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trueshellz · a day ago
Satan: Their reaction to you playing a SWD game
Tumblr media
You choose the bookworm character who like animals
Satan knows you like playing games, sometimes when he’s reading you’ll take a break and play a bit. He will often sit next to you, him reading and you with headphones on to mute the noise and that’s how you pass time together.
The one time he looked over your shoulder and saw you smiling at the screen, your hand covering your mouth as you tried not to giggle too loud and disturb him.
“Do you like that type of person?” “What type?” Satan points at the character on the screen, he’s talking about animals again and it resonates with you.
“He just… always seems angry and spends the whole game reading or talking about his love for animals.” “Mm hmm… reminds me of a certain individual that I know.” “And you’re… content with that?”
You remove your headphones and save your game before poking his cheek lovingly. “Why wouldn’t I be? He’s well informed, clever, helps me with my classes and is a huge cat lover.” 
Satan’s cheeks turn red and you force him to look at you when he tries to look away. “He’s perfect and I wouldn’t change him for the world.”
You choose the 'older brother' type character
In theory, Satan knows he shouldn’t be jealous of a game, it’s just a game and you use it to pass the time. But art imitates life… or is it the other way around?
He sees you smiling and replaying the levels with the older, mature brother who always seems to be ordering his siblings around and Satan can’t help but feel the familiar inferiority complex rearing its ugly head.
“Do you… prefer your partner like that?” “Like what?” “Bossy and… responsible. Not like the one who’s always pissed at you or locked in his room reading, right?”
Ah, you know where this is going. “Nope, I actually just like seeing him angry all the time.” Now, Satan is confused. “What? Are you a… masochist or something?” 
Now it’s your turn to get embarrassed at his words, turning to face him and removing the book from his hands before placing one of the stray kittens walking around the room on his lap and rubbing it’s little head.
“I just like seeing the younger one’s reactions, for some reason I find it a little cute when he gets annoyed.” Now Satan is super confused. Cute? “They don’t need to change anything about themselves, anger issues and all, they’re perfect as they are.”
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two-gays-in-a-trenchcoat · a month ago
The Top or Bottom Test: Obey Me! Version
AKA, the seven brothers reacting to you grabbing their collar.
This is based on a ‘test’ that my friends came up with that we consider a sure-fire way to tell if someone’s a top or a bottom, where you suddenly grab their collar and pull them close to you. Their reaction is what tells it, and it’s usually pretty obvious. Thought it’d be fun to give the seven demon brothers a spin on this. (Note: these diagnostics are purely my opinion and how I think the boys would react)
SFW, gender-neutral reader.
“A test?” Lucifer blinked at you from where he sat across the table, alone in the vast library. “What kind?”
“Just trust me,” you giggled, gesturing for him to stand up and face you. He obliged, one brow quirked in curiosity, before you suddenly grabbed his collar and pulled towards you, stopping when he was just inches from your face. His eyes widened for a moment in surprise, before a low hum of amusement rumbled throughout his chest.
“Well,” he chuckled darkly. “If this is the test, I’m rather fond of your teaching methods.”
Heat creeped up your neck when he winked at you, and you released his collar, smoothing out the wrinkled fabric.
Diagnosis: Hard top.
Mammon wrinkled his nose at your words, the two of you currently strolling down the halls of RAD. “Test? Oi, if this is about that history class I skipped last Friday, I’ll have you know-“
You cut him off by grabbing his collar and pulling him close, staring directly at him. His words died on his tongue and a high yelp of surprise caught in his throat, eyes as wide as saucers.
“H-hey, what’s this all about?” He stumbled over his words, face heating up like a copper pan on a gas stove. You could feel his short, nervous breaths on your lips.
Just as quick as you had grabbed him, you let him go with a satisfied hum. You strode off down the hall, leaving a shell-shocked Mammon a blushing, stuttering mess.
Diagnosis: Bottom.
You’d come into Levi’s room unannounced as he was, once again, re-playing his most recent hyperfixation, trying to get a better score. Impatiently, you waited for him to finish his level, before diverting his attention to you and your request.
He looked confused. “Eh? What do you mean, ‘test’? Like a personality quiz?”
“Not exactly,” you said. You scooted over to kneel directly in front of him. Already, he had started to flush, and you could see his Adam’s apple bob with a nervous gulp.
You smirked before grabbing his collar and pulling his face towards yours, stopping just before your noses brushed. You could’ve sworn his soul had left his body with the choked gasp he let out and the terrified expression on his face. He turned as red as a tomato, and couldn’t even get the syllables together to form a sentence, mind running a mile a minute.
“I—you—what—“ He could hardly think straight, let alone put anything into words.
You hummed to yourself, pushing him back away and dusting your hand off on your shirt as if nothing had happened. Poor Levi, on the other hand, was busy having an existential crisis.
Diagnosis: Bottom. Bottom bottom bottom bottom-
Satan dog-eared his page before setting his book down, folding his hands in his lap and giving you his full attention.
“A test?” He asked, before chuckling softly. “Wait, don’t tell me it’s another one of those Buzzfeed quizzes.”
“It’s not, I promise!” You gently pulled his hand to have him stand up, and you could see an amused twinkle in his eye. “Just hold still.”
He followed your instructions, and as he stilled, your hand shot out to grab his collar and pull his face towards yours. You heard a small gasp of surprise, before Satan regained his composure, leaned in, and planted a kiss on your lips.
You reeled back, sure that you looked as flustered as you felt. Satan hardly looked rattled, and he continued to chuckle.
“What? Is that not what we were doing?”
Diagnosis: Top.
“A test? Ooh, sounds fun!” Asmodeus set down his comb for a moment and turned to face you, eyes sparkling. “Okay, where do I start?”
“All you’ve gotta do,” you said, “is stand up and hold still.”
He raised an eyebrow, a smirk playing at his lips, but did as he was told, eagerly stepping up to you. You then grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him full-force towards you, stopping just inches from your face.
He let out a gasp and a squeak of surprise, cheeks pink and eyes wide. He blinked at you, seemed to register what was happening, before his face relaxed and his voice turned sultry.
“Oh, so it’s that kind of test.” He snaked his hands onto your waist, gently pulling you even closer, leaning into your touch. “Please, go on. I won’t stop you.”
Diagnosis: Switch…?
You’d found Beelzebub, once again, sneaking off to pilfer snacks from the kitchen. He licked the potato chip crumbs off his fingers as he looked at you.
“Test?” He asked, hesitant. “I’m not really good at those…”
You waved him off, stepping closer. “No, don’t worry, it’s not that kind of test or anything. Just hold still and look at me.”
He nodded, doing as he was told, blinking at you like a dog who’d had his name called. You then reached out to pull him towards you by his collar, hardly sparing gentleness. A sound of surprise escaped his lips, and he exhaled, startled but confused. His cheeks were pink and his eyes were wide as he looked at you.
“…Is this the test?”
You released him, patting his chest and nodding. “It was.”
Diagnosis: Switch, largely leaning bottom.
“Why,” Belphegor grumbled, “would you wake me up in the middle of the night for some stupid human test?”
You huffed. “First of all, it is not the middle of the night, it’s literally three PM. Second, this test is important. Please? It’ll be just a moment.”
Belphie groaned in complaint, but nonetheless hauled himself to sit up and face you from where you sat on his bed.
“If I have to stand up for this, I’m calling it quits.”
You shot him a glare and sighed, scooting closer to him. He looked at you with a bored expression, and yawned. Your hand shot out and grabbed his collar, pulling him towards you, faces so close you could feel him gasp, followed by the release of a shaky breath. His eyes were wide and his face was flushed, mouth parted slightly. After a moment, he seemed to realize what had just happened, and he narrowed his eyes. He wriggled out of your grip and planted himself face-first back into his mountain of pillows.
“I can’t believe I was woken up for this bullshit,” he mumbled, though it was muffled by the pillows he had pressed into his face.
Diagnosis: Bratty bottom. So incredibly bratty.
Commissions are open! Check out my page for details :) -Osa
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7kr · a month ago
Tumblr media
❛ featuring. satan, asmodeus, beelzebub & belphegor + fem!mc.
❛ content warnings. mature, smut, vulgar language, kitten play, overstimulation, thigh-riding, dacryphilia, impact play, lingerie, dumbification, pegging, exhibitionism, voyeurism, oral fixation, food play, size kink, praise kink, breeding kink, consensual somnophilia, thigh-fucking, rough sex, degradation, face-fucking.
❛ word count. 1803.
❛ love note. part one with the older brothers can be found here. part three with the side characters can be found here.
Tumblr media
☆ — 𝐒𝐀𝐓𝐀𝐍.
this one is a given, the demon is obsessed with cats. satan doesn’t mind which one of you is the pet, he’ll happily wear a pretty green collar and be your cute little kitty. however, he nearly loses all of his self-control if you put on a pair of cat ears, a collar (and a naughty little tail). his heart beats so damn fast that you think he might go into cardiac arrest. he gets flustered when you settle on his lap and ask him how you can please your master. lord, he nearly cums in his pants there and then.
this sort of ties in with his pet play kink. he loves it when you rut against his clothed thigh like a bitch in heat, desperately searching for some sort of friction. he’ll coo at you sweetly, teasingly asking if kitty needs some help getting off. his hands settle on your hips, fingertips gently pressing against your pelvic bone as he guides your hips back and forth, savouring the beautiful moans that spill past your lips.
satan can be a little cruel sometimes, which is why he wants to leave you a fucked-out mess on his bed after he’s finished with you. he loves using his hands on you; one rubbing circles on your clit, the other thrusting inside of your sopping wet pussy. if you whine out that you’re too sensitive, it’ll only encourage him to keep going. he’ll give you orgasm after orgasm just to see your body tremble and your cunt tighten around his fingers once more. yes, it’s mean, but it feels too good to complain.
this ties in with his overstimulation kink. satan finds your teary eyes so endearing, so pretty. he can’t help but make you want to cry sometimes. of course, it’s only out of pleasure, he couldn’t stand making you upset in any other circumstance.
again, satan can be a little cruel, so if you’re acting like a spoilt brat, he won’t let you get away with it. smacking your ass or thighs is his favourite form of punishment, he doesn’t go anywhere near your face. he prefers to use his hands rather than toys, but he won’t hesitate to use a paddle or a cane if you’ve been particularly out of line.
Tumblr media
this isn’t really considered a kink, but asmodeus loves it when you dress all prettily for him in the expensive lingerie he recommended you. the silk and lace embellishments contrasting beautifully against your skin, the particular design highlighting every gorgeous curve and crevice on your body. asmodeus had never seen someone more stunning in his life (than himself, of course). turning it on the flip side, asmo wouldn’t mind if you asked him to pick out a pretty l get-up to wear for you, in fact, he already has the perfect thing in mind <3
asmo doesn’t care which way it goes, he likes being the one fucked stupid just as much as he likes fucking you stupid. he reckons that he could cum just from seeing that hazy look in your eyes, moaning uncontrollably and unable to form a coherent sentence. on the other side of his kink, he enjoys it when you bounce on his cock, calling him your pretty little brainless boy. he makes the most beautiful ahegao face; tongue lolling out of his mouth, eyes rolling to the back of his skull. there isn’t a thought behind those eyes, other than pleasure.
asmo is open to literally everything, so pegging is definitely not out of the question. he’ll probably be the one to pick it out for you; a nine inch, hot pink strap. it just screams asmodeus. he’ll prep himself for you, ensuring that he puts on a little show before he begs you to put it inside. he lets out the most whorish moans when your hips slap against his ass, the tip of the plastic cock massaging his prostate. he’s rendered dumb by you, and he finds that a little embarrassing, but so arousing. i mean, pleasure is pleasure right? there’s no shame in a guy taking a huge strap up his ass and enjoying it <3
asmo creams at the thought of someone walking in on the two of you (especially if that certain someone happens to be solomon). he’ll suggest having sex in places where you could potentially get caught, like in an empty alleyway at night, or in the storage closet at the royal academy. there are days where he’s especially desperate for you and he just doesn’t regard any demon that might catch the two of you in the act, it just gives him an excuse to further exercise his kink.
this ties in with his exhibitionism kink. he honestly couldn’t care less if someone were to watch the two of you get intimate with each other. he finds it arousing that other demon’s (or angels/sorcerers) are watching the two of you have all the fun, while they sit back with their cocks in their fists. it’s as amusing as it is hot. after all, he gets to show the audience who that pretty pussy belongs to and they aren’t allowed to touch it.
