happened in chapter 16 and goes to them for comfort?
fuck yeah my favorite brothers lets goooo!! i hope this is to your liking :)
Reader goes to Mammon + Satan for comfort.
Warnings: descriptions of violence + panic attacks, chapter 16 spoilers
satan is in the library reading late at night -- thinking everyone else is either asleep or off doing their own thing -- when he feels it. he feels you call out from your pact. it comes out of seemingly nowhere, and it’s loud and intense.
its so powerful he actually drops his book at the sudden onslaught of strong emotions. desperation, clawing at the back of his skull like a rabid beast and absolute terror so powerful that he swears that his blood physically turns to ice. 
and then just like that, its gone.
he stands up frantically, about to charge to your bedroom, when he sees you standing in the entrance of the library. he stops, staring at you.
you look... bad, to put it lightly. your face is more pale than usual, sweat dripping from your forehead, chest heaving and desperate for air. your eyes are wide, frenzied and panicked. you claw desperately at your neck, it raw and inflamed, and he immediately knows whats happening.
he approaches you slowly. he doesnt want to scare you more. “MC? it’s okay, youre safe.”
you all but ram into him, arms wrapping tightly around him. you heave heavily into his chest, trying and failing to get enough air. you shake like a leaf in his hold.
he puts his arms around you, firm but soft. he guides you to the couch, sitting down and pulling you on top of him. you’re muttering, rambling on about how you cant breathe, how you can feel his hands around your neck, how you can feel the phantom pain of your neck being snapped-
one hand runs small circles into your back. he fights down the anger, the urge to barge into belphie’s room and give him a taste of his own medicine. the only reason he doesnt is because he knows it wont help you, not right now.
“Hey, hey... it’s okay. you’re alright. can you try to breathe with me?” 
when you shakily nod, gripping onto him even tighter, he inhales slowly and then exhales.
it takes a while, but eventually you begin to match his breathing. he murmurs soft praise while you do it, fingers running slowly up and down your spine comfortably.
he doesnt know how much time has passed, but when your breathing becomes somewhat normal, he asks if you want to go back to sleep.
you jolt in his hold, and just like that you’re gripping onto him like a lifeline once again. you shake your head rapidly.
he doesnt dream of asking you to get up so he can move, so he simply grips onto you more tightly as he shifts to get into a more comfortable position. he lays on his back, with you staying on top him the whole time, refusing to let go and breathing still shaky. 
he resumes his ministrations on your back and you nuzzle further into his chest. he ignores the growing wetness on his shirt, murmuring sweet nothings into your ear and pressing soft kisses onto your head.
he’ll gladly do this as many times as he needs to. anything for you. and if it means strangling his brother himself, then so be it. he refuses to let you get hurt like that ever again, and belphie will not be safe from his wrath.
mammon is woken from his sleep by his door opening, the light from the hallway filtering inside and reaching his closed eyes. he groans, throwing the blanket over his face in an attempt to block the light. 
he doesn’t know how late it is, but its too late for him and he doesnt want to deal with whatever is happening right now, mostly because he assumes it’s lucifer or one of his brothers.
but nothing is said. instead, he hears labored breathing.
he peers from under the blanket, squinting when the light hits his eyes. after a moment, he’s able to make out your figure standing in the doorway, hunched over and gripping onto the doorframe.
he immediately sits up, confused. “oi, MC, what’re ya doin? do ya know how late it is?” he yawns, rubbing at his eyes.
 “mm...mammon- i cant- i cant-” your sentence is cut off by your own desperate inhale, only for the air to leave as quickly as it came. you lean against the doorframe, hand clutching at your chest. “I can’t breathe-”
that wakes him up. he jumps out of bed, rushing over to you. he immediately begins to panic.
the sudden movement startles you and flinch back, violently. you fall to the ground and raise your hands, as if to shield yourself. from him.
he can barely understand your frenzied cries, but can make out the desperate pleas. to not hurt you. and it fucking breaks him.
he slows down, uncharacteristically languid and gentle. he’s pretty sure what this is about. 
“hey, hey, i’m not gonna hurt ya. im your protector, remember?” some protector he was. your broken body flashes through his mind. “it’s mammon, okay? you’re safe, nothin’s gonna hurt you here.”
he inches closer to you as he speaks, squatting down as he’s a few inches away from you. he hesitantly reaching out for your hands, gently lowering them. he gently threads his fingers into yours, thumb rubbing circles into your hand.
you jolt, looking up at him, eyes wide and frenzied like a cornered animal’s. he forces himself to smile, for you. he ignores the pressure that builds behind his eyes. “see? i’m not gonna hurt ya. i’ll never do that. you’re safe with me.”
you surprise him, because of course you do. you jump onto him, ripping your hands out of his and throwing your arms around him, gripping onto him so tightly he can feel your nails digging into his back. you bury your face into his shoulder, chest heaving.
his face heats, he cant help it. still, he wraps his arms around you. he murmurs into your ear, warm and gentle, as you shakily try to steady your breathing. he rocks back and forth a bit with you in his arms.
after a while, your breathing returns somewhat back to normal. still, you refuse to let go, and mammon refuses to as well. he buries his face into your hair, a few tears slipping from his eyes.
he presses a kiss to the top of your head. he wont ever let something like that happen again. he promises. he’ll always keep you safe, even if it’s from his own brother.
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sockgin92 · a month ago
🔞suggestive content//soft nsfw🔞
「The Witch and The Devil」
/Witch Minerva, Demon Satan/ 🔮
Tumblr media
Note to self: Knock before entering His Lordship’s bedroom 📝
Bonus: Knocking is a polite gesture you know? 😑
Tumblr media
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