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lonadesign · an hour ago
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Lona Design presents a satin skirt, magenta skirt, pink skirt, maxi skirt, batik skirt, summer skirt, unique skirt, Indonesian skirt, sarong skirt.
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lunarxdaydream · an hour ago
“I’ll do the dishes. You relax tonight.” ( Nolan - Satine )
fluff friday || accepting
Tumblr media
'Do the dishes.' Three words that, to this day, continued to sound strange. Muscular arms begin to move as he scrubs away the remainder from the plates. His broad back, covered with only a breathable cotton, left for her to admire. The smallest of smiles curl against lips. Her heart practically bursting at the seams as reality settled in. Her beloved ... the love of her life ... her entire world ... --
Who would have thought that she would be witness to him partaking of a domestic task? This place made every bit his as it had been her own. "... Thanks ...", Satine whispers as arms snake around his waist. Her cheek soon left to press against the spine where his heat still permeates through the worn fabric. "... I really appreciate it, Nolan ..."
|| @vacuitas ||
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asecretshekept · 2 hours ago
Tagged by the lovely @its-me-satine 💕
Rules: tag nine people you’d like to catch up with or get to know better.
Favorite Colour: Any shade of teal
Currently Reading: One Day in December by Josie Silver
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Tea or Coffee: Coffee
Currently Working On: a gif set that is giving me a hard time lol and a chapter update 👀
tagging: @msaudreyanne @onceupon-a-decembr @pascalbatched @daydreaming-optimist @stylishtveit @izloveshorses @thewordsinthesky-andstars
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ksnews247 · 2 hours ago
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For watch the videos:
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teasandblogs · 4 hours ago
Duchess Satine being as intelligent as Sidious and wants to take his plans, kill him off and rule as the dark Empress.
Only this time, if the people refuse her pacifist ways....she'll simply enforce them through fear rather than love. (Kinda like Stalin through decietful communism)
And this time...
No one will stand in her way.
Her first goal is to find and destroy Maul. He started this offical attack on her planet and took everything away from her, including her peoples support, humiliating her.
She won't let him live to see old age
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moriohs-little-demon · 6 hours ago
That daisuke cat is kinda sus. Ain’t that right tea’s cats
"Meow." Bonbon curls up and huffs as she cleans her kittens. He's loud and annoying, but at least he isn't Bastard.
"Mrrow?" Satin tilts her head. New cat? He is odd, but he is nice.
Marley just bleps. Too tired to spread kitty gossip.
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miruspons · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
4 Styles Available Sexy Prom Dresses Mermaid Formal Dresses for Women by Mirusponsa on Storenvy
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phoenixyfriend · 8 hours ago
Yeah, my personal take on Satine and the true mandalorians is like a reverse of the preservation of French in quebec - where (to my understanding) there were some laws passed where certain people HAVE to go to a French school - in the rest of Canada, people can choose. So it’s like yes there is a loss/preservation of a culture vs. Integrating more with the broader populace, but it’s totally different from the loss of indigenous language
(Satine anon) all that to say I’ve thought way too much about the politics of mandalore for someone who hasn’t watched the clone wars. I think Satine just gets way worse of a rap than she deserves, even if her policies are flawed they aren’t unjustifiable if that makes sense? It’s the typical black/white thinking of fandom I realize I just care way too much about, well. The nuance of Tradition vs. Modernity
(Satine anon p3) I think in part it may be because many of the arguments about Satine “destroying mandalorian culture” are parallel to “should we give up harmful traditions, if they are our culture?” (What is or isn’t harmful is obviously a contentious point). And I feel like it doesn’t do the discussion justice to simplify it to “dearmament bad bc/ culture” if you support gun control irl lol (which perhaps ppl don’t!)
A friend compared it more to Spain trying to phase out languages like Catalan* (and then I explained that the Mando situation would be more like if Spain had a Spanish-born and Spanish-speaking elected monarch who then phased out Spanish because of how it had been pressed onto colonies in the Americas).
IDK from what I understand, Satine's pacifism isn't very well-defined in the show, and is a little at odds with her own experiences? Like, it's very much Pacifism As Defined For Children Ages Ten To Fourteen.
* Quote from said friend: for clarity before you attract catalan speakers: my example was the Illes Balears government (which is CATALAN SPEAKING) reducing the number of classroom hours allowed in catalan in favor of more Spanish & English. I didn't go into detail for brevity but I think without that context anyone in the catalan tags might be... confused in an upset way
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catchandelier · 8 hours ago
Alright, you’ve twisted my arm
So uh I’ve had a thought screensaver bouncing around in my head for an while now so here goes:
So the Sundari Manadalorians gave up violence right? Right, so Mandalorians had been self-selecting for highly disciplined, aggressive, athletic, high energy people for thousands of years at that point so what do they do when they can’t fight anymore: I’ll tell you what they do.