Tumblr media
i am a strong believer of the ‘beel has an oral fixation’ headcanon. he just can’t seem to keep his eyes off of you when you suckle gently on a lollipop, or lick the tip of your finger before you turn a page in your textbook, or when you bit your lower lip while your concentrating. your lips, no matter the size, are so pretty to look at. he finds himself becoming flushed when he watches you in those moments, desperately trying to stop his cock from twitching in his sweatpants.
this one’s pretty obvious, he’s the avatar of gluttony, after all. like the good boy he is, he makes sure to organise everything beforehand. food play isn’t something that he does spontaneously. he’ll get the proper supplies to prevent unnecessary messes from being made and to clean up afterwards. he prefers to use syrups or cream-like substances, since they’re easier to consume, especially when he’s lapping desperately at your cunt. he wants the experience for you to be as pleasurable as it is for him, so he solely focuses on getting you off while he enjoys a nice treat <3
it’s no secret that this demon is absolutely huge, in both his full height and the size of his cock. it doesn’t matter how tall you are, beel will never fail to tower over you and make you look like you’re two feet tall. for some odd reason, it arouses him that you’re so much smaller than him. he enjoys it when you sit on his lap, looking so meek and pretty, while he watches you fuck yourself dumb on his huge cock. he also enjoys it when you give him head and struggle to fit even the tip of his cock in your mouth. it‘a pathetic in a cute sort of way <3
beel hates being scolded or degraded, it truly makes him upset when he gets into an argument with you or his brothers. he’s used to his brothers telling him that all he does is eat their food, but it doesn’t make it hurt any less. praise is the way to go if you want to win his heart, both emotionally and sexually. tell him that he’s doing so well while he laps at your sopping cunt. tell him that he’s such a good boy for being patient for you. tell him that you love him while he’s fucking you dumb <3
there’s a common consensus among the fandom that beel has a huge breeding kink, and i wholeheartedly agree with it. he’s always had the thought in the back of his mind about starting a family with you, and he can’t help but subconsciously want to stuff you full of his cum and watch it leak out of your pussy. when tell him to fill you up, he’s ecstatic. he’ll probably cum inside you multiple times as well, just to ensure that you’ll definitely have to carry his child <3
Tumblr media
belphie loves being used in his sleep (consensually, of course). he doesn’t mind if you wake him up by sucking him off, or grinding desperately against his thigh while he’s napping. hell, he wouldn’t even care if you fucked his cock while he slept, in fact, he finds it so hot. it’s a great surprise to open his eyes to, and he tends to you immediately after he wakes up.
it’s a given that the avatar of sloth is a bit lazy sometimes, so when he’s feeling horny but doesn’t quite have the energy to fuck your brains out, he opts for thigh fucking. it doesn’t require a lot of energy, and he can practically do it while he’s half asleep anyway. he loves the feeling of your soft thighs massaging his cock with every stroke, and he loves it when you play with his soft dark locks while he gets himself off <3
this isn’t a common occurrence when the two of you have sex, mainly because belphie doesn’t have the energy to continuously have high-energy sex. but if he’s experiencing envy or fury, there’s a high chance that he’ll bend you over the edge of his bed and fuck your brains out. your pussy hugs him in all the right ways; dripping wet, clenching around his cock, tightening when you cum. he enjoys hearing your cute little noises, slurred words and incoherent sentences. his beautiful human is just so perfect, you can’t blame him for wanting to ruin you <3
this sort of ties in with the rough sex kink. degradation isn’t something common in your sex life, it only happens when he’s feeling especially angry or jealous. he’ll call you a desperate little whore, begging for his cock to split you open. he’ll call you a his cock-drunk slut when you take him in your mouth, gagging when his tip hits the back of your throat. belphie can be so cruel sometimes, but you have to admit, it’s pretty hot.
there’s something about seeing you choking and gagging on his cock that makes belphie so hard. he likes to lay back on his bed, hands gripping your hair to control the speed at which he fucks your mouth. your pretty face is ruined; eyes teary, drool dripping down your chin, lips slick with saliva and pre-cum. he thinks you look so beautiful like this, his beautiful little girl <3
Tumblr media
© OH-JOLYNE ☆ all rights reserved. please do not repost, reproduce or plagiarise my content + layouts. thank you.
Tumblr media
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leviathans-watching · 3 months ago
hiyaaa i rlly enjoy your blog :>> and itll be my first time to try a request hehehe but is it alright for me to request where MC used men’s shampoo (because why not, its cool on the scalp tho-) and what would be the brothers’ + side characters (if its too much iz okiee, i dont mind ) reaction whilst cuddling XD
using their shampoo
Tumblr media
includes: the brothers x/& gin!reader, diavolo x/& gn!reader, simeon x/& gn!reader (no pronouns mentioned)
wc: .8k | rated g | m.list
a/n: hello and ty!! i hope you don't mind i took it a step further and made mc wearing their shampoo instead of just mens shampoo. thank you for requesting and i hope you have a good day!! my inbox is open to chat, request, or leave feedback, so come say hello!!
please reblog >,,<
Tumblr media
➳ lucifer notices it right away, though he doesn’t say anything, running through scenarios in his head on why you would have washed with his shampoo. maybe you were out of your own? he can’t deny the little thrill that runs through him when he smells his scent surrounding you. “like how i smell so much you had to take it for yourself?” he asks, curious. was it intentional? why were you wearing it? he’s burning with the need to know but doesn’t want you to realize it.
Tumblr media
➳ mammon blushes immediately when he smells his shampoo on you. it’s a distinctive scent, so he knows it’s not mistaken, but you don’t seem to notice his flustered state as you snuggle further into him. “um,” he starts, and you look up, eyes innocently wide. “is that, uh, my shampoo?” he manages, and you smile, nodding. “i borrowed it… asmo has mine and i dodn’t realize until i was in the shower. you don’t mind, do you?” him, mind you using his snampoo? never. “nope,” he squeaks, and you immediately begin planning to never use your own again.
Tumblr media
➳ levi doesn’t notice at first, since he doesn’t use very scented stuff, but when he does, he freezes, wondering if he’s imagining it. he’s not, but he doesn’t know how to confront you about it, so he doesn't, just swallowing hard and wrapping his arms around you. you don’t mention it, not that you’d have a reason to, but levi can’t stop thinking about it, the fire in his stomach oddly satiated by the idea of you smelling like him all of the time. maybe if he doesn’t bring it up you’ll keep doing it. please keep doing it.
Tumblr media
➳ satan notices right away, a smile curving across his lips. he’d been hoping when you rook a shower in his room you’d used his products, and it appears you had. you smell like him, all crisp and fresh, and satan has to wonder if you like the scent. you’ve never said you didn’t, but then again you never said you did. “you know,” you say conversationally, “your shampoo made my hair really soft. maybe i should move away from using human world products.” check and mate. “yeah, maybe,” satan replies. “i’ve got some extra bottles of shampoo if you want it.”
Tumblr media
➳ asmo doesn’t even notice at first. he’s so used to smelling you in a wide range of sencts, and sometimes he forgets he’s wearing a particular product until he can smell it. when he realizes you’re wearing his personal shampoo, he has to hold back his glee. “like my shampoo and conditioner?” he asks, running a hand down your back. “i sure like it on you.” you huff out a laugh, nodding. “it’s nice. i’m sure my hair will be really healthy if i continue to use it.” asmo grins, waving his hand. “by all means, use it as much as you want!”
Tumblr media
➳ beel literally doesn’t care, not that you expected him to. as long as you're clean and happy, he’s happy. he does notice it, but since he’s used your products before in a pinch he doesn’t mind. beel has a very ‘what’s mine is yours’ mentality, so it’s unlikely he’ll pitch a fit or anything. he does tell you you smell good, though, making you laugh. at least he likes the products he’s using on himself.
Tumblr media
➳ belphie smells his scent on you as soon as you climb into bed with him, making him more awake. “is that my shampoo?” he asks, brushing a finger across your damp hair. you nod, and he resists the urge to crush you into his chest, inhaling deeply. you smell like him, and belphie wants to take you out around town like this, when you’re practically dripping in him, his scent, showing all of devildom that you’re his.
Tumblr media
➳ diavolo is another one of the boys who doesn’t mind. he loves sharing his stuff with you, wants you to use them, and when you do it makes him happy. “you used my shampoo!” he chirps, burying his face into your neck, making you squirm away. “stop! that tickles,” you admonish. “but yes, i did. i forgot mine.” diavolo taps his chin. “i can buy you some.” shaking your head, you take his phone from his hand, closing akuzon. “no, it’s alright. i’m only here for a few days. i can use yours until then.”
Tumblr media
➳ simeon is the one who offered you use his shampoo in the first place. you’d been lamenting about your lackluster hair, and he’d jumped on the opportunity, offering his. angel shampoo and conditioner would no doubt restore your hair to its previous glory, as it was specially made to be healing and rejuvenating. “i like my smell on you,” he says plainly, and you flush. you like it too and he knows it, making him want to send you home with a bottle or two.
leviathans-watching’s work - please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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devildomsgod · 2 months ago
Kitty Potion
Tumblr media
gn!reader x CatHybrid!Satan
smut; Satan turned himself into a cat boy and surprisingly ends up experiencing an unexpected side effect
sub!Satan, dirty talk, breeding kink, hybrid, heat
Tumblr media
"Y/n? I think something's wrong...?"
You immediately perk up, letting your book down to turn to Satan. You're meant to look after him until the effects of the not-so-accidentally ingested cat-potion wore off, and your heart almost stops at his concerning words.
"What's wrong??"
Satan's fluffy tail wags unsurely behind him, and his brows cutely furrow while he tries to figure out what this strange feeling is. You gasp upon putting your hand on his forehead, Satan's temperature unusually high.
"Maybe your body can't handle the transformation??" you speculate, panicked getting off the bed to get Solomon.
"No, wait, it's something else-"
Satan now actively avoids your eyes while shifting in his position, his hands gripping the sheets tighter, careful to keep the fabric unharmed with the newly acquired claws.
"I think I-" an obnoxious moan rips from his lips, Satan's cheeks burning even brighter as he glances up at your big form, his slightly shrunken body seeming so vulnerable next to you, "I need you to breed me."
All concern washes from your head, and you're standing paralyzed before the cat hybrid while he writhes in place, the lust building in his veins and fogs up his mind. You can't help the arousal coil in the pit of your stomach as Satan turns his back to you, his body moving in fluid motions when he pulls down his pants and bends over on his knees for you, presenting his dripping hole. The demon's tail twitches, and the subtle muscles contract in his thighs, all of it more than clear to see in the position he's in.
"Won't tell the others, Y/n, promise! Just please put your huge cock in me and fill my pussy with your cum?"
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delta-obeyme · a month ago
Can I request a hc with Gender neutral reader with Mammon, and Satan where reader gets nightmares of what happened in chapter 16 and goes to them for comfort?
fuck yeah my favorite brothers lets goooo!! i hope this is to your liking :)
Reader goes to Mammon + Satan for comfort.
