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was tagged by @chelsearoseh & @nova-ofthe-north to take a hit, & I’m here taking my dab before my shower 🌬

take one for me aswell @2stonedforlife , @crystallizedkiki , @gabbigabriella , @astr0zombies , @astro-pterodactyl , @iizzzyyy , @highlinda & @bass-alien . Aswell as anyone else who’s smoking right now

enjoy your night be safe 🌬

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I’ve been actively trying for the last three years to get even a lowly ENTRY LEVEL position in the Cannabis Industry here in California.  After applying for literally dozens of jobs at different dispensaries, I can only say that this industry practices blatant and obvious AGE-ISM and AGE DISCRIMINATION.

I’m 61.  I’ve run record stores, I’ve managed grocery stores.  I’ve run my own business.  I have a lifetime of experience.  I’ve applied for NINE DIFFERENT JOBS at my favorite dispensary, HARBORSIDE OAKLAND, and was only given ONE INTERVIEW, on my very first application, and since then I’ve been soundly ignored.

I’ve actually had the girl who interviewed me be my cashier the last few times I’ve been in there.  She looks at me sheepishly, and lowers her head so she doesn’t have to look me in the eye…like she KNOWS they NEVER intended to give me a job, but just gave me a PITY INTERVIEW and hoped I’d go away.

They have given me NO FURTHER COMMUNICATIONS, no matter how many times I’ve applied, or have written them back asking why I have not been selected.  I’ve applied for NINE DIFFERENT POSITIONS AT HARBORSIDE OAKLAND.  I have received absolutely no acknowledgement, past that first “pity interview”.

I’ve wanted to work in the Cannabis Industry for years, and figured moving from Texas to Cali, I was sure to be able to land a job at least as a BudTender quickly.  I was not prepared for this kind of discrimination, to say the least.

With my life and work experience, I should at least qualify for an assistant manager’s slot at any dispensary!  Nope.  I’ve applied at four different dispensaries, besides Harborside, and have had absolutely NO communication from any of them, not even an acknowledgement of receipt of my application.  I then return the next week and see THREE OR FOUR NEW EMPLOYEES (ALL OF THEM UNDER 25!).  You can’t tell me this is not ACTIVE AGEISM/AGE DISCRIMINATION!

I am 61…I’m not fucking DEAD.  I’m intelligent and have experience that is useful, and I would make a damned valuable employee.  I got my first job in 1975 as a Sophomore in high school…I know what a “work ethic” is.

The California Cannabis Industry, and HARBORSIDE OAKLAND IN PARTICULAR, need to RE-EVALUATE THEIR HIRING PRACTICES.  I am tempted to find a lawyer to file a lawsuit alleging AGEISM and AGE DISCRIMINATION in Harborside’s hiring practices. 

I wonder how they’d respond to THAT!

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Stay true to yourself and follow your passions. Not everyone will like. Some will be inspired and some will fined it boring and some will hate it.

But as long as you are having fun, nothing else should matter🍁💚

You are capable of absolutely anything 💚

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