They fuck.
I have no proof for this in canon but I feel it in my heart. Why did Tor Vizla hate the New Mandalorians with such a personal rage? He got banned from the Sundari (oldest established permanent floating) Orgy for being an asshole and a bully and never bringing his own condoms. Why aren’t both of Adonai Kryze’s daughters blonds? He had two wives and square that as you like. Why did everyone believe the wild lie that Bo-Katan was Korkie’s mom? Sundari Parties be Like That.
What’s bought most often in Sundari? Condoms, Lube/Bacta, and Dental Dams.
Satine’s been going to orgies for yearsssss. Bo-Katan doesn’t know this about Sundari culture, even though she essentially grew up there.
Why does everyone wear robes in Sundari if not for Easy Access? Exactly! And you can spread a robe out right quick for a tumble on the grass if you’re not a coward, too.
Again, I have no canon proof for this because I have only watched the movies and a little bit of the shows. This is just something I feel is true in my heart. Thoughts?
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sexylexilegs · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Are your eyes drawn to the wrinkles in my shorts or my shiny legs? 😍
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celebsinlingerie · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Michelle Monaghan in Made Of Honor
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mischiefmuses · 10 hours ago
🧦satine and ahsoka
texting starters
🧦 a half-asleep text.
[text]: Um... wow I cannot keep my eyes open...
[text]: Yes so basically, I've got this case and it's really strange but fun. I am so happy I am not a Duchess anymore.
[text]: I really messed that up didn't I? I mean I really failed... but you. You've always been amazing.
[text]: Right yes sleep. I'll tell you about the case when I see you.
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tessiete · 10 hours ago
TESS I'm here and I'm in the mood for Obitine!! How about 13. “Hold my hand.”? Maybe a longer version of their last scene in the lawless? 👀 Or a fix - it if you feel like it! Aa I'm so happy you're taking prompts again!
WELL LOOKIE HERE!! Thank you so much!!! I've missed prompting, and it was such a delight to get back to something shorter, and in a different time period than what I've been writing! Just to shake things up. I tried to keep things short in the spirit of it all!
But I couldn't fix-it. You MONSTER. Look what you made me do.
I Want to Hold Your Hand
He holds her, and feels nothing but the weight of her. He does not feel her warmth, for he is clad in beskar’gam. He does not feel her heart beating, quickly now as her blood pressure drops, for his outpaces and outdrums it. He does not hear her breath catch over the burning hitch of tears in his own throat. He does not notice the eyes of every enemy upon him. He only sees her.
Her hair, so white as to be pure starlight. Her cheek, so pale as to be made of stone. Her lips - when was the last time he kissed them, and how could he have been so silly as to have forgotten? It’s important.
It hits him all at once that this is going to be the last thing he ever does with her. The last thing he ever asks. The last thing she will ever give to him - to anyone. And even though he so rarely asks for anything, he cannot help himself this time. It slips out from between lips pressed white and bloodless with grief lying in wait, ready for its inevitable escape, just waiting for the worst to pass. But not yet.
“Hold my hand,” she says, as though his thoughts are hers, and he wraps her hand in his gasping as she gives voice to his breathless need. “Oh, Ben,” she says.
With his other arm around her back, he pulls her close. He can feel her palm warm and soft in his own calloused grip, and marvels at it. How is it that this is fleeting? How can it be that this is almost gone? How can a hand so fine, and dexterous be moments away from the eternal stupor of death? What about the clever trick of her fingers as they card through his hair? What about the pleasant scrape of her nails across his skin? What of the beautiful rise and fall of tendons as they roll across the back of her hand like music? This isn’t possible. This isn’t possible, he thinks. Her hand is warm in his.
And her other is warm against his cheek, the soft pads of her fingers wiping away tears. He bows his head to hers. She cannot do that. That is how people say goodbye, and he will not.
“Satine,” he breathes, so that only she can hear. “This is not the end.”
“Of course not,” she laughs, but it is a tremulous thing, as though even her laughter is a memory. “You will go on,” she says. “You will do so many great things. Do not lose hope, Ben. Do not give up. Do not give in to fear and darkness.”
“Do not leave me in it, then,” he says.
She smiles. She is laughing at him. He remembers when she laughed at him before. He was so young. He had so much arrogance, and she had pride enough for both of them combined. Her mirth used to prick at him, and creep under his skin, and set fire to his muscle and bones until he felt like he might combust. If only he’d known then - if only he’d know sooner. They’d wasted so much time. He can feel it in the way the heat of her skin begins to cool, the way she’d cooled him, slaking his youthful lust with her touch. He presses her hand harder, urging it to ignite that fire in him once more, both the cause and the cure of his most reckless passions.