Warnings: descriptions of violence + panic attacks, chapter 16 spoilers
satan is in the library reading late at night -- thinking everyone else is either asleep or off doing their own thing -- when he feels it. he feels you call out from your pact. it comes out of seemingly nowhere, and it’s loud and intense.
its so powerful he actually drops his book at the sudden onslaught of strong emotions. desperation, clawing at the back of his skull like a rabid beast and absolute terror so powerful that he swears that his blood physically turns to ice. 
and then just like that, its gone.
he stands up frantically, about to charge to your bedroom, when he sees you standing in the entrance of the library. he stops, staring at you.
you look... bad, to put it lightly. your face is more pale than usual, sweat dripping from your forehead, chest heaving and desperate for air. your eyes are wide, frenzied and panicked. you claw desperately at your neck, it raw and inflamed, and he immediately knows whats happening.
he approaches you slowly. he doesnt want to scare you more. “MC? it’s okay, youre safe.”
you all but ram into him, arms wrapping tightly around him. you heave heavily into his chest, trying and failing to get enough air. you shake like a leaf in his hold.
he puts his arms around you, firm but soft. he guides you to the couch, sitting down and pulling you on top of him. you’re muttering, rambling on about how you cant breathe, how you can feel his hands around your neck, how you can feel the phantom pain of your neck being snapped-
one hand runs small circles into your back. he fights down the anger, the urge to barge into belphie’s room and give him a taste of his own medicine. the only reason he doesnt is because he knows it wont help you, not right now.
“Hey, hey... it’s okay. you’re alright. can you try to breathe with me?” 
when you shakily nod, gripping onto him even tighter, he inhales slowly and then exhales.
it takes a while, but eventually you begin to match his breathing. he murmurs soft praise while you do it, fingers running slowly up and down your spine comfortably.
he doesnt know how much time has passed, but when your breathing becomes somewhat normal, he asks if you want to go back to sleep.
you jolt in his hold, and just like that you’re gripping onto him like a lifeline once again. you shake your head rapidly.
he doesnt dream of asking you to get up so he can move, so he simply grips onto you more tightly as he shifts to get into a more comfortable position. he lays on his back, with you staying on top him the whole time, refusing to let go and breathing still shaky. 
he resumes his ministrations on your back and you nuzzle further into his chest. he ignores the growing wetness on his shirt, murmuring sweet nothings into your ear and pressing soft kisses onto your head.
he’ll gladly do this as many times as he needs to. anything for you. and if it means strangling his brother himself, then so be it. he refuses to let you get hurt like that ever again, and belphie will not be safe from his wrath.
mammon is woken from his sleep by his door opening, the light from the hallway filtering inside and reaching his closed eyes. he groans, throwing the blanket over his face in an attempt to block the light. 
he doesn’t know how late it is, but its too late for him and he doesnt want to deal with whatever is happening right now, mostly because he assumes it’s lucifer or one of his brothers.
but nothing is said. instead, he hears labored breathing.
he peers from under the blanket, squinting when the light hits his eyes. after a moment, he’s able to make out your figure standing in the doorway, hunched over and gripping onto the doorframe.
he immediately sits up, confused. “oi, MC, what’re ya doin? do ya know how late it is?” he yawns, rubbing at his eyes.
 “mm...mammon- i cant- i cant-” your sentence is cut off by your own desperate inhale, only for the air to leave as quickly as it came. you lean against the doorframe, hand clutching at your chest. “I can’t breathe-”
that wakes him up. he jumps out of bed, rushing over to you. he immediately begins to panic.
the sudden movement startles you and flinch back, violently. you fall to the ground and raise your hands, as if to shield yourself. from him.
he can barely understand your frenzied cries, but can make out the desperate pleas. to not hurt you. and it fucking breaks him.
he slows down, uncharacteristically languid and gentle. he’s pretty sure what this is about. 
“hey, hey, i’m not gonna hurt ya. im your protector, remember?” some protector he was. your broken body flashes through his mind. “it’s mammon, okay? you’re safe, nothin’s gonna hurt you here.”
he inches closer to you as he speaks, squatting down as he’s a few inches away from you. he hesitantly reaching out for your hands, gently lowering them. he gently threads his fingers into yours, thumb rubbing circles into your hand.
you jolt, looking up at him, eyes wide and frenzied like a cornered animal’s. he forces himself to smile, for you. he ignores the pressure that builds behind his eyes. “see? i’m not gonna hurt ya. i’ll never do that. you’re safe with me.”
you surprise him, because of course you do. you jump onto him, ripping your hands out of his and throwing your arms around him, gripping onto him so tightly he can feel your nails digging into his back. you bury your face into his shoulder, chest heaving.
his face heats, he cant help it. still, he wraps his arms around you. he murmurs into your ear, warm and gentle, as you shakily try to steady your breathing. he rocks back and forth a bit with you in his arms.
after a while, your breathing returns somewhat back to normal. still, you refuse to let go, and mammon refuses to as well. he buries his face into your hair, a few tears slipping from his eyes.
he presses a kiss to the top of your head. he wont ever let something like that happen again. he promises. he’ll always keep you safe, even if it’s from his own brother.
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imk1ra · 4 months ago
M/C: Who thinks I can fit 15 marshmallows in my mouth?
Satan: You’re a hazard to society
Mammon : And a coward. DO TWENTY.
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kpop-otome-yandere-here · 4 months ago
Satan: There’s always light at the end of the tunnel
Mc: It’s usually a train
Satan: Can you not kill the vibe for two fucking seconds?
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kage7ama · 7 days ago
Je t'adore
Tumblr media
feat. gn!reader x satan
cw. french, flirting
note. I am not fluent in french (i've taken 2 years of it) so if anything is incorrect, please let me know! also french is a gendered language but I tried my best to make it neutral :/ edit: thanks @s-1708 for the corrections!
Tumblr media
“Okay, tell me what’s up, this is a little suspicious.” Satan slowly lowered his book, gazing at you sitting in the chair across from him. The library was empty and silent, save for the crackling of the fireplace. 
“What is?” You pointed the the cover of the book, raising your brows questioningly. 
“That’s Romanian. The other day you were reading a book in French, but the author was German.” He chuckled, closing the book and setting it aside to focus all of his attention on you.
“Are you asking how many languages I know?”
“...Yeah, I guess so,” you mused. He leaned back in his chair, not giving an immediate answer. You figured he wasn’t going to tell you until he took a breath, tilting his head.
“Well, the short answer is a lot. I’ve been around for a very long time, you know. I’m sure there’s languages I know that are considered dead in the human world.” He tapped the book he had been reading moments earlier. “I’ve been really interested in romance languages recently, hence the Romanian and French.”
“And you can remember these languages? You never forget them?”
“Well, I’m not perfect. I forget words and draw blanks. I have language dictionaries and reread books to brush up after not using the language in quite some time.” He craned his neck to look at the shelf behind him, running his fingers along the spines, searching for something. You leaned forward, resting your jaw in your hands and propping your arms up on the side table that separated you from the fourth born.
“Can you say something to me in another language?” He turned back to you, thoughtfully scrutinizing your face. 
“Bien sûr, mon chéri.” He smirked at the way your lips parted involuntarily. Reaching forward, he pulled one of your hands from your face and interlocked his fingers with yours. “Tu es parfait”—you froze—”mon cœur”—you felt your ears grow hot—”mon amour”—your breath caught in your lungs—”Je t’adore.” Staring into your eyes, he brought your hand to his lips, pressing a kiss to your knuckles. His lips curved up against your skin and he raised a brow. “You’re so flustered, all I did was say ‘I love you’ in French.” You swallowed, averting your attention to the suddenly intriguing chandelier.
“It sounded like a lot more than just… that,” you disagreed. He shrugged.
“Okay, yes, I did pepper in a few compliments. Can you blame me though?” You huffed, rolling your eyes.
“Yes? I could’ve died! French is the language of love!”
“Precisely why I used it,” Satan countered. He reached up, brushing his fingers against the skin of your cheek. “I believe it would be wise to prepare yourself, seeing as you’ve displayed a weakness to French.” He displayed a sly grin. “I can’t promise I won’t reparle français pour toi.”
Tumblr media
© kage7ama 2022. do not modify, translate, or repost my works on any platform.
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by-moonflower · 6 months ago
satan is seething.
it’s been fifteen minutes; fifteen minutes since class ended and fifteen minutes since lucifer, of all people, popped his head into the room just to have a “word” with you. satan doesn’t even know how lucifer got here so fast, certain that his elder brother should’ve been stuck in a dreary meeting with lord diavolo at the opposite end of the building at this time.
nonetheless, he’s here and leaning way too generously over your desk and taking way too long just to be sharing a word with you and staring way too intently at the way you’re smiling and — why are you smiling back up at him like that?
“tone it down a bit,” says a voice beside him, effectively snapping him out of the dazed fury beginning to overtake his body. he looks over to find belphie also staring at you and lucifer having this oh-so-interesting conversation. “that glare alone could set this entire room on fire.”
at belphie’s advice, satan released the fist he didn’t realise he had clenched at his side. it’s only been a day since he promised himself that he wouldn’t let lucifer rile him up so easily, but satan couldn’t help it when the eldest was clearly in the way of his approach towards you.
in fact, satan had been waiting all day to see you during last period — the only class you both shared — seeing it as the perfect opportunity to share with you his thoughts on the book you recommended earlier in the week. he had it all thought out; how you’d hang out after class and how you’d discuss the complex themes of the book, how time would fly and how it’d be late enough to ask you to dinner.
satan usually had a very busy schedule, what with extracurriculars and other out-of-school commitments, but he cleared this particular afternoon because he wanted to be with you! then stupid lucifer had to come and ruin everything.
“why don’t you just interrupt them?” belphie says, growing bored.
the elder of the two glances over at belphie cautiously, wonders if he knows just how much satan actually likes you and how he selfishly wants you only for himself without ever admitting it. he could interrupt you both, it wouldn’t be something so odd or frowned upon, but satan gets the feeling that if he tries to butt in on the conversation now, lucifer would somehow end up tagging along the rest of the day just to spite him.
“it’s fine,” he lies, a deep exhale leaving his nostrils.
but it is so obviously not fine and satan’s brows knit together even tighter when you suddenly pull out your D.D.D to show lucifer something. he thought you were starting to notice him waiting when you reached for your bag, but instead of packing your things, you pulled out the device.
“what are they even talking about?” satan finds himself muttering. 
“might be funny if lucifer saw a notification from that group chat the three of us have,” belphie says with a light chuckle, before giving satan a consoling pat on the back and taking his leave.
satan rolls his eyes. he’s not that childish.
with only the three of you left in the room now, satan shifts in place slightly, subtly trying to remind you that he’s still here, but you don’t see him. whatever you’re showing lucifer on your D.D.D seems to have obscured the rest of your vision because now you’re only staring at the small screen you have held in your hand, and satan is not appreciating the way lucifer’s face is leaning into yours.
then, satan gives up, deciding maybe he is that childish. in one swift motion, he pulls his own D.D.D out of his pocket, scrolls through his chat history to find the one he’s looking for, then sends one demoji.
two, for good measure.
your D.D.D notification goes off right then, two bright dings interrupting the video or whatever it was you were showing him. satan attempts to stifle his laugh as lucifer’s face darkens and how you, finally, glance over at satan across the room, eyes alarmed and clearly screaming, why would you do that!
“satan?” lucifer’s calm voice filled the room as he straightened his posture to address his brother. “if you have something to say to me, you can say it now.”
satan feigns innocence, shaking his head. “nope, nothing to say to you. except... maybe, don’t you have a meeting right now?”
lucifer glances at his wristwatch, his lips parting into an ah as he sees the time. he turns to you pointedly, “seems time flies when we’re speaking, do excuse me.”
finally! if this was all it took, satan would’ve said something the moment lucifer walked in the room.
as soon as lucifer left, all the tension in the room left with him, and you snap your head towards satan, shooting him one of your best glares. it’s supposed to look some kind of intimidating but to satan, it’s just cute.
“that was so petty of you, satan,” you whine, approaching him and playfully smacking him on the shoulder.
“i just wanted to see the look on his face,” satan says matter-of-factly.
he swallows down another giggle at the very thought of the obnoxious group chat name “Lucifer, you S*CK!” suddenly emerging from the top of your screen while lucifer himself was looking. 
“good thing i didn’t accidentally tap on the notif and open the chat,” you mutter.
“and expose the way you were complaining about lucifer just this morning? and what was all that laughing about? you said you find it hard to laugh at whatever jokes lucifer made.”
“it was hard! that was me fake laughing!”
satan pauses, thinking back on whether he noticed any tell-tale signs that you were, indeed, faking your laughs. he’s perplexed as to why he didn’t notice such a thing in the first place. of course, you were only pretending to enjoy lucifer’s company! of course that was the case!
he lets go, eventually, a rich laugh bubbling out of his chest as he subconsciously reaches out to hold onto your arm.
you stare at him with a frown. “what’s so funny?”
“nothing, nothing,” he says, waving a hand dismissively. “anyway, i stayed back because i wanted to talk to you about that book you recommended me.”
“yeah?” you smile, “do you want to go get coffee while we’re at it?”
satan purses his lips to keep his own smile from spreading too widely across his face. “of course.”
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officallytheduchess · a month ago
you choose him [satan/reader][18+]
summary: he relishes in the fact that you choose him over everyone else, and that he’s the only one who gets to see all sides of you.
warnings: 18+; this is smut yall, sexual dialogue, gn!reader so everyone should be able to read! intentionally lowercase
off the top of his head, there weren’t many instances in which satan had readily allowed you access into his room. against your chaotically curious nature, it was never something you endeavored to agitate him over and chose modest, silent disappointment over ever letting it reflect on your face. a room was a private space; for him, it was the only reprieve he had from the world, the only lasting remnant of solace he could claim was his-- even if that meant keeping you on the other side of the door most times.
conversely, as he gave it some consideration, you weren’t given the same opportunity of that escape as he. no trace of you existed without something, or something else already dwelling there. it was bad enough, in his eyes, that he was rarely presented with the opportunity to have you to himself without his brothers, another demon, or an angel hanging off of you in some way. they were worse than the ghosts; the particularly splenetic poltergeists which thrived off of your energy and essence. while undeniably magnetic in your charm, mannerisms and personal philosophies that usually ended in defiling the library following impassioned debates over one thing or another-- he did find it all very taxing, ultimately.
it was with that in mind that when he heard the rhythmic rapping of knuckles against his door, he didn’t sweep his eyes across the room until you had already sidled inside, purposefully creating as little sound with the deadbolt as possible. you bounced across the clusters of books strewn across the floor haphazardly; old tomes, spell-books, novels of intrigue and crime, and everything else imaginable lay there. some of which hadn’t been moved in over a century.
“are the others giving you grief tonight?” he asked, thumbing to the next page while he observed your careful attempts to hop across the floor on your toes. “sorry, i’ll find the time one of these days to clean. everything has a place, though.”
“it’s fine, i needed exercise today, anyway.” you said just before you voice cracked into a laugh. “mammon and levi got into a fight about a game or a comic or something. i tried to kick them out, but they just got louder. so, here i am!”
to your enthusiastic gesture; arms widening out from your sides as you bowed slightly at the waist, he didn’t need to force a laugh. even you sticking your tongue out at him was enough to make him smile on the worst days.
when your feet scuffed to a stop in front of him, his arms were already waiting for you, bookmark tucked neatly in his novel and abandoned on the floor beside his chair. you let your hands glide towards his shoulders, holding loosely while he guided you to his thighs and had you straddle him. on instinct, he reached for your ass, fingers halting just shy of giving you a squeeze and roamed higher to your hips and waist.
there he let them dance across you, feeling the soft pockets of flesh divot under his gentle grip and instantly resurface when his fingertips pressed on you elsewhere. “so, i take it you’re... not here for a quiet evening to read with me, right?”
a roguish smile tilted the corners of your lips high, the dim light overhead caught the way they glistened. no words were needed; actually, the only thing he wanted to hear from you now were hot, desperate moans and you voice shriveling into pleas for him to stop.
he took his hands off your hips to grab your face, thumbs caressing the sharp bone beneath your eyes as his lips fully overtook yours. lasting and longing, he was so very slow to break the kiss for another and another, familiarizing himself again with the shape of your mouth, how to felt to have him encompass you so completely, to have you so vulnerable that your body immediately softened against his. you trusted him so completely despite the rather immoral things he whispered in your ear while fucking you on the bed, against the wall, chest to the cold, winter window while he rutted you from behind.
you were always back for another taste, another chance for him to leave his mark on you so that everyone knew that you couldn’t get enough of him.
him. not lucifer; none of his other brothers. him.
you purposefully sought him out for this, to be fondled, split and filled and fucked into utter oblivion. there wasn’t a single thing more powerful than knowing one of the most coveted, beloved beings betwixt all the realms chose to lay with him, cherish him the deepest, love him the most.
and, he wanted to believe what he felt for you was that same degree of love. the insatiable fondness that set his chest ablaze, coaxed a smile on the darkest of his days, and an oddly intoxicating thought of you staying in his arms like this for an eternity. he wasn’t sure he’d let you go even if you wanted to.
satan took in a deep drag through his nostrils when he felt you hum against his lips, breaking the kiss long enough to unfasten the buttons on your shirt, giving a shudder to let it the thin fabric slide off your shoulders. he always went into sex with you thinking it would stay in the armchair; something nearly effortless on his part, where he could take his time watching you sweat while riding him.
without fail, once his eyes took their time to sweep across your body, he was all over you and threading himself between your limbs on the floor, or somewhere else. tonight proved to be no different as he hoisted your thighs high on his waist, the hard bulge in his pants already nestling against your groin, his fingers tightening on you just under your ass.
it was all a very graceless act. midst his attempt to navigate the dim room; all light nearly extinguished as the brittle wicks in the candles dotted around his room hissed when submerged in wax. again, his lips were upon you, albeit much more viciously, dauntless as though he was searching for something that he couldn’t get by asking. the harder he pushed, the more he tasted the sickly sweet lip balm you had been wearing, glisten lost amid the passion, yet the stickiness made this all the more magnetic. it made it harder to separate, clung him to you like glue.
when he finally got bored of that, his face immediately dove beneath your jaw to coax your head up and expose your throat to him. much like his kiss, he put power into everything he did; his nose and lips engulfed so deeply in your flesh that when his lips roamed over the spot where you jugular throbbed strongest, he barely contained himself through hard, trembling breaths. those hot puffs of air were enough to make you whine, shivering back the goose flesh perking up across your body.
his mouth stayed on that pulsing vein in your neck, resisting the visceral impulse to bite down on you; draw a little blood, play with you that way. it was such a carnal desire that it made him hot; every inch of him was enough to rival the intensity of the fires of the deepest hell. he felt it creep up from his chest where his heart drummed like war in his ears, crawled up his neck to his face, and he was certain it short-circuited his brain as well.
so, hot. just so, so fucking hot.
it didn’t go away even when you both reached the bed, indicated only by his knees bumping along the edge. nothing stopped when he tilted forward with you, your thighs clutching his waist while gasping to the cold air gushing against your back. once your back hit the mattress, he withdrew his face from your neck, eagerly shucking away the layers of clothing that kept him from really feeling you. barely any hesitation touched him when it came to his pants, his fingers made quick, skillful work at drawing the belt away from the loops. he cast it aside on the bed, keeping it in reach for later.
he already had his pants and underwear below his thighs, allowing his cock the freedom to cold air in the room. at first, he didn’t go back to you; he let you lay there under him instead, waiting and watching with some semblance of intrigue as he guided the heel of his hand across his cock and kneaded himself.
methodical, agonizingly slow, his hand traveled from the base to the tip, making sure your eyes were on him the entire while. in spite of the ever growing darkness in the room, enough remnants of light allowed him to see your gaze seeming to tremble, daring to lower to where his palm made work of his sensitive head, smearing what had already oozed out along the length. he already felt it the muscles in his thighs tense with the deliberate strokes, an inadvertent sway in his hips as for just a moment, he imagined the grip of his hand to be your walls around him, or your narrow throat.
you didn’t waste any time in tearing off the last of your garments as well, sucking your lip in between your teeth, back lying flush to the mattress as you opened yourself for him to see and reached between your legs. only cold air touched you, satan was fast to force a hand above your head and let his body weigh down on you completely, breath fanning across your ear.
“i don’t think i told you that you could fuck yourself, did i?” he rasped, voice so low that his throat rumbled. weaseling an arm between your bodies, he just let his fingertips ghost across your groin, forcing you to stay still when you tried to writhe away from his touch. the strokes he delivered to you suddenly were hard and fast, enough to tear a sharp gasp from your throat that rapidly morphed into moans he was able to put a pattern to.
he gyrated on the sensitive peak and your sounds dried in your throat, mouth agape, jerking in time with his touch. mind-numbingly spent wasn’t where he wanted you to be so soon, not while you belonged to him tonight. so, he took broader strokes with you so he could feel your hips rise against his, whining, and moaning out when he didn’t give you that instant gratification that you had wanted.
in the meanwhile, he was smothering his own shuddering breaths against your neck, rolling his hips in time with yours, using the junction between your groin and thigh as friction for his cock. he had barely started touching you, the night still in the early hours and your skin was already slick with his cum and what you had worked up all your own.
“satan, just fuck me already,” you sounded exasperated, a little desperate in the way you said his name. tonight you were especially defiant, he discovered, as you pried him away from your thigh and guided him towards your opening. for a moment, he allowed you to do as you pleased, finding the momentary humor that you had forgotten yourself so much in your lust. “fuck me, cum in me. whatever, just do something.”
his composure nearly whittled away when he was ensnared by the way your eyes pleaded to him, lips thoroughly swelled from where you had chewed them, lines in your brow pressed tight in frustration. nothing was hotter to him than seeing you so wholly consumed by him that you looked like you couldn’t bear it.
again, he was the voice in your ear, forcing words through the quakes of pleasure rippling through him as your hand continued working magic on him. “tell me you want me. tell me how much you want me to fuck you.”
you tried shrugging him away from your ear to no avail, prompting him to squeeze the hand above you, as well as grabbing the one against his cock. “say it.”
“do...” you paused, shuffling your hips around as he interlaced your fingers together around him, circling your entrance with his crown. temporary as it was, your silence was rewarded with a slow smile crawling up on his lips. “do.. do your worst, catboy.”
not quite what he was looking for, but good enough. he was done waiting. expectantly, you grew a lot louder and more compliant the moment he pushed the length of himself inside you, now managing both hands above your head with his weight bearing down on them. those first few thrusts into you came immediately, clearly startling you as you hiked your legs higher against his ribs, widening them a little more to acclimate to his size and the fact that actual lubricant hadn’t been a thought to either of you.
“easy, easy.” you huffed, wrestling against his hold a bit. “i’m going to tell everyone that you’re into some really weird stuff if... if you don’t slow down a bit.”
“does it hurt?” his lips were against your neck, leaving a blazing trail of kisses along your throat, waiting for the strong vein in your neck to throb against him and followed it down until he could no longer trace it. “tell them anything you want to. i guarantee everything you’d say, we’ve tried.”
he didn’t let up on his thrusts, if nothing else, your provocation assured that he wasn’t going to let you walk a straight line in the morning (or at all). beneath his grip, he could feel your fingers furling as close into fists as possible; meanwhile, with each hit his hips made against you, it elicited a delicious array of pitiful sounds.
somehow, between it all, you croaked out, “o-oh? didn’t know pissplay was our new thing. can’t wait to tell the friends about it.”
he glared down. “don’t ruin the mood.”
something of an impish grin worked its way onto your mouth just long enough for him to notice, despite the way your body bounced underneath him. your face cycled through so many different things when he withdrew his cock from you entirely, inviting the cold air to your hands when he lifted his weight off of you.
truthfully, seeing your expression twist in confusion in those precious seconds before he leaned across your body for the belt he had laid aside was well worth the ache he felt. if it weren’t for it being utterly enthralling to hear you moan and whine under him, he probably would’ve wedged the belt between your teeth and been able to fuck you in peace. he loved having a clear look at your face, of the sounds you made more than anything else.
he went back to your wrists, cinched them together with the belt and looped it through the headboard behind you. once more, you were at his mercy to do anything he pleased, including taking hold of you thighs as he buried his cock back into you. this time he reached so deep, angling himself in such a way that your moans snagged in the back of your throat. this time he didn’t mind it as much.
eventually, his spacious room brimmed with stacks of old books, trinkets, and heavy sheets of dust on the highest bookcases was engulfed in an odd, tuneful orchestra made of your cries several pitches higher than normal and his quivering pants which matched his hard thrusts. he wasn’t sure whether to listen more to the way you begged him to stop between breaths and moans, or the sound of moist skin slapping that he knew echoed well beyond his room.
a/n: why did i stop there? bc i’m trash and it sort of felt appropriate.
anyway. i write gn!reader insert stuff, so navigating sex can be sort of difficult since i can’t just use words llike “clit” or “cock” in reference to the reader. i’m trying to keep it as vague as possible, yet as hot as possible. it’s a delicate tightrope act.
would love to hear your thoughts! porn isn’t really in my wheelhouse bc i’m such a prose-y writer. i like writing characters making love, not fuckin’ yknow?