“I am not leaving you,” she says. “I am marching on ahead.”
“To where?” he asks.
“I shall tell you when I get there,” she says, and she is still smiling.
“Wait,” he says, appealing to her as though she is the arbiter of time, and space, and all things which govern the pathways of his life. “Please stay. I am here. Satine, I...I love -”
“Hush,” she says. A tear drops from his face to stain hers. “I know.”
He squeezes her hand.
“It will all be right in the end. Remember, my dear Obi-Wan,” she says. “I have loved you always. I always will.”
There is no gasping breath but his own. There is no heartbeat but his own. Her eyes close. Her hand turns cold, and limp, and she says nothing else. Everything is over. This is how she ends.
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blankserena · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Natalie Portman in a video fo the New York Times.  B&W, satin gloves, hypnotized expression, slow and drowsy movements...wonderful imagination fodder!
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phoenixyfriend · 12 hours ago
I like the idea of popular fanons being in-universe propaganda a lot, actually.
@atagotiak and I were talking about the whole “Satine bans Mando’a” thing, which is fairly popular, but afaik not canonically supported, given that she speaks Mando’a on the show and doesn’t seem to judge anyone who does speak it, and Doylistically that’s just because the show couldn’t really build an entire conlang for the Mandalorian episodes, but...
My vote is that she doesn't deliberately suppress it, but does choose to set Basic as the standard for official work and schooling, which is questionable but not the same thing. It’s not deliberately wiping out the language as fanon sometimes portrays, just one of those awkward confluences of her behavior looking Really Shitty in the context of New Mandalore.* We also have no idea when Mando’a started declining in use; it’s entirely plausible that some planets or parts of planets had already been phasing it out naturally during the various civil wars.
From a character perspective, she could justify it to herself and her people as sensible for the purposes of interstellar trade and negotiation, since Basic is the Lingua Franca. It’s entirely possible that she expects parents to teach their children Mando’a, or that most schools offered remedial lessons in Mando’a for kids whose parents aren’t invested in teaching them...
All of which is fine and dandy, but here’s the part that I’m really invested in:
Death Watch and other traditionalists spread claims that it's deliberate, enforced language suppression to vilify her (e.g. they claim she’s engaging in book burnings and banning teachers from speaking it at all to their students), and to make it easier to turn more isolated Mandalorian communities to their own side.
(This is the perspective I was using in that Jangobi divorce thing, that Jango heard the propaganda side and went “that sounds entirely plausible” and hasn’t had time to fact-check.)
* Given the nature of Mandalore’s political history and various other elements, I’m very reticent to apply modern terminology that’s based in real-world colonialist history, given that Satine is Mandalorian herself, and that Mandalore was an imperial, colonialist power for much of its history.
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mothmansaysacab · 13 hours ago
Me, watching clone wars with my friend (for the first time!) : Empress Satine gives off rancid meat vibes.
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calltomuster · 13 hours ago
Star Wars Fic Recs Take 5
[first fic rec list] [second fic rec list] [third fic rec list] [fourth fic rec list]
Hope you're having a lovely day, friends! Here, take some more fic recs to make it even better!
Infinite Sadness (what does your heart tell you?) by @the-last-kenobi (gen, one-shot, 12.5k words) This fic definitely lives up to its title, not just in what happens to Obi-Wan, but in the sheer, pervasive sadness and desperation and subtle despair that plagues him as he lives life after life over and over again, trying to make things better each time. But it's not a flashy despair, it's muted and ongoing and never over-the-top, and well, it's infinite sadness. I definitely think this fic is slept on, it's absolutely amazing and I highly encourage you to check it out.
How Qui-Gon Accidentally Adopted a Baby by @the-last-kenobi (gen, WIP, 18/? chapters, 26.6k words) Oh, did the first fic on this list make you sad? I have the perfect remedy: another fic by @the-last-kenobi! To say that this fic brings me immense joy is an understatement. This fic makes me smile when nothing else will. You get the premise from the title, and I'll admit it may look a little crack-fic-y based on that, but the sheer cuteness of this fic and the quality of the prose elevates it beyond anything else. I'm not even kidding, this fic makes me want to have kids, that's how adorable baby Obi-Wan is in this.