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undying-vagabond · 3 months ago
🌸 flowers 🌼
Based on that tik tok saying "thanks for the flowers" to your partner
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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two-gays-in-a-trenchcoat · 19 days ago
Worse Than Death: Obey Me! Brothers x gn!reader, part 1
In which a haywire spell results in MC being transported to a different timeline where they have no memory of the brothers or anything about the Devildom. The brothers, however, do remember, and need to win MC’s heart while acting as humans in order to restore the original timeline.
Based on this post
SFW, 4.9k
“What,” Lucifer growled, red eyes flashing. “Happened here?”
You offered him a sheepish smile while Mammon scrambled to hide behind you, Levi soon following. Beel stood off to the side, looking at his feet, and Belphie stood behind him, almost protective. Satan and Asmo tried to look busy, like they weren’t involved and didn’t even see Lucifer.
And behind you sat the smoldering ruins of what used to be the eastern half of the House of Lamentation.
“I go out for one hour,” Lucifer said, and no one dared to even breathe. “One hour! And you all managed to burn an ancient building to the ground.”
Levi cleared his throat, fidgeting as his eyes darted around. “It wasn’t exactly all of us-”
“I don’t need excuses,” Lucifer snapped, and Levi swallowed his words. Lucifer rubbed the bridge of his nose, groaning. “I need an explanation.”
Silence. No one dared speak up, fearing Lucifer’s wrath. It was you who made the first move, deciding that someone had to say something, or it’d end up even worse.
“It was my fault,” you said. “I started the whole thing.”
“Hey, that’s not fair!” Levi interjected. “I was a part of it, too. You can’t take all the blame.”
“Yeah,” Mammon piped up, grinning nervously. “It was pretty much all Levi’s fault, actually-”
Levi shot him a death glare. “It was not! Whose idea was it to play one of the most dangerous ultra-real virtual-reality video games without even preparing?”
Mammon shrugged. “It sounded fun! Besides, I spent way too much Grimm on that game to just have you toss it aside. It was for all of us.”
“And I joined, too,” Beel said. He shuffled his feet. “I didn’t know it’d be such a survival-horror game, though, and there was no food so I got really hungry, and…” He trailed off, voice small and meek.
Belphie put a hand on his shoulder. “That wasn’t your fault, Beel. You can’t help it.”
“But if I hadn’t shifted and, y’know…. Flipped out and stuff…. They could’ve gone ahead and played like normal.”
“To be fair,” Mammon said, “Levi was the one that mistook you for the final boss and summoned Lotan.”
Levi gaped at him, clearly offended. “Hey, it was scary! I really thought I was gonna die!”
Satan stepped forward, finally deciding to join the group. “And I had overreacted to Levi summoning Lotan, thinking the house was under attack.”
“And then we all shifted into our demon forms.” Mammon rubbed the back of his head. “...Me included.”
Asmo sighed dramatically. “Oh, things just took off from there, it was horrid! Really, Lucifer, if you had been there-”
“If I had been there, this wouldn’t have happened,” Lucifer said. It went silent for a moment, the seven of you waiting for Lucifer to erupt, to smite you out of existence with a snap of his fingers. He seemed to be deep in thought, trying to decide exactly what punishment would suit you best.
“We’re sorry,” you said, voice barely over a whisper.
There it was, the straw that would break the camel’s back; you were done for. Lucifer would snap and you wouldn’t be able to blink fast enough before you died.
You waited with bated breath, expecting the worst. But, to all of your surprise, Lucifer took one look at you, at your truly apologetic face, and his eyes softened. He sighed, turning around towards the direction of the Demon Lord’s castle.
“All of you, come with me. If we’re going to fix this, we’re going to need help.”
Diavolo tapped his chin, processing the entire story you and the brothers had explained to him. “This is quite the mess, indeed,” he hummed.
You all were seated at a table in one of the many rooms of the vast castle, Diavolo sitting at the head and listening to your plight. If you hadn’t known the demon prince as well as you did, you’d be fearing for your life. But despite his intimidating appearance, he nodded with an understanding gaze, hands folded as he tried to think of the best way to help.
“From what it sounds like, the reconstruction alone would take months,” Diavolo mused. “And I can’t imagine the cost of it all.”
“We truly are sorry, Lord Diavolo,” Lucifer said. “My brothers and I would be more than willing to fund most, if not all of the reconstruction work.”
Mammon blanched. “H-hey, wait just a minute-”
Lucifer blatantly ignored him. “I know we are asking a lot, and you would be well within your grounds to refuse, of course.”
“What? Why would I do that?” Diavolo exclaimed. “Lucifer, you are one of my best friends, and I like to consider myself good acquaintances of the brothers. I am more than willing to help, never mind the cost. In fact,” Diavolo grinned, “I think I have the perfect way to fix this.”
Diavolo snapped his fingers, and at once, you heard a loud pop, and Barbatos appeared beside him in a cloud of green smoke. Unfazed, Barbatos gave a curt bow to Diavolo.
“You summoned me, my lord?”
“Yes,” Diavolo stood up, gesturing to all of us. “Perhaps you have heard of the recent fate that has befallen the House of Lamentation?”
You couldn’t tell for sure, but you could almost see the corners of Barbatos’ mouth quirk upwards in a smirk. “Why, yes, I have. I could see the smoke from here.”
“Lucifer here,” Diavolo said, “Approached me asking for help on this matter, and I was wondering….”
Barbatos connected the dots before any of us did. “You’d like me to use my powers to reverse the destruction?”
Diavolo clapped. “Precisely! You see, the cost alone would be tremendous, and it’d be months before it got fully rebuilt to what it was. Overall, using your magic would be more efficient….”
As Diavolo continued to explain, Lucifer occasionally pitching in, you could see Levi and Mammon arguing about something in hushed tones. Levi shoved Mammon’s shoulder, and Mammon shoved back.
“If done correctly, the spell that would reverse this is quick and easy enough,” Barbatos said. “I’d be more than happy to be of service, my lord.”
Diavolo beamed. “Excellent! What is it that you need?”
“For starters, I’m going to need everyone involved with this occurrence in the first place.” He gave a nod towards you and the brothers. “Already accomplished. After that, we gather in a circle, and you all must focus your minds and picture the House as it was before; when joined with my magic, it should come naturally.”
Lucifer began to gather up the brothers, and Satan and Beel pushed chairs to the side as you gathered in a circle. On your left stood Asmo, to your right was Belphie. Across and standing next to Barbatos, you could see Mammon and Levi sending seething glares to one another.
Barbatos continued to explain. “When our minds are all focused, I’ll recite an incantation. You guys may feel a little dizzy, as the timeline has changed, but other than that, it’s rather simple and painless.”
Diavolo nodded, and stepped back to let Barbatos do his work, shortly followed by Lucifer. You could spot Mammon and Levi muttering heatedly to one another, and Lucifer snapped at them to be quiet and concentrate. Begrudgingly, they listened.
“All of us must join hands, and close our eyes as the spell begins.”
Everyone did as told. Belphie gave a quick squeeze to your hand, and flashed a soft smile.
“Don’t worry,” he whispered. “It’ll be fine.”
“And now our focus must begin,” said Barbatos.
You shut your eyes tight, willing with all of your might to think about the House, andthe House only. Barbatos began incanting.
You thought about the moments just before everything went down; you, Beel, and Mammon gathered in Levi’s room, laughing and having fun. The image made your heart fuzzy.
A memory flashed through your mind, and you couldn’t snuff it out quick enough. Yourself, back in the human world, hanging out with your friends and doing similar activities. You could remember the same carefree exhilaration with your human friends as you experienced with the brothers.
No, now isn’t the time to be homesick, you mentally chastised yourself. Focus on the House of Lamentation.
Almost as soon as you thought that, you could hear Mammon yelp as Levi pushed him, knocking him into Barbatos just a moment before the spell ended. The magic pulsed, disrupted, and before Barbatos could get it back under control, you felt your entire being jerk upwards as if tugged by some invisible rope, and you began to slip away. You were being pulled, not physically, but mentally. You tried to fight it, but the surge of power was overwhelming, and with a cry, your knees buckled, and you blacked out.
You woke up to blurry vision and a pounding headache. You blinked, wincing at the bright light that seemed to shine from somewhere. The sun? Your skull felt like it had been stuffed with cotton and your body felt like it had been run over by a steamroller. Pushing past the aching pain of consciousness, you looked around the room.
Plain white walls. A small room, with one window (which you realized was the source of the bright light) and one door. There was a desk, with a chair and a bookbag, and a messy pile of papers stacked on every surface there was.
You felt a twinge in your gut. Something wasn’t right. This wasn’t right. Something is deeply wrong with this picture—where you are, how you feel, but you can’t quite seem to remember—
“Oh, good, you’re up.”
A voice sounded from the doorway, and you looked up, met with the face of Abbey, your roommate and one of your best friends. Almost immediately, the feeling of wrongness dissipated, overtaken by the ache in your body.
Abbey pushed up his thin-framed glasses before setting down a tray beside your bed. It had a cup of water and a few pills on a small plate.
“Rough night, huh?” He said, offering the pills to you, followed by the water, both of which you swallowed gratefully. He seemed to get a good look at you, and winced. “Jeez, you look like hell.”
“Feel like it, too,” you said, voice dry and cracked. You rubbed at your face. “What even happened last night?”
“Hell if I know. You were the one that came stumbling back at two in the morning, drunk off your ass.”
“I was?” You blinked at him. You really, for the life of you couldn’t recall a thing.
Abbey snorted at your comment. “Oh, absolutely. You probably blacked out at Ramones’ party. From what I’ve heard, it was a pretty big thing.”
Ramones. A brief image of wavy brown hair and tanned face with a contagious smile flashed in your mind. Ramones, yes, the energetic boy from your Economics class. He’d invited you over to a party at his frat house. You drank, it was loud and crowded…
“Starting to remember?” Abbey guessed from the look on your face.
“I think so.” You took another sip of your water. “You didn’t have to do this, Abs, really.”
He waved you off. “Don’t mention it. You’re feeling bad enough as it is. Besides, last time I blacked out, you were there for me. Even held my hair up as I vomited into the toilet.”
You scoffed. “That was freshman year.”
“And?” His teasing smile turned soft. “But really, I don’t mind taking care of you like this. I know I’m not easy to live with sometimes.”
You grimaced at the comment, but your eyes held affection. Abbey Sinclair, the boy you had met at Freshman orientation, who no one else wanted to sit with. He had freckles and thin, mousy-brown hair that he had put too much gel in. The same Abbey that couldn’t stand his room being out of order, and the one that didn’t always know how to phrase things the nice way. But he was your friend, and the one you decided to move in with by the time junior year rolled around.
He stood up, straightening his shirt. “Okay, well, I did also want to make sure you got up in time for coffee with Vil and Timon.”
“Jesus, I almost forgot.” You smacked yourself in the head, groaning. You began to pull yourself up, only half stumbling out of the bed. Abbey chuckled at you as you struggled to put on your sweatshirt the right way.
“You might want to hurry up,” he said, checking the time on his phone. “We’re meeting them in, like, half an hour.”
You cursed under your breath, rushing even more to pull on some socks. Your headache was starting to fade, but still throbbed when you stood up straight. You didn’t put too much thought into what you were wearing; you felt like shit, so it’s only fair if you look the part, you reasoned.
Your mind was slowly getting clearer and clearer: you remembered that you and Abbey had scheduled a coffee-slash-group-study meetup at the local cafe, just a block away from campus, with Vil and Timon, Abbey’s partner and one of your mutual friends, respectively. You didn’t know Vil all that well, considering they’d only been with Abbey for about a month, but they seemed cool. And Timon was probably one of the sweetest girls you’d ever met; you’d been friends with her since you roomed together as sophomores.
After haphazardly brushing your teeth and wrestling on your shoes, Abbey ushered you out to his car to leave. You could’ve sworn you saw him roll his eyes at your disheveled excuse for decent appearance, but you couldn’t find it in yourself to playfully jab back at him. In the back of your mind, something felt off, something felt out of place. But you couldn’t quite place it.
You shrugged and pushed the thought away. If you didn’t remember, it probably wasn’t important.
Out of everyone who had been thrown to the ground with the force of the magic’s sudden expulsion, Beel was the first to get up. Groaning in pain, he propped himself up with his elbows, taking in the scene before him.
Everyone in the room—even Lucifer and Diavolo, to his surprise—was out cold, crumpled in heaps around what vaguely resembled a circle.
Beel, suddenly terrified and fearing the worst, hauled himself to his feet, wobbling a bit before he shook the vertigo from his head. He stumbled over to Belphie first, shaking his limp body.
Belphie groaned, and Beel felt relief wash over him. He checked on Asmo, next, content after he had found a pulse and Asmo began to whine about how sore he was.
Beel was shaking Levi awake when Lucifer and Diavolo began to stir, shortly followed by Barbatos. All of them felt dazed, still a bit out of it from the sudden surge of disrupted magic.
“What…” Lucifer began to pull himself up, offering a hand to Diavolo as well. “Just happened?”
“The spell,” Barbatos said, voice cracking and uncharacteristically shaky. “It got disrupted. It messed up, somehow. I’m not…. I’m not sure what the effects were, yet. I’m still….”
Diavolo set a reassuring hand on the butler’s shoulder. “Don’t force yourself, Barbatos. Give yourself a moment.”
“Mammon,” Levi’s pitiful groan was the first thing to arise from his crumpled form. “This is your fault.”
“How is it-” Mammon coughed, wheezing as he tried to catch his breath. “How is it my fault? You were the one who pushed me!”
“Well I wouldn’t have pushed you if you hadn’t-”
“Enough,” Lucifer cut them off. “Whoever is at fault doesn’t matter right now.”
Belphegor was the last to pull himself up, the simple action being a grand endeavor to his perpetually-exhausted body. He blinked, seemed to think to himself for a moment, before his eyes widened and he gasped.
“Where’s MC?”
It was silent for a moment, before chaos ensued. The brothers scrambled to their feet, going to check every nook and cranny in the room, shouting their precious human’s name in strained voices.
“They were right here,” Asmo was stuttering, tears brimming and beginning to fall from his eyes. “I was holding their hand. They were just here!”
It took Satan all the willpower he had to keep a cool head, and not let his anger overtake him. Fury still burned in his eyes as he turned to Barbatos.
“What did the spell’s disruption do?” He asked. “Where could they have gone?”
“Calm down, Satan,” chided Lucifer, although he was struggling just as much to keep himself together. “Barbatos needs a moment. It hit him hardest.”
“Obviously not, considering MC disappeared into thin air,” Satan spat.
Asmo was crying freely now, and Mammon could barely keep his tears from spilling, face flushed with anger and fear.
“We gotta go find ‘em,” he said, willing his voice not to crack. “Right now! They could be anywhere in the Devildom, and maybe…. Maybe right now some lower demon’s takin’ advantage of ‘em!”
Levi paled. “Don’t say things like that!”
“I’m just telling the truth!” Mammon argued. “We have no idea where they went, or even if they’re still alive. I don’t know about you all, but I’m going to look for them, and I’m going now.”
“Me too,” Beel said. His normally stoic face was pinched with worry. “They’re our family.”
“Count me in,” Satan said.
“I’ll pull up a map!” Asmo chimed in, struggling against his choked sobs. “We need to find them!”
“I’m coming, too,” Levi said. “MC is in danger, and it’s up to us, the heroes, to save them!”
Mammon shot him a glare. “Not everything is a video game. This is serious.”
“What? I am being serious!”
Belphie stepped forward. “I’m coming, too. MC is…. We need to find them.”
“I’m afraid,” Barbatos suddenly said, making all of the brothers’ heads whip around to face him. His expression was grim, and he swallowed. “I’m afraid we can’t do that here.”
“What?” Mammon squawked. “Whaddya’ mean we can’t?! I ain’t about to let ‘em just-”
Barbatos held up a hand to silence him. “I mean we can’t because they won’t be here.”
They let the words sink in for a moment, hearts seeming to stop.
“You don’t mean…,” Satan murmured.
“No! No.” Barbatos took a breath. “They’re still alive. I’m pretty sure.”
Mammon growled. “Pretty sure or totally sure?”
“What I mean to say,” Barbatos continued, “Is that they aren’t here in the Devildom. Tampering with time is finicky, so I can’t be totally sure, but I think that they may have been transported to an alternate timeline. Most likely in the human world.”
Levi’s eyes narrowed. “What kind of alternate timeline?”
Barbatos furrowed his brows, seeming to be deep in thought, trying to focus. “I can’t seem to pick up a clear image of them, right now. It’s like… they were completely erased from our current timeline. I can’t find them.”
“Wait, everyone,” Asmodeus cried. “Check your pact marks!”
At once, all of the brothers lifted and pulled aside various pieces of clothing to peek at the part of their body where each of their respective pact marks were branded.
Mammon paled. “It’s… it’s gone. The mark is gone.”
“Mine too,” Beel said.
Levi sniffled. “Mine… mine is gone, too….”
“So it must be safe to assume,” Lucifer said, face stony, “That, because of whatever has taken place, MC is no longer a part of our timeline.”
Mammon choked on a sob, which spurred on Levi’s waterfall of tears, as well. Asmo wailed and blubbered while Satan, Belphie, and Beel stood in shock.
“They’re still alive, though, right?” Diavolo said, speaking for the first time since waking up. “They were just misplaced. If we can find wherever they got taken to, we can bring them back.”
Mammon feebly wiped at his blotchy, red face. “You’re right. We’re gonna bring ‘em back. We have to bring ‘em back.”
“They most likely got taken to a timeline not far from ours,” Barbatos said. “Somewhere in the human world that they’re familiar with, perhaps where they lived or grew up. That’s where we start.”
Levi whined, pulling his hood over head and yanking the strings tight. “I don’t wanna be here…”
“Quit yer complainin’,” Mammon snapped. “This ain’t about you.”
“The human world is so loud and crowded…” Levi shuddered. “But I guess if it’s for MC, I can handle it.”
“You’d better,” Satan said. “This has been a hassle enough already.”
Indeed, the brothers preparing and then travelling to the human world was usually quite the ordeal on a normal day. But this time, they were rushed, and barely had time to finish packing before being shipped off.
Each of the brothers had one backpack stuffed to the brim with their necessities, and all of them had tried to dress as “human” as possible. Lucifer hammered into them the importance of subtlety, not drawing attention to themselves. Some, like Lucifer and Asmodeus, had put together a decent, casual outfit; nice jeans, sneakers, with a sweater or shirt under a flannel. Others simply threw together the plainest-looking clothes they owned. Levi sported a baggy hoodie and sweatpants, and it was a miracle Satan managed to dress himself at all, with a green T-shirt and khaki shorts.
They must have looked odd to passers-by. Seven strange-looking, oddly dressed young men standing at a street corner, all with backpacks and darting eyes, vaguely uncomfortable.
Satan was scanning over a map of the area on his phone. “We should be in the right place,” he said. “MC mentioned living here before moving to the Devildom.”
“We need more than that,” said Lucifer. “We can’t cover an entire city and expect to find them. It’s like looking for a needle in…. A pile of needles.”
Mammon, for once, was completely immersed in the situation, focusing his whole being into the search. For once, nothing else was on his mind. This was the only thing that mattered.
“They mentioned a coffee shop they used to go to,” Mammon mentioned, tapping his chin. “Or maybe we should check their apartment complex? I think I remember which street it was on…”
“We are not about to show up to their apartment unannounced,” Satan said.
“Eh?! Why not?”
“Because it’s creepy, dumbass,” muttered Levi.
Mammon scoffed, waving them off. “They know us. It’ll be fine. We’ll be in and out before ya know it.”
“Still,” Belphie said, “I think we’re better off checking the coffee shop first. Then we can try the apartment.”
Satan and Mammon led the group (Satan because he had the map and Mammon because he refused to be anywhere but the head of the pack) a few blocks down, the brothers marveling at the wonders of a human city. Sure, they had been to the human world before, but somehow this felt different.
“It should be….. Here.” Satan slowed to a stop. Across the street was a quaint little coffee shop, pink-lined windows and a flower pot outside the door.
“Holy shit, I see them!” Mammon exclaimed, pointing at the window. “I’m going to get them.”
“Mammon, no-” even Lucifer wasn’t quick enough to pull Mammon back before he darted across the street, narrowly avoiding getting hit by a car, and into the shop.
“So your recital’s this Saturday, right?” Abbey took a sip of his steaming black coffee, looking at Timon.
She nodded enthusiastically. “Yep! It’s our first full-company performance of the year, so it’s pretty big. And in the beginning of the second half I got a solo.”
“Woah, that’s cool.” You smiled at her, and she beamed at you. Timon was a lithely built girl, with big brown eyes and hair shaved to an inch and dyed turquoise.
“Any sexy costumes?” Vil asked, which prompted a playful thwack on the shoulder from Abbey. Timon blushed at the sudden comment.
“Well, I wouldn’t call them sexy, per se…,”
“Ignore them,” Abbey said. “I’m sure your costumes are perfectly fit to the theme of the performance, regardless of their sexual appeal.”
Vil raised their hands in defense. “Hey, I never said they wouldn’t be good! I’m just saying it’d make it even better-”
Abbey cut them off with a smack to the back of their head, and you snorted with laughter, almost choking on your drink.
Even though you had woken up feeling horrible, physically and mentally, being with your little group of friends gave you just the recharge you needed. Timon was so supportive and understanding, and Vil was a riot to be around. The little voice in the back of your head telling you something was amiss hadn’t left quite yet, but it couldn’t be heard over Vil’s cackling and Abbey’s affectionate grumbling. Slowly, the unease you had been feeling since you woke up faded away.
The telltale bell as the coffee shop door opened rang, but you didn’t pay any attention. You were facing away from the door, and couldn’t even see who walked in, nor did you particularly care. Until a pair of hands slammed down on your table, making the mugs jump.
“MC!” The stranger shouted. He had brown skin, a bright shock of white hair, and excited eyes as he grinned. “I’m so glad I found you! Oh my god, it was crazy, you have no idea-”
“Um,” at your timid vocalization, his mouth snapped shut, looking at you expectantly. Your voice faltered under his piercing gaze. “I’m sorry, have we met?”
His face fell. He blinked at you, and his mouth twitched into a hesitant smile, forcing a dry laugh. “Uh, yer jokin’, right? C’mon, it’s me.”
“I-I’m sorry,” you said, feeling a pang of guilt for the pure desperation in his eyes. “Oh, did we meet at last night’s party? I was, like, blackout drunk and I can’t remember anything, sorry.”
He took a shaky step back, stuttering and fumbling over his words. “But…”
“They said they don’t know you,” Abbey snapped. “What else do you want?”
“Hey, calm down, Abs,” Vil tried to talk him down.
“It’s fine, Abbey.” You turned back to the stranger, still in some strange state of shock. “Sorry for him. He gets protective.”
“Y-yeah, no… I….” He still struggled to speak. It was a little sad, honestly, and you found yourself pitying him.
“I’m sorry, I really can’t remember anything from last night,” you said. “If you want, though, we could exchange information, and you could explain things then…?”
“Bad idea,” Abbey muttered, which you ignored.
You ripped a piece of a napkin off and scribbled your number on it. “Here, you can reach me later.”
His hand was shaking as he took the paper from your hands, and he gulped, seemingly trying to compose himself. “Yeah. Thanks. I… I will.” He began to turn towards the door.