The When Duty Is Done series by thosenearandfarwars (Obi-Wan/Cody, incomplete, 14/? parts, 90k words) I recommended the first story in this series way back in my third fic rec list, and it's only gotten better since then. I really like this series because it imagines -- well, I don't want to just say an ideal post-ROTS universe, because that implies that things are just magically all better, but I think it's a realistic ideal post-ROTS universe. The Jedi Order reforms itself, the clones get reparations and the ability to govern themselves, Anakin doesn't join Palpatine, etc. Through it all is an absolutely wonderful story about two people and their love for each other. It's just lovely.
Fire to ash, present to past (who knows for tomorrow?) by blueberrywizard (Obi-Wan/Cody, one-shot, 11.6k words) One day, Qui-Gon's apprentice completely changes. Or at least, that's how it seems to Qui-Gon, who has no idea that his Padawan is actually now a much older version trapped in this young body. This fic is told from many different points of view and I really like the prose. Definitely one that sticks with you.
|nothing quite like this| by littlekaracan (gen, one-shot, 6.6k words) Don't read this unless you want to feel like your heart has been ripped to pieces. This fic is a piece of experimental fiction, framed as a class reading for Jedi students in the future who are learning about the Purge. It's just devastating, truly devastating. Even though it features no characters we'd be familiar with, you just get so drawn into the world of this Purge survivor, and hearing their experiences is brutal.
In The Afterman, Solitude by kanerallels (gen, one-shot, 2.2k words, Obi-Wan & Quinlan) Obi-Wan is in a cantina on Tatooine after ROTS and runs into Quinlan Vos. What follows reminds him that he's not alone in the galaxy, not like he thought he was. I really like the progression of this fic, how real it seems to the characters. Obi-Wan doesn't just immediately blurt out what happened, and Quinlan is much more subtle than he usually is in fic. I really enjoyed this one.
Ghost Company by existentialAF (Obi-Wan/Cody, one-shot, 2.2k words) Cody's chip gets removed and he makes it his mission to find Obi-Wan and help him in the way he couldn't when Order 66 went down. A fascinating and touching AU of what could have happened post-ROTS if things had gone a little differently. I'd absolutely love to see more in this 'verse but it is a one-shot so I'll be content with what we're given!
The Morning Star series by Kurenaino (4 parts, 1.7 million words, incomplete) I first read this series back in November of 2020 and it has lived in my head rent free ever since then. I'm not kidding, I have to limit myself to only rereading this every couple of months so that it doesn't become too much of a good thing -- and make no mistake, I do reread it every few months, all 1.7 million words of it. To make what is clearly a very long story short, this series charts Obi-Wan's fall to the Dark side post-Naboo and follows him throughout the entire Star Wars saga (TPM, AOTC, Clone Wars, ROTS, Rebels, etc.) I feel like that description doesn't do it justice, though. The sheer breadth of this series takes my breath away. It feels expansive in a way that no fic I've ever read before has, oscillating from large-scale politics to heart-pounding action to sweet and tender love, both romantic and familial. (Oh, and this might be obvious from the whole "Sith Obi-Wan" thing, but just a warning that in these stories, Obi-Wan does some absolutely despicable things, just because he can. Murder, rape, mind control, etc, so take care.) But though he's Sith, he's still got such a heart in him, just like the Obi-Wan we know and love, and you can't help but feel for him at times. And this might not be as much a selling point for you as it was for me, but this series has some absolutely fantastic Thrawn content. He's going toe-to-toe with Obi-Wan and it's glorious, a true match. I'm in the middle of my latest reread of this series, and truly it just makes me so happy. I never see anyone talking about this series and I'm sad it doesn't get the attention it deserves. It really only gets better and better the further into the series you get. Cannot recommend enough!!
There is no Ignorance, there is Knowledge by @sirikenobi12 (gen, one-shot, 4.1k words) A wonderful installment for Jedi June! This fic follows Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon, and then Obi-Wan and Anakin and Ahsoka, as they teach and learn lessons on what knowledge means to them. It was an unexpected tearjerker for me, there's one scene in particular that makes me tremble just thinking about it. I just love the way each relationship is portrayed here, and the care that is put into every word. Amazing!
Keeper of the Force by @pandora15 (gen, WIP, 19/20 chapters, 84.4k words) I can't believe I haven't put this on a rec list before, but since there's only the epilogue left, now is the perfect time. This fic starts out small-scale Obi-Wan whump (not saying that in a derogatory way, that's my exact favorite thing) and grows in size as it goes to eventually become a ROTS AU that is oh so good. It's touching, and inspiring, and lovely, and every time a new chapter posts I drop everything to read it. Can't believe the end of this ride is almost upon us!!
If you like any of these fics, please consider reblogging so they can get more exposure! And if you noticed I missed someone’s Tumblr account, or linked the wrong one, please let me know!
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