“Wait!” He stopped in his tracks and whipped around, a spark of what looked like hope flashing across his face. “Sorry, I didn’t get your name…?”
His face fell. “Yeah, of course.” He paused for a moment, looking at you as if expecting something. He realized you weren’t going to say anything, and gave a sad smile. “Mammon. The name’s Mammon.”
“Mammon,” you repeated. “Wow, that’s cool, never heard that one before.”
“Of course you haven’t,” he mumbled, but you didn’t quite catch it. “Thanks. Uh, see ya, I guess.” He gave you a small wave before shuffling out the door.
As soon as the door closed behind him, Abbey huffed. “What the fuck was that guy’s deal?”
“No need to be so harsh,” Timon said. “He probably just got confused.”
Vil nodded in agreement. “Yeah, I kinda feel bad for him.” They turned to you. “He knew your name and everything, but you really didn’t recognize him, huh?”
You thought about his bright blue eyes, fluffy white hair, contagious grin and the way he said your name like it was a divine praise.
“No,” you said. “I’ve never seen him before.”
Mammon was uncharacteristically quiet as he left the coffee shop to meet up with his brothers. They began to assault him with a barrage of questions; Where’s MC? Why aren’t they with you? What happened? Was everything alright? Why aren’t you saying anything?
All through this, Mammon said nothing, eyes oddly blank and staring into space.
“For fuck’s sake, Mammon,” Levi cried. “Say something!”
His brothers waited with bated breath as Mammon opened his mouth to speak.
“It was them,” he said. “It was definitely MC.”
“Then why aren’t they here right now?” Satan demanded. “We should already be on our way back to the Devildom.”
“They didn’t-” Mammon’s voice caught on his words, and he cleared his throat to begin again. “They didn’t recognize me. They didn’t know who I was. They don’t remember anything.”
It was silent. The truth sunk into them slow and heavy, like molasses into sugar. All of them processed it, realizing the gravity of the situation.
“If they didn’t remember you,” Belphie said, eyes glassy with unshed tears that he refused to let fall. “Then it’d be safe to assume they don’t remember any of us.”
“It would make enough sense,” Satan said declaratively, although his voice sounded strained. “If the spell completely removed them from our timeline, then of course they wouldn’t remember anything. Because in this timeline, they actually don’t know us; they’ve never been to the Devildom, never seen any of us before.”
“So, to them,” Beel breathed, “It was like we never even existed…?”
“There has to be a way we can fix it!” Levi said, voice cracking. “There’s always a way to reverse spells.”
“We need to ask Barbatos,” Lucifer said, looking at his distressed younger brothers. He clenched his fist and grit his teeth. “We’re going to get them back. I promise.”
i <3 emotionally destroying my characters -osa
Part 2 coming soon!! Follow me for updates :)
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leviathans-watching · 5 months ago
Brothers reaction to mc saying "I can hold the whole world in my hands" then and then proceeds to hold his cheeks into their hands.
the brothers' reactions to you calling them your whole world
Tumblr media
includes: the brothers x/& gn!reader (they/them/theirs pronouns used)
wc: .6k | rated t | m.list
warnings: one wear word (satan), slightly suggestive tones (asmo)
a/n: this req is actually soo adorable!! the imigines are a little shorter than normal, but i hope they're still cute. thanks for requesting and my inbox is open to chat, req, or leave feedback, so come talk to me!!
reblog pls <333
Tumblr media
➳ lucifer scoffs. “seriously, mc, that’s untrue. it’d be a little ridiculous if i were your whole world, not to mention unhealthy.” his cheeks are warm under your hands and the tips of his ears are red. he doesn’t pull away, though, and you count that as a win, slowly scraping your thumbs across his skin. he rarely lets you do this- rarely succumbs to the craving for affection he so clearly has, but when he does, you take full advantage, milking it for as long as you possibly can.
Tumblr media
➳ mammon stares at you, wordless. you watch slowly as his cheeks flush under your hands, a little concerned. “can ya say that again?” he asks, almost whispering, and you repeat yourself, willing to say it as many times as he needs it. “i can hold the whole world in my hands. mammon, you’re my world.” after a few minutes, his bravado returns, allowing him to preen under your touch. “damn right you can,” he crows, brilliant smile peeking out from under his smirk. “because i’m your world, ya got that!”
Tumblr media
➳ levi squeaks, closing his eyes. “this is like that one anime i watched!” he says, more to himself, tail lashing back and forth. “oh my god, mc said i’m their whole world!” his eyes open in record speed, and he looks at you, eyes flickering from your face and the wall behind you, suddenly worried. “were you kidding? please tell me you weren’t.” soothing him, you promise you weren’t, making him all flustered again. he smiles at you, adoration clear in his gaze and you’re sure you look just as dopey staring back at him.
Tumblr media
➳ satan chuckles, taking your hand and pressing a kiss to your palm. “that’s cute, mc. and what a coincidence, too.” flipping your positions, his hands are suddenly on your cheeks. “i can hold my whole world in my hands as well.” now you’re the one flustered, goddammit. he chuckles once more, sliding his hands off of his cheeks and down to your shoulders, pulling you closer to him. from there, he drops a kiss on the top of your head, leaving you to reboot as he saunters off.
Tumblr media
➳ asmo smiles, slow and intentionally, hands coming up to grip your wrists lightly, holding you there. “oh? can you?” he asks, sliding closer to you. “i’ll admit, i’ve been called a lot of things, but someone’s whole world? that’s a new one.” leaning in, you expect him to kiss you, but he bypasses your lips and goes right to your ear, breath fanning against it. “you already know what you mean to me,” he purrs, sending a shiver down your spine. “but i suppose it can’t hurt to remind you.”
Tumblr media
➳ beel furrows his brows, confused. “what? but i’m not a world. i’m just beelzebub. mc, are you okay? did you it your head? do you need to go to the doctor?” laughing, you squish his cheeks in your hands. “no, silly, it was like a metaphor. it means that you’re my world, not a world.” beel is quiet for a moment. “oh! i see what you mean now. well, in that case, i guess i can hold the whole world -no, all of them- in my hands too!” he cups your cheeks, smiling at you sweetly, and you can’t help but grin back.
Tumblr media
➳ belphie rolls his eyes, acting unaffected, but really, he wants to melt. you’re insinuating he’s your world! he knew he was important to you, but this important? you watch in amusement as he tries to push down the flattered and embarrassed feelings, and he definitely isn’t as successful as he thinks he is, as you can feel his cheeks heat up and see him swallowing his words down. it’s cute, and he’s cute, and when you tell him that, then he’s really unable to keep the blush off of his face.
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching’s work - please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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devildomsgod · 21 days ago
Obey Me!: mc only talks to them 2
Tumblr media
Lucifer, Satan and Belphegor reacting to a very quiet mc that only ever talks to them <3 gn!mc other characters
Tumblr media
𖤐 Lucifer:
at first, he thinks you don't talk much because you're salty for having been kidnapped for an exchange program you didn't exactly consent to
which he doesn't like
he'll be a little annoyed by your silence
but only at first because even Lucifer gets used to some things and also realizes that there's no malicious reason behind it
when you first talk to him, he's very surprised
at first thinks that you've changed and regularly talk now but when he only hears your voice late at night in his office, his heart kind of bursts
he tries his best to act nonchalant about it, but he also becomes a lot more talkative when you talk! he likes having conversations with you, they make him very proud :3
𖤐 Satan:
a little disappointed when you don't talk much
he likes having discussions and talking about books and cats and he'd love to talk with you about those things
oh well, it can't be helped...
still likes keeping you around because you radiate a kind of warmth he loves to feel while reading
talks to you, even if you don't respond
imagine his shock when one day you do respond
it's very cute
asks you if he did something that made you talk (so he can do it again :3)
he doesn't push you to talk ever, but is so delighted when you reply to him!!
𖤐 Belphegor:
you don't talk? good, keep doing just that, please
he's very nonverbal himself especially when he's sleepy
so he likes communicating through his eyes and expressions with you :) his bros don't like it when he does it but since you don't talk much either, he feels comfortable being silent too
when you do start talking to him tho there are two kinds of possible outcomes
either sleep is forgotten and he keeps himself awake to talk to you! your voice is comfortable and he likes getting to know you better
or, he becomes even more sleepy because your voice is so comfortable
he knows you both can feel safe when you talk and that makes him sleepy
if you're okay with it, he asks you to read him a book to sleep sometimes
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leviathans-body-pillow · a month ago
may i request a nsfw satan impact play where you call him sir?
it's totally not prompted by this https://atticsandwitch.tumblr.com/post/670154212645142528
Tumblr media
Satan x gn!Mc impact play
Warnings: dom!satan, slight pet play, impact play, nsfw
I’ve never really written impact play before so uh hopefully it’s not too bad.
“Are you ready for you punishment?” Satan teased pulling you to lay across lap.
“Yes…” you answer hesitantly, nervous for what he had planned for you.
“Yes what?” He warned bending you over his knee.
“Yes sir” you correct yourself, your cheeks heating up with embarrassment as you feel him pull down your pants and underwear.
“Good kitty,” he practically purred, raising his hand to bring it down hard on your exposed butt with a loud smack.
You yelp in surprise at the sharp pain, if he hadn’t been holding you still you would’ve jumped out of his lap.
“I want you to count for me kitten.” He instructed grabbing a handful of you sore ass. You could practically hear the smirk in his voice.
“Yes sir.” You answer, signing as his hand ghosts over the area you need his attention the most.
“That sounds so good when you say it.” Satan groans as he brings his hand back down on your ass.
“1!” You whine as the sharp pain spreads through you butt sending a tingling feeling through you core.
“…49” you counted, your voice growing weak. Tears burned in you eyes as you butt screamed in pain. You knew if you could see it it would be black and blue.
“49? Are you sure?” Satan tried to sound intimidating but he could hide the amusement in his tone. “I believe you’ve already counted 49 kitten, if you can’t count correctly how will I know when to give you your reward?” He rubbed you sore butt gently teasing you.
“Please sir! Please keep punishing me sir!” You moaned wiggling you butt in his hand to emphasize your desperation.
Satan practically moaned as he brought his hand down again far harder than before.
“50!” You cried out in falling limp on his lap. You whole body ached as tears fell down you cheeks.
“Such a good kitty, are you ready for your reward?” Satan lifted you off his lap, laying you on your stomach carful of your bruised butt.
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moonlightmiya · 3 months ago
[ Kinktober; Day 4 - Pet Play - Obey Me! ]
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Satan x F!Reader
Includes; Degrading, cat tail butt plug <3, teasing, groping, blowjobs, ass play/fingering, pussy eating, penetration, creampie
> Kinktober Masterlist <
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A/N - Satan I’ll be your kitten. Also pee after sex people
Tumblr media
You look up at your boyfriend with begging eyes from your space on the bed, letting out small whines as he pulls the black cat tail plug in your ass, the tugging making you clench down hard
“S-Satan, please, d-do something” you feel his hard glare in your body, watching it in delight as you squirm around, gripping his duvet tightly and curling your legs together,
“please just, put the book down, want you to touch me, now!” You shake your head, screaming at him in a demanding voice
He slams his book closed, pulling at both your nipples harshly, making you cry out more, “watch your tone” his voice stays static, but his harsh hands on your body say different,
“j-just want you to touch me..” you cry, tears pricking at the corner of your eyes from frustration
“I told you to wait, brat” he finally puts his book down, using one of his hands to grip your hair and the other to hold your stomach, keeping you in place,
“Is this what you wanted, huh?” His hand trails down from your stomach to your tail, tugging on it along with your hair, your head shakes to the side from the force of his nails digging into your scalp, you stutter on your words as he forcefully sucks on your breasts, leaving purple marks with every time his mouth leaves your chest
The constant ravaging of your body makes your mind haze, your vision fogging as he continues to grin and tug at both your plug and tail, constantly increasing the pleasure every time his tongue flicks one of your perky nipples
Suddenly he stops his movements, gripping your jaw to silence your moans, “on all fours, now” his voice is dominating, making you look up at him submissively, he looks at you with an angry expression, flipping you around effortlessly with his own strength,
“there we go, that’s so much better” he walks into your line of vision, palming his cock in his tight jeans
“Unzip it, kitten” he demands, watching your back arch onto the bed as you pull his cock out of his jeans, as soon as you see his girthy cock your hips sway side to side in excitement, visually pleasing Satan
You look up at his eyes then back down to his crotch, waiting for his approval to touch him, “go ahead baby” he groans as you lick up every vein of his dick, purring as he pulls your tail every time you mouth at a sensitive part of him
“Stop playing with me kitten” he breaths heavily, moving your face to the tip of his cock, using his long slender fingers to part your lips as he thrusts into your mouth, choking you a bit
You claw at his thighs until he pulls you off his cock, “what’s the matter baby, can’t take it?” He questions you, his deep laughing making your face go redder than it already was, you softly shake your head as you take the tip of his cock in your mouth, sucking and licking at it like a lollipop
“There’s a good girl” he pets your hair as you continue taking him in your mouth inch by inch, making it slowly getting harder to keep your composure, you moan around his cock, making his knees fall into the bed
Satan holds the back of your head, moving it up and down his dick at his own pace, humming whenever you get to a sensitive part, as you bottom him out in your mouth you can taste the pre cum leaking from him,
“Fuck, kitten, making me feel so good, that’s it” he releases pretty moans as your mouth tightens around him, licking his tip eagerly when he pulls you off of his dick
“Such a pretty girl, gonna take my cum down your throat, hmm?” You hum around him, letting him take full control of your movements, and almost instantly he is thrusting into your mouth at a fast pace
“Ah, ngh, uh, taking me so well, fuck mm” his voice shakes as he holds your head in place, pleasuring himself off hearing you choke and sob with his dick in your down your throat
“Gonna take all of my cum, kitten, don’t let a single drop hit the bed” he slowly stops with a loud raspy moan, spilling his seed into your mouth, he kneels down beside the bed, staring into your eyes as he watches you choke and swallow his cum, some of it catching on his finger as it coats your mouth beautifully
“So good for me, kitten, let me repay you” you let your head fall down onto the mattress as Satan walks to behind you, ridding of all his clothes before pulling at your tail again, making you shake
“Mmh, sir, please d-don’t tease, ‘ve been so good, a good girl, please” your begging continues as he thrusts the plug into your ass deeper, making your mouth go wide as you try to reach behind you to grab a hold of his hand
“There, there kitty, I was only playing” he softly laughs as he slowly pulls your tail plug out, only to push it back in with force, making your eyes go wide and mouth open whole
He laughs as your legs shake from his teasing, finally taking the toy out your ass, “that better?” Satan looks at you with a sly smirk plastered on his face, his words with a teasing tone added to them
You slowly nod your head up and down, trying to keep your posture how he wants it. You watch carefully as your boyfriend goes out of view, feeling the mattress sink down behind you
Suddenly a harsh hand hold the back of your neck to the bed, accompanied with Satan’s spitting words, “fucking stay like this kitten, and don’t bother complaining either, you begged for it, now you’ll take everything I give you” his grip gets tighter with every new word, nodding your head as he grips your hips and ass to pull you up farther,
A cold blow of breath hits your ass, followed by a wet spit trailing from your puckered hole and catching on your clit, dripping onto the sheets below you. “Such a slutty girl” Satan caresses your jaw, then moving his hands down your body back to your thighs, spreading your legs farther apart
“Stay still for me” he breaths, the tip of his pointed finger poking at your ass, lightly pushing in and curling up, using his spit and your own wetness as he makes makeshift lube, he soon bottoms out one finger, curling it and thrusting it in and out of your ass, making you hide your face in embarrassment at how wet Satan makes you by simply using his fingers
You’re cunt is dripping onto the bed sheets as Satan readies another finger to thrust into your ass, using his spare hand to gather the wetness of your pussy to ease his second finger into you,
“So wet baby, I could just eat you up” your eyes widen as you feel his face between your legs, his tongue instantly darting out to fuck into your dripping hole, the stimulation of both his slender fingers and long tongue making you sob through your moans
He groans into your cunt as you clench around him, tongue and fingers synchronising as they both stretch your holes out nicely, “you like being fucked like a whore, huh?” Satan pulls away from you, keeping his fingers inside your tight hole and delivering a slap to your clit before pressing his lips against it, kissing your pussy passionately
It doesn’t take long for you to come undone, your limbs shaking as you struggle to hold yourself upright, the only thing helping you is his harsh grip on your thigh, “p-please I can’t take anymore, please, take your fingers out, mmh” you moan into the mattress, silent sobs escaping your mouth as he overstimulates you
“I said to take everything I give you, you don’t want to disappoint me, do you?” Satan puts on a fake sympathy voice, moving away from your spasming cunt, his fingers still stimulating your ass,
“N-No, but, I’m gonna ngh make a mess, ahh” you whine, clawing at his bed sheets as he refuses to pull his long fingers from your ass, holding your head down as he shushes you
“Go ahead baby, make a mess for me,” he lets go of your hair, using his thumb to circle your clit as he kisses away the juices dripping down your soft thighs,
“F-Fuck, Satan I’m gonna, mmh” your cunt clenches around nothing, your hands trying to reach behind you to scratch as his forearm,
He grabs your hands, restraining them behind your back as he watches your cunt gush for him, soaking his lower stomach and bed with your cum
“Fuck that was so hot” Satan fully pulls away from you, watching in delight as your shaky limbs fail you, making you collapse on the bed, cry’s and moans still falling from your lips
Satan sits beside you, his back resting against the headboard of his bed, “hey, hey, calm down kitten” he pulls you onto his lap, placing gentle kisses along the side of your face until your orgasm fully passes,
“T-That was s-so good, ‘m tired though” you say through slurred words, your body lax in your boyfriends hold
“Tired, kitten?” He coos, “you wanna rest for awhile?” You look at him and shake your head, gripping onto his shoulders, “No? Then tell me, what do you need?”
You slowly start to grind on his lap, “I need you to fill me up, to help me sleep,” Satan smooths out your hair, holding your hips in place as he takes off his shirt,
“I don’t want to over do it kitten, your a fragile thing” Satan hums, pulling you onto his lower stomach as he undoes his belt, pulling his jeans and boxers down as he lets his cock spring up, hitting your ass
“Get on, go at your own pace kitten” you whimper as you slowly lower yourself down on his tip, clenching around him when you hear his heavy pants of finally being able to touch you,
You gasp as his cock inches inside of you, your soft walls tightening around him as he brushes against the gummy spot in your cunt,
“Mmh, ahh, Satan more” you rest your hands on his shoulders, bouncing up and down on his cock at a quick pace, enjoying the way he instantly Mamés you feel full
His hands lay at his side, his head thrown back as you pleasure his cock, pre cum already leaking from the tip
Your moans fill his ears, making his stomach twist in pleasure from the sounds of your cute voice accompanied with the lewd squelching coming from where you’re both connected.
Satan groans as you continuously bounce and grind on his cock, his orgasm coming close as your tight cunt wraps around him in the most pleasurable ways
“F-Fuck, baby ‘m so close” you yelp, the sensation of his cock ravaging your walls whilst his pubic bone nudges against your clit, making you closer to your orgasm by stimulating your sensitive pussy
“Go ahead kitten, cum with me” Satan looks into your lust filled eyes as you clench around his girth, watching as they roll to the back of your head from the weight of your orgasm
You moan and shiver on-top of him, the sole sight of you making him release ropes of cum into your creaming cunt,
“Fuck take it all kitten, milk me dry, that’s it” he praises you as you continue to bounce on his pretty cock, your walls spasming around him as you both catch your breath,
You eventually get off of him, laying down instantly as his hot cum oozes from your cunt, making a mess of the bedsheets. Your body twitches and eyes flutter shut as you calm down from your orgasm, tiredness taking over you
Satan looks at you, smiling, as he watches your fucked out form slowly fall asleep in his bed, knowing he will have to clean you gently to not wake you from your slumber
After all, he’d have to fuck his cum back into you
Tumblr media
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kpop-otome-yandere-here · 4 months ago
Satan: How’s the most beautiful person in the world doing?
Mc: [without looking up] I don’t know, how are you doing?
Satan: [voice cracking] I’m fine
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ashhh-14 · a month ago
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◔Satan x F-MC
Character's Origin- Obey me!
Warning- PG-13 , Marking, Semi-public, Rough, Biting
Genre- ◔
Format- One-Shot
Word count- 756
A/n- I haven't been getting any requests at all. If you like my content, then please feel free to drop something in the ask!
Satan and his brothers including you were currently at a party hosted by Diavolo.
Right now, Satan was busy chatting with someone which is pretty unusual in your opinion because he usually have his nose in a book but aside that, you started to get bored after a while.
"Hey Satan." You lightly tugged his arm that you were holding.
He bent a little, his ear in front of you as if a silent way of saying 'speak up'
"I'll go get a drink or two, alright? "
He lightly nodded his head while saying, "Be careful and call me if something happens. "
"Yeah." You lightly smiled and excused yourself from there.
As you were making your way to the drink counter, you bumped into someone. Unfortunately, your heel slipped. You were about to fall when suddenly, an arm wrapped around your waist, pulling you up and helping you stand properly.You smiled at the demon for helping you, and with that he was on his way again.
Unbeknownst to you though, Satan saw this whole ordeal and from his angle of view, it seemed like you were hugging him when in reality, that guy was helping you stand up.
'Why's she hugging that low level - good-for-nothing demon?! And why the hell does he have his arm wrapped so tightly around her waist?! Why in the world is she smiling!!! Ughh!!I can't take it anymore!! '
Just as he thought that, he started making his way towards you.
When you were about to make your way to the drink counter, someone roughly grabbed your wrist and started pulling you somewhere.
You looked up to yell at whoever was pulling you but was met with the sight of a very familiar back. This back in your case turned out to be none other than your boyfriend's.
"Satan! What are yo-" Before you could finish your sentence, your back was roughly slammed into the wall of a seemingly, unused partition between two walls which is of a secluded area.
"Satan why are yo-mhh!!" You were once again cut off, but it was from Satan smashing his lips on yours.
He bit your bottom lip making you gasp, he let his tongue explore your mouth. After a minute or two of this rough make out session, he pulled away, leaving you gasping for air.
He immediately went towards your neck biting it harshly and sucking hard on that particular spot. Your hands on his shoulder, once you caught your breath, you asked, "W-what's wrong with you all of a sudden Love? What happened so suddenly? E-*Bit painfully hard* Everything was fine just a few moments ago. "
He pulled away, " Who do you belong to? " he said looking you dead in the eyes with a look of predator in his.
"H-huh? " You stuttered, surprised by the question.
"I asked.Who.Do.You.Belong.To.? "
"That's right. Don't Ever forget that. "
and with that, he went back to sucking your neck. He started making his way down to your breasts, leaving a trail of wet kisses and red-purple marks along the way, all the while muttering things like,
"You're mine."
"Only mine. "
"You belong to me. "
"MY sweet love. "
He was just above one of your breasts.
He swiftly pulled down one strap of your dress. You gasped and tried to push his shoulders while saying, "Satan! Stop! We're in public! " Key word 'tried'.
He just ignored your words, grabbing your soft mound in his hand, he put his face in front of your hard nipple.
He looked up at you from beneath his lashes with a deadly look in his eyes and said, "Nobody. Can have you that is not me. "
With that, he started sucking on your nipple, closing his eyes, he wrapped both his arms around your form, pulling you closer.
"S-Satan. W-we really shouldn-" Your breath was getting ragged while he continued to suck.
You finally gave in, one arm around his shoulder and other gripping his golden locks tightly.
A long few moments passed and he finally pulled away and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.
He fixed your dress and grabbed your hand saying,
"Let's go home. I'm not done with you yet. "
The only thought that ran through your mind at that time was,
' He sure is the avatar of Wrath for a reason.'
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navi0nlive · 5 months ago
i feel like we don’t talk abt satan’s tiddies enough despite this being an actual card
like cmonnnn, give this demons delectable badonka donks some love </3
Tumblr media
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